The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1946 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1946
Page 9
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THURSDAY, MARCH M, 1946 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)', COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION FORSALI tit liat— ill in t Half »«r llm »i bjr •• • WMI **r U»« Mi I'I n II «1BM ••' Ua> >*> "> M 1 Hulk M' u " >•• . Adi >ri>n< fn UTM »r . Krt Ui inabu it UKM tl« «J »l« »* «4J«ra«m «l kill wil«. •Itol fry »irl.oa •1*7 Mitt kA MC •U7 fc MkU. Af U*u Xn r tka* « •Ul Ml ««lfJJ»* oulua* »l in JUlled fe? UUJl. JUt*l * f«r lrii|*Ui uiw ila. r»t«. will tt liku c« •• tuorml l»uttlom cl txy •!*»• For So/* ii-w ll-rarnmll Tr.aclnr. I'lufi'il. 'I'as Mill mi. OIH- J'JIf. Il-Kiiriunll — •liflilly inrcl. (I,,,, |<|4 I H fnriiiall. l>'"l "f con.Ill ion. om. 1012 I i-l-'ariiiall, t'liiiliiu-r Ti:i.-u>r. I'rlw'il 1., f.-ll "lli'ivi- "II '"lull il. All lrai-ti>i« In ,.\. > II• •«t mmillion. Hay Manli.y. S.-iislli. M.irnvnn c-irr-nlfttnr in II rarnl iliBtiioin! ;». Siju (i. u nncfJ. frill ' Nrvv rrc'ir.l (ilnyrr In [ r.Tri-j-ini; i..-]!il:il'. SI'O'H. Main.' "in-i.i-'l'o er oil tlove. 1010 H.Mrn 13 [ nl il'-.'.I eli'L-rtio vacuum cL'-iiur Can '•' •'•'•il R< IOJ5 \V. ASTI, l-l ck VII ON v.-nt.r hr-ater anj 30 gul. tank. ?K-. .Mc-rnl riility (AiMm'l |S. Ilaliy st'rr.l- nnininiiV riflp. ?10. Hum,- i'lii).' 110 K. Sec I'. M. 11 8M.1 fisl.i S. Krurihlii , ]v ' m ' [if . v i|t n: -—-—-—''' ^ Ogdcn Soy Hcans from Pedi- ™m."iv',i.'Ti.u,' "'«r"jiii!"Yi"..i,''-:i grccil Seed. Crockett F:;!.' liy own.-r Pain!*.! ill rjisl yi-iir. li i liiniiil:m.,ti r'i\.. iiM.rn^ Bllil liillll. If y.,u nri.,1 a lli.IIIO lllii n ill \Vril,. l!o\ Ji:.N. ,.-„ (',.„,)..,• .v,.« ^ HUIIRO. 1I-J<1 W. A«li. n,,,,.l liirr.imrnl. » HomiiS •: L.Tilis. I,, Her tli.lii ^v.'iaio cuni[ilion. C. 11. Wat.vju, Huttl .N«!i|i'. i:i-l«V;-1 j iMlrnoii] ^nilp. kifi-lu. /-•ist n-t. oil r-.ul: v Iiiornins. Duck I'rivi I. lir.-ak. .1 SOI 111 Wright, Manila, or call Jess Hnrncr, lilytheville. I'houe : U. S. A]i|»rovcd lialjy Chicks. The very best grade seed oafs, hybrid seed corn, and Sudan seed. L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. I'hone 49,'i 3-12-ck-lf i inn.,! n f,.,,- k .,,,,,i r .i,i7rft "i.imo, w i,"i t ii I C> room residence. Price $3,- ;j;,L. -R-" ^ :;- iw ";rtJ: »S«j. «-, nc A CAMPBELL, Two Moline 7. Tractors and Office 120 S. Second. 3-8-pk-15J t. One practically new. Also new'corn picker. Loyd Williams. Imboden, Ark. 3-12-pk-4-3 , For Rent lions. I'uro lirnl ' ivblln locU«r ' iujni: nptis. rurc nroa ivtino h'Klinriis . • ami I'lyinonll, K,, r l s . Mrs Aiinn I i A l""' m "i . l»-o rooms vvitli private Ijnlii. Alirliool, HI. :!. Illyllicvllk-. 1'liono j ^'J™ l';!, 1 ^,,",',;;™ 1 ;, "",',•. 'J"" sUl " < . '"" Our Boys Have Returned ... So Has Our Service! Hey, Ya Got The Time? Sl'KAKING OF TIME, WK THINK IT IS TIME TO 1'KEPARK FOR SPRING AND HUMMER CHANCE OVER if Drain—flush and refill transmission and criinkcase. if I'ull am) pack front wheels wilh grease. Hcsl insurance for safe driving. 1 if Remove nm| replace cartridge in oil filler. if Drain—flush and refill crankcase with HSSO MOTOR Olli N'O. :!. ', if Tininiugh lubrication — which covers clias.sis, springs and motor. PARDON US FOR MENTIONING TIME AGAIN, BUT' WE THINK IT IS ABOUT TIME PRK-WAR SERVICE WAS'RE- STORED ON SERVICE STATION FRONTS AND WE'RE PLUG- GING EVERY DAY TRYING TO MAKE OUR FREE SERVICES SUCH AS AIR - WATER - WINDSHIELDS CLEANED ETC., EVEN BETTER .t MORE COURTEOUS THAN BEFORE THE WAR. WELL, JUST TO MAKE A LONG STORY SHORT, OUR IJOYS HAVE RETURNED AND SO HAS OUR SERVICE. DROP IN AND SEE US—WONT YOU? NEW DAY! NEW TIME! GREAT .ENTERTAINMENT! THE FORD IJOU CROSHY SHOW Every Wednesday Nifjlit. 9:30-10:1)0 EST on llic CBS Network. PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—ISIythevillc, Ark! Tel. <I53 154 Political Announcements Tlie Courier Newt b«i b*en authorized to unnouncB Ui» following cftndldfttos, «ub]fd to Ilia Di'iiiocnillo primary: BlIEHIFR AND COLLECTOR JACK FINLEY nOBINSON W!I,I,1,\M HICHHYMAN COUN-l'l r »Jl)l)OE QENK E. DRADLBY ROIjAND OnEEN FOR TAX AS8KSSOK DOYLU HENDEHSON OIKCUIT CI.EKK HARVBV MOURI8 COUNTY CODKT M.ERK COUNTY TKKASLIIE* DEW.A PURTLE STATK .HIil'ItESnNTATIVE Tin; nntnc Uliilio Is derived from \VO 111(11 IU1 WOMlH, "I'!tUlll llOL> u vliloli nirans Unlit on the Moiin- ilns. E. P. Pj. , LESI'lE tJDUklfi" iil'EOK I.. 11. AUTHY STATE SHNA10K J. Ll'Jfi UKAHIJEN 'nip following iirts cniulUlntea for "(flee In (lie Blylhevlllc Munlclpiil Kliclloii l« be held April 2: CITV ATTOKNKY 1'EHCY A. WEIGHT (1'or ne-olrct!on) 1IOWAHD N. MOO11E WAlin ONK Al.BKKMAN JIWSH M. wiii'fp; ALDIiltMAN WAIU> TWO JODIE !•. NAfJKRS Al.l>I{ttMAN WAItl) RUPERT CRAl'TON Radios Repaired Auto - Electric Wo Pick Up and Dellvet .lusl Received! f/cctr/c Phonographs Wilh Automatic Record ('hunger. 12 'Ten Inch Ki'cords. 'Pen 12 liu-li Uet'ords. $49.95 CITY RADIO REPAIR H'M L:asl Jlain , r.liiinn ^107 llaljy cliict*. nvaihihli' all tlic; lime. ~ ll.-:uy liri'i-cK Mrs. llnok .Mi hnrf. 3CJ.I l N l-:. M.iin. ijimiu- '.iiri. :i-]iK-rn y funiislif.l front tri!room. Slo.nn lu-al. hot »nlr.r. 1'lilinr- U2C I. n^.k-Mli < nf rioii land. I'm. r. .1. I', llni'nll, lit. 1. SO acres of fine land all in! ''", : " cultivation, two houses,! _ 732 near Dell. ?1.'ir> per aci-e. lr. Half cash and balance terms. Possession nOW. W. H«'<l...-iiralccl l..-<lr<iritn. iirivili. M. IJurns, Heallor. I'hone -^^^Oiill^l'iJLJiL^JJJ-J'Ji'- 1,'nrili.ii ].l,it. 17()1 \V. \'in.-. rt 3-13-ck-3-lG PHOTOSTATS—l"]er~6'SJewi make a pciolostalic copy of your discharge, marriapfc license and nllier important papers—Quick Service. O'STKKN'S STUDIO Phone :«(IS 11 f> W. Alain. Postal Card Pictures. '/• !>< '$1.35. J)o/. <?2.()0. No appointment needed. O'STEEN'S STUDIO Phone 3208 115 W. Main. 3-7-ck-3-21 SflnrJCM Loft [iilr H(isl»n Hull Trrrlcr. 1 inniilli, nl.l. Illin-li wilh \vl,il,. innrliliiKK, «il!i ]:,[r..ll,' l.d hi!,. Slr.-iyi'a M..»|I,,. Allsuors la limn,, •-.Mikc" Hi.w;,r,l. I'hiinn :iisn. 1:1.1,1,.!:, k>-i. r.i.Ti . v,-!! I,, !:,'... l.'rt, f. ., :ui ,.:.:,-. • 12-|,k-l'l Wonted Tp Buy Silver service iii good con«]i- tion. Write P.' O.'Hox ;1S(), UlyUieville. 3-12-clc-lf :<:r y,.,,r clolli.^. rnrnilnn- sin-l ons from mr.lli .lai,i: lB ,. fnr r. s. Oil" M.rayin'v <i( 11,-rl.m , * ' r'il'.s'.' M 1 a'iiii'..^ f ":.- l ,! I ';i,.r"!";l i ^I miuidl vrinnv,- il.,I )la..l• Cninpniiy. i j ,.];. |,i Alnrnr clnrks. .ill !yin>.s r.^iinir.-.! \Vill r.-ill (.ir nn,I ilclivr-'t rlo.-ks ,-arli Sal- unlay. On,' iv.-.-k Kcrvirr. Wrlli- II.>x A. I'.. S. .-!o Conrit-r N.'ws. -I-illi If 'FRAMES Made to Order. Let us frame your discharge, diploma and olher important papers. Any size or shape. O'Sleen's Studio, Phone 3208. 3-71-ck-3-21 tt'AKIIINH 5IA('IIIXKH «rrvicpil tiin] m- jiairi-il. Wli,. n \rnrl* ar.i ,,nt uv»iln!>U- ovnrliauli-.l nil i;as driven inieliiii.-..:" All fcrin-.-.-i funrnntco.!. llrrWrl (ir.i)nitn cnstotners. Eilj lliL'ville .Mncliine Sliop Read Courier Ncwa Want Ads. Kills Rots Roaches Biddle Exterminators Member Nat'L Ptat Control Ara'n. 115'Hi Third St. Phone'2151 I..VW.V MOWERS sluriicnnl nnd repair- oil. Eacli hlado is |ir*-cisi,iii ^rctitnd no our f;iclor>- nn-llioil Tiinchinp. Brine yours En tuns- nnil .-.void Hit, rilsli, ivhile «-!• linvc 1 larcc slock u[ ],nrlj. Wi- pickup nnd d«]ivpr. lllyllirivillo >E^ Wanted fo Rent i^lir.l or nnf.irni^lio.l aparlnic-ni or Ktrnivl.r-rry nlnntri Mlakcmoro Mario ' "'• l > > 1 n"»"' 1 »t. Call ?.73? or 31.17. llarnisii. J7HI Cliu-kasinvlia. "7-|ik-4|7 , IJ-cfc-lli inmllry j.n.l jioiiltry f.' Clif-stL-*. Poultry. -l]:i M. .Main. T-pk-li" Air.llla Hay anil in. -nl^. St<-,.[.-. Mo. manure. 50o a liiinlirl. Ilr-.n for fl.nvcrs :,n.l >:nrdrn. r. IL 1 .y. Jllli Kt Clii.-ka>a\r Panns. l-],k-l]l Ktllk cullers—2 row hcAvy July tyjic. All wc'tdiMl f.leel construrJian £Uyt!i,;- villc Mncliinc RIiop. 27-cl:-H Don't worry about hard water in yonr farm home. Let Planters Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ck-tf ^f'Nice building lot for business .-il-artn lit nnfurnislird hmisp. Phono G Personal Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL y/. o. BLUE Phone 2918 or 26-12 While You Wait [ats Cleaneil and Blocked 30 Minute Service The John's Shop S03 W. Mata BL Ortjer Your New Elcctrolux Cleaner Tocjay For Preferred Delivery It's the New Cleaner that does everything easily and efficiently. You've: wailed for It. Now you can gr.t it. Just Phone 2650 It. Hi. Graves, Local Manager "It Pays to AdTerttue" SCOTT ALLEY SIGNS K. Franklin BU Kinds. Phone 3Z«5 PRESCRIPTIONS Fieeh W t Stp*k Gaaruiteed Beat PrteM Kirby Drug Stores When It's Refrigeration You Want Call In R O W E N ELECTRIC CO. Phone 2180 1M-111 Koatli Hallroad Bl. Commcrcinl Frozen Food Locker 1'lants — Walk-in Hoses — Quick Freeze Home Cabinets. Today's ICxtuilslIn Footweur requires exacting woirKinnshljp for proper reix\!rs . . . 'Hie costliest shoes are rcjuiircd litre. CALL TULLQS for Refrigeration CITY ELECTRIC CO. "AT XOCK BKHVICE" Phon. 2241 For Your Home Springfield Conches, Lounge Chairs wilh Ottoman, Chiffrolies, llcdroom Suites, Springs, Mattresses, !> piece Hreakfast Sets. Just Received: Metal Trunks & Lockers Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. New imrt Used 301 East Main St. Phone 2302 CASH PRICE for Your \ *|;' [^: Used Car or Truck All Makes and Mo'dels Drive In To Our Big Used Car Lot Today i LQY El CM CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Gas & Oily 301 W. Walnut Let i\Ic Krcct Your Prefabricated House Free Estimates—No Obligation O. W. T'AKKINGTON '411J4 So. Lilly Blytheville, Arlc. HI.'KIIANI'ISI \VIVKSl WAXT l'i:i'! .•.\l.mivl,.|| scili-ly Wcnusc li'' "inr'iii iron. KOI !,,-« vim. vil.ility l;killj.- Oslr.-x Tonio Tulilols. Trial size only IIS r.-nis. At all rlriiKKisIs— in lllvthc- villc. pt Nirliy Drug. memory Lapse Costs $25 CHICAGO (UF'i—Michnel Alwnn, .-__... . 53-year-old brewery fireman, 'was on Soutb nivision. 12, ft. fined 525 and costs on a disorderly frontage on Highway; 3-U conduct ciiatge filed by his wife. ft. deep. Also lias a •! room shc Oinrged he had hidden her house. Price $r>2f)0. H. C. CAMPKKM,. I'bone 1 -Hi or 2930. 3-8'-pk-15 Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply •il on U.iil.T. rn ^o. Illyllirvillc parlnr r lli li.inli' ini[)n\ont, upper plate and then forgotten the hiding place of the teeth. Lexington. Ky.. in the. heart of the BHiegrnss stule. wns named in honor of those who died in the opening b.iiUc of the Revolutionary war. ' Phone 828 419 West Main Street i Jill nrrrss H. I.. Ki . c!i:iirs niul r.l rjeht. Latest model General Electric vacuum sweepers. Hubbard Furniture Co. 2-G-ck-tf Baby Chicks Custom Hatching, l&laylock Hatchery, Highway fit N. 2-2G-pk-4-2G RADIO REPAIR 1 and 2 day Service on any make or rmxlel TJeliable Workmanship. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver Fred Callihan Electrical Appliance Co. Authorized Motorola. Radio Sales anil Service 106 So. First St. It takes 5000 jxninds of Inbn- •oscs lo make two and one-half nuls of perfume essence.' RADIO SERVICE Just Dial 3414 Craig Electronic Service Co. 1211 W. Main St. Insure Now : . . through j I W.J. Pollard Agency Glencoe Hotel Bldg> Telephone 3545 * Do You Want to Sell Your Car? We Will Pay TOP CASH PRICE For Your Car or Truck Complete Line of Slmlebaker Paris and Accesorios .lust Kcrfivptl: One new 24 foot Carter Trailer. Renciy for immediate delivery. • Fog Lights . • Seat Covers • Scissor Jacks • Dual Horns • Auxiliary Lights Sec Your Studcbakcr Dealer First. CHAMBLIN SALES CO. Ii« dumbtln K. K. * A«h Bto. BID Chunbltn Phone n»S SPRING OATS Sinkers Cotton Seed Alfalfa - Lespcdcza Soybean and Garden Seed, Blytheville Soybean Corp. 1800 West Main Phone Ulyllicvillc, Ark. DON (EDWARDS -The Typewriter MuT ROTAIj, SMTTM, OOHONA, AND HKMJNOTOH POBTADLB T5TPEWRXTKR* 111 N. 2ud BTREBT Trauacttor Hut Be B B ' FOR SALE CONCRfcTB STOKM SICWER AI.I, SI/KS - Cheaper Than Ilritlge Lumber OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Plinnc G91 Osccnln, Ark. r. J. L GUARDS JEWELRY 209 W. Mala SERVICE -- See us ahont yoiir mecharjicaj ln>iil)le. 0)ir expert mechanics working with mijjlcrij lonls and c((iii|)ment can put ynijr ear in top condition. We also have a pfiint and body shop repair service. Aye will fix your car or buy your car FOR'.CASH.' T. I. SEAY MOTOR CQ. Complete Stocks nf Parts For Cfcryslcr ProrJqcts 1 E. Main ' " " ' : ' ^hne, JOOTS AND IIKR RUHDIKS ' BY BY JIERRILt-BLOSSE FKECKUiS AND HIS FRIENDS LARD, NOW WE'RE ARE you SURE vou TMAT ALBUM OP BGOGitr-wooGie / ARE BURIED HERE' WELL, LETS Busy ) THEM cveig DEEPER /"You'Re A SOTHEVU. \\ PAl..' MEV6E. BE I EXHUMED/.-./. •' COME WITH ME---lTS1I\(E '' ' * , . OFf= THE HOOK / MAMNA mLvou FOR MOUp. 3 'O'Ctobc . BOXING- LESSON ' BY V. T. HAMILTO /Ou'LL LllcE COO.A! S-SS A PcJ.G.V COJV'Zyf/ A.'J C~ OC> PLACE CALLED I/GO — IT COS'T EXI5-T A\Y//0?a '. M'Ht YOU JUST DOX1 VAN 1 V'KNCV/ NHAT ? KKOH DOC...WITH Hl& I TIWc fE 1 ^ 60NUA &EN3 (1A0.5ET, K COULD A ME SA£«: SO'S I CAN ,.-. | .MV- )K' F ' fl HT INDIANS ASAJN; '"""

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