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Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida • Page 14
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Fort Lauderdale News from Fort Lauderdale, Florida • Page 14

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
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proposal JJIJJI.M 1 II HJUUI.U.MIi. l.ulIM,v.frMI i I vvJi' CHICAGO. Mrs. Grace B. w.

U4fl to merge the United Presbyterian William, Lakeland, has been church and the Reformed rhuwh Iplwtcd Express Rate Boost Fought Save MORE Money MMfMifWf COLLEGE PARK, Md. LP) The UiC failed to receive the necessary ladies auxiliary of the Order of University of Maryland will not i if ww: muuus uic ir. luuiwar unnnurrnr admit any New York students who uei MUKt Ana teries. The ORC. in the second week participated in recent clashes Dr.

T. M. Tavlor. of the Pitts- Bv Shinners of its quadrennial convention, is expected to end its sessions with with New York city police. President H.

C. Byrd said today. I Belter Food! R'y on Carls for All burgh-Exenia theological seminary and chairman of the U. P. committee on church relations.

elections Wednesday. 1 Mrs. Williams was installed bv A proposed Increase in railway Dr. Byrd said that the uni the auxiliary today. She succeeds said Saturday the merger was de- express rates on shipments of citrus fruits from this area would range from so nercent on 17 to versity always checks the background of students applying for admission, but that an "even Airs.

xatn B. Clark of Ottumwa who held the of fire sinre 1941 Your Needs ond You'll f' iMprr' Soon Agree! ieatea although the popular vote favored the plan. A church rule. Dr. Tavlor said.

45 pound packages to 85 percent closer" check will be made to weed provides that the merger must be Average winter lavinsr of rin out those who took part in the nas aouDiea in the U. S. in 25 recent mass student demonstra accepted by a three-fourths majority in each of three-fourths of the church's 51 presbyteries. years. tions in New York.

The university president said ine vote was 1.004 to 220 in Irritation of Externally Caused that the New York disorders, staged in support of more Dav favor of the merger, he said, but la presbyteries failed tn civp thp IPflKfl FILES for teachers, "were organized by needed three-fourths affirmative outside influences. 10 gently cleanse broken out skin. on 48 to 90 pound shipments if put into effect, according to W. T. Branch, manager of the local Railway Express office.

The increase has been protested by Sen. Spessard Holland, who requested the Interstate Commerce Commission to delay the company's request until a public hearing can be held. The increase would go into effect May 29 if permitted by the ICC. Also increased would be the minimum charge on all packages shipped to other states. Branch stated the minimum charge would ALAN LADD stars as "Captain Carey, U.

S. Vanda Hendrix end Francis Lederer co-star with Ladd in this new oction-pneked drama today and Tuesday ot the Warnor theater. vote. The university has no definite The mereer would hav hrnnpf DOlicv fm arimirtintr fYimmiirnsTs men suome itcny irritation, and. BO aid healing use time tested together 180.000 RfnrmKl or students with Communist tend- members and 210.000 members of encies, the president said.

the united Presbyterian church be $1.25 per package to about 50 percent of the locations in the 1 I nation and about $1.50 to the re mainder. DEDICATED TO THE WELFARE OF OUR CUSTOMERS An example of the increase, as related by Branch, would be as ClromcJ fOWAwAl PRICES IN EFFECT MONDAY. TUESDAY AND follows for all citrus packages tuNtjDAT sent to New Jersey destinations: 1 lit jnrij u-pouna packages, old rate $2.50 Padded seat in new rate 55-pound, $1.70 U. no. 1.

SWEET. JUICY. mm -IV. red or yellow Fold-m steps old rate as compared to $2.82: 45 pounds, old rate SI. 45.

new rate. 5c PACK 14 23 pounds, old rate SI, new ORANGES rate, $1.50. Hand-painted ENVELOPES I .1 On Sc Shippers holdini? the annual convention of the Florida Express aid U. S. NO.

I. FRESH, SWEET, 20-pc. DISH SET 2 FOR 5C I MONDAY. Las Olas Blvd. (snippers association In St.

mm BIGHT RESERVED to umit QUANTITIES TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY Petersburg Friday demanded a Bngnt-coior rtoo SUGAR 4 Extra fffl Corn-On-Cob 3 25 DELICirvTT urn enntn continued fisrht asrainst the in Liniit 2) service for crease and launched an effort to four. See it! iind other means of shipping DIMrADDi if for Several Broward county firms I Automatic D- were represented at the meeting. EXCELLO TOILET TISSUE TIP-TOE IRON Hinged front mm Fine For Boilinc nmi i 1,000 SHEET ROLL is tiny iron Oddity Jumbles Radio Signals SYRACUSE. W. V.

f.T An CAiaS MARKET BRAND. GRADE A'. LARGE, SHIPPED MINNESOTA ALL ri-. 1 4JC for pleats, etc. WHITE EC7V sl Cream Deodorant Sun Glasses Priced Low! 3 CAMAY SOAP 5 -Gauge, 15-Denier GLORY NYLONS atmospheric oddity today jumbled Twice Candled Guaranteed Perfect! Price you pay on out VALU-PLAN BvLEON Cfit REGULAR 14.

CITt rvr "Majestic" sport style 29 LARAINE JU i i KJfrfl1lv Tender, Top Quality radio signals of police cars here and at Greenville, N. and Tampa. Fla. Police radio operator Lauren Roe said that for more than three hours all three departments clearly heard transmissions both from Mobile units in police cars and main transmitters. The three police departments operate' frequentcy modulation GOLDEN FLEECE TISSUE 35c PYREX SUPER SOFT WESTERN WE ATS OUAUTY.

mm" Pie Plate 18-Inch 10-MORE MOTHS PORK CHOPS 2) 59c SIZE KILLS AND DEODORIZES irmj systems on the same wave length. The normal fm range is Irom 40 to 50 miles. Roe said the condition probably resulted when the sun ionized electrified a portion of the lower atmosphere permitting the radio waves to follow the atmospheric layer for the greater SerTe with Appiesauv- Here'j An Elegant Qihl SCATTER PINS S0-Foot Creme Shampoo Kiddie Creme Waving Lotion FRESH LEAN PLATE BEEF B. r0r Stewing Braising Crowns, crests, stars-each one i New Midget SPIN Curlers JUMP-ROPE Kordite All Weather Clothes Line 98c a real beauty! Casino To Stay Open At Nights Preparations are being made to keep the Ft. Lauderdale municipal casino open for swimming at nights durinsr the summer un Un WMf Fed, Tax Only 15c Select Assortment Ann Leslies Chocolates Handmade Qc candies Ov Treat for Mom! Ml FOOD CLUB, VITAMIN 'D' ADDED EVAPORATED Pin Earring Set 98c NEW TONI REFILL KIT cording to H.

J. Leavitt. mnmitrm MILK The night schedule will go into With Midget SPIN Curlers Accepted by American Medical Association it Eniov faster, Giant perfect neckline curls CARIS OWN OVEN FRESH COLGATE Baby Brownie enecc in June and probably will be on the same three-times-a-week basis as last year, Leavitt announced. Special summer family rates on the lockers and pool are now In force and attendance has increased sharply in the past week, accord pfefe HRic WHITE OR WHEAT TRIO. l-LB.

I DR a BIG DENTAL CREAM Camera Uses 127 Film IV UME LOAF ing to the manager. A total of CARLS OWN. RT.WRYR PPPdW "1 AVii2 persons used the pool in April, a figure below normal because of unseasonably cool weather. 2.75 varum ALL GRINDS COFFEE.ijj) Find Just the one you. want in our big display.

You SAVE 20e NOW! Perfection Cold Cream vSfiZ. 59c In NEW white jar. OFF THE RECORD ''Carnation Box' Schraf Vs Chocolates POUND 4 50 gift box. Sweets for Mom! 4-oi, Priced I from to WHITE lit TOP SPRED, COUNTRY-FRESH FLAVOR CITRATE VASELINE MARGARINE 15.000 UNITS Vitamin A' Added 9 MAGNESIA Adjustment-Knob Assures Accuracy 2.98 value KITCHEN Plain, 21c Colored, CVs). 32c 16c (Limit 1 tool FOOD CLUB ALL PURPOSE PURE VEGETABLE S-ltl 1 MUNICIPAL COURT Alexander Miller, negro.

810 NW Third reckless driving. $10; Howard Parris, negro, 542 NW 17th reck-less drlvlnR. $10: L. T. Harris, negro.

300 NW BlXth reckless driving! $10; Jphn P. Maxwell. 709 8W Fourth running stop sign. Leroy Bolden. negro.

520 NW Sixth lottery tickets, $25; Johnny Jordan, negro. 1709 NW Sixth untaxed liquor. 100 Rnd five days In Jail; Earl Long, 409 NW River Intoxication, $10; Martha Wltherspoon. neptro, no address, intoxication. Paul R.

Harris. NE Second leaving scene of accident, $25. CIRCUIT COURT IAW SUITS: Bulean Thomas against Paul W. Lamson. $25,000 damages: Eddie J.

Pettlsjrew against Edmund O'Connor, $25,000 damages; Joe L. Roberts against Joseph Btnstork, $2,000 damages. DIVORCE SUTS: Shirley Ann Channel! against Philip Chaxmell, both Hollywood. COUNTY COURT MARRIAGE LICENSES: George P. Bruen.

Hollywood clerk, and Gladys M. Hartzell, Hollywood; Silvio Seplelll. 24, Hollywood contractor, and Angela CorsirU, 24, Hollywood; James A. Grace. 39, Ft.

Lauderdale printer, and Katherine E. Pritch- SCALE AH plastic weighs to 7-lbs. 3 69 SHORTENING can None Better ot ony Price Plastic Schick If Save on DEL MONTE OR FOOD CLUB INJECTOR Baby Pants 49e to 98c Values CAUF. YELLOV CLING ji PEACHES JL" RAZOR with 10 Blades Removable pan. FOOD CLUB FANCY APPLE SAUCE Ncf 3 Fxe Her with EVENING (irregu 49c Smart Gold Plate DeVILBISS ATOMIZER $2 value! OQc Now only Uv 'Richard Hudnut' YANKY CLOVER COLOGNE -10 for IN PARIS 'Mi DOLES PINEAPPLE JUICE 4cT PERFUME.

l6-ounee ,1 $1.49 T. 12 Lovely Pieces Fire-King JADE-ITE BREAKFAST SET S.28 PRELL Embossed design. Fresh fragrance. Romantic Scent. CAMPBELL'S 100' Tn IU1 A TA II nrir No.

2 Shampc Duo iwiiiMiv JUlwt 1 1 can Walgreeirt Mui2Cred9tclExcUTcxoa end BUIfoldi size given FREE Four big plates, cups, saucers. HAND PACKED FLORIDA with the 79e 7 Biu, ci, uauneroaie waitress; Odvar C. Lund, 38, Hollywood construction superintendent, and Lahja W. Hyytlaa-n. 38, Hollywood auditor.

CIVIL SUITS The Texas to. against O. E. TJm-stead, $250; Flnley P. Smith against L.

E. Ewlng. $300; Bryant Shoe co. asatnst Joseph Schecter, $300; Mar-paret Venese against D. Alhanv.

$480; John W. Connelly aeainst Harry Bradley, $500: Leons Ktf Morgan against Kick Morgan, $500; J. E. Wilson against Joe Sherman, $488. CRIMINAL COURT GUILTY PLEAS: Roddick Baldwin, reckless driving $20 to include costs: Willis Holt, speeding, $35 to Include costs: Ed Mc-Jmore.

speeding, $35 to Include costs. Finest ASPIRIN TOMATOES Both '9' HART BRAND, TENDER, SWEET No. 2 Cans No. 303 Can 1 yTwPft(f Beauty! i Heatproof glass. 111 TRELLIS BRAND Up.vj kfnt mill "Hll GOLDEN CREAM STYLE $1.19 rnDM No.

303 LIGHTER GIVE CHILDREN It 1 SQQO8 f.i. -I SERVICE ICE BAG 9-inch size life-time wick. Only jQ TOP FROST Aristocrat of Frozen Foodi Guaranteed to Taite Better than Others 25' CORN COB PIPE WOXDERFtX. Iff so easy to gat children to tak Syrup of Black-Draught for it has a sweet, spicy-taste. And, It's wonderful now mildly and promptly Syrup of Biack-Draught acts to relieve occasional constipation when given as directed.

It la pure; made of Imported herbs by a company known since 1867 for quality. Grown-ups take Black-Draught, powder or granulated: or new, easy-to-take tablets. Popular with four (fenerations. Just ask your dealer for the form you prefer. tasv SYRUP OF Shavers! Here's a Bargain! M.75 GILLETTE Mild and Mellow 50 KING EDWARDS CIGARS.

Q70 Fresh her el Tender, Sweet, Sugar Special filter cob. It's only RONSON FLINTS Handy package of 5 1 "sr 1 ac ToPkg. Corn-On-Cob mil Super Speed SET 7-pece Razor 70 Blue Blades Neat Travel Case in-" HAMPSHIRE BRAND FROZEN ConceaJraied FALSE TEETH I0OIII8MIJI) ii Citrus Juice 2 Sixes Straiaht'Line ORANGE, ORANGE and 2 45 SPICE LOTION Early American. si2e BOX 10 Pepsodent 1 Mi Z5c Valentine Toothbrush Durable Choice of colors SAVE With This Coupon i GRAPEF'IT, GRAPEF'IT Tube ef PALM0LIVE LATHER SHAVE TAMPAX Sanitary Tampons Tooth Brush That Loosen Need Not Embarrass Many wearera of false teeth have suffered real embarrassment because their plate dropped, slipped or wobbled at Just the wrong time. Do not live In fear of this hapoenina: to you.

Just sprinkle a little FASTEETH, the alkaline non-acid powder, on your plates. Holds false teeth more firmly, so they feel more comfortable. Does not sour. Checks "plate odor" (denture breath). Get FASTEETH at any drug store, (ady.) diLVtK blAK BLADES if A Whiz-Pak dispenser of 10 MOLLE SHAVE CREAM an 50c size.


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