The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 2, 1936 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1936
Page 4
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I •' 1 -1 ' -— I-'- > *• • - I ,V( '. ,' -1. ^ r. -. 1 .>; _ J fc v». ] .-- i . - • j - . n i .. J "l* j '*_jf,- I -t \tn m F 1 1 - bf •>-,'" . * H 1- i . \ SHERWIN WlL LIA MS FOH OtAUTY AND PHOTE f T| ON E Oct. o* Roy Johnaton. 1. Tho df a kitchen vo wonhy otvtho evfcnlnsf wan devoted to Progress of State Higliways to Be Shown on Special Film, Announced Prm Trtrej Oct Oct', 2,~*/rho Womon of thd Mobao sowing dlub met for a social and busineas session at the homo of Mrs. Christina Kloldn, on Po)k street, Wednesday afternoon. of California It! be ready /or distribution in October, Karl Mo Kelly, ntn,ta director of public works, announced as Call* at noon, In iho afternoon* a ehbrt bualnoBB so«H)on was held with PrtilMnt BHr4bcth Caywood, presiding, -tottetloh of ocft* * * * •> **»»»* ««»* •*** session with Margie inippin being elected pras/rtent. Into* FrftnfcJJn, secretary, and Eleanor Oordoti, rat motion picture venture, Tho picture, exhibiting the development of highway* from tho Mission Trail era to tho present typo of broad speedways, was mado for tho purpose of carrying to tho people of California tho Htory of highway progrouM In a state that has become famous for Ha good roadn. All of tho bent known scenic spots, I Xfttma Burn*, Lola .Teffericn, suoh a* YoHcmlto, fturney Falls, the PtlppJn, oilvo Kfiwblo, IrniA J/*ranlt- Tho momborfl who wero woro: Meftdamoa J51«io Crrtblrco, Wlla rulrnlund, Mary Blo», Ttascei Wllburn, Oerlrtido F^erterlcUson, Podlo Lance, Dorothy Colemtm, IEAUTY AND PROTECTION WITH SWP HOUSE PAINT Munt the be« In houte p«lntfn0—Ion0 life, economy/ <nd «ll the beauty Amer,c«*s moitf«mout houte paint It noted for. And you can PAINT NOW ... PAY LATER With the She/wln-WlHlami Budget Payment Pl«n for S4.19 p«r m«nA. See us about It today, A4t for our IMW Fall PuM Catalan rodwoods. Hcquola, Ucnoral Grunt* Jin, Klcnihor Gordon and Hanta Monica boach and many of I teas, Christine I<*Iold«. the stato parks, wllJ bo shown In tholr natural color. Htugo coach trail* wJll bo oxhlbltftd In contrast to four-lane pavod highways, Dlvory major Industry In tho utatfl win ho given rooognltlon In tho film. Governor Frank F. Morrlam and Kelly are momborw of tho cant. tho Elks Plan Events for Fall at Meet TAKT, Oct. Kelly plans Taft At tho meeting of Ixrigo No. 1627 Wcdnta* mtero In tho memorial Biicramahlo pro* day OV onlnK In tho Klk« Homo many Ol I til fill ClltOll iJ 771 l ntfintt Pnt* lUfi ^f«-t *«!«««» M^IA***!. «..AA.riH plann for tho coming month woro with state and local dignitaries and i completed with committee chairmen motion picturo utarn tn M ttondance. making reports Frto nhowlngn of tho plr.turo will Caaper Grati, chairman bo.mado throughout tho stale during tho winter. tho bridge and plnoehln tournament to Quick „ ... -fl , bo conducted reported that tho first U thin film proven miccossftil In party would bo hold tonight, Httmotlrifir attention of the people to Marotd N. Weaver, chairman of tho hlirhwnyH nnrl tho problomn con- tho badlofl Ntto party Saturday. Go- frontliiff tho dlvlalon of highways tobor 10, reported that a splendid In cuttlnif modnrn thoroughfaroa program wu» being arranged for the mountains and Glow Ename (hroiiffh Kolly Imprw to prodtiro rtdclUlonuI motion plnliirttfl In tlio future. forests, affair. WxaKcd Iliilor Uobcrt C. Dear re- 5-W «Pl One ture f woodwork Covert one coat. ilold ,— 49e value Cvnlomcr Man Drops Dead at Wcddingleception PolfcMno Floor Wax •Won Handl* Applicator *•• f W ^ • V •• Yarn No Long floorif woodwofk, uro, quart Icator drying valu* AKERSFIELD HARDWARE 2016 Chistir Avenue Phono 231 PAINT HEADQUARTER (Aiwolatcd /'ru»i ^raiorf Wtrn) HANTA HA11UAHA, Oct. 2. InqiiPHt will l»i hnlcl, uiithorltloH today, inlo Iho death of Oovor fUno, T8, lit lilM own wcilding reception In Han lu Maria, Jllco Huccuiiib^d to iv Itoart at- t.aok at tho Hanta Maria Christian r'Jhiircli. whor« Iic> \VUH mi oldnr rnimy yparn. Twn wpnUn ngo ho rnarrlocl Mr«. Krlytlio flurulry In Man hulfi (Jblnpo, NI'KCfAL MlflCTINU. TOMOKROW TAI'"!'. Oct. 2.— Til ft Ijnlhcl ^ f <^. Jcib'H OniiRhlnrH. will hnvo IL Mpn nnrmlnn »t B:30 o'clock Hnttinluy uft- friKton, Oriobc-r B, Jn tho Manowlu loniplr*. with Honored Queen Orna l>nr prenlfUntr. AH inuny Ini- HiiiUfiincTrMcfitfi u'UJ bo inufln (•ci|ir**ruliu; Ui» roinlni; vlnH, of llu- tlfjMity KniiHl friinrillun. Mrn. (ftinrtlf* lh;iidff, all TnfMnht.TH urn urQit to portotl on iho stato convention hold in Oakland on Hoptcmbcr 25, 20 and 27, which ho and Frank Duly attended. NK1G1IUOKS MJSUT TArr. Oct. 2,— Tho Neighbors of Woodcraft bold a county meeting In the IQaglCB luiU In lUikerRftckl this wank with liii'Ko proHnnt from JJukorsflold, Doluno and Taft cireloH. .Wxplanatory tftlkw on different types of Inwurancn offered by tho order were given by I r loW Hopro- nnntatlvoM Flahor and Kverott, Quos- itonn poi'talnlng to tho nubjcct wcro After tho • woro nerved by tho hostess circle. II! JINKH ri,AXNJ5l) TAKT, Out. a.—Tho Oh of tho Tnfl tfnlon UlRh School will hold Its (iniHuil lit jliikH on tho ovo- nlng of Outobor «. Tho thotno uf tho evening will bo "Hkvtchca 7 ( 'rojn Illn- lr>ry." A progrnin wH1 bo hold In tho amlJiuriimi nml will l>c» followed l»y u»ul rrfrt'MuvHMUB In tho AH rttemborH of tho und (lu-'lr inotliMrH aro cordially Invited in iiiicud tho affair. Oct. by Tttf orn Star rccotstlon given hottorinjf . -Rijih who hot* nerved In tho ctty of doputy grand matfpn of djfttrlot for the p*ut year 1 / b**poke tho ostoem In which Bhe Is Ji6l4 by mombetv of that order. Pant Matron Anglo Stlrn and BorLha Montfgol, acting An marshal^ for all punt officer*, oacorted Fail Matron Lucy Marah, mlBtrdss of cercmontea, Into tho r*ceptlon rootn and to the oaat from which position i»ho wojcomet) tho 800 or* moro gucBift who had assomblod for lhl« happy occasion. Sho than lhvlt«d tho marehalrt to escort tho worthy matron, Hattto Lbcknane Klrchcrt and Worthy patron, David Jamea Orlbbln, to tho oa*t thy were* Introduced and seated , after which Mrs, Marsh rellnatil«hed the firavol to Mm. KJrchert for the evo- nfngr. Grand Matron Present Bortio Y» Todd, worthy grand matron of California, wad escorted to the east tinq Introduced, on wero numerous other present and paAt grand officers, among them ^erielo Oalbralth Morris, pawt grand matron officers of of Bakirsllold. Tho Buena Vtoto, chapter Faith chapter of Tatt, Marlcopa, Wasco and Taft chapters, wero cs- cortod tnto tho halt, tho worthy matrons arid worthy patrons being seated In tho oast. All matrons and patrons of 1030» past matrons and jmst patrons of Taft Chapter and all past matrons and past patrons of J032 wore escorted to iho cost and Introduced. All other visiting past matrons and pant patronp were Introduced from tho sidelines. VOBI Matron Veda Watson, program chulrnmn, thon Introduced two sisters of Airs. Hoss, Airsi B loan or Alvorcl to sing, accompanied by Miss JoanneUe Andrews at tho piano. Sho choso two numbers "Memories" and "Annlo Mrs. KOSB. , both favorites of Mrs. Alvord possesses a lov«ly soprano voice pf'raro quality and tho appreciation with which she was received was manifested in tho round of continued applause. An original musical skit directed by Mrs. Pearl Walton was given by tho officers of 1032, of which Mrs. Ross was matron. They wero assisted by Mrs,, Paulino Sbwell, accompanied by Past Matron Beryl KInnoy, who sang "A Star Dropped Out of Heaven" as a htigo star was lowered inlo their midst Jn tho center of which, lighted from within. was a picture of Mrs. Floss, tho work of Mrs. Merlo Zilnlc Feltman. UoproHcntatlvob oC numerous I3ast> t*rn Htur organlzutlons presented Mrs. TloKH with gifts and good ffdft chapter! the 168 tron* and worthy patron* of this dlstHct, depiity grand rtAtw>n8;a,nd Koss acknowledged addreflt inr;whM . Mrs. in a thAnked all tioncernd if or , tho her ( :th6 <dtHtofy of all chapters fof their co-operation dprtng the y*ar, t^o gn?tttd trf4(ro]i t6t tho .honor accorded hofi and Daft chapter for the reception/ • A. buffet lunch was served b a committee compoaed of Bertha tlgel, Anglo Stln Kllxaboth Stephens, Veda Baryl KInne.y, Carr|o dribbin, Eva Jones. Jennie Barnes, Mary liu^fner, Ruth Jojin»ton, Fayo Williams, Stella Oarner and .Helen Off. Marie Guinn, mat 1 - ifhal, and Madeline Stot^t, cjiaplain, aa marshals for the 1938 dots, while ^ast Matrons Bertha Atontlgel and Angle Stlrn escbHe all past officers except those of 193 who woro marshaled by Beatrice Hillery, who served In that capacity ut that time. Tho ushers -for the evening were past patrons of Toft chapter, while tho post matrons served on tho roooption corf.n>ttteo. The past matrons and past patrons of Taft chapter who present and eacorted wero Berthd Montlgol, Anglo Qttrn, Xmcy TsTarsh, Veda Watson, Klizabeth Stephens. Beryl Kjnn«y* Ruth Botsfor4 Lo Gar, Ada It. MoKIntile, Martha Me* Lood, William H. Mohtlpel, Ixniis Marsh. Krrol Ustlck, Milton Ttoss, Louts Stephens, J. Oalhbun, Thomas Hillary and Henry Barnes, Those responsible for tho decora* tlons wero Marie Howes, Martha McLeod, Corrlne BlacHburn, Rijth Lo "Gav, Louise Patterson, Mario Gujpn, Bona Heck, HOBS McLcod and Louis Marsh. Tho committee on ar- rftngementa Included Charles Allen Pftvid Grlbbin, William Montlgel and Adam Birthday Party Is Held on West Side • - \ • • _ ____ . . . i , • • * * . ^^^^^^'j^^^'^^^^WV'jP^R^R^R^R^R^Rj^RV^rJIR^RI'^HI ^ TAFT, .Oct. 2.— Barbara Jean Mb. Into6h celebrated her 'seventh 'birth* recently 1 at tho hqtho of he Brrendpar6nt8 at a party given by her rhdthfcr, Mrs. Clora Mclntoah. Barbara Jean received many* lovely atid useful ^tfts. After delightful refreshments had been served and th« gifts oponed, the young children wero entertained with a theater party. Those helping Barbara Jean celebrate woro Bllon Jean WhlUhead, Gloria Dorlene Gregory, Ruth Nolan, Joan Juhl, Paul Whltohead, Kenneth Gregory, DwJpht Cooper, Francis Cooper, tho honoroe'B grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Gregory, her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs, C. 113, Coper, ana tho hos- Alma-W ffiptori. . ^ , ful .Pirty tbn . Copjc * Mo»damo8^ Carrio .Caryar, Br«£tari J. ^ Whnrt^n, Gharlc* Bohnitzlcr of Morro Bay, Tx>uiiia von.KaneU, poi-j J?tage*man, Lyndeli McDanlcla, tho Misses Leona be ftitatea in^ohat'gfii bfthb ^^ jjj U 'AtWniion was the I * cdnducdfl tho tho me«.tin» bouta wore held entertainment wlth.'lbiU' Smith, Alma "Wilson, Theresa Tip. boys liarUcipatinfiT. ton, Brownie Miller, flarah Taylor, -•• .-;•„,..i,^.^ the; hostess, Mrs. B. H. Miller, and HOPPERS PilOriT FARMBIt - V tho honoreo, Mra. Roy Johnaton. Thoao sending gifts but unable to attend woro Pearl Vou'&ht, Freda Keferstein and (i. -i YT i i A - rift ;«/• Held for Taftians sittan recently, They B61d hoppers that oVoirjuh .tha cbuiitr^- tb a fish baJt company and a)s6 dreW profit from tho filmlna: of BdauQti^ea of the motion plotUr6, "G66d JSarth," . - * - ' . " r . "• - - " Oct. Z.— The homo of Mlus Peterson woii".altrabUvely- decorated when she entertained at a deusert bridge on .^Vedneaday eve- for tho benefit ofAVe litarie ^ A*!"^ LI I .kl ^ CATC H ING 1 T* IneUtu^e, Tho following ladloa eh- Joyod the hospitality of Mtaa Pet* erabn, who was "assisted by her 1 H *- mother, Mrs* dames Burns* D. Peterson; Mea- William AltmUUr, nita Fcllz, H, Morris- H. G, Dohrlhg, jr. Galderero, J. a Burke, John Foy, At. I^ogan. S. Slagemian, 0. J3. Black S. Qoodrlch, 33J . PcrHgo, O. Bggert. Misses Irene At the first ing sncete- quick - I each nostril. It* timely UBC helps prevent many colds. Kathleen 'Ferrtgoj Thet*epa TIpton, Jeanno Hart, (3ertrudo D16chler and Marguerite McEnaney. Prizes wore won by Mrs. Rita Fellz, first, and « * ^ —~> s *<•'.. " Mrs, J. Caldororb, second. ^A - - —. ; :.-.'- - ,- ' .. -. " .•:-. '.^> 'J. VlCKSVATRONO WHEN I FELLOWS HUNGRY FELLOWS, Oct. 2.—Mr. and Mrs. ChaHes Tweddell havo returned after a two weeks' visit with rela- tlv^s and frlqnds Jn Los Angeles and L,ong Beatii, Mr, r rvv6ddeH's mother, Mrs. 33, Tweddell, who has been via- ltin;g there for the past two months, • . » accompanied them. LSt t 'Mr. him Plon««r> l»r«p*r*4 In • wltft vtrU •fy e.f a««-fr«ih Jfihas. , «U«n, whit* only, « Two4deirs nutrltlout Julcai, omU«l t* H«clpt nephew and wife, Mr. and Mrs. A, TweddoU of LOB Angeles also accompanied them homo for a short visit. Mr. and Mrs. Bernard O\y<m. -who . Au . UMI . Akl ..»....--were recorttly married, wero visited I AH AMttlCAH.WODUCT by many of their 'friends Tuesday night/after which; all adjourned" to tho Otfen home* whcro refreshments were nerved by Mrs. Owen. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Bender of tho Associated loaso havo moved their houso to town whero they uro now residing. Tuesday visitors in Fellows were I\ tee dames Fred Baldes und C. H. Morgan of Bakcrstield, both for wfshen, Including the 1330 officers of tesp, Mrs. Glora Molntosh. merly of o extra earge for two per4on§ occupymg th» »»m» riom THE MAYFLOWER LOS ANGELES 1 NEWEST m«s( ttntuUy (bcttid rfowntuwn hot* I. Directly across from the I Urn ore beautiful UUrary .Park RATES CUARANTHP AS PUVLiSHIB 330 GVEST Double Bedi Choice, Twin or Double $2.50 $3.00 $3.50 RIGHKH1 1'iu don't have to Att Outatde Room* * All equipped- with tub.stlowerorcomblnattohbatli ;vX:*yrw«<w y>xy:X4'S &mm •^VT/ t 'i4 •-^wfejl'llr MONTERIY COCKTAIL ROOM • Intfnutt • Smirt to door • ••-,• , ,-.-• •- . t • :•»,•>:• j'f.i ,.- • •:,-- • i<--s .-\'^i: f .^ '• t • •'• v .-t*-li.v*t tf fcrf#^d - r; Cl'' *m MAYFLOWER HOTEL 919 SOUTH GRAND AVI. A tV''JL'\\,9 %=ft A h* wm i • ? l 1 • «- •w ^', \ S 0' //i -fiction tkh Wee mm For and STANFORD vs WASHINGTON STATE* pano arran madq CALORNIA* vs ST. MARV'S ^4* decide U.C.L.A. vs MONTANA (Fi;i«J»y Night) will llow SOUTHRN CALIFORNIA* vs OILGON cred WASHINGTON* vs IDAH OREGON STATE* vs WILLAMETTE purclas iano OTHPR OUTSTANDING GAMES * v* Humbp|dt Sute * Tech. v* Tempe' (S» turd ay NI|bt) Chico 8t v* Skrtmtmo J.C*(fffi. Night) of PtcJfc* vsR«j)bJer» IFfi. Night) LoyoU* r« \Phiwltr t?r)d«y Night) South Bf inch tFridty) OccMentil vt Pomoo* vs UVtrnc* iFr(d»y Night) San Pf»pcl$co U. v» San jow* S»nr» Bfrb^rt v$ (Sunday) l?^*^«m»pas »j ,ra-'i *tt. r A -•• i^. f^f ^i ,'Jan* vTBlBi mm fci » '-r » ?>*:.'> j k * wmw- . i v ; ^ ^ mw^Pla •> ? '^-sii S«nu CUr» t! m * AR «h.W«lM Mcvrtd dlrttt frbm vnlvmltit* tod colci listed. otGtr gtciti thti tcUon, ie« 19*4 Rkhfictd SchcduU Chuu * ~ *»^ tbrillj and "color" of America's t$g$t ip^cta^ular pastime by attending the coming game jn person. Make your iiPs'TtrCTf plans now to go out and root for ybur team. Before you itart, N &' \\*Y*-\ >V-'***il: s^^^M» ; ;; drive into your neighborhood station for complete car servce. And wh6n you fill your tank with ^Hi-Octane, be sure to W •. • . '^ ., . w . - . . • .. . - , • r - • 2420 secure your free copy of the w ' - • ' " " ''•* " • Richfield Football Chart, the handlist and most complete- • • L -' '- "- - --• ' ' ' . - ^- ' Coas

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