The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 2, 1936 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1936
Page 5
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V' >' ; - f THE BAKERSF1ELD CALIFOKNUN, FRIDAY, OCTOBER 2. 1936 Louis T. McFadden Was for 20 Years Prominent ' '' in Congress (AstWiattd Prcit Leatcti TVirt) NEW TORK, Oct. 2.—Death has silenced tho voice of Louis T. Me- Fadden, Whose 20 years as an outspoken representative in Congress included two unsuccessful attempts to Impeach President Herbert Hoover. A heart attack proved fatal last night to the 60-y^ear-old former Can* ton, Pa., banker. He had been suffering from intestinal grippe. > He began his congressional career In 1916 and in December 1982, In» troducfcd a 4600-word resolution In the House, demanding the impeachment of Hoover for "high crimes and misdemeanors." The resolution * charged the President with falling to uphold a congressional mandate Against war debt cancellation, with endeavoring to "nullify" the debt contracts, with bringing about the Hoover moratorium, and with indulging in "regent conservations" with "international bankers." It was tabled, 861 to 8. He of' » fered it a month later 'and It was defeated, 342 to 11. The Republican steering committee took away his banking committee membership, and McJTadden declined lesser posts offered him. * MoFadden put the issue to voters in his district, who returned him to Congress in 1932 by a big majority. • He.was one of the first to attack the new deal. In 1934, he won the Republican nomination easily again, but a Democrat defeated him. 4«» CoL Knox Paints • i Gloomy Picture (United Prcis Leased Wire) f PITTSBURGH, Oct. 2. —Frank Knox, Republican 'vice-presidential candidate, came to Pittsburgh lost night for a "rendezvous" with Pennsylvania to reiterate his charge that "no life insurance policy IB secure no savings account safe." Knox Spoke before 5000 persons al Duquesno Gordons, within a tev. blocks of tho Democratic rally, ad dressed by President Roosevelt. "A few weeks ago I spoke in Al lentown. In the course of my ud dress I made a general summary of the policies of this administration with reference to their manifold con sequences to trade, to agriculture, to finance and to industry. And in a general reference to these policies : said ,'.that, because, of the presen practices of the-administration, no life isuranco policy is secure,' no sav • ing account-Is-Baft?.'* Jurors Find Tax Collector Man Is Executed; Robbery, Murder (United Prett £«aterf IVJre; STATE PRISON', Florence, Aria., Oct. 2.—Roland (Jerry) Cochrane, twice decorated for bravery while serving with the marine corps in Nicaragua, was executed at G:06 a. m. (MST) today ,in Arizona's lethal chamber for his part In a holdup- murder of Illchard Olles in Phoenix, Ariz., in January, 1936, that netted htm $2.45. > The former marine showed, little emotion as ha was strapped in the plain wooden chair. Warden A. a. Walker dumped the cyanide pellets into the pan of sulphuric acid at 4:G5 a. m. and Cochrane smiled as he heard them fall, looked out through the glass front of the execution chamber at witnesses and nodded. Seconds later his head slumped forward as tho poisonous fumes reached him from the pan under the chair. His 'accomplices In the holdup, Horace Hunter, 32, and Otis Phillips, 27, were sentenced to life terms in state ponjtentlary. Cochrane's lost hours were spent in tho company of his father, M. H. Cochrano of tx>s Angeles, and his sweetheart, Thelma Martin, a Phoenix waitress who several months ago pleaded that sh'e bo allowed to marry him in his death cell. Guilty f (Un4ted PreinLea ted Wire). SACRAMENTO, Oct. 2.—Ed. T : Ryan, Sacramento county tax col lector for the past 18 years, today faced prison terms of from 1 to ll years on each of three ctabezzlomen counts on which he was convicted. A Jury found him guilty of em bezzling $11,448 of county tax funds He, will bo sentenced next Wednes day by Presiding Judge J. O. Moncu who, will decide whether tho sen - tencos should run concurrently 01 consecutively. POLITICAL FOES MET WITH HEARTY HANDCLASP •*• Lancaster Flyer Killed in Crash (United Preti Lcaicd Wire) WASHINGTON, Oct. 2.—The-navy department today announced the death of Naval Reserve Aviation Cadet Claire Dell Schaffer of Lancaster, Calif., In an airplane crash at Pensacola, Fla. Schaffer crashed While engaged In a training flight at the naval air station there. * « * :— QUEER RESULT ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., Oct. 2. (A. P.)—James B. Howell took gas to have eight teeth extracted and woke up in a hospital with a broken leg. The dentist explained that when he sought to .remove the first tooth, Howell kicked violently and snapped tho bone In his right thigh. The dental work has been postponed Indefinitely. I. L. A. LEADER Fists that have been figuratively shaken at each other, for months *ere unclenched for a hearty handshake when the rival national nandsnaKo wnen me rival national chairmen of the major parties, James A. Farley, Democratic chief, right, and John n. M. Humilton, G. O. P. pilot, left, mot on a Npw York Pta.ltarrn. Both were 5!"if lkor ? nt lho Ncw Tork "e™" 1 Tribune's sixth annual forum on current affairs, nnd sat chatting; toirother as they awaited their turns on tho rostrum. Fnrloy do- feuded tho Democratic platforms of 1832 and 10.16 and Hamilton do- 0 '"''< ?d »"» Republican platform's first concern was "the genuine welfare of American men and women." Urges Whittier for Boy Who Slew Dad (Ateoctaled Pre»i l,tia»ed Wire}. SAN DIEGO, Oct. 2.~-\Vood Worcester, San Diego county probation officer, said ho will recommend to Judge Charles C. Hatnos In Juvenile Court Wednesday that Milton Nicholson, 13-year-old accused slayer of his father, be sent to the Whittler Reformatory. Tho youth was charged with murder after a coroner's Jury found him responsible for shooting John N holson, father of nine children, In tho back. CALIFORNIA BEAR POSE VARIED *** *. * * **•* -*••*•*• Great Seed Animal Greatly Animated CAUSE OF CHANGES NOT KNOWN FKWKR niRTl-IS IX JAPAN TOK1O, Oct. 2. (U. P.K-A decrease In Japan's normal rate of population growth was recorded during tho first quarter of 1030, CITY-TAX DANISHES SEEKS NORTH SACRAMENTO. Oct. 2, (U. P.)—Fortune tellers and crystal Kiixers should take a second peep before deciding to conio here. Auto Magnate's Collection 1 Will'Span 300 Years us ' Mill to Be Included ' I United Prttt r.ra*c<t Vfirtf DETROIT. Oct. 2. — Henry i Ford's display of enrly Americana I | soon will cover a SQG-yrnr span of Now World Industry, with erection at his Greenfield Village of an nn- j | clont windmill transplanted from i i Capo Cod. | Tho big white, octangular mill WHS Imtlt In 1033 and Is said to have been one of the first actual manufacturing plants or] this continent. When re-eroctlou Is Vomplete, Which village officials say will bo In tho next two or throo weeks, Its huge latticed arms spread with canvas will grind around In the wind fts they did for tho Pilgrim*. Atop the while Wooden tower, and supporting tho windmill arms. Is a revolving shingled dome designed so as to be turned Into the wind by an ox team. Tho mill, presented to Ford by his dealers through voluntary contributions, has boon moved from Capo Cod plfioo by piece, Including tho millstones weighing three and one- half tons each. The only change will bo tho addition of six and one- half foot to the original stone base, raising tho windmill anus above visitors' head. Latest picture of Harry Bridges, loader of longshoremen and marl- time workers on tho Pacific coast. ft. niled Prei» ttatcd Vfirt) . HONOLULU, Oct. 2.—Hawaii will i renww It's efforts to become the j forty-ninth stute In the Union on * , the opening day of Congress next I Januitry. , i Samuel Wider King, the terrt- , ! tory's delegate to Congress, has an- 1 f I nounced that he will Introduce the»* i necessary resolution the first day, asking for the appointment of a.' j joint committee of the Senate and; House with authorization to hoUL« i formn) hearings In Hawaii on Its j request for statehood. * ' "Hawaii, we believe. Is entitled to" i full statehood, having passed her* i thirty-eighth year of successful self-1 j government its a territory," declared 1 King. "While previous efforts to\> ftfftln statehood have not been sue« i oessful. they nevertheless have v > (paved the way and have brought : more recognition of Hawaii In legislative mutters." Klnjt Insists that In asking the,' appointment of ti joint committed 4 j at th« coming session of Congress, i the ntms of statehood will be ad( vnnced. He Is convinced that Ha- I wall Is ready for statehood todajr and thnt It. la only Justice to the peo-' pie who 3S years ago voluntarily annexed their Inlands to the United States thnt tlu.-Ir claims should receive consideration at the present time. ? | i QACKAJtENTO, Oct. (United Pros Leased Wire) 2. — Some* ^ thing has happened to tho great seal of tho state of California. Not only something, but lots of j things.^ ! State officials have made the startling discovery that California's great seal, which has been used to validate hundreds of thousands of official documents, Is only a poor imitation of the great seal that was adopted in 1849 and readoptcd in 1868. Among other things, tho bear that appears on the soal at tho foot of tho Goddess Minerva, has been a most active grizzly—changing his posture so many tlmei} that he could only be termed a very restless sort of bear. Fleas, maybe. Originally, the bear was crouching at the foet of tho woman. But since 1849 tho bear has been doing strange things as shown by the various official seals used by the secretary of state's office. It. has been asleep. Tt has been chasing its tall. It has been standing up. I It ban been eating grapes, hay, j pears, apples and sheaves of grain. at tho miner down by the river who j has been holding a pick nloft for 87 j years without striking a blow. | Tho background of the seal also luis changed, with tho river having been broadened, an island has appeared and tho American river can- j yon has widened and tho mountains j are flutter than they formerly were, j Indicative of the changes, souvenir documents distributed by Jordan bear these words: "At Minerva's feet, crouches a grizzly bear, feeding upon the clusters from a grapevine." At tho top of the document is printed a replica of tho Great Seal showing the bear sound asleep, Us j snout buried In Its paws. j On the gold seal superimposed upon the document, the bear Is standing up, looking to see 1C tho sailboats are coming In on time. No one seems to know why. 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