The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1952 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1952
Page 9
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PAGE SIXTEEN The World Today: Steel Dispute BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER Truman-Steel Dispute Points Up Break in White House, Capital By JAMES MARI.OW WASHINGTON Ml — The dispute between President Truman nnd members of Congress over sc!/ure of the steel Industry Is further evidence of (lie breakdown in relations between the White House and the Capitol. This Is an election year and politics, of course, are a factor In Ibis wretched situation, which is steadily getting worse. Bui the fact te that the breakdown Is real and earnest. The rest of the country can only sweat It oui. The most recent, previous demonstration of how deep {he split was appeared In what happened to Truman's attempt to hove an Investigation of government corruption. That was when he asked Congress for subpoena powers for Newbotd Morris. The then Alt. Gen. McCratli had picked Morris na the cleanup man. Congress not only denied him the subpoena powers but some members denounced htm. thus for all practical purposes scuttling the Investigation. Look Out, Army! Now They've Found Way to Dehydrate Beer LONDON Ifft— A couple of British scientists have found a way to squeeze most of the water out of beer, the Brewers' Society of Great Britain announced yesterday. Experimentally, they have concentrated beer. Practically, they hope they have found a way to ship to the ends of the earlh all that's good In beer — the hops, the tang, the zip, the alcoholic kick aiid •even the foam — without the water which is the bulkiest part. "Why haul water around when there Is a lot of it everywhere?" the scientists asked themselves about eight years ago when the problem arose of supplying British soldiers In th« Far East. So Dr. Reginald Essery, scientist fn (he Institute of Brewing Re search near London, and R. O. da of Cambridge University, set to work. "It seems that they have hit on •omethlng, but research is by no I means complete," salt! C. L. Shaw an official of the Brewers' Society. The method, devised after long trials. Is to freeze ordinary beer until about three-fourths its volume is ice. Tht'n the Ice Is removed. The alcohol doesn't freeze and most of the other constituents of beer arc, concentrated in the liquid. Theoretically to reconstruct the concentrate into (he real thing It Is only necessary to add wntcr. Actually, carbonic acid gas to provide the fizz and foam and small quantities of starch gum and hop concentrate to Impart the beery smell must be added for the "dehydrated beer" to recapture every- Ihing. The alcoholic content Is about the same as before. The laboratory is working on the problems ol storing and transporting Ihe centrate. This ended like a musical comedy when McOrnlh fired Morris and Tnminn fired McGrnlh, all In the snme day. The President then chose James P. McOr.inery n.i attorney general and new cleanup man. Tiut before Mcornncry can take office lie must bo approved by the Senate. Weeks have passed und no approval yet. which means further bogging of the Investigation and the Justice Department Is without a regular head. When It came to Ihc steel sciv.urc government lawyers apparently could find no law on the books specifically giving Ihc President authority to take over the steel Industry to head olf a strike, would hurt defense and so damage the national welfare. Since lie scorned to lack specific authority In any law for the seizure, he relied on the Constitution. The powers conferred on the President and commander-in-chlef by the Constitution arc broad and vague. They don't say he could seize the steel Industry in a situation like this. But Ihcy don't specifically say he couldn't. Truman interpreted the Constitution as giving the president unstated but wide and Implied power to act, as he did in (his case when he thinks there Is a national emergency. At once his critics In Congress called him a dictator and usurper of constitutional powers which they argue don't exist. The fat was lu Hie fire again. And yesterday the Senate, led by Republicans, voted wlml was in effect a rebuke to Truman for his action In the slecl dispute. Truman struck right back. He called this kind of Senate action WEDNESDAY, APRIL M, 19» ^^^ ander of the U. S. Eighth Army in Korea ' WASHINGTON Ml—The AtShiic Energy Commission (AEC) today announced it is negotiating with two commercial [inns to continue Jointly-financed research aimed at bringing atomic power into Industrial use. The proposal wns made by Dow Chemical Co. and Detroit Edison Co., one of four pairs of industrial anil power firms selected for industrial participation in the government's atomic research program. The AEC salt! the two companies estimate their costs in the extcnd- ncgatlve. He challenged Congress to take a constructive step by suggesting by law some way out of the "!cel dilemma. ed studies will total about J250 000 The commission said its own work In this field — much of it already underway or scheduled — may rin as high as $760,COO. "The study will involve both re actors and chemical separation pro cesses but will not provide a fina reactor design," the AEC said. The Dow-Edison group is th first to present its program. The AEC said It will give full consider ation to other proposals as soon a the units submit reports. The three other groups are Monsanto and Union Electric of St Louis; Commonwealth Edison ant Public Service of Northern Illinois Chicago and Pacific Gas and Elec trie anil the Bechtel Corp. of San Francisco. Look who's crowding "the low-priced three 1 ' T HE price of a car has a lot to do with the number of folks who can afford to own it. / So the leaders in sales—for almost a generation—have been three cars whose bid for popularity has included a potent price appeal. But who do you think is right on 1 their heels? Who has led the field, outside "the low-priced three" — ever since 1938? Well, sir, the name is Buick. lou get more pounds of real automobile when you buy the Buick pictured here. *Ybu get more power. You get "big- car feel." You get an honest-to-goodness Million Dollar Ride. You get, in other words, an ail- round money's worth of great engineering that makes any Buick— SPECIAL, SUPER or ROADMASTER —a standout buy in its field. lhat's not just our say-so. It's what car buyers have said with their hard-earned dollars, year after year. We think you ought to find out for yourself what these other folks have discovered. 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