The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 2, 1936 · Page 3
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 3

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1936
Page 3
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THE BAKEftSFIELD CAL1FORNIAN, FRIDAY, OCTOBEn 2, 1936 Goldman Brings In 1000-Barrel Well Reward to l<*rank Goldman for accomplishing an extremely difficult flrilltnfc job at "tittle Signal Hill" on tho "West Side, is a well yielding 1000 barrels dally from a derhh of 2122 feet. Tills Is Keene No. .1, section 22, 32-23, which was drilled to the second sand from tho derrick at Keono No. 2 by . whipatocklngr a Blantod hole underneath a narrow 40- foot lease. It Is estimated that tho deviation ty om' an easkwest vortical plane Is less than one-half of ono degree. • Tho 622 feet of oil zone open to production in this well from 15002122 feet,' Is not comparable to the oil zone of tho original Signal Hill, 4000 feet thick, and its consequent long life. Some wells at Signal Hill have 3000 foot ot- perforations, or tnoro than tho total depth of. wells at "Little Signal Hill," However, 1000 barrels per day Is more than can bo obtained from a Signal Hill well now. -,.-.. **» — Sheppard Is Going Deeper, Maricopa Deep test which Sheppurd OH Company is conducting on tho east edge of Maricopa, has progressed through tho shallow sand produced in neighboring wells, and now is coring at 1600 feet in the unexplored formations below. Operators plan to core continously to 3600 feet. A drilling boom is anticipated on tho town lots of Maricopa open to dHfll- ing, If commercial production is discovered in the lower strata. • SAFE BLOWN—THROUGH ROOF HAOBRSVJLLE, Ontario, Oct. 2. (V. P.^—Burglars used too much "soup" to blow tho British-American OH Company's safe here and It soared through the roof. Nearing Critical Point in Three Old River Jobs T7»A8T getting down io critical •*- depths out on tho valley floor. Standard OH Coinpany^s three deep tests In tho Ten Section district soon will have their fate decided. First of .the three to report success or failure probably wilt be KOL-10, ono mile north of Sell's discovery well, which has reached 7600 feet, or 160 feet above the possible oil horizon. The other two projects are not far behind. KCL-9 is C400 feet (jeep at a location 354 miles west of Old River, and KCL-11 is drilling at 4600 feet, four miles west of Rosedale, on section 10, 20-26. Fruitvale Well Is DriUed in 12 Days Punched down to 3187 feet in' \'i days from spudding, No. 5 of Billy Leo's Dixie Leo OH Company in east Frultvalo field, section 23, 29-27, is standing cemented with 8%-tnch casing set at 3145. As soon as tho cement lias hardened, a production test will bo arranged. This Is on proven ground between tho company's No. 4 and Mohawk's No. ", and a good commercial yield can bo counted on. CRUDE STOCKS OFF WASHINGTON,.. Oct. 2. (U. P.)— The United States Bureau of Mines reported today that stocks of domestic and foreign crude petroleum totalled 297,950,000 barrels tho week ending September 19, a decrease of 498.000 barrels from the previous week. Fail in Hunt for Hidden Treasure (VnUeiFrttii I,wttd Wtrt) SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 2.—Search for tho buried treasure ot Jeff Casserly, aged prospector, switched from the hills of the mother lode to the musty files of California banks today as his heirs hoped further definite evidence ad to Its location, A day-long search In tho hills by a group of treasure hunters, including Jean Kustor, 16, of San Francisco, old Jeff's granddaughter, proved fruitless. Four years ago Jeff had pointed out the location to her, but she was unable to find It. Tho executors of his estate, tho "Wells Fargo Bank ahd Union Trust Company, wired California banks In the belief a map, giving explicit instructions as to where tho trwsuro Is buried, might bo in a safe do- posit box held by Casscrly. A $5000 gold nugget had been found previously in a safo deposit box registered In his name In a Sacramento bank. Union Oil to Drill on Maricopa Flat Latest arrival on Maricopa flat is Jnlon OH Company, which is pour- ng foundations for Midway Northern No. 1 at a location ono mllo east of Maricopa across tho highway front Otis Hoyt's No. 3, flection 7. 11-23. nterest in this neglected spot among ,ho old wells has lately been revived by Otis Hoyt's completion of No. 3 at a depth of 1786 foet, for 425 bar- •els per day on tho compressor. Birch-Royer Quits Wildcat at Pismo Blroh-Royer Oil Company's wildcat, Patchett No. 1, north of Plsmo, section 33, 31-13, near tho Pacific Coast railroad, has been abandoned at 2357 feet because of poor show- Ing. Drilling was done by cable tools, working daylighta only. In the Williams area back of Taft, the company's rotary tools are drilling No. 1 on section 23. 32-23, in oil sand at 1820 feet. GRID COACH 1SX-REPORTER MILWAUKEE, Oct. 2. (U. P.)— It's more or loss of a seo.ret, but Coach Frank J. Murray of tho Mar- quetto University football team-Is a former newspaper reporter. d*****] SCHENLEY'S Glenarm, All Whiskey - ITS AVBRAGE AGE IS 2 Yrs, f 4 Months Old WHISKEY IH A Fine Ml- Wfalikcv Blend &•*%""FULL PINT FULL QUART > «Vi*»Y*V^' ^rf»*m* v« wwn kw.AJ^ STRAIGHT BOURBON t MONTHS OLD WHISKEY 89c Quart * CREMO 'CANNED BEER \ rul good Bt«—Coatt la Urge IJ-ot. c«oi. 4for29c $1.85 >&« HIGHLAND KING v . BUadcd with H»* Imported Vj S (e 10-y««r old VJ SCOTCH Whiskey " £»fl %t $3.28 Castillon [Imported French - COGNAC From (bt world Itmous Cognac center. 7 yr*. old. $£.90 Fifth "//, wWlSKtV ••——~mw |2.95 GHbey' 'mported I ~7", GOLDEH I Wnf . MORH SCOTCH Qolll «n<l. Comp.r- >1 ' fo I2 •« u • old whl>Ju - . ImpprUd—pvtr V R TM>> old. -— ^*« « « Whiskey '" J '\ 1 _ Full Fifth •»—— R*S-S2.75 CUBAN Fifth «nd 'or FULL FIFTH O«Jr AlcoCla Old Clipper Brand; ~ ' '" _,.'•• A O I&HiJ >»«_ ..^i ' . . jBi^B^fc 'Four for.--- St.39 1 PHONE 4771 FOR FREE DELIVERY WE RESERVE MIGHT YO LIMIT — NO GOODS SOLD TO DEALERS Liquor Prices D,j Nat Includr Staff Taxez MINING LOCATIONS Ruby Robson—Ruby Robson No. ], In Ooler district. It. W. Thomas—Xcppio Ann No. 2, In Claravlllo district. Ella M. Messlngor ct nl—Fox Tall No, 2. in rtetl Rook district. D. n. Forge—Kemvorthy ptacor No. 1, In section 35, 28-28. William Price—Gold Canyon Nos. 1 to », In Indian Wells district. Freeman Cornwall—Alum No. 1, In Green mountain district, A. H. Schuylcr ct ill—Windy Can- you mlno In west half ot southeast quarter, section 2li, n-"0. Hazel M. Mills—Evening Star In Tree canvon rtlBtrlct. Margaret U O'Connor—Virginian Group No. 1 in North Golcr Gulch district. Burton Uroihers. Incorporated — Searlcs In Spnnglcr district. Felix Luttrall—Alki, In Pioneer district. K Nielsen et nl—Luclty Strike, In Mojave district. Albert I... Krug ct al—Tho Fostorta, In Greenhorn district. Bllllo Peterson et al—U and B. Nos. 1 and J, llandsburg district. tester L. Smith ct al—Badeer No. 1 mill site In Amelia district. W. M. Baskln—Baskln In Jawbone district. W. N. Hamako et al—White Gulch, In Pioneer district. Thomas L. Coicley et al—Constitution Nos. 1 and 2, In section 34, 82-35. OIL AGREEMENTS Buffalo Oil Company to A. J. Jensen—'Assignment of Vj of 1 per cent oil, etc., from Buffalo Oil Company well No. 4, on portion northwest quarter, section 19, 30-23. Jacob Camenish et ux to Standard Oil Company—Lease dated June 22, 1086, one-eighth royalty, 6-yoar drilling clause, lot 24, section 21, 29-26. Edwin R. Julian el ux and Norrls E. Julian et ux to Alfred 13, Pearce— Lease dated July 3. J936, one-eighth royalty, 6-year drilling clause, northwest quarter of southeast quarter, section 34, 29-20. Minnie McNutt to Shell Oil Company—Lease dated September 1. 1S38, j one-eighth royalty. 3-year drilling clause, northwest quarter of aoulh- casl quarter, section 20, 30-29. Klla Wilson to Harry H. Magee— One-forty-fifth Interest In pumping plant Samo contract, estate Margaret Hockott, deceased—Decree terminating life! estate in northwest quarter of northeast quarter and north half of northwest quarter and southwest quarter offiiorlhwest quarter, section 2, sections 3, 4, 5 and 9, and northeast quarter, section 8, In 25-25, and property outside county. PROM MEXICO E. H. Bardwell nnd Mrs. Bardwell have returned from vacation spent at Enscnada, Mexico, to which they motored from tho home In Follows. Mr. Bard well Is superintendent ajitj part owner of Quality Oil Company, which Is preparing to add to the good production already established on Its large acreage in tho Williams area back of Taft, by drilling Cypress No. 3 on section 22, 32-23, and W. P. No. 4 on section 27. Highest Attendance in Kern School's History Now Is Enrolled at Delano (Special to Thn Caltjorntan) DELANO Oct. 2.— Knrolliwnt figures to date for Delano Joint Union High School arc 478, which Is tho highest attendance record of tho school. The enrollment on the opening day was 453, which makes tho present enrollment 25 more. Thirty students have •transferred from other schools and Include Walter Jackson, Lodl: Larrlo Merger. Lindsay; Allen Oonnolloy, baton; Arthur Hoover. San Springs, Oklahoma; Malvln Scott, Chlco; Margaret Cannon, Topolo. Oklahoma: Jeanetto Christopher, Salinas; Kntlo Sun Green, Cnlcxico; Lizzie Muo Jones, Portervillo; Joy Jordan bos Angeles; Dorothy Landruivi, Oklahoma; ISula Logslon, Phoenix, Art*.. Ocssle Manos Savannah, Oklahoma; Virginia Lucllo Swift,. Tularo; Flora Walls Corona, all of whom sophomores. Alvern Davis, Alpaugh; James Halnllnc, McFarlanrt; Tloyal 1-Inrvey, Pomona; John Ishlmoto. Holtvlllc; Raymond Yoon bos Angeles; Margaret Caster, Modesto; AVIIda White. Albuquerque, New Mexico; all of whom are Juniors. H. M. Asher, Joplln, AtlsHOurf; EllKworth Cannon, boa Angeles; John Caller. San Pedro; Fred Yom ner, Cambria; Mario Churchill, Stuttgart, Ark.; 1'Yancos ISllen Compton, Farming, Minn.; Mark Skinner. Bakersfleld; Ollvo Twlfoi-d, Sioux City Nebraska, ull of whom are acnlora. SMALL GOST BOMBING MACHINE Staff Sergeant Walter 13. Wrewer of the Thirtieth Bombardment Squadron at March KleUl, Riverside. Inspects ono of tho now radio devices that lowers tho cost of training Army Air Corps bombers to Uo accurate "xholK." Instead of n bomb, the flyrrs release a radio Impulse which Is caught by tho machine nml notes a "hit" or "miss." Boy Who Experiments Witf New Type Machine Now *,., lias Secret Engine • ' rUnlltt Preti Letwed Wire} WHEELING, W. Va,, Oct. 2.— While many youths are kicking 'a football around on the corner lot, 16-year-old Costno Purpra Is condti<?t*' ing experiments which he hopes some day will culminate In a ship to carry him to the moon or Mars. Purpra can't ride a bicycle, but he can, and does, discuss IntelU* I gently the Einstein theory or rela- j tlvlty, cosmic rays, atoms, gravity j and other scientific data. The young scientist believes In- troplanetary travel will be possible in the future, and has planned three* ifiethods which he hope* will be the answer to the problem no other scientist has solved. Works on Secret Engine Ho Is designing a new Impulse I engine-, details of which ho keeps i secret. Ho also is constructing an apparatus by which he expects to use tho power of lightning to smash tho atom and develop a radically now fuel of unlimited speed and . powei^. Two friends are helping him j build a powerful telescope with which he can study tho universe . while he conducts his experiments ito conquer U. Roeket Ships Study Since his graduation from grade school. Purpura haa been making a study of rocket ships. Ho has for his laboratory part of a garage, j where he spends most of the day I puttering with weird electrical de- vlcoa, chemicals and rocket ships. 9 Your Teeth I have much to do with the condition of your health. Don't neglect thorn until it Is too late. We have years of experience in the making of ARTIFICIAL TEETH AH plates mado In our own laboratory. DR.E.H.YAN METER rei.ns DENTIST rei.ns KiiHiMtrimrH IT BSKICKKID tci. WET WEATHER •Qtiead 7*t NEW TIRES AS LOW AS 17c WEEKLY htft* I* wMu iMn%, KifUu untttk fin* vHli M* rvutoiwi. e» J«hn«pn'i Firestone Auto Supply and Service Stores, Ine. Oh»st«r at Tw«»»».f»Br1h Strut Phpni 4010 Rotary Mud Deposit for Lease Non« B»U«r— Short H»ol x 74», Th« OilKcrnlM WrIU NELLY DON FROCKS Fall and Winter $C98 $ 5 to 10 98 Into the Fall . . en through the Winter, new Nelly Dons ore the correct clothes lash- ions. Smartly silhouetted with the new high in sleeves, the uplift waistline and the swing flare to skirts. Black and more black or the brilliance of color in Neldas and countless crepes with crinkly surfaces and satin-backs. Be ready for the occasion for months to come — see and select Nelly Don exclusively made and exquisitely fit daytime fashions. (a) CIa*«U Dot tub I»«lda Cr»p« — Swallow Blue, Wrwt Bu*t Rarca Black. Thnub Brown, 12-20 ________ $5.95 CM Nnbbr Bop**titch Cr»p» two-pl»c« nmie — Wr«n Buat Swallow Blue, Parrot Greco. Qrwb«ak Wln», 1140- $10.98 (d) PrioccM Ua«* In Cr*p« 8«u»tl» — Groib«ak Win*. BOTM Black. Wr»n Bturt. 144*. „«_ „ *10,98 (e) Patt»rn*d KaanctU Cr*p« — Thnuh Brown, Gro«b«alc Win*. Cormorant Gr*«a. BOT«B Black, 14-42 .- ....._ $7.98 (*) Tailored and tabbabl* N«lda Crtp« — Swallow Blu*. Thnub Brown, Wr«n Bust Bar«» Black. 1444 SEETHE WINDOW BROCK'S FASHION FLOOR >r>V"J-' -iS.^1 *J;

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