The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 18, 1938 · Page 3
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 3

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1938
Page 3
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 1938. THE MOKN1NG HEKALO, HAUUK8TOWN, MARYLAND. SPORTS CAMERA FINDS CROWDS AND ACTION IN SUN AND SNOW i In the sunshine '. J '~''. 60,000 at beautiful Santa Anita race track, Arcadia, Cal. In the snow . . . Max Hauser, Austrian champion, leaps at Ruud mountain, Sun Valley, Idaho. ON DOWN THE SPORTS TRAIL By PAUL MICKELSON Pittsburgh, Jan. 17, (/P).—Tims merry Pittsburgh Pirates of pprin baseball fame have forced footbal Coach, Jock Sutherland and hi anti-Rose Bowl team right off th trout pages of the local news papers. Since the Pitt footballer wrapped their togs'in moth balls the Pirates have kept the cilizenr agog by some right smart long distance harpooning that promise to result in as much good for th. ball club as a National League pen iiant. And it may even bring jus that. Club President Bill Benswangei who confesses there are nuito few baseball men who know mop about the game than he does, open ed the barrage by announcing wba the Pirates needed w-as new faces that, the Pirate management wa ready to swop "star for star" will any club. Between masbie shots on hi favorite golf course in Florida, Pan Vaner read this pronouncement "What he mean's," retorted th "Big Poison" Man, "is that he want cheaper faces." Naturally, a pop-off like that fron hip. Paul didn't look so good for Bil Bc-uswanger bill. Hill took it ii Sn-ppt William fashion by saying "Paul Is wrong, but. he's a grea ball player. 1 guess a groat bal player should ge able lo pop off.' Then came Forrest (Woods' Jensen, the oulfloder, and It wa different. Woody was quoted in Wichita, as saying the Pirate man agement was "cheap" and tha Manager Pie Traynor causes what ver trouble there Is in the club Benswanger, Traynor aud quite a few Pirate fans blew up over that Jensen insisted he was misquote but the reporter likewise insistel Jensen bad read the story before i was published and that he (tin reporter) had suggested the bal player take some of the "fast hop' off the bristling statemeut. Traynor, regarded around thi National League as a milk toas type of guy, .burned up when hi read Jensen's blast. "I can understand a star playei popping off and attracting so mucl public notice," boiled Pie, "hut a .27fi hitter like Jensen getting Hi headlines IB something that amazes me." CLUB THANKS ALL The Little Heiskel Club, whicr sponsored the charity bnsketbal games at the Armory this past Sunday, wants to thank the Arm • ry officials, players and all who aided in the worthy cause. A noal sum was realized from the two games and will be placed in th Charity Fund. Other sporting events are being planned for th indoor season. FASTING MINISTER WILL ATTEND MEET Very Reverend Israel Noe Will Make Journey to Knoxrille Memphis, Tcnn., Jan. 17 (/P)— With 16 days of absolute fast he hind him, the gaunt Dean ot St Mary's Cathedral made plans to night to attend the Diocesan Con vention of his church at Knoxville Tenn., 500 miles across the state in Eastern Tennessee. ( The Very Rev. Israel Harding Noe, who says he is entering into a "new higher plane ot spiritua life" taking his food from "the Father's life within," will journej by train, arriving in Knoxville Wednesday morning. Declaring there would be turning back," the -Hi-year old cler IB asserted that "nobody" coulc say he was taking food "on the sly" in Iiis search for spiritual per fection and immortality. It. was revealed today that the Dean places ice cubes in his mouth at frequent intervals lo re lieve the dryness ot his throat and lips. However, he quickly expels the water from bis month when th ice has melted. AVhen he conducts his services and Bible classes he applies moistened handkerchief to his lips often as he speaks. His only material food is the sii of wine and communion wafer he lakes three times weekly. It was known that ho subsisted all ot last, year on oranges, but today he said that in 1936 he lived on oranges and raw cashew nufs The latter, be said, supplied the protein he needed then. AID IS SPEEDED TO BRITISH FREIGHTER Vessel Is Reported ro Be Leaking Badly in Mid- Atlantic New York, Jan. 17 (/P)—The German liner Kuropa steamed al 2fi knots tonight to (he assistance of the British freighter Cragpool, which was lenking badly in. mid- Atlantic after weathering a severe blow. The Radioinarinn Corporation picked up the vessel's first SO at 4:45 F. M. (EST) nnd three lion rs la t or th e En ropa ra d ioeti she was 270 miles from the Crag- pool's reported position, approxi mately 1SOO miles northeast of Boston. Other vessels were believed in the vicinity of the British ship, which reported she was "not in sinking condition." A radio message to the Kuropa, intercepted by Kadiomarine's Chatam (Mass.) station, said "Circulating pump door carried nway; admitting water into engine room, but keeping in check at present. Will advise progress." A later message, received at 7:30 P. M. (EST) said: "Think water checked in engine room, now lumping out. Awaiting further developments." The salvage tug Willexee ad- ised Mackay Radio it was about 100 miles east of the Cragpool and going to its assistance, The distressed vessel, a 5,000- on steamship owned by the Pool Shipping Company of West Hartlepool, England, Jeft Galveston, Tex., Dec. 31 for Rotterdam. SCHEDULE IS ANNOUNCED The Junior Basketball Leaguo vhioh got off lo such a good atari ast Saturday, playing thHr games m 'he Armory court, will resume ilny this Saturday afternoon fltnrt- ng at I o'clock with the following chedulo. Co, B. va "Y" Jnniorfl. Victor .Ira. va Viking Jrs. Volunteers v« Indians. CLOTHE the ENTIRE FAMILY at a SAVING at the R. & G. Dep't Store Powerful Attack by Rebel Forces Madrid, Jan. 17 {#>)—-A powerful insurgent counter - offensive tonight suddenly struck back Rt Spanish government battalions who clipped oft" Ihn insurgent salient at- Teruel, 135 miles east of Madrid. Five insurgent and two government warplanes wer shot down In a large scale skybatUe, while he- low the new attack forced government lines back slightly aJ: one point. An official government com- munique disclosing the counteroffensive reported that two of the downed insurgent planes were of Italian manufacture. BRITISH AND IRISH SPLITOYER ISSUE Question of Union of Ire land and Northern Ireland Debated London, .Ian. 17, (fP). —British am Irish leaders split today over UK crucial Issue of the Union of IreHiiu and Northern Ireland at the firs' session of their economic peacf conference. Prime Minister Eanion de Yalerf declared that his colleagues a IK he believed Irish unity WHS es senlial to MIR psUblishnmnt of rea nmlorslamling and friendship bo tivppti Dublin nnd London. British officials quickly answered Hint i'f>lnf inns hp| WPPJI Ireland (former Irish Free Sta.lp) and Northern Ireland (Ulster) could nol. be modified without Ulster's consent. A definite break over the thorny problem was avoided today, however, while questions of trade ant defense was explored in an effor to end the economic war between the two countries and revise pres ent arrangements for defense of the Irish Coast. A spokesman for Hie Irish delegation said after the meeling ended that Ireland could not divorce the question of union from trade and defense. He was pessimistic, about tho outcome of the talks and when asked if union would prove an insurmountable barrier he replied: "I am not sure, but. we should know early tomorrow." The Irish delegation made clear it would refuse to nncept Urn British contention that the question r>f union must be solved by Irclnm and Northern Ireland. CHAUTEMPS TRIES TO FORM MINISTRY Radical - Socialist Leader Is Called to Succeed Self Paris. Jan. IT (/P)—Camille Chan- temps today attempted to form a, modified People's Front government without. Communist, support. The Radical-Socialist, leader was called on to succeed himself after four days of fruitless effort by former Premier Leon Blum and Georges Bonnet. Chaulemps' Cabinet fell last Friday iu the face of Communist opposition lo his labor and financial policies. He accepted "in principle" the invitation of President. Albert Le- briin while await ing a decision the Socialist, party w b e I li e r it j would onlrr his Cabinet or at leas support, him in the Chamber of Deputies. Thn Nntiniiril Socialist Council scheduled n night session to weigh the question. Chaiitemps' .success or failure rested mainly with its decision, just as the resignation of Socialist ministers precipitated his downfall. Deputies spoke openly in Chamber lobbies of the possibility of d solution -of the Lower House and new elections if CluiutPmps should Fail to form a Cabinet, as TNum, Socialist, leader, and Bonnet, a Radical-Socialist Finance Minister, hnd done. CbHutnmpR Inlfl Radical-Socialist. Onputlr-s lie would exclude Communist R from tlie Cabinet. The Communists, nltlimigh without Cabinet posts, bud boon important, supporters of the two previous People's Front governments. Meanwhile, the press redoubled expressions of. alarm for interior and exterior peace, which they declared were menaced by the lengthening crisis. MANUFACTURER DIES Frederick, Md., Jin. 17 (/P)— Raymond Roscoo Shank. 5(5, lime manufacturer here, died at his home early today of a heart attack. He was married Oc.t. M, 1907, to Miss Edith Heatfrol?, of Romney, W. Va. She is the only survivor, with the exception of two cousins. SUSPECT QUIZZED) CLAIMS INNOCENCE Mineoln, N r . Y.. .Ian. 17 (/p)— After more I hail 24 limirs ot qncs- tinning, small ami sober-faced John Rco, 55, was still able to smile tonight and deny knowledge of Long Island's "motiveless murders." But Inspector Harold R. King of the Nassau county police said .hat flaws had been found in the slorics that Reo has told nnd re'.old sincf! yesterday. What the police wanted to know s whn.nound, Ragged and shot to loath Mrs. Lenlda \Vflile, 50-year oH widow, and Jeanne Schiiellaln, 19, her neighbor, lant Wednesday. Reo (or Reovltch) a distant rela- .ivp. of Mrs. Willie, was found yes- erday Just as a. nation-wide search !or hint was started. King said that Reo, who told po- Ico ho was visiting employment agencies on the day ot the slaying, md signed n statement ndlrming hut his presence In Mlueola was I'olunlnry. The (Irnt. laws governing avla- Ion were drawn tip In 1910. Roosevelt Driver Fined as Speeder Boliimore, Jan. 17 (IP)— G. Hall Roosevelt, brother of the President's wife, paid a ?IOO fine levied against the drivpr oC her automobile—she was not in it—for speeding, State Policeman 0. V. Maine said today. Maine said he and Patrolman .T. R. BiK-kworlh stopped the car on the Baltimore-Philadelphia road on Saturday night nfler a three-mile chase. Jin said the car, driven by Alfred Pinto, Mrs. Roosevelt's chauffeur, "did SO miles an hour." Maine said the automobile was •egistered in the name of Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, While House. Magistrate William Macauley at Dradshaw, fined Pinto ?!00 and cnsls. Maine said "Mr. Roosevelt didn't have the cash with him, so when he offered his check 1 told the judge that I'd stand behind II." Asia, extends over one-third the land surface of the globo. BUY YOUR COAL —FROM— CUSHWAS' Phone 2200 and get THE BEST How Much Do You Know? A Central Prttt Fe*tmf€ 1. Who is Joe Louis' next opponent? 2. Who knocked out Freddie Steele in a recent bout? 3. Are the Wightman cup tennis matches for men or women or both ? THE ANSWERS 1. Nathan Mann. 2. Fred Apostoli. .1. For women. SOFTBALL FOR WOMEN The game ot Softball for women is sponsored by industrial concerns all over the United Slates. The bases are closer, they point out, the ball is larger, and the drain on women's energy is not nearly as great, as in other sports. NEW OFFICIAL OF COMPANY ARRIVES Harold W. Schell Takes Up Duics with Light and Heat Co. Harold W. Schell, general superintendent and sajes manager of the Haverhill Gas Light Co., recently promoted and named division manager o£ the Hagerstown and Stroudshnrg districts o£ the Consolidated and Electric Company, under Stone and Webster supervision, arrived here Monday to assume his duties. x Mr. Schell lias had wide experience, having been in Haverhill since 1922 as general superintendent,, and in 1932 w:is also made sains manager. An pug-inner by training, Mr. St'licll first became associated with the Stone and "Webster interests in .19IP. following the war in which he served with the U. S. air force. During his residence In Haverhill. Mr. Schell has been prominently associated with community activities as president and director of the Haverhill Boy 1 ? club; president and director of the Rotary Club and especially active in Chamber of Commerce activities. Mr. Schell will make his headquarters and home in Hagerstown and will he joined by his family next, month. He is succeeding here William A, Tobias, who is retiring. GALES LASH SHIPS IN ATLANTIC STORM Northeastern Seaboard Is Also Gripped by Severe Weather (Hy The AsuoclnU'd Press) Ships lashed by gales In mid- ocean and the snow-mantled North- sastern seaboard shared the sever- ly ot winter Monday. Several deaths were attributed to the storm on"land and a freighter was distressed at sea. The largest liners on the Atlantic, including the Cunard White Star's Berengaria and the Italian Vulcania, reported their arrival here would he delayed as much as day by winds and snow. Ships from Southern ports, escaping the brunt of the storm, proceeded cautiously, with high winds their major handicap. New York City's much-practiced hut seldom-used "snow fighters" were ready to mop up after a wet swirling snow. Little of it stuck on the pavements, but it spread traffic-complication blanket upstate with sub-freezing lemperatun Pennsylvania and West Virginia had slightly colder weather and snow flurries in some sections. Boston, where one storm death resulted from an automobile-truck collision, dug out from under -JVHnch snowfall after a slightly deeper one within a week. Air- plane service from Boston was cancelled until tomorrow. In Rochester, N. Y., two shovel- ers working on a 10-inch continu- ng snowfall died of heart attacks. About 450 men there manned 100 snow plows as the winds piled up nipassable drifts. Niagara Falls 'got its first extensive winter "plumage" and its first ice bridge" of the season with the temperature only four degrees be- ow freezing. There are numerous small rivers a Europe whose name Is spelled Aa. MODERN WOMEN Nitd NolSiffw monthly pain ahd delay due to coldfl,nervoua strain, exposure or simitar cause*. 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