The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 2, 1950 · Page 28
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 28

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 2, 1950
Page 28
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PAGE SIXTEEN, SECTION' 2 BLTOTEVTLLE (ARK.) COUKTEK NEWS TUESDAY, MAT I, 19W OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Moj. Hoople FRBCJLLIS AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL Sit Down, So» BAH? YOURS IS TH6 LOUDi OF 60MEBODY tOLD MS HE- TRIED TO BEAT A R00 - WASN'T THAT DLt> BAD WEWS E SAW IP THA ME,VOU'P LEAVE A COUPLE OP FLATS TO PUMP UP OR. SOME- 1 CAN JUSI rr WITH -iCKJR. Bitce- tEAVE IT AT TH GAS STATIOM BY TH' BUS STOf? AMP YOU I _ U u~t 1 CAN STROLL OVER /_ AMP GET IT.' WERE COMES THE BIS NOISE HIMSELF.' WOW AW, SHE THIWG ON THe BALL 8UT WEf< HANDS.' WHAT YOU DOM'T GRASP IS THAT BURKS IS IKlDOMlTABLe BATTLER -<-~ STILL A. IT' IF HS USES MY |M THe BACK. YARD? THE e>uY LOOKS EKlOUSH TO PLANJT.' STEE-RIKE TWO/ A K«R.-PftJ CURVE/ ARE fAADE-NCTI R-ORM BY HERMINA BLACK Oni b, IIEA SttVICl. IMC FOR SALE Stale Certified DPI, No. 15 Blue Tag Cottonseed 80/i Germination — I — OGDEN SOYBEANS 89% Germination EARL MAGERS Dell, Arkansas Phone 2811 or 2161 • ml.rrlrr. "bo r[(iu. driirrl • i i rii- Our Telephone Number 4438 Shclton Motor Co. LOANS ON CARS, TRUCKS AND TRACTORS United Insurance Agency 1st A Main Rear City Dme Bly.thcville, Ark. RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR Factory-Trained Mechanics Any Make or Model Prompt Service Reasonable Prices Phone 2642 We Pick Up and Deliver Fred Callihan 110 So. Firs! St., Blythevillc Jrtn. ilnrlnu whh vluui that Sirlr i hand. ATtrr Mil- IrrllnUnq nc-mr, Clrnirni'y ««•••. rnr n ivnlk onil xtrria I'lcrx. Her hrnrl hi-nlo vcrr In-.i Indvcrt. Aflr* « .hurt vitnvft- •atfiirt «Jie rrlnrn* tn HIT i|iiHr(fr». c * • XI THOSE "attractive French ofll- •*• cers" whinn Syrte had mentioned lo Ctemcncy, had been away in Ihe desert on maneuvers, hence the Tract that very little entertaining had gone on 'it Red Aloes since Mrs. Jon Amberley's return, Jusline explained Ota Madame always had B party on Thursday afternoon when her friends dropped in to tea, or something stronger. For half an hour of that time it was usual [or Baba to be taken down, dressed in her prettiest clothes, and circulate:: among the guests. "Now you are going to be a very good girl, darling/ 1 Clemency tolc her. "I'm always a dooci dirl," announced the cherub with complete conviction, " 'cept when Daddy spoils me." Which ndroiU.v shittcc the burden of yesterday on to broader shoulders. There were rather more than n .dozen people In the room—half o whom were soldiers. AU ex- tremelj personable—from Hie el- derJy, white - muslarhcd senior o Ulcer, to the handsome, bronzei young captain, whose laughing dark eyes were bent very intently on his hostess as she stood in thi midst of n little knot of people "Come along, Clemency." Baba pulled Clemency's hand, dancuif forward, and at that momcnt-Syrii turned her head. "Hello, darling," she called "Come along; Captain Levide ha been waiting for you." "Baba—my sweetheart! What ong time since I saw you. Came ml see win I Paul has brought ou." The dark-eyed captain rame triding forward, and, cat firing (he hitd up, set her on his slmuldor Put her down for a minute. *aul/' ordered Syrle. "Mrs. San- erson wants to talk lo her This s my daughter, Mrs. Sanderson," The elegant, gray-haired woman /ho was sitting near, bcnl forward, holding out her hand. "Hello, Barbara. Come and talk o me, I knew your Daddy when 10 was a little boy. She's like you :yric—not like Jon." "My Daddy spoils me," an- nrnrnred Rnba. still flinging lo her )\. '.She's extraordinarily like yon, Syric," she said. "Don't you think so?" The smile she gave Clemency was unaffectedly friendly. "Yes. I think she is—but she has icr father's eyes." said Clemency "Join me 1 ." Mrs. Sanderson sait ' Clemency. "My daughter I: somewhere outside—if she doesn' •OIIIP in presently 1 will get you to *o am) find her." Syrie had madi tiltcrnpl to introduce her. si Clemency at once repaired th< casual omission. "Sit down and talk to me," Mrs. Sanderson said "I came back wilh Mrs. Amberley—Mrs. Jon, just over a forl- uight ago," said Clemency, immediately liking, this charming, natural, arid vyell-bred woman. * * • CJHK learned that Mrs. Sanderson *-• and her son ant! daughter wer spending the winter in Nortl Africa. "I have on a flection for thi part of the world," Blanche San dcrson said- "1 haven't been her since the War—though my son who came over with the Canadian Air Force and served In North Africa," So she was Canadian—Clemenr would not have thought it. thoug she did not like to make an comment. "My husband was Canadian. Mrs. Sanderson explained. ' iMdrcn arr.- very proud of being anndinn born. I'm British—" "J«isi nrcely so. darling," said a rl's fitiy voice behind them. "Ah. Chore you are, Janette, Th\a ^ Miss Norton—my daughter— ieutenant de Brlon—Miss Noron." "How do you do?"* Clemency ound herself shaking hands with very pretty girl. Almost tmmcdfnlely Syne carne ver and joined the group. was threading his way *• across the room, seeming some- ow apart from this laughing, In- onnal galhcring. He paused on its way to exchange greetings i.'ilh one or two of Syrte'a guests; o shake ,hands wilh the whlte- nuslach'jrt General, and kiss the iand of the General's wife. Someone else had been instantly ware nf his arrival, and had seen iis glance resting long on Clem- •ncy. Syrie said, wilhout raising her 'oice: "Do jou know Miss Norton, think someone has had enough excitement," Bah"a was behaving very well, jui as Ihe onrty was obviously over for her Clemency took the cue for exit. "Come, su en t heart." she said. 'Time to come upstairs—or we shan't be able to finish that story icftire bedtime." "Run along. Bar bey. You've been a good girl, and you shall come to my next parly " Syrle tissed her offspring, briefly smiling into the admiring dark eye* of Haul Levide. Baba certainly was an angeJ this afternoon. She said her "sood- bya" very prettily. Pier* bad joined the group by now. and sat town beside Mrs, Sanderson, who greeted him wilh the affection of an old friend. She broke off In her conversation with him to kiss Baba good by and to smile at Clemency, bul t'iers seemed to be equally unaware of his niece and her governess. This was, of course, wrong. Not only had ne seen her, but he was still seeing her. white he chatted and laughed wilh Blanche Sanderson and Janette. A girl "like a fresh rose." „ . . (To Br Cnntlnurd) "If that's Mrs. Jones, tell her I'll sit with the kids for cash on | y n o more home permanents or home-made blouses! Anyway, He Was First BY AL VERMEKR WERE FIRST, HEY? 500D BOY, CARLVLEiy I'LU BET YOUR TEACHER WAS AND WHEN MISS KEftTLY ASKED WHO WAS THE TENTH PRESIDENT I WAS THE FIRST TO 5A N "VAN BUREN. WHAT DID SHE SAV? BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANB' Jed Gets Orders I'LL DO MY 6SST, AIRS. KVIS. BUT RIGHT HOW I HAVE TO BE HEADING OVER TO MISS BAKER'S PLACE. SOME OF HER GUNS THEY'LL SAY fM HUNTINGOUTOf 5EA- SUPPOSE. VJFLL, I'll SHOW THEM. NOBODY THWABTS ^\ 84KER-- EXCEPT ALEC STEEL.' YOU HOLD YOUR NASTY TONGUE, JED BREWSTER UNLESS YOU WANT wfND'UP IN JAIL FIND OUT WHO THAT BIOND MAN WITH STEEL 15, D'YE HEAR'; CAPTAIN 'EASY r, Yes, Jusf J »an Over BY LESLIE TURNER I The 1'Bl examined 192.029 fini'CT- prlnt arrest records in 10-19. This exceeded 1948 by •!.:) iicr cent. PRESCRIPTIONS F r resli Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores Are You Protected Against TERMITES? Your house is worth a lot nf money so don't let Termites cause expensive dam;it;e. Get protection now... hul. -. BE SURE YOU GET THE BEST! H. C. Walls, n charter nicmlicr and director of the Sialc 1'est Control Association, can (lo your job right. Here's why: 1. Licensed limber than any operator in Mississippi County 2, Longest continuous satisfactory record of STATK inspections in Northeast Arkansas. 3. Your individual needs honestly diagnosed. -1- Conscientious workmanship, a S»"C plan of upkeep. RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES <A\! Types Except Cnnccrl Clink SI4 Main illylhrvillr. Ark Thnne WALLS 924 East Main CERTIFIED TERMITE SERVICE H. C. Walls Phone 3792 You'll Love Our Flowers! niA'THEVILI.E FLOV/ER MART Mcmithis Iliway Phone 600Z Our Telephone Number 4438 Shclton Motor Co. RENT A CAMERA Low Rates on Box or Flash Camera* Call 3C17 — West Main NEY'S DRUG STORE SHEET METAL WORK i OF ALL KINDS I HEAE \Q01CK! &KX U.<OER W LEDGE! VOICES, e»5Y:\THK6 OFF V0UR BEIT AND HOOK HHOEUEE- ]|T TO MIME, WHILE I GET OFF TOOK THE- h THIS WET IADDEE MUST ~ BE COUIXJG Custom work for sins, alfalfa mills, nil mills. Custom Shearing up lo I/<1 inch thickness. Frank Simmons Tin SSiop 117 Smith Hroatiway Phone 2C.51 BUGS BUNNY Clockwork Hearing Aid Users Now, you can gel fresh, pro-tested Hat (cries for Any Kind of Hearing Aid at DRUG STORES FOR SALE Concrete cnlvrrls. \'2 Inch In 48 iTirli, pl;ii» 01 ri-fnfurccd Atso Concrete Huililing Hlorks cheaper (liari lumber for h.irns chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses InoJ shcrfs- Wt dr\lvtr Call us for free estlmalc- OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. r-hone 601 Concrete Culvert Tile Si?c5 nl> to SO In Corrugotcd Metal Culverts Si/r* up to 8) In, AiKonuli, | Innd (Jntcj Concrele Seplic 'Innks Mclnl Sc|)lir Tanks Sewer Tile tics: Trlres VI P Dclitcr A. H. WEBB His!i,v;n fil m St:i:<- t.lrte Plinnr 7M MCA PRtSIMTS "MUSIC WITH THF STRONG BOB STRONG AT1[> HIS ORCHESTRA N SOWETIMES MY SUPER BRAIN AWAKES EVEN ME/ ALMOY 001' Words Me. A.) NISTEE A OOP? THAT OOP.'J BG OeESSED-UP APE ? LOOK. SISTER. THIS 15 AN AJB-LINEE. NOT A. FLYING ZOO.' WF... . ARMORY HALL May 2 Advance Trice .. 1.20 person At the Door LSfl person Tickets on Sale nt Kirhy's in Sales Co. O Sales & Service • ,, "Your Friendly StudeJboker Dealer" RAILROADS ASH PHONE 6888 BY V. T. HAMLIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Pug Resigns BY EDGAR MARTIN

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