The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on October 14, 1949 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 14, 1949
Page 3
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FRIDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1949 Nehru Says India Won'tBeNeulral Leader Pledges Hi* - Notion to Participate Jr» Halting Aggression WASHINGTON, oct:. u-w>- india j .Prime Minister Nehru assur- " .Congress , yesterday, that hU coimtry.-"camiot ; be•' and shall not « neutral" In' the event o( 'any »'°»d'agresslon-o'r threat to.Jree- nom.~ • _. .',',• i By t . ht :'declared,. in Identical •Wecnes prepared ', for the-House "OS Senate, 1 that "every prayer that »J. Indian raises'.ends with in in- vocation.of peace" and'he indlcat- «...».; possible' : parallel between n't foreign policy and Mahatina ..andl's creed^of passive resistance. The-"lather,of India," said Ne- nru-ln his' prepared address, "tau- Kht us'a .technique 'of action 'which was.peaceful, and yet it was effective and .yielded •results' which led us not only to 'freedom but' to friendship with those with whom «'e were: until yesterday' In con- fhrt. . : "How fa'r 'can that principle be ipplied to wider spheres of action? ' -do, hot know., For c ire mils lances and the means to prevent "'il .have to be shaped and set to the nature of the evil. ."Yet I have no doubt- that the basic approach which lay behind that technique of action Has the ncht approach in human affairs •nd the only approach that ullim atelj solves » problem satisfactor 'Asks Understanding Nehru did not. refer outught to India's'efforts to remain aloof from the cold war—a portion Western leaders- would like to see abandoned in favor of a more active role in blocking the advance of Com munisrn: But he pleaded with Congress for undeislandlng of his coun- tr\ s attitude 'We haie to achieve fieedom and defend it " he said We have to meet aggression and resist It and the.-force emplojed must be adequate to the purpose But even preparing to resist as: ,-jHje.ssltxi tne ultimate objective, the •JWjectlve of peace and reconcllia tion must neier be lost sight of «nfl- heart -and mind . must .be attained to the supreme aim and not snased or clouded by hatred of fear , This IR the,basis and the goal of our foreign polic\ We are nei ther blind to reality nor do we prpo^e to acquiesce in any challenge to man's freedom, from whatever quarter it niav come 'Where; freedom ' is "menaced, or justice threatened or where ?g gresslon takes place we cannot be and <hall not be neutral "' In the U S Navj coffee Is called '' BLYTHEVILIJ! (ARK.) COURIER NEWS , IK PARA-KESCUE WORK—Ser- teatit Lynn A: Burke; oCBIytheyllle, has recently joined Plight "C". of the Second Rescue. Squadron, 1 Clark Air Force Base • in < the ;Pliiiippirie Islands. He is a recent graduate of the pararescue survival •'course: at, McDill Air •• Force Base-in Florida, Flood Control Bill To Lie Dormant Until Early in 1950 WASHINGTON, Oct. 14. .If/ — Majority Leader Lur.-j (D-I11). j'es- rday r told the Senalion action-on the $1,500,000,000 omn'ib rivers and harbors, and flood. control rau- thomation bill v\ill be postponed until the next session"'of •Congress in, January Lucas said Chairman: Chavez (D- NM) of the Senate Public Works Committee had notified him'"of ^his decision not to call up the bill year Chave? left today to sail for Europe s a member of Ihe feenate Apt^rom-iations Coi.,mittee. .'It was said Chairman Whitti>-gton CD- Miss)' of. "the House 'Public Works Committf agieed to ihe postponement The omnibus bill uas passed by the House earlier this jear It would authorize hundred of projects throughout the countrj but appropriate- no money-to '.pay-for the work. Loot Has Little Value ONEONTA N Y, Ott 14^<— Shoe-Salesman M. L- Hplt'of Scotia pondered '.today,- what the thief .n-ho stole three cases of samples from his car \\ould oo ^ith the loot It included 48 shoes al) for the right .foot, arid. $40 ' worth - vrbflen socks, hone- O f which match. Quadruplet! Doing Fine ' . .. ,& «I AULT STt MARIE Ont, Oct 14 —<PJ—Quadruplets >>ere bom here • ^ - -. . •- ' '•* • ••-' •**,»•!«-•--.-'.* ^^fn« ^^•^^VM^HCK^.^Hk^^k -- =V -WASHOUT CAUSES DERAILMENT-Scveral cars of the Rock 1s- .„_„ . u . ,- t f " l " wuiurtRu ne overturm across the n 8 ht-of-vvay three miles east of Meade, Kas after the tra: ht a tracK washout. At least four persons were killed and scoie* others injured in the accident. ( A p Wirephoto). 01 Announcing The Appointment of MRS. CLARA MARTIN ASSISTANT MANAGER .. In Charge of. Our ' Food Department HOTEL NOBLE CHURCH NEWS Blytheville FIRST CHURCH .OF THE NAZARENE . Roy»| G. Schulti, PuUr Sunday School »:« «.m. Sermon by -Pastor 11:00 Nazereh* Training il/nlon f.ts p.m. : , . . . ..,,,,. Sermon by Pastor -J^S p.m. Wednesday Nlfcht. Prayer .Meet Ins f:« p. m . , -'.. ' •'. : W. F. it S. Wednesday Afternoon * P-tn- . .... .V. ''.-•.'..' Sunday School Visitation Frida' 1:00 p.m. ... . : . .• •• • '• - . Local ' Preacher* Service , Satur ' ASSEMBLY Ot GOD , CharlM o. Ne*ec,'past*i Sunday School, 9:tb am: r . Morning Worship, 11 »m, Evening Service; :* pjn •• •Prayei Meeting, Wednesday 1 pjn Chrlsl Ambassador Services 6:30 -m ..: , ' ..,.,-' Children'* Church o:80 pirn Evangelist^. Service*' 7:30 p.m MKS.'I BAPTIS1 E C Brown pastor. Sunday School, 9:40, a.m. sunaay Scliuol »:4b a_in Morning Worship Service. 10:5b ajn Training union, 6 3D pjn Evening Worship Services. .1:30 o.m. Wednesday faundaj ScnooJ Cab) net Meeting, 6:46 pjn Prajei Sen Ice 1 <=> pm Officer* .and Teacheri meeting I 00 pm CALVARJ BAPTIS1 16th and l.hitkaiiwb* P U Jernlxau pa&iar Sunday. School '9:« Morning Worship ll:uo : »jn Intermediate a A « 6 30 pin B T U 7 00 pm Wednesday choii rehears*! and Evemnp Worship 880 pm officers and teachers meetins at Ui same hour, 7:00 pin Wednesday Prayei Meeting S oo Friday. Men's Brotherhood' W.B.O*. Monday, l:M,pjB. WedhevUy, . Sl METHODIST *oj : Bailey, putc* ChuiLh tjchuui a 4o ajn Morning Worship 1] ajn > Youth Choij Rehearsal' 5:45; p ju S'30 pm Junior Fellowship la (ermediate M IT F. Senior-Young t'eoples M YJF Evening Service, T 3D pm After church fellowship 8 30 p m Wedne^dav chou rehearsal 1 3 P m Bible Study » 30 pm SIKFFT •Unu Hirrison, pulor Sunday fet-hooi a 46 ajn .Preaching Service JO:5J ajn Shirley Seeks Divorce From Actor John Agar HOLLYWOOD, Oct. 14: l/p, rocks, her,attorney announced yes terday. ..... J The 21-year-oid actress'and John gar. have . separated, . Attorney George. Sfahlman said, and heT drawing .up.divorce papers He said milled™ S ' hRVt not hecn deter ' n A i C w Se Mend - ""ever, sairi she '^here *, noT^ """'"" Cr " e ' ty The,, blonde one-time child star ^'"•"" nt ^»« has made a •neback as an adult marriet 1^ ?j!?j ".". act 1 r : Sept, '», 1»« A- w. Tf'' Evdi " 1 ' Hargraves All nere. girls , an d' are'. reporter exceptionally : we n.;. Their -weight! were not disclosed. Let's talk about your kitchen floor • If you're liVc most women, you j trend over 1600 hours in your Kitcheti every year! Whit better reason to treat yourself to the b«t linoleum money can buy-Nairn Inlaid 'Linoleum? For Nairn fires you the restful resilience, the «during heiiHjr yon demand in fin» linoleum ... fl,,, the patented d«- P'e»^lell b*cking. This exclusive bicVing ends your worries about the buckling. C rack|n». bulging or Wh- ttnug that ofteo mir 6riiD»ry lino- Kum when wood floors undcnKatii expand and contract - as they nor- m»lly do: • •Yes, when JO « choow Nairn. T«u re choosing the linoltum ot a lifetime! A»d the limt to make' your choice,* right now. Nevtr bt- fore b« N»ini offeted such J com- pljle Vrainbow-ringt" of cplora... .»ucli a.v.rietyof stuhoingcombin*. trons! Set your Uvoritt floor COVCT- mg dealer today. And while' you're there, tkm't forg«l to >sV for Vow- free copy of Nairn's wonderful new decorating book: -Answer'* to the Mo* Frequently Asked Qu^tiom t» Home Decor«tM|." Cam UevKtiny, R J. .: riJLL GOSPEL TABERNACLE - LlUy md Vine; E.~ T.Keller, Pastor. »:<5 Sunday School, Fay Austin superintendent.•' ' • • : 11:00 MornW»; Worship. «:<5, p,YJ>^. meets .with Mrs Ollie Ooodson ' charge. >1:45 Evangelistic Service with cnoir «nd Orchestra participating ; Tuesday 'and Friday nights services a',.-: is. ?'uesd < y night Is Young' People's hlight.' CHURCH Ot THt IMMACULATE CONCEPTION B- "- F ™ ! ? c *' : ""P" 1 "- p»s'« ay U»ss*«...7:30 and 10:00 ' - '- ' F1RS1 1 LUTHERAN 517 W. Walnut • R«T. G. Minder, pattor 10 a.m.. Sunday School tna Bible I3E3 ' • U a.m. ,'DivJat Worihip. KIKS1 BAPTIST CHAPE1 MISSION Key. fc. <; Brawn pistol Worship Service. 9-30 «jn : Sunday School 10:30 am Training Union '«• 15 pjn CHURCH OF CHRIST Lonnle' Smith, Mbiisler . .AIR BASE Tvvo' Blocks North ot Chapel . 10 a.m. Sunday, School 11 a.m. Worship Service 6 43 pm Bible Studj ' 30 pm Jiemng WoisJilp sen ice Wednesday Evening, Bible Study 7 30 p m CHUIKH OF CHRIST 12CO W Main H. F. Sharp, Evangelist Sunday School 9:50 'a in. Worship Service 10 oO a m JJ^htly Dividing The Woicl ol 'Comniunloh'; Service ^Evening classes 6 45 for All Age Evening Woiship 730 p m Uhere Is Sihation' ' 3ible Studj Mondai m November at the mm isteishome 2012 Chlckasawba. A cordial n-elcome avvaits ill. FIRS1 CHR|"STIAN CHURCH Ifster f) Strubhar minister 9 b coffee for Men s Bible Class «:30 a.m. Choir Practice 9 4;> Sunq^v school o Sf" 1 »"* S Tht Cnurcn Kone °" 1 « la Chi Rho junior and Senior L/ i F Lesson ' 30 pm Cathederal Film Prod iffal Sou Mondaj 2 30 pm Executive Bnard Meeting n t the home of Mrs Hairy Bradlev «,th Mrs E M Terrj de \otional leader Mondaj 730 p m 'junior choir 7 30 pm Boy Scout meeting Wednesrtaj 7 pm Senior Choir oCn^WghlftllS..^;.^^ ;,' WEST 0LYTHEVILLB i .'"' METUOU1ST PAU8B / W11U»J» B .Vount, BMtw i > LONB OAK— .Worship aervlcai'at 11 urn on, the (tr»t and tolrd Sundayi conducted -by putor. On other SuncUyi by laymen from tint, Method!** Ohurch, Blytheville Church School— 10 '»,'m,' 'every Sunday. :- >lia« , Marjort ' Robextwo. superihtendent, ..... ' •/• HALF' MOON — Worship 'Unricei at: 11 »JB.' on second and fourth Sundays. by .pastor On other Sun- laymen irom First' Melhod- 1st Church..Blytheville. Church, School— 10 a.m. every Sunday Btrl Baker, superintendent ISRAKI, . ; , ..."Dr. Alfred Vise, V»bbl ' Sunday's p.m. Services" for Torah Celebration . • ~" • >T' STEPHEN'S KFISCOPAL r , W. Jf. FKzJiUKh,' vicar Bijjhtee'ptli Sunday alter TriiVy 1:30 a.m. Hol v Communion 9.30 -a.m. . Clnirch Scool , 11 a.m. 'Morning Prayer ; 1 pin. •• Instruction Class Thursday at 4 p.m. intercessory Prayer Group. • . • • • 7:30 p.m/ Choir Practice • • Rural Churches UUKDE'J'Tf.' CHUKCH Ot «<>!> K E. Shaw, pastor- Sunday School. 9:45 a.m Morning Worship.'11 am Young People 7:uu p.m ' , Evenine Worship 8:00 om , I MM AN II EL BAPIIS'I ( A.- M. Houston', .pastor Sunday . School 10 aJn ; Mornins. Worship 1! a.m Training Union 7 p.m Evening Service, 7:30 p.m , \Vednesday night, prayei service 7 p.m. . • GOSNE1.L HAPTl'si Carl C'astleiuan. pastor Sunday School, 10:00 ajn Morning .Worship, 11.00 ajn ' i nalmtig Union; 7:3o pjn Evening Worship. 8:00 p.m . Thursday. 7:30 p.m. ,Pr»yej Ser- •AKMOREL BAP'llSl W, O Aulen, paslot Sunday School. 10:00 ajn Preaching, ii-oba.m. . ftaming .Union, 7:00,pjn ' ' Evening Worship. 8:00 p.m Wednesday Prajej UeeUng ):3t) 7:30 pjn. Sunday School, 10:00 »jn. , Morning Wor&lilp, 11:00 ajn. C. A. Service, 7:00 pjn. , ; , Evening Worship, »:00 pjn. Wednesday prayer service. 7:JC p.m. • - BAPTIST Sunday School, 10:00 a.m. Worship service, 11:00 ajn. B. T U. 7:00 p.rn Evening Worship, 8:00 pjn. Wednesday Prayer service 7:0« HUFFMAN CHURCH OF UOU . James Wynet,' pastor Sunday School. 0:44 ajn '•'• Morning Worship, 11:00 ajn. Evening Service, 7:30 pjn. Y.P.E., Saturday. 7:30 pjn HUFFMAN BAPTIST UaviiJ Mrl'eake. pastor 10:(» a.m. Sunday School, 11:00 a.m. Morning Service. . 8 p.m. Evening Service 7:30 p.m. B.T.U. Meeting Friday. 1 p.m. choli practice and prayei meeting. FLA'I LAKE METKOIUST 1^'itoy KcMiry, minister Moming Worship, .every Sunday 9:30 a.m. Sunday School, every Sunday 10:30 a.m fKO.MlSKI) WND METHOIUS'l <.i-l(iiv lli'iiry mlnlslct Cliujuli School each Hunclay 10:00 a.m Worship Services, lli-sl nnd thlto Sundays n:0fl a.m.; second anc fourth Sundays -"3f p.m M.Y.P.— Wednesday. T.M p.m Wcslnvah Guild, second und (our It) Thursdays , GOSNELI. MKTHDOIST Anderson, minlftter Church School 10 a.m. Worship Service 11 a.m. ' M Y p Groups 6 p.m. Evening Service 7 . p.m. M id-Week Service Thursday' 7 Pm , SOCIET1 CHRISTUN- sTi , I'll W 'lain Sunday School 9:ao a.m. Sunday. Services n a.m. "Doctrine of Atonement" is the subject of the Lesson^ Sermon which 5'in be read in all Churches and Societies -of the church of Christ, 1949" ° n -' Su ? d . a y October 16, TRESBYtERIAN CHURCII Harvey T. Kidd, mlnist tr 9:45 Sunday School 11 am. "Victory over circumstances" : ' " m ' " The cnurcn ' At Sa 'an' 5 SEW LIBERTY BAPrlST Five mnes Solan Hithnaj 61 Russell Piiffer. pastor Sunday School; 10:00 a'.«n Uornine Worship il:uo «jn iViiining Union. 7 p.m ,, Evening 'Worship Service. 7:00 p.m. NUMKER NINE BAPTlSt Gene. Shultz, pxfelor Sunday School. 9:45 a.m . Morning Worship. 11:00 ajn Sunday. 8:15 pjn. Mi.^ion 'Arm Sunday School and church n Yarbro Si-hool auditorium , .. , Training Union,- 7:00. p.m. . Evening, Worship. 8 pm GATEWAY TABERNACLE ' L.. G Borab. paxlur Church Service, fl 40 a.m Evening Worship 7:30 p.m. HALF' MOON ASSEMBLY OK GOD Rev Martin Keagan pantoi Church Service Wednesday and The pnc« '» down, down, down! Set til for your dream kitchen. Start enfoytng Uic work-s»\-ing wonders of • gcnuint, whUe-enameled rte«l Youngs town KitcJien, YouTl t>cnd less, sttxtp ln« fc youK fiirly fly through lj*ie dishes. Kow tlirse n»- -lionaUy »d vet Used be*ulic« vorjt for you! Call today. A ti'fcfim-pfcm- «m^ fxprri wi)! oome to Jour IK me »l jour conven- and plaa jour new hi miniature. No OCTOS£X,Sf>CC/AL Vonnuatofcn K'itchenaidcr Caiiinet Sink, 41" modcl-l*in. flutol <train- noards, cutlcrr drawer, two_ mo my anelyea, onc-pictt^ ftcij-rcstaljn^ |ior- >jl»in-tjiiniel top »ith \m\*tnrA so»i> m»n, ranging mixing-fanccl, mm]l>strainer, t" bftck-flpTwhcr, n- toe and Icnee 6p«c«. FUnktd by Voungslown Kitchen haw e»l>in*l8 »n<i »*ll e&btn«tji exibclly M Inown. Ttiit x<mJfrj<J pnee if ftr Ot.ta!xr Oww HM rifkt KftrlinJiii hr IMM, MWt mi fmt» M kwry nU^i-R \iiiiiiifil, kr» prim : I Ow^Mmkiir . j*^**^**' : B.»*|iti« l.'SS^W -'••. >!**«•I Tito-tan «IMIH • ). C^«*«, nji. (**- .. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO . Inc. 206-208 W. Main Phon. 2071 KOUNO r'.^KE CIIUKCI! O.''- CIIIIIST Thomas 1,. Conner, Alhilslcr Sunday School 10 a.m Worship Service 11 a.m. Wednesday Night Bible Study 1:30 p.m. VAKKRO MISSIONAKY HAI'TIS'1 Kev. I'arker Hay, minister Sunday Sclioo) 10 a.m. Prealhlng Servile 11 a.m B.T.U 0:30 p.m. Prcai'hlng 7:30 p.m. Prayer Meeting Friday night CLEAR LAKE IIAI'TIS'l I K. (Jox pastiit Sunday School ' J;45 ajn Worship Service ll;00 a in Training Union, . ti.'30 p.m. Worship service, 7-30 p.m. Mid-Week Service 1:30 p.m Wednesday Luxoro Churches ASSI:,MIII.T OF n'ob J. C. Dickinson, pastor 10:00 t,m Sunaay School il-'OO n.m. Worship Service 6:00 pjn. C. A. Service. 7:30 p m Saturday Service. 7:30 p.m. Wednesday Prayer service. CHURCH or Oscar L. Hay« Minister Bible Study, 10 a.m. Preaching, 11 a.m., 7:30 p.m, oo first and third Sundays. FIRST BAPTIST A. » Hill, pastor 10:00 a.m. Sunday School. 11:00 am Worship Services. 8:00 p.m B T. 0 7:00 om Worship Service 7:00 p.m vVednesaay Prayei Service t^UXORA MHTHODIST II, L. &i>>lion, [ia>t<it Church School, 10 a.n> Morning Worship, 11 am Methodist Youth Follo'wshli croups, « p.m Evening Worship Service, 7 p.m Osceolo Churches UltS'l (JHKIS'llAN !.. R, Still Jr. pastor Morn" Worship I0'6i u.rn Evening ser«lrtf 7:00 n.rr. Mirlvveck Service T'30 p.m KIllST PKKSBVTKHIAN t. I i.iiu-rence nastnr Sunday actuwi 1.46 ,. m Morning Worship II Yourtp Penpli: S-UO p.m Wednesday cvonn.r, service 1:3( BAI'TIS'I (liusfll J Clulib p-is'oi Sunday School, U-4S n.m Mornlnii Worship 11 10 n.m 8 I Union 6.-30 p.m Evening Serplce. 7:30 pm. | Midweek Service, 7:30 pjn. ,'.',! CHUKCH Of CUKIST " ; Morning Worship, 10:45 am. 1 Evening Service. 7:30 pjn • Sinday School, «:4S aju. i Bible Study. Tuesda? and Frld»», ST. MATTHEWS .' Rev. B; Francis McDerltj pa «tw ' 1st, 3rd and 6th Sundaji ' : Mass, 9:00 a.m. - FIKST PENTKCOSTAL > Norman Kent, pastor ' ' ,' EH'enlns' Service, 7:30 pjn, : FIKS'l MF.THODIS'I ' f n. J, Couchman, pastor ' Sunday School, J:*5 a.m. Worship service, 1' a.m. Methodisi Vouth Fellowship, 8:1S Worship service, 7 p.m. ' Wednesday—Youth Choli practic*,' ti:3l p m. Senior Choir, i:30 p.m. CAI,\ r «UlV Kl'lSCOPAI, William J. KlUliugh, vicar Eighteenth Sunduy after Trinity Church School 5:45 a.m. 11 a.m. Holy Communion Tuesday, The Feast of St. Luke 10 a.m. Holy communion '• Tuesday 7:30 p.m. Instruction 1 Class j DANCE Friday Night, Oct. 14 Musfc by < TED FISHER and His Orchestra at the • TWIN GABLES CLUB 90S No. 6th St. For Reservations Phone 3984 I America's Biggest Name in COFFEE MAKERS Just imagine buying one of the finest coffee makers made, with all of the wonderful features that made it a splendid value at the original price of $8.95 ... at our spectacularly low price of only $4.95! 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