The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 23, 1944 · Page 12
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 12

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1944
Page 12
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]2 Mondoy, October 23, 1944 ftafetrsfitlb CaWorntan GENERAL Anxnrr to I'ru-ioun ruttlr HORIZONTAL 59 One who 1 Pictured dances Fighting French general, 13 Arrival (ab.) 14 House of Congress 15 Standard of value 16 Flesh food 18 Species of shrub 19 Very small 61 Measures of cloth 62 He is the first of the - to lead a division of French troops 17 Bclate VERTICAI 19SiWe 1 Jelly 2 Exist 3 Crustacean 4 We 21 Dine 23Bustie 24 Like 2"> Change 20 Honey maker 5 Ever (contr ) 28 Follow 22 Weight (ab.) 6 Wintry 23 Part of circle blanket 24 Rough lava 26 Music note 27 District Attorney (ab.) 28 Toward 30 Salmon-like fish 32 Musical drama 34 Erbium (symbol) 85 Sodium (symbol) 36 Mollusk 39 Wireless 42 Alleged force 43 International language 44 Ocean (ab.) 45 Light-face (ab.) 46 Tropical fruit 47 Proceed 49 Beverage 51 Rowing implements 53 Margin 55 Close vigorously 58 Expression of disapproval 7 Final 8 Greek letter 9 Cerium (symbol; 10 Historic 11 Sped 12 Weep 29 On account (ab > 31 Age 33 Last 36 Therefore 37 Flower 38 Timber 39 Decay 40 High cards 41 Concerning 46 Without cost 47 Group 48 One time 50 Athena 51 Removed 52 Atmosphere 53 Cheer 54 Lair 56 Everything 57 Manuscripts (ab ) 59 District of Columbia (ab.) 60 Of the thing Jo 10 12 SIDE riI,ANCES OAT.BRAITII COP«. 1»M BY HtA SERVICE, INC T M BEG. II. 8. VKJ. Off "I've flown hlinl-iin I orlri'sson unil iliiln't lint an pjo. hut po]> »hovv8 more IHTVI> limn I've tul uhiMi he illmlin Into Unit (ill) jalomiy!" THIS ClKIOtS \VOItl.l) I'.y WILLIAM MADE THEIR FIRST APPEARANCE IN NEWYORKCITV ATTHET/MEOF THE INSTALLATION OF THE CROTON WATER SYSTEM, WHICH ' WAS PIPED IN THROUGH HOUOW 7GEE -.-v* T«.n»V' ... AND FROM, THIS FACT CAME THEM AMES, 44 RIVER WHICH RISES IN THE MOUNTAIN?ACTUALLY FALLS L. LEVfTAW COP" 1»44 6V HU SERVICE. INC. . IS ESTIMATED TO BE MADE UP OF MORE THAM 100,000,000,000 SUN5/ f. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF. 16-11 FUNNY BUSINESS rty ]ii;u.snnr;itGKii "lie's Hlnrtini; liln rrcuiivi>r«iiin iircicriini'.' "Sec. Kir.' Thine mnrrleil hulilii'm urc drlvlrii. me hud. u, hniikfunC." ".Niimhei 1 IHilSt hn« dehlcnod a new vlftur.t runv'li'l hint!' HOW TO KEEP WtLL Tin: Himii- I> H,,,,li will m,l ymj ill solving many ,,l >,,ur l,,.i|i|, ,, M .|.|. i , JIB ^u puiii-» art! filled \t ilh- uullitui u: mini IIMIIIMI on nnm- ili.m MI ...inn BlIllll'IMH. UC-I tllUM' III.-is I--, >0!l Illliy UlmW «)„.„ y „ h.-llllllllv |.,.i,t 4.inl- and nllici-H, anil vvln-n |iiiiin|i|. ni.-illcul iitUMilnin in n,.,,.!,,I 1 „, |',,,i,.,| .,'ls.. '. , •eMi«.MB uri i;ai(. at I ho Sn;k; OlrL I,,r U,, .Sick; I'-TMHIU! Iby.cno, ||, jm ,,' .M,,d,,'i,, . and Laic of jutunu. i-iliui-n HMUS, iiuaiimid. t-'at- This (.'u The llakci-Klielil CuUrnrnla.n Informiillun Huicau, 316 lije Bt., N. K., Wushinsion 2. JJ. C. i eiiclone herewith 15 cpntx In coin (carffully wrapped in paper) for a copy of the Home Doi.-tor Book Etrett or Rural Rome.. City (Mail tu \Viifihlngton, U. C.) COPR. 1M4 tY NE« SERVICE. INC. T. M. BEG. U. S. PAT. OFF. 10- "liiiiiu, I ID ilrciini iilimit fiitiiiR huir 11 ilo/.rn soiTns nt OIICP. hut Nlnrc I'IHI Inrrvnvfil ins allnuiuirr, it seems that uflcr the first two tlu rest don't tllhle so uood!" TI1KSK WOMKN! My d'ALESSIO T. y Rrg Aprils r«f (iodtl lirnvcMN—hiivn 1 h^rn tjlLiiiK 1'IIAT lout:'.'" ALLEY OOr WHILE SMUG- GLINGOOP OUT OF THE . PALACE BOUMDf , UPIMHI&BED- CLOTHIMO, AZRO AMD | OOOLA DEVA6- | TATED THE FKiEMV WITH THE FIRST VJEAPOM AT HAMD Ouola Hides Again I'.y A'. T. 1IAMLIN WELL, WE SEEM TO HAVE BOWLED OVER ALL OPPO5I-/ ;TIOM TO outs ESCAPE, AMP THE COAST / ... i^/r^f^\ LOOKS^CLEAR/7 $%$?**} IN MAMV A BATTLE, BUT I'LL BET THIS WAS THE FIRST TIME AS A BATTECIMG- .*• ITALL RIGHT, AZRO, WE'RE IU GOIW& IMTO THE LAST ACT OF V- -^ THIS MADHOUSE /^I'M VJITH^v EX.TCAVAC5AKJ2A- YOU ALL THEA HAMG OM TIGHT, WAV....GIVE ITMAVBE 'EP THE BOOT/n RUGGED/ "& y>g*jH:iivicr: inc. T M. me. u" OUT OUR WAY P..V J. R. WILLIAMS AT TH/*T CLOWM/ THE BAG BURST ANDLOOOST HIM --THAT SILLV -- QUICK, GET MY KIDS IM HERE/ THEY TRY EVER.Y- THIWG iiE DOES AMD I DOWT WAWT —.— IbeZ-y - --4£^3t^ •^^.-.&~j^ ^ ir\\ — OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE LlSTEM.M-VIN / I'VE BEE eHERLOCKiNG ONi UNCLS BULSV, AM' T FIGURE ME'S PULLIN' <SOMEr 6LEISI4T-OF-HANJD 6TOFP AT THE GLUE FACTORY/ PlNKV AM 1 WE ARE GOlSi' OVEE. AFTER DARK AMD INVESTIGATE LEAMDER. SAVS ALL \ME ISA, UTTLE AW' A fEVO MUD BALLS/ Klo. NICE MUDDY FONi- T1IE GUMPS Battle of Wills VOU'RE NOT ONLV RICH \ IN \WORDS OF ONE IN CHARM, BEAUTY ANP \ SYLLABLE, TR15H TALENT; BABY_WHEN YOU WHAT'S YOUR NEW SkSN THIS. Y3UU MAkE VCONTRACT- OUPBOy CROESUS LOCK ^_ LIKE THE POVERTY STRICKEN T7/ if=. CHURCH MOUSE/ RKSHT'ANP THIS EVENING IS THE FORWVL SlSNINQ; WITH BENF.FIT OF FANFARE ANP PRESS By GUS KDSON SORRY BIX- NOCAMD07 EVENINS-PREVIOUS ENGAGEMENT- GASOLINE ALLEY Service With a Motive ARS SOME I MADE WITH MY OWN THANKS, t* I MRS. BOBBLE, 8CON£V. / I POM'T i IF I DO. By KING VOU DON'T HAVE } NOT BAP. BUT THINK OF TO BE SO FOf?MAL MS Cec'lH' A <IC< OUT Hei?e, se(?ceANT. | OF A PCINK WITHOUT VOJ M/W CALL ME JESSICA. ISN'T THgee SOMETHING ELSE \ TANK'S, SUT I'M I CAN DO FOR Y0US£ffG&«NT.' I HAVIN' THf T/V1E THE SERVICE CENITge WANTS YOU TO HAVE A GOOD TIME. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Vipe! COOWt Or P,y EDGAR MARTIN FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS The Cat's Out By MERRILL- BLOSSER WOK. A WHILE WE TMOUSWr LARD MIGHT CONCEDE- TWff ELECTION Tb HILDA BECAUSE SHE ATrE^ApreD Tb "SAVe HIS LIFE? BUT WOW IT APPEARS SHE ONty MADE THE HROC GeSTURE 1& GAIN PUBLICITY— ROW DO YOU LIKE THE NEW WAY i DO MV HAIR.? DOKJ'T CHANGE THE SUBJECT/ HOW DID VOL) KNOW I „ . WASNT REALLY (W THAT LAKEi 'SOMEBODY MUSTA TiPPEO YOU OFF T2> OUR. SCHEME / (v-rvf X few: '^ WHO WAS IT? WHO'S THE" TRAITOR. IM My MIDST t |i WONT TFLL YOU/YOU COULD, TORTURE" ME WITH FIRE, BUTL WOULDNT TALK/ '( WELL, IT WAS EITHER, FRECKOR JUN Y HAVE TO STICK . OOPS/ WHAT AM I SAYING/// COPR. 1944 BY NEA SERVICE. IMC T. M. RfG. U, WASH Tl BBS SEVEN PAYS TO WIPE OUT LIMK'5 MEM: PREPOSTEROUS.* CSENERAL OSAKI KMOWS1HAVENOCLUC ' -^WHERE TO FIHP HIM* Bearers of Bud Tidings COLONEL JALOPI.' AMOSriMMRFAHT MATTER PEMAU05 YOUR ATTEM- By LESLIE TURNER 6ETOUT! WITH ONLY A WEEK TO CATCH SERGEANT LINK, I CANNOT BE. BOTHERED WITH TRIVIALITIES.' t?RIN<5 BAP NEWS, COLONEL. WHAT MORE THAW SERcSEANT UMK TOWOBRy HAPPEMEP HL i ABOUT NOWJ RED RYDER Will This Cure Her? By FRED HARMAN MEANWHILE, NOLLY'S FORMER i PARTNER W CRIME, JOE HAliS, RETURNS TO TH HOLD EVERYTHING "He VVUN wild ibuut her- liefore they inurriiil—»h«'k turned him"' HI CK KOGEKS, TWENTY-FIFTH CENTURY, A. D. •SINCE PLASTIC CAN READ YOUR SUBCONSCIOUS MIND,DOCTOF? HE MUST KNOW WHERE PROFESSOR YOGi-M3KL)M HIDE-OUT HEH / YES/ PEF?CIVAL'S SYNTHETIC BRAIN TUNiED TO MY OWN MENTAL WAVELENGTH / Page a P-T Boat! By LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS MY THOUGHTS REGISTER* LOOK AT THE ON PLASTIC PERCY'S vm SCREWBALL-, BRAIN BEFORE THEY/^i WALKING ON' DO ON MiNE/j- 1 :: —V^XTHEWATER /J rn' ONLY ANKLE DEEP, YET YOU CAN'T r- BOTTOM A/ HE WANTS WE SHOULD TO BE 6TUMPEO BY MECHANIC/XL DUMMY

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