Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on September 23, 1956 · Page 30
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Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida · Page 30

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Issue Date:
Sunday, September 23, 1956
Page 30
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HATE PIANO? . READ THIS! ' HOLLYWOOD, tfl Liberate warns parentis Don't tort yoirr kids to take musle The pianist believe that compulsion Instead f Intelligent psycbolory, Is making max Is haters eat of potentially fin musicians. Recently a mother knocked 11 the door f Liberate' Sherman Oaks home. She had her von In tow. "What am I going to do with this hoy?" ahe asked. Ile would rather play baseball than practice tbe piano." I.lberaee took the boy Inside and listened to him plar. "Madam," ho told the mother. "Sell yenr piano and bar this boy new catcher! mitt." Thin Veeh Television Colorcast Schedule Folio win g Is the South Florida television colorcast schedule for the week Sept. 23-29. Programs tre subject to change without notice: TODAY 3:30 pm. WCKT and WJNO- TV SOUND OF FEAR: Sus pense film starring Jerry Paris and Frances Helm. 5:30 WTVJ THE WORLD AROUND US. MONDAY 2:00 p m. WCKT and WJNO- TV NBC MATINEE THEA TER: "At Mrs. Leland's." 4:00 WTVJ ALEC GIBSON SHOW. 6:45 WCKT and WJNO-TV NBC-TV NEWS CARAVAN: With John Cameron Swayze. TtESDAY 2:00 pm. WCKT and WJNO-TV . NBC MATINEE THEA-TFR: "The House Next Door." 4:00 WTVJ ALEC OD3SON SHOW. B 45 WCKT and WJNO-TV NBC-TV NEWS CARAVAN: With John Cameron Swayze 7:30 WCKT NOAH'S ARK: Ferles based on the experiences r f two veterinarians. WEDNESDAY 2:00 pm. WCKT and WJNO TV NBC MATINEE THEA TER: "Alumni Reunion." 4:00 WTVJ ALEC OIBSON SHOW. 7:00 WTVJ ARTHUR GODFREY SHOW: Season 'a pre- 9 00 WCKT THIS IS YOUR LIFE: First show of the new spa ion with host Ralph Edwards. TIIf'RSDAY 2:00 p m. WCKT and WJNO-TV NBC MATINEE THEATER: "Rtarmaster," with -Victor Jory and Marianne Stewart. 4:00 WTVJ ALEC OIBSON SHOW. fi 45 WCKT and WJNO-TV NBC-TV NEWS CARAVAN: FMtnrnr John Cameron Swayze. 9 00 WCKT and WJNO-TV IUX VTT5FO THEATER: "Only Yesterday." FRIDAY 2 00 p m. WCKT and WJNO-TV NBC MATINEE THEA-TFH- "The House of Mirth." 4 00 WTVJ ALEC OIBSON fHOW. :4S WCKT and WJNO-TV NBC-TV NEWS CARAVAN: Featuring John Cameron Swayze. 7 00 WCKT TRUTH OR rnNsFOUFNCEa : with emcee .Tack Bailey. On WJNO-TV at 10 p.m. SAT1 RDAY 7 00 p.m. WCKT and WJNO- TV FERRY COMO SHOW: Ferry's Rnest this evening Is William ITolden. R 00 WCKT and WJNO-TV P A TUR DAY SPECTACULAR : "The Spectacle," television's first water show In color, strr!nn Esther Williams. 6-C FT. LAUDEEDALE SUNDAY NEWS. Sept 23. 195S' S8aaUo-Tclcvisioii.IlDjrojrnflii EHiSiIIjSlais 7:00 WJNO-TV and WCKT STEVE ALLEN SHOW: Steve welcomes vocalist Jonl James and Billy Eckstine. Flamlneo dancer Jose Molina, comedian Irwin Corey, and canlne-thesplan Rin-Tln-Ttn as guests. 7:00 WGBS-TV THEATER 23: Ladies In Retirement." atarrlnflr Ida I.imtnn who nortrava a . nma n ihn murrf.r. 4:00 WTVJ OOINO PLACES: Singer Lou Ann Simms millj protect her two mentally ill sisters. Repeat at 10 pm. be guest of program host Merr Griffin. 8.00 WTVJ O.E. THEATER: Oreer Garson portrays a flrt- 5:00 WTVJ YOU ARE THERE: "The First Moscow Purge grade teacher whose lob is threatened. In the tender story. "The TELEVISION 3:00 pm. WJNO-TV and WCKT CONVERSATION: Dr. Ernest Jones, noted psychoanaylst who was for 40 years a close friend and colleague of Sigmund Freud. Is featured la the filmed visit. "Elder Wise Men." V J' I J, 1 V J RICHARD " - V f . - ' i ., " - . 1 V i i BOONE'S 'MEDIC PORTRAYTAL IS SERIOUS , . bat doesn't object to Jokes people make TV Has Been Good To Him Boone Hopes He Can Continue With TV Scalpels And Sutures Trial, ended In execution for 16 accused revolutionaries In August. 1938. and rocketed the brilliant and ruthless State's Attorney, Andrei Vishinsky. to a position of power under Joseph Stalin. 5:00 WCKT and WJNO-TV MEET THE PRESS: Secretary of State John Foster Dulles will be the guest of a panel of newsmen. Lawrence Splvak la moderator. 6:00 WTTV FAMOUS FILM FESTIVAL: In the course of World War n a lot of people got rescued In a lot of places, but perhaps the classic story of the lot is "Island Rescue," starring David Niven and Glynis Johns, top-drawer comedy about the rescue of a noble cow. 6:30 WGBS-TV BIFF BAKER. U.S.A.: "London Incident." while attending a movie In London. Biff runs headlong Into a shooting fray. 7:00 WTVJ ED SULLTVAN SHOW: Opera star Helen Traubel, French chanteuse Edith Piaff and comedienne Jean Carroll are among headline guests to be Introduced by host Ed Sullivan. Glorious Gift of Molly Malloy." :00 WCKT GOODYEAR PLAYHOUSE: ."Maestro." warm-hearted story of a European orchestra conductor who helps a small Texas town affirm a spirit of freedom, will star Oregory Ratoff. ' 9:30 WGBS-TV MY HERO: Robert Cummlnjti. as Bean-blossom, has a $17,500 boat to sell and Is arnad when two men offer to pay him cash for it. 10:00 WTVJ DUNNINOER: Comedienne 0rd Ferrell will present a very unuiual rbalW.He ot the Arjiariig Ionntrjer. 10:30 wrrv Hollywood playhouse: -Let's Live a Little," co-starring Hedy Lamarr and Robert Cummin. 6ui y of a handsome advertising executive who is n:iUm for patient when he calls on a noted neura-pycKiioUlt in a l'j;is capacity, RADIO 5:00 pm. WWIL EVENTIDE: ReUsU.g resided oiuslc. featuring America's leadlnw orchestra, 7:00 WFTL 8WEET ML'HIC: f )v t jll j A vwvlai tunes on wax. WCBJ YCKT WTYJ VITY WJKO Ch?n Ch'7 Ch. I Ch.1T Ch7s VYYIL TELEVISION ALL DAY SUNDAYRADIO By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD "Calling Dr. Boone. Calling Dr. Boone." This Is the sort of thing that actor Richard Boone Is greeted with all the time. The reason is that he plays Dr. Konrad Styner on the TV show, "Medic." "All the time people are coming up to me and making some joke about my being in Medic.'" he sighs. "They can't understand why X don't fall down laughing." He enjoys the Jokes the first few dozen times and is tolerant thereafter. And why not? Look what "Medic" done for him. has "For three years. I didn't play anything but dirty men at 20th Century-Fox," he said. "Why. I seldom got to shave. Now look at me. "'Medic did this for me." he said. "I'm getting my pick of pictures and 75 per cent of Eleanor Parker." I must explain this. They are not cutting Miss Parker up Into percentages. Boone Is appearing In a new movie called "Lizzie," pro duced by Kirk Douglas' Brya Productions. I believe he meant that his contract calls for his name to be billed in type no less than 75 per cent of the size of Miss Parker's, which Is pretty good billing. As a matter of fact. Miss Parker Is actually divided into thirds in the picture. She plays a mixed-up girl with a three-way split personality. But all this gets Into compound fractions so let's drop the whole thing right now. I need hardly add that Boone plays a medic In the picture. He Is the psychiatrist who uncovers the trio of Eleanor Parkers. But the role is far removed from that of Dr. Styner. he said, and that's why he took the picture. During bis Fox stretch, he seldom played anything but heavies. "The crowning blow was my last picture, In which I played Terry Moore's father," said the 39-year-old Boone. "Bnt I can't really complain, f learned the business at the studio. And I saw the world. But all this film activity doesn't mean that Boone has abandoned his scalpels and sutures on TV. "I hope 'Medic continues." he said. "I think It's a show we can be proud of an attempt to do a sober, honest Job. I haven't had my option picked up yet. but I hear rum. bllngs that they will continue the show." The latest word from NBC Is that "Medic" will be back after the first of the year, but In a different time slot. It will no longer be required to buck "I Love Lucy." fj Tonight's ' Feature U.1 Film 1)1 "T i 1 1 1 " Retlre- ll' 'jyiTl went" starring " d " jTVt Lupine i lm J J and ; . .jj Hayward v I - ' ' ' Z I f 4 TMf l m via ra Hi Tour Wflltra Faitn rramitrf Faim Frontier Fatten MuiW rhrwt'ao a MuTe Maa Lamp Vnim rt" Lamp Onto Tmm Look Vp Ll Umk rp a Lir Un Tour Fatth LKl Tour Fait Camera Ttaraa Cainara Tbra Lat a Tak Trip Let's Ta S Trip Thia la Th Lit Thta la Th LI) a Komte Koraer To Ba Amwmrad Wlla Bill Rlckok Wild BUI HKkok T th W'dii To Krvowiah.-Dtrolt THb W'du To Kno;i'--Detroit Rellrton la Llfa waah.-DrtroU Rclteion In Ufa Wah. -Detroit American Forum American Forum Zoa Pared Zoo Parade CooTcraatlon Converaatknt 3ound Of Feer Sound Of Fear Sound Of Fear Sound Of Fear leapt. Call ant Capt. Gallant Werkt'e ut Tie Press Kdaeatlaea Warka'plMeet The Preas Aaewer Aitacr Thia la The Life This la The LUe Biff Baker Biff Baker Theater 21 Theater SS Theater t Theater Z3 Theater IS Theater tS Theater tt TheateT-Biewa, The Peedalam The Peedalem Mj Here , Mf Here Roy Roeers Roe Rogers Topper Topoer Circus Boy Circus Boy Isteve Allen steT Allen skti Allen steee Allen TV Playhouse TV Playhouse Ssta', pi-.h-ugai Theater t Theater tS Theater tt Theater tt Theater Z Theater S3 Theeter tt Heel a e-perls Loretta Toung Loretta Tounc Champton Bowling Oiampton Bowline Nawa-Weather Sports Special Curtain Call Curtain Call Ethel Barrymora Tibet Barry more Mystery Time Mystery Time M.dnlte Size Off Mystery 1S:30 Wajth.-Detrolt Wajih.-Detrolt Wash ..Detroit Wash -Detroit Wask.-Detrott Wash.-Detrolt Wash.-Detroit Waeh.-Detrolt DUoeyland Duueyiand Disneyland Disneyland You Are There You Are There World Around Us Sunday Wrl Lassie Lasate Jack Benny Jack Benny Ed Sulllraa Ed Sullieaa Ed Sulllraa EdBulllTaa O K. Theeter O.K. Theater Ford Theater Ford Theater SM.000 Challenge SM.OO Chailenge What's My Llne What's Sty Le Sign On Oral Roberta Oral Roberts Going Places Going Places Ooing Places Going Places Faith For Today Paiia For Today Spotlurht Spotlight Sportsman Club News - Bayer Film Festival Film Festival Film Festival Film Festival Film Festival Film Festival Amateur Hour Amateur Hour Amateur Hour Amateur Hour Focus Focus Big Picture Big Picture Dunnlncer Del Rusao Show Dunnincer I Dei Ruses Show Tomorrow s Tales I Holly. Playhouse Tomorrow's Tales Holly Playhouse Sun. News Speelal Hnl'le. Playhouse" Lea Paul a M. Ford Holly. Playhouse Sunday Theater lHolly. Playhouse Sunday Theater Holly Sign Off U:M Isien Off Test Pattern Today-News Conversation Conversetton Sound Of Fear Bound Of Fear Sound Of Fear Sound Of Fear Oral Roberts Oral Roberts Meet The Press Meet The Preas lnvrt. Te Life lnlt. To Life Topper Topper The Christophers The Christophers Sieve Allen li eve Allen Stevs Alien Steve Allen Science Fiction Science Fiction Telephone Tuna Telephone Time Thia la The I Aim This Is The Llfa Showcase Theater Showcase Theater Showcase Theater Showcase Theater Showcase Theater showcase Theater News Sign Off " E'l rvr"e een.. j ,;1 ' i n m 41 m m n 3 Stsn Off Fer eidar Mr SijBJlar hfttele For asndsF see- hteete Masie Fsr a-mdey trey aerenaile S'tndsy aerenada wewa Serened e-rnlsy Serenade W'le Var1e1ee Wusie Vaneuee Nt-Mti,w Mq.le Varteflee Mu. la Tertettea Wisie Varietiee tews-af'isle Muste Varletlee Miste Varletlee Musi Varieties News-Mtisle Varieties s Fee May a4 b(v u rt . nm eeea Mwas Swrt MMe ,vi - U tisie-t V sweet M'Mie fee at que N'lesVfusie Sveet M'tsie WeaiherMusMt Sweet Mmis Sweet" Musle sweet M l.te Brsiim-Pitubtirrt Brkiyn-PtUsburga rsTyn-PlUsburrt " HrslmPUl.ouritH Brklyn-Plttiburen Brklys-PutsburgB Brsivn-Piitshursh Brklyn-Pittsburgh Sweet Musle Sweet Musle Weather-Musla Sweet Musie News-Vusle sweet Musie weether-Musie Sweet Musle Sweet" Muste Sweet Musle Assembly Of Ood Assembly OfOod News-Musle sweet Musie Sweet Muste Sweet Musie NewIMusie Sweet Musle sweet Musie Sweet Musle News -Musle Sweet Musle Sweet Musle Sweel Musla News - Musie Sweet Musle Weather-Scores Sweet Muste Sweet Musle Sweet Musle Sweet Musle Sweet Musle Musle Varletlee Music Varletlee News-Musle Varletlee Musle Varieties"" Musle Varieties News-Musle Mttsle. Varieties Fventide Fventtde News-Cventlde Eventide Fventtde Fventide News-r.ventide Eventide Muste tTlfl Ft Muste In HI Ft News-HI FI Musle In HI FI Sunday Serenade Sunday Serenade New s-Serenade Sunday Serenade Sunday Serenade Sunday Serenade News-Serenade Stmdey Serenade Sunday Serenade Sunday Serenade News-Serenade Sunday Serenade Dream Time Dream Time Dream Time News-Dream Slew Off TELEVISION MONDAY MORNING AND AFTERNOON RADIO Only Ulclicr Ten TV Shoics lo rrcmicrc During Week All three television networks ere prpmiering new shows this week, some of which are returning after a summer hiatus, others will be seen for the first time NBC-TV plans four new shows: shows : M NBtV "Circus Boy." :30 pm. on WCKT. MONDAY "Sir Lancelot." 7:00 p m., WCKT and WJNO-TV at 10 p.m.: "Stanley," 7:30 p.m WCKT and WJNO-TV at 10:30 p.m. PATl'RDAY "Saturday Spec tArular." 8:00 p.m. WCKT and WJNO-TV. a e e CBS-TV announce five new ahorvs: SI XDAT "Jack Benny Show," 6:3(1 p.m.. WTVJ. tvrPNFSDAY "Arthur God frey Show." 7:00 p.m., WTVJ, FRIO 1Y "The Lineup. pm WTVJ. s TI RDAY "Jackie Gleason Show," 7 p.m. WTVJ, and the "G!e Storm." show at S p.m. on WTVJ. i AnC-TV will premiere "Broken Arrow," Tuesday, 8 pan. on WIXV. 1 TV Spelling Champ Hasn't Changed A Bit By WILLIAM B. IIARWOOD I BALTIMORE, tfl Forty-eight thousand dolars apparently has not spoiled Gloria Lockerman. Or if it has. it doesn't show. She started in high school re cently like millions of other teenage youngsters throughout the country. Gloria, of course. Is the 13-year-old Negro girl who dazzled television audiences across the country last year and this with her personal charm and amazing' ability to spell. FV.S. eaeeMM d Aart elA-IJisse.! to quit last summer on the CBS th?. othr flrls GIori dded- ffl0 Network show, "The $64,000 Ques-f mun aer me Drown m tM tlon." Then she came back a fewifashlon that became the Locker- months ego as a champion and man traaemarK on TV, spelled her way to a $64,000 draw GLORIA LOCKERMAN e e fame hasn't faded filch Field Oct. 9 Marks ABC-TV Debut Of 'Omnibus' m Composer conductor - pianist the rich field of musical comedy jt, H " j and trace its Growth In America i -J on the premiere program Omnibus when the Peabody Award-wininng series begins Its fifth lea - Dctuuu ouuutry, ijtLuurr a a 'i af Q fl m sraa- Ka ef lie I a. 4Va ' 71 TV J, .., - It-'7 Monday's Feature Film "Blind Spot" Starring Chester Morris 7 & 19 p.m Today Today-Slews Today Today-! ewe Today Today Mews Today Today Frew Dtrff Dona; School Tim Dong School NBC Bandstand NBC Bandstand Rome Home Home Home Tie Tae Dough Tie Tae Doueb tt Could Be To It Could Be Tow Slew Oa News Market Ceaversetlee Ffeeej Outer Seeee Oeter Spaee Kemper Reeea Keen aet Newa Weather-Market My Little Marrla My Little Margie Morning Show Mom in Clhow Mornme Show show . Weather Cant. Kangaroo Capt. San Karoo Capt. Kangaroo Capt. Kangaroo Garry Moore oarry Moore Arthur Godfrey Arthtir Godfrey Arthur Godfrey Arthur Godfrey strike B Rich Strike tt Rich Valiant Lady' Lore Of Life Tomorrow's Search Outdlrg Light Biscay ne Host Btscayne Boat Tennessee SVnle Tennessee Fmle NBC Matinee NBC Matinee NBC Matinee NBC Matinee Oueea For A Day Queen For A Day Oueea For Day Modern Romances Comedy Time Comedy Tim Roy Rogers Roy Rogers News shopper's Oalde Menu Magle Menu Magle As The World Turns As The World Turns House Party House Party rnlw. Maryland TS Syracuse All-America n Game ef Week Tuesday IS p.m. WITV Today Todey-ria. Today Today Report foday-na. Report Today Today Today Pine Done School Ding Dong School NBC Bandstand NBC Bandstand Big Payoff Big Payoff Bob Crosby Bob Crosby Jackie's House Jackie's House Edge Of Nignt Edge Of Ntght Alee Olbsoa Alee Gibsoa Alee Oibaoa Uncle Dso Afternoon Film Afternoon Film Afternoon Film Afternoon Film Afternoon Flint Afternoon Film Afternoon Film Afternoon Film Home Home Home Home Tie Tae Dough Tie Tae Dough World Newa gtgn Off Today Hews Mr. Wizard Mr. wtrard NBC Matinee NBC Matinee NBC Matinee NBC Matinee J3 e v fcV' ill Western Movie Western Movie Western Movie Western Movie ADVERTISEMENT with Andy Douglass of Greenwich, Conn., on a sequel program. "The $64,000 Challenge." Gloria and Andy each took home $32,000 so that eave Gloria $iS,000, a tremendous sum for a 13-year- old girl. pany. Prominent artists or the Broadway stage will appear to illustrate various phases of the musical comedy story. These stars and other elements of the--, , , , premiere program will be an- iieaunnra wnced shortly. w -g , m Christopher Plummer, brilliant, t gr l -6011 iiitr o s.s TT W young actor widely praised for his," .- -ist J o i J JL v performance on Broadway In Queen For A Day Queen For A Day Queen For A Day Modern Romance Comedy Time Comedy Time The Sheriff The Sheriff At Pmeresslve Sere. Progressive Sera, Proereaatve Sere. Pmeresslve Sere. Progress! veSere. Morn. Med Hat tons Weather-Clock News end sports Musical Clock Weather-Clork Musical nor Tickets. Topics ftweet Musle .eweet Musle Weather-Muste Sweet Musle News-Muste .eweet Musle Sweet Musle Sweet Musle Coffee Prssk !offee Break flweet Musle sweet Musle News Reverie Weather-Musle Sweet Muste sweet Musie Musle Matinee Musie Matinee Musie Matinee Music -Chicago rhicaeo-Detrott Chicago- Detroit Chic ago-Detroit Chicago-Detroit Chicago-Detroit Chicago-Detroit ChtcaBo-Detrntt Chicago-Detroit Chicago-Detroit Chicago-Detroit Chic ago-Detroit Chicago-Detroit Breakfast Call Breakfast Call News-Cell Breakfast fall BreaitfastCaTI Breakfast CaU Weather Breakfast Cef Breakfast Call Breakfast Cell Newt Breakfast Breakfast Call Ul Club 150 Cltih News Club 150, Clue. I.MIO Club" 5W Club News Cluw isse Club lsao Cliib is Club News Club lsee Club tree nome Musle Rerrlce Daily 15S0 en Rarrln Dial The Newa Caaaet Re Reapenalkle far Last Mia ate Chesses la Pre.rsss ADVERTISE MCNT "Thm T.arV" riajs lwn apTecter! bv in., ner lameiMt, aimosi0rnnibus to gtar m its presenta-whlsperinar manner of speech' tlon tnls fan of Qedipus Rex". The classic Greek drama will be, presented In Its entirety. As has are Gloria Lockerman.. They are as nstural as her curly Msrk hair snd aren't msnner- I'mt attfrted for television, Gloria is excited about being In hltrh school. She's Means Work,ButNo Worry By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD '.Tl Jack Ben- D.l St.- J :iir:::;v7 school. Bn au-gin life. She was helping h t 20-taute bus ride from , 7 ner nome. rrandmother wash sad dry the: , supper dishes when a news-. She 8 tBku,g Latln- Reometry. maa filled at the comfortable omo' English md physical but modest-looklns; brick rowjeducadon- house where Gloria lives with Sh thinks shell like English her grandparents, the Rew. It's always been a favor- Mrs. Vivian T. Key. Mr. Key" and. of course, it was in Eng- i pastor 01 tirrnira street " s.4 one uereiopea ner Methodist Church here. jlove and ability for spellinss such Gloria hasn't been spending heri ords as antidisestablishmentar- fortune on every whim and famcyiianism- of her young life. In fact. she The fame television brought hasnt been allowed to spend a Gloria has not faded entirely even cent of It. It's In the bank In although she Is no ion :00; trust fund until "I become of ins. age," Gloria said. "My friends are always asking1 Ehe rides a transit bus to me questions about the show" previously been announced co- ny, who is 39 in his scripts but median-actor Bert Lahr and 62 in real life, begins another choreographer Agnes De MUlej strenuous TV season tomorrow attending! WUI aca appear on mree sep-over tia. , arate programs in ieaiures es- jiell account for 20 half-hour peeially adapted to their unique shows in the Sunday night spot, talents. alternating with Ann Sothern. In line with Its policy ef pre- Djus flve hour-long Shower of rrtmmlnr nnnsnal motion pie- stars shows. In addition, hell tores ef high quality wot previously ahown on television. Omnibus plsns to show portions own shots. But against this. WOULD VTOERT Mary argued But I've got characters and situations that we have been building up for 25 years in radio and TV. We had been discussing what Elvis Presley had done to the are built of logs, stone, and ratings of shows opposing him. eftrth. and are the dwelling, the THREE TYPES New Mexico's Navaho Indians have three types of hogans. Hive-like in appearance, they "I wouldn't want him site me." Benny OPPO- , . .v.- remarked. "Iir;." ' wouldn't want anybody good op- ; 1 school most of the time. Just like Gloria said Was I scared? was tHal March. posite me. But you can't worry nhniifc Irtrtsei fhlnffa Vmt tucf. t.rt-- "She pointed out that I would; to do the st you can." mlss having the deadlines. If I did just a few shows this year, . . jW1,lT, . . . Test drilling for copper Is each one would grow tapor- lanned m Haltl at Nemeuoian. tant to me that I would worry Brcsll,ac and roTtUBef Port.BU. about making them successes la jp armounced. between the shows, I wouldn tj know what to do with myself. 'j - i .... - ,. - TV SERVICE DAYondC5 Tf Plua NIGHT yCm 3 U Ports Harry E. Alexander Phone LU 3-1720 probably drop In on other shows. "But If I had a deadline for And he plans to make charity my shows. I'd keep working, al- j sijjjcaisut,t:s iui ciijiiuiij ui-iways sirmng ior gooa onows, dui a Venice Film Festival Award and "The Silent World" was the! awarded the "Grand Prix" (ft the j Canes Film Festival. The latter stilt nrnlacla In believed tn be the the bus. And she always rides, recognize her almost every place first ever bestowed on a non-the bus home "so X can be with; she goes. i fiction film. or -The Bowery . wmcn oean chestras, the first being at New not worrying like crazy wun wie socially ot-ioeaieo men; York's Carnegie Hall, Oct. 1. and women who Inhabit part or New Tork City'a tower east side, and "The Silent World", the film about underwater ex- f Amnlisil hv " - - 1 th ntf mi. sKAiit 1if.ttn nrf 11l v. . . ... m 1 s the noted specialist In this field; c.cs uli i m no. going m suit, aaitj ( and n, atranrer to Orruiibtf9.!seaspn T m doi? only four Jack. "II I had to sUrt from Captain Jacques-Tves Cons- or D1 now. Playing ias scratch and devise comedy situ- Vegas and generally calling myiations. it would be a rough Job. "The Bowery" has recently won If one isn't a smash hit." f Over lunch at Romanoffs. The comedian looks forward I Benny explained his decision to the new season with none of E on the season's activities: the panic that grips most funny- "Mary was right. I had been men. 1 her school chums. Sometimes her. Mr. March granddaddy drives her In his par M. C.l nice? out most or the time she taxes And she says straneers SWLIIIIPieSlMIIII I " ft fat e You Tnnt Vt B I AERO TV SERVICE I A Call LU 3-0100 CO I I Day or Night I ls eaiB-v Tire, pnf Pn FEATURE PROGRAM liu ii 11 Lj-- LISTEN EVERY DAY A NEW PUBLIC SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE OF BROWARD COUNTY WFTL ha installed a government-approved weather sub station ... Now all day long you can get the official Ft. Lauderdale temperature, humidity, barometric pressure. rainfalL DETAILED EEACH CONDITIONS. 8 WEATH ERCA5TS DAILY

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