The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 16, 1944 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 16, 1944
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHJSVILLE (ARK.) CODGER SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 1C, 194<i Coming Events - MOHDA-? busin«ss meeting of tlit Women's Council of Pitst Christian Church' at the church,- 2:30 p.m. Royal Service'Program at church for the i women's Missionary Union, First Baptist Church, 2:30 pm. Women's Auxiliary, St. Stephen's Episcopal - Church, meeting at the home of Mrs. Emma Nolen, 2:30 p.m. Woman's'Society.of Christian Service, First Methodist Church, meeting in circle groups: Circle 1, Mrs. George Hubbard; Circle 2, Mrs. Harvey Morris; Circle 3. Mrs. George Hale at Biirdette; Circle 4, Mrs. Harry Kfrby; Circle 6, Mrs, Max B, Reid. ' . ' -.; : • . '•" TtfESOAY Lange Parent-Teacher Association meeting at Hie school. • Mis. Ralph Nicliols entertaining Club. Eight. ' •'.':-.-.Double G Club ineelirig wllh Miss Margaret Shaver. Beta:.Chi .Sunday .School. Class, First Presbyterian ..Church, .meeting with Mrs. L. S. Harlzog, 8 p.m. WEDNESDAY '• Mrs. Joe:.; Hamby entertaining Friendly: Seven. Club. - i A. D. C. Club meeting with Mrs. Elbert HutTman. Central Ward Parent-teacher As- sociallon meeting at school. THURSDAY Mrs. C. C. Langstoii entertaining Friday Luncheon 'Club.' . Elliott Fletcher. Chapter .of tjnlt^ ed Daughters of Confederacy meeting for luncheon with • Mrs. E. M. McCaU, 13:30 p.m. . . FRIDAY Mississippi County Council of Parent-Teacher Associations meeting at Wilson, 9:30 am FRIDAY . G N. B. Club meeting Will! Mrs. J. F. Nolen. .-..•'.'. Mrs. Johnny Hlckman entertain ing initial Club. Storekeeper Actually Takes Cash With A Smile By RUTH AHLLEPT A few months ago a man and his wife opened dp a new IHtl* neigh- wrhood grocery in oiir town—and don't believe they know thers " a war oh. •.' • Why, when you ask tor something hey don't have the don'l say (ri- imphnntly, ,"we haven't had any of hat in months;' ,No. BHIcvc it or lot tliey say, "I'm sorry but we laven't been able to get any of 'int. We keep trying, though," And hey actually sound as though they ARE sorry lo have to disappoint a customer. And they don't hide their, bananas behind the colmter for pet customers. They put them out In he open and sell any customer 1 he wants until they nre gone. Lots of people who don't ordl- inrlly (rode with (hem walk Into heir store looking for a scarce cotn- nodlty—but they don't eel insult- t "ie y «rticle 8 if it,Is In Bunco Club Entertained All members of-the O.N.B. club attended the party given last night bv Mrs. Robert Weedmali Hi her hbme. . • •'! Bunco was played during 1 the evening, with high score won by Mrs. Weedmftn, tfuncd by-Mrs. J. P. Nolen, and low by Mrs. J. C. Swlg- gart. .:. * The hostess served i, salad course, Mrs. Marsh Is Hostess Mrs. Jack Mafth'iris hostess 16 members of the Initial Club yesterday afternoon a( her home lor their regular weekly bunco party Mixed garden flowers . deiboratec tlie living room where the games were plajed for several hours, knc the hostess served a Sandwich plate with iced drinks;"!' - •. - 4 Bunco prize was *on by .Wlrs, ; Jolmny Hlckman, high score by Mrs. W. S. EastbUrn,;nnd low Airs. Cecil Graves. P.T. A. Officers Meet Ihey are They never forget lo toy "Thank you" when Ihey take your money. And when the store is crowded they move quickly So thai no one has to wnlt any longef lhan K necessary. They don't carry oh personal conversations wllh customers while other customers nre standing waiting to be served. SHIN1NGI.Y CI.HAN 'Jhc only help Ihey nro nbla lo get is a boy who works after school hours and on holidays—but their store Is always shiningly clean. They seem like Intelligent, people so I can't understand why they don't know there's a wtir oh. But Ihey must not they never remind a customer that there Is. It's surprising what good service you get when Ihe people who serve you don't know about the war. Why, you're actually treated )lk,e a customer—Instead of like n nuisance. by seriously 111 of ptomaine poisoning' nt Engle Pass Army Air Field, Texas, non- lias been dismissed from Hie stallon hospital there after undergoing treatment for several rtnys. Mrs. William Q. Boyd nnd daughter, Llhdii, have moved Into an apartment at 212 North Eighth Street. They hava been making heir home with Mrs. Boyd'a mother, Mrs. S. P. Martin and family, ! or th6 past several months while lieutenant Boyd has been overseas. Miss Betty Brooks Isaacs, who has spent the Summer here with her parents, will return tomorrow morn- Ing- to Poyettevlllf, where she will be a senior at the University of Arkansas. Mrs. J. J. Hargetl and daughter, Miss Lonnfc Jo Hni'gctt, spent yesterday In Memphis. Paul Pryor spent yeslerclay In Memphis with Mrs. Pryor, who Is n pallent nt the Baptist Hospital there. She Is recuperating from a major operation which she underwent last week. Bob Goodrich, who'ls employed In Paris, Tenii., is spending Ihe weekend here will! his mother, Mrs. E, A. Goodrich and family. Miss Elizabeth Branlley of Sandersville, Ga.. has arrived lo make her horns with her sistei'-ln-lnw, Mrs. Roy Brantley, while Sergeant Brantley is overseas. She was accompanied here by her sister, Miss Kntherino Brnntley, also of Sandersville, who is visiting Mrs. Brantley for several days. Mrs Robert Jontz of Memphis is recuperating at the home ,of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Joutz, following an appendectomy which she recently underwent at Memphis Baptist Hospital. Mr. and Mrs. Arch Gray left today for their home in Bartlesvllle, Okla., after n brief visit here with Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Gray, Mr. and Mrs. Ira Gray, and Miss Mary Out- la*. B. S. Simmons of Dell will return tomorrow after having been called to Florence, Ala., to nltend Where Japs Hold Prisoners „ off|ceis and committee chairmen of that organization last night at her home on West Ash'. ••':"•• Plans for the year's work were formulated at the meeting. Later in the evening Mrs. Eaton served a salad..-plate with Iced drinks. Her refreshment- tifale was centered with a crystal bowl of mixed flowers. . ....who d.led ' „„„ its home in Homestead, Fla. Bits of NeSVS Mostly. Personal Raluh Berryniari and Joe Balek attended a district 'mieting p! Swift Packing CJomp'ahy ealesineh in Haytl today. Miss Francella, Rsher will leave tomorrow morning for Memphis vhere she \ul] ehler Methodist Hospital School of fjurslng for training as a nurse. Mrs: Raymond Bcaty underwent a lonsillectomy yesterday at Kennedy General Hospital in Mehiphls Private Bcaty now is with the Armv I r\ Tn^li •* Virgil Boyd, Miss SCHOOL NEWS PRISONER OF WAR AND CIVILIAN INTERMENT CAMPS IN THL FAR EAST arc shown on the above map, .the data for which, wu, indicated above- furnished by the American Red Cross. Camps locations are Hoi necessarily ortoinple'te as they are almosl ccmstanll> * SUNDAY SCHOOL Notions Should Heed Lesson Of David: 'In Unity Is Strength' Text: II Samuel 2:4-7, 5:1-10 had done so much to build lly WILLIAM K. GIUtOY, D. D. Surely here Is a warning for mo d- TKO things are notable In the ern kingdoms »nd dfrtficriotesln -' os of -'Hi S leswn, especially Ihe unity is strength; In dtsbfmv ii In fhp mil, ,hrmt« nt ir EJimucl. In the Jiflh chapter of II »-ilh Ihe progress at Hie war. Not kiiow-n on the rtlap First, and of prime Importance, s the manner of setting up the tlngdom and establishing David as Oiis. David, then 30 years old, had a crowded and adventurous ifr, leading what was ostensibly a awlcss life : al llie head of a band of disaffected men. Conditions In ;ii9 kingdom were unSntlsfaclovy umlor King snul, who could neither give Israel peace from enemies, nor jence and prosperity within. Saul's threats against the life of David prevented the young shepherd-warrior from co-operating and helping (o build the kingdom ns he wns later able to do. The situation was virtually one of civil war, or It would have been If David had less magnanimously disposed ;pward Saul,'and less regardful of sanctity of tlie kingly person and office. nut wllh the death of Saul, David could emerge from his cave leadership and assume the place for which he was fiualifled nnd destined. There were those who clung lo Saul, and who attempted to hold the kingdom for Ishboshelh, his son, and II Is this that gives significance to the assembling of "the elders of Israel" at Hebron, and Ihe league lhal David made with them. It Is a note of ancient democracy giving validity to David's klngsblpJ There was war between Ihose who supported David and those who held that the right of kingship should lie by birth; but Ishboshelh was as weak as David wns strong, and the kingdom soon became consolidated under David, who reigned for 40 years. Of lesser importance is the story of David's laking Jerusalem fi'om' 'Ihe Jebustles, wllh the strange lie,, lo Ihe lame aiirf the bllndi "lhal arc hated of David's soul." The whole reference seems fco Ob- : scurc to indict David of n seem-' insly cruel altitude. In one of our great hymns we sing: • Crowns and Ihrones may perish, kingdoms rise and wiine; Bui Ihe church of Jesus constant win remain.. A more specillc example of the rise and waning ol a kingdom could not be found lhan In the history of Israel , : in this period, When on?, considers.- the unsettfcd condition of Israel tinder the Judges, and the humiliation and defeat that accompanied Saul's downfall, David's achievement of ..national security and strength is ' remarkable. The foundation was laid for the great nnd glorious reign of Solomon. But Ihen. immediately after, came the cMI war that broke up the kingdom r-the first steo in the ultimate 'downfall of both divisions of the cingdom that David and Solomon Is wca kness and disaster. Tint warn- ng is particularly needed In Arter- ca at a time wh«n njidgulded men -ire spreading the. 6«eds of social racial and religious prejudice exploiting the things that divide, in- dead of the things (hat unite. Lutherans Will Hear Minister From Memphis Members of the Pilgrim Lutheran Church, who are without n- -pastor at the present time, will have Bcrv- ices tomorrow o'clock, when morning the Rev. Krueger of Memphis will at 11 W. C. be the guest mlnUter. The Rev. Mr. kriieger's sermon loplc will be "The Church's Opportunity." . . • . The public .has been Invited to attend this .-service,-It was announced today. CHURCH NEWS FIRST METHODIST CHURCH S. B. Wllford, pastor Church school, 9:45 a.m. U. S. Branson, superintendent Morning worship, 10:55 am. "Stewardship of Spiritual Power." pastor's sermon Bub'ject. . Everting service. 7:30 p.m. Choir Rehearsal. Wednesday, CHURCH OF THE NAZARENE P. W. Nwh, pastor Sunday school, 9:45 a.m. Morning worship, 10:50 a.m. Sacrament of the Lord's Supper will be observed. Service tor Young People, 7 p.m. Evening Service, 7:45 p.m. Pastor will preach. Prayer meeting, Wednesday, 7:45 p.m. PROMISED LAND METHODIST CHURCH D. G. Hindman, pastor Church school, 10 a.m. Felix Hill, supt. Worship service, 11 a.m. Fellowship Metllng .at Church 8:15 p.m. Rev. Mr. and Mrs. Kaelzel of Wilson, guest speaker*. Refreshments will be served. W. S. C. S. Friday at the church, 2-.30 p.m. the camp at Singapore, on (he southern lip of Malay I'ciiinsula. The pupils of Iho fourth grade at Central Ward have organized a club which they have named 'The P.ilrJotic Club." The purpose •>! Ihe club is to tench clnss members to preside in club meetings, lo use better English, to stress good manners, nnd to do something worthwhile for our lown nnd coun- y-each day. Kay Smllh has been elected president of the club, Heard Wyllc is vice prciidenl, Janet Dickinson, secretary, nnd Johnny Logglns, treasurer. Shirley Wade Is publicity chairman. The club will meet each Friday nfterncon from 3 to 4 o'clock, nnd we shr.ll bo glad to have parents visit nt nny time. Silver Persian Cat Boasts Huge Family Mr. Buster, the wealthy Massachusetts cat worth $100.000, Isn't the only nnlinal In cat kingdom with n bid for fame, for Missy, n silver Persian owned by Mrs. Herb Thompson, can boast of being the mother of 100 kittens. Five of her family were quintuplets, which Mrs. Thompson appropriately named nfter the Dlonno nibses. Missy's latest contribution to the cat world were two kittens born si month, which Mrs. Thompson nmcd Buster and Ronald niter the Inssachusetts cat which inherited fortune from Us master. All of the kittens become gifts i Mrs. Thompson's friends. The tnct age of Missy Is not known, but ic lias belonged to Mrs. Thoinp- for eight years. in India Mr. and Mrs , , *" J< .--o-. —-vju, Itll^fi Wanda Fisher and Robert Berryman have arrived from Los Angeles Calif., where they have been for th e past 9 weeks, while Mr. Boyd and Mr Berryman were attending a radio school for Navy men. They were Rraduated from the school last Saturday, with a rating of seamwi 1-c radiomen. They will visit relatives her e until Monday *hen they will )eturn to San Diego/ Calif,, for ac- livc duty. Mr», fiord «nd their son Jimmy, will remain here with her parents, Mr and Mrs. Norman Kyle while Mr. Boyd Is In service. Miss Mary Refchel left this afternoon for Little Rock where she will r-e the weekend ffueStof Miss Nancy Bracey, before going to Fayelloville where she will be a Junior at the University 6f AfXarisM. Mrs Ella BeTfyman returned this morning to her home In Cafulhers- Mlle, -Mo, after spending several days here with her soft, Ralph Ber lyman ana family. She 1 came d'own especially w be with her grandson Robert Berryman. *ho Is hcfme on leave from dot? in the Mrs. R. M, Beck returned iast night from & month's Vacation spent in Detroit, Flint, and Ohl caKo. She and hef daughter, Miss Jc!a Beck, of Detroit, spent a weekend in Canada, »nd she also attended, the rrilrrlsgc of her son. Ray Beck-of Detroit, Is Mrs. Lavoiin Flelther of Durind. MlclV. > Mhs Mary Helen Moore will le*v _lcmQrrow morning foif A het s»nlo •year at University ol Arkanwu tayellevllle, 4fUf spending In ?umm« h«e wlUv lief p*rtnW, Bf nnd Mrs. ,H;H, Mooff, ,», lieuts-uene Hafgett,*whb has bee Victim of Robot Bomb Recovers From Wounds Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Aycock have received a letter from their son, Tech. S«rgt. Paul M. Aycock, who was reported seriously wounded several weeks ago, stating that he row hat recovered and Is back on duty. Sergcnnl. Aycock, who lins been slnlloned in England for Ihe past 14 months, Is believed to have been the victim cf a robot bomb. At Hie Hospitals , KIjtlicvIHe Hospital Dismissed— Mrs. Vernn Mosley nnd baby, city Bill McLean, Manila. Walls Hospital \dmlttcd— Donald Gray, Rt. 3, city. Mrs. Jimmy Quails, Burdetle. Frances Shaw, Luxorn. dismissed— Mrs. Cecil Hayes, city. Rita Weeks, Holland, Mo. Memphis Baptist Admitted- Mrs. R. w. Hinds, Osceola. W. W. Dunn, Manila. Patricia Gray, Leachville. •Memphis Meihodlst Hospital \clmitted— Mrs. Nannie Davis, Slccle, Mo. : /omes Damage House Firemen wcfe Called about I'clock last night to extinguish ilaze in a vacant house on Norll Railroad street. Negligible damage resulted fron he small fire. The properly \vn. owned by Mrs. Rilla Spain. The Imperial Council of Agrl- ultural Research at New Delhi, ndta, has a postwar plan for an ncreasc in agricultural producllon sf 50 per cent in 10 years and 100 per cent in 15 years, The commission seeks to promote a proper balance between food crops nnd casl crops of a betler quality. Vtagnoiia'Farm Entries Shine n Horse Show, MEMPHIS, Sept. 16. (UP)—En- ries from the Magnolia Farm of lemphls stole the spotlight last light In Le Bonheur's fifth annual hrtrlty horse show by scoring three firsts and n second. Some 6000 fnns heered the home-town mounts on o-victory. Mary Jane Pidgedn, riding Nellie Idseon, took the $300 stake In the hree-gaited amateur. She cnnie jock Inter on Smoke Dream lo take op place nnd the $300 stnke in the five-galled nmnteur event. To make it a full night for the Memphis fnrm, Miss Pidgcon also •ode Love Mngnolia to place second n the lady's fine harness nflnir. rfngnolin COurngeous, n gray gckl- i»B'from the sninc stable, took tin blue In the Ihrce-ycar-otd, five- ;alted class. OourMr imn Scout Leaders To Seek Funds During October B. G. West is North Mississippi division chairman for tiie forthcoming finance campaign of the Eastern Area Council of Boy Scouts. Serving as co-chairman in South Mississippi County nre Elliott Sar- tnln and Fnlx;r White, both of Os : ceoln. The campaign lo raise the council budget of $20,665, is to get undei wny Oct. 1. The budget will employ four assistant Scout Executives in addition to Ward B. Akei's, Stout Executive. The membership is the largest In the history of Scouting in Ensteri Arkansas, according to Counci: President A. Carlson of Trumann This section has a total of 241- Scouts and Cubs, and 824 leaders ii 125 Scout troops nnd Cub packs. R*«d Courier Hewi wmnt tat. ST. STEPHEN'S EPISCOPAL CHDilCli Sixth and Walnut Streets Thomas B. Smythe, Jr., minister 9:30 A.M., Church School. .11:00; A.M., Morning Pfaycr and Sermon." '•• • . / Viclory Service,•-•}( 'hour nfter Ihe •eyinuing of Ihe whistles. New Shipments of ANTIQUES Are Arrlvlnf Almost Dally! Come In, We I.lkc "Shoppers". The Gift Shop Modem & Antique GIIU MOSS BRYAN MARGARET'S BEAUTY SHOP IN B. nm Phone 2532 Bring Ut Your Beauty Probitmt MMefn Scientific Washing Protects Health! You can be sure that towels and fr'nens washed by us are free of germs and dirt—so injurious to children's health and that of their parents, too, of course. FOR BETTER LAUNDRY PHONE 418 FOR BETTER DRY CLEANING STEAM LAUNDftY CHUKCI! j "psceola homa» B. Smythe, Jr., minister 7:30 P. M. Evening Prayer and Sermon. Victory Service, 2W hours after he beginning of the whistles.. LAKK STKKHT METHODIST CHURCH Bules Siurdy, pastor Church School, 9:50 a.m. Iverson Morris, supt. Morning Worship, 10:45 a.m. "Become Poor to Make Others Rich", liastor's subject. Youth Fellowship Groups, 1 p.m. Evening Worship, 8 p.m. "Abra- unin Set a Good Example", pastor's subject, Wesleyan Service Guild, Tuesday, 8 p.m. ' Cub Scout pack meeting at church, Tuesday, 8 p.m. •>"*•> Prayer meeting and"choir prac- .ice, Wednesday, 8 p.m. not? for riches certainly make themselves wings; they fly away s an eagle toward -heaven." Pro- erbs 23:5 Among the citations which com- rise Ihe Lesson-Sermon is the fol- owlng from the Bible: "Then I ooked on all the works that my lands had'wrought, ;ind on tlio la- loui 1 that I had laboured to do: nd, behold, nil was vanity and exation of spirit, nnd there wo iroflt under Ihe sun." Eccleslasti; FIKST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Harvey T. Kidd, pasto r Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship, 11 Pioneers, 1 p.m. Evening Service, 1:45 p.m. Monday, 7 p.m., Congregational Dinner. Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., Prayer Meeting. FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH COO West Main SI. R. S. Baird, minister Morning worship, 10:50 a.m. The sermon will be "Changed Human Nature." The Woman's Council will meet Monday afternoon at 2:30 at Die church to review the plans for a new church building. A meeting of both the church goard and the New Building Committee will be held Monday night at 7:30 at the church. On Tuesday evening the. people of this church will go to the Ohnpel services at the Air Base, leaving the church here at 7:30. Wednesday night is church night. Everyone is cordially invited to at- lend a worship service at 7:45. YARBRO ETIIOfilST CHURCH D. G. lllndiriari, pastor Church school, 10 a.m. Paul Abbott, supt. Worship service, a: 15 p.m. Mrs. D. G. Hindman. Mid-Weck Service, Wednesday, 8:15 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, W. S. C. S. Thursday at the church, 2:30 p.m. Monthly social meeting. FIRST ASSEMBLY OF.GOD CHURCH H. E. Simms, pastor Sunday School, 9:45 a.m. Morning Worship, 11 a.m. Radio broadcast. 2 p.m. Afternoon Service, 2:30 p.m. C. A. Class, 7 am. Evangelistic Message. 8 p.m. Special services all day. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SERVICES Woman's Clubhouse, 1410 W. Main "Matter" Is the subject of th< LcssoivScrmon which will be read in all Churches and societies of the Church of Christ, Scientist, on Sunday. The Golden Text Is: "Wilt thoi set thine eyes upon that which OA/ PHONE AND FINO O(Jr so l/lTAi_, HE HASN OUT FOR HIS TEA; DR, PEPPER MINNIE LEE JONES Teacher of Piano reopeninf of he classes for beginners and ad- nnced pHplls. Enroll Now For Convenient Hours. Studio 807 Chickasawba Phone 2994 SENTIMENTS EXPRESSED WITH FLOWERS, properly designed, »re remembered always. Our flowers are al•»ay« fresh, and all work Is guaranteed to please. Let our expert Jesigners help you with your floral needs. WZ.FLOWERSHOP F.T.D. Serrlc* We Deliver Anywhere rb. 491 Mr*. J. M. (M»c) Williams, owner Glencoe KSf. Mrs. Dalton C. Fowlston, B. A. M. S. M. Announces OPENING OF FALL CLASSES In MANO — ORGAN — VOICE Former New York organist and Teacher Pupil ot clarencd Dickinson Pmldant of Onion Theological Seminary Bchool ol Mu»lo For AppotntOHtnt A - MiMrt « WrtfcS ) _^ '^^JhfrDatton a ftnrirton 1101 Cfclck»l»wb* Fhone t04« M CHECK Continuous Showi Every Da; Boi Office Opens 1:45 Show Starts 2:00 USTEN TO KI.CN Saturday wild ROSS HUNTER . RICHARD LftHt UOVD BlIOGES • IIOBAI1T CAVAniMJGH S:r.enFiovbyPoJlVaiv:i; ' Directed by CHARLES BARTON Serial—Desert Hawk 9 and Short Subject Con, Showing Sat'day 1:00 lo 11:30 Sunday & Monday 'WHAT THSlilS.'.. as this: brawling drama Mazes "~~, across ttie screen. at.bieak-jieck. : j speed 1 CHESTER MRIS A COLUMBIA PICTURE. i Screen Play Lf ROY CHANSLOR * Baled upon d SATURDAY EVENING POST nor, ond be»'-ull!na' novel by John HAWKINS nnd Wafd HAV/KINS • . w -> Produced by PHIL t. RTAN for —• I Kt' •" TE8NEEN PSODUCT10NS I/ I ; Ifr 1 bir«cl«d by EDDIE SUlHEaLANO , ; ' Paramount News and Shorls Oonttanoos Snowing Sun. 1:15 to 11 Matinees git. & San. Only Opens each night 6:45; starts V Opens Knnflay 1:00; GtsrU 1:1» OntlnnoBi Shows Bit. nut Son. 'Jurffia tilfbt Every Nlcht En*f« B>tnrdaj. N* rumtf honoied on '3aa«»jr •' lh« K*xr. Saturday Serial— The 1'hanfom No. Short and Con. Showing Sai'day 1:00 to 11:38 Sunday nnd Monday crttn Pity tir Dorclf Cochran • Direclfd br HAL ST. CtnlR • PKKfuced by SAM WHIIE Fox News and Short C*fitbiaou Showlnt Snn, las la H

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