The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 30, 1968 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 30, 1968
Page 1
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Blythevffle (Ark.) Courier Ntwa — Tueiday, January ,30, 19«» Pag* Thrtt, U.S. MILITARY MANPOW RESERVES IN U.S. ACTIVE DUTY FORCES IN U.S. ACTIVE DITY FORCES OVERSEAS TOTAL: 2,109,302 PAID UNITS: 1,000,453 Army-«iO,p}t Armr—676,084 Novr-503,558 Aw Force-MMtt Mafiiwj-U3,125 Navy-248,061 Air Foie*-614,092 MoriMt-170,144 A m erkon «*. dutymUitory farces overseas ore concentrated reserve call .p-9.340 air nofonal guardsmen 4*60 I A* y^gs^^^iTup- i thereserve proper and 418,074 ^ATLANTIC w NEW YORK 7-S.OUXCITY. 4 . "TV. NjMtf CITY IOWA LOCKIOURME AFB ZI23-WIILOW • (COWM«US),^HIO ,_ 2 ~|GROV£, PA. 6-WICHITA, KAN. s .|_ OU | SV iu.E. WASHINGTON, ICY. K- HAMILTON «Ft (MMUW, CAU M-UAMEM.CAL W-LOS AUMrros,CAi. (MARIETTA!, GA. - DALLAS, TEX. NATIONAL GUARD tt) 113th Tactical Fighter Group, 113th Tactical Fighter Wing (2) 177th Tactical Fighter Group (3) lOTfli Tactical Fighter Group (4) 121st Tactical Fighter Group (5) 140th Tactical Fighter Wing, 140th Tactical Fighter Group (C) 184th Tactical Fighter Group (7) 185th Tactical Fighter Group (8) 150th Tactical Fighter Group (9) I2Srd Tactical Reconnalsiance Wing, 123rd Tactical Reconnaissance Group (10) 189th Tactical Reconnaissance Group (11) isznd Tactical Reconnaissance Group AIR FORCE RESERVE (12) 445th Military Airlift Wing, 918th Military Airlift Group (13) 904th Military Airlift Group .. . (14) 305th Air Reserve Rescue Squadron (15) 349th Military Airlift Wing, 938th Military Airlift Group 116) 921st Military Airlift Group (17) 941st Military Airlift Group t • • '• . ' ' " • NAVY RESERVE (18) Attack Squadron 776 (19) Attack Squadron 831 (20) Attack Squadron 873 (21) Fighter Squadron 661 (22) Fighter Squadron 703 (23) Fighter Squadron 931 _ News Briefs COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) South Carolina's white and Nero public school teacher groups ave been formally merged. Members of the merged roup, to be called the South Carolina Education Association, dopted a new constitution that alls for at least three Negroes, n the group's board of. direcr ors for the next three years.. After that, board members will 3e elected without regard to; ace. • NEW YORK (AP) - A new Marxist daily newspaper, to be •ailed The Daily World, will ucceed the Worker; this spring. Plans were announced by Wiliam L. Paterson, .who said The Worker and its assets : were, being bought by his firm, the Long View : Publishing Corp., Inc. The old Communist Daily Worker ceased publication ir 1958 and how comes out twice a week as The Worker. Paterson said the target date for printing the daily is May 1. / ORONO, Maine (AP) -;'th' University of Maine has ac quired the papers of Floyd Gib THE BUDGET RECEIPTS EXPENDITURES in lillioM Mission Memorials In memory of Mrs, J. M. Williams Sr; from Mr. and Mrs. x>y Welch, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. VlcWaters Jr., Mr. and Mrs. I. G. Edwards, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Halsell; Dr. and Mrs. W. T. Rainwa- er, Mrs. C. C. Smith, Mrs. B. M. Matthews and Mr. and Mrs. President Johnson's estimated budget for fiscal 1969 fore- cash an $8 billion deficit providing Congress enacts his requested 10 per cent surtax. Without the tax, receipts would fall short of the esimated $178 billion and the deficit would be increased. Actual spending during f 1S cal 1968 has exceeded the President's January 1967 estimate. The new budget calls for a $10.4 billion increase over the adjusted 1968 budget, allbut $300 million of it accounted for by increased spending for war or additional outlays required by laws already on the books. Fred Fleeman. ".*_! In honor of Dr. W. T. Raife water from Adult Bible Classi First Methodist Church. ; In honor of Rev. Ray Tweed from Mrs. Baba Howard. | _ .,. i Flag Always File* . .A memorial statue to Francis Scott Key, author of the "Star- Spangled Banner," stasis met his grave In Frederick, Md., continually pointing to a flag that flies night and day. ,,-, ubo: FLU GET YOU? For fast relief of the aches, Bains andfeverchillsfliatcomewithcolda andflu.takeST.aOSEPHASPIEQt full strength. HEALTH AUTHORITIES RECOMMEND! 1. Drink plenty of liquid. 2. Rest in bed. 3. Take aspirin. ons, who crossed the Sahara 3esert to find the "true picture f sheiks and their appeal to Anlo-Saxon and American wom- »•". ' .' . ''.-'.' Gibbons, a newsman with the Chicago Tribune, made the trip or the Tribune in 1923. The un- published diary of the trip is among the memorabilia given to the university. Gibbons covered nine wars during his 30-year career and lost an .eye at the battle of Bel- feau Wood in World War I. He died in 1939. is'as'fully effective as all 4 of the other leading brands of pain - -j relief tablets tested (inetaitiij «te ftfttofriw aspirin). So... <• WHY PAY MORE? GET THE BEST FOB LESS! GetStJoseph'Aspirin BERLIN 1961 Army 113,000 Air Force 27,000 Navy 8,000 CRISIS CALL UPS CUBAJ962 I Air Force I I 14,000 I Air Force 14.000 NavvJOO «iin»iiniii«^ IfHE NATIONAL REPORT ON WHAT'S HAPPENING IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOR THE -CXTJCKASAWBA DISTRICT OF MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS The Boaro 1 of Commissioners of Sewer Improvement District No. 5, of Blytheville, Arkansas, .Plaintiffs vs. : .• .•• : ' .'..•-••. - - ; Certain : lots and tracts : of land which are delinquent for Sewer Assessments due Sewer District No. 5 for the year 1967........... • ••.' ........Defendants NOTICE'OF PENDING SUIT All persons having a claim and interest in any ; of the following described lands are hereby notified that suit is pending in the Chancery Court-.for,-the Chickasawba District of Mississippi County Arkansas;-to enforce the collection of certain improvement district assessments due to Sewer Improvement District i No. 5 of the City of Blytheville, Arkansas, for the year. 1967, on le: following list of lands, the names of each supposed owner laving been set opposite, and the amount of costs accrued prior o the publication of this notice, and not including: the cost of lis publication on each tract:— ,-.-''.'. NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF SUPPOSED OWNERS OF PROPERTY DESCRIBED HEREIN The Korean crisis marks the third reserve call up since ,1960. The initial order affected about the some number of men as in the 1962 Cuban crisis, but both fall far short of the sharp increase in active-duty manpower ordered by President Kennedy in the I960 confrontation with the Soviet Union over Berlin. . ! Major Studios 'Like a Tomb = I Best guesitmates are that 20 per cent of America's adoles- j I cents are heavy enough to 'be considered a medical prob- | 1 lem. Obesity frequently accompanies a less-than-meaningful \ "' ••..-. sc h 0 oi record. Also tends to- \ ward a continuing "over- 1 weight" problem as an adult. | Harvard nutrient, Jean Mayer, | states that 80 per cent of f all obese children remain ov- 1 erweignt throughout their | 'adult lives. Critical age, says \ Dr. Mayer, is 9. Children over- ] weight before 9 usually remain | super-sized forever and forev- j er. * A companion of "over- j weight" is' malnutrition. An- j other, say psychiatrists, is i abnormal self-loathing." The { By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) -It's a scandal, says veteran film maker Walter Wanger, that the huge .stages of the major movie stu- 'dios today lie idle as tombs. Never except in periods of labor strikes have the studios been so devoid of feature production. A survey of shooting schedules discloses that 20th Century-Fox, Columbia, Universal, Paramount and Disney have no films in production. MGM this week started one, "The Split," and Warner Bros. Seven Arts is completing one, " Love You, Alice B. Toklas." Nor is there much television filming at the studios. This is the time of year when most series are finishing their seasons and laying off until they learn if options are' being picked up. The situation Is saddening to Wanger, whose career dates to the era when the studios were pouring forth 500 features a yean He served in executive capacities at Paramount, Columbia and MOM and had had a distinguished carter as producer of films from "Foreign Correspondent" to "Cleopatra." Wanger has lately mad* bis headquarters In New York, to he brings a geographical as well as a historical perspective to Hollywood's present plight. "It's shocking to see the studios so empty," he observed. "It's, so unnecessary, too. There never was a more promising time for the film bus- ness. The .world market has. expanded enormously, and the new generation^ clamoring for films. .But Hollywood is not supplying them. • "The major companies have lost the initiative. They should be developing films about the exciting things that are going on in the world. Instead, they wait for agents to bring them packages." ; Much of the cause of the major companies' inertia can be found in the studios themselves, Wanger observed. These leviathan film factories . no longer suit today's business, he said, citing a reported figure of $9 million to maintain one of the major studios for a year. The landful of films made there must absorb such costs. "Perhaps Robert Aldrich has the right idea in buying a little studio of his own," said Wanger. "It might be better to go back to the old system, when there were many little studios all over Hollywood.The major companies could amalgamate Into a singlt lot that would function as i servict company." instant-breakfast-food people are pushing an d everyone in an effort to get young America to the breakfast table-at least: to the cupboard to pour and stir a gulp- 1 special." Shake it, shake it, they say-and all win be well, | well well • Flower Parents Find Solace: Parents of flower children ! meet together in an effort to understand why their runaways have "dropped out." In the main they keep each others spirits up but plan to take a more definite direction toward helping their young in the near future. They live on hope and live with unhappiness.. i Three S's: Three S's being plugged by fashion ^rade- ! (shirt, sweater and skirt)! Sure-fire way to a) seU more ! merchandise, b) skirt (he mini-mide conflict, c) shirk a real ! opinion. Youth Beat says skirts will remain short-get 1 wider! ! The Undecided Decided Hemline: Latest hedge of the I phony baloney fashion gurus is the "undecided hemline I Should have a descriptive subtitle, "For Fence StraddUng. 1 Pierre Cardin has "designed" a skirt shape that is higher in \ the back of the knee. Women's Wear Daily enthuses by say- I ing, "It's new! It's wild! It's fun!" (Don't they know that I teens beginning to sew in home ec classes have had slanting ! hemlines for years?) The giggle is that the "™ "P* 1 I are shoveling sand against new kind of tide-YOUTH TIDE. * Short skirts just won't "go-way" (even m the back) a I the wave of a designer's (or editor's hand). It's very frustrating for trade magazines to understand. They now place more attention on "beauty" to cover their own skin. The youth tide is flooding the sacred media of the fashion establishment. Waitress Wants Voices In answer to our passing on of a familiar teen complaint-that service people give teens short shrift in eateries — the waitresses of the world want their, say. Teens take up a large table for a large amount of time, spending little money and generally being disrespectful to the help. It's bound to bug the ladies of the ladle. Probably a lot would be over- looktd-spending and time- wise-if the kids were sup- Woodard & Betty Pratt osephH. Miller, M.D. Fames Anderson Alvin & Mary Young Haywood Dean Nettie Smith Mary Hunt Norman Williams Bethena Williams Moores Inv. Co. John Alsup Horace & Mildred Howard Mary Rowe Rosa Lee G. Jackson E. L. Bailey E. L. Bailey Joseph & Elizabeth Knox Minnie Green John H. & Marie Moore Annie & Estelle Smith Nettie Hunt William Armstrong Talents, Ino. Willie Mary Hall Roy Halsell ; Vernon Leo & Mary E. Hardesty Feme Morgan Emmitt & Margaret Conley Calara F. Lester Judge & Charity Parker Willie & Artie James Ella Anderson C. M. & Glendora Shocklcy Blk D Replat of Lot No, 15 Barron&Lilly Acre Subd. S 46' Lot No. 8 Sam Barnes Addn., Lot No. 28 Blk. No. I Brawley Addn., Lot No. 3 Blk. No. 2 Brawley Addn., Lot No. 24 Blk. No. 2 Brawley Addn., Lot No. 12 Blk. No. 3 Brawley Addn. Lot No. 14 Blfc. No. 3 Brawley Addn., Lot No. 7 Blk. "A" Ed B. Cook Sub. Lot No. 15 Blk. "A" Ed B. Cook Sub. Lot No. 11 Blk. No. 1 Mate Daniels Addn. Lot No. 5 Blk. No. 2 Mate Daniels Addn., Lot No. 4 Blk. No. 4 Elliott Addn., Lot No. 7 Blfc. No. 4 Elliott Addn, Lot No. 9 Blk. No. 4 Elliott Addn., Lot No. 12 Blk. No. 6 Elliott Addn. Lot No. 15 Blk. No. 6 Elliott Addn. Lot No. 9 Blk. No. 7 Elliott Addn., Lot No. 2 Blk. No. 8 Elliott Addn., Lot tfo. 3 Blk No. 8 Elliott Addn., Lotj No. 7 Blk. No. 10 Elliott Addn., Lot No. 5 Blk. No. 12 Elliott Addn., Lot No. 20 Blk. No. 12 Elliott Addn. Lot No. 7 Blk. No. 2 Fulgham Addn., Lot No. 9 Blk. No. 3 Fulgham Addn., N14 Lot No. 21 Blk. "C" Hollandale Addition Tract "G" Irregular lots 1344 S19.76 S23.39 S19.82 $24.11 $24.71 $19.82 $19.82 $23.83 $24.00 $23.50 $20.04 $24.71 $19.93 $21.81 $24.99 $19.93 $19.93 $19.98 $19.98 $19.82 $19.82 Booth Leroy Hunt Jim & Lela Brooks Minnie Lee Johnson I L. & Many Mattie Wood Charles & Elizabeth Frazier Shannon D. & Ruby Little Norei Harvey; • Ora Bass Adversia Lee Goodloe Morgan Kimbro . Zilmon L. & Estelle White Charles Bedford Celia Ames Allie & 0. C. Johnson E. L. Bailey Robert & Lorine Sims Robert & Lorine Sims Elnora Carter Floyd & Earlene Moran Leo & Eddie M. Burton Leo & Eddie M. Burton Horace & Ella Grey Virginia Caldwell Jackson Pearl Fatten Marzella & Ella Lee Scales Frank & Mary Young Joseph H. Miller, M. D. Joseph H. Miller, M. D. Joseph H. Miller, M. D. Willie B. & Pearlie B. Palmore Margaret A. O'Steen Nicholson tvan Williams Carrie Jones P. L. Payne $24.38 $24.11 $19:87 ,.r-.j, $M.99 $24.11 •>'• f $24.11 19.82 Lot No. 8 Larry"s 5th Add. $19.82 Lot No. 16 Larry's 5th Add. Lot No. 30 Larry's 5th Add. W'/4 Lot No. .35 Larry's 5th Addition : Lot No. 15 Blk, No. 2 P. J. O'Brien Sub. Lot No. 10;Blk. No. 2 J. L. O'Steen Addn. ; N 50' E 100' Lot No. 8 Rebecca 1 ; v Patterson Acre Lots $19:88 Lot No. 5 Blk. No. 4 Edwin Robinson Addn. Lot No. 12 Blk: No. 4 Edwin Robinson Addn. . Lot No. 8 Blk. No. 7 Edwin Robinson Addn. Lot No. 12 in Block No. 10 i Edwin Robinson Addn. Lot No. 2 Blk.. No.; 13 . ; Edwin Robinson Addn. Lot No. 4 Blk. No. 13 Edwin Robinson Addn. Lot No. 2 Blk.;No. 18 Edwin Robinson Addn. Lot No. 3 Blk No. 18 Edwin Robinson Addn. Lot No. 4 Blk, No. 18 Edwin Robinson Addn. _ <• Lot No. 6 Blk. No. 1 Wilson 1st Addn. Lot No. 7 Blk. No. 1 Wilson 1st Addn. Lot. No. 16 Blk. No. 1 Wilson 1st Addn. Lot No. 21 Blk. No. 1 Wilson 1st Addn. Lot "B" Blk. No. 2 Wilson 1st Addn. Lot "B" Blk. No. 2 Wilson 1st Addn. Lot. No. 3 Blk. No. 4 Wilson 1st Addn. Lot No. 9 Blk. No. 4 Wilson 1st Addn. Lot. No. 25 Blk. No. 5 Wilson 1st Addn. Lot. No. 11 Blk. No. 6 Wilson 1st Addn. W% Lot No. 20 Blk No. 8 Wilson 1st Addn. S18% E. 105' Lot No. 2 Blk No. 9 Wilson 1st Addn. E. 105' Lot No. 3 Blk. No. 9 Wilson 1st Addn. Lot. No. 5 Blk. No. 9 Wilson 1st Addn. Lot No. 10 Blk. No. 9 Wilson 1st Addn. E. 292' S75' Lot No. 2 Blk. No. 1 Wilson 2nd Addn. Lot No. 14 Blk. No. 2 Wilson 2nd Addn. Lot No. 15 Blk. No. 2 Wilson 2nd Addn. Lot No. 5 Blk. No. 3 Wilson 2nd Addn. $24.71 $19.93 $19.9S $24.11 $19.93 $19.93 $24,49 $19.93 $21.23 $24.00 except E 10'15-15-11 W 400' S 275' N 8.27 ac S% SESW 15-15-11 W 500' E 250' S 150' NWSW 16-15-11 Lot No. 19 Larry's 1st Addn. Lot No. 20 Larry's 1st Addn. Lot No. 9 Larry's 3rd Addn. Lot No. 5 Larry's 4th Addn. Mozehe Anderson Gertrude & Tom Rowell E. U Bailey Calvin It Mandy Storey tot No. 1 Larry's 5th Add. Lot No. 3 Larry's 5th Add. Lot No. 7 Larry's Sth Add. $19.93 $29.00 $24.38 $19.82 $19.82 $19.82 $24.11 $24.38 $19.82 $24.38 $19.82 $24.11 $23.83 $24.11 $19.82 Nelson & Lucille Mae Ricks Lot No. JB Blk. No. 2 Wilson Charles Crews Alberta Isbaell , William M. & Kathleen Lewis Lot No ; J JBlk. No. 6 Wilson w". H. & Ruby Davis Joseph H. Miller, M. D. $24.27 2nd Addn. Lot No. 6 Blk. No. 5 Wilson 3rd Addn. Lot No. 9 Blk. No. 5 Wilson 3rd Addn. $23.67 $25.54 3rd Addn. Lot No. 10 Blk, No. 6 Wilson , 3rd Addn. . $25-f4 Lot No. 1 Blk. No. 7 Wilson .- ". 3rd Addn. , $20.09 All persons and corporations interested in said-lands .are hereby notified that they are required by law to appear, wiihm four (4) Weeks and make defense^ said suit, or_ttei same: will then be taken as confessed and final judgment will be entered, directing the sale of said lands for the purpose of said assessments, together with the penalty and costs allowed by AlUots and parcels of land listed herein are in the Citfof ilytheville, Arkansas. Graham Sudbury, Attorney 115 North Second Street Blytheville, Arkansas Geraldine Listen Chancery Court Clerk .' , Mississippi County, Arkansas f».0£ DIJU1»""V —-—--• $19.821 Attorney for Plaintiff

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