The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 18, 1938 · Page 1
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 1

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 18, 1938
Page 1
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TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, 1938. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGKRSTOWN, MARYLAND. FIVE WINCHELL STARRED IN MUSICAL SHOW "Love and Hisses" Opens Engagement at the Maryland At least part of (he news abou "Love and Hisses" ought to be 01 Pi;ge One' HS an extra. Slmon< Simon sings! And how the glorioii; glamor girl sings! Twentieth Century-Pox's n e v\ idea in musical show hits, whicl opened yesterday at the Marylant Theatre, is, to borrow a phras< from one of its stars, a wowsali And with seven hot-and-hissing Gordon and Revel song .hits. Under the order of new business It brings up that old tosa-aroiinc between the Rajah of Rib, Walte Winchell, and Ms "Old Mousetrap' . Ben Bernle. This T.N.T.-for two picture has a new kind "ummph" (how this talk creep Into the language) in the co-star ring efforts of a torchy new Simone Beware Coughs from common colds That Hang On No matter how many medicines you have tried lor your cough, ches cold, or bronchial irritation, you can get relief now with Creqmulsion Serious trouble may be brewing am you cannot afford to take a chance with any remedy less potent than Creomulsion, which goes right to the seat of the trouble and aids nature to soothe and heal the inflamed mucous membranes and to loosen and expel the germ-laden phlegm Even if other remedies have failed don't be discouraged, try Creomul- Eion. Your druggist is authorized to refund your money if you are no thoroughly satisfied with the benefits obtained from the very first bottle. Creomulsion is one word—nol two, and it has no hyphen In it Ask for it plainly, see that the name on the bottle is Creomulsion, anc you'll get the genuine product and the relief you want. (Adv.) Stylish Winter Clothes for men and women ... on EASY CREDIT TERMS P EOPLES STORE 67 W. Wash. Street Authorized R. C. A. RADIO Dealer Free Trlnl On Any Model Shockey Furniture Co. 2S-:iO Summit Aveiine Pruning Shears R. D. McKEE Aladdin Lamps $4.95 up HARRY S. MYERS ABLO WATERPROOFING Ends Diunu Walls BETTER HOMES, Inc. 14 S, I'ofomnc SI. Phone Si WARNER BROS.THEATRES • MARYLAND • NOW SHOWING STARTS THURSDAY • A Stage Hit Ir) 25 Countries' , SOW THE LAUGH HIT OF THE WORLD CLAUDETTE COLBERT k .. .CHARLES 4 BOYER Tovarich M5IL RATHBONE^ ANITA LOUISE ACADEMY • STARTS TOMORROW • A PICTURE WE KNOW l YOU'LL NEVER FORGET! I TEMPLE HEIDI, .»Jean * HERSHOLT LAST TIMES TODAY Simon touching oft the pf f fuse. But what bowls over the audience Is that this sweet-hot from Purls, once a Breath-taking little school lass, swishes her way through an eye-fllllng array ot gowns that makes mule hearts pop around like grasshoppers In a cardboard box. And when one IB ready lo accept her surprising new glam- or and swing singing as exhilarating experience, she tops the climax by thrilling her hearers with the difficult "Bell Song" from the opera "La&me." ACADEMY LAST TIMES TODAY A smashing expose of the alien running racket, plus mystery, action, drama and romance contrive to make of "Daughter ot Shanghai," the motion picture which opened at the Academy Theatre last night, one of the most 'ntereating and thoroughly satisfying pictures of the current season. The plot is based on the billion- dollar racket which has sprung up In recent years, o_ bringing aliens Into the United States illegally. Onre a 'business' in which only Chinese were brought in 'by smugglers, recent changes In immigration laws as well as tightening conditions in many foreign countries have made the racket un international menace. WASHINGTON DAYBOOK By PRESTON GROVER WASHINGTON, Jan. 17.—The anti-lynching bill is aimed at the south hut, the parts of the country suffering most Irom the filibuster against it are New York and Chicago, especially the latter. Hardly a day passes but some of the southern senators reiterate that while in 19,17 only eight ne- jroes were lynched, the toll of gang killings in Chicago and New York in recent years is measured by dozens. Senator Russell of Georgia bunted out a crime report by J. Edgar Hoover, chief G-man, showing Chicago in 193S had 243 murders and "non-negligent" manslaughters, and 221 in 1936. New York had 369 in 1935 and 364 in 1936. Just to help out, he read a paragraph from a news story saying that on New Year's eve in Brooklyn, which he described as "a part of greater New York," the "parishioners of the Church ot the Holy Rosary celebrated their services an hour earlier than usual, and under the protecilon of a spe- cjal police detail, on hand because of 5 long series of heatings and hold-tips in that section." Senator McKellar of Tennessee then quoted from the Illinois crime survey report, which said: "There have been no convictons In crime murders in Chicago during the period covered by this analysis—1935-37. This Immunity from punishment is apparently due in part to collusion between politicians and rakneteers and to the rule of silence required by the underworld code of ethics.' + * * Cancelled Jackson's Debt We must tell you ahoitt Andrew Jackson and the outdoor plumbing which almost got in the Congressional Record. Senator Bailey of North Carolina brought up the subject during a filibuster speech. "One of the most interesting things I know about Andrew Jackson is that a judgment was taken against him when he left for Tennessee, which is recorded in Rowan Bounty," Bailey said. "It remained on record against him for severa .-•ears, hut one day the news o the Battle of New Orleans came and the creditor, I think, sneaked up there—he did not do it publicly —and wrote on the judgment Canceled by the victory of New Orleans'." "Will I he 'senator tell us what SCOTT'S SCRAP BOOK By R. J. SCOTT IN RUSSIA. WAS USEP Tb PEKOTfe WE.. . , 'JliLlEf WAS A. Boy - -WE-R.E- HO Ae<RE,S$H-S EHQ1AMP Toft. 7O 'ROMEO! AMD JULIE?" 1 VfAS *=IR<ST FRANCE ISSUED S-TAMP in 1937 -To AID UMEMPLOVE.P PER.FtoR.MED ..- -. COPVRICHT. 1938 KING FEATURES SYNDICATE. I GRAB BAG. One-Minute Test. 1. Who was the first president of Germany, 2. Name the sacrnd river o£ Hindus in India. 3. What compound "Fool's Gold?" is called Hints on Etiquette. Excessive slowness when playing cards is discourteous to the other players. Words of Wisdom. Riches amassed in haste will diminish, hut, those collected little by little will multiply.—Goethe. that judgment was about," asked Senator Clark of Missouri, slyly. Bailey didn't know, hut Clark did and'told us afterward. He said Jackson and a group of young blades were angry at a lead- Ing citizen o£ Guilford, North Carolina, and one night rode up to his place on their horses. There they attached ropes- to a certain outbuilding and pulled it over, Hal- lowe'en fashion. The owner ran mil, of his house and identified Jackson as one of the horsemen. He went to the courthouse and got. a judgement for $8.90 against Jackson. But by that (me Jackson was headed for Tennessee and the judgment lay unsettled for many years. Then came the news of that famous battle that was fought at New Orleans In 1S15 after the war had ended. The note cancelling followed. TALL ROBBERY Racine, Wis., Jan. 17 (ff) — Sheriff's deputies arfi searching for the "master thief." who stole: Two 40-foot windmill towers, 200 feet of pipe nnd 400 feet of pipe fittings. The property was imported missing from the farm of Hans Jorgensen near Union Grove, Today's Horoscope. Many parsons whose birthday occurs lorlay have fine sensilivity. They appreciate and enjoy music, poetry and the beatifies of nature. One-Minute Test Answers. 1. Frederick Ebert, a social Democrat, was preside-', of Germany from IDJfl lo 1!>25, 2. The Ganges. :t. Pyrite. JANE WITHERS IN FILMJT HENRY'S Picture, "45 Fathers," Scores Hit at Opening Here When "Ginger" Jane Withers arrives at an exclusive bachelors' club to be the ward of forty-five members, the hilarity begins and never lets up for a minute as she and thfi Hart mans, through wild ventriloqnistic tricks, expose a fals 0 romance involving a wealthy young millionaire and a scheming society gii'l and bring happiness to everyone In the most uproarious climax of any picture this season. So goes "45 Fathers,'.' Jane Withers' most laughable and lovable picture, showing today and last times Wednesday at Henry's Theatre. The film, acclaimed Jane's Funniest, and most entertaining, features a splendid r:ast including Thomas Beck, Louise Henry, Richard Carle, Sammy Cohen,. George Givot. and introduces the- sensationally funny stage comedy team, Grace and Paul Hartman. A song and romance comedy "entitled "Slacks Appeal," featuring sweet-singing and smiling Nlela Goodelle, and the "Movietone News," complete with the latest news and events of the day, are also on the program. CONDITIONS are far from desperate, says a big business man, meaning that they are not so bad. C0UNTIAN INJURED IN AUTO ACCIDENT Samuel H. (Brownie)'Boyer, Taylor's Landing, Is In the Gettysburg hospital a fractured skull and a badly mutilated face, and Lewis II. Mullenlx was Injured about the face and chest as a result of an automobile accident last week, six miles this side of GUIysburg. Mullenlx, who was driving the car, was pulling over to the side of the highway to permit a large trick to pass, when the car skidded on the icy road. Boyer and Mtillenix were en- route to Yark, Pa., ' the time to visit a, Mr. Lantz, formerly of Hagerstown, who is in the York hospital following an operation for appendicitis. • Check your cougli before it §els woree! Check it with Foley's Honey & i'ar CoiiRh Syrup which relieves throat rawness, irritation, lidding almost instantly. Allays coughing. Speeds recovery by hrlpinc break up cough. Spoonful promotes couRh-frce sleep. Contains no narcotics nor stnmach ing drugs. Ideal for children. At all druggists, JJOc and 60c. LAST W-EEK OF REMOVAL SALE Reductions 20% to 50% ON ENTIRE STOCK We art moving our store to 25 South Potomac Street NEXT DOOR TO MARYLAND THEATRE NEEDY'S JEWELRY STORE 66 W. WASHINGTON ST. (Hamilton Watches Excepted) Asthmatic Burglar Dnllas, Jan. 17 (/P) — A burglar's heavy breathing enabled John Arlan, who is blind, to pounce on the intruder and hold him until police arrived. JUST STARTING San Francisco, Ja,n. 17 (fP) — "Me dead? Life begins at 110," said John Harrison to an ambul- anco crew that rushed into his apartment. Glancing through a window, a passerby had seen Harrison—who claims he was born In 1828—asleep on a couch and concluded the aged man was* dead. STARVED By STOMACH PAINS 'Caused by Execs* Acid • Too much stomach acid can cause a lot of pain and distress. Food doesn't digest properly, gas gives you pain and heartburn, you feel burning sensations, bloat and belch continually. You don'teatas you should and often lose weight fast. Do not take halfway measures or _ ™ dangerousdraga.buttryfamous UDGA Tebl.ts to allay acid stomach distress. Only $1 for a full week's convincing treatment on UDOA'S positive guarantee of satisfaction or money back. Ask for Udga al (DEALER S N\ME) CAUFFMAN'S CUT RATE, PEOPLES, and all good drug stores. YOUR OPPORTUNITY AUTOMOBILE Yes, Sirw!! An Automobile or $1,500.00 in Cash" ii Firit Prize in thuconteit.-That'iouroffertoyou.' or Lincoln Zci-hiT, rijrnomti. Pnnllae.i r Chryilcr. Whm could be • (Infr-prlie?. ' •upplle* for 3 j'tnr*, or *1,50O.OO lump Whtn ths Scrambled Letters above am. correctly rearranged they will >p«U ths nama of a Famoui Movie Star. Start switching the latter* around; aaa ll'you can figure It out. If your' answer in correct, you will receive at one* 'A'LARGE SIZE PICTURE OF THIS FAMOUS MOVIE STAR FREE —beautifully colored and miitaUo for framing — and the opportunity ; to win AUTOMOBILE « $1.500.00 oil In CASH. BETHEBIG WINNER!! Second Prize Winner gets $500.00 IN CASH; 3rd Prize Winner,$400.00 IN CASH; 4th Prize Winner, $300.0O IN CASH; and many other cairA 1 prizes. L— Duplicate prizes In caso of tlei —— I SEND TDUAY1I Juil jour <m.w.r lo lh« Mori* GoonJaU I oboT.. USE THE COUPON. HURHYI DOHT DOAYl , I ll makw no djtf«rlne« In whal part ol ill* U.S. you li», I you can lol. pait I -USE THIS COUPON-MAIL NOW BIOVJF, SCRAMBLES 82 Market Street, IVInona, Mill RELIEVE DISCOMFORT OF CQLDS-demand " WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT lOc CONTINUOUS 11A.M. to 11 P.M. TODAY -- WED. THERE'S NEVER BEEN A FUNNIER JANE WITHERS PICTURE ... For ill w» know, th*r»'t n»v«r fecm • lunnltr picturtl JANE WITHERS 45 FATHERS •. wilk THOMAS MCK LOUISE MINK? JwHARTMANS _..__Bfcfc»—•*** M»». 10c • 20e — Nile 16c - 28c Powell did-47 times l."THE TITIE OF THE SONG is 'sin*, Y<£ Son-of-a- Gun V'says Dick Powell, "and that's certainlywhat I did in filming my new Warner Bros, picture 'Hollywood Hotel'. I sang it at home, sang it in my dressing room, sang it on the set—47 times in all, I figured. I had many other... 2."HARD SCENES. I sang 4 songs- on top of all the dramatic scenes. During this hard work I smoked pack after pack of Luckies, but not once did they bother my throat. This is also true . .. 3."REHEARSING FOR Tour Hollywood Parade', my new program. Luckies are the gentlest cigarette on my throat." (The "Toasting" process takes out certain irritants found in all tobacco.) 4."THAT AUCTIONEER onourprogram reminds me that, among tobacco experts, Luckies have a 2 to 1 lead over all other brands. I think Luckies have a 2 to 1 lead also among actors in Hollywood." 5. THE CHANT of the tobacco auctioneer is the weirdest sound in business. In "slow motion" it would sound like this: "39 dollars bid...39...9...9...and a 40... 40 bid... etc." ... Concluding... 6. "SOLD AMERICAN", a. the choice center-leaf tobacco is marked for Lucky Strike. Men who earn their living from tobacco, know that Lucky Strike buys the finest grades. These men are the ... 7. INDEPENDENT Buyert,Auctioneer»and Warehousemen. Sworn record* show that, among these experts, Lucky Strike has twice as many exclusive smokers as have all other cigarettes put together. WITH MEN WHO KNOW TOBACCO HAVI YOU HIAID THI CHANT Of THITMACCO AMCTMNMRT "TOUR HOLlVVoOD PARADE", WnlMMta^ 10-11 P. M., NK "YOUR HIT PAIADI", MvrOy, 10-10<4i P. M,, CM < "YOUR NEWS PARAOI", MM. Ihrv Prl., Ilill-llilO, Cll IIASfHN TIM)

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