The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on December 13, 1966 · Page 3
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 3

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 13, 1966
Page 3
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WiWCuf Telephone Charges TOPEKA (AP)-Rate reductions for residence installation end Princess telephones totaling $482,500 were approved Monday by the Kansas Corpora- tic n Commission. William L. Mitchell, commission chairman, said effective Jan. 16, Southwestern Bell Telephone will launch a residence service charge plan which will reduce service charges to residence customers by $216,000 a year Any number of telephones may be connected, moved or changed in one service call for a single service charge under the plan. Customers now are charged for each instrument in volved. Mitchell also announced thai effective Jan. 1, rates on Prin cess telephones will be reducec 25 cents a month, which he said will result in a saving of $166, 500 annually. Murphy May Get Goldwater's Old Senate Job WASHINGTON (AP) - California Sern George Murphy appears-headed for the GOP job that helped make Barry Goldwater famous — hunting votes and money for RepL'-blican Senate campaigners. ""Goldwater, who served four years as chairman of the Senate Republican Campaign Committee, said he thinks Murphy, 64, should get the post. Sen. Thurston B. Morton of Kentucky, who holds it now, said t h e Californjan apparently has the votes to take over when GOP senators fill the position in January. Morton is leaving the post to prepare his own re-election campaign. Goldwater plans a Senate race for the Arizona seat now held by Sen. Cal Hayden, a Democrat. Sunn si Giant Fighter By Lucrece Beetle Classified ads get results. THE FAMOUS ELECTRIC KNIFE - / with slice appeal M by General Electric/I only $ 12 • sharp, serrated blade ' carves and slices professionally > easy-to-hold handle ' from General Electric, oriiinator of electric knives OPEN AN ACCOUNT TODAY OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 8:30 SZ ALE'S (Synoptic: Billy ud Sai!a travel across the *ea* in a turtle boat. They visH three gabulour ill and* before they come to the Is'and of Jewels. CHAPTER EIGHT THE ROSANNA RUBY The turtle boat landed en the shores of the island. Santa and Billy steped out into a garden of jewels. Emerald trees and diamond bushes and opal flowers bordered the walks of the garden. Sapphires and turquoise glittered in the grass. The precious stones sparkled in the sunlight and twinkled softly in the breeze. A beautiful pixie came to meet them. She wore a pearl diadem on her head and a jade locket hung from her throat. "Welcome,' 1 said the pixie. "I hope you like our garden." "It is beautiful," said Santa. "But we do not have time to etn'oy it." He told her how Billy must slay &cko the giant because Gcko had captured the Fairy Queen and the moon and vowed to capture Santa and rule all of Fairyland. The p!xt« was very disturbed because this meant the giant would rule ths Isle or Jewels, too. "What can I do?" ihe moaned. Santa asked if she would give Billy the Rosanna Ruby. The pixie led them to the ruby grove and pointed to a brilliant stone. "This is the fairest jewel on the isle," she said. "I would gladly give it to you but it cannot be plucked from its branch unless Billy can solve a problem.' 1 "What problem? asked Billy eagerly. ."An arithmetic problem" said the pixie. Billy sighed. Of all school subjects arithmetic had been the one he hated most. He had never done his lessons at all. He never believed a giant fighter would need arithmetic and spelling and boring things like that. "What is the problem?" asked Legislators Favor Maddox ATLANTA, Ga. (AP) — A leek of Georgia legislators, who will elect the state's next overnor, gives Democrat Lee- er G. Maddox almost a 4-to-l edge over Republican candidate Howard Callaway. But many awmakers still were undecided. The General Assembly, consisting of 259 lawmakers, has 229 Democrats — 46 out of 54 in tie Senate and 183 out at 205 in the House. The legislature is ex- >ected to select the next governor Jan. 10, the day after the next legislative session begins. The Associated Press sampling shows: Maddox 33, Callaway 9, undecided 33. The Harp Witch had finished the magic necklace. 106 S. Santa Fa Phone TA 3-2227 Santa. The pixie said, "BiUy has 24 apples pies. Billy eats thirteen. I eat on«. You eat tVvo. What is Billy left with?" Billy got a stick and drew numbers in the dirt. He added and subtracted and crossed things out. He screwed up his face and chewed on his tongue and oh! how he wished h« had paid attention at school. Suddenly he had an answer. He cried, "If I had 24 apple pies and I ate thirteen and you ate one and Santa ate two I would be left with a stomach ache!" The pixie held her sides and doubled up with laughter. "That's not the answer I had In mind but it will dol" she said and she plucked the ruby from its branch. She placed the stone in Billy's hands and said, "May this jewel help you slay • the wicked giant!" Then Billy and Santa climbed back into the turtle's upside down shell and sailed back across the sea to . the land of the Harp Witch. The witch had net been Idle while they were gone. She had made a necklace out of the hairs from her own head woven with the webs of a hundred black widow spiders and the wool from the backs of a thousand caterpillars. She took the Rceanna Ruby and placed it carefully In the center of the band. It blazed with such flaming beauty it was certain the giant would not be able to resist it. "But the band Is go small,-* said Billy. "How will would work its magic on him. Billy put it away in his pocke and Santa said he was ready tc go fight Goko the giant. Bu the witch said, "What about a the other giants? Goko's broth ers and his cousins and his nephews? They all live togethe in Goko's castle." "W-what about them?'' qua vered Billy. "You must destroy them ALL!" cried the witch. Tomorrow: The Laughing Ghost Register for Free S Days For 2 at Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegaa | TOPPER & TOPPER Jr. Need To Conserve Capital? Lease Your Office Equipment at sQs SAUNA OFFICE SUPPLY 129 So. Santa Fe Phone TA 6-4771 Fills your home with fine Music! Zalc diamonds add brilliance to Christmas Solid-State STEREO Radio-Phonograph it fit uecV?" around the giant's The witch said the necklace would expand or shrink to fit any size and Billy must be careful not to wear it himself or it Twenty-one diamonds create » »ophislicalcd UK dinner ring. $350 A cultured pearl and one diamond hi|hli»ht 14K luturedfoldrinf. $24.95 Two opals and nine dia-. month add beauty to V 14K gold rini. $150 A tynlhelic birlhilone • nd two diamonds !• SDK. (oM. $24.95 A magnificent thirteen dinmond dinner rinj created in MK gold. $550 Fifteen fine diamond! lipark a UK gold wedding tint for her. $89.95 A. $79.95 A. Uniform oillnred pear's with MK clajp. $79.95 B. P.levcn diamond; oullinc a 14K heart pendant. $125 C A marquitt shaped diamond in MK pendant. $49.95 D. Two iplcndid diamond! in I4K earrings. $150 E. Diamonds and cultured pearl earring* in 14K. $34.95 Fine MK. gold princen rinc with nin* brjfht diamond, for her. $4»,9S l.inde tta'r and two bright diamonds highlight UK fold rins. SJ9.9S Twelve diamond! form a double rnw 14K, gold weddinc ring. $225 Six diamond* and one cultured pearl accent MK gold ring. JJ9.95 Wiib on« blnWone. SI9.95 Kim tlrttutoMt. E*. I 13% Eiln fiwxMli. Ei. S 7.54 > A blot Linde alar and four diimondi featured hftnc UK toJd-J7».M Peron Abandons Return Hopes? MADRID (AP) — Juan Peron's wife baa gone into the export- import business, and observers consider this an indication that the former dictator has abandoned plane to return to Argentina. with thrilling Stereo FM • drift-free, noise-free MONAURAL FM • superb AM Radio WO TUBES Advanced Solid-State Circuitry replaces tubes, eliminates component-damaging heat; and maintains the remarkable performance of this Magnavox radio-phonograph with lasting reliability. Rusk Issues Futile Invitation PARIS (AP) — U.S. Secretary of State Dean Rusk said today that the U.S. government would welcome troops in Vietnam from its European allies. He is not likely to be offered any, however. Six High Fidelity Speaker*—two 12*. Bass Woofors plus four 5"—project sound from both cabinet sides and front. Colonial model 1-RP623 with 15-Watts undistorted music power output. A-Smile A-Minute Photo Co. Your Authorized Magnavox Dealer 1195. Santa Fe TA 3-2256 CONVENIENT TERMS JEWELERS OPEN KVKMNGS TO 8:30 P.M. UXTIf, CHRISTMAS WOUtWS LAKCeST IEWELUR.1 106 South Santa F« Phon« TA 3-2227 THE PERFECT GIFT New from G.E.^ A B«t UK* Cartridge Model No. M8300 Hi-own mid Sliver Here's Lively Set. The quick-loading tap* recorder that comes through when others let you down. If you expect a lot from a recorder, this one's for you: • Snap-In cartridge loading. No fussy reels—«veri • Push-button operation. • Capstan drlv« for life-llk« found, • Sensitive VU meter shows record Itv- el and battery condition. • Solid stat* dependability. • Remote control microphone. Why toy around? Get full-action recording with th« Lively Set. $ 69 |95 GENERAL ELECTRIC SPECIAL "CHRISTMAS TERMS" AT GAGE'S (Gift Wrapped) 5th & Walnut ^ A ^ C/C FREE Downtown O>\\J7E D, INC. PARKING Atlas" Optical for • Finest Quality Reasonably Priced \ GLASSES Priced As Low As NO CHARGE FOR CREDIT Any Oculists' (M.D.) Optometrists Prescription Accurately Filled THIS LOW PRICE INCLUDES: 1. Precision Ground Single Vision Lenses made to your Prescription. 2. Lenses Tinted to the Shade you choose. 3. Your Choice of Over 300 Modern Frames, Styles and Color. 4. A Convenient Carrying Case and Adjusting Service. IN SEARS CENTER Salina's Largest & Most Modern Optical Dispensary. THE FINEST GLASSES Lenses for your glasses are accurately and scientifically ground to your prescriptions in one of America 1 ! largest and most modern laboratories. FREE! Minor Repairs and Adjustments. Broken Frames Can Usually Be Replaced While You Wait. Atlas Optical In Sears Center TA 7-7757 OFFICE HOURS: Oprn t£fl to 539 MOM. * Thnn. t'U t;00 P.M.

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