The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 23, 1952 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 23, 1952
Page 8
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BLYTHEViLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, APHTL », CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Rental Sanders ReMnlsh your own floors. Rent *n use. economical, tree Instructions. Montgomery Ward & Co. 4 23 cfc 36 j Palming or cirnrnter woik, F. O. . rk«« ;Kr Jine tot cun«cuilrr K |,,| 1CV i>i> a:j2? 4-J3 pk 523 »u*rtlo«: • Minimum charg* 50r 1 time per line t time* per line per day .... 5 tlroffi i>er line P*T day ... 6 times pf-r line pfr day ... 12 limes prr line per day Month per line 9» c 1 l-I>ay service on Jrwelry-3 dayi Count five average words lo the llnr. antrhe.-; and clocxs. Guaranteed Ad ordered lor three or sit times an'l | done br expert repairmen. I •topped hofore explniion "ill I" 1 prlrw. chared Tor ihp number ot limes the ail appeared and adjustment ol hill made. All rlissified advertising rnpr snl«- mtltpd by iH'rsont rcslttine miisld* M the rlU must rir arcomn^M liv ra^\ Rates may easily be nmipulfd """" Ihf above table. Advertising orderrd for irc'entar ln- BCtllons laVe the one I'me laW<*. No roqtonnibllitv will rir 1akm tot more linn onr Incorrerl Insertion, ot Watch and Jewelry Repair PAT O' BRYANT Main & Second vl- Courier News i or rejrrt any rlghl to Notice CunalnB laundered. Koasonahrr, t<05 W. Ash. 3 25 pk 4 25 Spring is RUG CLEANING TIME • CARD OF THANKS \\V wlf>i to oxprpfi* our Elncfte • wrvln thanks for the munv bfantlfui flornl f ^"miihpr | LAUNDRY CLEANERS < 16 r'K 5 IB For careful, thorough nt? elei\nlnc fservice, rail on Blythevllle Jjumdrj-'B 17 years of experience/ In thU uperlal- field. Fn>r; pErkup imrt delivery -Just call -i4LB, HLYTHKVILLK of our drnr mnihpr and s!*trr. rurllrx PorV.iT. i Cmne Bank. Rrn)ainln Anthony and the Siimrnll family Apartment for Rent I repair uny mnVe or modpl washing nachlnp 2 blonds u-est of Dixie Tig. on ilh St., hy nrw Fchnol. Her here Gru- lam. rh fi7^B. 3 ; 7 pk 5 7 V. And V- Carpel I^iylni- Cn.. ol 2 Inrnl'hccl antf , bath, hot wntpr. , Memphis now has a rcprpJipnlflll /*! In Ash. . nivthrvtlle lor n short period if ti-flct! . Couple only. . As 4 23 p!c 2fi rinplex. <-qn1pp.<l. 4 19 ptc 26 3 room fu Ph. 2229. 3 room furnisher! apt. Hot & colrt running vater Private b*'b. ne-.-. Iv deroratrd. 401 E, Davis, ph ',b:3 41? pk 5 1 itallailrm tnci Jlnnnle Ed-war Phone 3487. ind repair ' Fnrnltiiro r 4-11 p'< 2-room turn. apt. Private bv-h Covi- plp only. 516 Lake, pi;. 2406 4 2i p'-: 2E> 3-room imiurhlshed Apartinen: .Private haih. clfctrlc hot w.xi^r lint"" Ph. 3619, ^21 p»1 .:' H room nnfurn. i:nr«r;r apt. utM'tiis tnd parage lurn. Ph. 6370. 4 21 pk 24 3 apartments for rent. 112 E, Cherry P -TI6 pic 30 3 rm. unmr. apt Ph. 23AO or 60R5. 3 room &: 4 room epts- for rent. Cflll dl2. C. Abr.iliam. 6 ck U Modern 2 room Inr. apt. Ph. 2535 or 4.1B5. 2::^ ck if Modern apt., 3 rooms and hath, newly deroriHed. ROO<I furnlLnrc, fins equipment. Ph. 3313. F. Simon, B.21 ck t( Small Apartments, furnished. ?8 up per week. Bedrooms . $4 up single. 114 West Ash, , Ph. 2833. 8--t ck If Unfur, apt., pvt, bath. 100 Cherry. Ph. 3349 or 2787. 4fl7 pk 5|t 3 room furnished apt. for rent. 713 OhlckREawbn. 4;n clt it Auto Supplies and Services Don' t endanger yoiir family mith uj- 11 res— BUY LEE TIRES CHAPMAN SERVICE STATION Mftln and Division Ptione 2563 ia;i3 ch tr Perfect quality WHITE 6IDEWALL TIRES — - low mileage. Size 800x15 and 760x15. We also have bargain passenger and tractor "tires of all sizes and brands. FIRESTONE STORE, ph. 2102. 4 '24 ck 517 Services LAWNMOWERS We Rharpen nnrt rrpEilr nil tvpr- mowers. Also new & used power mowers- All kinds mower pan*. Also poic- er mowers for rent. Westbrook Machine Shop Across from Kroner Morr 4 4 rk tf Nred your tnclln repaired? Call Hrd Walton. Disabled veteran rrpalrs rn- dlo n.t home. Reasonable prices Ph S1ia - <;i pk 5;1 For movlnc and lora] , • 6923. W. W. Beckhiim, in . call 3 20 pk I 2^ Curtains laundered und Btretched Mrs. J. E. Lawmnce. Ph. 6253. 3 25 pit 4 25 20 MINUTE PHOTOSTAT 1C SERV~- ICE. O'STEEN'S STUDIO, 115 W. MAIN* J2 4 ck tf For painting and papnln? CR!) Harry Whrat and Roy Freeman We sper- lnl!:-T In Rheetroch finishing Ph 6D65 or 3 ^ 35 - 3 26 pH 4 2fi for Sale, Misc. Price of linn be clear yiud 5, 2KR--MS per thousand. Derklnt; Rnd hnxlnR. iM O. S. Iiolllson, S. 2lnt St.. Phone 3MB 422 pk A.6 I,lvln« room butle. $20-00, Ph 676R. 4 2'i pk 25 OOSLIN GS~ I-'OH"S AI, K"" n,iIre your OTI-TI cotton choppr/^ 1 tl 50 each In lm,^ of 50 nr mnrp, tl.rjn each, te*< thnii 50 TMMKDTATB DEI.IVETtT HUGH \V. ALLKN OArroln. Ark Th, 'IR.1 .t 171 •T2 pV A 3 4 row .Tnhij Hoere Planter with mark- rrs; 4 row John Derrre rotary hoe and John Dcrre harrow. Hale Seed Farms, Rurdette. Ph. 4702. . 1,7 ck tf Tom n to pin tits tSc do?., pepper plants 20c doz. 604 A«h St. Ph 4fi76 Save Money When Yon Kuv — Soil __ Trade Used Furniture GLIN HAKIilSON &. SON FURNITURE CO. 517 \V, Ash Ph. 2552 TYPEWRITERS DON EDWARDS CO. 112 W. Walnut Phone nm Plenty of Parking Space Empire tnhle model (ronrr. Exrolt- ent ronrlltlon. Cheflp. rh. 9773. Plywood boat.s. all sizes, 'cv.v prlci'R. 3ee them at 604 Ash Si. Ph. 4ti74. i n pk i i If It's catllAh you are looklnij fr.r. come to Brtls Fish Mnrkri. I h.ivft plenty Rt all ttm«. Can (111 «ny rl/r order 2010 nose st, hdlf htork M-sr, of tewnr Curvp. Ph, 9<via 4 If pk Ji'l!) PIONEER SEED CORN AT Jack Robinson Implement Co. '1'17 ck 2-1 PHILLIPS HAS A-l USED Cars & Trucks More I!).i! STUIIEBAKKR i.nml C'rilis- rr 4-iIoor Sedan ... a licaurful Wack rar with aulornntir Irans- mi5?ion, radio, hralrr. while iirtpu.ills. l.nw milfasc. Come in —rlrivc il. 1519 FORD V-S F'ordnr Sorlan. nn rAccjilionnlly nnr buy in a laic mmid It fralurrs (hi- popular V-R motor, railio anrl Kp.itcr. Glciminc hlark. Now only S109.1. 1950 PI.VMOHTH l-rioor . . . lake a rlcivmnslratiim drivr In Uus very altractivc grrrn I'lv- mouth. Has a new set of seal covers—a gnod hr.ilcr. S1235! MEANT VOK A FISHERMAN: Only S595 buy« ynu thi? lr)4B FORD V-8 STATION WAGON. You'd Expect! -- Like the father who se.ts eiiradruplels, Hie man who lii<>5 a used rar at Cham- hlin's eels more than he e\pee(s. Our ears are K°Tie over r r n m bumper to bumper — thoroughly rr- corulitioneil! That's why >ou'll pet depenilable service: IWO KT|-|)i:ilAKKK 'i-Tr.n Pickup. Here's an r\amjilr of Cham\:lin's unusual values In con.l. rerninliiinnetl trnehs .This clean plrliiip i, , ] ow mlleacr Uurk. J91S: : l!)l!l STl'IIKBAKKR 'i-Te.n Pirkup. You'll e et miles snd miles nf money-making servlee from Chamhlin's coorl used Irlieks. Tliis pickup has new paint. *795! 19IS GMf !-Ton Truek. Equipped with Si3\->n (ires all around, this Inns wlicrlbasr Trurk is truly a fine buy. Hut—see II yourself. Tome to Chaniblin's. rust carry \rnir boil Inslrle. I.ol.» nt room. One-nui\rr car. ONLY 1951 FORD $1585 A glorious Mexicali Maroon color, I his deluxe Tudor Sedan has just 12,000 miles! Seat covers, heafer. It's A-l ! 1950 FORD $1395 Only 20,000 miles on Ihi.s A-l car! Ki(uii>jn'd wilh radio, healer, overdrive, seat covers. A custom Fordor, 1949 Mercury $1295 With seat covers and tailor-made upholstery, the interior is beautiful! Kadio, healer, overdrive —like new! 1949 CMC $895 With n new (ires, this !/i-T<m Ci.MC is -A buy! Jicasler CH 11 I e rack, llcaler. A-l, it looks & runs like new! 1949 FORD $845 Another clean, A-l !/ 2 Ton I'ickup j)rice<l to »:ive you real v;i!iie! I.ijjl'f Kfay color. Ki|iiii>- |)ed wilh healer. 1947 FORD $645 A perfect-running truck dial's now specially pric- eil nl SHloI Mas new paint, new bed, good tires, heater. 300 Broadway ompanii nrggca. * S» Phone 4453 The Tractor Most People Wish For When It Rains: FERGUSON Jack Robinson Implement Co. , Arkanati — 1'hont 2371 Wonted to Buy Cheap KlaKi showcnK*. f'h Help Wanted, Male Haby Iji'd wHlio^jl Wlllte, 3592 or 271!. . 473 ck 1 01 WANTKI3: We pay top price* AoyncttEis, toyboan spills, shelled corn. oru.s, wheat find barley Gev our price before you *HL FAfiMKIlS SOVRKAN CORF, N. Broadway, SlyilievUle Flu 81BI. 3 20 ck 5 ao r your old Ko- ITS for pail*. Wcsi Main. 1'J A ck If We will pay CASH to daks. <-?.rn*Tni nnrt LIM O'.STKKN'a KTUCJfJ. 11 HIGHEST PRICES PAID For (in. wire ami all kinds of scrap metal. Blytheville Iron & Metal Co.- N. Bthray & Monllrie Drive Phone 89G2 4'15 ck tf Good Soybean aefti, Ftinfc's Elybrld it-eil Corn. Goylj.-an Inoculation. ,ltje<l Fertiliser, New und Um-il Ung* FARMKH.3 SOYIIKAN COUP N Broadway, HlyltievllLr, Pli HL9J 3,20 pk 520 Seed soybeans, Do rich soy \ 1 o. 2. Only L year from Hreocler'.s stock. Subject td •orlification. Only a limited upply. Ph. 2142. <>1 Implement, Co. rvsi ck If I Vlklnar vr^Pinh I 'j >I P Cnm p r e. 1 14-lnnt mpfll r 2 •% HP compres 1 R-foot (III] .spl( 2 rniirtl blocks 1 ''HohArt ulirpr 1 ineiiL Rilnilrr ! ]OSn niorlrl |i; Coiitfict Mrlvln H While Furniture Co. ll fit Halsfll A: Phona fiflpft. a 22 t( SPKCIAt, PAINT RAI.E 4(Ml RnlloiiJt. ns-iortrd Spring color*, oi ISP A-. GRrdfn Color* for 13S1) wn- r thlnnerl. InifirLor flat paint. :ift rol- ra. iOc p*>r quart. *2 per gallon. As n^ RA prcfirnt supply Insts. MARTIN TRENKliE. Inc.. Air Base trlophone , niyLlif-vllff. Ark, 45 ck 55 SEED BEANS—nortob No. 2. 07% cnulnation *4 bushc-l ORdcn's. 98% ermlnation, J3.75 bushel. U.S. ntntitc* nihlp. Dell. ph. 2-1SJ2. 3,27 pit 477 GOOD QUALITY WALL- TON E WATER PA INT—Assorted colors, at bargain prices. He^ulai 1 ^l.Ofl per <|t., now ftOc. Uegular $.'1.98 pec Kiillon, no\t- $1.05. FIRK- STONF. STORK, pli. 2102. 4:'2-l ck 5:7 "J'omalo Frame pin W, I', Sh;.i lllwuy Wr. i. 1 rarlotle : cin/-.. 11.00 h : Oak Itund. >; Cold ndred. ml 18 All you fishermen with a Sra Kins. don't worry nnouL A thing. K It's parts yovi nfert. dive m a try. \Vnrrls Service Dc[it- Is thn plare to buy. Montgomery Ward & Co. NEW OUTBOAKD MOTORS — Slightly damaged in shipment. In perfect condition. 90-day warranty. Rar- Kain prices. F1KESTONK STOKE, ph. 2102. 4i2'4 ck 517 'I'lie B. 1>\ Ooodrich Coin- i,2j'p'n so | pany lias opening for a retail salesman in Dyersburjf, 'I'eiin. This is a salary position with excellent employee benefits, such as paid vacation, group life insurance, annuities, hos- pitalixation, etc. Application must have previous sales experience, not necessarily in our line. Must b« aggressive and the promotalile type, as this position offers good opportunities for advancements, age 23 to 30 with high school education. Apply W. R. Davis, The B. F. Goodricli Store, '117 West Main St., Blytheville, Ark., Wednesday and Thursday, April 23 and 2<lth. 4;23 ck 2-1 For Rent lilt: kill-hen. Ph. -1255. with hflth, eler- < 22 rk 23 Ui^fnrnlshod 5 roc/n honji 04 N. Mh St.. fh. 4632. -. Rear. OT 422 pk 23 n rnom furnished house * h«li 322 N. 6lh, Ph. 4336. 4 22 ek 1*5 Hooin imhllrv Brae-Jcln nnd hoard, ntso meals to the Served dully 11:00 to 1 :3r>. Hoarding House. 126 K. Ash.. I,lc;ht hoiise-Xeeplng rm. ph. 2920. 4 18 pk 2.1 Concrete Block Rulldins. fiullable for sarape or more and adjoining 5 room house with bath I-orftted In curve on rll^hway 61. south side of Holland Mo. Call 4404 or write I'ftul Hymm linple- inent. Co. ! 2'2-ck tf Two used Ice hones. Chei Anh. 1'h. 2919. 15UI W. !i! pk 26 For Safe, Real Estate Buy equity of 12000.00 'Oil loan of N.GR526. Payable In $4235 monthly payments on nice 7 room, 2 bath home Call 2J34. 4 23 pk 25 Good used vacuum rlenners. Runran- leed. Ph. Osccolft 954. Klrby salevcn. " 4 22 pk 57 M I N N 0\VS — lioaches. fishing canes TOc up. Ph. nite ;!9. day, 9969. 328 E. Main St. G. C. Hawks, 'lj.1.7 ]ik 5117 Lucinn Games F'urniture Co. Trade your old furniture for new. I will also buy your old furniture. Farmers term* 1/2 down, balance in the fall. Formerly Arnold & Gaines. Ph. R357. 'i:i7cklf Modern '1-room house and hath. Hardwood floors, 3 large closets, screened in backporch. Good condition inside and outside. Extra large lot with fenced in play yard. 912 Hardin St. ? 1,000 cash, 537.17 total monthly payments. Modern 4-room house with bath, equipped with nice electric range and refrigerator, Venetian blinds and drapes. Lots of storage space. High and dry corner lot at 2300 Kenwood Drive. $.1,000 cash, S'18.21 per month. It's nice— you'll like it. Vacant — move in tomorrow. \Ve have other houses for sale. See or call JOHNNY MARR Realtor 11 2 So. 2nd. Phone 4111 Residence Phone 2596 •1 19 ck tf Authorized J Service • 2 Big Lots at Railroad & Ash Streets • CHAMBLIN SALES CO. * Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer * Kailroad & Ash Call 6888 D. &P.L No. 15 froin KCi ixcrf.t proclurlnR 97 bi*leA. PrUrff ilfiO Ion. J H GAT1IINGS l,n\f)rn Ark, 421 pk !> 5 SI'IOCIAI. RARV CHICKS This '.vpok. 4-A US n>iprovrrt hpavy breeds 512.W. Alto «H»lf« Iwr.'H Poultry 41P K. Mnln PU- 3317 Modern two bedroom liotno already financed l>y 'I"- {;.[. I.o;in. Tulnl pnymcnt. ?-10.C(0 per nionUi. Rejisonaltlo down imyinenl with immediate possession. Soo or call Max l.o- san. I'h. 2<m, l.yiu-li Rid jr. 23 ok :50 Kent A by llic for your child itlth John M»r- room elct-lrL,: hkH:lit-Jl. Rood LocnMon. Ph. 33,18 or 9671. -1 13 ck 51 Private Rooms Insurance Call 4553 For Complete Tnsuranee Protection W. J. Pollard' Aaency Planned Protection 12< W. Ash St GLFNCOE HOTEL BU1LDINO 48 ck tf Instruction We Will Tram You To Be A Technician In One Of America's Leading Industries If OUR QUALITY USED CARS OUR QUALITY USED CARS ARE MAKING NEW FRIENDS EVERY DAY. BUY YOUR USED CAR FROM A QUALITY DEALER, SULLIVAN- NELSON CHEVROLET CO. IN BLYTHEVILLE! IH50 CHKVROLKT ninroon Fleelline 2-door Sedan. A beautiful car, priced right. Has large radio, heater, ilef rosier. 19 19 CHKVKOLKT black Kleelline .1-tluor Sedan. Come in and see (his car today. Large radio, heater, defroster. 1918 PLYMOUTH blue deluxe 4-door Sedan. $ With both hlr. & defroster, it's a fine buy at 1»5<I CHKVKOLKT 2-Ton long wheelbase Truck. Ha» 2-speed axle. The tires aH look us good as new . . . 900x20 tires on rear, 825x20 on front. You can't go wrong on this bargain. 19.17 CHKVHOLKT i/ z -Ton J'ickup. Completely overhauled mtr. extra good tires. Green finish 1918 CHKVROt.rCT ^,-Ton Pickup Truck. A real clean frk that looks like n new one. A buy at £JC 0*ID CAC D«J3 J70E I vD $ 1950 STUDEHAKKR M-Ton Pickup Truck Driven just 8,000 miles. A mighty fine one . Many More to Choose From KASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, you can always mike a good deal at SULLIVAN -NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" 301 West Walnut Phon. 4378 It is estimated that most automobile headlights do not gis-e 'R driver a clear view of the area in which he can stop unless he ririvca under 45 miles an hmir. What la believed to be the largest forest five in America, occurred in 1825 in Maine atid New Burnswlcit. H bunieci over three million acres and cost 160 lives. JJce furnished hnd lent location. Ph. 2514, Pptlroam. prl ol Kroner's Ph 4GCO- 307 N, Fitst. 4'17 pV 24 Bedroom, convenient to bath. Riea-n heat, 611 W. Main. Ph. 3325, 4;iO ck 3 10 Bedroom with pclTtUe ballu Ph. 9671 or 2D38. 4; 1 pfe 3-1 You can qualify—ttitx could he^ yaur chance for future security nnd ihe , kind of work you like. You inuM, br be- I twcen the nges of 13 and 53 nnr! have i m. ronv^n- j the fiQiilvBlent of Rn flih Grade Ertii- ' 421 pk 539|c?.ilon or more. . . NO EXPERIENCE • : ] necessary—but must be wlIllnK lo ! •ntrance ii block train In spare lime at hornr, . . (Will ' not Interfere with prr.srni ]ob). ( For full drtnlls and further Inform*- ! Lion on how you may be able to quail- J fy—Write RlvLng ape and education Lo ' BOX M-7, C/D Courier News. ' 4 : 22 pX ?S ! Lost and Found Main. I'll. 8034. male prkinrse dog. faw . M. J. Koehl«r. 1020 •422 pk 29 ?250 reward for finding my diamond ring. F. G. Gipson. Call 3262, 3423 or 4464, Gloncoe lloicl. 11 ck tf Ttlixed breed ciog — black wilh white chest. Short with long body and crooked left leg. Short haired, long- tail. Last seen near Yarbro. Name of DiKgy. No collar. Liberal reward. Kllis Wheeler, ph. 0032 or 3806. A 19 pk 2G HEI,P WANTED SPARE TIMR $40fl MONTHLY POSSIBLE W*> will splcrt a reliable pnrson Ln this area tn re Jill and collect monpy from onr NEW AUTOMATIC MER- CHANDIST DISPENSING MACHINES. Nn j,c11tnu. Person selected can net up to MOO mnnihly/ftnd more, rfependlng nn how many vintis srrvlred. To qu^ll- fv. applicant in ust have car, refer- encp.i. and inlnlnntm of S600 working rnpltnl For LirnttrdLntr Interview, write «1vln» Mill tictnlls. Include phone, use. I n<!<!ros*. etc. Write: to P.O.B. 4026, | Jennings munch, St. l-ouls 20, Mo. 4"22 pk 29 HE KNOWS YOUR CAR I/ yon wurit In cnlrust TOUT car to a mcclianfc who will do his best (n fix it properly — at a minimum cost to you — come to T. r. Sear Motor" Co. Try us next lime. T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Chryslfr-Plymonth Dealer 121 E. Main Phone 21ZZ DPL IS ARKANSAS BLUE TAG CERTIFIED COTTONSEED First Year From Breeder! 80-85-31% germinaUnri. delinlert an* treated COTTON BAGS ARKANSAS CERTIFIED BLUE TAG OGDEN SOY BEANS SO-85% germination COTTON BAGS EARL MAGERS, Phone 2811, Dell, Ark. Nln fi^ni 4 21 pk ?4 rKirfirir.o OORTCH NO. 2 Blue Ta^ i;rnde sfcA. bcnnn. riant Poarri approved. e. i,. \vvi.u-: P i r>m Isr d I -1 n d fs r tn Or Photifr 2625 HlythrvUlc ^,17 pV. S 1 * nrtv 2-bfrtroom horn I uood floors, plrturr wlnrtoxvi i harkyard. Owner bolnt lr and will reliance S1IBO nnlly for conrl rnr. Total prlrr: S7,.°ifiO I,evvl5 Rf A!(V f.'o.. Ill F: n.irl.a. Ph, BPfiA. 4 22 rX .S 22 P. Harcl- •f\n?:fprrod Kainilv to make share crop. Ph. 0801. 23 ck If Ambitions young man who wants to learn General Motors automotive parts. Experi- 1 ent-e will help but not necessary. Apply in person at Hornor-\Vilson .Motor Co., 317 K. Main St. 17 ck 24 TKI.KVTS10N RCA VICTOR Day Amusement Co. Th. -*47i>. Highway 6! North ntond rofXer spaniel pujw. m W.W. ' Mrs. Pavls. SOI Park St. 4 !'-> [>k 2« ' RoyhrAnie. Rod Tac DnTtrh^o»' Nn, 2 RO"; . Hlnr Tut: Ozdcn fi5'; RrrmltiN- j Hon. NT J Osborne. ph, 26*6 i I 411 pk 7X ' Real ESTATE Farms—Cily Property LOANS K lniprr>5trd In Hnylng j or <rlUnfl «<•« Noble Gill Agency INSURANCF. ' (Jlpticoe Bldp. Ph. RSCS 1 ».10 ci tr For Sale Cars & Trucks 1H7 <;iiov:Lilrt Oonri-rtlhtp. cJ(r*ll<-nt i'OndUloii. U>^ilprt with rxlriH PrUv iSfi'i (W. -:OT F.. Ylnr. 4 IS pk 25 Notice H<x>th Crosskno taxi ns from phonfl 9^31. l.i opernl- 416 pk 2^ Fl'l.T.KR BRUSH Tor frrvtrf nt your floor, cull W9J) .rAAIKS EIGHTY, DKAF.KR 422 pX 522 Salesman Wmntmd On^ortunltv Tor full or part tlmf r»i;--nir.m Ln niytlifvlllc Rupplyins: ron- •.iiir.ns u.Hh RnwlMRh Product. No i ftpltAl nood'-rt. Also otlior I.ocnLUIcs i*..ii!nblp \Vrltr Rawlc-lch'5 Dept. AKL)'-216. Memphis, Trtin. [ < 23 ck -124 NORTH HI LOCATION 1 Nl'-p ? hrdroom homr, ultnrhfrt ffarfl^f. lUlllly poirh. benntimi h-»rrt- wood flnors. nil modern convenience* Hotup only 3 yr.irs old. IrOl on 100 ft by 250 ft, rirep for only $A!HW. ExUa frontaup aviMlihle It tte^lrrcl. BURINKSS OPPORTUNITY N'lCP crorpry storn on Ntfun 51 r« pt Happy Hovir". Own*r Irnrtnit loa H n. SPECIAL SERVICE For all Motorists Notice to Farmers: I represent Ihe ROBERT I,. PiORTCH SEKD FARMS, of Scoll Arkansas, In this territorjf. Ai present I have about 3(11) bushels of DORTCH SOY No. 2 BREEDERS BEANS. Also m Jew of the NEW 67 VARIETY. MRS. HOWARD BOWEN Day Phone 6218 Night Phone 8061 Located 300 yds. So. of city limits, Hiway 61 No miller wliai kind of car or truck you own, T. T. Seay Motor Co. offer you the speoUlir.eiJ scrvirc of snccilninrtcr repair. To he siifc — lo pet betlrr service from jour car ... he sure your snfeclomelffr !• correct. 1-Day Servtcr. T.I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Cliryslrr-riymotith Dratcr HI K. Main Phone 2I2J CHEVROLET I'/j- Ton long wheelhast Truck wifh a darn nice 1 l-f(. grain bed. l.icens- «<i and ready (o g« . . . $895 1918 CMC 2-Ton Jong wheclbase truck with 2- speed Rxle, new paint AND 4 new rear Ur*s! $895 Alr.o Have vln . iivff p<xi1 room scr nlre cafe and other groce i.«ino HOUSK AND 5 ACUKS $-1oOO Fvlra coocl five »crrs mid small hut nlre hrnuM* U>lt Inr.ttrrt Inn! e fAitt of Dogwood RIrtR« on poocl ^i^vrt f^^X) down. balRnrc on tf r\*,. INCOMF: ruopKirrv Cornfr of A.ih At I.Uy. Nice hur-ntnr \ci up. « r.>c>m two siory honsp l) 1 St. All of this propci ly b-liiRlnii in «ood i KI'J.MP \VIUSK.\lir.\T, rn. y iua Pi ire Is rlchl FUEL OIL G.O. POETZ OIL CO. "/ Sell Tkat Staff" Phone 2089 Office & Bulk Plant—Promised Land in 16 GMC l!/i-Ton long whcelbase Truck wilh a practically new motor, new paint and good tires. A real value— 1951 STUDEBAKER I 1 /! -Ton loriff vrhMihas* truck with very Vow mileage. A truly fine tru«k at i nk« price! Only • $1295 • 19-18 DODGE li/i-Ton long wheelbas* Truck wifh a brand n«vr motor! Has good tires, too. S«« this truck today! • $775 • $495 1951 CMC short base 2-Ton Truck wifh new (ires, cab lights, signal lights . . . now offered at a real bargain! • SAVE • IMO Chevrolet 2 -Ton short .' Truck with perfect tires, mplor $1295 good rubber, n«w paint heckuva fine buy— $745 See Hovner-Wilson's nice pickups & \\stft HORNER-WlLSON Kocket Oldsmobile — CMC Trucks Phon« 2056 Ustd Car Lot — Phone 6151

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