Daily Press from Newport News, Virginia on May 17, 1959 · Page 24
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Daily Press from Newport News, Virginia · Page 24

Newport News, Virginia
Issue Date:
Sunday, May 17, 1959
Page 24
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OB CAIIY FRESS. Newport News, Va Sun.. May 17, 1959 HOLLYWOOD BEAUTY By LYDIA LANE x Jan Sterling Beauty and Diet HOLLYWOOD When you sr-e beautiful woman you may ffivy her and foe! she is lut'ky. Rut s".io may not have been born with this loveliness that ou admire. It may not have been a g.i't at all bin something of her own creating. Certainty this would be applicable to Jan Sterling. I remember after her nose bob how courageously .she appeared en TV and encouraged other women to take advantage of plastic surgery to make their dream of beauty come true. "If you want to be beautiful you can," Jan said, studying the menu in a little restaurant across from CBS. "I happen to have been blesed with good teeth, but those who aren't can take advantage oi me wonderful things the dentists do today. "There is a correct way ef brushing your teeth that will keep them clean and healthy.' I neglected to brush mine away from the gums and they began to bleed. My dentLst believes that the choice of a tooth brush is important because bristles w hich are too abrasive damage the gums. And he recommends varying your dentifrice because you can build up an immunity by using the same formula too long. "When I was in h:gh school.' Jan said, returning to her original theme, "I was invited to a hop at Annapolis. But I didn't have a good time because I felt my younser sister was prettier than I. And I think because of this I developed a complex. "Then I decided to become an actress and I directed my energy toward learning to act. Although I wasn't greatly encouraged I never gave up. If you really want to do something you can if you're willing to work. Rut you must be objective with yourself and find your motive. You have to love what you're doing to succeed. Make sure that it is the work and not the gain that, appeals to you. because you're sure to fail if your reach exceeds your grasp." Jan ordered scrambled and slewed tomatoes, and as , Miss Bryan . Continued From Page One carried a white Prayer Book covered with a white orchid and showered with stephanotis and white satin streamers. Miss Betty Patricia Pritehard of Newport News, was maid of honor. She wore a ballerina-length gown of turquoise taffeta, styled with scooped neckline, short .sleeves and bolero elfect bodice. The harem skirt was centered with a self flower. She wore a matching bow arranged with a circular veil and carried a nosegay of pink rosebuds and pink satin bows. The bridesmaids. Mrs. A. M. Olson and Miss Anne Radclilfe. both of Newport News, and Miss Susan Hadley of Arlington wore gowns in radiant tafleta. They wore matching bow headdresses and carried nosegays of pink carnations and deep red roses with pink satin bows. L. Bernard August Jr. of Newport News, brother of the bridegroom, was best man. Groomsmen were John A. Hanna, Emmet A. McNulty and Ernest Kashouty, all of Newport News. Mrs. Lawrence G. Fowler of Newport News was mistress of ceremonies. A reception was held at the Hotel Warwick. Newport News. . Serving were Mrs. L. Bernard August Jr.. and Mrs. Malcolm V. King. Mrs. Ernest Kashouty was in charge of the bride's book. Mrs. Bryan, mother of the bride, wore a street-I e n g t h sheathdressof champagne Chan-tilly lace over taffeta, accented at the bodice by a peacock blue panel and bow, a peacock blue hat and champagne accessories. Her flowers were a corsage of beige brown cymbidium orchids. Mrs. August, mother of the bridegroom, wore an Andora original street-length dress of petal pink pure silk organza and Chantilly lace, fashioned with champagne lace bodice and full skirt. A petal pink chiffon hat, white accessories and a corsage of white orchids completed the ensemble. ' On a trip to Florida, the bride wore a Mont ego original electric blue silk sheath dress, matching jacket, light blue chiffon petal wig hat. black patent accessories and a corsage of white orchids. Mr. and Mrs. August will make their home in Newport News. Group Meetings For Hilton Club Group II. Woman's Club of Hilton Village, Mrs. Walter Schafer, chairman, will meet at the summer home of Mrs. Guy C, Amory, Monday at 1 in the afternoon. Mrs. Walter H. Updike, cohosteas. Group IV. Mrs. B. F. Atkin-on. Mrs. R. 0. House, chair men, win meet at the nome ot Mrs. Clifford Nelson, 22 Pm Oak Road, Tuesday at 12:30 in Die afternoon. Mrs. I. B. Baseman and Mrs. A. E. Rountree Jr., cohosie&ses. Storing Woolens Blankets, sweaters and washable wools should be clean and mothproofed before putting away for the summer. Home economists suggest the use of EQ-53 in the' washer along with the special wood detergent. One tablespoon for each pound will prelect them from moths for a j ear. When drying woolens in a clothes dryer use five or six bs'h towels to serve as buffers. Remove the woolens while c'.tmn. never Wl them dry com-p.etc'4 a the crjer. "It may be a bit disillusioning, but appearance means more to a man than it does to a woman . And every man wants to be proud of his wile. "In the average family men have the greater responsibility. They work hard. They die younger. So a wife should try as hard as possible to make his home a pleasant place. She should make herself attractive for him so that tie'll look forward to seeing her every night. Some think the Oriental woman goes too far, but something can be learned from her attitude." Jan's husband, Paul Douglas, is sometimes considered fright-eningly outspoken. But they get along beautifully. "The thing I like about Paul is that you know just where you stand with him. I feci that good manners are sometimes carried to the point of being hypocritical. I know some people consider Paul rude. Often there is a lot of sting in what he says, but there is never pettiness or malice. And one thing for sure, with him you are never bored." When it was time for Jan to go back to the rehearsal hall, we walked over to CBS. Jan said: "I used to be painfully shy and I remember Paul said to me, 'Try to make the first effort, because maybe the other person is twice as scared as you.' And you know," Jan confided, "after that I found it much easier to face stvanzers." JAN STERLING our conversation turned to food and diets she said: "I can lose five pounds in two days, and I always try to before a show because I look heavier on the screen. "There are ninny ways of keeping trim, and one of my favorites is by massage. I get a massage four or five times a week and love it. If you have a masseuse who is properly trained to bring up the circulation, you can keep your muscles firm. So many women make the mistake of dieting without exercise or massage. And no matter how thin they get. they can't be attractive if they're flabby. "If you don't take pride in your appearance you are letting down your responsibility to other people," Jan exclaimed. "Some women get so wrapped up in rtieir children and household that they forget how they looked when their husbands married them. Don't you think these women deserve the shock they get when their marriages are threatened perhaps by-other women wtio haven't let themselves go?" Jan asked. This easy-to-follow diet is recommended for anyone wh wants to reduce quickly without loss of energy. If you stick to the plan on Leaflet M-75. "Abbe Lane's No Starch Diet," you will be able to lose five pounds in four days. This semi-liquid diet gave Abbe Lane such good results that many Hollywood actresses have borrowed it when they want to lose a few pounds quickly. For your copy of Leaflet M-75, send only 10 cents and a self-addressed stamped envelope to Lydia Lane, Hollywood Beauty, in care of the Daily Press. How To Foil Pesky Moths Ever since Eve left the Garden of Eden, her daughters have been plagued by the problem of moths. Now, at spring cleaning time, most housewives again consider the problem of storing wool-ens safely for the summer. It can be done, but it takes care. Here's how: . First have your woLlcns absolutely clean before storing-dry clean most woolens, or wash those that are washable. Then spray with anv commercially available DDT solution. This will discourage moths until the next washing or cleaning. , Store woolens in air-tight-containers plastic bags that are taped shut, or cedar chests or closets carefully sealed with tape. For large items, such as rugs, wrap in heavy paper and seal with gummed tape. If you're using garment bags with containers for moth flakes, you'll need one ounce of pure paradichlorobenzcne or naptha-lone for each bag. One pound of para or napthalene is required for the average-size cedar chest. Before putting garments away, air the storage closet and spray thoroughly with DDT. And next time you buy woolens, look for a tag saving they have been permanently mothproofed. Saves trouble. Iron Soleplate If you have trouble with starch sticking to your iron, here's a tip to keep in mind with the "starched clothes season" coming up. Margaret Spader, home service editor, suggests you let the iron cool partially. Then rub the sole-plate over baking soda springled on a damp clotii. Wipe the soda off with a clean damp cloth, then rub the iron over a piece of waxed paper. Anyone who says engagement rings are old-fasnioned is more right than he knows. They date back to caveman days. The first rings were plaited grass or rushes, put around the chosen bride's ankles or wrists, later around her finger. Fort Monroe Schedule Set The Fort Monroe Kiddie Kor-tier is open Monday through Friday from 7:45 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. Hie Home Arts and Crafts group Thursday at 9:30 in the morning at the home of Mrs. Charles Backus,. Aqorn Ave., Hampton, tor a course in hat making. Art group beginners Tuesday at 9 in the morning at the Boat Dock studio. Advanced painters, Wednesday at 9 in the morning. ''the Thrift Shop volunteer workers Tuesday will be officers' wives from G-3 Section, LSCONARC, Mrs. G. G. Epley. ICt: nenoe chairman: Technical Services. I'SCONARC. Friday. The Thrift Shop is open Tuesday and Friday from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon. Thursday is golf day at the Hampton Country Club. Bridge group Friday at 1 in the afternoon in the Casemate Club. Duplicate hridge group Wednesday at 1:15 in the afternoon in the Jade Room. YMCA. Mrs. H. E. Hallgrcn is chairman. Braid It If a line shows where you have let out the hem of a child's , dress, hide the line by stitching it with a row of braid over the line. lnr-tni irr-ini - SPECIAL One Lot of 1500 Pair of Ladits j VALUES to $16.95 o All Spring Shades & Height Heels D and in Casuals. Sizes 4 to 12. and mot widths available at this bargain price No refund or exchanges! For MEN Famous Brand QlfllpC BROWN AND WHITE WlltffcaW BLACK AND WHITE Selections of Broken Si.ei Some Narrow Width Values up to $12.95 OPEN '11L 9 P.M. MONDAY and FRIDAYS 'Famous Brands" 3313 Washington Ave. N.N. 4-5431 r ITS The Store with over 300 Sterling, China & Crystal Patterns- end te Slwh n r NEWS ' e Limit ! : " 9 !A A f Finest radiant Ildiiann&aftfflds Was l,adics Diamond Si. Saphire Ring $200.00 Ladies Diamond Fancy Ring 400.(10 I adies Fancy Ring .... 27J.OO Men's &. Ladies W edding Band Seis l adies Vi-ct. Diamond Solitaire Ladies 1-ct. Diamond Solitaire 79.50 pr. NOW $137.50 J5n.nn 199.00 59.00 pr. ,..88.00 . .488.00 Special Purchase . 36 Towle Sterling Ice Tea SPOONS (fl) Wat Now 1 rr. Sterling Candeihra 1Z0.00 67.50 1 5-pc. Plated lea Service 125.00 87.50 T2 2 Plated 1 Gallon- Travs .. 22.50 13.50 1 1 Plated Coffee Urn 79.50 39.95 1 1 Plated Coffee Pot B and Warmer 37.50 22.50 8 10 Bread Trays -plated 8.50 5.95 I 9 Plated I Cclerv Dishes . . . 6.50 ' 4.95 1 5 Plated 1 Bread Travs 7.95 .50 ! 6 Butter Dishes Plated 12.50 5.50 1 3-pc. Decanter Set 25.00 17.50 5 Plated Water Pitchers . 21.95 14.50 7 Famous Make Men's 19 Jewel Waterproof, Shock-proof Watches . . 69.50 39.95 5 Famous Make I adies 23 Jewel Waterproof. Shock-proof Watches . . 85.00 49.95 3 Famous Make I adies 23 Jewel 14-K Watches ... 125.00 69.95 4 Famous Make 1 adies 23 Jewel 4 Diamond W atches 85.00 62.50 11 3-pc. Plated Party Sets 5.95 3.95 7 2-pc. 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GIGI Ihe original sound track recording from the picture. Record brush that cleans your record as it plays. Free with the purchase of two LP albums. Reg. $5.98 Plus many more sensational record values! 60 Years the Prestige Jewelers of the Peninsula Conveniently Located Thomas Piano Co. ' 210 -28th St. Downtown Newport News and Newmarket Shopping Center its mm: mm Mm i ii ot v ii I vi I Im J qm ins oru a vie uum ! M 7 r - 0 ..... -n I mm ML Women's and Children's Wear sun LOUIflG DRESSES SAVE 1.00 y Corlons and Cuplonli Solids CbccLj ind Prints Either Junior or Misy Silts 7-15, 12-20. FROM JAMAICA TI AID SHORT AND Blouse with Matching Trim only I s m If lot both Value 3.00 QcjfzA Practical ( vi? Co,ton ) i Busse c HOSIERY riitip !1 gauge 15 denier 1V 79 V .m, 44e vMiilv"7 FlT lusher 1 f irst Quality Guaranteed! f-j ? V and Valtie9c jy-a! illAfiBA Doubla Value! r f. 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