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Argus-Leader from Sioux Falls, South Dakota • Page 5
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Argus-Leader from Sioux Falls, South Dakota • Page 5

Sioux Falls, South Dakota
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1944. D. THE SUNDAY ARGUS-LEADER, SIOUX FALLS, 1 "'T 3r i Beauty Editor Answers Some Queries Today By ANTOINETTE DONNELLY (Copyr. i44: By Neva Syndicate Ins.) Today's column is devoted to answers to readers' beauty queries. M.

Apply cologne, perfume, or toilet water directly to skin. Light, floral bouquets are best summer choices. Application to skin does away with staiidng clothes, and it also is preferred because body heat intensifies scent. V. To keep skin from becoming dry and taut after tanning, lu- 'J I 1 Dricate well with a good emoUient 1 S-Sgt Kroeger Arrives in State to Join Bride Former Melbourne, Australia, Girl, Phyllis McLaughlin, Comes to Sioux Falls to Await Soldier-Husband Here awaiting her husband's return home from Australia is pretty Mrs.

Clarence Kroeger, the former Phyllis McLaughlin, of Melbourne, Australia. One of the first 90 war brides to be sent to the United States by American men overseas, Mrs. Kroeger landed in San Francisco three months ago. Since leaving her husband last November, the bride has not seen her husband, when as a member of the 147th field artillery headquarters battery, he was sent to New Guinea. After a nine-weeks courtship she married the former Flandreau boy, son of Mr.

and Mrs. H. C. Kroeger, October 7, 1942. Mrs.

Kroeger re-. ceived a wire July 30 from Sgt. Kroeger that he had landed in the United States and will soon be in South Dakota. He has never received one of her letters since he left Australian and is anxiously awaiting a reunion here. Mrs.

Kroeger Is making her home with Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Feay, 1620 West Twelfth st.

cream -at night. During day try I using a rich, creamy sun tan lotion as a temporary powder base. R. The answer to your vacation hair grooming problem is a dry shampoo. Take one with you.

Dry shampoos do a good cleansing job, and they do not ruin your set. Drug stores ana department tore cosmetic counters carry them. W. D.t Thickened nail polish will have a smoother consistency if after you have thinned it with nail polish remover, you let it stand few hours before using. Did you know nail polish makes an excellent Hsnson Photo paint for old buttons, earrings 1 their husband and daddy is alive, I LI 1 ill SMILES THIS Pm for orisoner Germany.

Pi rt orisoner in Vsermany. riuturcu uie nrti. icrrenie mat yyii- nf the 22-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jay H.

Williams, of lint1'40 1 1- fnmer SouX rails resiaents, ana nis iiniomn-gia son ier rjtvs8Uffl ro" S. F. BOY AND AUSTRALIAN BRIDE: sSgt. Kroeger, who has seen nearly two years service in the south Pacific with the 147th field artillery, is pictured here with his bride, the former Phyllis McLaughlin of Melbourne, Australia.

The bridegroom has landed In San Francisco and will be soon en route to this city to join his bride and visit, his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Kroeger of ana otner costume Jewelry pieces? B.

An eye cream or oil, smoothed on lids and temples, where tiny crow's feet lines often appear, is soothing and smooths out tiny wrinkles around eyes. Wear good sun glasses or wide brimmed hat to minimize glare. Rita: To reduce hips and ab- Xtwion Ctfr ah A 1 Mae jr. Reported missing in action, since June 14, tapt. Williams 0 p.38 fighter over Europe, when he was seen to parachute 1L Netherlands.

Mrs. Williams, daughter of Mr. and Mrs! George fill 3og North Duluth ove accompanied by her son, has been vis- I Gettysburg, and is expected home today. Capt. Williams holds thr nri nnt lanr rluctprc nnri nthor hnnnn ArMeiW.

urk- I i tp3V August 10th to See Start of Perseids Begin to Appear Late in July Called Tears of St. Lawrence' COMES HERE TO LIVE A bride of midsummer, who hos or-rived in Sioux Foils to moke her home, is Mrs. George Stephono. She is the former Eleanor Giana Kopulos of Following the morrioge in the Greek Orthodox Church of the Ascension in Chicago ond wedding reception ot the Belmont hotel, Mr. ond Mrs.

Stephano spent their honeymoon at Mackinac Island. They are now at home in the Btackstone apartments. straignt. Clasp hands behind neck. Bend at waist and touch right elbow to left knee; Return to original positfbn, then bend and touch left elbow to right knee.

Do 20 to 30 times. G. There's no rule against shampooing hair once or twice weekly in hot weather. In fact, it's highly recommended, because of perspiration, bathing, and outdoor dirt collected while going hatless. B.

A wet pumice stone to rub off rough skin edges around nails is better than, cutting, for cutting tends to let skin grow back hard and, in some cases, Jaggled. White in Summer Is Distinctive By VIVIAN BROWN AP Features Writer A dash of white Is summertime fashion distlnctiot. But if you ant to win applause for eye-catching smartness, you must pledge yourself to keep dickies. Jabots, gilets, collars, cuffs, vestees, pique beanies, half hats and fabric gloves Immaculately crisp and You may be only an amateur washbowl laundress but you can still keep all yon whites gleam-Inp. If there are any specially soiled spots, rub them gently with a soft brush and thick soap suds.

Wash cottons and linens in hot wdter. Make a two-inch suds and dissolve bluing flakes directly in the suds. Fabric gloves should be laun By J. HUGH PRUETT Midsummer Wedding Service for South Dakota Lieutenant Astronomer, University of Oregon Despite the noise of bursting bombs and the terrifying illuminations of war. not all the speeding light of the night are intent on Lawrence Benard, son of Mr.

and cruelly destroying earth's creatures. Each year, without fall, watchers of the sky are cheered by the noise- Mrs. W. L. Benard, 2024 South Main has been promoted to captain-at Camp Shelby, Miss.

Inducted in ing was of the pure white gar denias arranged and bordered with less, merry flights of the Perseld June, 1942, he was graduated in waxen-like bouvardia and caught meteors across the blue of the Au Former Member of 147th Field Artillery Takes California Girl as Bride After Return to States From Combat Zone March, 1943, from Ft. Benning, as second lieutenant and in October, 1943, was promoted to first lieuten with delicate green ferns. gust sky. In some countries these The bride was met at the altar yellow meteors. tracing long arcs BRIDE RETURNS: Mrs.

John 4 JJ jtuhmAi dered often and should never be across the sky, are known as the 0. Stavenger (Audrey Nelson) ond allowed to become so soiled they by the bridegroom, the best man, ant. tears of Saint John stavenger hove arrived! are hard to get clean. Wash off the Sgt. Ray McLaughlin of the United i States artillery, from South Dako- Robert M.

Martin, apprentice sea hands to prevent seam threads from BETROTHED: Mr. and Mrs. H. iQPROACHING marriaa of man, 913 West Fifth is In breaking. Do not wring or twist.

Smooth into shape and hang even Aitnougn the rerseids actually her, rom Texos foovying their mor- bfcin to appear late in July, not until August 10 is the display on They ore visiting very noticeable. their porents, Mr. ond Mrs. Myron training at the Maritime Service a Mary Beth Carter, daughter of r. and Mrs.

Floyd S. Carter, 1616 training station, Sheepshead Bay, ly over a bar or on a flat surface to N. Y. The maximum numbers Usually Nelson, 712 West Twenty-eighth dry, aith Seventh to PFC. Donald Edwin Scott, 23, 703 South ap)ear on the nighta of the 10th, ond Mr.

ond Mrs. Nick Stavenger To give your frou-frou a crisp, 11th, and 12th. But even then the I u.n,,.r i satiny smooth surface, add a Ulmer, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.

R. Imtr, Moorestown, N. is on- Cleveland has been enrolled In a course at the Electrical Naval term "shower" is misleading. I quarter of a cake of a prepared These meteors, traveling in the leQves for overseas this week. i.iike -roauct to each quart ot ainced today by her parents.

The Santa Cruz, Aug. 5. Midst ta and hls other attendants, Sgt. a beautiful setting about the high obed olsen of South Dakota, from altar of Holy Cross church, on Sun- Ford rd- also 01 Ule fleld artillery, day afternoon at 2 o'clock Miss Nel- and Andrew Dienesch of the United 11 Rosolinda Zoccoli and Lt. Lloyd states navy of Akron, Ohio.

Sherman of Sioux Falls, S. The couple, following the recep-plighted their marriage vows. The tion, left on their wedding trip, service was read by Rev. Father i The going-away gown of the bride Keane. The altar was arranged was a stylish blue and white dress-with lovely pink dahlias and at the mater suit with black accessories, side of the altar was an arrange-1 The bride is the eldest daughter ment gained from the placing and of Mr.

and Mrs. Robert Zoccoli, a massing of the long stemmed gladl- highly esteemed family. She atoll with their myriad salmon-pink tended the local schools, was grad-blooms. juated from the Santa Cruz high At the pipe organ was Diana school and attended the junior col- orbit of Tuttle's comet, are likely Stavenger will remain with her I medium starch. This makes It idt, holding a local position in training school, Iowa State college, Ames, la, being selected as the result of aptitude tests given at Great F.

Christopherson, 928 West Twenty-third announce the engagement of their daughter, Joyce, to Corp. George D. Fowler, son of Mr. ond Mrs. George D.

Fowler- of Glendale, Calif. Miss Christopher-son was graduated from Washington high school, attended Nettleton Commercial college, and is now employed by local farm loan firm. She is a member of Nu Phi Mu sorority. Corp. Fowler recently graduated from gunnery school at Yuma, and is now stationed at Lemoore, Calif.

parents. jux Falls, is a graduate of Wash- Lakes, 111. igtort high school and Nettleton jsinesi college. The wedding will disintegration products from that comet. The Perseids seem to be quite evenly distributed around the entire orbit, which is so large that over 100 years are required for each Individual meteor to make the round trip.

unnecessary to dry starch things and then sprinkle. You can then Iron while they're still slightly damp. When these frills are Ironed, pin them to sheets of heavy paper which ean be piled on top of each other without mussing. Shipley's Laundry. It's phone 4.

Recently enrolled at the Radio ski place September 3 in the chapel LOOK OVER LEMONS WHEN FRUIT BUYING Bryan Field, where Pvt. Limer ii itationed with the AAF. Naval training school at Northwestern university, Evanston, 111., is The earth touches the Perseid VIA i I In buying, look for lemons with I Erbacher and to the strains of the James Corcoran, 18, son of Mr. and Mrs. F.

A. Corcoran, 1404 West Ninth st. lege ai oaunas, ana in oaunas nas orblt once a year -men many of been the private secretary in the tnese dark bits of matter dash into employment bureau. th. -arth-.

otmosohere and. heated wedding march from Lohengrin the bridal party moved up the broad DORIS FEAY TO GOTO fine-textured skin, heavy for their size. Yellow lemons may be Juicier, but are not so high as greenish BUTTONHOLES BY YARD Tf vmi can't And a orewar. extra aisle of the church to be met in The bridegroom is the son of Mr. by friction, are destroyed in a Corned beef and cabbage dinner.

iront or tne altar Dy tne bridegroom i and Mrs. J. A. Sherman of Good' "blaze of glory" and are lost forever to the meteor stream. yellow lemons in acid content which iength slide fastener for your slip gives tangy flavor.

covers, you can get closed button- WEST COAST FOR HER WEDDING CEREMONY Miss Doris Peay, daughter of Mr. and his attendants. win, S. and his mother came The bride was on the arm of her i here to attend the weding. He was father, Robert Zoccoli, who gave her graduated from the Goodwin high including drink, 35.

Dinty's Place, 7th and Main. Come in and get your membership card to Dinty's Maggie Jiggs club it's free. Limes should be firm, not soft onrUhnttonhole tape sold by the and musny. uk tor limes witn smooth, glossy rind, thin skins, away and was lovely in her bridal gown of ivory satin en train. There yard at your local sewing center.

THOROUGH DUSTING A Mrs. Henry S. Feay, 1620 West Ens. Virgil Lokke, 29, son of Mrs. fine grained and juicy pulp.

with will leave today lor Fort L. M. Lokke, 1311 South Prairie where she is to become Under the most favorable conditions one person may count 60 or 70 of these in an hour. When sky conditions are favorable, the' highest hourly count of Perseids may usually be obtained during the few hours before dawn. This year, however, the last quarter moon will interfere with morning counts, but fair counts may be school and the commercial college at Sioux Falls, and was with the Western Surety company of Sioux Falls, S.

D. He is a lieutenant in the air corps, ordnance department, and has seen active service in Australia and New Guinea. whose wife lives at 1500 South Du Lemons and limes are both rich In Vitamins the anti-scurvy vitamin, which helps to keep the luth will soon be graduated To dust carved furniture or hard-to-reach corners, treat a small paint hrnsh wlt.h furniture Allow bride of Sgt. Charles Graham, a of Mr. and Mrs.

C. H. Graham, 12 West Seventeenth st Sioux gums and teeth neaitny. use' from the Naval Reserve indoctrination school, Tucson, after were long pointed sleeves and a long row of satin covered buttons at the back. The long veil also en train was caught in the coiffure by a crown and the net of the long veil was edged with wide bands of lace.

The only ornament was a golden necklace with locket. The arm bouquet gracefully fall- lemons and limes often not only polish to dry on brush before using. alls, who has recently returned On his next leave Lt. and Mrs, completing 60 days of training in ior malting cooling uiuiu, uui iui flavoring other dishes. M- seamanship, navigation, ordnance Sherman will go to Sioux Falls and obtained before midnight.

How to Avoid the Handbag Tax By DOROTHY ROE AP Fashion Editor That 20 per cent tax comes as a Jolt, doesn't It, when you go out shopping for a new fall bag? The only way to avoid It Is to make your own. You can save money, provide yourself with a brand new hobby and wind up with something handsome and original for carrying around your compact, lipstick, ration books, driving license and cash, if any. Needlework, stylists have worked out some wonderful new patterns in out-size crocheted bags and matching hats that any crochet fan can run up in a few evenings at pin-money cost. Directions for making may be obtained at most needlework counters in department stores or specialty shops. and communications.

Goodwin, his boyhood home, for service in the south Pacific to the 147th field artillery. The edding is to take place shortly Miss Feay's arrival there and In order to see most nearly the honeymoon. couple will live at 453 Van COMPLEXION TIPS Always apply cleansing cream in maximum at any hour, one must keep his eyes constantly on the sky. Casual glances skyward may show only a few. A reclining chair in a dark spot is recommended.

iWi st, Monterev. Calif. Set. "Enna Jetticks," Devers Shoe Co. Pvt.

Gene Sigler, son of Mr. and Menlo has arrived in Sioux Falls from Camp Campbell, Ky, to fnham is stationed in the west at upward, outward, circular mo replacement center. Dr. Chas. P.

Olivier of the uni spend a 15-day furlough. STUFFED FISH As a change from fried fish, try stuffing and baking the fish instead. Or perhaps you might like to bake fish fillets in milk. Try broiling fish tion. Remove careiuuy wun cleansing tissues.

Use warm water and a good, mild soap to remove all traces of the cream from the pores. For oily skin, a skin freshener can follow this routine. reatnrint Phono 1l Keirlwrryt "Bostonians." Devers Shoe Co. T5 Steve Kahler arrived home Saturday night from Camp Pickett. RAW VEGETABLES- Kr time and vitamin-saver try fing some vegetables raw.

Car's, turnips and celery can be shed, cut into thin strins. r.hillprl steaks, basting once or twice with versity of Pennsylvania, who is president of the American Meteor society, is again this year asking for volunteers to count the Perseid meteors. All who wish to help are asked to send their reports to the writer at 1832 Longview ave, Eugene, Ore. Please state the date, giving hour of beginning and end to spend a two-weeks' furlough with his parents, Mr. and Mrs.

E. J. Kahler, 1509 South First ave. He melted margarine to which lemon Juice and a little minced onion have been added. TO SAVE CLOTHES LAUNDER CAREFULLY You should wash clothes in washing machines just long enough to get them clean.

Follow the directions which come with the machine or those you have learned from your own experience. Jot down your own findings. Over-washing wastes power and is often hard on clothes. Bed linens, table linens and slightly soiled articles will get clean in from 6 to 7 minutes washing. Clothes that are moderately soiled will require from 7 to 9 minutes.

Very soiled clothes like overalls will need about 15 minutes. atil needed and served as a finger opnnwe with salt. They can "dunked" in a savory salad essing lightly pepped up with ing the count. sauce or catsup. Prepare some tnese vegetables.

sm-inkiR with TOMATOES ARE TOPS When citrus foods are less plentiful see that the family gets enough vitamin by serving tomatoes often. Other good sources of this vitamin are fresh cabbage, greens of all kinds, green peppers, SHARE YOUR UTENSILS Why not organize a block or apartment plan for sharing sweepers, washing machines, lawn mowers and other equipment which cannot be bought at present? f'ter, chill covered, over night and Thousands of Arabs in Hadri-mault, 120 miles from the coast of Aden, have been saved from famine by grain flown to them by army flyers. yet Oral mm to on hundred mod popular tominln first una on our UL you or (orrunat. Thai awans yen can haw GENUINE ENGRAVED personal nam stattoasry at --th towosl cost In history. shoots and 25 plain sriTsIopM Is match, only S1-X Stop and sarnlM oaf now "400 Uno oaararod staoontry la 11 00 bona.

ma me lunch boxes that go ana 10 school. Cauliflower jood the same way." Wash well separate into wr fresh berries, melons, and even new potatoes. Kh mixture' cnp tne raw ana moisten with salad Tanganyika will gather 109,000 tons of sisal this year. visited his brother Jack and family at LaFayette, en route home. Anderson Flower Ship.

Phone 367. After being graduated from the adjutant general's school, Ft. Washington, Robert B. Schnaidt has. been promoted to technical sergeant, fourth grade at his new base, Camp Livingston, La.

He recently spent 14 days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. A. Schnaidt, 917 West Tenth st.

Dr. L. H. Tautman, Dentist, 203 Boyce-Greeley Bldg. Phone 1376.

Corp. Wayne Stuck, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stuck, 2111 South Grange is attending an army air force combat crew training school at Gowen Field, Boise, Idaho. Shipley's Dry Cleaners.

It's phone 4 Aviation Cadet Marvin J. Christiansen, son of Mr. and Mrs. William Christiansen, Rt. 2, has reported at the Big Spring, bombardier school to begin training.

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