Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida on May 28, 1954 · Page 30
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Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida · Page 30

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Issue Date:
Friday, May 28, 1954
Page 30
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Rabbit-Weather TBA-Weather Sports Parade gm News Re Tells News-Headlines McLemore-Soorta New. At Six ,h. D,. Spotlighting SpU. Jack Sporta John Daly is Dinner Music Herald Reporter . rP Headltoers 52? PrtV! Th. World Today Doug Edward, Weather -By-Llne Q. Musis-Gardner Parsons' Sport. SParid, HeSrlS Sob eJ John C. Sways. Renlck Report. By-Line-Elaine M Lef . Go Fishier. Music-I BeUey. wtti Str, LowelT Thomas b"ud Eddie Fisher Mama Gold Coast Thsste News - Burg News - Dleest u.n rm : . FlshW Roundup Mama Gold Coast Theate fll Burge Cage J W Tandereook- Editor Snort SSilhF Fulton Lwl Life Of Riley I Got A Secret Gold Coast Theate M Surge Cage lonn Snrafn ?ulah Dinner Date L2L 1 OQt A Secret OoidCoa.tThe.te ' S. gg SLmUy SSS- P'coo"" Big Story Star Playhouse Police Department Burge Cage Broadway Reriew run.h c ,,. rr: - B g Story SUr Playhouse Tun.. Girl TrL Ois Burg. clg. Bui sTe Perfectly mnk Mr' fe.n S"P,T Dst. Garroway Johnny Viagglo Chance Of Lifetlm. flw Burg. Cag. Dad. Co.-tT. 8. A Cancer Foram Gofr Dl-e.t L I PJm. D.T.O.rrow.y Horn. Work Shop Of Lifetime Burg. Cage Dad. Co-TJ, S. 1. Her," . oSSffi Dlfest i Boundstage Caval. Of Sports Miami School Bd. ate Western Roundup Otile Harriet Harris-Fay. Qodfre. Digest k.n Mm... Soundstage Caval. Of Sport. Miami School Bd. Qm Western Roundup Ossie Harriet HartFa dfr ni!t v!-,-f.h Evening Theatre Caval. Of Sport. Fairway Hilites f M Western Roundup World W. Live In slwe-T This Fact oT Matter S? It! 8 Evening Theatre Lef, Go Fishing Fairway HUlte. Western Roundup World W. Live g UnYl, c, of Matter Covert ". Evening Theater Zlv Newsreel - Mnsic-Sweepstakes jaw Urge With Burge Boxing Bout Fibber MoUv Ralnh ' Flanaean Nw. ' ' 1 Evening Theatre Playhouse IS McCarthyArmy fills Urge With Burge Boxing" Bout AnrS-McCarthv sS mh. t. . " - Evening Thestre Mtar Playhouse , McCarthy-Armr I II M Urge With Bure HiU-Music ZJmS Li. C"rt?y Hearing Evening, tar Pl.yhons. McCarthy-Army ' Urge With Burg. Music ' Ss? Courff' McCarthy HeVrg S;gn Off News - Weather Sports Final W Urge With Burge Herald Reporter News " News Analvala John Prw Topper Sign Off 1 1 1S Urg, With Burg. Parsons' Sport. P.stor. Study SwTrU Courtn.v Weatoe? E,.n. Topper I S Urge With Burge Night Owl pJtorsStudJ A?anCourtoev 2 ft? 8"" ili Urge With Burg. Night Owl MulFor Mnlght Aid g Hldnlto sg" og Owl Til 4 a.m. )News-Steve E1U. Courtney to 1 sleepy to 3:30 SATURDAY ' ALL DAY SATURDAY """" " " 1 " " r - . I Zu " Sere. Prayer-Hymn News - Ross Don Butler News-Marches , hm fi09"1" 8er KlrbT Brook. Bill Ross Don Butler Musical Comedy C Wc T.M t. Sere. Brook. - Weather New. - Weather News-Weather NewWeather J Progressiv. Sere. Brooks - Florid BUI Ross- Beyond Today Pop Time Daw I'aaL Check TS ProffresT " N.w. News - Sports News Butler Pop Tim. rCI YlCcN W " IJ5 Progressive Sere. Kirby Brooks Bill Ross Don Butler Pop Tim - ... ... , ' Progressive Ser.. News Brooks News - Salty News Butler WeatheWat. Bu All ihll SpaCC Progressiv. Sere. Kirby Brook. Rambler New. Don Butler Jars Club CoT.rag CC ?w,,"Spo . " World News News Roundup Paul Johnson i. Doily for M"s.1" "ock Kirby Brook. Sheriff-Music Don Butler Morning Sght . Test Pattern ' Om Musteal Clock News Brooks Egbert-Ummly News Butler n f ? r, Wane. CamDef. 1- Clock-Ticket. Brook. News EgbertuSmg DoButler g. f FoS Payt $3.00 Sat. Western WOmpieysj Make-Believe Land No School Today Bugs Bunny Florida Special Teen Tunes to ! Western ,. w D" Make-BeUeve Lan. No School Today Bugs Bunny Florida Special Teen Tunes tlftOOnnr lV w"? RodlO-TV 7 Birthday Party No School Today Mind Your Manners Benny Goodman News-Tee" 10, Sat. Western Birthday Party No School Today Mind Your Manners Benny Goodman Teen Tunes Iaauod SPc Ptrol SdCCtiont 4 A" pud,lT We H N 8chool Today Teen Juke Box Galen Drake W. Woodpecker' Through f pM ,tro1 1 ll flS.ud'? e H,U No Schoo, T0111'' Teen Juke Garden Gate w Woodpecker I M riN Super Circus U 1400 Club Space Patrol Mary Lee Taylor Robert Q. Lewis News- Wd Decker M' CAIS Super Circus V Club Spac. Patrol Mary Lee Taylor Robert Q. Lewi. w woodpecker Rifnt !biTo flu ;?hUb P- PjPer Playhous News-Playtime Robert Q Lewis Religious Reports. ' Agtnt IS.'f i0? 1 if00 Ciub P. Piper Playhous My Secret Story Robert Q Lewis DAV Program PhAn.2 3711 i2 'Iop I Story Hour All League Club' Lefs Look It Up Robert o Lewis News-Band Phon. 2-3711 Big Top ' ' Story Hour AU League Club Manner Mender. Robert Q. lewis Academy Band Fort Johnny Jupiter . News Revell. News fi". Th..,.,. i,. th. tm.d.rll. Johnny Jupiter Hi? Traffic Observer C."ndar-Choo.. theater oToa.y Man S . Farm Daily Nw , ' IX? ? ?u Amer Farmer You Choose Hollywood Stars Art Green iUL. : 43 1400 Club Amer Farmer Smoothie Serenade Hollywood Stars Art Green Word. iZ Music Fiscal" 5S f K CartoonVUl. JJ 1J nub g Ban of Wk Peter Und Hayes se IE1 uunts-uodger. 1400 clUn Music Festival Band Of Week Peter Lind Hayes Baseball Cactus aT:Trl Muslo Fes v'al iuToT UnJ Mr Whaard GimntDodger. 5 I400 all Musi! FefS v US,.C'i S 2T Mw 4ociub sasRsa Hour si ggg jsss gffigj -ass tIa GUnK" D iS'S,b lt"n'npera Vterda, Music Musical Holiday ialSal mumo of world gIT!:, J5 JJSJgS ISmISS Lri,mrc mus1cb1, S"ay BasebU Sudoor Gts-Dodgr JS 14O0ClUb fflgSf S SgS MuS ? 2SS BUlbo.rd S Majtm Une!.' Jf. 1N400'VluCbUb gg?" MuJHdi?- iGr Spac. Soldier Trouble With Fatlwr Unci. Dan lit jZiny Sim. Aftem'S At orl mp!Iki w"S Cai lLoiid.", Art Green Spae. Soldier. Trouble With Father) Uncle D Jimmy Sim, ffiS ! 0 ST1 SS Art SS ' THAT WSSUN' SELT BEtON5s"1 LlT5 NOME O'CUK: Nf fWn'S EAS TO CHFrX"" ' mr -V SPT WSWW4N5HE6AV8 Ji Mt4 RRTMAi A' X By AL McKDISON I PET THIS GUV STOLE TH' PELT -4ILE CEkTHA A$ WATOHIM' AFTER PEccV SANFOKP 1 'fee' SANFORPW HERE? if SHi J, KECOfcSirE ME, J I'M SUNK w'! ft if v i 1 h r . Iv ( '4 "ITS. LITTLE LULU 1 By MARGE 1 v3 THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By WILSON SCRUGGS INDICATES CABLE PROGRAM. Th. Kew. Cannot Je Responsible For Last Minute Change. In Progrsms. INDICATES NETWORK PROGRAMS - - . NO b.a.EI I 1 EOOO JOS? TUIS IS TUB YlKO THOSE VEE Y I MslT GOT TLV TO &GUE V.fTM VOU, ) ff : PiVENT ALWAYS BlcNNM. SECOND Tl THIS VEkf ) TWE ONLY TIMES ; STONE . WE DONT NEED YOU' J V I'VE WAD NY EYE ON lD?I; BULS lV PlUED w LATC-A 5lNCE BEEN 4 KECE ANY N VOCE. YDUte 1 V0ST00U'Sc iW-aTJfSj A GOOD j e- . jf fZ WITH . " THEOUGutDNYWU. .fHn Y,FTWrtr CAPTAIN EASY By LESLIE TURNER 14-B FT. LAUDERDALE DAILY NEWS. FrL. May 28. 1954 Prograni Migliligliits Radio . 6:35 pja. WrTL--Tropic Gardener. Florida gardening problems and tips are offered by expert Johnny Walker. 7:30 WQAM Lone Ranger. A young outlaw, the Cactus Kid, tries to go straight, but his outlaw partners plan 0 kill him. Knowing that the outlaws plan to ambush him, the Cactus Kid forces Dan Reid, teen-age nephew of the masked man to change clothes with him. 8 WKAT Counterspy. Federal agents are called upon toi solve. "The Proxy Con," case. 8:15 WIOD Perfectly Prank. A live rendition of "If I Had You" is the top offering of Prankie and the Sinatra Symphonette. Recordings include Tommy Dorsey's "Marie" and Sinatra's "These Foolish Things." 9 WQAM Ozzie and Harriet. Ozzie thinks that Harriet is being too protective with David and Ricky and figures it's about time that they start allowing the boys "to become individuals." 9:35 WIor Can You Top This? A panel of "Senator" Ed Ford, Harry Hershfield and Ward Wilson try to "top" gags sent in by listeners. Peter Donald speaks for the listeners. Television 8 p.m. WFTL-TV Big Story. An anonymous letter caused reporter Virgil Pierson of the Birmingham Ala. Age-Herald to investigate a case of allegedly accidental death which proved to be his Big Story. I 8:20 WITV Girl Friday Show. Virginia Stadler, program hostess, will interview Miss Marguerite Dodds. a national officer of the National Secretaries Association. - 5 WTVJ Cavalcade of Sports. Charlie Norkus, 25-year-old ex-Marine from Bayonne, and Tommy "Hurricane" Jackson, the unorthodox swinger from Far Rockaway, N.Y. meet at Madison Square Garden in a 10-round heavyweight bout. Pniiv rrT85186- Eile6n Heckert wm 'ar as Aunt "rhA ?ttle0Chlld ShaU Le Them," an adaptation of some of the Tom Sawyer adventures by Mark Twain. ni: . n-Theater. "Identity Unknown u venule ior Kicnard Arlen and Cheryl Walker 1 ft 1 t TUTTTf-ir at . r . m . imr- ""J "y-Mcwarcny Hearing. Forty-five minute tS,?11!!0''? session ot the Senate Permanent ""-J"'Rn"u" ouocommmee neard from Washington Bob Waterfield Trying Hand rs Big Film Producer Now By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (J) - His friends will tell you that the least likely person to be a movie producer is Bob Waterfield, the pro football great. But he is toilins dailv in an JO TOLD AA& A.LL THAT HWPEWEP LAST NIGHT Er5Y.IM SO GRATEFUL you FDK. kEXP05tkl3 I1 m SORRY YOU HW TO GO THRU SUCH AN ORDEAL &EF0RE WE COULD GET PROOF AGAiMST HEKi " ( vi ii 1 1 . when we'd use Tom Fears or Elroy Hirsch." I Waterfield still looks the athlete.! despite adding a few pounds andf ANOTHER, THlK16iAAR5. Y WHY.VES-.VES.r FRAYWE.1 SUSPECT WSl BV AM0MVI0l!5 VUU 6L.CK.!AWLEP I LETTERS, WR1TTEW 1MT0 SE1WS SO STRICT KO DOUBT BY IARS. WTH Bi?3sY RECENT IMLBM1KI V MA ftlRft f IT ! HI Firr . Vtusukc o.rr ni i&t.X3 1J V tKHtMlMPI UP fKf kVri'J TO TELL tH l rcuLA 1 fcUUNS Mfci5. I r!U5.WP WHEN HE GETS VOUR FATHER. EOT VOU BACK. I DO WANT HIM CAM RF ftllRE 111 IEUfi? x m HF1 rfrpnui UCi - - 1 " ,v w IF'in I I t Wt office at the Goldwyn studio, mak-i swinging right into the producer "vDviwi oumug a lew PUU11US BUQ) losing some hair at the temples.! BOOTS AND TIER BUDDIES ne seemed a little uneasy behind the desk, but he said he Artists' Union, inc milwaukee. wis. ' I told you wt should ,hsr. gon, t MELODY LANE. Now th Van Jerlnmr or at th door. an MELODY LANE RESTAURANT AND COCKTAIL LOUNGE Su -'Blvd. Across From GaUwav Ho.p.ulily i. m r,rd at this mmUm- .rtvS . Exccumt hit lees la J . rnc' r ant ntNsitkj. ing preparations to film six bie pictures. The office is done in modern tones, with black and brown decor. Does he like the place? "Even if I didn't, there's nothing I can do about it," he grinned. The decorator, you see. is his wite, a dark-eyed babe named Jane Russell. She is also his partner in Russ-Field Produc tions, as well as the company's principal and most obvious asset. But don't (ret the ifipa that ch runs the show. At the office, as in the home, her lnrrl srnrl m Waterfield, the soft-talking but f ast- acung Quarterback who finer starred for UCLA, thpn fnr th. tc Angeles Rams. He has been her doss lor 11 years now, and that's a main reason whv thmr man-ia has survived the sorrows of wedded life in Hollywood. Waterfield goes completely against the pattern fnr film nrn. ducers. The gift of eab is not his- he speaks in brief but sage observations. I asked him hnw h tackling the job. "he same wav as T wmiM a football game." he remarked "Th simile is not too farfetched. After all. when von em into a football game, you try to plan it all out ahead of time. You may nave to switch plans along the way, especially if the opposition comes up with a defense you hadn't counted on. routine. I asked him how he got the idea to be a producer. "It was my own notion " he replied. "I began thinking about it two years ago. I had to do something when I Rot too old for foot ball, and I already was beginning to creak a little He already had tried his hand, at a few enterprises and even had ; a brief fling as an actor. He played a leading role in a Johnny weissmuller "Jungle Jim" epic. The producer, Sam Katzman, was hailing him as a new John I Wayne. "Oh. sure." lauehed Rnh talked to me about a rlnzpn tures at different times. But noth ing ever happened." Bob's conclu sion on his acting career: wasn't any good." His ambitions to be a nrnrlnrpr became more practical when Jane ended her 13-year association with Howard Hurtles. Thev Russ-Field and quickly made a deal with United Artists, which will nut up the money and release the pictures. The contract calls for six pictures in the next three years. "Jane will be in three of them," Bob explained. "We hope to get started on one of the pictures without her. It may be 'The Detective,' a story by Philip Yordan." Bjr EDGAR MARTIN 1 , - :ii ig Kl; --Th i il r."L- - 11 I mm? . Mi Jm WP m Ypjfi 2L- Jjii i 2 ir :--" 1 royr. 1 T "E Sr . Uk. t. St . b. S. I. y'. j , : . pfc- II ir i 1 II I i 1 1 I 1 m 1 OA ji&sm 1 tvv v v 1 1 . m -rt -... . 1. . 11 1 iJ5 I I I 11 J I THVSIUA8 "I think it will be the same way with a picture. You have to plan it ail out in advance. But then something might, happen in the playing that yon didn't foresee. o you nave to change your plan to fit the situation. "In both mediums something for the fnnrth muHw When I was with the r H,W O He said he liked a few of Jane's pictures in the past, but didn't care for a lot of them. Her best, he thinks, was "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.'' That's the kind of pic ture they are aimino- at fnr hr Waterfield's educatinn has iast. He nas been climbing through a mountain Of SCrfots lnnkinc fnr properties. He has also talked to many theater men in New York and Philadelphia, whpre he at tended United Artists' 35th anni versary celebration. HOW TO CATCH A MAM! l mmtij - .V ! NATURE BEATS HUNTERS DES MOINES. UP Rabbits may be the favorite target of American hunters, hut thp human .attention they get doesn't imake much riiffirpnA . u - u&svw vv UAH V7 I cottontails, an Iowa Wildlife Re- THRIFT STARTS AT HOME search unit says. HARTFORD, Con. W - A year Til O CT1t?T A VMM M XI I ttaTiSr MJ. Miln W. Lidstone was had been harvested by animal : ted to rePresent the State predators and nature before Savings Bank and Present a $5 uuuuug aianea. ana Nimrorts'J'ivuiK5 account to a nwnnrn PORTUGUESE START VILLAGE LUANDA, Portuguese Angola. Iff! Cela, a village which did not exist a year ago, is forming. With population pressure going up in the poorer Drovinces of Portugal the government tried to make room for emigrants. In the Angola highlands a site! was found and ground prepared for Settlers. It was a rnmnletp neighborhood from one of For-J tugal's villaees. While the irst 5 fields were ploughed and corn and. 2 sweet potatoes were raised, the village church was completed to- - gemer wiin a scnool., The population of Cela is over 300. Now a weekly Diane servire is available and more settlers are en route. Early U. 3. census report gav the amount of coal mined in bushels and it is estimated that shnnt 28 bushels of coal equal a ton. The United States imrjorts around eight million pounds of dried daisy blooms annuallv fc make pyrethrum. an insecticide. Nearly four tons of aphids have ibeen found in a single acre nf ni- 'ifalfa. Wisconsin's state parks and forests were visited by five million people last year. --- Channel 4 Has Moved Bst, your Antenna r-eri,iitc4 ud Completely Instnetei H Speelsl Flat Rat, I2.M Phons 2-2871 or drop a esrd fa Hopkins-Smith Service TV'SERVICi . U. S. P,t. Of. 14 hj lf S:. (t "How nice it is to thumb tnroug.i Or. Probe's magazines ana reaa aDout the peaceful pre-atomic agel All Work end Parts Used Positively Guaranteed Genera! Radio & Sound Co. 701 E. LAS OLAS PHONE 2-3091 Established 1939 Women working in Indian government offices have been "advised" not to wear bright colors, even if the dress worn is a sari. New Delhi renorts accounted for less than cent of the final bag. Be at yonr best Chew Wrigley't Spearmint Cum, j Freshens mouth sweetens breath. 1 ..... Chewing helps keep teeth bnghU Keep a package hand. child. Annually Hartford's mutual savings banks conduct Thrift Week and the banks take turns daily in presenting $5 accounts to new citi zens. This year Mrs. Lidstone, new accounts teller at State Savings Bank, gave birth to son, Neil, at Hartford Hospital. She was presented the S3 account for Neil by the rival Mechanics Savings Bank.. Neil arrived in the middle of Thrift Week but too late to receive $5 from his mother's place of employment. EXPERT TELEVISION REPAIR AT YOUR HOME IN THE SHOP ON WHEELS Home Service Calls PHONE 3-8973 $95 SWMfeMMM CLEARVIEW STORFil STOP AWNING SHUTTERS NO DOWN PAYMENT k AS LOW AS S10 MONTH For One of Our Friendly Salesmen CALL 2-3606 TROPICAL . VENETIAN BUND CO. 2323 S. FEDERAL HWY.

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