The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 14, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 14, 1946
Page 7
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THURSDAY, MARCH M, 1010 See Wide Uses For Chemical War Weapons By JOHN IIASI.AM United Press Staff Correspondent ARSENAL, Ark. (U.P.l—While the nation's reconversion is liter- B»' ; i]ly turning wartime swords inlo "peacetime plowshares anil pruning hooks, now can the ingenuity devoted to chemical warfare repay its coal to tlie health and surety of a world at peace? Here arc some peacetime uses suggested by Chemical Warfare Service officials at Pine Bluff, Ark., for smoke weapons, the deadly flamethrower and the "fire roe" of incendiary bombs. Improved smoke pals and me-' chanical smoke generators—used to screen beach landings and Allied advances—suggest an economical method of creating, artificial fogs to protect fruit trees and crops from frost. Aiul apparatus evolved for spraying smoke from airplanes will be used to lay protective blankets over lar[;e crop areas in the new air-minded era to come. Flame C;im Adaptable .The fabulous flamethrower—one of the war's most destructive weapons—already is in use to combat water vegetation impeding navigation. But thai Is only one of tlie flame gun's many peacetime adaptations. Tlie u. S. Forest Service has suggested its use for backfiring forest blazes. Farmers see a modified adaptation lor use in burning over large areas. The Pittsburgh, pa., municipal airport suggests a flamethrower will be practical to remove hard-packed ice and snow from runways. The burning agent of the famed Mgnceiuliarics that razed Japanese "--'cities was adapted to war uses after a peacetime origin. A scientist developed a jellied gasoline mixture—"fire roe"—after trying many experiments to rid his lawn of crab grass. This inflammable jelly is suggested for use in igniting wet wood. Even toxic agents developed for insurance against, the enemy's uf.c of gas may have a peacetime use. For instance, one such chemical— chlorpicrin—used on soil gives greater yield of small grain and sugar beets. Others will be used for fumigation purposes. Much Apparatus Useful In the absence of gas warfare, decontamination apparatus has been used to spray breeding places of the malaria mosquito, to lay road dust, to carry water in arid regions, to serve as auxiliary firefighting equipment, and to provide portable shower baths for work crews in isolated areas. It is useful also to de-ice airplane wings and! to spray fruits and crops. Shoe impregnate, intended originally to safeguard feet from contamination of blistering agents, is used to keep moisture and cold out of shoes. And finally, gas masks, impermeable clothing and cellophane capes—all developed by the chemical Warfare Service—hold prom- for workers handling deadly or tering agents in peacetime industry. Greenwich Village Moves To Brooklyn Artists, Wrifers, Actors Form New Colony in Shadow of Historic Brooklyn Bridge Artists bring Ilirii- brushes anil easels to tile |i;irk at the foul vanlase iioinl, (he Manhattan sk.Miue at (ivilighl if Krfluklyn's Miml:i£ue Street, tffi'rs inspiration for genius. From thin U-: (AUK.) COU1UKH NEWS aim's ol dancers nnd round-arm- | HT, I yoimii nu'ti. stone i-lili-kcns I * iml lmm/<. Uogs sliuut on tallies """ ui on it,,, iicor. (Iliiimtlu murals Tonne the while-wiisliod walls, lie luiisculiir artist was polishing lirimllv Mother unit Child (lint working on foi Ihieo he Jiild, rub- Ihe 2000 wus no lived on years, but Hy JKAN CKOKGK NKA Staff ('orrrs|ioiiilcnl NEW YORK, Mai. B (U.P.J Kemember Greenwich Village? The twisted streets of old New York, where artists painted, the cold garrets where genius bloomed, the bare cellars where gay daubers and musiciairs gathered? Well, it's gone—gone over to Brooklyn! The new Greenwich Village is just beyond the Brooklyn Bridge on the picturesque knoll that overlooks the Manhattan skyline and the Statue of Liberty. Here there arc tree-lined streets with names like a summer salad bowl; Pineapple, Orange, Cranberry ntul, so help us. Love Lane. Love Lane runs half a block, fringed with the one tree that will grow in Brooklyn—the Tree of Heaven. There is a small park at the end of Mcntr.gue Street that is lined with benches like pews in church. The park looks across the masts of merchant ships in the ]X>rt below to of New York. the voyager's view Artists and writers William /.orach, renowned sculptor, polishes' a 2000-pound creatior in the Brooklyn stable which is his studio. come there at twilight when tliej lights are going on in Manhattan i KKNTS A HE LOW In Brooklyn (winters have found spacious studios for less than $45 month. Writers have taken over the high-ceilinged parlors of mansions built by wealthy importers and racketeers of the Gay Nineties. Actors have found that the converted master bedrooms of old homes provide roomy stages' for the noisy lines of Clifford Odels. Louis Untermeyer. renowned poet and writer, lives on two Moors of an old mansion on fiem- scn street. He proudly calls himself a "convinced Hrooklynitc. not converted." His main reason for moving across the Enst River was to "live in a small town atmosphere." The poet relaxed in his library and discoursed on the new "Village." "You have little stores and big stores here, you have trees, comfort, all the charm of a village with the conveniences of the city only one slop away on the subway. "When I go to a parly that bores me 1 simply get up early, look at my watch and tell the host I've got to get back to Brooklyn. Then everyone gasps and waits for me to put on my snow shoes and start out with a dog team for that abandoned land. "1 made up all the gags about Brnoklyn," he added, "and now I'm eating them one by one." Almost every artist who moved to the new Village on the Brooklyn knoll did so because high rentals in Greenwich Village had driven them out. Furthermore, Greenwich lias become a smart residential section now. and the "line families" would rather not have Ihe creators around. They would like to forget tlie gay striving nrlists that gave the twisting streets their carefree reputation. And the artists, sensing the change, packed lip and left. William Cornell, one of the most outstanding modern sculptors of today, moved lo Brooklyn several, years ago from the Village. ile Dought an old stable and remodeled it into a studio. lie lives with his wife, who Is u fine painter in her own right. In the sim-fillcd apartment above. Zorach's studio is (tiled with Proposed Bull Shoals Dam Among Largest (Little nocj:, Mar. 13. (UP) — The fifth largest concrete dam in the nation will be built at Bull Shoals as key project in the II. S. engineers' White River Basin tlc- vclopmcnt plan. Col. F. O. Reeves, district engineer executive officer, said here Monday. Congress has approved three flood control reservoirs and five flood control and power vescrvoirs. Reeves said. The engineers have recommended construction of fonr additional flood control and power rcscrvoirs. HELPS BUILD UP RESISTANCE . against distress of WEAKNESS "In the Village." ug carborundum on puiiiiil ovation, "(here 'Hjiu [,„. ijij, w ,,rk. Wi> <Mli stive! for many iii'i'il 11 ground floor wheiv 1 niu drive trucks in and out to lake my ''k In galleries. Anything suit-' I* 1 there was too expensive. t>o I'otnc he-re. •Also, In the Village, everyone lies to my studio. People ring the bt'H constantly. They usk me uuout tools, stone, thts mid Hint. "Here 1 work undisturbed. Look, on Ihe back ,ix>rch grow u Crtib A|i|)le tree in Brooklyn!" , Albert llaulper. the first, pro- letariate novelist. Arthur Miller, author of "Poous" nnd Philip Van DOITIV Stem, who wrolo "The Mini Who Killed Ijincoln." are other Hi-imkiyii villagers. Oypsy Rose Lcc lived In Brooklyn llelghls for several years and W. 11. Auden wrote many lx>oks of verse under Ihe shadow of the nroiiklyn IJrklge. riiehiirl Wright did most of his work on "lilaek Hoy" (here. Mmiy obscure writers are pounding out books In the now selling. They like the same atmosphere in which Wall Wliil- niiui published his first edition O f .envcs of Grass." and In which riuuims Wolfe lived and died. On Pultoh street Is an old remodeled department store where many painters have studios. Christian lieinrlch, sculptor for untny of the world's Piitv exhibits, lias his home mid workshop here. Helnrich Is working on small animals while waiting for tbe building boom. He hus a model —a large gray uibblt that hops from Its cage and lo]x.'s leisurely around his apartment to the ama/cmcnt of visitors. Severn! floors above him is a young modern painter. Julio Cllionu and his wife Use. Girona lias studied In Parts, lived In Cuba mill settled In Brooklyn. While In the Army lie would tell the men of his travels around Ihe world, "Then, 1 tell them i uv c in Brooklyn, and they will not believe me," lie said standing before a culnstir impression of German war prisoners. "But it is lovely here," ItOllKMlAN'S Pl.ENTIiall, I.mils Untcrmcycr, ili'an of ihi- There is no scarcity of writrr's colony, nri^iinitcil Rags ! hemiims In the new Village, about llrooklyii. Now- his target is' apartment that belongs to u Manhattan | lective gathering of actors PAGE SEVEN I,ee A. Kelly, K. C., of OLIiiwn, hus been mimed down Pinse- culor In tkie forthcoming (rials of four Canadians involved in tlio Russian spy case. streaming in. (treat talent Is binned all night; dances arc orlg- lunled. plays visualised, and great |)l«.e»; "f nit traced In the air. Tlie genius burns out around 5 or U in the morning and the guests wander home. No one has n Job so the rent Is paid by friends who contribute $1.2!) here nnd $2.10 (here. Another artist was Inspired byt the entiles of the Brooklyn Hrldge iid works by twisting wire into i'aime ligiiK's and simps, One slruiicllng painter of II ic muklyii Village lives on $15 a veek nnd two or Ihrre of that oc;i Into nrt .maUrinls. one day ils cleaning ludy saw his work nd suld: "I'll wash a hiuulkerchlef foi you If you give me one of them FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A.H.Webb ai-IIMs begins lo hum around inid- nlifhl each night. Doors binw, tin 1 Jug of wine Is brought forth-$1 a gallon—and Ihe visitors come iretty pictures. He paints men cct, • . with bone* for Ilwy. (il at Stale I'lume: Ulyllivvillu 71! The swastika, or Fylot, a p«- jhrlstlan form of cro»* and the unblem of Ihe Nnzl Reich, dates )ack to prehistoric times and U found on relics In botii heml- ipheres. A Natural Aid for Rheumatism Arthritis Neuritis Don't neglect what may seem lo be n trivial ache or pain nnd allow u serious ailment to develop. Make the palatable Mountain Valley Mineral Water your "ounce 3( prevention" against stiffened joints, stabbing nerves or aching muscles. Phone for a case WOUNTAIN VALLEY MINERAL WATER From Hoi Sprlnfi, Ark. CROSSTOWN . , WHISKEY SHOP Main \ DtTUlon, BlyUurille, Ark. FLOORS REFINISHED New Floors Laid and Finished. Make Your Old Floors Look N«w— Modern Bunding Equipment Used. Call <1G!) for Free Estimate Deal's Paint & Wallpaper Store Paints, Wallpaper', 5/ars-O-Wooif Awnings 104 So. First "We Clean nud Wai Floors" I'liDlie 409 AND 24-Hour I N S U TAXI SERVICE CALL 968 Slrcct Bill Wunderlich — Rtar Robinson's Drug When Taken Tfiruout The Month Also • Great Stomachic Tonic! If you suffer from monthly cramps with accompanying headache, backache and nervous. Jittery, cranky feelings—when due to female functional periodic disturb• ances—try famous Lydia E. Pink" ham's Vegetable Compound to relieve such symptoms. Pinkham'sCompound DOES MORI than relieve such monthly pain. This great medicine also relieves : accompanying weak, tired, nervous feelings—of such nature. Taken thruout the month— Pinkham's Compound helps build up resistance against such distress. Over 100 Million Battles Sold- It MUST Be If you're In need of such help—we urge you to give Pinkham's Compound a fair and honest trial. Thousands upon thousands of women have reported remarkable benefits. Just see if you, too, aren't delighted with results! D. & P. L. No. 14 Planting Seed Cleaned, Delinted, Ccrcsan Treated. Germination 80 to 90 per cent. Also LAREDO SOY BEANS 90% Germination Lloyd Stickmon Phono 3210 ECITAJU COMPOUND FARMS FOR RENT One 380 acre farm, one 300 acre farm, one 2£0 acre farm, one 97 acre, farm, one 75 acre farru, and one 45 acre farm, all .well improved, with electricity. We o/so want 25 SHARFCROP FAMILiES Will comptclrly snt up and (inincc, lo farm, * limited anm- her of large families. ; . ,, »] J"'|»\«J 'Sc= E. B. Gee Colton Co., Marslon, Mo., Krailej, Mo. (S milci west of I'ortaECville), and Bljlheville, Ark. Let Us Service Your Car We Specialize in 1 WASHING 1 GREASING 1 VACUUM CLEANING Phone 553 We'll Call for Your Car and Deliver U Back to You We Carry a Complete Stock U. S. TIRES Langston V/roten Co. \ Buick Sales and Service Walnut at Broadway WASH TUBBS here Valk Comes In VE& 5HtR«=F, I WAS SURE JE1CWE WAS1 BLJRlEP IN FOrTEfJ'5 FIELD, NSW HAL HAD SA'D HE WA* K\£S. BURIED HERE- ASP V>'E KAO ONLV VAIK'S \YOKU THAT H14 COZPSS WAS IN r«E CASKET,.. , ...AND THATIV WASN'T OPcNEP AT THE / BUT HOW FU'WERAL SKAU4E/ ABOUT MR. BLEEKE'.HE MUTILATED IN A CAR WRECK,' ULK PRO3ABW GOT HlW TO A HIDEOUT NEARBY". £EWEt> UP TH6 WOUND IN HIS FACE,..THEN HIT" ON A CLEVER SCHEME TO S?T HIM TO A SAFER HIDINS PIAC6 HER£.' 1'U. GET TO HIA.\ LATER... WHY Dip WIX LIE ABOUT ALtTHIS? BECAUSE HE WAS INVOLVEP IN THE KIDNAPIN& TOO! HE WAS THE ACCOMPLICE WHO HELPED JLLWE ESCAPE THE POLICE TRAP.' Quality GARDEN TOOLS GRASS SHEARS MOTOR OIL A quality oil GARDEN HOE flfSc—SI. 2 5 (SA.UUAGB CANS STRICTUf "FIRST LINE We handle many lamoui m*l<ci of ffrst line tiie, ot ihc lowed price* in (own so »lop by our itoie todiy - - perhaps we hpve your lize in itock - • if not, we can take your ordtr *nd h«vt them for you in i veiy ihoit (im«, no w car pep and power. Save FOR ALL CARS SPARK PLUGS 5JMONI2 KLEENER TOUCH-UP ENAMEL Koop thoio rust ipoti "° m iproading. Touch (horn up now for . • • DISTRIBUTOR ROTORS At our low prices H Iways pay you to replace any defective distributor parti. WINOSKIELO WIPER MOTOR It it oaiy to replace th«f . d«f«ctive wiper 5 Minute 'VULCANIZER Complete with 4 Patches Metal Tool Boxes TOOLBOXES FAN BUTS 75c A h«ndy boic foi • million' ' uiti. With (ny, lock jind kty. ~_ HORN MLAYS SOUTHERN AUTO STORES CARL BRYANT, Manager PHOSr. 3121 113 WEST MAIN ST.

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