Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 16, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 16, 1896
Page 6
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It clears the head of foul mucous; heals the; lores and ulcers of the bead and throat; sweetens the breath, and perfectly restore? the senses of the taste, smell and hearing. Stops headache and dropping into the [ttroat Alsg destroys the germ which cause* HAY FEVER. _aking a perfect cure iu a few days. Never (fails! No fatal case of I«A GRIPPE ever know* fhere Brazilian Bale: Tds faithfully used, it !estroys the grippe gene and quickly remove* "the after bad effect INFALLIBLE In ASTHMA,CROUP, EBON- CHITIS, EE.EURISY. PNEUMONIA, DYSPEPSIA, RHEUJIATIEM, TYPHOID and .SCABXE* FEV.ER, MEASI.ES, and any disease -where 'there is Inflammation, Fever or Co&gesHon. Greatest relief in Consumption ever discovered. _ICurO8 a Fresh Cold in one day. Stow „.,_ .„_„,._ _.- r - .._„.-„ In the head and relieves deafness. Asau Injection Invaluable In female troubles. For outwnrd use lieaN Cuts, Sores and Bums like magic. Prfr vents lock-'aw from wounds. QUICK CUKE FOR CONSTIPATION AND PILES. lit Healing Power Is Almost Miraculous. The Best Family Medicine In Existence* 60 Cent Bottle contains 100 Doses, or Two Weeks Treatment for Catarrh, 91.00 BOTTLE EQUALS THREE COoi BOTTLES. '"• ,- HOME TESTIMONIALS: "Brazilian Balm Corel me of inveterate catarrh which I had for over X yeari, It Is the moit -wonderful triumph of medical science."— Ccn. jf. Parke Pasties* '-'IS croup cold and the worst form of gripp-wc have four.r 1 Brazilian Bnlm invaluable." —Jtia. W. S. Soothe, D. D., Pastor Del. Ave. Bap. Ch. "Mrs, Lore has used th« Brazilian "Balm and thinks it did her much Rood."— ffo.t. CAas. -B. Lore, C/fic_fJu&. warm in itty e : best thing *'j[ was WOrniUHlOSt tO the ^rave wun it r*u:&.iii£ v,vu£u *.um. «ii ..AH- ii,iui.iLi,— --„ —,_ doctors failed to relieve. It was cured with, one bottle of Brazilian Balm. It sbaJJ be my doctor through life."-- Mrs. J. Galloway, Pottstown, Pa. "I-was fearfull; crippled vp with rheumatism, could not gel ay hand to my head. I took ten _5O cen't bottles of Brazilian Balm in six months. Am now entirely cured and ns nimble as I was at forty."— A'.ison Eiirrcll, aged S./. A lady hi Cincinnati v/as C3 afflicted with asthma that during the winter for seventeen years she was unable tt sleep lying down, was entirely and permac<;ntly fired with Brazilian Balm. 60LO A% y D A s£ALEKs? !ST ' 9 B. F. JACKSON & CO., Cleveland,.Oi For sale by the following druggists: B. F. Kccsllng, general agent; Ben Fisher, Joimsoa Bros., W. H. BrluglJlirst, G. W. Hoffman, D. E. Pryor, Q. A MOMS, H. D. Hattery and A. R. Kistler.' .UGINC K"*s INSTANTLY ROACHES ^BEDBUGS *• MOTHS*ANTS+ETC [.POISONOUS EXPLOSIVE CTS * BEWARE OF I ALL DEALERS? TAKE NO S" JITATIONSt ISTITUTE* BETROTHED IN INFANCY. Pnrontu Arc the Spoimors for n Cflrl Aged 1'wo anil :t Roy AKCI! TJ»r<lu. A remarkable eweniony ^v^s enacted »t St. CroLx, IIK!., at tin; itsidencc of ?l'i-. and Mrs. Albert JL Mans the oMior evening 1 , 1 their two-year-old dnug-hter a-nd .tho thi-ce-ycar-old son of >fr. nnd Jlrs. Michiicl MnxwcJl bcin# betrothed in ni.'irriug'f;.. Tlie ceremony wns presided over by the older Macs, who is the only living' (.rraridpareint of the tots, and the p;irciit« of the litUe ones may be Maid to have acted the part of sponsors for the prinoipnls, ench of the four promising 1 Icrvcntly to endeavor religiously to remind the children of their own ami the pnrentaJ vows. .The cere- nion" wns followed by feasting 1 and mirth, which reminded one of a real '•wedding- or an old-fashioned ehristen- ing. The bride to be was dressed in pure white, with u wreath of natural flowers. Her promised husband wore a .oailnr suit o£ navy blue, with a. white rufll'vl shirt bosom. After the vow* were yironoDnced by the parunt-s[X)n- SOIM the parents and children sipped wine from one frlnss, bride and groom- clctit sipping 1 lirst. The little couple sccttviru to enter heartily'into iJic affair, ns if they were cognizant of its full sig- niftca.nec nnd were proud of it. nt t< Oi'.' pv;r; cffic edy hl'ui For i 'ISEASES OF THE SIUN. ?:.ti;iuo. itching und HmartinK inci ticzemn, tetter, salt-rheum, nnd othei ,; ofthe skin is instantly allayed by v.; Clmrobctluin'B Eye and Skin. Tit. Many very bad cases liave been :ontly. cured, by it. It is equally '. for itchinc; piles and a favorite rem- sore nipples; chupped hands, chil- r'rost bites, and clironic eorc eyes. '! by dcuggiats at 25 cents per bos. 7:7 r>r, Caily's Condition Powders, they rojs'.'t whuta horse needs when in badcondi- io-.i. '.''onic, b!ood purifier and .vermifuge. THE ELDER TREE. Some of tlio Traditions und Supcmtltloni Attnchod to It. The traditions attached to t!Us tree nre very numerous nnd widespread, from the days of Pliny downward, says. Kotcs nnd Queries. The fancy or belief that Jud.is hung 1 himself upon an elder tree, which will be found in Ccraa-i2e oud Tnauy old herbalists and poets, Eer. Jolmson among them, of course, gave the name to the purplish-browu fungus which grows on its bark under the title of "Judas' ear," which Coles rc/crs to as "Jewes Eaie, called in Luti,n Fungus sambicunus .and Auricula judae." The plant appears to have had in Eng-huid the old cognomen of pipe tree or bcui tree, and in Scotland bore tree, no doubt from 1 the facility with which pipes or tubes for musical or other purposes have always been made by pushing: out the pith, from the younger branches. Weseemtogetthe name from the Dutch holder with the German hohlundcr, eurcau with the French, in Do! load vlierboom, Italian snmbuco, Hussion busina, and Spanish sauco. The spiced wine so almost -universally made from the berries in country 'dis-. tricts, and the medicinal virtues attributed—and- not without reason—to very many preparations made from its bark, shoots, leaves nmd roots by country folk from time immemorial, and a proportion of which nre found in the pharmacopoeia, have doubtless made it a popular plant, and gathered around it many of the superstitions, tales, and even enhanced the virtues it is said to^ possess.' At all cvente, in nearly every county in 'England its praises cam be heard, and wondrous tales in connection with it will be found to exist. Kocp Your Mouth Closorf. People who keep their mouths closed' cxcapt when they are talking, cating.or drinking- rarely contract co3ds or | cxmghs. ' .; . THREE DEOWNED. Disaster Overtakes a Eowing Party in New Jersey, Boat Containing Five Persons Cap sized During a Storm—Ruin Wrought by a Hurricane. Gloucester City, N.J., June 15.—Enrly Sunday morning during a severe storn a rowboat containing five persons uup t,ized IE the Delaware riv-e.r off here ^ three of the occupants were drowned The dead are: Mrs. Hannah Richter Mrs, Kate McCut and John IJrower liesides the three drowned the boa contained John McCue and Williaii Jiichter, husbiinds of the C\vo women Mrs. Jiichter sung in a concert hnll here nnd her husband rowed' her nig'iti) ncross the river to their home in 1'hil adelyhia. In some way the boat con taining the party overturned and in th swift current and heavy f«u thut U-;I on Brewer and the women could no hold on to the boat and were sw?!i' to their deaths, Kichter and .McCin 1 :ii'tci a desperate strug-gle were cnrried p.^-h on the uiiturnecl boat, Jiicliti-r and ivife were only married lust Tnesviiiy. A l;uIno«H Storm. ' Asbury Park, N. J., •luni- I.5.—A northeast storm of iniuvna! .scvi"ritj started in about ten o'clock Saturdaj uight, and before it !uul spn-i its furj did tens of thousands of dc: 'a-s' wortl of damage along the coast :.: U inland All night long the wind i.uwlcd and blew with the velocity oT a hurricane Trees were -iprooted and timir branches torn oil', signs wen> broNen, awnings blown clown and ollit'r (I'linage sus- tninecl thiit. littered I in-- streets with mis rellnneous nrticlcs. The fishing interests suffered a loss usi imatrd nt S-10,000. At Long Branch the principal damage was done to the iron pier. The outer £uard piling were all torn up »nd washed on the Ixjac.h. Hotween (jalUce and North Long J'ranch IIIIIDV jiounrl nets were completely destroyed. This is the largest fishing section filnng the ooa&t. No boats were run to tht',pier or the docks along the South Shri-w.sbury river on aoc-oiuu of the storju. At Atlantic Highlands inany smiiller:ifl.«ere washed up on the beach and \vrc':la j d. Seabright escaped with but little 'oss. South ft Asbiiry I'ark tin; clumiig-i 1 was olso light. At thri'i- o'<'inel< Sunday olternoon tin- storm subsided. SWIFT PIGEONS. More Thau a JIliiT Made a Minute la » RucciiL Trial. Aided by a southerly wind u.nd a perfectly clear sky, the first test of the pigeons which are to represent the-first Chicago Homing dub in the National federation races this year was a most nota.hle success, says the Chicago Chronicle. The trial was remarkable In more than ami feature. Two hundred and eighty-one birds, the largest number which the dub has ever liberated from ono racing station, mode the trip, and Of that number every bird was reposffig- peacefully in its !oft by one o'clock in the afternoon. The time made' by the first birds to arrive home was the fastest ever made over the course, and represents a speed of more than a mile a minute. The birds were liberated at Monee,•12 miles a.way from the nearest loft, at 7:30 o'clock, and White Wings, owned by L. Ycrsc'luicrcn, stepped back in its Joft at, S:!'! 1 /- White Wings was closely followed by nearly hal f the flock, accl 50 arrivals were reported between S: ID nnd S:1T. Inasmuch ns every bird spent at least us much as five minutes in circKcg before starting on a line for homo, the speed shown is materially more than a mile in each CO seconds. As tin illustration o^ how little even the bpst fanciers are able to judge of the merits of their own pets, it is in- tcrtistir.g to note thsit White Wings had been considered almost worthless. Duly month ago ho wns flown .from Sixty- first, street, a. distance of eight miles, to hi* loft, and took 1C days to make the •journey. That w-na his first trial, and e was sent to 'Monee Saturday quite is muc.li in the hope that he would be :ost as for any other reason. A CORONATION CEREMONY. Crowulnc an Ethiopian Emperor Ono Cn- equaled In Uarunrlo Sploador. The coronation of the emperors cf Ethiopia at Axoum, the holy eity of Abyssinia, is a ceremony nncqunlcd in barbaric splendor in all Africa. Iteven touches the- imagination of the white man, says the Pa.ll M:ill Gazette, and nrouses his black brother to delirioua enthusiasm. The sacred person of the emperor, in great pomp, clothed in royal purple, silk, with a gold cross in his hand, proceeds, on a horse with trappings of indescribable richness, to the church, followed by the dignitaries and aristocracy cf the empire, aJso clothed in all the richness and bright colors of the east. Arrived before the sacred edifice, on descending he finds many young girls, dressed in white, who prevent his entrance by.bands of scarlet ribbon, and who cry: "Who are you that wish to enter the Church of Axoum?" "I am your emperor, the negus neghesti (king of kings) ot Ethiopia." "No, you ore not our emperor, you are not the neg-us ncghesti," and three times they lower and raise .he ribbon. O'n the fourth, the negus cuts it with hJs sword, crying: "I am the ki'og of Sion," ia the midst of tremendous acclamations. Conducted to he center of the edifice, to the. sacred ;tone, which is only stepped over by'the emperor, and by him once,'the abuna. Abyssinian pontiff) advances ajnld breathless silence, gives unction, consecrates' him, 1 n.nd he -takes the solemn oath. Then, to the accompaniment of music, ringing of bells und'd-ancing, he -eceit'es the imperial diadem. The oath rims ns follows: "t,.swear to defend Christian truth and religion, to keep •he faith of Hark, destroy apostates, and govern Ethiopia nnd its inhabitants n the holy name of God." WITHIN OUR BORDERS. News Briefly Told from Various Towns in Indiana. " Cunnoc Fill Hie Sink-Hole. Wahash, Ind., June 15. — Although 600 car loads of stone have been dumped into the sink hole on the Michigan division of the Big Four at Bolivar this county, tht; track lor a distance of 100 feet continues to sink, shelving oil at the depressed point almost perpendicularly to a depth of four feet und twisting the rails out of shape. Thirty-five care of stones are daily placed under the track, but when the train passes over the stone elides away dud disappears. Trunipn Burn a Burn. Shelbyville, Ind., June 15. — The neighborhood in which Widow Wilson resides has been greatly annoyed of late by tramps. Two impudent fellows called and dumiinded something to cat. The wiituh dog wiis turned on them and they left declaring vengeance. At ten o'clock t.h* family wns awakened to find their fine barn ou fire, and it was consumed with eijrht head of horses mid a larg-e amount of implements, grain, etc. The loss .will reach. 154,000, with $700 insurance. Wanted to Steal the DmiffLtcr. Brazil, Ind,. June 10.—Excitement was created ai Lodi, north of here, by the arrest of Joseph Keeler, on a charge of kidnaping. Sonic time ago Keeler eloped with the wife of a neighbor named Johnson, and their whereabouts have been unknown until Keeler returned and stole. Johnson's small daughter from her home. He was shortly apprehended and placed in jail here. The girl wns returned to her father. Kpworth Jjcnsruurrt. Anderson, Ind., Juno 15. — Committees in cha.rg-e of the state Epworth league convention, to be held in thia city June 20, 27 and 28, ha,ve made their reports. Half-fare rates have been secured from all parts of the state, and half rates secured at all the hotels, and homes found for 400 of the dole- pates who- come from over GO miles. The convention will be held in the new Armory building. Located In South Africa. Anderson, Ind., June 15.—The notorious Lon Hawk, of this city, who escaped from the Ohio penitentiaicy. has bei>n located. He is at Johannesbxivg, Sou'Ji Africa. Hawk is well known over the entire central states as ono oi the smoothest men who ever operated in Indiana, Ohio and Illinois. He wat sentenced in Ohio, but escaped from the penitentiary. Commencement at K"otre Dame. Notre Dame, Ind., June J5.—There was an impressive scene in thft college ihapel Sunday morning 1 when Very 15ev. K. li. Kilroy, D. D., of London, Out.. delivered the baccalaureate sermon to the graduates nnd -under class men. It w;is n moetinn- O f the old and new, tor Dr. Kilruy was graduated in '-10, and he is the oldest liviuy alumnus of Xotro Dame, Sti-.In IVliter Tank Explode* For! \Vayi:! 1 . Ind., June K).—William F 1 , Uellrr \vhiiu superintending 1 the re- rhni'jfing r-r hi* soda water, fountain ,vas very si-riously hurt. Workmen dropped th" i-opper t:ink, which was argwl with gns, nnd it exploded. Celler's left ley; ivns- horribly mangled and lie bones uvri' sliattereil in threep!:>ces. AnipuUitiiui may be necessary. Fort \Vayne, Ind., Jumj 15.—Joseph •;, Davis, formcrriy luanag-er ot the Fort Wiiyue Daily Press and recently bus!ness manager of- the. Lincoln Tea company, dropped 'lend while walliin.fi; to n ujj store. Death was cine to henrt fti.ih'ire. -Mr. Davis was a veteran and n prominent grand a.rmy ina.n. Victim of « Dcci.'lvon Muncie, Ind., June 13.—Miss Belle Shnfer, a pretty IG-ycar-old girl of Fort Ittcoverv, 0., "'ho eloped with Dr. John Suypp jf that town on Decora'ion day, s left M'uncie for her homo. She claims that the doctor deserted her in Oliieng-o. Snypp left his wife and two children. Will Stop Work. Ehvood, Infl., June 13.—The 600 em- ployes of Hie great Macbeth lamp chimney plant in this city were noti- d that the plant would close next Saturday for the hot, season and the men will be given a vacation ot about ,-cn weeks, when work will be resumed. Found In the Rlvor. South Uend, Ind., June 15.—The body of Adam Basp was found in the river. l.-le was SO years old nnd unmarried, rj.isp's Eather died hist week nnd he was the ijdministrator of the estate, [t is not known how the young man rn.ct his death. Captured n tturglar. Muucie, Ind., June 13.—Ozro N, kroner, Delaware county's ex-senator, '.aptured a burglar and turned him >ver to the police. The stranger was ransacking Senator Crancr's residence vhen discovered. ForRed n Check. Shelbyville, Ind., June 15.—Edward DickersoD, a well-known horseman, came here from Greensburg- last week ind went on a spree. He forged a check n William Cole for $75 and is now in ail. Two Lives Lost. Ligonier, Ind., June 15.—John Elliott, . brake man, and an unknown tramp vere killed and a number of other per- •ons injured in a. rear end collision on he lake Shore road here. Shooting Tourney at Klwoocl. Elwood, Ind., June 15.—The Central ndiana shooting tourney will be held n this city, under the. auspices of (he Ihvood Gun club, July 3 and 4. Two Yearn for iv IIoSil C(i. Kokomo, -Ind.. .Tun-,' 15 — Kiiu'ry' Reynolds was given a twn-y.-!: «' :•-.•::• ence liere for holding ;i;.-. I..-'-- '.'.'•• -. Cokomo merchant.. A CBANK'S BULLET Lays Low President of New Amster dam Bank at New York, His Demands for Six Thousand Dol lars Being Refused, He Fulfiljs His Threat. New York, Juno 13.—At 12:SO o'clocl Monday afternoon a stranger who gav< his name as Charles Clark, 30 years o: age, went into the New Amsterdam bank, at Broadway and Thirty-ninth rttrect, and asking for President Georg'C 11. Wyelvoff, was admitted to his office Soon after entering: the stranpcr fire- two shots at llr. Wyckoft and then at tempted to kill himself by putting- a bullet in his abdomen. -Mr, \Vyckoff was shot in the side »nd abdomen. The man presented a. letter to I'rcs- ?ent Wyckoff, written on a letter hefu of the Hotel Jlarl borough. It contained a demand for $6,000 and threatened Mr, Wyckoff with death vmiess he furnished the money. The letter also stated that the bearer had a partner outside the bank who hud .Mr Wyclvoft "covered," and that if he made liny alarm and refused to give the money, a stick of dynamite would b«, thrown into the bank tha.t would blow up the building. President Wyckoff, after reading the letter, refused Clark the money, nnd (he, !iitter then shot him. The polio' believe that Clark is insane. At the New York hospital it was. mid that Clark's condition was more ferioiis than President WyckoJT's The hitter, it was stated, might recover although his injuries are very serious New York, June 15.—The man who shot Mr. Wyckoff was an entire stranger to all those in the bank, and Is supposed to have been a crank after the pattern of the man Xorcross, who tried to blow llussell Sago up with dynamite on the latter's refusing- to give him 8100,000. BOUNTIES IN SEALS. Main* SI.U1 Pnyii a Bounty and Laxt To» Rained It. Maine paid bounties on 1,002 seal; and on 305 bears in .1605. In JS94 only 385 seals and E30 bears were killed. The increase of seal killing is due to o 50 cent ijicrease of the bo-jnty. making- it one dollar. The bears have been thinned out by extensive killing. Why there should be a bounty on seals is plain, says the New York Sun, to those who know that In a Bingle year a seal consumes 3,6."0. pounds of fish, which would make (5,060,300 pounds saved by the killing 1 of 1,003 seals in 1805. Most of the fish eaten are coarse-grained, such as are used In baiting lobsteri pots— sculpins, flounders, tomcods, etc..—but not a few valuable fish, like herring, salmon find macka.rel, are killed by these animals. Much difficulty is experienced by seal hunters iu securing all of the animals killed. Many badly wounded or.es escape, and probably more than 2,000 seals were killed during 1SOS. No one knows exactly why bounties are paid on black bears. They are harmless animals, according to competentob- servers, feeding on beechnuts, wild frnits of various kinds, on. carrion, and roota of plants, seldom if ever molesting farmers in any wny. Maine pays five dollars mid New York ten dollars a head for kHling these good-natured creatures. THE MARKETS. Gniln, Provisions, Etc. Chicago, June IS. FLOUR—Dull und unehanB-cfl. Quotablo us follows: Winter—Pateiil.?, $3.GO(£T>3.SO; ptral!rhl!=. S3.'r,5T3.:.0: c-lcars. .tJ.S003.10; second?," S2.005J210; low pradrs, SLToffiOO. Sprlrs—l-'atO'Hs. 3.00<ii3.K>: s'raljjhts, S2.C3 fJ2.f<0: bakoni'. S2.10?i235; low grades. SI.CO ©1.75: Km 1 . Dn B , SI.20(S>J.40: Py«, S=.lOJ}'2.30. WHEAT—Moderately active and unsettled. Juno, SCViiE.-oTc; July, G.Wi©5T&e; September, 5CM©r.Sc. CORN*-22a?ler. No. 2, 57<i?27Vic: No. 3 Yellow, ST'Af!27%c: -fuly, 2Ti; i C 1 27%c: September, S.S'-Ji^STJtc: Or.tobcr. ^^OVitC; May, OATS—Slow and easy. June. nVSc.; July, 17«{j!J7'-).4c' Scptcmbc-j-, ]7vi«jil7vt,c, Samples easy No. 3, i7V.5i)l.SV,c; No. 3 Wlilte. isy@ lli^ic; Xo. 2, "iiSISe 1 No .2 White, 19%® £0c. RYE—About steady but quiet. No. 2 easli 32yjc; July delivery. 32M. C ; September, f; \J-1U-:Y—A110ut siendy.. Less poor thin Ea.rt.-'y orfe-ort, and a little more good cominV I". Thin, 22lfI2Jc; (air weight but off color. ajT-^c: goocl color, fair 10 Rood we'.Sht. -'iff'-^; choice to fancy, 30033. M13SS PORK—Offerings rather liberal ar.d demand active Price? easier. Quotations ranged at $7.M<!?7.IK for cash; $700 Cor Jinc; f7.0 r >@7.10 for July; $i.20GJ "'.SO for Sei)t3mber. LARD—Den-.and n-.odcrate and on"crl!iR3 froe Prices steady. Qi:ota* ( ons ranged at M ia«Sl i2Vi for cash:. 5J-10feM.-"W for June; }-U2&,5H 15 I'-Ji- Jul>'. a - nd Sl.?7'/;<g)4.30 lor September. • ' BTJTTEJl—Oulat and steady, rather lame C'reamorles, JOffiWVac; Dairies, S@I2c. LIVE POULTRY—Only moderate demand. Turkeys, GtjISc; Chickens, 7@7V4o; Spring Ducks, 13®15c per pourd; Geese, per dozen, SS.OOg.l 00. New York, June 15. FLOUR—State and Western quiet and easy. WHEAT—No. 2 RP'J C] ulB - ana steady, ufrtc lower. July. C2%@63 5-lCc; August, C295fo'li2%c: Siptcmber. C2V<JS>C2&c; December, 64 7-lC@M a-lCc. CORN—No. 2 dull nrmer No. 2, S3tt@ OATS-No. 2 dull, steady, State, 23@2Sc; Western, 23©iSc; July, 22c hid. BJ-3EF-DU11, steady. Kxtra mess, J6.09 @7.00; family, IS.B00P.W; old mess, $S.2j@ S.CO. . , LARD—Dull, weak. Steam rendered, S4 '5 BUTTER—Quiet, barely steady. Western dairy, S@lC^c; Western creamery, do il!4@15V4o: do. factory, 8@llc; Elgins, 16«|i isy-c; iroltation creamery, 10<tfl2c. CHEESE—yulet, fancy steady. Part skims, 2@-Uic; full skims, lVA"c. EGGS-Qul'-t, fancy steady. Western, Live Stock. Chlcaro, June 15. CATTLE-lanrket steady to strong. Fair to best beeves,. S3.40IJM 33; stockcra and feeders, $2.JO®3.Wi mixed Cows and Bulls, n.35©3.'.5; Texas, t2.5003.7o. . . • HOGS — Market s-erierally Be lower.' LlRht, S3,OBffi:l.-l2^.c; rouffh pncklnjr,J2.SO® 290' mixed and butchers'. (1K&3.30: heavy packing and shipping. $2 95^3.20; Ple«. ' "THE TRIUMPH OF LOV2 IS ir.VFPV, FRCITFCL 5I.VSII1JA«=." Every Wan Who Would Kuo-vv t!i« Grand Truth*, l);c rir.'.x ~.-r-5, :::o MCTT DlKcovcrlcn of Mc^:Tn! f'"-:?:»ro a* Applied 10 T.laTrlqi! I,;ic, \V!io \VonM /.:oa? far r=a; "rj-o.-n .-.K;l tic •.VsaUcrfs! t::t!t- ::o;^ f.-.::; J •' C'^:iip]fro Manhood, RVI! 3Io\v to Ac* tn:il It." "Here r.t lust is, iaform.T.lT. frcrr. .-x /.: -'i nedic.-il source tlmt must work wum!<!r» \.-na tbisKCUcrationodncii." Tl)«l>oolc C'jlly describes a method Ijj-v.-tlci to attain full vicor and znaaly poi v cr. A method by vhick to cud all uaautural 7o rsre .icrvocsceE?, lack •' self-contr';!, '!?"To c;:c'.iV.iir.-c a Jr.deil and worn n.-.:;:rc fcr o:.-.-c' -irirthtnc-;?, b^oynai-ycn-l i^v.'.r. ';'o pans iurevcr cJl'cew ol excesses, ovcrv.-cr.:. ., . to i-vc:-v po:-t:?n n2d rr,T^^ of i.be bo'ly, J^c no Ijnri'ier. Failure impossible. T"'o Ihc'jj^::'! r:-ic:'C-CCS. ';"::? bock is nurcly dcilicr.l .i^-l --. :cn :'.'.'. r." Ics-s ;o curiosity scctcrj, :r.v-'.»r.'.' •- :.j n^^ . .. .•ij.vpairias Kan, Tvho JiaJ np;)i:^.l to us, t'-i rf:cr wrote: . "'A'o!!, I ts!l you tliat JlrM, ilr.y ;3 one I'll rcvei- forppi. I just b'JbblCil v:ii.h joy. I •..-.;..-. -i 1 . irj !r.i5r everybody aud-Tcll tbcramy t' * : < •'*,' h.id died yesterday, and my iiw eeii \- ,- i>i:-n to-day. "Why didn't yc;: icti ir.c v.-j; -n J first wrote ibut I v:cu"ia :ls(t :: i^:^ v,-..-.-:" i, And Kaotlicrtbys: "If you rtu-.npc'l a cart load ol f-:'. i .'.', :sy f«t it would nut bring such cla<lc«wi ;:;•.« u>y l:i'= ,-j.i vo-r jncihod lias done." \--:;»:otbo EBfE MErJIC_YT,.Co:>.!?A:O-, !;--"'-.!o, X. Y., snd nsk J'or the iiLtle liooi rai.L-l "COMPLETE MANHOUD." Iteferto ' tJj^jnpcr, nadtLe comiyxny promises to send :!j.-- i»)k, in toatoi onvciopc, mt!)o:it a".y ----- i- s ,p-id entirely free, unlil .it is v.-c-i !nt;o- The COAST LINE to MACKINAC ->' I'TAKE W MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers ThcOmitc-tt Perfection yetstUilaed In Boat Construction--Luxuriou* Equipment, Artlttlc Furnishing, Decoration «n<J Ctllclcot Service, Iniuring the highest degree of COnFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUR TRIPS PCR WECK Bn-wtcn Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac PETOSKEY. rl THP SOO," MARQUeTTE, AND DULUTH. LOW RATES to Picturesque Mickinac Vt9 Return. Indudlni: fle«ls «ad Berth.. From Cleveland, Ji8; from Toled*, $15; from Detroit, $13-90. EVERY EVEN1NQ Between Detroit and Cleveland Connecting ot Cleveland with Earliest Trains for nil points East, South and Southwest and at Detroit for all points North and Northwest. Sunday Tript June, July, Aupist ani Stpttmbtr Onlf. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, Put-in-Bay $ Toledo Send for H'.ustraled Pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ. o. p. «.. DETROIT, MICH. Bedsit and Maitf steam Nay. Go. ONE-KAUF SIZE OP BOX. POZZONI'S 'eOMPLEXlON POWDER! I bus been tho standard for forty r^nw iin Is more popular to-dn;' tban crer borer©. 1 POZZOSI'S I Is tic Ideal complexion powder—bcnutlfj-lct,,. rt-fropliliip, clcrmlr, JinnHliftil and harmleai. , I A deltaic, lnr!»lblo protectlnn to tbo face. I nlflcont .ScnviU'H GOLD PCFF I BOX ti Klven «r*c ol cbarg*. AT DRUGGISTS AND FANCY STORES.' Lake Trip? You'll fully enjoy all of Its delight; ! (>' ou take ono of the f -IKS MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CO'S LIGANT STEAMSHIPS, failings between Chicago and M«ckin»c Inland four times every week. S^rp^^r^s^^^Ici^ Jvjwplf. Harbor Spring*, Petoikcy, •Cl:iii9C Island, etc. Write for our readable reading matter, trco. or ask your nearest agent. , Address Jos. Berolzhelm, ' LAKE MICH. AND I.ABLE i StPEBIOBTBANS.CO. Ruth and N. Water SL. ChictJCL Tyjihoid and Sccrlct Fever. Taken in time Brazilian B»lm prevent! typhoid or scsrfet fever. Also maker these diseases very light and r.lvayi prevents. deafness end throat troubles, ?hich scarlet fever and measles GO ofte. cave behind. Always keep on lisnfl. ;

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