Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 20, 1891 · Page 7
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 7

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 20, 1891
Page 7
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How's Your Liver? . Is the Oriental salutation, ; knowing that good health j cannot exist without a ] healthy Liver. When the ' Liver is torpid the Bowels are sluggish and constipated, the .food lies in the stomach undigested, poisoning the blood; frequent headacha ensues; afeelinglof'lassi- tude, despondency and nervousness indicate how the whole system is deranged. . Simmons Liver Regulator has been the means of restoring more people to health and happiness by giving them . a healthy Liver than any agency known on earth. It acts with extraordinary power and efficacy. NEVER BEEN DISAPPOINTED. As a general family remedy for Dyspepei* Torpid Liver, Constipation, etc., I hardly ever use anything else, and have never p«ei, disappointed In the effect produced; it seems to be almost a perfect cure for all diseases of the Stomach and Bowels • -, W. J. MCELROY, Macon, Ga. WITHOUT CLOTHES, The Sun Bath Is the Very Latest Fad. It's Curious, But It Goes—A Scene In Progressive Xnrsery—Health as She Is .Pursued Afcordinjj to Mm Newest Whim. ICGPY/UCHT ISflJ.l The modern woman puts on a frock with a long- stiff waist and huge, irregular sleeve puffs reaching down to her elbows and up to her ears, and a straight narrow skirt that strains across her hips and cling-s about her ankles and lies in a quaint fan-like flare on the floor. . Then she assumes a liigh-shoul- ile'rcd cape that is all collar and fringe of firry tails, and a flat m'orsel-of a bonnet tilted erazily forward and wittivtwo little velvet horns like those attributed to Bacchus sticking- out 'in front over her hair. So attired she picks upla carriage muff big- enoug-h to look for'all the world like a huge kitten, pins a long-stemmed rose, on top of it, and before she goes out. to hold the fad balance even, strips all clothing of every description off her wee boys and girls. She says she does it to give them free- lOIOCAJGHT 1890 It isn't the usual way —it's just the reverse—to pay a patient -fi'lien you can't cure him. ^Nevertheless, that's that's done by the proprietors of- Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy, They promise to pay you §500 if they can't. cure your catarrh, no matter how bad the case. It isn't mere talk—it's business.- You can satisfy yourself of it, if you're interested. And you ought to.be, if you have catarrh. It's faith in their medicine that's behind .the offer. It has cured thousands of the worst cases, where everything else failed. You can be cured, too. If you can't, you get the money. They're ivillfng to take the risk—you ought to be glad to ; take the medicine. It's the cheapest medicine you can buy, because it's guaranteed to give satisfaction, or your money is returned. " x You only pay for the good you get. Can- you ask more ? That's the peculiar plan all Dr. Pierce's medicines are sold. on. SOLD MEDAL, PARIS, 1878. I.BAKER&CO/S Breakfast Cocoa from Tvhioh the excess of oil has been remoTed, is Absolutely JPure and it is Soluble. No Chemicals are used in ito preparation. It has more than three times the strength of Cocoa mixed with Starch, Arrowroot or Sugar, and is therefore far more economical, costing less than one cent a cup. It is delicious, nourishing-, strengthening, EASILY .DIGESTED, and admirably adapted for invalids as well as for persons in health. Sold by Grocers everywhere. W. BAKER & GO,, Dorchester, Mass. SHAKE HA.NDS. ,dom of limb! She's a deliciously humorous individual. How this new health notion originated there's no telling. Some women take to it, as they do to Buddhism and did to the mind cure, from intense conviction. Others adopt it because their thoughts hang suspended like— The.swan's-down feather, That stands upon the swell at full .of tide, And neither way inclines. They want a hobby and they are as like as not to pitch- on typhus fever because it chances to be fashionable in London. You could really imagine them yearning:, like Rudyard Kipling-'s soldiers, to "die decently in their beds of zymotic disease," if so to do appeared at the moment to be the proper thing. This toddling and trotting- of wellborn babies in pink and white nakedness has a strong claim as the first accredited fad of 1S91. The little victims are not allowed as yet 'outside their own apartments, and perhaps, when one considers how many whims will bud and bloom and die before warm weather, it is a.ssuming too much to imagine that this especial flower of fancy .will not blush unseen and waste its sweetness on the nursery air. And yet it may live to reach the pavements; who can tell? It is supposed to be a peculiarly invigorating and strengthening process, making- the babies, like the Indian who is credited with the famous reply in the story, "all face," and giving them an enviable roundness and shapeliness of limb. Its efficacy in this respect depends particularly on the abjuration of shoes and stockings. There is a system of sun baths connected with it, and which, indeed, may be regarded as its foundation stone. That infants are being brought up in puris naturalibus is being made known to the public through the medium of "breakfasts" and lunches. A whim that can not in some way be aired does not fulfill the first conSition of a ,whim, and so it chances that cards.are beginning to go fluttering- about in certain circles which bear, or bore in one instance, in •the corner wheie one would naturally expect, "To meet Mrs. So and So," the mysterious inscription, "To be present at the sun bath of Monsieurs Iss Bebes." The breakfast to which allusion is made was probably the most elaborate mmute with, grave shyness by each gnest in turn to lisp quaint and broken phrases—not without. evidences of previous discipline of baby greeting. When this odd" little German, ceremony, giving nowadays the last touch of smartness, was finished, Mcngieurs les bebes disappeared, and curiosity rose in a crescendo until the hostess left her seat and calmly, yet as one on the brink of n great, coup, invited the little procession to follow her to the nursery. The big- sunny room papered in pink and white with scenes from ' 'Alice iii Wonderland' 1 had for occupants a crackling fire and two puffy, pink cushions lying in front of the great bay window. To these there entered after a minute's pause, during which one observed the stage setting of toy furniture—ribboned baby chairs, and low round pink-enameled tables and white fur rugs and water color sketches of rosy faces framed in >pink and gold—two white- capped and aproned nurses who advanced witli even pace and laid upon the cushions in the full flood of sunshine'— Monsieurs les bebes. . Pinker against the pink background kicked and wriggled two little human balls, unclad, except for tissue paper caps that covered the flossy heads and shielded the eyes. There was a gasp and a gurgle from every mother's daughter as four fat fists and' four heels wildly waved. "Sfannette and Marie," said the hostess, "you may go on." Js T annette and Marie knelt by the pink urchins and nibbed them and rolled them and pinched them, and made them scarlet with laughter and massage. "Nannette and Marie,are they warm?" "Yes, Madame." "Archie and Reggie, up. with you!" The twins struggled to their feet and' stood, tubby, toddling- youths, obedient, blinking-. "Nannette and Marie, start the ball!" The two nurses produced a small black rubber football and threw it to the two urchins, who understood the pro- gramme, for they presently sent it bobbing up against the ceiling-. They kicked it and tossed it and tumbled over it, all the time preserving- the most comical gravity of demeanor. Since Nannette and Marie had taken hands off them they had not smiled. "Nannette and Marie, th,e measures; Archie and Reggie, how well can yon stand?" The nurses brought out two oak and silver sticks and the twins solemnly walked up to them, touching- to the improvised perpendiculars their noses, their chests and the tips of their toes. Their round stomachs tkey drew resolutely in. Then, in soldier-like attitude, heads erect, they marched to and fro in the sunshine. "Archie and Reggie, breathe!" The twins stood where the sun was strongest and drew air- into their lungs. They still held their stomachs^ determinedly hollowed, but swelled out their chests, mirthless, but mirth-provoking-. They lay down again on their cushions, and slowly and with absorbed countenances lifted their dimpled leg's to form -wavering rig-ht angles with their bodies. Then Nannette and Marie held their feet and they lifted their head and shoulder till, after repeated tumblings back, they were in sitting-positions. Al- are"making most out of the fad are the amateur photographers, who are said to be getting- fine cherub collections bv lying- low during the progress of the sunbath mysteries. Next in point ol advantage are the coal dealers whc warm the nurseries. KUXA PUTNAM HKATON. A FINE MONUMENT. 8t:itu« to <;<;npral C:ouvern«ur K. Wurren >o Be Krectcd In Brooklyn. . For a movement that was only inaugurated sixty days ago the progress of the organisation—the G. K. "\Varren Post of Brooklyn of tiie Grand Army of the Republic—formed to erect u, suitable str^ie to the chief engineer of the army of the'• Potomac, is phenomenal among such memorial undertakings. After an invitation^to several scxilptors of established reputation the model of Henry Haft-ei 1 . herewith represented, Have you a Pittsburgh, Rochester, Duplex, or a. Student Lamp? » Do they work satisfactorily? Do your Lamp Chimneys break? You get the wrong sort! The KIGJ-IT ones are the "PEARL GLASS," made by Geo. A. Macbeth & Co.,- Pittsburgh, makers of the celebrated " Pearl-top " lamp chimney, which have given universal satisfaction. Advice to the Agecl. - rings inririninieti, KueJn UM nl - prish-bon-clM. weak Itiriaeys and bladder and torpid liver. • bavc » specific effect on' these org-ans, HUmuIaliii^ tiio t.ou-els. giving-natural discharges without sijtiiiriujr or griping, anil - "-•• • " IMPAETIHG YI00E to tho Itiditoy.f. bl:i(l.(<;c- an-Jl 'iver They arc adupted to oSii t>r yc. isi;"-. sou> ' HOUGH AXD TUMBLE VEGETABLE COUGHS AND COLDS. Soc. and SI. at all druggist!. £ MORfiM & SONS, •- Proprietors, -'PROVIDENCE. R.I./' / TIUDESUPPLIEDby ROSS GORDON, : LaFayette, Ind. For sale by B. F E.eeslin^ THE BABV VIGTLM. that lias been given. Tlie ten ladies who were bidden sat about a table which differed in few particulars from the dainty courses which modish worn-, en pride themselves on serving-, .save that the low crystal bowl which held ferns also held scores and fifties of the strange "baby"'orcliids. At each plate lay a small faintly - fragrant. "table satchet" done up in satin painted, with baby cupids, and into', the neck-'of. it was thrust a cluster of the weird orchids holding out. in view their tiny white infants. Just as the fruit was served the door opened, and there appeared on the threshold tw;n lads probably'. under three, who -svore short black velvet skirts and bits of round,velvet jackets with great piaffs of filmy white lawn .seeming-- to bridge .the gap. between. The urchins had brown emu;* and peculiarly bright brown eyes. n,nd as they circled about the table thev paused a gernon, the pug, took a paw in the romp and the guests blessed him. He gave them a chance to laugh hysterically. "Marie and STannette, the beanbags!" The twins threw them at a board with holes in it. taking the poses of chubby Cupids. The nurses fetched and carried the ammunition. "Archie and Reggie are really distressed," explained the radiant hostess, "when they have to be dressed for their : run on the avenue.—That is sufficient, Nannette and Marie.—Don't you know how the Greek, youths and maidens got their fignres by work without clothing in the 'gymnasia? Archie and lleg-gie practice several hours a day." It is a part of the newly fashionable theory that garments impede the circulation of the blood, and they are blamed for keeping off the sunshine. It is required of the clisciple to be ashamed of the white look of the covered skin. It is likened to a potato sprout bleached in a cellar.. Children are to play in the daylight with unfettered limbs, and, moreover, on as few pccasions as possible are they to wear shoes. Forgoing- about the house soft moccasins are to be substituted ~;to keep the feet unde- fdnned. Sometimes, when the nursery hasn't a big window, the' sunbath is arranged in the conservatory. It makes a •romantic, some might .think a rheumatic combination, the child amid ..tha flowerss. 1 A young architect in the city ' has a commission to arrange the top floor of a new and somewhat pretentious house with special sunbath facilities. Two rooms are given,to the children, and one of these has a skylight like a photographer's, set in the roof, and is to be fitted as a nursery, gymnasium. The new idea reduces the-inequality between th. sexes in the matter of pockets, and on can imagine the urchin of the futur< - painfully seeking an answer to- the question that puzzled the "Bad Boy" oi Thomas Bailey Aldrich when he was a blighted being and mooned'over the tombstone cherubs, wondering where they kept their marbles and string. The funniest happening of which I have heard, under the new dispensation -was the adventure of a small gM, who escaped from her nurse arid wandered down-stairs in very "fulldress" into.&e thick of a New-Year's reception, 'with the calm announcement: "Sun gone; me want maca-oon." The people who was, according to Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper, selected as a graphic expression of Warren's attitude on Little Bound Top during the most desperate struggle on the field of Gettysburg. It has been approved by the General's widow. While spirited and even dramatic in pose it is faithful in portraiture, the military and defiant fea'ture of his elastic figure being very pronounced. The figure will be of bronze, heroic in size—that is seven and a half feet high—and will stand on a mass of granite bowlders taken from the^ historic spot of Little Round Top itself witn the consent of the Gettysburg Battle Field Association. Although the contract between the sculptor and Warren Post does not express the fact that the memorial is to be erected there its destination, without any doubt, will be Prospect Park, which ultimately will have several expressive and imposing memorials of the civil war. It will be. recalled that General Warren was chief topographical engineer under General Hooker during the Gettysburg fight, and went to Little Ptound Top on the morning of the second day of the battle. He found the t-nal corps gathering .their flags. to .ve the Ml]. He also discovered that Hood's Texans were flanking Sickles' corps, a.nd threatened disaster to the Union army. General Warren, by a rune cle guerre, made the enemy believe we were stronger than we were, and dashed down the height in search of troops. He secured a brigade and battery, and led thcni up to the scene just as Hood's men were coining up the other side of the summit, and then ensued a bloody hand-to-hand fight which remains, perhaps, the thrilling incident of the civil war. Mr, Baerer has wrought the face and attitude of: this statue with 'a determination a.nd eagerness so excel that make it one of the. best productions of the sculptor's art serving to commemorate the brave and signal deeds of either Confederate or Union soldier. The chairman of the monument committee, iii Mr. B. C. Smith. To You, GENTLE DREADER. If yon have Dyspepsia, yon have heartburn with pain in the stomach after eating:, you have headache, are billons at times, your bowels are con- Ntipntcd, your nkin is yellow, yonr tongue is coated, yon have dark circles aronnd yonr eyes, yon can Dot cat what you like, you do not sleep well, you are USED UP GEXZRAIXY. Get a bottle of DR. WHITE'S DANDELION ALTERATIVE. It will cure yoa. You can cat what you like, you will sleep like a child, yonr skin will get clear, your eyes will get briitht, yon will get FLESH O3f YOUR BONES and will, feel vigorous enough to take anything you can lay yonr hands on. Very large bottle for $1, and every bottle warranted. oold by 13. F. Keesliiig- and D.E Prvor. Cheap Lands and Homes in Kentucky, Tennesee, ALABAMA, Mississippi and Louisiana. On tJie line ol the Queen &. Crescent Bouto odii 3 be found 2,uOCi,OUO acres or splendid- bottom it>-i land, timber and stock lands. Alfco tlie nnegt?" rralt and mineral lands on tlie continent lor on favorable terms, vm FAKMERS! with all thygetting get .1 uorne in"! the sunny South, where blizzards and ic- vlua-l plains are unknown: ""»»-i The Queen & Crescent Koute is IH Mil-* Shortest arid Quickest Lli,e CiJicinati to .New Orleans TI;ue 27 Hours, Entire Trains. BaggDg«'Ciir, Day Coa b«s Weepers run through without cliji(jB. nu Miles the Sliortwt, 8 Hours tbe Qnlckest Cincinnati to Jacksonville, Flail Time 27 Hours. The-i.jjlj- lin« ruiiniMg Solid Trains and Tturooeh- .Sl^c'plns- Cars.. "^ ONLY LINE FEOM CINCINNATI TO'- Cliattanoga, Tenn., Fon Payne, Ala., Mendlan,;! „_ ,, Miss., Tickburc, Miss.. 3hrcver.ort La. J 20 Miles the Shortest Cincinnati to LexinMon 1 .?.fl?"rs QuIckestCincInnatl-to. Knoxviite r«nt and,' ' . ., , 1I|SS - ^ickburc, Miss.. 3hrcver,ort La. Cincinnati to Lexinfetna ns vi cimiatl-to, KnoxvUj£ Xena. 116 Miles the Snortw Cincinnati to AtUiita tad.l Auiuaa -( .- J ' "WE CURE MEN" Of Debiliiy. Jjnjjou:u<;y. Weukueas, Uread of Marriage, Secret, Si ns. Losses, Evij Forebodings Despondency.Stunted Growihs.etc. 22xclusivo JHef/ioft*crive us a ".Wonopoly O/"SMCC«»*," PAII* BuTtif M'MI'M'U'"! maiJed free for'limited [OUR NEW BOOK ^a^goi^ itiouaaads oi Guaranteed Testimonials that "MEN STAY CURED." ITTLE IVER PIUS. ,,.,.„ Augiuaa, -. .il i£r es ? he Shortest Cincinnati to AonlFtaa Ala, T 1 26 Sales the Shortest Cincinnati to BirmlijeUttm J • 15 lilies Shortest Cincinnati to Mobile, Ala. Direct connections at New Orleans andShrevapoit? For Texas, Mexico, California:! ' Trains leave Central Union Depot, Cinctonau'i crossing the Famous High Bridge oi KenmoK^ and rounding the base of ; Lookout MoontaSS Pullman Boudoir Sleepers on all Through Tra,Ins;| Over One' Million Acres of .Liina'-iri "Albania, the* future Great State.of the South sublectto ' pre-emption. UnsnrDasspd climate. For Correct County ilaps. Lowest Hates a fall particulars addres, D. .6. EDWARDS/ Passenger & Ticket Agent, ' Queen * Crescent Route, - Cincinnati O BIG FOUR HARVEST EXCURSIONS TO THE West and Northwest,--] SOUTH, Southwest and Southeast.! -THE—- Not Quite the Same. Mrs. Glibe—I think yonr new house is a delightful one, Mi-. Jones. Only yesterday 1 was telling- my husband that I thought you were a very level headed man. Johnny (interrupting-)—K'o, ma. you didn't say quite that. You said flat headed.—i\lunsay ! s'Weekly. The Maiden's ITish. She (gazing pensively out at the first SDOIV)—Oh..how [ ivish I lived ia Russia- He (astonished)- In Russia? She—Yes. ,I>e. just been reading tbat a Russia lover will stci'ih his sweetheart rather'than give her up. What glorious men those Russians must be.- West Shore . . Bicfc Headache and rellevaoll th8tronM«s lnof» dent to a biliona stale of tho system, such 03 Dizziness, Jfaaseo, Drowsiness, Distress after e&ting, Pain in tho Side, £o. Whilo their moa6 remarkable, success lias been shown in cudiifj t SBCK Hcsctache, yot Carter's Little Livar,, Pffla an equally valuable in Constipation, curing ondpre* venting thisann»3-ingcomplalnt,-wliile theyalflO correct all disorders of thestomach.stinnilatotha liver and regulato thebowala. Even if thoy only. HEAD Acbsthey would be almos'tpricelesstotliogo-wlio Bu/fer from this distressing eomplaint;:butfortu- nately theirgoodness does notend hero.and tJioso who once try thorn -will find these little pillsValu- nMo Jn BO many- -ways that they will not bo wil- llsg to do without them. But after allsick head Cleveland; Cincinnati, Ciicago &SL L, R'y»] . WILL SELL . BOUND TRIP EXCURSION . TICKETS T Jail prominent points in the West-and North.- wess, goutb, Southwest and Soutaesst AT ' ; HALF RATES, - . —ON—' '- . TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 9th, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 23d TUESDAY, OCTOBER 14tW ' All tickets good returning thirty days trots'- dateofsale. This Is; a glorious opportunity lot Horns >1 Seekers to visit the territory named, and w« & would invite correspondence on tho subject H For full Information call on or address v D, B. KARTIK, "' (•I'eneral Passenger Agent A NEW i'emale device for earning- a livelihood is that of going- around to the houses of society people and cleaning- and repairing- fine dresses that' have been accidentally soiled or other-wise injured. The scheme was developed in Buffalo. There are some women who have all they can attend to in this, line. THE SKIN- Is an important factor in keeping good health; if it does not act In tho way intended by nature, its function* are performed by other organs,— the Kidneys and the Lungs; and th« result is a breakdown of general health. Swift's Specific IB the remedy of nature to stlmulat* the skin to proper action. It never fails in this, and alirays accompllshei the purpose. Sead for our treatise on the Blood and Skin Diseases. SWIFT SPECIFIC Co., Atlanta, Oft, Istliobaooof eonjanyHvaa iliat wo nmUo our great boaat. Our pills euro it others do not. , , . Ojrtbr'fl Uttla.liver PIHu'ore TOTJ- small sod very easy to take., Ono'or two'pills laakoa dofiOn They are strictly vegetable mid do 'not gripo br pur[je, but by tiiolrgontlo action ploasoall who Bsottem. In vials at 25 cents; fivo for $1. Sold by druggists everywloare, or soiit by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO.. New York. SMALL PILL, SMALL DOSE, SMALLPRSCE RUHR little forttm<M>hnr?bri?n mndrai work for n«. Ijy Anim J'liffc. Aurtfii, nnd Jiio. Hoitn, Tok'ilo, Ohio. . Oilier* iiirduinpnfl well; Wh otymi? SAmcrnrn over fSuO.OO onth. You run do |J,,. W orlt nnd l!v Homo, Ti'licrcvvr you fin-, Kve» li<?- «rc i-null^ eamtnp from A ^'fJti. fnn worit In "pun- r > Tlmi-. Htp .1110 1 if y fur w liH-c unltiiiiivii luii'inir tin-in rjj). I'milrtilurtfiv .«**!• OnrJTulydor Perfection Syrlnpe free with «ver bottle. Prevents Strletarc. Cures «<>m>rrb«i-tS *od Gleet in 1 to 4 day*. -Ask- yonr * ior it. Sent to any mJdrefcs for MLYDOR . .. Do You Inpsi —IN STOCKS, BONDS, K REMEMBER LINC IS THE NAME OF THAT Wonderful Remedy That Cures CATARRH, HAY-FEVER, COLD in the HEAD, SORE THROAT, CANKER, and BRONCHITIS; Price 91JOO. Ptot Bottles, For Sale by leading Druggists.' PREPARED .ONLTt BI Klinck Catarrh & Bronchial Remedy Co. 82 JACKSON ST., CHICAGO. IU- If so, trade witn a reliable firmwbo bavejiad ten-'vi yeare. experience, and are members o£ tlie CJiicjMttS' Board of Trade and Stock ExcJmupc. Who-dn. business strictly on. Commission.- Refer 10 lUinoaS-%, Trust and Savings Banit,:Clucago..: ' C. A. WHYLAND &, CO. JO Pacific* Ave. - CMcofi-o, .1/ We send fre: of charge- our Daily Marie: RMW ir.d Circular or.: application. . .Interest allon'rai on monthly balances. : '.'•' JflSEPH STEEL PENS. GOLD MEDAL, r PWilS EXPOSITION, THE MOST PERFECT OF PEKS; PERFECT . Mlddl e-a«red &nd Elderly men wh« , suffering from Ibc effcct*-of youthful tollies or « cesaea of mivturor. years; and. irow Ilnd Iheir'mtiit viifor decrensed and who are troubled with terril>ii/f aralnsand lossos,.you can be permanently restored W? PERFECT St*.lVHOOI>, at home, wlthoatl exposure, at laweit coot, by.Br. Clni-Ico's?' approved methods, teslod and prorpn An a^f ' year's practice (Established 1B51), tn CUr iffrvont ana Special Dlse.'ises, If In ncod of medical aid, senfl for Qncstie :p you can rally describe the symptoms of j-ot : loular tUnoase to ^10. Consultation froe r-r?i .- Hoars.8 to8; Sundays,8t»Jl Addrest, ••"•.'-" F. D. CLARKE, M. D;^,-'-'".86 8. Clark St., CHICAGO,,

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