The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 17, 1938 · Page 5
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 5

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, January 17, 1938
Page 5
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MONDAY, JANUARY 17, 1938. . THK MOKNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. NINE iiiw I Here Are Opportunities To Buy And Sell Everything And Anything filiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiciiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiii] iiiiiiiiimiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiintiiiii iiii]!!iiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiii]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiii!iii]iiiiiiiiiiii[in iiiii[!iiiiiiiiiiii[]iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!ii[]iiiiiiiiiiii!iiiiiiiiiiiii[!iiiiiiiii«ii[iniiiiiiiiJi[jiiiiiiiiiiii[) iiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiitiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuitiiiiiiiiiiiiii! iiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiimiiiiiiniti iiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiuuuiiiiiiiiiiiiDiiiiiiiiittiiiiuiiiliiiiiiiii HERALD-MAIL INFORMATION All ads are restricted to thel J>roner classifications and to th regular Herald-Mall atyle of t>u< . Errors In advertisements ohoul b'« renor'ed immediately, t'h Herald-Mall will not be responslbl for more than one Incorreet Inser tlon. , ' Advertising ordered for IrreEula Insertion takes the one time rale PJ1ONE YOUH CLASS1FIKIJ ADTO 104 - 105 - 106 No ads taken for less than a bast ttf three lines. Count six averaR •n-oros to the line. The averas word contains six letters. -, Dally rates per line for consecu rive Insertions: CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING KATK : Cash Hat 'One time ..... - 10 "Throe times ... .. 08 : Sli times •' , All Classified Advertising U - CASH-IN-ADVANCE 1 Ads ordered for three or t.lx tlm mod stopped before expiration wll bo charued for only the number o times the ad appears and adjust Jnents made at the rate earned. . Special rates for yearly advert!* Ing upon request. ; Careful attention given to smal P "WHE'N AND WHSmffi TO PLACB I ' YOUR AD The Classified Advertising De toartment is situated at the Herald Mall. These ofllces are open to recelv< advertisements from S A. M. to P. M. dally. All ads received up uri til 11 A. M. will appear In edltioi Dame day and 8 P. M. will apnea in edition following day. The Ad-taker will gladly »»•!» you If .desired so that the copy fo your ad Is prepared in such a man r us lo brine the result? CLASSIFIED INDEX The following advertisements un fter the following classifications an nrranged in ALPHABETICAL ofd*: for quick references. ANNOUNCEMENTS 1—Notices. 2—In '"Meinorlam, 3—Card of Thanks. 4. —Flowers and Mourning 1 BODOJ. S—Funeral Directors. .fi^-Monuments and Cemetery Loti 7—Personals. 8—Bowling: Alleys. 9.—Societies and Loaffes. •10;—Lost. Strayed and Found, ,.; AUTOMOTIVE al—Automobiles Cor Sale. az—AUtoS tor Hire 32A-—Delivery Service. 13—Battery and Ignition Servlc*. 4—Body and Fender Work, Paint- Ing Top3 and Upholstery. 15—Motorcycles and Bicycles. 16—Repairing and Service Htatloni a?—'1'ires. Parts. Accessories. 3.7 A—Wanted—Automotive, . - BUSINESS SERVICE 18—Business Service Offered. ISA—Beauty Parlors. 1SB—Barber Sohns. ISC—Radio Repnirlni;. 1SD— Welding and Brazlns. ]!1—BuIldfrK and Con tract! n£. 21)—Cleaning, Dyeing, Renovating. 21—Dressmaking anil Millinery. 22—Heating. PlumnlnK, Rooflni. 23—Insurance and Surety Bond. 24—Launderinr. 25— Moving. Trucking, Storage. 26—Painting, Papering, Decorating 27—printing, Engraving, Binding 28—Professional Service. 29—Repairing and RennlBhlng, 23A—Piano Tuning and Repairing. 23B^Shoe Repairing. 29C—-Harness and Leather Good!. SO—Tailoring: -and , Pressing .. . 3:C—Wanted—Business Service. . EMPLOYMENT 32—-Help Wanted—Female. 33—Help Wanted—Male. S4—Help—Male and Female. 35—Solicitors. Canvassers, Agenti. 36—Situations Wanted—Femala. 37—Situation* Wanted—Male. FINANCIAL BS—Business Opportunities. 39—Investments, Stocks, Bonds. 40—Money to Loan, Mortgages. 41—Wanted—To Buy. *1A—Wanted—To Borrow. INSTRUCTION ,2 —Correspondence Courses. 43—Local Instruction Classes. 41—Musical. Dancing. Dramatic*. 45—Private Instruction. •45 A—Instruction—Mala. 6—Wanted—Instruction. LIVESTOCK 47—Dogs, Cats, Other Pets. 48—Horses, Cattle, Other Stock. 43— Poultry and Supplies. 50-—Wanted—Livestock. ; MERCHANDISE 51—Articles for Sale. BlA—Barter and Exchang*. f>2 —Boats and Accessories. 53—Building Materials. £4—Business and Office Equipment 65—Farm and Dairy Products. 56—Feed and Fertilizer. E6A—Coal and Wood. B7—Good Things to Eat. 6&—Homemade Things. 59—Household Goods. 60—Jewelry. Watches. Diamond*. ,61—Machinery and Tools. J62—Musical Merchandise. 62A— Radio Equipm«ntu 63—Seeds, Plants. Flowers. 64—Specials In the Stores. ;65—Wearing Apparel. j66—Wanted—To Buy. ROOMS AMD BOARD B7—Rooms with Board. 68—Rooms without Board. 69—Rooms for Housekeeping. 70—Vacation Places. 71—Where to Eat. fiZ —Where to Stop In Town. 73—Wanted—Rooms or Board. REAL ESTATE FOH RENT 74—Apartments and Flats. ,75—Business Places for Rent. ,76—Farms and Lands for Rent. .77.—Houses for Rent. :77A— Garages for Rent. 7S—Offices and Desk Room. 79—Shore and Mountain—For Rent 80—Suburban—For Ilent. 81—Wanted—/l'o. Rent. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE B—-Brokers Real Estate. S2—Business Property for Sale. 83—Farms and Lands for Sale, 84—Houses for Sale. S4A—Garages for Sale. 85—Lbtb tor Sale. Sfi—Shore, Mountain. Lake for Sala. 87-^Sublirban—-For Sale. 88—To Exchange— Heal Estate. 83—Wanted—Real Estate. AUCTIONS—LEGAL 90—Auction Sales. 31—rLegral Notices. Announcements Personal* &Ltj KINDS of buck number maga- 7-tnes & bookr at 114 N. Jonathan St. _ ftUY NOW Fof: NlflXT XMAS—fi()% discount -HI entire .stock of line steel MI graved- Greeting Cards. RftUy Wln-i Shop, a R Wuah. SI. EHAIUS & Swavis '& alterations. Ljora Falirney. representative. 827 Hamilton Blvd. Phono 703. SEWER CONNRCTIONS wanted, j a,fii full;. af|tilpped to make nil k'lnds of seivcr en nn fc Linns and conci'filc work Jo tin T. H.iH, _(Jf>7 rpnnsylv3'ij{i A ; SELF-SERVICE while you sit In fcin easy chair at home!—Sounds Im- fcOBvible but < that'* what shopping through-the classified Section r«< •olrei Itself in|ol ./ Automotive Automobiles For Sale 11 iK TRUC1C— 1V4 ton. 1930 mod- . el, panel body (Jood n.s ne\v. Right price lo quick buyer. S. M. Kockler. 24 cypress St., llagerstown. Phone 21UI.I. 5(1— SAI-'KTV TK.STKD—• 50 USKll OAIIS AT BARGAIN PRICKS Open lOveliliigs Until 10 O'clock .1. S. KXOWHElttiKIt *. SONS 219 10. Waxhlnuton St. Plume SOI VERY SPECIAL PRICED FOR QUICK SALE 1936 CltlifSLKll Sedan 1935 PLYMOUTH Coupe. 11135 CHlU'.YSl.El! Sedan. 11KI4 OI.DSMOIMI-H Si-Hun. UI34 CHRVSLi'Jt Kedan. MAUYLA.N'l' JIOTOll CO.. Inc. Dinlributors Obry.ilr-r-Plymouth 50-»1> W. Franklin St. Phone 2500 HRBK A It 13 ON'L\ A FEW OF OUR (IOOI> USKIl ('ARK ALL ItlOAUY FOH WINTER DHIVl.NU 193.'. I'OHU ('oiipc $345.0(1 1333 OLDS' Sport Conpo ... 305.00 1931 FOIll'i Victoria 145.00 1930 lUJICiC Kport Coupe . 135.00 1931 XAKI' Sedan 135.00 1930 GUA1IA.M Sedan 125.00 1930 ClllCVllOLKT Sedan .. 115.0(1 1929 FOK.I Rilstr 05.00 192T UlllCIv SPdnn 50.00 Get A Good I'.sf-il Car From PON'TIAC; SALES 1.". K. Franklin' Ml. Plionr 154(1 Tlie Tliumma iMotor Co. P.HPLACH, YOUR OAK WITH A LATER MODEL CKlt't'll-'ll'Jl' OAR 5-DAY DK1V1XG TRIAL :IO-IJAV GlIARAN'I'lOl'; KASY TIOR.MS—SKM US 't'ODAY l)o\vn Payment 30 FORD !>(•!, Sedan $105.lit' 35 DOIKIE l)s Tun Truck 151).00 35 F(lltl"> Fordor Kdn. liadio 130.00 33 DOIUilO Omipt 100.00 35 WILLYS .Sodan U5.00 32 (,'I1EVROLKT Viet. .Sedani 05.00 31 NASII Sedan 05.00 30 BliICK Viol Sudan 00.00 31 SiTliniOBAKKlt Coupe ., 55.00 32 ESSEX Coupe 50.00 31 FOP.D Fonlor 45.00 30 .S'l'ltnKHAKKll (,'oiu-h ... 45.00 '30 .STIIDJOHAKEP. Sedan .. 45.00 HUPMOP.I LIO Sedan .... 25.011 '30 OAKLANlJ Coupe 25.00 .Satisfaclinn Cttarantecd l-'fjl'llcll MUTOIt CO. _670_O^k_IIIU Avc. Phone 2300 K. & CJ. USED CARS AT GRKATLY KKUUCEO PRICES 1937 FOKl: Del,. Fordor. Radio & heater (Dem.) 1937 FOKU l;eh. Fordor. (Dem.) 1937 FORI DeL. Tudor. Heater. (LOAV mileage.) 1937 FORL Tutlur. 193C FORD Del,. Tudor. Trnlv, he't'r 1936 FOKl) Tudor. 1930 l^Ol-tl) Del,. Coupe. Radio £ heater. 1335 FORD Del.. Tudor. Radio. 1935 FOR,) Del, Tudor. 1935 FORD Coupe. 1934 FORO DeL Tudor. 1934 FORD DeL Coupe. 1934 FORI.. Convertible Coupe. 1932 FORD Coupe. 1930 FORD Model A Coupe. 1936 FORD Pickup (very good.) 1930 FORD 15 Dump Truck. 1936 FO1U> 131 Dump Truck. 1S35 .FOIll-i 15" Slake Truck. FORDSON Tractors. NHWJIAN AUTO COMPANY Phone 74. SlnithsburK, .Mil. DON'T FIGHT YOUR OLD OAR ALL WINTER Trade it in on a winterized, guaranteed OK Used Car f.t 11OFFMAX CHEVROLET SALES! and Save Money, Time and Trouble. New Auto Cruiser House Trailer, 21 ft., wilh car, fully equipped Including. bouKter. brakes, at a bar- IS^'LA S.V.M.K Sedan. ])erfcct con- ditloi., TV!tli radio & heater. 1937 CHEVROLET Sport Coupe, with radio and heater. 1936 FORD Sport Coupe. Equipped with radio and heater. 1934 LA SAI.LIO Sedan. Blue, Floetwood body, iu excellent condition throughout. 193C CHEVROLET Muster C Coacli. .Black finish with red wire \\-bcel.s lino comlilion. 1936 FOHb Tudor StMlan. Trunk model equipped with radio. 1935 BUICK DRLIIME Sedan. Equipped witli radio and heater, fi condilloti thruout. 19J5 CHEVE St. Concli. Black. has had excellent care. 1935 FORD Del.uxe Tudor, with ra- illo Has had excellent car* 1537 CHEVROLET Tractor & 20 ft. Fruehauf Trailer, van type body, fully equipped. 1937 CHEVROLET Dump Truck, ne\v Hercules hydraulic dump hodv, new rubber. FORD & CHEVROLET TRUCKS, % ton panels. 1% ton stake and dump bodies. Many Other Makes and Models 1'rictd Accordingly Terms tn Suit Your Income 1OFFMAN CHEVROLET SALES, Inc USED CAR LOT 313 W. Washington St. Phone 458 Loolc For the Big Neon Sign "Between the Railroads" Business Service Repairing and Reflnlshlng F .1 OACK—-Reupholsterlng & re pairing furniture. Mattresses reno valed, work first class, reasonable prl£os._Ph. 2305.1. 32 Center Sj. Employment Help Wanted— Female Jl HSS — Ap- plv Savoy Grill, 100 W. Washing- SI. ___ , __ Help Wanted—Male 33 Hi:siliOL.MAN — Experienced i men's clothing for out-of-tov, \vc.rk. Repll'lng state :tge. experience-, salary expected and ri:lfr- euces. Address. lio.v 112, c/o ller- _____ FAUM HAND — Experienced, shigle or married. House furnished Write Hox 114, c/o Hjnilil^la^ work llMl;!)— ifarrled man month. Must be a ffiiotl milker. H' 1 K<\KN1N<!S nil to 5-15 In a week will .satisfy you'. I'll semi complete outfit to run home-owned, tir.o^orj •\irencv: absolutely no money risk Details Heni. free. \Vrlto Albert Mills, 4-107 .Monniulith, Cincinnati _O •-L1VKS theru a man witli ambitloi HO dead that never to Iiimsc-U hath a:iid, I'd like to have a business ur my invn." Many Uumsaiuls have • found a WiUkins Dealership tlu ' answer to their fondest dreams 1U,UOO :n'(.- nuw opesratlnp; their own bii.sine.4H as '\VaUtlns Distributors uf everyday hoin<* nccessUSes. \Ve have! an opening In IhiRer.sown for a reliable person. Business estnlt- ILshtHi, no investment required. W te;ich you. J J ;iv sUirls Inumidiate- ly if you lire honest, sincere and ambitions, here IK your opportunity Kor detniLs wrltti Tli« J. It. AVatklns Cu., Box ;'.OT, .Newark, Blue Light Beck's Tave riiautftmrH to ilriv cabf. Apply rp;t Help—Male and Female 34 EXCIOPTIOXAL opportunity with new .Hue. Apply Real Silk Hosiery, 21)5 McCrory lildK'., -Monday, 9 Situations Wanted—Female 36 RKFliNIOD inlilille aged laily ili-sl worlc as C'.nnp.aTlion or housekeeper in snuul respecuiblc.fiimlly. 1-tcl'- erences furnished. Box 203, Shep- iienlstown. W. Va. YOUXG Avoinan ' dtsli'L-.s lM.tis,.\vork or care of children. Apply (*-"• '.i: W. Franklin St. Room 3. WANTED—Practical nursing by c-x- p^riencc'l woman. Apply 35 Wt'.«t Frederlcl:_St.,_\VJIil,'inis|»ii't._.Md. Financial Business Opportunity 38 HKSiTAUltANT for sale, selling beer, doing gold husines.s. Splendid lo- callon. WrlXe_'Kox_10;i J _l-lc.ra Money to Loan—Mortgages 40 MONEY TO LOAN—On good Ut mortgages, 6%. 1L P. llartman. 16 N. Jonathan St. ifONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGES W. MURRAY BAISCHTE1. Agency. 304-5-r, Second Natl. Bank Bldg. MONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGES N. B. RO.WE. ,26 N. Potomac Ht, MONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGES GROH HEALTY CO. 13 Summit Ave. JT% MONEY for First Mortgages. H T. Brewer. T. C. Lindsey. 214-15 2nd Nat. Hank Blilg. I'll- 2481 Instruction Musical, Dancing, Dramatics 44 JANUARY REDUCTION SALE OF BETTER USED CARS PRICF.S REDUCED ON THIS LOT AS iMnCH AS 3.1 l-.'t PER CK.VT \OTIC THE, LOW DOWN 1 PAYMENT WITH EASY TERMS OX BALANCE YOU MUST ACT QUICK— THESE WON'T STAY LONG DOWN 30 CHEVROLET Coupe ...... $ 40 " BUICK 0 Coach .......... 40 30 BUICK 0 Sedai ............ 40 31 CHRYSLER 0 Coupe ...... 85 29 CHEVROLET Sedan ....... 35 33 FORD Spurt Coupe ........ III! 30 (!RAHA,\1 C Sedan 31 HUDSON' 6 Seda 33 DODGIi Ccupe 33 TERRAPLANE Coupe 29 WHIPPKT 0 Coach ........ 40 Others to Select From You Get A Belter Usfd Car From A Bulck Dealer— So Visit THE USED CAR MARKET 224 Frederick St. Phoiui 2206 . The Thumma Motor Co. Ruick Denier Autos For Hire Ti'sTn I'AXI servant 17 yrs.. neiv car. A : o one hurt, no on down. Paul H. Johnson. Publl 12 "mil Motorcycles and Bicycles 15 COiTFLBTE~inrp~^~blcycrc~parts, tires & accSsMoriea; repairing. Repairing a Service Statloni CAR WASHING. 50c— General re- pitiring and .slornge. Ambrose's Ganign, Jii-ni 104 W. _W_nsh. SI. __ JA LI. 722^sTTA~FKR'S CTllAG K, for general auto rcpniring & tow- jjig/ __ 1A'L-K. __ [''ranklln St. Business Service Business Service Offered JLASS— Sold ami replaced In auto mobiles, mirrors, window glasa. Shop. 11 N Locust. Pb 26!I3W Radio Repairing 18-C MILLER'S RADIO SERVICE All Mnk-a Unpaired. Open 8 A. M. ti 9_P_M._J_N >ln,IJ)grry._Ph. 6mi Insurance and Surety Bonds 23 TAT10 Atrro^CompenHallon & Fire Insurance. ,1. It. Burgesaer, 17 N?K!9 v ._JH l !b". Phono 538. __.. ONE OK TIM BIGGEST public crvlcos In llagerstown Is p«r- ormort by the JIornld-Mnll Classl- ed Section, n satlancB everybody's BANCLNtj CLASSEy—.Kor beginners (ballroom) every Mnn. & Thurs. S »._m.JjtraaBRi:^g f Ji4_W. W ash. icr.7.1. Instruction—Male 45-A ^"jj.;—Jn.stl-uclloli. Wn Wlint to get in t'oucli -with iiiecluinicully _!"- ulinetl men with uhaniL'ler refei 1 - iun;. ; .s mtiMt be eniplnyed. reliable with I'iiir t-tlnc-aliuti, who wish to butter theniKelve.s by I raining in '•-nare tlint; for Klectric lififri^tira- tion and Air f'orulit iciiintf iuilus- trios. AVrile fully. L'llliticfS, nri^c/o jjftrahl Livestock Horses, Cattle, Other Stock 48 GOOD WORK Horses and Colts for sale or trade. See Oolcinan Segal, OPPOSITE CITY MAP.KET Stable rear 3S W. fhuivli St. W ill bo at stable on Wednesdays & Thursdays. _ every_ \veelc. _ ._, -Poultry and Supplies 49 imuHry .Miirttn'a CUSTOM liJitubiny i y applies. I .nri-u fi. _ .H;itulien^_l J lH)iH:_JUS^i''n. _ CllSTOiT H'ATCI II NO — M arslutll Hatcher , Memoriul Blvd.. K. Phone 962.1. Chlclts ,nn Male at Howard's Feeii Store Phone SUC. HJOi jT l'JO^Tj31-yi-L • Urgisiered . roJanil China .sows, Also wagon & IHM!. UooO.. I i';i_JDoub. __ — Wanted—Livestock " klmfs POULTRY - All kinds and efjk's wanted. Zimmerman & \Visluird. Cnr. cliurcb ^ .lonat!inii._r']i._227l. Merchandise Articles for Sale 51 DAIRY ~BO1LKP.S— New 2 II. P. tubeless boilers, meeting: state inspection. Priced reasonable. Ila- Kfsrstown l';qu;pmj!|U JJo.^Ph. 1 -^ ELECTRIC MOTORS — All types and sises- als < accessories A parts: repairing a specialty. llafferstown JOqiilpment Co^iiUl^Ave._Plione_l < C LTLECTRIC MOTORS i PARTS— Nev anc used motors control devices. Wo repair & rewind all sixes, any make or type. GRKBNWALT ULECTRIC CO. __ Plio_iin_3|l7_. _____ FURNACES — Pipe, hose, beltine:. pulleys, plumbing supplies, OFFICE FURNITURE Ilaeorstown Equipment Co. Maryland Ave. _Phone_HC. J-'OR SAT,10 — Meat display ease, electric, with lieu' FrlKidiiiie compressor. Recreation Conler. 139 S. Queen St.. -Ma'-llnsbnrK. W. \'q. _ ~l"o~I''T. Ottf phelmor display case, coils and compressor, f 100.00. Johnston. ')0(l Mulberry Avc. Pli.llleC^. .MEAT dfsplay cases. Walk' in boxes. Oomprcsscr.s coils, carbonntors, sodn. founl.'iin ])arls, new or used, chenp. Johnslon. 900 Mulberry Ave. Phone IClili-.l. CLASSIl'UOD ADSi cut down ez- penscs and build up savinpii. | GRADUAL FAILURE IS LIKE DEW— I IT COMES IN LITTLE DROPS. • J I I | Don't let your business run down like that. | | Don't let it fall lower and lower every day, | | until there's nothing left to it. .Want Ads | | will pep it up in lots of •ways, Look into the | | matter now—and see how useful they 1 | can be. | I ' I I . - | flllllllltllllllllllllllllllllllllllltlll IIIII1HII tl 1111)11 IIIIIU IIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIICllllllll Illlllllllllllllllllllllllll Merchandise Articles for Sale STRUCTURA ^"yiPlT.'Mll 30.|W. W & i •'-\HiiJMi inacliines repaired, parts S:" wringer rolls. Jones Appii. Hei'V- c f ^ •} S n in m 11 _A v e. i ho_n e_ .M. Coal and Wood 66-A --- COM. — COKE — WOOD HIBh Qnalllv Pins Good Service LKISTER COAL CO Plume TVS 09 W. Lee St. "We Make_lt Ili|_t_ l''oi_You" ^ DTs T f'Rimri'0>.S— '6. P. Antomatfc Co.ll Burners. .VY*1<:RS UROTHKRS Rr 39 W. Antletam St. "Original" Pii. EirB and Lump Coal Ml Sizes of Pociiliontas. Run Mine Phone_90(MH)l ___ CEN:"K¥D"ASH LYKENS VALLEY Furnace, lleatrola Special J3.50 W. M. BEATTY. rMjOKK^JgOSJ^ POCTHONTAS — Nut or itove. Pcnn. lump. Lykens Valley. Pea. nut or stove. Mine run it stoker coal Call or see PEOPLE'S COAL CO. Phone 20S6 1 0_ McComag. ji_t.^ Household Goods 69 " Ul.HARANCE SALE " Of All Coal Ranges Heaters "and Oil Circulating Healers Convenient Terms - SHOCKEV FURXITIiRE CO. 2S-30 SulllnlH A^'e.^ _ ' j'^ll^l^l _ bedroom suit ! living room suite. Hxl2 nig, other Klock. 121! W. WaHhington St. _^ Wanted to Buy GOOD second hand furnitun. wanted .M U. Barney, IS W. Franklin Rooms and Board Rooms Without Board rt:i •milling Wliliif. UL-lltrujly 'MA'lir'.nOl'.o Hotel. -\.NTI E'l'A.M H'I'.-IO.-2.H'~r liriusliou f,.,,,,l l,td MI.IIII t«Jl' ""« "'• l"°- A])|ily_3:l.'H'. _ VlOLi Aplirlinuiil. I'otorimu St.-N.•;»•'— Desirable room snitiible for 1 or 2 persons. l-'hone_ H.I7-.I. j-ouni. newly fnnilshed.- AS fl rtl. J'lioiio_]3il7.l. : iTlTOADWAY-:>,:' — Well furnished bedroom next to bath: gentleman. I'hone 1I3J. I.M'.GIO FRU.N'T ROOM— Close in. Conveniences ^ Plioms 3T_OR. ____ .MTrvKRNON"~A'PT.— W ." ' Aiillcliun SI ]''urnishe<3 bed room for 1 or 2. Privnlo l.alh^_Al>pl.v_4l]i lloor. _wcs_t. OOM^PrivTfr," famil) Nnrlli End. no child-en, trarsiue One ur two e;enlleilieji lMione_ l^lll-^K ____ I^A U(n!fT r*o n I furnished bed room, suitable for 1 or 2. Second floor. 130 S. Potomac _______ __ __ __ .._ ..... ^ 69 Rooms For Housekeeping "X:- i'.v^3~ in rn Ban 'fi K u'iVV. ~~MT"X:- i'.v^3 rooms, private balk is ii and •m<TlN'lA AVJ-:.-S(IS—'t'\vn fni-niph- ed rooms for litfht hoiisekneninff. Private fiilrance. A])lil.v_snme. \vXsi IIXI "TON ~ AVH.-C19—Pnrnlsh- foi liB'ht lioiiKckceiincK-. y jl:iy_or_\vcc_k._ , (:u.MI'"C)Tl'l\.\"r,i;K Inrnisiied rooms, all conveniences. I'rlvaln Imth; c-li'Ctrle rcrrl K .'i~iliun. Adults only. Phone 4S!l.\l. shed 1 iitrye, 1 medium; all conveniences. Real Estate For Rent Apartments and Flats 74 U' \ KT.\I KXT—First floor, 1106 ();tk Mill Ave.. Ti rooms and hath \icodemus Xatldiial l!ank. Trsistee of l-:stfite of .John II. Jones, deceased. Real Estate For Rent Apartments and Flats I.'AIRUROUXL AVE.-l 14— 1st liooT 3 room apartment; conveniences. Apply 533 I;royyj^V V e ._Ph. J 0 5 3 - M. 'llAM 1 r/l'OX "HLVD.-sil4""^~r~T-u"iiTnai rnlshcd. 2nd tlnor bath. PII I'J^U.M. IlAMuTi'ON lii.VU.-!i2ll—3rd Boor, North. •P.efrlsiM-iuor. KiirMB'c; |)os- si^slon at uiiL'e. Call ::<is or lOlliiH. H AM 11.TON Bi7v5Ml i S—"linjoorT '5 room apartment. No children. W. Frii.Jt^vVoHe. Phone &4R. .MODEUiN 1st floor apartment, hurd~ wood ll(-Kirs. garage Immediate po.-^i.^ If.Jl \'iralnia. Aye. Ph. h'>tj. :\lttl.Ll-:it APAHTMIONTH—Very~d~e- sir;tble five room apn rtinetit; poss. jU_ont;e. Cal:_ Mr^j Iarp ^^:"j4M. modern, automatic heat; immediate possession. Phone 2. r iG4 or 2^2!M. POT Oil.AO ~ST7sr- 2 4 7—N e W "T" room apartment, hsrclwood Hoors. all modern eonvs. poss. at once.' Cull "78 or 2677NV I.elsler Coal Co. PKOSPJSCT ST.-sT~112 — 3 r'ooiri apartment exclusive locntion. All conveniences. Phone l!l or 1624. Ti7l~TEimiAf^Ml O— C "7oomii~aiiiJ lillth. ' ' " slon. Adull.i Immedlnle posses- . Phone 1059J. WILKON 4 rooms, urday or HI vd.-\V.-2)6—Apartment imlli, 2nd floor. Apply Sut- .Monday. 0 ilUO.M apartment, elevator service. Farmers & Merchants Hank BlilR. j.7_\V._\Vn£li|nfc'toii_St._Plio_njiJJ)J(. r. " P.OO.M Apartment in tiie"^lT Royul Apartmen'. 673 Oak 11111 Ave. Phone 1021 or 277SVV. Farms and Lands for Rent 76 TENANT with slock, equipment; 110' acre fan) near railroad, Big Spring Dist. See GeorKe 0. Sny- iler. 509 .Iran.I BldE Ph. 2303. Houses for Rent A MODERN HOME Should have an Automatic Gas Water Heater In- _slalled. Be sure before rentinfi:. _ HEAVER Creek — Coiinlry home, room house, cily com"., gnraffe, yardf-n lot.^^Apiiiy 2C li'alrsround. " ' ^^ i": R I c; K II o'ws K— 4 "17oir, : oo livine; ro<nn and kllclien 400 bl Apply .Milt _j^H<.mnc St. T l>!itin In tlie . North End. Low rent. n Jvohler, 417 "North EI.1XABKTH ST.-2B — Hous _ modern_cunveilicnce.». _ Phun Cl.'ILFOItij A\'H.-51S . room bouse, steam heal. Apply 52S tiiillford. after (i P. M. 5^iro~dc7n 6 ter beat: im- A ,1111 ,'f'O \~~}7l7yD house; hot medinte possesKion; garnee. Apply 2 7 1 1 :i in ltoi.BI vil. . house, available i Jl.S.OO per month. Slrnlc-WrlEhl Insura NlmTH A'viJTaS— 8 r modern conveniences _.\ortli_J1nlherry_St. _ . Apply IJ20 \V. .MURRAY P.AIOCHTJ':!, AReney. J'.ms. 304-5-C See. Nat. 13k. Rldfr. WINTIOR ST.-lil — G room house. All conveniences. Apply 1034 Hamilton Blvd. Phone I437R _ THE SEIC.M1NGL1 Impossible Is ften ,-ireo npllshpd hv Classified Ads Classified Display Real Estate For Rent Wanted—To Rent FURNISHED 11Q.MI 1 ' or Aparlmenl— North Knd profcrred, not essential. Need 3 bedrooms or (2) two bedrooms and maid's room. Have rcfrlKoralor. Cnn furnish excellent references. Rent must be reasonable. Phone 1772J i.r write H. Klchham- mer, 1205 -\. Potomac. H'ANTBU oo.ivonlen en farm. 15 acre flirm, nuidern es. Sullable tor cblck- \Vrlt_ft_RoA_lJU;^— lU' 1 ' 1 . 11 ! 1 - Farms and" Land For Sale 83 l''AU.\l—Ne.u-Ttowii. 2M A. lline- stone Ittinl, runnlUR- water, electricity available Price reasonable. Hauerstown Really (.u., IW. Frankliii_Sl. Phone__Uili. T'AIUI—(j'l -\ "<S room house, all necessary out buildinKs Mlllpoint, near Jioiiusboro. Write 11. !•.. Alisliornian, -1701^ Condnlt i'.oml, j^XTfli—lf-~AT~"ie'ar town, on hard ro-ul Kiectriclty b'oi.d house; pleniy out bullilinb-s. I'Mnc Irucl; farm Prlcml lo sell. llaBers- town Realty Co.. 12 \V. I'-raiiklln Kt. 'Phone Ilili. 1IIU1I URADK liunis. priced rlifht: •i', \ 3 iiillei, out, very productive good improvements. HJ4 A.. 2 houses, bank barn, runnliiK water '•III 'A ueir (Jreencastle, modern' Miles.,' running water. 120 A., new bides., running waler. a Jl. Oily, $4SOO. S. L. V. Young, Lit, H. Locust St. SM<\LL FARM— Fruit >t plenty \va- ler, ample out bldB's., m-ar school. neu'lyjinp^d^t^ms. ?2 Hcllcviieay A. fnrmsV'Tn csceilenl ith eleclrlclty D. .M. T^To .S/li; condilion. Houses For Sale Wasl AVe. John HIEAP— Uoilble, ?U"«, - - ilneliin AVe. 323 I.iniianore (food buy, in all sections. 1,. Swain. JiOSliJ. MiTriv SM.K—Uesirable resl- 'ilViice, Poloinac Ave. Oil burner \Vanl "ff'-r. 1.. «. Spant'ler, 2nd I'M.. 2nd Xall._ Rank _HI'lK. flTjIfi/fON" HLVU—l-'urtls built li room nmaorii home Jmmediale possession. Must sell at once l.all ;Tlim-inan .'. l.imlsey Cuiirt P.ealU •Co "H "nd N'll. I'.nk. Bldf. Ph. Classified Display Public Sale ILIC'SALE •"'•" I'OIJNTV ilAUYLANU Lly vlrlue ,.l :-. power ot sale cc tallied i rlnin niorlBagi) dated rch 2li I!l2fi, and duly recoriled l.iher 171 folio 24. of the Uind Kccords of WaslilnBton IJomUy.^ile- !imi l the U sal'd'm'ortL'.lKe having, been tlnlv assitrued to the • undersiKiieit for the purpose ,K foreclosure and collection the undersigned will ut- fer at public sale In front of the Court House In llauerstown, W»»li- Ington County. Maryland, on I tjl^ti- "\ '. JANL1AHY JS. I'JSS. between the hours of t and :l o'clock P. 11.. all those valuable lots or parcels o£- re-il estate loKether -\vlth the improvements tlifreon. situate ,011 the Siouth side of the Stale Road east of the Conucoeheaf?\ie Creek, near Wilsons, about 1 miles west o[ lliiB-erslown. In WashinBlon Coiin- Iv ilaryland, lieiiiB Hie same that iv-'is uoliveved to Andrew N. Tni — pcn-er nnil'wK- liy UeorKe «'. Ito and wife by deed dated May 2.1, IT 1 :! and recorded in Liber ICa, folio 4ti:i, of the Land . Uecords of \\'usllinti-toii County, reserving- and ('xcei)tinfer however, from said con- vevance, thai lot or pan-el of laud ettiiveved hy the said Andrew iV 'rrumpower and wife lo John (J. Suyiler by deed dated the 2nd day of September ]!l2f>, and duly recorded In l.lber 172, folio 432. of the J-nnd Reeonls ol WashinKlnn Ci^unty Tills Iraet of land Is composed of •:„• lot frontins 100 feet on said Slate ilig-hwav and extending back theret'roni 2itl feet and also 1.7S acres Immediately south thereof Since the rebuildintJ of the Stale Highway, liiese lots are Ideally located. The improvements on tills property consist of .a two and one-ha!C story frame dwelling: house will 1 composition roof. TJORMS OF HAT.K: Oue-lliird of tlie purchase price to lie paid on the day of sale or the ratilication thereof by the Court and the balance in two equal annual payments in 1 and 2 years respectively from the day of sale, deferred payments to be" secir-ed I" Ihe satisfaction of the undersigned, or at] cash at the option uf the purchaser. nr.unvouTii u. itonr.ETTE. Assignee for tile purpose of foreclosure and collection. .] nvfph '''. 'Snyd er Auel i o n e e r. ~KKGULAI! RRADRRS of the Iler- ald-Mall Classified Section learn to expect good quality and reasonable prices. Public Sale p.-iinled, 4 larp:e rooms, hardwood doors. janilor service all year around, S27.50. IIACERSTOWX FEALTY CO. 12 W. Franklli. St. _ Phono_IG6 ^AIRC! ROUND A VE.-37 — Furnished npnrlment.s. Reference required. f'lfXNKI.IN HT.-K.-M7 — I rooms R-. hafli. Immediate possession. Apply 119 .\.J?otoiiiac_St. PhojicJ_2ai_. | L_ Tu'lTv (TABLKS—1'urnlshnil apart- menl, 3 rooirs and bath, newly decorated sunny bedroom. Potomac al Oak Hill Ava^AJlply API. 42 US. 1 : A CLASSIFIED Ad lo toll veryono what you want or what you have to' offer. iLIC SALE s Wfi will sell at public- sale on the Enimcrt Farm, \% miles South oC Downsville, on tlie road to No. 4, on THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1938 Starting at 12:30 O'clock The following: 9—HEAD OF HORSES—9 '1 Kay Mare.s !> and 11. years old, lead firs. 2 Brown, ii and 7 ynars old, lenders. 2 Colts, coming: 3 "years old. Have bcr.n worked. 2 Colls, coining- 2 years old. 1 Colt, 1 yrar old. 25—HEAD OP CATTLE—25 f'otipislinpr of frcsii r.nw.s. rlopc pprinfTcrs, fall cows, 4 hclfcrs and 2 .slock hulls. T. B. fcstfifi Dec. 2-(th, 19.?7. 35—HEAD OF SHOATS-35 5 Ihs. WALTER- C. BOWERS, C. A. FOX. Weighing from 40 l TKTIMR CASH, Ward, 1-Mgenbrodo nnd Knndler, Aucts. Long and Cunningham, Ctorks. PLEASE! When answering any of these ads, either by writing or in personal interview, kindly state that you saw the advertisement in the Herald-Mail. This will immediately identify you as a progressive quality reader, aid the advertiser, and insure you the very best service. Real Estate For Sale Houses For Sale 84 CIIII.KOIII AVI':.—Uoublo Investment. Uriel; duplex ideal location ami snrrouirliliK.s hu'Efi lot, two car K'arnge $35(11) Kann 12 acres :l ml. out sacrifice \Ve bave a number of desirable liiimcv and apts. that ran be bonsht u-ILIi a do\vn payment <it' 1IH/; ;ui(l tlie Imhince payable monthly at 5% Interest. -N'. B. _|LUWI>. 26_;.'. Potomac SL VOU XAI.E OP. KEXT—Vine, !l nmrn Iiimse in I.eltershury. Ue- inHitly remodelfd, no\v roofs, niriit- .•rii liaili and liltchen. hot water lurttl, two car gtirasrr, one aero liruiiuil K-l:li fi-iill and slirubbery. ran lM; arranSfd for two famllleH II 1 liesh-eil. Will flnaiiL-e on convenient terms. Phone I2IIS. Itnt- Real Estate For Sale Houses For Sale M GOOD Uoublft brick, S. Pot. St. Doll- l)lc, Halfway J3500. Double lirlok. Xorlh Ave., priced to sell. S room home. Pot. .Ave.. $800(1. Good double, Va. Ave. low nrlce. nice hulld- lots. Uryan Place. $500. Htrolo . Healty Co . Arcade Blflg insurance for ITb.MHS. Lot« insurance for sale; also rents co.Mected. W' loans. C. E. Fry 1100 Hamilton Dlvd/ Phone 23IH-,L ___ ^ __ ___ ____ rp r ~TijTTrtT'.' i« anythtiiV you want in Heal llstate, J.oans or Insurance wo lilivo it. .lolm K. Taylor Asen- i-y. 309 A-cade nlilif. _ Plume 8.1S. n-' Y(Iij WANT to buy or .self real estate seo 0. K. Winner, 125 10. Baltimore St. l-lionc 2SS;!. .MODKK.V I1A.S HOMI-:—7 room.**, brlcu. Harallroii Blvd. K; M. .Schimlel. Funkslowii. Aid. xTfw^ ij room iiouso, afi nuidern conveniences. Hardwood (toor«, i.'Ity water & light: % A. ground, outside corporation. For quick pale, S2SOO.OO. ifasrerstown Really Co.. lii W. l''rankHn rii Plione-166. VTUOINIJVAV^T^MoiiiTrn 6 room house, bath, furnace. SSiiOO. Terms. CP.OH UBAMi" Co.. IS Summit Ave S KOO.U L rick house Virginia Ave. i-au be Hied a residence or investment property cement basement .$0500. r-.AKOATNS ' Viirm . Oi'ty County & i :ommerci:il Properties. \V. ilUP.I'.Ai' UAKCHTIiTj Agency, r:m.«. .".04-r»-o Sec. -Xat. P.k. RUlg. 89 .Wanted—Real Estate WANT TC5tjY Farm ii-UiiTu 10 miles ot" town for cash, or trade on town property. Write Box IDS. c/o 'HeraldrMall. Classified Display Classified Display Public Sale Public Sale ELI llavine- renteil my farm situaled one-cighlh mile below Downsville, en Dam No. 4 road, [,wlll sell on FRIDAY, JANUARY 28,1938, ; AT 10 O'CLOCK _,_,/-, (THIS SAf,K WILL START AT 10 SHARP) 16-HEAD OF HORSES AND COLTS—16 2 Bay 111 2 Uiu- ill I lilaek I Uay in 1 Roan i 1 Bay m 1 Ray hi 5 Coils, 2 Colls, u<* eomiti" 10 years old One Is a leader." Both in foal. rses. coming 10 years old. Both leaders. nare, coming 7 years old. In foal. lire, coming 4 years old. • / - - nare. comluB 4 years old. Tn foal. ire comitif 3 years old. Hns been worked. ;. •_ . rse coining 3 years old. lias been worked, iomlus," 2 'years okl. :uinliiB 1 year old. 20— HEAD OF 'CATTLE— 20 Cuernsev milk cows, some before sale, some close springers; lance heifers and 1 Black. AnBUS Bull. • '< This Is an accredited herd. T. B. Tested. 35— HEAD OF HOGS AND PIGS— 35 Shoals, 4 sows wllh piss, Iwo brood sows and 3 male hoss rea'dy for - tnoli crop ness din hnv ' 13— HEAD OF SHEEP— 13 ' : Twelve ewes and 1 buck. ]•' AHM1XG ]'jU-M'.itiM1SNTS : — Six ton wueoit, 2 four ton wagons, 2 l .\\-lieel low wagon*, apple 1 Ei'flder, power orchard sprayer, 1 Syra- and 3 Vulcan barshare plou'.s, blacksmith shop tools, butchering ii dotil)]^ disc harrow, 8-fopt , McCormick-Deertng binder, cut one ' .'t cols' ' Imy ladders/ new -t wn horse wapron bod, 8 sets Yankee har- ' I)i-i(Uc^ lijilters, collars, 3 sets check Jines, dinner hell, two horse '.scoop :s sasolino engines, 3 Ib-gnL ;iron. kettles, mower, hay rake, tedder 1 three tier all wire double chicken coop, oil brooder stove, M.' .stretchers, * manure- .spreaders, ,drill, 2 hay forks and. ropes, barrel iyer curn planter with 'fertilizer attachment, hltchiiiEfs, Corks, traces " " nd "many oilier articles too : , . "erous to nienllon. T1CR3IS CAKIT. No K*'<>ds to ho removed until settled for. EARL D. LONG. Thr> mHlcnsigried, intending to tllsi'-ontiniie farming, will make sale of por.sonal property consisting 1 of live stock, farmins: implements. machinery a nrl tools, on the K. .1. Oswald -Farm, •% mile Southeast of Chevvsvilie, Wash. - Co., Aid, Sale Starting; at 10 A. M., TUESDAY, JANUARY 18TH, 1938 8—HEAD OF HORSES—8 coming 7, years old, works any place hitched. As follows: Holtie a bay rmiro coming 7, years old, works any Bill, black horse coming 7 years old, strap horse. Hex. bay horse coming' S years old, works any place hitched. Buck, black horse cominfi; 6 years old, strap horse. Prince, black horse coming !) years ola, been worked in lead some. Maud, hay mare, 12 years, in foal, works any place hitched, Bird, black mare coming: 17 years old, in foal, works any place liitciied, , ' • • •Dollie, bay mare colt coming 2 years old, - 18— HEAD OF CATTLE— 18 • Accredited herd consisting- of: 10 Head of milch cows, 2 with calves by side; 1 fresh by day of sale; 7 giving good supply of milk. 4 Heifers. ' ' i 2 Bulls large enough for service.. • 1 Fat, bull. .•-•.' 31— HEAD OF SHEEP— 31 Consisting of. 30 ewes arjd 1 buck. 50— HEAD OF HOGS— 50 Consisting of; 45 Shoals ranging in weight from.. 15 to 100 Ihs. f> Brood sows, three of which will have pigs by day at sale. 1 Boar hog. thoroughbred JJuroc. Kour wagon, Swab make; two horse wagon, Brow.n make; ring wagon Deering binder, 7 ft. cut, good as new; L Black Hawk anure spreader, McCormtck mower, Thomas grain drill, 10 disc; Oliver Superior corn planter. McCormick horse ruke, International riding corn .plow. 2 Buckeye walking- corn plows, 2 three horse Wlerd bar- Hliiire plows, 1 bob sled, two horse Oliver chill plow, two horse 1 Syracuse plow, single shovel plow, double shovel" plow,, twenty-four disc harrow,, a twenty tooth spring harrows, sixteen tooth spring harrow. double disc roller, 2 .sets of hay carriages, lots <>t , double trees, single trees, triple trees, jockey sticks, forks and shovels, corn sheHer,^ j?rafn cradle, briar scythe, breast chains, log 1 chains, butt traces and spreaders. wheelbarrow, set blacksmith tools, hay fork, rope and" pulleys/'.'two 1'orsepower .Fairbanks Morse gasoline engine, AJcCoi'intck-Deerinff cream separator, 3 Iron kettles and rings, hog gallows, 3 sets tripods, butchering table, '1 butchering planks, 2 meat benches,'- Oavls swing churn. Complete line ot fnrrn gears. Also about 1200 or'14f)0 bundles of fodder. TERMS OF SALE: Cash and no articles tb be moved until settladfor. sp FRANK HAMBURG. clioncer, lilgonbrode. Clerks, Hartlo ,£,'Hartlo. Lunch stand prlvlleKe reserved. ; : • OAKY DOAKS Trademark Applied For U. a. Patent Offlc*. The Private Life of Captain Blub By R. B. FULLER CEDKIC AND •NELLIE HAVE BEEN CAPTURED BY .SOME PIRATES.,, THEY HAVE BEEN TAKEN ABOARD THE PIRATE SHIP AND ARE IN THE PRIVATE OFFICE OF CAPTAIN BLUB I AM CAPTAIN BLUB, 7HE MOST DARING PI RATE OF THE SEVEN SEAS BUT I GUESS VOUVE READ ABOUT ME IN THE NEWSPAPERS I HAVE WRITTEN SEVEN BOOKS ABOUT MYSELF © 19HTI" A. I'.. All liislil. llr-rr THAT'S THE^COMPLETE SET- NOBODY HAS BOUGHT ONE YET

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