The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 23, 1944 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
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Monday, October 23, 1944
Page 13
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VACUUMS CITED AT CHURCH MEET DR. TRUMAN DOUGLASS IS SUNDAY SPEAKER City Is $1000 Short in Drive Contending that vacuums caused by ahuensfi of constructive forces I will be filled with non-constructive element*, Dr. Trumnn Douglass of New York, pointed to dangerous symptoms of similarity in this country to Fascist-provoking doctrines in Europe, when he addressed the Sunday evening forum at First Congregational Church. He cited dangers of unemployment, lack of community feelings, distrust of political leadership, failure to make Democracy a "cause" to Inspire the loyalty, devotion and hopes of youth, mill division by blocks, (for example larm versus urban). However, he believes that such tyrannies as -crew up abroad will be avoided here, due to the thinking niul ve-thlnklng capacities <>£ the American people. He believes that the restlessness of returning soldiers can bo assuaged by the excitement of worth-while community living. jTnrl urges a working of social, recreational and civic agencies at highest efficiency. He verbally chastised the American of the past, who hi\d depended upon gadgets, and material progress for his sense of val- ' uos, and made the prediction that this country can never be saved from tyranny by externals. He also warned against depending on an education "th;it seals itself off." His final conclusions were that persons are wrong who contend this a "time for hrllishness" nnd negative thinking only, and that it is rather a time for shaping a great future. Doctor Douglass, who is executive vice-president of the Congregational Churches, was introduced by the Roverend Thomas F. Lund, pastor of the church and director of the forum. His talk followed a quarter hour of organ music with Mrs. A. U. Hoisington as the guest artist. Kern Growers Need 3500 Cotton Pickers . PICKING 30 PER CENT BEHIND RECORD LAST YEAR, REPORT f An estimated 3500 cotton pick- ei-w are needed by Kern county cotton growers in order that the peak season picking requirements can be met before unfavorable weather sets in. It was announced today by K. M. Hickman, farm placement manager of the farm labor office, agricultural extension service. Mr. Hickman pointed out that although the yield is about the same as last year, the crop picking is 30 per cent behind, according to a checkup made October 15, and shows that only 70 per cent of last year's amount has been harvested. He said that crop maturity is about two weeks later than in 1943. There are 4500 pickers in the county now. the placement adviser declared. He added that labor offices in Delano, Arvin, Wasco, and Bakcrsfleld nre available for placing the workers. The only areas that are equal to last year's production are Kern L,;ikP and the Panama-Old River districts. I). S. Chamber Farm Leader Will Speak Announcement of the appearance of Delos L. James, manager of the Agricultural Department of the United States Chamber of Commerce, here Monday evening, October 30, was made today by Lawrence F. Lake, president of the Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce. Now on an extended tour of the •western part of the United States securing first hand information on agricultural problems and aims, Mr. James will address Kern county agricultural leaders at Bakersfield Inn. A special dinner meeting is •being arranged, Lake said, in issuing an invitation to all agricultural interests to attend. Reservations will be necessary and •, may be made through the chamber DONATIONS MAY BE MADE AT WAR CHEST HEADQUARTERS Approximately $1000 short of the quota of 1120.000 for Bakcrsfleld Community War Chest, donors were still sending In contributions by mail to the chest office at 1612 Nineteenth street and leaving donations in person for the chest fund, according to William Elgar, general chairman. Albert Phillips, chairman of special gifts, who Is now taking over clearance of the drive said that contributions will also be accepted at Phillips Music Store, 1610 Nineteenth street. General Indication is that tho. quota will be mot, but an appeal went out today for all contributors who have not yet made their donations to do so at once. NAZISlEARED FROMEVYOIA AEGEAN ISLAND CITY SURRENDERS TO ALLIES PUT FIELD OVER TOP—Civilian employes who helped to put Gardner Field ovor the top in the Wai- Chest drive are (left to right) Enid \ValUn, Evelyn V. Langston. Dorothy A. Harvey. T,o»isc Krtsher, Nathalie Fretwell, Harriet C. Andcradis, Charlotte P. Janus, Helen Miller and Cyril J. 1 [offerer, standing. HOME, Oct. 23. Iff)—The large Aegean island of Evvola (Euboea), adjacent to the Greek mainland north of Athens, has been cleared completely of Germans, Allied headquarters announced today. The island Is a mountainous stretch of 115 miles and 33 mile.s at its greatest breadth. It Is separated from tlie mainland by a narrow channel, the northern part of which is known as the channel of Atalnntl. Dispatches from Athens said the inland's chief city, Khalkis, sun-en- derd to a combined force of British and Greek Patriots and that n small number of troops left behind In a Gei-man evacuation were taken prisoner. The Germans pulled out of the Island leaving 250 men holding Fort Gouves on the northeast coast, the Athens advices said. The strategic north Aegean Island of Lemnos has been occupied by the British and all of the Cyclades group was reported freed today as German forces on the mainland continued through northern their flight Greece. Seizure of the port of Mudros on the south coast of Lemnos. which guards the entrance to the Dardanelles, was announced yesterday in a Royal Navy communique. The British land drive to clear the Germans from Greece continued without letup as carrier-based R. A. F. planes attacked rail transport in the Volos midcoastal area. Allied headquarters announced that six months' emergencv civilian supplies for Greece, amounting to 780,000 tons valued at $120,000,000, had been provided for partly by the United States and the remainder by Britain. CATHOLIC WOMEN AID WARMEST DEANERY WILL TAKE PART IN CONFERENCE 60 Tons Collected in Paper Pickup Hixty tons of waste paper were salvaged in Bakersfield on Saturday in the general pickup in Metropolitan Bakersfield areu, according to W. R. Mercer, chairman of paper salvage. He said that volunteer workers worked throughout the day in the big undertaking that cleared up much paper for the war effort. Local residents are co-operating much better in tying the bundles firmly so that they do not have to be retied, he stated. . The workers were fed a hot luncheon at the fairgrounds, arranged by Laura Bolt, county nutritionist. Assisting in the drive were 150 Boy Scouts, adult volunteers, the forestry department, the Second road district, the Third road district, and the city street department crews. The next pickup will be held Immediately after the holidays and residents were urged to save their paper for this pickup. Plans to participate in the fall diocesan conference to be held in Merced Sunday, October 29, and de- csion to contribute $50 to the Bakersfield War Chest from the proceeds of a late summer benefit card party marked the first fall session of Bakersfield Deanery, National Council of Catholic Women. Mrs. Earl Green, president, conducted the meeting which was held in Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church hall. Due to the fact that deanery meetings are held quarterly, the nominating committee for the January session was named. Members of the committee Include Mrs. Emilie Burn- beltz, chairman and Mrs. Arthur C. Metcalf, of St. Joseph's parish; Mrs. Lawrence Reischman and Mrs. Julia Murdoch, of St. Francis Church, and Mrs. Amalia Lopez and Miss Carmen Cornejo of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church. Deanery officers will be elected at the next general meeting. Among the local members making tentative plans to attend the Merced meeting are Mrs. V. N. Mickleberry, Mrs. George Scofield and Miss Carmen Cornejo. Decision regarding the establishment of a college scholarship for a deanery high school girl was deferred until the January session. The executive board will meet at a luncheon session in Hotel El Tejon November 14. according to announcement by the president. Activity reports were presented by Mrs. W. J. Fogle and Miss Louise Richaucl. and Mrs. Lawrence Reischman had the treasurer's report. Mrs. Liston Powell, secretary, presented out-of-town reports for other Kern county parish groups. A brief talk was made by the Reverend Father Joseph Losanda. chaplain of the deanery. At the close of the evening, supper was served by members of the Mothers Club and the Young Ladles' Sodality of the hostess parish. Gardner Doubles Quota in County War Chest Campaign TAFT, Oct. 21.—Climaxing- a short week of concerted effort on the part of officers and civilian em- ployes, and with the added help of WAGS and Medics, Gardner Field set the enviable record of doubling its quota in the War Chest drive. The officers group was organized by Mrs. Howard Bechtel, wife of the commanding officer, and Mrs. Ralph Priest. Workers who staffed the booths in the officers' mess and the officers' rlub were Mesdames Doris Bogle. Helen West, Janette Jacobson, Sally Anderson, Cone PROGRAMS ON THE AIR Loo Kckley, Joan Hlnir, Grace Pcrcv, Harris-, Mild rod KppriRht, Mildred Galland, Daisy Lee Tolhurst, M:ir- jorie Masters, Ruth Weber. Lucilo Galey. lieulah Mall, Sarah Shapiro. Maxino Dore, Donnelly, .lane Lorna Hunt, Xadine F'relninjjer and Marlyn Jackson. The crow of civilian workers included Knid Wallin, Evelyn V. Langston. Dorothy A. Ilnrvey, Louise Krishor. Nathalie Fretwell. Harriett C. Andreailis, Charlotte F. Janus, llolcn Miller, Cyril J. Hot- ferer. Ana L,. Meyers and Ruth G. Johnson. offices at 3701 Chester avenue, by telephoning 9-9834. or EXECUTIVE BOARD TONIGHT Executive board of Business and Professional AVomen's Club will meet tonight at the home of Dr. Oma Klopp, 1231 Monterey street, at 8 o'clock. Notices TAX NOTICE CITY OF BAKEK8F1ELD NOTICE IS HEKEBS GIVEN THAT: 1. Th« taxes on all personal property secured by real property and on«-n«ir of the taxes on all real property and public Improvement assessment* tor the fiscal year 1944-45 will be due and payable on the first day of November1944. and will be delinquent on th« fifth day of December 1944 at 6 o'clock p. m. and unless paid prior thereto, eight per cent will be added to the amount thereof, and If said one-halt be not paid before the twentieth da,y of April »»««»* 6 o'clock p. m. an additional three per * cent will be added to the amount thereof. The remaining one-half of th« ta*es on all real property and public Improve- mcnt assessments will D« payable on and after the twentieth day of January 1945. and will be delinquent on the twen- .tietn day of April 1946. at 6 o'clock p. m. and unless paid prior thereto. three per cent will be added to the amount thereof. 2. Taxes may be paid In full at the time the first installment ii due and payable, as herein proyldde. 3. Taxes may be paid beginning October 25th, 1944 In the office ot the City Treasurer and Tax Collector In Room 1. City Hall. Baker.fleld. California, between the hours of » oclock a m. and 5 o'clock p, m. on each and every day of the week except Saturday afternoons. Sundays and holiday!. Bakersfield, California, October 14, 1944< WALTER W. SMITH. City Treasurer and Tax Collector. Oct. 14 to 27 Inc. NOTICE TO TAXPAYERS All taxes on personal property secured by real property and one-half the taxes on all real property will be due and payable on November 1. 1944, and will become delinquent on December 6th, 1944. at 5 o'clock P. M.. and unless »pald prior thereto 6 per cent will be added to the amount thereof, nnd II eaid one-half be not paid before April 20th, 1945. at 5 o'clock P. M.. an additional 3 per cent will be added thereto. The remaining one-half of the tames on real property will be payable on or after January 20th. 1945, and will be delinquent on April 20th, 1945. at 6 o'clock P. M., and unless paid prior thereto 3 per cent will be added to the amount thereof. - ... „„».. When December 5th and April 20th fall on Saturday, taxes shall become delinquent at twelve o'clock M., on either date. • All taxes may be paid at the time the tlr»t Installment 1» due and payable. Taxes are payable at the office of the County Tax Collector. Court House at Bakersfield. California, between the hours of 9 o'clock A. M.. and 5 o'clock P. M., on Saturday between the hours Tpf 9 o'clock A. M., and 12 o'clock M. and Kern County Tex Collector. Oct. 23, 30. L«gal NotlcM NOTICE OF SALE OF HEAL PHOPKBTY Suit Asks $784 for Damages to Tractor A suit asking $7844.27 for damages to a tractor, semi-tractor and cargo of merchandise In a collision with an automobile 11 months ago Js on file today by Frank O. Culy and Orville J. Bridgham, partners in the Culy Transportation Company, against Clifton Z. McKinney and Don Lee-Mutual Network — KI'MO. KKJ, KI'KC. Ktili, KDU. KIM)N. KfXM. KVOK. KNU. Blue Network—KKKN, KW<1. KKIIK. MfO. KKCA. ColtimMn HrnnilrnMiiiK Sr»tem—KNX, KKCV. KSW. KllfJM. National Brnftilrnwting Company—KMJ» KFt. KI'O. (These schedule corrected np to press time today: nnf resnon«1rile for rhanRps made nect*- sarT br pronarM chnncwi.) li:IMI (n <i:.'!0 |i. m. KF.rjN—New*, ii lo. Sons* l.y Leon I'.iync. KFI —A S..M: N rt'inv KI'.Mi"— i;:iln ••••» limner: « '.:.. SLHCII T.'M. n-.'M In ?:<><> p. m. KF.RN — Sp.>!l'i4tit M.inils. fi :...'.. Coionct Story KFI—Information. 1 •:"«•<••. KI'AH"' — Sn|di"r« "f t'.p I'ri'ss. ti :!.">, Freil lions,.,. ':IMI lo ~:'M it. in. KHUN' — n.iyniniut (ii.un Swing: 7:15, •|V,1 Malnno. KKI- -Cnmi-hl'M " l"in•. Kl'MC—Henry i 1 bt.l-t'.n' : 7 1.,. Lowell Tliom.i-. ~:M In 8:00 p. in. KRKN — .liun.s P.M-I.. >. li-mm ratio National O'imni!(•••••. KKI —tin, tor I. a KFMf—Lotif H.uiK'-i H:tlll In K:.'(ll p. Ml. Kr:nN—w.-urh i he \\'uiii ';•> riv; S I.V I.urn .Mi'l Mm, r. KFI—Mil"": Shop: ' 1... Flf?twn™l I..IWHM1 Kr.MC—Sliei Im k H«ilmi>*. 8::t(> |,i !):<)<> n. m. KF.nX—Counterspy. KFI — Caviilc.-ulp nf America. KPMC—Michiiel Hhano. l):0(l (n H::io p. m. KKRX — niiml Dule. KFI—Telephone Hour; suest Nelson I-Mdy. KPMC— News: !1:1.V Cecil Hi-own. '.>-.:»} to 10:1111 n. in. KF.RN — r.-ilifiirnni Sl:ite l:(<put>lii-an i 'oininait'C 1 ; II • 1 .'i, MIJMI-. KFI- N"ah Wclislrr Sa(~. KPMC —Full-in Lew,*. Jr.: !>.i:i. News. 111:1X1 tn lll::l() p. in. KF.UN —Amateur I' iRln-- KFI—Tim Ri'iiiirter; 10:15. Manchester Hod-Iy. KPMC—HiRliI lo Work: 1'1:1."-. N". on Pl'lllKltSLl i"tl 1-. 1 (!::(« (n I I :n<l p. m. KI-'UN—\ Bi,>. n flii I and a Hand. KKI—Ins,,If th-> News: ici.i;,. .MetialS in Musie. Kl'MC—Army Air Forces. 11:00 In ll::«> p. m. KF.KN—Vnnkw in lie Ononl; 11 13, Henry Kind's Orcliestra. KFI — Eleventh Hour News; 11 !.">, Musical Interluile; ll:-». Prl--r ,le Lima. KPMC—N-'w«: 11:0.",. Silver No, lurno. ll::!ll to I'.MIO Mlilniu'lil KERN—n-u-olhy l.lesinonil; 11:4,1. Hallrulctle: li .55. Xews. K1''I — Lamplighter. KPMC—y i Ivor No-'turnc. Tl'ESOAY 11:00 to (l:-ill •<• m. KF.HN'—Mtrlh and Mnrtneps. <i:15. Pappy f.1'1 ):miel, npmociat tor Dewoy. fl::ifl to 7:00 a. m. KF.RN'—Musie; «;45. Mulical ReveillS. KFt—Tom Ow«nn; «:4.i. N»w«. KP.MC—Musical Clock; *~*^, On th« Fa rm. 7:00 to 7:30 n. m. KETIN — N>w.-; 7 II. Martin Agronykv. KI-'I---Tn,|ay'.s Heroes; 7:1>. Fleetwood Lxxvlon. KPMi'—N, «.= ; 7.1.1. Melodien of Today. 7:,'.!fl to S n. m. KKRN—J.iin-!' AM"! Observe*; 7:45, The Listening POJ*I. KFI —Mar.-li ',' Vi'1-.ry; 7:4" Mnsicil l;n,in,|iip. 74".. Sam Hay". KPMc'—Top Tunes; 7:40, Weill'sNew*: 7 4 j. .\>\v s R:00 to H:;ifl a. m. KKRN"—Fleetwood Lawton ; 8 lj. \'ietor>- Mantles. KFI—.I'irmny Murray; S:ir>. T. B. niflkistn,!. KPMC—Shu-ly Valley Folks. R-.30 to 9:00 a. m. KRRN—Bienkta«t Club. KFI — Alher'r- Homemakers Hour: 8.4.1. fi.ivid Haruni. KPMC—W,-illy Townsend: S:4:,. In Your Neighborhood. 3:55. Charlotte Deelilc. 0:0(1 to 11:30 a. m. KHUN—News of tho World; 0:10. I,ii, a I \,ws: !> 1.1. l'i.J-4 IJanch. Kl-'l — Ne\\s: '.':0.*>. Kdward .TorBenpon: ^'.1.1. Lnrry Smith. KPMC—Ronke Carter: 0:15. Names and places in the .\c\\s. 9:30 to 10:00 n. m. KKRN—Breakfast nt Sardl's. KKI—News: a.4(1. G. I.* Abroad: 5:43, Runny Munsfield. KPMC—Midland. l. T . S. A.: 3.4,1. The Amazing Jennifer I.oBan. 10:00 to 10:30 a. m. KrouN—Tony Morse; 10:1,1. Jack Berch and His Boys. KKI—Voice of n Nation; 10:1,1, Peter cle Lima's Cloiieitps. KPMC—News; 10:1,1. Terry's House Tarty. 10:30 to 11:00 a. m. KKRN—My True Story; 10:03, "Hie Aunt Jemima Show. KFI—Aunt Mary; 10:45. Art Baker. KPMC—Luncheon With Lopez; 10:45, Al Uooiiman. 11:00 to 11:30 a. m. KHUN—Bankhage Talking; 11:15, Island Melodies. KFI—CuicliiiB LiRht: 11:15. Today's Children; ll:i:>. Waltz Time. KPMC — Cod r In Foster. 11:SO to I'J'.OO Noon KKRN—Clamour Hour. Kl-'l—Women in White: 11:45. Hymns. KPMC—Manhattan Highlights; 11:45, .Sammy Knye. 12:00 to 13:30 p. ro. KKRN—News of tho World: 12:10. Local News: 12:15. Hollywood Star Time. KFI — Noon Farm Reporter; 12:15, Ma Perkins. KPMC—News; 15:15, Noon Time Nock Outs. 13:30 to 1:00 P. m. KERN — Between tho Lines, 12.45, Kicrnan's Corner. KFI—Pepper Young's Family; 12:45, Itisht to Happiness. KPMC—Country Commentator; 12:45, Music. I'OMT'CAI. * »V BiBTIS KM NT SPOOKS—In the best tradition o£ Halloween, including spooks, witches, grinning pumpkins and other decorations carrying out tho eerie motif of the occasion, Shafter High School students will participate in an all-student-body dance Friday, October '27, in the high school gymnasium. Shown planning the affair are, left to right, Miss Marjbrie Olson, student body secretary; Miss Nadalcno Alexander, social chairman, and Bob Devlin, student body president. others. The plaintiffs charge that the negligent driving of Mr. McKinney caused the accident. Angus C. Me- Bain and C. \V. Bowers, Spray, Davis & Gould are attorneys for the plaintiff. No. 74058 In the Superior Court of the State of California, in and for the City and County of San Francisco, Department No. 9. In the Matter of the Estate and iuardlanshlp of George M. Bowles, Jr. Notice Is Hereby Given that the undersigned Beatrice Nickel Bowles. Guardian of the person and estate of George M. Bowles, Jr., a minor, will sell at private sale and to the highest bidder o nor after the 15th ctay of November, 1944, and subject to confirmation of the above entitled <*ourt, all of the right, title, and interest of said ward, George M. Bowles, Jr., being a one-tenth Interest in and to the following described real property: The south half of the Southwest quarter of Section Thirty-six, Township Twenty-seven South, Range Twenty East, M. D. B. & M., in Kern County, California: together with ail the right, title and Interest of said ward in and to that certain oil and gas lease covering the above described real property, dated March 9, 1925, between Result OH Company, lessor, and Marland Oil Company of California, lessee, and assigned by Marland Oil Company of California to Continental Oil Company September 1, 1929: together -with all the right, title, and Interest of said ward In and to that certain surface lease covering the above described real property, dated February 1, 1937, between Result Oil Company, lessor, and Southern California Gas Company, lessee. Bids and Offers In writing will be received at the office of LEMUEL D. SANDERSON, Attorney. 810 Stock Exchange Building, San Francisco 4. California, at any time after the first publication of this notice and before the making of the sale. BEATRICE NICKEL BOWLES. Guardian ot the Person and Estate of O«orge M. Bowles, Jr., a Minor. Oct. 23-Nov. 14, incl. Weatherman Claims Clear Weather Due The weather forecast for the farmers of the southern Sari Joaquin valley, as prepared by the United States weather bureau In co-operation with the farm adviser's office of the agricultural service Is reported to be: "Clear today and with few clouds on Tuesday and Wednesday, but not much change in temperature. Moderately low humidity ranging from 82 to 86 per cent is expected. Lowest temperature at night will be 63 degrees. Highest temperature yesterday was' 80 degrees and low this morning 54." County Files Suit Against Williams Norbert Baumgarten, county counsel, filed suit yesterday on he- half of Kern county against F. R. Williams and the Travelers Indemnity Company asking judgment for $787.50 for fees assertedly due the county from Mr. Williams who was granted a franchise for garbage collection at Kern General Hosptal in 1941!. Mr. Williams posted a $1000 bond with the county through the Travelers Indemnity Company at the time of the granting of his frun- chise. NOTICE OF INTENTION fO ENGAGE IN THE SALE OF ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES.—October 21. 1>44. To Whom It May Concern: Notice la hereby >lven that fifteen daya after* the dale posted, the undersigned proposes to Mil alcoholic beverocaa at these premises, described as follows: French Vlllase. Real Road between Chester and Brundaie Lane. Bakersfield. Pursuant lo such Intention, the underslined Is applytni to the State Board of Equalisation tor Issuance of an alco- Elks Will Ballot on Candidates Tuesday Bakersfield Elks will ballot on candidates tomorrow night at their regular meeting at the lodge hall, It was announced today by Secretary A. C, Ulman. The members will also vote on an amendment to the lodge constitution. Plans will also be made for the official visit of the deputy grand exalted ruler for east central California, Robert J. Craine, in whose honor a class of candidates will be initiated. J. Ray Beggs is in charge of arrangements for the meeting. PIN-UP PROGRAM with +h« Boys in th* Sorvic* o .0 ^^^f\ O. Don't miss the fun... TUNE IN 8:30 P. M. KERN « HLUL til I A'U»K TOPS AT 7:45 MATS DOM' Farm Bureau Elect Wednesday Election of officers will be featured at the directors' meeting of AS. J"K. h .Jj l ^r. t J? l t_}55 I the Kern County Farm-Bureau, 7 m. Wednesday, in the Agricul- hollo beveraie Jicenae (or tlceneea) for | tural building, it was announced torn premlaeo aa follow!: On Sal* Beer train v _ _n PL _ _ and Wine, Ou Sale Diet!lied Bplrlte. Anyone dealrlnc to proteat the laauanoe of itich llcenaeu) may flit a verified protect with the State Board of Equalisation at Sacramento, California, utatlni irnunda for denial a» provided by law. The premleea are now licensed for the sale ot alcoholic heveraiea. Harly Harty. Maxlna Hueitedler Perry. Oct. 23 today. W. B. Lanham, manager of the Bakerafleld branch of the cotton and fiber division of the War Foods Administration, will be the guest speaker, according to Mre. Virginia Hay, secretary of the group. WMatAYC* POLAR FROSTED FOODS Stamp Collectors Attention! Your latest supplement pagos for Scott's looseleaf albums has just been received. We carry n complete line of albums and supplies for collectors and a world-wide selection of postage stamps. THE STAMP SHOP 312 Hopkins Building Next to Broek'8 OMII 10 t« 5 MaturiU>» » to 5 In Search for Missing Girl 'Please find licr!" These words stir Sherlock Holmes and Wntson into action on the trail of the missing girl. Besieged by threats of bodily innn, endangered by a horrifying ire, beset by countless pitfalls, Holmes sees it through! Listen to- light ot 8:00, Station KPMC. Presented by the Petrt Wiue Company, San Francisco, Calif. All original stories broadcast hy special lerminalon of the cstnto of Sir Arthur an Doylp. ^^ WANTED Two bedroom, unfurnished house, by responsible -permanent party who will take good care of property. Will take lease. Have been with reliable national concern for the past 15 years. «•• MR. CONNELLY N«w Manner From the East A & P STORE 1608 Eighteenth Street TEXANS! Listen to Senator W. Lee O'Daniel (Pass the Biscuits, Pappy) and His Hillbilly Boys in a Program Sponsored by The Democrats for Dewey Every Morning Mondays Through Saturdays KERN-6:15-6:30 POIJTICAI, ADVEBTIBEMENT Does Communism Threaten Our Liberty? HEAR Rev. W. E. "Bill" Long s. Well Known Bakersfield Clergyman KERN TONIGHT at 9:30 9:30 P. M. LET "Things Worth While" Brighten Your Life KPMC at 3:30 P. M. LET IVERS FURNITURE COMPANY Brighten Your Home Tb* HMD* quality. Ht»l« «nd Bciot* In Vvmltur* 625 Nineteenth Street Phone 4-4711 POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT eeeeeoeeeeoeoeo 're On ike c4ir \ U. S. SENATOR ! W. LEE O'DANIEL j Democrat ot Texas I and the HILLBILLY BOYS KERN MOM. THROUGH SAT. 6:15 A. M. 1ISTINI Till YOUR FIIINMI OOCBBBOBaBBBBOO POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT VOTE NO Hear "MR. AVERAGE CITIZEN" Give His Views on the Right to Work KPMC TUESDAY 2:00 P.M. 1:00 (n 1:30 p. m. KERN—Sim H»y«s; 1:15. Sob Nl'hol*. KKI—B»ck st a«« v:\lt; 1:15, Stella. Dallas. Kr.MC—Think Hard N'ow; 1:15, Drams* of Lit-. . 1:30 to 2:00 p. m. KEFJV—Tim« Vl»vr« tM N»w»: 1:4!, Blue New°*ronm Rflvtcw; 1:50, flinpral Malon*. KFt—Lorenzo .lon«; 1:45, Touni \VjrM»r Rrnivn. KI'.MC—Headline* to Harmony. 2:00 to 2:30 p. m. KER.V—When a fiirl Marries; 2:15, Portia faces Life. KFt —When a Girl Marries; 2:15. F'ortia Facet* Life. Kr.MC— No. on No. 12; 2:13. Mutiny on the High Seas. 2:30 to 3:00 p. m. KERN—Whflt'H Doing. Ladles? KFI—Just Plain Bill; 2.45. Front-Fife Farrell. KPMC—Townsen/J; 2:45. Ea«y Rhythm. .1:110 to 3:30 p. m. KERN"—Aciwnfment With t,if». KP't—Road of Life; 3:15, Star Playhouse. KPMC—Griffin Hepcrtinr: 3:16. Lost Kmpire. 3:30 to 4:00 p. m. KKRN—Music: 3M5. Blind Troubadour. Kl-'l—Rosemary; 3:45. Woman of America. KPMC—Thinsn Worth While; 3:45, .Tohnaon Family. 4:00 to 4:30 p. m. KERN—News of the World: 4:10, Local News: 4.15. Report From the Pacific: 4:25. Music. KFI—Doctor Kate; 4:15. News of the World. KPMC—Fulton Lewla, Jr.; 4:15, Heal Life Stories. 4:'.)0 to 5:00 p. m. KKRN—JuHt for You; 4:45, Hop Harriffan. KFI—Art Baker's Notebook. KPMC—World's Frr.nt Paze; 4:45, Symphonic Swtnsr. (5:00 to 5:30 p. m. KKRN—Terry :inrt. the Pirates; 5-15. Dick Tracy. KKI—Okny for Release: 6:15, News Period. KPMO—Chick Carter; 5:15, Superman. 5:30 to 4:00 p. m. KKRN—Jack Armstrong; 5.45, Captain Midnight. KFI—A Date With Judy. KPMC—Adventures of Tom Mix: 5:45. NlBht News Wire. BASIL UTHBME AM NIGEL BRITE ii radii's nit Inns iwtorj inm j, 8:N KPMC Motnil Don Lee, 1560 on Yonr Dial p.i POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT HEAR Lieutenant-Governor Fred HOUSER Candidate for United States Senator on "DON'T SELL CALIFORNIA DOWN THE RIVER" Tonight, 6:45 KPMC Don Lee Network POI.1T1CAI. ! TONIGHT Don't Miss The Famous Star JIMMY CAGNEY Why You Should Vote "NO" on No._12 1 TONIGHT KPMC 10:15 P. M. < i 4 , < i

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