The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1947 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 1, 1947
Page 1
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JULY 1, 1947 StateDepartment Line-Up Shifted j Marshall Replaces < New D«oUrs in High Republicans Ask Data from Eisenhower Foreign Policy Posts t BY K. H. SHACKFOHD (Tjrnited Press Staff Correspondent) WASHINGTON, July 1. (UP) — Secretary.of State Gsorue C.'Mnr- slkill's '.'new ioiJtn" took over direction of- American foreign policy to- djjy In the. iijldst of :ui internattoiml cr»M3 which, may Irropii-ablytS|]I!t Europe. - - ;: Jwhlle • tli'e Euijppcan . Dig , Three vfre deadlocked in their efforts to create an overall European economic? program of relmhllitation, (lie men- who must eventually recommend America's role In it look OVPI their new Jobs tn (he State Department. Marshall has How completed the biggest turnover In the department's top personnel since .the wavtimi changes made by his predecessor nm Virginia neighbor and friend, Edward R. Slettinius, Jr. But this time, Marshall lins macli oasic changes In functions am structure of his high cominnm which give some hope tor crcuttoi of an American foreign policy will more continuity and consistency. The changes since Marshall took over the Slot* Department in January have been gradual, but were cliinaxed today with the onth-tak- Ing by liis most Important assistants. Lovett-Gets Lending Hole Robert Aborcromble I.ovctt, 51, former, banker mid wartime assistant Secretary of War for air, became-undersecretary or Marshall's "chle£,pl staff." Norman Armour. 59, life-long career diplomat, became assistant scc- retary'of stute for political affairs— In charge of Europe, Asia,-Africa and Latin America. Charles Eskridae Sal/man, 43. WASHINGTON, July 1. (UP) — Two Republican congressmen called in Gen. Dwlglit D. Elsenhower today lo explain lite '•surprisln'g" statement that the U. S. Army ranks a "poor second" to Russia's. Chiilrnmn Leo K. Allen, II.. 111., of Use House ru»!cs Cloimnlltce, said lie thought Congress should snow "what our military leaders Have been rtolnt; with all the bilious we have lurnLshcil them." Fiep. Dewey Short, 11., Mo. a nember of the house armed services committee, branded Kl.5enlioivei"s statcinent as "pi'opacaiula for universal military training." IK- said it was designed to "fvlg'nlen and scare pconlc." The army chief of slaff commented on the relative strength of American and Russian armed lorccs wlillc testifylni! Snliirdny before the Senate Appropriations C<jm- mlllee. Elsenhower sultl the U. a. Army at present (a thinly deployed throughout the world and composed chlolly of Inexpc'iienct'd volnnlci'is Allen, in his demand for an accounting of Army expenditures, sold It w.'xs nj> lo Klsfiiljower to explain "how our army got Into a second- rate position — If It Is second-rate — on more money and supplies than Hussln lias for Its so-called first- class military establishment." He said that if the general meant our Army was Inferior to Russia's in numbers, It .should be pointed out that this country never has approached Russia in military manpower. Hut Altai added that If tho chief of staff meant Russia's army was of higher tumltly, then a further explanation was In ordi!r. planned today to ask WnslilnxLon 1 officials lo have construction work restored on Hlxliwiiy 161 bctti'ti'ii Drrmott and MoiHro'ie. The War Asset Administration ha.s refused lo allow contractors lo start work oil a purliun of llu 1 road u'lik'li t-mwj Ihr Jerome cam]), and NdU JiolilliiKcr, diii-l counsel lor the Elate Highway HL-- |:ni 'tnicul yusteriljy icc'iimmcnclcd/ that work be halted immediately. I .HolitiriBcr said that WAA officials contend they arc no! :uitli-l orlz;-d lo allow the stale lo build roads on Kovrriiiiiciit pi'uporly. The piirtlon ill tlif ccuislruiilioii which liohlliiKcr has rw<imiiu'iul-| fd to br; pjiminnlerl Is «honl <n\i- and a liali miles across I la- camp. The trnllre contract ^all 1 ; lor milis-oi road lo cost $53,030. Flood Threat Is Minimized By Memphian MliMPIlIS, Teni).. J»;y I K!P> •|ln> lower Mif;-'ilb.sli>|)l nivcr was at a virtual standstill tndav U. S. Kni/lnec-r Col. K. p. 'Lock reitc'iated Ids belief th.-re woiiltl bis no llood Konth ot Cairo. III., this year. Two i>olnl:i on Ihc lower Mls- Mstli/pl. M«!i|»ljis, and Ilelcnit. Ajk.. reported slight tlrops in rjver Livestock feet today, 1.1 feet over llood itiigc. but below this point ilic •Iver was three to nine fe^t below flood tlaeo at, inca-siirlin, i^jints. bT ' LOUI:i NATIONAL STOCK,,', , ,, , M!- YARDS, July 1. lUI'J- (UHDAt- •Col. Luck, whose district <'">• Livestock' braces the area from Cairo n ihe' ' Uc,s;s a 5 month of the Arkansas River, taa-1 tile lilyh wulcrs In ihe tit. l.c.ui;;! area would affect this sccllosi voiy' lillln. "It jirobably won't innki; a difference of more limn i>. foot 1» n 1 ." he .said. Tlie river stage here today wa-i f«:t, more than ,ix fco', be low Hit: 31-foot flood iitage. I G't.l. lilacfc also Bald tiio lower rivrr could take n heavier flow nnni; s.-ifi Jy Us cliuimcl si/.e is (Dealer than that ot the iIvei 1 . "The only time we have 10 15 ' 60 - I steers 25.25 to 26.05; souy held Cattle 3,300; salable 3.000: calves I higher, choice mixed steers and licl- 2,200; all salable; openiiiB tiade act-| fers to .20.75; good kinds, L>j.oo to Ivc and steady on steers, heifers, 23.00; a frw good beef cows, 17.00 500; salable '/,500; m:irl:et strong to mostly Kc: lilglic-r; sows sU-atly to GJC higher; mostly .stru to 2Sc higher; 100 to V.10 life. 2J.OU K 25.25; top 23, 'K,; 253 to 2"0 Ills. . 20 U) :M.'I5; lew ill) to 'Ma ibs. 23.01) to 2-1X0; 130 to 150 Ibs. 2!t.OO to '2-lfK; 100 to 12u ill. pigs 20.00 to 22.25; 270 tu 500-lb. sows 111,'.,:, to I'J.M; few choice to 19.75: heavier welt (its lOfiO to 17.7S; staKK, 13.50 llii'eal.s on the low^t' Mls-;iss,ip))i.' I if: added, "is when v:o /el ,\ <*~- slve floods from tin: Missouri, and uppi-r Mi: .1-MP|D ;(jl at Hie .snme lion-." and tows. Bulls, generally unchanged, although demand slow on can- ner.s and culler xnidi-s. I'ew good to 17.50; common and meuiuin, i;{.5o to 1U.OO; ciiiitiL'rti and cutters 10 CO to 13.00. Personalized $1.50 WITH NAME and ADDRCSS— Printed ,v Blue Ink 100 SHEETS Sheet Site 5O ENVS. IOi/iXl'/j in. once ol Ihlt box 01 line qudtilv tipple F-inl r .heo is SI. ¥4 Inlj ottet n <jooa oni( unlil Ayq si. rout rjme dnd jcdtell eicjriy on DIOCQ ol paper jil «ilh youi ch^ck or Money Ordc' IS' £0. no mare) .- *-At POSIAGfc. O^deM Hl'ea lame day 'eccived. tfona pjpei Juli writo Government Red Tape Halts Road Construction DEHMOTT, Ark., July 1. (UP) — A group of Arkansas businessmen JUNIOR INDUSTRIALIST— Atj-22, Stanley Hiller, Jr., is president o£ his own Palg Alto, Calif.,"helicopter company. He designed and cort- structed the world's first successfully heli-- copter when he was only 18. Here he poses in Los Angeles wilh a model of his new stock exchange executive, soon will begin "learning Ihc ropes" to become assistant secretary of state for occupied areas lalin' this Sunmuir. Garrison Norton, ')ij, foi'iner ac- conntunl and nuval ofllcer, already i has taken over his Job ns assistant I secrctiiry for transportation and communications. John K. Pcuriloy, 39, former (jov- ernment worker, was Mi'.rshall's first selection for a top Job—assistant secretary lor administration. There appears lo be no immediate further clumps in prospect aU though Assistant Secreliiry William Hcnloii of "Voice of America" fame, is expected lo bn replaced. The economic section, headed by Undersecretary William I,. Clayton, G1, former cotton broker, and Assistant Secretary for Economics wll- ladr IXJUB Thorp, 48. former ool- leJ'S professor. Is uxiicctcd to re- iualn Vihchanycd. New l>t'Liler Hcplac^ll The men who steupc-d out of lop State Department Jobs last nlaht wore two of the most controversial In the fluid ol American foreign policy in recent months. T.hcy were: Dean Cibodcrhnin Aclieson. 54. former lawyer whose government -servico datea back to early New Den! din's, stepped out of the undersecretary's office to rclurn to prl- valc law practice with the llrm of Covinalon, Burlintr, Rublcc, Aclie- son and Shorb. Spruille Bnulen, f>3. former mining onsinetVr who Uirned diiilomat in Ihc Latin American Hold at (he bcfinnins; of Ihe New llenl. clost'il tor good the two-year-old olfice of Assistant Secretary of Slate for Ijitin America. Latin America will bo lumped with tho rest of Ihe world in Armour's hands. Acheson lias boen blftcrly attacked by the Soviet Union, both in formal diplomatic notes and In the Soviet nrcss. a.s a ''slanderer" of Russia. Brndeu wns involved in the controversial policy over Argentina, being the leading advocate of n tough policy toward Col. Jnan i'eron's Kovernmcnt. The recent rajjproch- inciil between the U. S. and Argentina was in rIVcct a defeat for Bradcn. Wonder, Tays^c or Hart s What is the Correct price to pay for a New Automobile /delivered in Blytheville? Pet or Carnation . . , Case $5.75 3 tall or 6 small 37c Durkcc's Fancy Heinz or Gcrbcr's When you buy vegetables from Liberty Cash, you buy I ho )jesl ohl;ii>iiiblo. 'J'lterc are 1111 seronris \viflt as . . . only the lies! is houyhl nnd sold lo our customers. SUNK1ST ts Duz or Oxydol . . . Small Size 14c •*lge. size HLACK DIAMOND WATERMELONS ROCKY l''ORl> , CANTALOUPE CRISPY 1GEIJERG HEADS LETTUCE l-'RESfl EIOLBSHPEAS CALIFORNIA CRISPY Lb. l c 2 Each TION HKI.OW ICE CREAM MIX Lb. 31 10 ICK CREAM SALT McCORMICK'S PURE VANILLA EXTRACT 25 «HEST SI/E 71'iC Until VEL OR DREFT IVORY SNOW OR IVORY FLAKES Liirge IS 30 3* NO. 2 CAN APPLESAUCE 15 CANOVA 1 LB. JAR COFFEE '.', Lit. I'K<;.—25c L3PTCH S TEA IMOl'TO O/. CAN TOMATO JUICE PINTS—DO/. (i7c FRUIT JARS 39 C b .49 c 171 C Bunch 15 (JRKKN STALKS UELERY IJA15Y YELLOW OR WHITE (Us. Uo/.. 79 C '2 PIECE TOP AND LIDS JAR TOPS no •J-POUNI) CARTON PURE LARD 80 l-POUNI) CAN CALL'SIET HUNTS UNPEELED APRICOTS IN HEAVY SYRUP PRONE PLUMS No. 2!' ? Can No. 2|'i Can 19 C 19 OMAR HOT ROLL MIX 25 PETER PAN CREAM STYLI ; SWEET CORN OHECON HARVEST JUNE PEAS No. Can No. 2 Can 15 12 EXTRA STI) NO. 2 CAN TOMATOES 10 PURE GRANULATED SUGAR 10 ,.,,,93' BAKING POWDER 19 2-POUND PKG. SEEDLESS RAISINS 25 NO. '/, CAN VIENNA SAUSAGE 15 WILSON'S 3','i O7: CAN POTTED MEAT 6 C,s1.11'ORN'iA WONDER eELLPEPPEHS RED RIPE TOMATOES KAIJUEN I-'KESH MDSSSIES CALIFORNIA NAVEL ,,,,. 15= ({lined HONEY DEW MELONS 17li Si/.e Do/. !) Si/c Eiith 48 45 n /(our CooJc onion slon'Iy 5 inhi, in sfiortcii- liletnl ii^ (lour, salt niitl pe]ipi-r. Siir in tommae 1 ;, Lioil s!»\s'ly ntitl siir 5 inin. 1-lrat milk to boiling. Remove tomaio inlxctii-p ,md milk from Siir lomnto nii.Murc into hot milk, [Jo hc.ic nftL-r coinbinii\|j. Scr\-c hot on lo.iit toiipecl v.'iiH b.icota. Serves 4 * To use pcclcJ, cut- 1 ip frcsli toma- 3, incrca^s nniOLini to 2in cups and took 10 initiutcs. You Will Need: Pet Milk can 13c Tohiatoes, can lOc Bacon OMAF. flour .. Ib. 55c 10 Ibs 85c ,•&&•& r- ,'..>,?>. :* 7 1 ' Best Bet for Breakfast Top olE an oil-American juice, eggi and collee Danuli. They're made DOWNYHAKE Donot m delicious — nulriliouil Gel /our box todayl breakfail ot fruit wilh lempling, Toity Ilio spot by tho (CHOCOLATE 00NUTS GLA/EU COVERED ?S C 1)(>Z. i»J HliCAKED 90NUTS (•LAIN DONUTS no/.. no/. Dm. 17 15 C All Meat OMAR FLCUR 25 ,.,,.,,,, SOUTHLAND NO. «'. CAN GRATED TUNA FISH 37 C HI-POWER NO. ;«fls CAN TAMALES 19 CHl!»I NO. I CAN • ib.50c Franks - - ib. 42c SALMON 25' Pure Creamery Butter - ib. 6Sc FOR HOIL1NG FATBACK ,,20 2-POUND UOX CI'EESE 73 C TENDKRATEI) WHOLE OR HALF ALL BRANDS HAMS ,,,69 OLEO ,,,39' Fresh Ground Beef - - - ib.B3c Liberty Cash Grocery LOW PRICES EVERYDAY

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