The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 23, 1944 · Page 14
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 14

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1944
Page 14
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4 Monday, October 23,1944 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Announcamanta Cla»t1fl«d AdTertJaln* columns of Tbe B»keref!eW Caltforntan c!on promptly at 10 o'clock each morning for »ll on*column ada. Two-column or fencer ad* muei be Dlaocd the dar before publication. Phnne 7-7*81. 1-14-tf For rent—Trucks, -\ Ickuoa, trailer*. Park' •r's, Klghth and Union avenue. Phone 8-9942. _ 1-21-tf of weights and wldtha of can vas. Canvas goods made to order i. 1606 Nineteenth at reel 1-8-tf REFUNDS on clasmJfled advertlifraent? vhich hmv» be«n cancBled b«for% th« expiration date must be called for WITH CASH RECEIPTS wltbln on* month from date of cancellation. There will be a ce cbnrce of nne Insertion for c1a*«1* art* placed and canceled before publication* Th« Bakersfleld Cftliforntnn, Lo»t—^Found— Straed ^_ . 5-inch liose r»ff KRP tanker, on . .._ between Clear Creek and Wheeler Ridge via Arviti or between Whenl*! HidRe nnd GulT oil r*?fmpt v n' Paloma via Old Ri\ er. Kinder CR 11 ST — On* bnrrn. }ji vjr-njtv nf store on Xo- th B^krr. l'hon*» A coin purse, fll ranrlr ^1nrp Counter next floor tn Rrx lb^«!et , Thnrariay noon, Cftiita?ns t wo ol«!i nn*» po!J hand ring.*, two t*il\or dr. Mars, 2** ^nr| oM r^^^pts. K^^p monfy. return rinffp and l cccu>i>. lirwarJ, Ca M A male i rrl Da^r to the nam*> of "Sarpe 1 Thnne £-798*1. ETHAYEP \carhn(r Ciurrnpry and r, froi IMsar Cnml** 1 rnnr h t nt BTHAYED — Orny and wlm* Wli chaired Ternrr ; boy'^ POL. $10 i-f \vai-d. or S-S 92 0. " T 1 C hr ji r 'ILL POM ICON K ".ho fi.vind Fl.-iM .' ,r i iprnifin sweater in t lie Hn ker S-'tHduini dupou'. Friday rtlpht, plojt»e i PC urn to 400 Quint -y rn pf.'»n<* 2-3,"in!*, ftr-warrt. 'i -• .O^T — Set nf Ur> s on while rortl. J^hun ^-Tr>7S. llrwa r r] 7 pi ark r.'ui k*-r Pprimr-l flop, n^u^ard- _ * 1 at[ ST — Ma lo doe, pwi t ;i r nn fluhl's p' i t. iuino 3- Ml i will If: ] a pretty tn.-um* 1 kuim abmii 10 old. Tf>4 Ray ftircci. I 1 hum 1 &-&.", J 5 after 5 11. in. X.OST — Rnig** snnkc-iskin TMJIM*. mnliiinlii I'aluahle paprrw, llrwn rd. Return UGH Baker gtrcoi rn- tall 1M K'T. ilriR. njnnrd "I'atllc?/ 1 ward. Dinnr LOST — Emply hillfnliJ. Btrtinprrl Oran, trn. 1S)A4; in Nilo thoaUr <-r vUiiulty. LOST— niack billfold rit Fox Uirntcr. Sunday ni£hl. K^^P mnnoy. rrluin billfold 1?. Personals ^h_^^k^^b^^B_^^k^^h_rf^^Bh_^^bd^K^^h^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^^r^^r^f^^r^^F^^ HEMORRHO1D SUFFERERS — No boe- pltallzatlon nor JOBS of time. No eurvery nor In^ectlonB. New, eafe. twlnleee method of ellmlnattncr bemorrhntde now available from Dr. K R. Pennlnrton. X>. C.. euito 1. FrofeaeLonaJ bulldlnv. Phone g-6100. _ «-6-tf 6ACROIMAC LESIONM, low back pain*. artnrltle. constipation and proeut* din- order* onrrected. Dr. D. U. Parlib. I>. C.. 40? HaberfelAe bullfllnr Pbnne >-9; 82. B. D. McBrlflf Detective Arenc?, room 110, Hay huHdUiE Bakerefl«ld Llceneed and bonded. Confidential Inveatlration. Pbnne 2*2800 or 2-6659 ANYONE knowlnij th« whoroabouta of JEANETTE BENNETT, the dauffhter of Thcrsa Bennett, docraspd. who formerly lived nt Route 6. BOX K.2-R. Bnk- crsfleld. rlease write to Box H-43*. The Callfornlan. _ 76 NOTICE P. S. Lnnsrf.ria now ineiecd with Commercial BuBinosw Bviroau. G. H. SlncU. inanager. 1521 Twentictb street, L 7-7584.. _ HAVING boncht Norris Uo.irt Cftfe. will not responsible for anv 0«btp tlmt dsiv or orp Of-tobcr '2','.. JitH. Amanda Jones. 'J5IH .MrCray. "Mike" nt Delano important to you. nsp rnntnrl foi jnformtttjnn Financial for INCOME TAX "PAYMENTS SCHOOL NKKDS NECESSITIES ETC. Automnhilfl Furniture BORROW ON Tnirk Farm Equipment Salary 4 t PAID FOR OR NOT" Tou may still borrow for as long as 12 months. Private Sales of Automobiles. Trucks and Furniture Financed 100 % LOCALLY OWNED Trad» with »ocat i*copl« who understand local conditions. W. J. (EMU Bergman Maurice St. 25th and Cheater Opp. Montgomery Tbone 6-67f^ Appointments Clalr 9-1-lf ii Tin ^n THI/r 3 f^ IldlCC Auto Truck PREWAR 1712 Chester Furniture Salary :RVICE Phone 2-3337 9-16-tf Local business enterprise wants rf*i\ _ ._ //N _ _ _ _ J at 3215 Chester avenue, for Infnr- m n tin n . ___ __ 1 o • n . i f EMERGENCY CASH LOANS Borrow $100 Cash for Thirty Days Repay $101'. 50— Total Oust ONLY $2.50 If You Prefer, Take Vp to Twelve Months to P«iy Only You Have to Sign — No Co-Signers AUTOMOBILE. FURNITURE TRUCK LOANS Private Sales of Automobiles and Furniture Financed SEABOARD FINANCE COMPANY 2300 Chester Telephone 9-9421 8-21-tf MONEY TO LOAN Long term, alt type farm loans. 4 Ii per Lent, interest. No eonimssaion to borrower. J. E. WARREN REALTY CO. TULAItK THKATEK HUZLD1NG TULA HE. CALIF. PHONE 3g_ 9-4*tf Auto. Furniture, Salary Loana LOOK Riffamarole. No Ernbunassmen No Outsiders Involved Sill Buildinir. 1G08 Klirlitcenth Si reel PERSONAL FINANCE COMPANY Under the BIK Coca-Cola Phone 6-6595 Walter Verhaaj?. Manager, School offrp i ob . F 'r*e 7-7686 or write Instruction *^fe^P B ^hrf^^^^^^^^^^^^^b^^^^^0^^^^^^^^^k_^^^^^^^_^ ^^ r ^^f^^f^^r^^^^^^^f^^f^^f^f^^f^f Correspondence School Spare t/me; home Le* Uanfull. Bo» 138. 78 PHOTO RETOUCHING Prepare yourself for the future. Short. *a«y, fascinating course enablea you to «arn rood money at home. Duval- Hurst Studios, «GIT Sunset. Hollywood. Opportufi>tU» WILL SELL to the hi«heat offer. Monday and Tucaday, at cabinet bath. Phone 3-4567. 73 Vbt CaHforntan ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^_ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^— Opportunities id license On' r>; 1mvn t on* han nn and off »vif h rtnjnt good bu«ine««. Shown eppomtnirnt only, by nrdett *• *> f • * RESTAURANT — Including lot, equipment Located tnalde city limit*, operating 24 houra per day. doing excellent business Profit records available to pinper party; shown'by appointment onlv. Price $27.000. terms. Fee Faul Synrandt. 213 Enat Eighteenth. Phono 5-500,1. 10-13-tf ^ FHRE MttAL.8 AND PlblX)WB 1/owcst Fares to All Points AT./L- AMERICAN BOS LINK INC. :026 ChsstBr C'lts L. Bsll _ Phone 1.8488 1-7-tf SANTA FE AND BURLINGTON BUS DEPOT Sixteenth and F Phone 2-0472 8-6-tf A. <*. (Hrd) AVjIlinKham, ronfrflrfor, spociali/inc in root' nml nil tvprs of HP ray pnintinp. iMifisrj. •MM I'D. 7(1 Occupational Service* ^_^B^.^^k_^^^_^^k^^^ k _^^ b _^^k_^^k__^^^_^^^^^^^ ^^fc_ _^^b__^^H.^^k_^^^^^^^^.^^^^^^^a_^^fe_^^__ ^f^*f^f^q^^f^q^^^^^i^^^^^*f^^r^^^^^^*f^r^f^^f^*r^^^^*r^ir^+ Brake Semi Careful, expert work at reasonable prices. Have your brakes inspected every 6000 miles. No charge for this service. Firestone Stores Twenty-fourth and Chester 9-27-tf irons, sewing machines and vacuum cleaners repaired. Killebrews Sewing Machine Repair Shop, 1609 West Eighth street. Phone 9-9 437 . _ 7 9 ELECTRIC motor rewinding and repair. Fast service nnd vork nunranteed. Delia Klectrlo and Machine Shoo, 1200 Pacific so PAINTING Hesidential, ranch and industrial. Brush and complete spray equipment. Free estimates. Phone 3-2432. _ Contractor O. H. Hlnea 80 HKLIABLEJ PAINTING. DECORATING Residence, Commercial, Spray Painting KID L. HELLEH I-,ir*nspfl nnrt Bonded Contractor :<09 "Kye" Street Phone 2-2*92 TIUTCK HAULING — Anything, any time. anywhere. Furnltiiro movintc a sreclaliv. Phone 2-9220. Whltl* Morehead, 1«6 ppcatur Blrpot. Oilflale. _ 8 8 ELKCTR1C Tanw nnd motors repaired at 1M J. & .1.. fill Ninetennth. 1 huy your nl'l flf t I rirj Irons, hoi nifties. __p tc. _ 91 TRRES C Trim U'e Top Plume TRKK TOPPING, pruning, plowing, team and truck. Free estimation. ^^ • • ^^B .--I I II ».. Plump firMAN'S TraiiHfer anil Storage. (1 «st r»nce nml loc;i 1 haul) UK. Ku plinup I!-S!i|4. ilOHi South Chest nr :* v run** Qui-k oxpri t n* SIM vu e on all mnkew, II*-, phnnr J^'j]!*!}, 715 :1 nn Wt'iIlK. new and r*»psi ir ; n H \ \ M r i i 1 1 V . I * h u n P 7 • 7 X 1 Ti ANTIC I.) — PlouMnu tnnd f . srndlnp rnhhish. Fn UXPRR1KNCED TIRE MAN. GOOD .S A LAHY. KXCKLLK.VT POSTW A K oi'i'uHTUNiTV. .VIRESTONE STOCKS. TWKXTV-FOURTH AND CHESTKK ^A^lOXliK. 8-30-1 f BKLLMAN—Must be over 21. Apply Hotel Pfulre. 7. i.t f HKLPKR WANTED on seismograph crew. fOxperit*nce not required; steady Job In an essential Industry; availability certificate require. Apply 12ii George Hay building. •2-lf TWO DRIVKR-SALKSMEN. No phone rails. Apply Neh! Bottling Co,, J20 Kentucky street 72 WANTED— Ton lunitipr cleaners (o pull nails. Kern Wn»cklnR > Company, phonp -li - 1 f DH1V1CR nalesnian wanted for wholesale milk inute. veteran preferred. No telephone call*. Contact after 1 p. m. KirU riramery. Itlft J 1 street. 74 BOY to wash diehps and napist nn fnun- ui in. All cliiy work. Apply Mjchcnei '« Di ivp Burnett, A welder, top Box 63. McFarland. t f ~ «. ~ ( o. o. o. Phone 72 \YANTKD—>fiMslnnl rpmenterR wiinterl for nil well niTvlce work. Good Job. Apply Internntionnl South Union avenue, or call 9G ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^f^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^f^f^^^^^^f r ^^ Salesmen—Abovo avorapo daily earnings, own boss. Brush or maga- exporicnr-e Jjpfpful, local or Son Air. Net t let on. Padre hotel afternoons or after 7 p. m. hofilnning JMpndny. 74 WANTED—Busboya at the dining room, Hntnl Kl Tnjon. k 2 YOr.NO At AN. mechanirally Inclined, to work full time in HUtnmotivA repRir nhnp. I'Jtone J-fir.o9 Sunday, or *-Otni Monday. 1% DRIVKR or A-fnuno driver, with '_• -ton ur lai'Ki-r winch truck for l \vn ckH nr rnoif. OilflcM ("onstrurt iuii »'Minp;inv, Ji!t iligh\va>, nnrih of I'ln,ne O TT'i^'i 3 * ^ Fiy^ O> IMiVOVTVl /=» .Hi ^r¥K^ • Pruniuj; s Out l-Yce C. (\s Phono i;-Gt;74 77 »;i:\KUAL rONTKACTING WANTED No .itih Un'> lu i B* 1 nui ion KiTHiJl. l,';i II .! HIT vr"K. phoH'?- f .t'^3!*. '.' \ (•-•HIS I'hunr '1 I' lu-imir riinl iemiM.ii'liMK link( ii MI .-it ten i ion. ('uinuy I iron PI*. EXPERIENCED service station salesman. Good salary and excellent future. Must have fair education and able to assume responsibility of training and directing others. Firestone Stores, i!:i:Jl _C hester, JBakersfi eld. 9 • 3 0 -1 f NKhlDED to help malntnln tr»n«port«tlon, auto and truck mvcbanlcre «nrt body men. Full Dm* work. Motor Center. RnU-k, Oh0vro)«t and C«<1Ht«r dealer. See Rackman. Tw»nty-e»con<1 and Cbee(«r. ••16-tf WANTED — TRUCK AND AUTO MECHANICS, A PPL,* SOUTHERN GA- RAUE. TWENTY-THIRD AND 1 STREETS. 12.3Mf WANTED—Ol 1 field worker*, rnuataboutf. rotary hi<)pcra. firemen, 6 and 7-dny work week scheriuiea. Phone 3-9461. Tidewater Associated Oil Company. 78 WANTED—AN EXPKRIKNCED iDJSH- WASHER. 6:30 TO 2:30 SHIFT. IDEAL. WORKING CONDITIONS. PLENTY OK WORK. KEWPJE'S CAFE. FOURTH AND UNION, WANT «»i experfpncpd machine milker; fftrafarht shift Apply Leormj-d De Dairy. 1 mile north of Taft on Htlne Road. WANTED—Nil J JIT CARACB ATTENDANT AND CAR WASHMAN. APJ'LY AT THE EL TF..1ON fJARAOE, MOD JSEVKNTKENTU__STHKET. 78 WANTED —Man and wife, steady employment, man for ranch work, wife for cook. Adohr Farms. Inquire farm labor office, phone S-9K91. MEN to work in mill, warehouse and store. Wattenhsrser'a, 2&il Jiaai Californln. Phone 4-931 77 Repair and delivery man to work in furniture store. Apply Davia Furniture Company, Hub Cheater avenue. 10-7-tf H«lp W«nt«d—Malt) I Help Wanted—MaU 71Y K. I. TMiI'ONT C J1ANKOKD ENGINEERING WORKS ^ f'' J M, 9 ifiiMtmiiPi iliM|§ ) llvJ''M TRANSPORTATJOX ADVANCED ATTHACTIVK SCALE OF WAGES •? ^ OVER 40 HOURS SMKKT MUTAI, I'ROTKCTJVE FJREMKX LI \MXCI i-'Acn.rmcs FOR KMPLOYKD PKOPL.E ONLY WORKKKS XO\V KMPLOVED IX DKFEXSE AVAR RY WILL NOT RE COXS f'OAIPAXY REPHESKXTATIVK WILL IXTICRVIE AI'PLJC'AXT.S OCTOHKP^ l':j TIIROL'GH OCTOBER ^ APPLY AT j:iiiO SEVEXTKKNTIf STHKKT KOU rrnruKri JXTORMATIOX AT TAFT Oiler for Gas Engine Compressor Plant—Male Draftsman, Veteran or Female Chainman, Male SLD AT BAKER Helpers for installing and repairing pipe lines—male. AT WASCO Serviceman—male. AT LEBEC Tipeline repairman—male. AVAILABILITY CERTIFICATE REQUIRED Apply to ierii u (Eas Phones Taft 464, Eakersficld 7-7501, Wasco 4231, Lcbec 18 79 * \ ' e Help Wanted—Female nt 1 loml, 1 lard ware Dcpartmont Hoarl, Mon's Kurnish \Vilh Postwar Future AIOXTtiOMEUV U'ATiD CO Twc-nly-firih anil Oiostcr DERRICKMEN AND ROTARY HELPERS NEEDED; STEADY WORK FOR EXPERIENCED MEN. lesfirls ionre Drslred, But Not Noi-ossary. MOXTflOMKRV AVARD it CO. Twonty-fifth and C hosier BK.M'TV OPKKATOn, manager's experience, wanted. (guaranteed .salnry, wiih commission. Phone 75 WAITRESS \vanlrd. (Jootl WBBP«. steady work. Apply at Eat A Lot C'aCe, 800 APPLY BETWEEN 10:30 AND 3:30 P. M. A. M. WANTED— Eldrrly lady o[ convi\lescpnt moihe to stay in home Phone 3-00-8, 7 3 WANTED — Experienced barber. phone J'lXlcy 27 or write K. A. Andrews, Box «'J». Pixley. Cnlif. T4 RICHFIELD OIL CORPORATION 6C6 HABERFELDE BUILDING BAKERSFIELD. CALIF. WANTED. AT ONCE. AUTOMOBILE MECHANIC. PKKMANKNT WOKK: TOP WAGES. APPLY BAKER-ADAMS PON- T1AC G A HACK. 2T01 CMI£STI£U. WANTED — Experlcncrd nuio mechanic. Cood houra and pay. In an estentlul job. Hnnrt inols unrt HVD liability cerlltlcate nprpfl^nry. See Mr. Heed, KHchen-Boyd Motor Company, £220 Cheater avenue, 'J & WANTED— Tir» icrvice mnn. Good future, Bond sftlary. Apply Smart Tire Store. _ fi 3 » Twenty-flrgt at reel ; _ 8_1 WANTED — Trimmer to operate glass and upholstery department in lnr«e repair «hop. fciee Hack in an nt Motor Center. Twenty-second and Chester. _ 8*1 5- Help Wanted — F*male fnuntaln elrl. Tnp M*?r'fl Dnvo-In. 7 L 1 waeoH.^^Ai_ip|y___ WANTED — Maid. SouiUrrn Apply housekeeper. TV TELEPHONE OPERATORS HKGINNKRS Fascinating Work — Ensenlla Peacetime Future riFlf TELEPHONE AND TKLKGRAT'l-l r-QMI'AXY Twentieth Stre«t in-H-lf NEKD DISIIWASHEIIS. FOUNTAIN C.IRLS, SAND\\ ICH tilRLS. WAYNES' __DHJJV1-;_1N 72 \V •\.VTKn—\Vi*ninn Tor pcrmanrnt, half- only. Nn Sunday work. 1 n t'usn Lnmn. A <!(•«. A pply box C- JOS. The Ca h- foi man. 72 i HiUiiUvirh Kirl. Also worn a n *o brlii In kitchen. Apply > oiii-r'fl Pr ; vf- In SAl.KSWOMAX Per -inn urn i •Mniilovinnnt. ( xrrlli^it pain ry wnh niipnrtun it y lor mlvrtm cm fill for M - ifii i etl rciirly-in-wea r ta\ irs worn an. SIEVEH'S DRESS SHOP, K.O'j white woman for general housework, i a re of invn lid or a. couple. io livo j» >iuiisp in fXi.'h.'infff 1 for lm:jrtl I'm- Imlli. w.'tKfN for woman. t-ft. 74 Kl,L>Kltl.V t-ompanioii to make home with i unvii h-srtHit, fix lunrhi'S, and littu In msc win k, in nice homo. No wa^hinp or iron in).'. Sundays oiT. Floom. board W A STEP— Girl of high school age to help in dining room »s setup girl, from . m. to S p. m. Cull 2-8S79. EN'I'ERIKNOED «alnfl woman. Good aal- ary nnd rommis.siun. Apply Airs. Hoover. WANTK I m i Tray pirla. Wayne's Drive nnd Cheslpr. 74 HKJII SCHOOL Kill to come In my home In do Hinull ironing on Saturdays. 3'J1 •_• Ryc-J' .Street. WANTED — .aid. Apply housekeeper, s nil thorn hotel. 72 position, srrrninrinl nnd ol I'ICP work. Apply room "07. CUERIC for credit Interviewing and rout ine collection followup. General offirc expprif'Jire refiuned l>ut credit «)Vf ifi> vxiMMMenrt* not necessary. Oooii , iirrmniU'iH posit ion. Apply The iil. N i n ei crn th a nd K . 74 \V A [THICKS wanted. Frmrh Cafe, Alsn [Iran up woman. Soul hern hotel, 73 WANTKIi Women workers, experience lin- n* 1 ' f-swary. Kjimily Service Laiinclry, nrnia aveiHH- IMione 6-U4*iri, 3-1KS.T. 74 Heip Wanted—Salesman SALKKMEN—Insulation. Can make 1200 a month and up. Its use recommended bv the government. Inqulr* C. L. Van . Padre hotel. B.tkeraffeld. 30-4-tf SALKSiURN — Experience not neresiary. to train for executive position* inp waien paid whtlr training. Leed'a Shoe Store, Yt'iU AUK lonUinji lor better work and rKer jnt-onip. A nnwleich Route \s v;t iln bit? in \Vascn. Oilclnle. Bnkei'Hfield, -lann and wont Kern r-ountv for you if vo*i ran quiilifv. A nostril card request u ill brine vnu full tUMiillH without ohll- j;;it]nn. You thi»n «indv nnd deride. Write .-iwIelKh'H. Oopariinnnl CA.I-r»(i2*22l'K. nUlarul. t^allf, or see Ht»nrv Frii'se. 6n;i '-lmont. nakiTMlleld. Cn If. 7 3 WANTKD— AN KXPRRIKNCKD DISH- WASHKR. (i:.10 Tu L".:iO Sllll'T. tUluAU WORKING rONOlTlONR. I'LKNTV UK \\OHK. KKWIMK S CAFE. FOURTH AND UNION. 10-17-lf EXPERIENCED SALESWOMAN FOR MKN'S FURNISHINGS AND SHOtCS, GOOD SALARY. I J KRMANKNT POSITION. APPLY MANAGKR KASTERN. 1629 NINETEENTH STR1CKT. 9-14-tf wanted. Apply \V!n«'» Cafe, 1306 Klsliteenth atreet. JO-ia-tf D\'K TO PXpHiulinc niiHineSH. ncnd vonnp xvoman InteruKled tn photom nuhv. t»n?Oi'» nltly with coloring exne-rieni-i'. Kull-llmu ponitlun, permanent: cond WH »•«*«. Snrv- jt whf*s or fi<*|jool^j( In do not ^ WANTED— Waitress and frv conk. Ask for Mr* Mozler ni Ted Mills. BnUer anil Ken- tncky. " n 2 A1A1O WANTKD—While. HamiKon hotel. I 3 hoiie_2-fl64 \ "1 2 WOl.U-P f^IKR fiorneon*? Mr part or full- time houNewnrk. no rooking. Phone 2-152H. 7 " ;.VTAiX anil, nml fray *rir( wanted. arry'N Drivt; Inn. Kiulneenth untj O _. . ** j ' it J n. _ i 4 WANTKD—Colored uhl or \vomnn, housework uml ruuk for two ntlulta; two ntcalft. Room' and bath. Stay nlifht« or eo home. Hhnne ^-O;i9r. 73 AVANTED—FulI or part time* house- Keeper, one to live in home it pos. Phone 2447074 WANTKU — Truck driver. Apply Mi-.MahHn'a Kurniiure Company. K cciub and H. 10-23-U ANTED — A Dcliino man to become locnl i I'prPstMtta t ivp fnr n Ht roric li'iral reflerv« Ii fi> iti sura lire rnrnn:inv. Kxnpriem'e not niM-cpsai-v HH HP iHof«»r to train, our men. I-'ull-i line do vo lion to our business not rt*i|iili-fMl \Vhv nut flpclnt'p vniir personal Iruh'in'iHtPnci 1 nnd have a biisinpss of voiir nwn nflfM- Ihp war? \S'rite to Box fl-5:l'i. he c'aHfnrnliin. Situatipng Wanted-—Mala I RKNUVATH 1 . re?eed and fertMI« lawne and haul Away the ruhhfnh. 2c a nquare foot. Phon 4-4160 Richard Halky GnrdenIn? Service. 80 FOIl G1.NKRAL contracting and repair * " *" J i i* . i 4 MAJ..KSMA N. 4.'1. desires job. Infill or irnvcl or di ivi-r Miks. U»x J-7U1. The i';t liliMjiian. 74 Wl-l T>O hoiiBOflraninp. kilrhenn and bath Mr. and Mi'f. Brown. Phone 77 Situation* Wanted—F«m«U PUBLIC atftnocrapher dealrei work In own office. 1812 "Ky«" atra«t. Pbont 8-0658. J-H-tf WK CLEAN kitchena. 860 hour; aim blliiilB, window* floors by the floor. Larko Cleaner* Phono 7-7492 before ». after «. HKGISTERRD nur«« wlshea position In a ph.vaiclnn'R office or private dutv on n chronic case, ut once. Phono 3-1661 & to 7 i>. ni. _ 74 EXPERIENCE! woman wantu full hout*ework; MonOuy or Wedneaday. in vicinity of Oildale or HlRhland Park, nenr No 4 bun line: 7fie nn hour. Call at 1405 Oliiiale Drive after 6 p. m 72 'ANTRD—Hnuvekoeiivr. by hour. 75r, Posire frtiire duy, Monday ilirnuiih South ot BrunUase. Thun? 74 Situation* WanUd—r«mal« WILL WASH and atrctch curtains with or without ruffles: also wool blankets. Call 2-4337 or 405 Oak utreer. 72 H/r;H Sf'HOOL girl will car* for rhil-' rfipn evenings and week enda. Phone 2-R406. 74 ^ ^ ^ . ironing in my home. and Phone 3-2£E.1. WANTED — Lingerie waahtns and ironinn. nlRo fpnitly iionlnfftv. very reasonable. 714 Konlutky utreoi. 74 -"— •*• " '• - . i - _'"••• For Rent—-Rooms ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^~^^^^^^f GKNTf.KMAN wants room and board. mef*Mnbly near Alta Vina. Phone JL--1M • JJ OXK OR TWO gentlemen, furnished bed- rnnm. ovf-r garnffc. separate entranc-p. private baih. IfllO Tulare street. 73 For Rent—Apartment* KIVK-ROOM FLAT, $30 month. Buy fur- nit n IP, IGiO. Eight blocks southwest Snnla !•>. Phone 5-5284. 74 For Rent—Miscellaneous WHEEL CHAIRS, hospital beHa with Innersprlnv mattrcaa«a: walker*, rubber sheeting; everything for elck room. Folding chair a, Phone 7-7489 or 1-00«7. S->-tf ss Wanted to Rent—Rooms SCHOOL HOY. Bakersfield. m. 17, want* room In Phone 2-8466 after west 3:30 72 Wantad I to Rant— Houaaa PARTLY furnished apartment or small house, within walking: distance of town, by middle-aged woman; no children. Phone 2-4630 after_C p. m. _ * __ 72 EAST Batcerafield High School teacher nrrent v i.j nfled of 3 ur 2-hedroom home. rprnv nent. pxrellent references. Phone Mrs. W. M. FIOBI, 2-1230. after 4 p, m. _ _ ^72 WAXTED — Kir*- room furnished house. No rhildren or pete. Will keen flowera and yard in good *hape. 1'hone 2-0149 between 8 and 6:30. 72 CHRISTIAN couple with 11-year-old dansh- ier desire 1 or 2-bedrnom unfurnished house or apartment. East Bakerafield. Phone fl-fl»5l. 7 WANTED 10 rpni. 1 or l!-hedroom furnisher! nous? by local employed couplp. "in. 7 RELIABLE family of two adults and two children desire modern home in neiehborhood »o rent. Can ex- same in Han Franrisro. .1. M. Webmer. J'hone -'-7478 before 6 p. m. _ 72 WILL PAY pood rent for nice 2-bedroom furnished house; excellent care given. ) ' h one 7-79fl7. _ ___ 77 SANTA FE railway needs houses, apartments ind rooms for Us essential, permanent, employes. Owners call direct. Mias Smith, phone S-C1&1. extension 42. Mondn y to Saturday. 10 - 16-t f WANTED— 2 or 3-bedroom furnished house by life- long resident of Bakers- rail 2-0.194 o/ 2-1402. 76 couple badly in need of unfurnished house or apartment; no nets; ref- Phone 3-2300. 7 4 UN FI T RXISHED 2 or 3-beclroom house needed by local manager major oil company, permanently ciuatorl and responsible, references if desired. Will lease. Two adults, no children or pets. During dny phone Mr. Lewis 8-8481, extension .IV. during evening phone 7-:i Tejon hotel, room 203. _ 77 Uvo school-ace rlauphters nifthcrt hous«» or duplex. reference.-*. Phone 2- WIDOW nnd mu Ft have A 1 1 f i M1DDLK-AGED, Christian couple wish to rent Kmal 1 furnished houwr? or apartment; no cliildren, no pets. Phone 3-1)01. 74 Wanted to WANTED TO REN'T— T\ro or three-room furnished apartment. Phone 2-971!3, Call Savana. 74 TWO permanent working tlrls want apart* ment or furnished house In Highland Park o.- Oildale Call 4-4705. 9 to 4 D. m. Mrs. Jnck 13. Kinnebrew, 73 SERVICEMAN, wife and €-montha-old babv w;int furnished or unfurnished apartment ni house; permanent. Phone 8-881 FL*RN*TSHED or unfurnished apartment or house needed by permanent couple with --months-old child. Pay to SGO. Excellent Phone 2-3982, 72 \VAXTED-Furnlshed apartment or house by teacher. Call 2-3227, 73 OJFUj wnnts apartment or small houpe. pprmanont; no pets. Must b« nire or riin't call. Won't phare. Days. phone 2-nS7r, ; nights 6-63.->l. 77 Wanted to R«nt v Miscellaneous WOULD LIKE to rent riod. Wfll-conntructed rin^e. Phone 2-3597. for Indefinite prewar baby car- 73 Wanted I to Buy, ^ Miscsllanoous WANTED— Cash for your used furniture, electric appliance*, etc. We buy, trade or exchange. COX FURNITURE Formerly Oildale Furniture 601 East Nineteenth Street _ Phone 2-4603 6-14-tf DIAMONDS, watches and old Jtwtlry of any description: highest market price* paid in cash. Karl McEvny. precision watchmaker, ill Haberfelde bulliUnc. Phone 6-6397. U-3fMf FURNITURH) Formerly Hoy White Furniture 2620 CHESTER AVENUES We buy used furniture, stove*, refrigerators. Pay cash or exchange. Call UB for real prices. _ PHONE 7-7021 g-9-tf HIGHEST price- paid, for your furniture. appliance*, etc. We buy everything. Prompt courteouB service. Victory Furniture Exchange. 61S Union avenue. Phong 3-1005. 86 WANT TO BUY— Child's toy dial tele- n_h a n e. Phone 2-1212. WANT — Doll buggy and child's rocking chair. Phone 2-8186. _ _ Wantscl to Buy— Property Liit your property with ue (or quick. cmirtenu* reiulu. Home*— Income— *Rancne» Cheater N Heard Pbnne 6*1109 BUI Allen. Aitoclate CALL El*MRR MARTIN WHEN YOU WANT CASH AND QUICK ACTION IN SELLING YOUR HOME OR RANCH. NO DEAL TOO LARGE OR SMALL. PHONE 2-9294 ROOM 220 HABERFELDE BUILDING . 10-10-tf List your borne, ranch or other property for immediate caih result* WILLARD E. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street. Phone 2-0555 10-12-tf /or cash buyers on large and small hnmes, acre homes, ferma nnd Income property. El wood'*, 1923 "Kye." 82 neeA more Hating*. List TO >r home. farm, ranch or Income wlth BOYDSTUN A LANCASTER 18J7 h Street Phnnc I-86II _ M-tf HAVE ALL CASH BUYERS FOR 4-room house in Oiltfale. S or 6 -room house In Kerfifleld, 6-ronm house In aouthweat. or 3-hedroom hou?e In Eaet Bakere- fi«ld. ype us for TRADES. GLENN Nirhol». ?.Mfi K Btreet. Dial 5-6924. eve- 2-5880. 10'17-lf WANTED Homes, ncrca^Ct income and invest* ment property. Buyers waiting. List With Us Marion Grinstead Phone 2-76SO 10-19-tf For Sal* rovod OILDALE DRIVE — La rye I-bedroom house, ctnVeni celler. lot 100-135, covered with orange trees and olher fruit; double garaKf. Only IQ9RO. Syl,McNInch. with R. L. Moore ft Son. 1B15 Ki-jhteenlh »U«et. 1'hone U-12ft8, evening 6-61U5. 73 OILDALE—Two-bedroom stucco. Vanity shower bath, tile drain, Venetian bllnOR, floor furnaop; double Karaite. $4250, Substantial down payment. Immediate 74 Dl'PLEX on corner lot In Alta Vlata. 140 per month income from each aide. 16500. Phone 2-0061. 74 FOUR-ROOM house, halt block from bus line. Standard School district. Price t-'fi.'tfl. $rj50 down, balance SL'a a month. Elmer F. Karpe. 1517 Klahtecnth nlreet. 10-23-tf For Improved es $2000 will trade for duplex. OILDALR—HOME AND TN _.., 2-bedroom home, hardwood floors, large livJnrroom and dining room, nice kitchen and nei'vice porrh. Also 2-bedroom home, completely furnfehed. Three-car Karate, all on large coiner lot with plenty of flhad*. Near bun and markets. Only S6000. I285 1 down. $35 monthly. Will trade for small house. OILDALE—Nice 2-bcdroom home, two-car larKe lot. plenty of shade, near and ninrketn. only down, 130 monthly, or *mall house. SOUTHWEST DISTRICT—Nice __, completely furnished. clo»e In, Income *63 monthly, only $5250. $1000 down. $4 monthly, or will trade for small h'use. 4 ON THESE PROPERTIES. Phone 5-5924 Evenings. 3-1170. INVESTORS ATTENTION—Four nearly new very attractive houses, one furnished, one partly furnished, two unfurnished, two garages. Nicely located, pnnHible Income 1125; all goes for nnly $7250, $.1330 down and $50 monthly. "U'i'1 trade for 3-bedroom house north of river. ON THIS PROPERTY. Dial 65924 Evening*. -25880 r PREFERRED SOUTHWEST DISTRICT— 2-bedroom house, llvlngroom. dining room wi'h real fireplace, kitchen and Hervtee oorrh. Also small unplastered room in rear used KB third bedroom. pnrblo garage, shade anrl fruit trees. Near bus Una nnd walking distance of schools; $4500, $15*":0 down. $35 monthly. ON THIS PROPERTY. DIAL 6-5924 Evenings. 2-0288 LET'S TALK IT OVER GLENN Nichols. 2515 K Street 10-2t-tf REXLA.ND ACRES — Five-room home, built in 1939. Tile sink, hardwond floors, steel Venetian blinds: lot 50x300. $3850, $1350 down, payments $30 per month. TO BE MOVED—Fj-ve-room frame building, plastered walls, all in good condition. 25 ACHES of good yoil. IS acres in alfalfa. 12 acres in cotton with good well and pump and free ditch water. 2 '£ miles from Clook Tower. APARTMENT-HOTEL, centrally located In live, growing community. A going htisi- showins top income. Priced right, ties 21 jreilrnomp, two 3-room nparl- s. one sin die-room apartment and 4-rocim Hp;i rlnienl. 5-room home, completely furnished, in. with basement heating unii. Wall furnacffl in each room. All good furniture. J67&0. OILDALE—A 4-room stucco home with hardwood floors. '-'Ullt in 1941. $4'.'0ft. SOUTHEAST—Nice 3-bedroom home with white picket fence. Located on half-acre. $5500. FOUR BEDROOM country home close 1n on one-half acre. A small barn, good place for hor*e. $4500. 1671 Cheater Avenue Phnne 2*7654 Alter « p. m. call 2-1947 9-22-tf ono Motor Court clone In. One of the heat small courts on i>3 Highway, consisting of 13 adobe rentals and 2n trailer spares, always full Hnd actually showing a net of $925 per month; easy "to operate, .iust the thing for a couple. Requires about $13.000 to handle. On Tlobinson at reef—One-half block off Ni>f*, a dandy 2-bpdvoom home. larRe living room and dining room combination, nife yard and shrubs, possession noon. Price $4750, with $12iO down and balance like rent. On Pnrk W^y—One of the finer 3-hedroom homes that ha« been newly decorated; large Kvinp ro'.m. nice sized dining room and sun porch, stall shower in bath. Oond location for all purposes. Price $6950. On "Ey*?" strppf. rln*e In. An older 2-bedroom honfi tha* ha* hardwood floors and the arrangement of rooms will please you. This home can be had for only $1500 down. Free of oi*y tax On Bernard street. A very attractive 2-bedroom home that is full of furniture, very handy to stores and transportation. Let us show you this home. CHESTER N. BEARD 1S07 H St. 5-5909 or 2-4B22 after P. m. 10-23-lC Two-bedroom home, very good district In Kaat Bakersfield. Close to schools and •Lores. $2500 will handle. Onp arre close in with good 3-bpriromn hnuse: ulauo for cow. chickens, and lots of garden. $2250 will handle, Honchin Tract—Extra nice 2-hedrnom home on corner lot. $7500 full price. Fine building lot In city limita. South Chester. $1200. EXTRA SPEC1AL, 160 arre.1 of the finest potato land: well improved, plenty of water, house, lahnr rnhiriR. eic. }n the heart ot Cummings valley. $200 per acre. 80 ncren. well improved, Arvin district. MO acrps ^n Conner Station district. Will in parcels. 1000 acres :n Bnttonwillow district. Will Ht;ll in parcels. WILLARP E. BAKER 1414 Seventeenth Street. Phone 2-or.ari 10-23-lf EAST SID&— Six-room house, almost new. Three bedrooms, bath and a half, double garage; yard all fenced. Jols of cement work. Can give Immediate pos- eession. LARGE 7-ROO^ older type house, four bedrooms. Lot 50x200. on East California avenue. $3600 full price. MODERN 2-bedroom house, almost new. Lot 60x260, lots of fruit and chicken equipment. Good soil, good water. SoutMyest district. $3800—Five-room house on Pacific near Kern General Hospital. Two bedrooms, garage, fruit, chicken equipment. LOMITA VERDE—Large 2-bedroom ho««e. only about B rears old, completely furnished. Double garage, nice yard and •hrubs. E. C. Uffert. 901 Nile* Street Phone 2-7152 9-1-tf LARGK 3-bedroom, 2-bath home on west side. Condition Is perfect. Well located a n.1 w i 1! be vata ted soon. This home Is ideal for a !nrge family. Present owner? win exchange for income property or accept smaller place as part payment. Good terms can be arranged. SOUTHWEST—Near Richland Place and Chester avenue. Close to bus. school, stores, etc. Good 2-bcdroom home on nice lot. Excellent neighborhood. Prlr* $6150; down payment. $2fi50; monthly, $40. Shown bv appointment only. DEAN R. HURLEY 411 Nineteenth Street. Phone 3-0275 10-20-tf Wider Beautiful stucco home, on* spacious lot. curbR and gutters in, double parage with trays, fenced garden, shrubs and trees, house,, tile bath and kitchen, hardwood, plenty^ of closets. $4750 down, balance terms. J. T. (Sy) Wicker. Phone 2-0239. enings 2-3835. 74 THRKE-BRDROOM furniehprt house, near Knst Bakpi-Hfiplrt High School in Prlmu- vcra Park. Living room. tlininK room nml niu dk' room. HOUHC probnbly 14 yeum ohi t>ul in pxrpllent repair. Two- cur Bar.-tgp, with laundry attached. Beautiful yard with barberue pit. Total price SKLVtp; $37»n raph will handle. Elmer F. Karpe, 1517 E.ghteenth street. ,. __ 10-23-tf TRfXTL'N AVENtTE— Furnished 3-rnom xiucco. Bath, worvlre porrh. Clean; rental. Small Int. Immediate pon- n. |SOftO. Jl&Ott down, >2L*.50 monthly. Phone Mra, Warnock, 2-6445. FOR SA' *% by ovner, twn modern Btucco hnuaes: tile roofs: with carases. $8000 full price. Half cash. 507 Kait Twenty- iii-sL alrcel. inquire 815 Tulare atreet. . _ 73 Two-bedrooms, 6 years old, in Alta Vista Tract. In excellent condition $5700 Requires good down payment. Some reduction if cash paid for equity. Three-fourths of an acre, beautifully planted, and modern 2-bedroom home completely furnished with the best. Fruit, shade, chicken equipment, berries, all for $8400 on terms. FREAL, TV. HARVEY 203 BROWER BUILDING PHONfc 2-4260, EVENINGS 2-4343 FOR SALE — Thre«-bedroom modern houa* on KAMI Side, near .1 offer ion Park. NfRi-ly new and In good rendition )nnld« and out. - Haa private entrnnc-e bedroom vlih bath, nmv rented. A home «nd Income for $6950. Pbone owner 2-7902. 7> Improved le roof stucco, close In. eouthwest* . \T\rA. On a large corner with lots of fruit, shade, pecans, roses, etc. The home has three bedrooms, three baths, maid's room in basement with bath. Large living room nnd dining room. Kitchen has tile drain and tile wall back of stove. Electric dishwasher, breakfaat room. Master bedrooms each have tile baths and alar lota of closet space. Furnace be't to all rooms, cooler through ducts. Venetian blinds, *3-car garage. This in one of the heat tullt homes In the city oC Bakersfield. Price $17.500. Two acres with beautiful 6-room home. Three bediooms. large living room with fireplace and heatolntov: floor furnace. Venetian blinds; cooler through ducts; two baths. Lots of fruit and berries. Large barn. etc. Price $12,000. Southwest district, 2 \* acres with nearly new 2-nedioom home and also 2-roorn house In rear. Hnrdwood and tile, Venetian blind* Some chicken equipment. Price $9500. Oildale. close to Standard School. 3-bedroom borne with Hvm". roorr and dining room. Nice bath, tile drain in extra large kitchen. Lots of chicken eaulp* ment. Nice Inwn. fruit and shade. Fenced all 'round. Price $4150. Southeast district Close tn. corner lot with h rgo 4-room home with 2-car garage. Price *4"50 and only $760 down. Bovdntun & 1817 H Street. Lanraatcr Phone 8-8639 10-20-tf Very close In. 6-room home, easy to arrange into three apartments. Good location. $4500. terms. Southwest. - Five-room, two bedrooms, large living ami dining roomn. 2-car B&- ragp, nice lawn. $1000 down. Near dnh yd rating plant. 4-room home on 7"ixi:i5-fciot lot. Ken red yard. Will trade fur 2-bedroom home, southwest. North of In* river—Five rooms, two bod- rnoms. huvdwcud floors, hath with tub Bhnwer. sleeping porch, l!-car earnae. near bus Imp and shopping t enter. $6300, with sood terms. fn A rv io— Five rooms. two bedrooms. • Ipppinff porrh. 2-rnr saiaRe, fenced yard. n;n- Inwn. shrubs, some fruit. Only Jl2;i(* down. tedler K Street. Phone 7-7MS Southwest, closn in. stucco duplex and 1-bpdroom house on one lot. Duplex furnished, good district, transportation and mar eti near. JSOOO. terms. Chester nvfiitie. €00 block, 2-bedroom house. 3850. California avenue, 2-hedroom home on large lot. redecorated, vac-ant, immediate possession. $lf>00 down. North Baker, hnrne and Income. Two-bedroom hou«e. 3*room nun rtment over garage; furnished, corner lot. $2000 cash, tei .us on balancp. Green Acres, commprrlnl acre. 2-hedrnom house: fruit, berries, equipped for 1UOO chickens, bharte and Inwn. $6350. termfl. Airport Acj-ps. commercial a'-re. 1' house; Karrtge, fruit. rhickrn equinnu-nl; a good buy, $3000 cash, balance terms. NIlpR street. 5 rorms completely furnished: good lot; quick possession. large or small farms, we have lhem T. (Sy) "Wicker. IfifiO Chester Phone 2-0239. evenings 2-3895 e. f-uit. $ll!o() handl vis about Comfortable older home on arrp; well equipped for chickens; young fruit trees. Immediate possess in n. One of the newer 2-bedroom houses on acre, well fenced, also chlcki-n equipment. In Oildale. 2-bedroom older home on nice lot, double garage, barbecue pit. Immediate possession. WP|| located business rqrner "n well traveled boulevard. Oildale. Has two housps, small «hop. 100-foot corner for (he business you misrhr prefer. Close to Santa FP and high school. 2-bed- ronrn home. Nice sized rooms and est- c^llent, close-in location. Twn hnuses on one lot, both furntahrd, on* fnr $:!.'». Jhe nihfr will rent fnr Price $4500. Figure inlereat on this for a really good investment. 9 11)23 "Kye" Street e Ciiiiii WitiRlancI Square — Two-b*droom home, dininr room, hardwood floor*, tile drain. Venetian shades an3 floor furnace. Highland Ala n«r—.-Almost new 2-bedroom ho nip in good condition, has all the latent modern conveniences. $52uQ. Terms, Duplex—Furnished, walking distance to downtown Kast Bakerefield. $2000 down. East Bflkp.rsfiHd—Small 3-room adobe, pnHly furnished, newly painted on outside, f 2*J.">0. Terms, 1.129 KICJHTKKNTH STRF.F.T RESIDENCE 2-562 TWO-BEDROOM houst. hardwood floors, newly decorated: 2-car varace. chicken pens and equipment, barns tor cow. Situated on on«-h«lf acre. 1705 Normandy Orlve. See PMU! Sybrandt, 211 East Eighteenth. Phone E-5003. 10-2-tf FOR SALE—On AHa Vista Drive, corner, 63x150, 3-bedroom house, living room, dining room, den, breakfast room, kitchen, two baths, email basement, screened porch, floor furnaces, newly painted; two- car garage. Reduced to 19260. $3250 down. J. J. Consani. Phone fl-9814. 9.18-tf SALE—Two-bedroom homa in Oildale. at- inched varage. Modern. About 4 yean old. Dandy large Jot. tmtt, shade. *rape» and berries. Total prfca 14260. S1800 cash will handle. Elmer F. Karpe. 1B17 Eighteenth. ljP-17-tf RESTAURANT FOR SALE—See Business Opportunities. Paul Sybrandt. 10-1 a-tf FOR SALE by ow-ner. two-bedroom house; _term». 2Vj "Eye" street. 72 ^B^^^^^^^ fm ^^* m ^^^^ m ^^^^^t^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^1^^^^^^*w^*r-*'^rmm^j^^f^F^^^^^^m^**- ^*4^ v ^^p^B«M^^^^B^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^h|ik^^^ H ^^^^u^^^^^^_ ATTRACTIVE 2 bedroom house. Practically new, priced low for quick sale; immediate posnession. 2228 Berkeley. _Eaat Bakerafield. Phone 2-3177. 72 BEAUTIFUL HOME on north Alta Vleta Drive, in La Cresta, unfurnished. 1m- metliatft posaeAslon. You will be glad to pay 17500 for this property. Term*. Frank Pay. J915 'Syc.'72 SIX-ROOM, 2-hedroom homw. Large living room wlih real fireplace hardwood floors, plefcty ot tile, fenred-in yard; Im- medinte nuesessfon. (fall at 2807 Lake _ street. 74 LOVELY new small 2-bedroom home In East Bakersfield near Mount Vernnn School, twn bedrooms, especially nice kitchen, attached garage. Total price only 14000. $1600 cash will handle. Elmer F. Karpe. J6J7 Eighteenth. 10-17-tt CLOSE IN on Washington etreet. Oildale, 1-bedroom roomy home, now vacant. Lovely large double lot. sidewalks and curbs, fruit, chicken equipment. Borne terms. Elmer F. Karpe. 1G17 Eighteenth 10-17-tf FOR SALE by owner, 4-voom houa'e; hardwood floors. Venetian blinds, tile sink. Inlaid linoleum, automatic water heater, carafe; chicken hotiae for 900 hens, pen for cow. Largo corner lot, fenced; doe* to school. Go south on 99 Highway, cross R. R.. pass school, turn west at Globe mo»ci on to Kirhy Lane; last houne on street. 72 SIX-ROOM HOME. East Bakerafield. beautiful hillside lot.. Has two bed rooms, d^n. built-in hreakfiiM nook, attractive palio, with barbecup; double garage; hark yard fenced. Taken about J3500 down. Immediate possession. Phone fi-ii8 JI3. 7£ FIVE-ROOM house on corner lot. close to Kern General Hospital. Double garage, glassed-in sleeping porch. Price JR850. half taeh. Immediate possession. Phone 74 __^_ ^^P^^^^^>^^>^^ b '^ ld ^ w ^^~^^ m ^^^^^^^^t&0^f^^^B^^^^^^^^^^f^^^^f^FB^&f*^^B^^f^f^^^i^^^^U^rU£Q^^aiF^^^^^^t*^^^^^Bff^f^^p^^^^i^^m^^* FIVE-ROOM home, bem section Alta Vista Tract. S7S&0. substantial down payment. balance easy. Phone .6-5895. 74 TOUR HOUSING problem solved for the duration, 3-room house, extra laundry room and Hhower; large lot. East Bak- ersfleld. Price $3150. terms. Phone 5-5895. 74 TWO-BEDROOM stucco house. Range. refrlgeratoi. cooler. Shown by appointment Write for appointment. J. Matthew. Box 456, Bakersfield. Calif. 74 FIVE-ROOM house, dairy and barn, domestic pump Everything In good condition. Will eell house separately. Three- fourths mile north of Greenfield. Phone 2*7065. 77 FOR SALE—Almost new S-room modern atucco house and garage. On targe Int. 13000 camh, or $4000 furnished. Phone 2-S057. 73 FOR" - SAM5—Piva-room house. completely lurnUbed. Phone 2-7131. 71 For Sal Improved Properly THIS Golden State Tract on extra nice lot— Almost new 2-bedroom home, hardwood floors, single garage. Total price $3500. $1200 down. $32.60 a month. East Side on approximately half-acre— Nice 2-bedroom home. Thi« would be m. dandy place for the chicken fancier. Full price $3500. about half cash. Juat off South Highway 99—Two-bedroom stucco home, hardwood floors throughout, modern In every way and In excellent condition. Double garage, extra Urge lot. yard fenced, some shade. Total price $6300. substantial down payment. Nice little 4-room horn* !n Olid ale, -large living room, large dining room, two sleeping rooms, garage, large lot; half block off bua line. This place la immaculate; $1.150 down, balance $35 a. month. Five acres of land and 8-room modren home on Pioneer Drive. This place Is In excellent condition, has some shade and would be Ideal for a person with a. horaa or two. $6500 full price, about half cssh. On Nile* street on th« bus line—Five-room modem stucco homa. ha rdwood floors, tile Btnk. nice lot. Full prlca $5100, substantial down payment. South of town on lot 60x160—Three-bed- room home, extra nice kitchen and bath, lovely dining room. Hardwood floors throughout. About: $1500 down, $45 a month. To Buy, Sell or Trade 1918 "Eye" Street JIM-tf LOMITA VERDE—Two bpdroom* and n>n, nirt» break last room, all latest nmrlrrn conveniences, nic-ply furntnhed. Including refrigerator nnd washing machine. Will nell unfurnished for $8."iOO. SOl'TH 93—-Five acre*. C6<-foot frontajfa on I»9. 4 ' 2 mile* from KJgrhtoenfh mid t'nion. Good wpll and pressure syntpm. stor« bnllditiff. ptock, fixtures and Jiving niinrter-B. sasno. CAIJKORN'TA TRAf'T -- Alodnrn 6-room all largp rooms, inrhidinp throe rooms plnstpr and stucro. well con- «t rurtpd good Inr-Ht tun. one-third acre; aidPwalks nml curbing:. The prae is right at JG300. WlNfU-AND SQ1TARK homr. a bou l. 4 years rrnuiiiloii inside and floor*, floor furnaci?, ftinKln ganige, nJre lot CALIFORNIA AVEM'K- and junior college. home, inorfprn. very Inaido »ml 3-rar garage; lot 45x264. $o750, down. — Two-hpdroom old. in exf-pllent out, hardwood plenty of tile, 15750. -Near high school large 2-hcrirnom 17<M K Street 74 •T*- " — shrubs, Price 3-rar CALIFORNIA PARK TRACT — Nenr Perahinar street. 5-roor.i stucco house nn lot 50x150. with enclosed rear garden. barbecue pit, lovely lawn anU Bingte garage; possession Boon SflJOO. about half down. VACANT — Immediate possession of this G-room frame house on California avenue near high »chnn\. An oMer house, just doni* over inside: slaan e fn,nt poich with Venetian %lim}s ; lo ( 264 feet deep. Price down. 99 HIGHWAY — Five-room liousf. few yea if. old. on lot 60x1.10, WUshire Tract, south of town. Price $3800; $1200 down. BAKERSFIELD— Six-room frnm« with twn bijr bedrooms and one (,ne, or den; just done over inside hardwood floors. Venetian in kitchen, sprinkler system, between Alta Vjnta Drive street. Price $5500, about onl EAST house small and blinds, tile single and Baker onl.; naif down. CO CHESTER AVENUE. PHONE FOR SALE— South on 99 Highway, «tor« build inf. duplex and cottage, three acres of land, water well and lOOn-eallon stnr- ave tarTc. $9500, term*. See Paul Sybrandt. J13 East Eighteenth, Phon« _5-5003. _ 10-10-tf FOR SALE — Nice 2-bedroom, modern house on *4 acre, hardwood floors. Hie In kitchen : vacant : furnished or unfurnished. 1 U miles south of Edison ort __Wee <1 Patch Road. See E. G._Kennedy. 72 FOR SATjR-— Small home with Rarase and alno one double garagr. 20x24; 1 miles west. Rosfdale Highway. Inquire ROSP- dale Service Station. _ Tit For sale — Lovely nearly new 3-bedroom stucco iinrnev Dining room, double gal-aye, beautiful scenic view, near Massa, a venue. Kast Niles street. Half cash. Two-bedroom, partly furnished home, extra rlean. Niie size lot, on Jeffrey street. $2-50. About $1750 rash. 956 Baker Street, Phone 2-9224 or 4-4402 71 HOME AND FARM BITTERS (508-BIJ— $7350. might consider n 1ltil» less on this very large duplex, two bedrooms earn aide. Located close to business d'slrirL Perfect opportunity for 1 income. Any reasonable down payment ronsidered (502-D— $fiOOO. mleht consider a little les» on this Brand 2-bedroom home on corner lot, Kl Tp.lon n \pnue, rouple blorKs from theater, btiNines? district, bus. etc. Ideal locution for a permanent home. Any reasonable down paymrm considered. (454-L) — $6dOO, might ronsider a little less on this 1» acren with city Kas. light*, water. Has well, fenced, close in. Any reasonable down payment- considered. IP YOU WANT RESTDENTTAL COURTS, BIG INCOME, SEE US (4S7-I.W- $4500. miRht consider on this Income property. Two house?, one lot, Rent income $72.50. Fnrnihirn (toes. Coorl Irlea to live in one and let rent from niher help niak* payments.* Any reasonable down payment considered. SAN .TOAQTTIX AGENCIES Kdward W. Moody IS12 "Eve." Phone, 2-06.1. 1. If answer, call 2-r»33fi For I have 20 50-foot lots on Kant California avenue with sidewalks and all utilities In. Material 1s available for building a tern* porary house on the rear of. lot. Thee* lots are being 1 sold on very easy term.**. Don't pay high rent any lon«r. See Mel Hav this week at 1524 ElRhteenth street. _ or phona him at 5-0878. 10-14-tt CA8A LOM\—-A commercial acre, prict $1250. $150 down. SR\ choico lots in the Oleander 60. 7& and 100-foot Terrace Tract, frunlagei. Olon Bryan 1671 Chester Avenue.- Phono 2.7554 74 For Sal Improvod Farms 1440 ACRES semi-mountain hog" and cattle ranch; 840 acres of farm land, balance grazing. Very good improvements, best one-man hog and cattle setup in California. 415 ACRES of good vegetable or potato land. Subject to lease. Will pay 12 per cent on investment. 160 ACRES well improved ranch, good house and lots of water, best of alfalfa, cotton or vegetable land. 780 ACRES near Lost Hills. This land can be farmed to grain, also prospective oil land. A. H. Karpe. Phone 9-9671. 7-29-tf 160 ACRES. 1 MILE WEST OF WEED PATCH STORE GOOD 6-ROOM HOME. IN EXCELLENT CONDITION ; DOUBLE OARAGE. PRESSURE SYSTEM; ONH OF BEST WATER WELLS TN DlSTIUCT: ABOUT 1800 FEET OF PIPE LINE: 4(V ACRES TN ALFALFA. REf DEVOTED TO POTATOES. PR I 1325 PER ACRE. 130.000 DOWN'. BA LA VCK 5 EQUAL PAYMENTS. KLMKH MARTIN. 220 rlABERFELPE _ BUILDING. PHOXH 2-9294. 7| " Near Old River, cotton and alfalfa land for sale. Approximately 68 acres. Well about 1400 gallons. An excellent buy, Including old house, FREAT, W. HARVEY 203 BROWER BLDG. PHONE 2-4260 EVENINGS 2-4143 ^ 73 320-acres potatoe land in Famosa area, choice land, all in cultivation. Two fine wells, new 2-bedroom home, garage, shed. L*and all piped. 60 acres in fall potatoes. You should see them now and see how the land produces. Part in peas, rest ready for spring planting of " potatoes. New buyer can have. possession by January 1, 194^ Price $325 per acre. Elmer Martin^ 2-9294. 220 Haberfelde Building. 76 4 1 ." b.|J — j

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