The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 30, 1947
Page 10
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TEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS See Failure For United Labor Bloc Murray's Proposal Arouses No interest From AFL's Green WASHINGTON, June 30. <UP>—' CIO President Philip Murray's bid to form a united labor bloc for (.he 1948 elections and fight for repeal of the Talt-Hai Mcy law today appeared doomed to lailure. APL. President iVlllinm Green took a dim view of the new CIO attempt to establish joint political action T»tth the APL and the railroad brotherhoods. Green refused to comment directly • on the proposal Murray announced last night. But he pointed to his statement of two days ago as expressing the AFL's position on the Issue. Green said then that the AFTj would have a parallel political, action program to repeal the Taft-Hartley law and defeat members of Congress who voted for il^but he emphasized that it would not be a program carried on jointly with the OIO. Murray's pica for uiiiicd action failed to win immediate approval from other branches or organized labor as well. The CIO president said that he hoped labor could unite on a politi- , cal action program against the new Jaw and its congressional supporters. He made it clear that lie was not thinking in terms of a third political party. An attempt to merge the AFL and CIO early In May collapsed vnder CIO demands for malntc- New Bank President Is Named at Arkadclphia AAfiKADELPHIA. Ark., June 30. (UP)—H. W. Fincher, cashier of the Citizens National Bank here, was moved up to executive vice-presi- I dont today, temporarily filling the place of Cecil Cupp who was elecc- . ed to the presidency earlier this week. The two appointments were mad'i by the board of directors after t!i« death of W. D. Eiut-, liirmcr president. MONDAY, JUNK 30, 1047 Barbed wire entanglements first were used by the Spaniards in Cuba dining the Spanish-American war, nance of its own political action committee In any consolidation. The new effort was recommended by a special meeting of the CIO executive board. The board also disapproved suggestions for a general strike protest against, (lie new labor law. it ordered the CIO-PAC strengthened and organizing Intensified, and endorsed the East and Gulf Coast strike of shipyard workccrs for higher wages. PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores l*c«l * Competent Loot DfeUnce Help anrt eriiiiytn Insured Contract tud Mlec. Services. nt Aile- Hauling Homo SerTlco ft Storage Oo. Pbonl 2B01 CANNED—AitlKKICA S'Vl'1,1C—Japanese had to import U. S. canned goods to liolp carry Ihcm over until their rice crop is harvested, This Tokyo department store gave lectures and dis- tributrd pamphlets to teach Japanese how to prepare the food. N QflV MATr.ELHOW£ fARNHAM- Ru MATFFf HftU/E FTAT?kjUAft.l MSTRlaUTEO 111 »EA SEKVtCE. IMC. ' " L "UWt KARNHAM XXXII * • •B^k anc ^ * s P en t two glamorous .j - years in Pavis. f Father wrote weekly, always cheerfully. He was well, Leah was coddling him out of all rhyme and reason, he dined out often and.had .a friend or two to dinner nt least :once a week. Flora at first wrote ;almost daily, then weekly, then ;monthly, then hardly at all. I was • libt-sbrry not to hnvc her letters. ;She missed me terribly, she wasn't .-very well, Gloria Louise was a 'little angel; that dreadful Mrs. .linneran was trying to wean the -child away from her own mother; Theodora and the baby had colds, 'Or measles or mumps or colic; the nurse had left; Hio new nurse was ;first a treasure and then a devil, £«rm was the some, only more so. • Annabelle wrote cheerfully, :Flpra reported, but never invited ,her own twin sister to visit her, (never invited her mother either. JiWhen Flora sent her a hint, she , Ignored it. Amy was as big as a i house. Next, Amy had twin boys, i and they both looked exactly like i Nelson, and Sam's nose certainly | was out of joint—it wasn't Flora's i fault that Sam's two children were jsWs. i Later Flora wrolc she was. going I to^have 'another baby, and she ! hoged .she would die. From then t orv I dreaded-to even see an en- Ivefppc in her writing, her com- j pl&irits were EO constant: Even !-when, in 1921, she at last bore the j long-wanted son, the letters were j hardly more cheerful. She acln- | ally claimed that Sam held il j against her because Sam Junior *j'did not turn out to be twins, r I had sent Annabcllc a belated (wedding present from Paris, and j'in acknowledging it she wrote me a long, friendly letter. She seemed happy, almost gay. She wrote thai > the four stepsons were high-strung I children and dreadfully spoiled r but that they were at last beginning to be her friends; that Pltfs: field had opened its arms to her •ind she had been entertained from norning to niRht; that she had akcu up golf and tennis as well as ;he new dances; that her house was large, her two servants well trained; that she had a lovely gar- Jen and had been elected a mcin- Jcr of tho Pitlsficld Garden Club, » great honor for a newcomer; hat she often went into Boston 'or the symphonies and plays, and hat Boston enchanted her—iillo- jclher a satisfactory letter from a contented and happy bride, except hat she never once mentioned her lew husband even by implication. * + » i rMLL'S father and mother came *^ over to stay with us in the :iinimcr of 102!, and wr- motored vilh them through the hill towns of Ilaly. I begged Father to come oo, either then or for Christmas, but he wouldn't. I was the more lisnppointed because Hill had np- >licd for another year's leave in order to study at Oxford Tor his "•h.D. Ho got the leave, and we settled in Oxford for almost a year and had a dilTcrcut sort of time, dmost as happy as in Paris. In ho early autumn of 1022 we at ast came home, and for good. Father and Bill's father and nothcr met us in New York, and we had a few days lri*cllicr. Then Bill went back to Boston for a week's visit, while I went home .vilh Father. On the train Father told me all the news. Flora was giving m™. ,1 big parly the evening after my arrival. Flora and Sam bickered and rotiRhl, but because of the children he thought Sam would slick it out, and Flora had no choice but to slay where her livelihood was. Fatlior said that Annabcllc seldom wrolc home and then only to her mother; her letters were full o[ boasls of new possessions and social triumphs, but Flora told him she never included a single word about Frank Hartwell. As far as he kncu nothing had been heard from Mr. ToHivcr for seven years or so Init Nelson claimed that Amy knew where her fijther was and occasionally wrote to him. Nelson rind Amy were extremely happy—the other Tollivcrs hadn't seemed to do no well when it cair.c to marrying, but Amy's marriage wns a complete ami' hrillinnl success. That wns because Amy had character and integrity, which Flora arut po-sibly Annabelle lacked. Amy was ij, Bivci: as well :is a taker. There never was a finer woniiin Ilian Amy Forbes, md her marriage had brought out Til the best in her. * o * HAD tanked forward lo Kccinn old friends, to describing new mil novel experiences, lo being 'usscd over. Hut my welcome lome turned out a complete and iwful fix/le. My friends flocked to sec me, id I went to as many as five Kirtics a clay—breakfasts, lunch- ions, card parlies, teas, dinners— but al all those affairs I barely had he chance lo open my mouth except to ask ail occasional question. Olscgo was interested neither in ny marriage, my life in Paris, nor ny hcusekccpinu in Oxford. For, it came out the morning after my irrivnl home, Amy Forbes the day before had run away from Nelson, tier mother, 'her clvii-ming twin boys; with the traditional cttcr left on her husband's pincushion. The letter vms brief. It asked kelson's forgiveness and her mother's forgiveness. Amy hoped that Nelson, in the kindness of his generous heart, would not teach licr boys to hale her. She loved ittle Nelson and Johnny, si' • loved them all, and she thanked Nelson for his continued kindness, but she had to go. There was no further explanation. Sho had taken less than S20 niid only a small suitcase. If she went by train. 110 one hnd seen her. Nelson hired detectives, but he could find no trace of her. W h a t did my homecoming amount to, compared to this spicy and provoenlive lidbil? Olscjio. I believe, hnr' tiovor had such a good time. When T left for llhaca, a sadder if wiser woman, no trace of Amy Fm-hes had bren found. (To lie Continued) Head Courier News Want Ads. Free Delivery Call PICKARD'S GROCERY Phone 2043 1044 Chickasawba Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY Club 61 Ulylhcvlllr;, Arkansas — — Highway (il Morih Dine and Dance Couples and Parties Only Open 6 Nights Weekly Owned By W. A. (Red) Bickerstaff nml George Ford Tor Hcscrvalions Telephone 944 »•»•••••*•••< £ I "I've just had the lawnmower sharpened! Is it safe to take it out of the trunk? Are any of the neighbors looking?" ''HECKLES & HIS FRIENDS Tap-Hapny By MERRILL BLO^SER _'ATESr - BRAIW IVAVET OF THfc" SHADYS/DF HIGH SCHOOL CROWD IS .AS A SUBSTITUTE FOR. THE , TELEPHONE/ REMEM&PR WWAT I TOLD YOU, AMD YOU'LL SOON Be? • GOOD AS /Ms)/ CANNIBAL TpAT MEANS 1 . \ HIVAH , DELILAH .' J WRON& NUMBER.. BUB/ , THIS IS JvvXRV FEOM GAR// GATEWOOD GROCER* *j Phone 975! Ark.-Mo. Stale Line on the left at the Arch VI. 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Wlliams * CO\\E ALONG M(M<e GO 6EE OLD HOK\6 OF TR18& w^ERe CHIEP PIE-EVE PLW A9 VOUW5 BUCK.' WHAT ? THE VO6 JUMPED IN TM 1 TUB WITH YOU V GRAB HIM — DOM'T LET HIM BRIMS ALL. THAT WATER COWS) HERE: Oh. HE'LL. BE ALL RIGHT BY TM' TIMC IIE GITS OUT THlti DOOR. MOM •- "THF.KE WOM'T BE ANY WATER.' WAFFLES.' BLVT ~- CftM KA-Jt HOT HORSE - RTDER RRE5 At THE AMD MB, A, ^\f^^J OF W\f FLE GOOD. 1 ME LEftNE SMALL- L6TTERS,\NilTrA- OOT £V£NJ A 5y_V. T._HAML1N AHH: LAND AT DV GAOPRV. I EE^ COP'S BEINS 5W E ON A DESERT ISLAND... JUST UKt= THS ROBINSON C5USOE IN THE BOCK I WASN'T GONN.S ^V a ^KE IT.' r- =. HAS IN- \EiNTED A NEW WHICH HE IS NOW TRYING OUT ON ANGEL- FOOD CAVjE CCCTSUP OM VT.TOO ROOTS A NO HER BUDDIES 15y FUICI) IIAUMAN BY MICHAEL O'MALLKY nnd UAI.l'H LANE WELL, (XI? FRIEND COWiC TiLKEO ALL R1CHT. AND SHE- SURE PUT THE FINSftt.CH NIFTY FELIX. I'M GOING TO HAVE HIM WANT TO STICK AROUND ? GOT TO OUT WWW "TO HU?l?> O V-VTTVt TWNG I'LV \ COUW (AflVCt SWOP VOR fRtt HOURS 60T MU TO T\MtAVClN6 OF CHORt.% TO Bt DOVit flf TtR. SURE. MAYBE HE'S NOT HOME YET. I TOLD 1OU ABOUT TME RUN-IN I HAD WITH HIM AND HIS BIO FRIEND. THEY MIGH1 BE MAKING A NIGHT OF If. ANYTHING YET,CAPTAIN. B?ING HIM IN AS SKN AS HE SHCWS

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