The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 2, 1936 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Friday, October 2, 1936
Page 2
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Qff$& v- SB^V'A' 3W'*" 1 ' •-, -:-• •. f'VV, 1 " r BAKERSMBLf) CAtttOBNlAN, Fill *:v^-fr\Zwttt' ?V,^>ift1™rffA i-v^*^yi-^.i&i*' GAP 2,— ^Japan ¥' £ • 11 j /'•> •>::• ' . . i -?- y,^:v»>: 5^v;W/;» te-**rt:M.'<.f t st; fl »,'Vi^.'..i'l \&~ f ^K£$'--* f -tA^v4*';.^ ; v; F/rA^r** 1 ^ |4 • J *^^d~ n *\ , f, j . , L '' •i' , : .--..r 1 r.. L'-' ^ , r ' *• .'"> - • ' The New Stadium ^if^^^^M^^t^f ^M^^M^A ^^^B^^B^MF ^^^f^^^^^f^^^^^^^ su TS An exceptional style and quality value. Every new fall style is included,,,sport backs, plain backs, double breastcds, single breasteds...m fine hard wearing worsteds and smart cheviots. Rich colorings and refined patterns,,,all in sues every man. Woven Pattern You'll marvel at the beautiful fabric*, the smart pattern effects, the aplendid styling and excellent workmanship. They're really made to aell at a much higher price as you'll notice when you see them. Stadium Fine styling, expert ahoomaking and exceptional leathers are here combined to make a shoe value hard to equal. The little refinements of styling add greatly to the comfort ns well at the looks. Hand TaUorvd FA catitiful autumn colorings in fine quality silks all •trictly hand made to tic well nnd hold their ahnpe. A fine selection to choose from nnd a real value at the price, New Patterned FALL New hose to go with the new fnll outfit. Lislcs and mixtures in fall patterns ami colorings. Reinforced construction at the points of wear. Weight ^^^^ f^^^^^ f^^^tR^f ^^^*^^f^T The smartest of the new Fnll llai Styles in colors and weight suitable for immediate wear. The qualUy of the felt and trimmings mark these a« hats usually sold for a much higher price. HARRY COFFE F n E N O It A K K II S 1 1 t : > i • - -.- i Mi^foJbit'CrS ass '-f Claims Under Illinois Laws, and Lihc'Olii CauIdnU Hold Offlcc nry of /yen * oot, 2,—with a rall "look at Abi-almnt • Lln of th« t|tlnoil tail Mqiior »fcalor«'l'rotflcllvo DIution launched n, campiUtfn today for tho Hffht to bold public offlcfl, They amkod tho H(at« JjCRiisItttuco to look at Ortorgo VVanhingtoil, too, find to cormldRr well whether tho IMInolH law d«barHn«r llciuor NQllnra from olccttvo poaltionH WAH really mcrchart Par East King cor onati and neck next ear, - ' orde cdal wold traders *ho made that should Jacks otati ony ttifttiufactu rcr» than ices deal pancso Harold Elliott Sees rings Rdversc; J* Kxatmined by.Spccialiists D tS • /. WHtittMNO, W,: Va., Harold : 13Ufott». in TCvorBC, wa« onBr excfrtrt to* ^B n " J|'""* ' riuy by oyo ftpcctallBU. Hkroid » Oqt-v 2* The olia go* cayuao with iho100 turtle, loy ScoUy »ay» hb used io" travel c'it^fhfi Ha* betih ttottrlhe fceotty, th6 61 *y e$r-old v do»ei*l rat, iif^iitbrV ta.phiyrt gold and tut^d, 0ay« that "\VauhliiKlon," UIQ wtsocl atJon K^t forth ywrlordiiy In liitlon ill rooted to th« "wa« one of Amcricu'H leading Storke Wants New Broadcast Station from tho right aide of a ~«»« i w .... •,-»*•• » » * -«. .. to tho loft. Hl» teacher. J3)*anor* oa * ftfironts 1 : relegated tho old car Monjfcft, took Harold to'Dr. t>. TJ. to the Bigo^ruwh. Oullaffhor, MoundsvlHo oeultet, who >i hid a $4,000 roll on me tho m Id ho bellovocl Iho condition wa» h ftf . f *| mn T Wnil .„ T Aft A,,,**!*. duo to improper oo-ordlnation bts I last tlmo I waa in Los Angeloa, twoen Iho C»VCH and brain. found sorts feUorn on trail "Abrahurn Mncoln wan «, tavern keeper in JHInolM, 1 ' Had Lincoln Hvod In Tlltnoln under thft pt'f'HfvU law, tho oflHyolnUon polnl.Pi! out, lio could not havo run for offU'o. Thuft tho law would not only IHI.VO clentnd thn public tho sorv* Icon of a man honorod by htntory but convornoly. tho rcnolulkm continued: "TblH Jaw prevent* a cnrtaln mnn* bc*r of Indjvlrlimljv of Mm tyjm of UcorK^ Witnhlngton unti Abraham Lincoln from hncomlng tavern lU'f'pPPH," Koinlnding Iho loKlululovH of tho pcoplo'H rlghtfl aH sot forth in tho Ijocluratlon of Indnpondcnrn. tho a«- MoclaUon hold thai "to lako itwuy from a Invorn k*»op<»r onn of thoHo rJghlft, that of holding whftn H*»1*»otftd by hf« (H . . . unAinurtcnn." frets Leaned Wire) WASHINGTON, Oct. 2.—ThoitiaH M. Htorko. Kanta publlflher, anked a communications commission oxaminor today lo recommend up hero wero to conduct 1 ?»*"." ho. said. ''For 8fi year* I've with the boy, n6w only in tho ^ two camp flreB ahead of all Borts ot follow* who tried to Hccond grade of school. Atlas Men-. ....... . . , . . , sort said «ho foJt Hiiro hl» progress: me and.find."out what my racket ie. • ' " ' "So I wasn^t BUrprlaed when 1 H \tf^ \ w «*ugfired out of a Hollywood parking station apd saw two fellers in a car follow mo. I went to Beverly It ilia NBW YOUK, Oct. 2. (U. P.)—A new operation for relieving gluu- proval of the NowS'l'rcHH Publl$hirig| coma f sometimes called hardening of 1 far Cotnpany'«appHc/itian for permission Iho eyes, won deiscrlbod to the Amer* to construct and operate a radio) lean Academy of Ophthalmology and broadcasting station. StorUo said a "real need" existed for a new station which would "give to see about getting a Filipino cook castle .from a woman friend who AVOS going oast, looked but the window of her OtoJlaryngology by Dr. Otto Barkan | home, and there was tho car parked across the street. I went.right out in the cay use. One ot the of HAn Franninco. •* Doctor Barkan said that tho use ttnd through ^" * W Uniform Drivers License Law, Asks (f.'Milrrf PrrM Lewd U'lrrJ AHIUNdTdN, Ort. L'.-.l?nlfnrm i'i-M 1 Itrrnsh IIIWH fur nil -IS Mtutcs nrgrO by ihn iirrlilcnt provoti- ttfin ronrnrrmu) today as H ninium of curbing llui pvor-mountlng toll of an- 11i*prosonta(ivr*H of II sliitos which havo no Hnc'nso Inwn nssutvl tho confnrnnro (hut efforts would be iniulf to onacl siu'li tcgtsliiifon at forlhr*(imlng HOHM|OI)H of stale Thn ronfrr^nr**, rnllnd by Prosl- (I'-nl HooHtivoIt, also dlsfMisnnrl pluns for bringing nxlstlng slain laws Into conformity wlth'tho uniform vohldo fudrt. Contin't moil nil ov«r tho nation will proparo rnodr»I safely IftKln- latlon for pri'Hntitutlon to sluU» log- IsliituroM, i-iirrylng lawn with sharp (roth to curb spending and rock Urns driving 1 . DeatlTcaiisWidow of Gen. Tasker Rliss munlty" Umn IH aviillublo tin extHllnj; million. Tho publtHhlng company's nppllca- lion t« for a GOO*watt station wHh n frequency of 1320 kilocycles. Its tlni'i on the air would ho unllmUnrJ. Hiorko Htitd his relations with KUH, which han filed in opposition to tho application, have been "friendly" hut that U« folt Hanta Hiirbam noodod a station which would devote itsrlf tnoro to community <ntfii*«stB InKtead of nhalti broadcasting. Ho said tho new Htailori would provide regular time on tho air to tho utiito collcKC nltuatod thorn, Parent Toachors 1 ^SMoclatluns, the Kami Bureau and civic organl- suitonn. Air-Product Exports Reach Record Mark n much broader tic-rvlco to the com-1 of a microscopic device and a liny Kellers said: "That's him 1 that waej Unite enabled tho surgeon to clear enough for mo. But I chugged tho mlnuto circulatory channels, "round tho block Just to see, and sure enough they followed. "Well, I Jivat let the old blocking of which causes tho, all-* metil. The operation area IH enlarged Ollt * * c " t back through Hollywood, ninny times by the use of tho micro- out Ventura road and wouhd device recommended by Doc- through bystreets to San Fernando, tor Borkun. and th * n Iifc *'*Bht out full speed for » •.» the desert. Never saw them again. G f\ +* T 1 P I " So J ^ Ot a now car "OW. I'll . 0. P. Leader for Roosevelt Policy! Rushing Work on First Big Bomber Jt'ouuidi ^i: Ajige)e«i khd do fWlng*ftbout town in a taxi. Phem Hollytyioftd Wouldn't have a (n 4 tjie rocks." , ^ - - - - --, - i' ^ ,L -.- . on MW11I ^^r^/;r^.V,^ v ^A^; • Jri'-i'i vf" " " *) ' * 'it' i.''•'•'.'•• '•-•'• r,.'*L ,uj * ;-.'..--. •>/ " J :=v -vv.^ jvv.-. ai^'ft***-: -:;*•«« rowi ^ against Matt AjjaslQna '••«ipS»^' 0 * L . - J - f -.' ' ^ - - 'I' ,1V - -L •j*:*.^ *^.v;s:.-..« ->• .;- ' • v.v ,-•'••- —I. . Dne ofhl« fuvorft ago,, the gold ¥fa;'^hen' the iipfccla) t^th^to" Cht . f " - 1 i 1 - '- ' -j --.i- v K • "i 'was tipped off a feller had, been buying drinks for mo' ; ln I*. A. was bn my trail. A station flgimt at Daggolt, In tho Mojave desert, told ino two bloodhounds had been expressed In. 1 kept my mules there* ' • cbhtrbl with; — — »^ r f T^ ^ ' "' j^ " " w»»—•— ^^ ^ » ^mf ~ • " P r^- ' .tUifliV'dbrbb^tidh'- 1 itiso tfol :of I3onwlt Teller & C6. The deal for Franklin ' Simon & Co* was concluded last Wght between Atlas, ;Bayden, Stohe & AVer- thelm.A Co., Hemphill, Noyes & Co., "Well. I Ht out from ttaggett with and Bntanuel & Co., and attorheyii mulep tor a water hole 60 miles out in the rocks. There was no other water f01*. miles around, "There I watered the mules, then dOmped some poison Jn \tho waterhole and put up a sign, "bad Water." I lit- out agaln.VTho bloodhounds cttme Up soon after. Of bbinfse they <spuldtt f t reud, and Just blew up When, they watered themsolvosi in L. A. I found it vt&» n feller who had got a cbui>l6 of bloo4houndtf from a jail there and was going to'find out where I got my gold. for the estate of Franklin the; deal^waa ibr ciUih but the amount involved Wcus not made pub* A t ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' " L v - '- " He. .' ••; : f ^;- 11 .-.. ••• - . ':- •/:•:.r^r-..:^::-.--,', New directors announced-ar6 Russell B. Dill, Alexander Oumb^rg, L' k Hoyd Hatch, Stoele Mltehell and Maurice Wfinhelm; • FtbyU B. tidlum; head said a study f wbuld bo madtf;ofr, store, before any anrtbimccmfc Were n>ade concerning peraonncl. Frartklln Simon eStabliihed 1 C store ftt Thirty>elghth Fifth avenue in W2 when:. ihd ',4 ** I'm still able to keep a couple of street was a purely campflres, ahead of such bUEzards. My new car is different from the old cayusc. It has no special gas tanks dls- trlot He prosper^ from the start and paved the way for what lias bo- come one of the most fashioniblp yet. But it's good enough to put all shopping districts in the world, tho plunder 1 want into it, and got About five years;ago Atlas Corp mo whore I want to go, when I want oration purchased the Ungerieidei: to go, and plenty fast." tho to- (United /'rc«* /,m«d Wlrr) VVAHJIINfJTON, Oct. 2.— lOxportn of uorotunjUcnl prodmMfi from lh« (7ni»o<l H(n(<*n havo rMii.'hotl during tho current ycnr. rcn department nMturUnl day, KhlpmoiitH of nlronift, oti p/i r I H a i)0 uccnsHorloH tl u rin .IiLiiimry*AuguHt period WIM-O valuod nt fU'PrnxJmulcly $14,000,000, an in- rrouwo of &5 per rent ovi»r iho cor rospoiullng period In If»it5 rind «'J5 por mnl ovor Iho sarno months In HUM. (United I'rcta ftcnted IFire; r "WAHHINaTON, Oct. 2.—John O. Winant, roslgnod. social Hocurlty head, today Hlood free to defend tho net ns ho auw fit as a private cit- Izon. Mcforo leaving Washington, Prcsi- dftnt HouHovoU conferred with Winant nnd accepted his rcfllgnallon although ho said ho was "greatly cHs* Wlhant. former Hopublioan govor- nor of Now Tlumpnhlrc, resigned in (United Proas Lcatcd Wire) BKATTt-in, Oct. 2.—Boeing: Aircraft Co. mechanics today rushed assembly of the first ot 13 giant 10- ton* bombing planes being: bulJt for the United States army. To Jbe tho world's fua tea t and longest ran go bomber, the piano has a 105-foot wlngHprcad- IH 70 feet long and 15 foot high. Tost flights will bo made hero I ho order to roply us a private cUUon to when wing 1 Hcctiotia arc completed attacks on tho social security act by | and instruments on the four engines checked. Tho ship will be flown to Wright Field, Oayton,- Ohio, tor final tostH. Tt was there lust year that a Blmllar but smaller bomber Governor Alf M-. "It IH with donpast regret/' said Mr, HooNcvoUi "that I yield to your wJnh nnd nccopl your resignation/* "Upon reflection and after talking crashed fatally.. L. A. Postal Receipts in 18 Per Cent Gain with you, T luivo come to appreciate your position and tho sense of public duty whfuh impelled your rcslgna- ilon und your wish lo bo a freo clti* •/on, not uimply to clour up mlscon- nnd mlRlntorpretatlonn of Tho army hopes to bo able to use tho new planes to strengthen dofcnacfi In Alaska, Panama and Hawaii. Able to fly nonstop to drop 2000 pounds of bombs on a target 1500 miles away nnd return tb their thn not. but actively to defend the [ base, tho planes will also bo equip* effective defense arma- provlBlons' of the net ped with nnd to oppoHO Hpurloim substitutes." mont. Child, 3, Crashes Dead Financial Corporation .and thereby obtainted control of fiohwit Tollfer & Co. Mrs. Hortenso M. Dpminfcl, the former Mr«, Odium, Is preftld6nt of J^oriwlL Teller. Tho two stores, however, will be operated '8,8 separate Institutions.' (United Fret* Leased Wire) SAN MATKO, .Oct. 2.—Mary Kl- llot, 3, crashed from tho roof of a three-story apartment building, through two glass skylights to Iho main lobby, and death today. Her neck broken, Alary died in tho armn of her mother, Mrs. Katherlno ay When Home V -• : '/\ •••M^a^vMVAdvBtfvA-i^f . • .,„.:••.. , if., ' " " . ~*-, • ' ' r * " (Untied Press Leased Wire) ,-.-• SAN FRANCISCO.- Oct.. 2.—State M~ • • • .- ^- «. —»•*.'» ••• ~^f ^« » -^ •• •••.•^Tf (V •-«.«' *>• • *-** • • • V^ I — , Elliot, while en route to Mills Me-1 Attorney Gon&rttl U. S. Webb, vin a modal Hospital. Mary uritl Palsy McDonald, 2%, wore playing on the graveled roof of the building where their parents live. . Mary, eating an apple, began sliding mea te down tho sido of the glass skylight. | wnn ° thore working on ritate biisi HOGGING IT Ohio, Oct. 2. (A. r.>— COSTIA: HUNT . • Adam Roth, like that myth- METROPOLIS, 111., Oct. 2. (A. P.) olofelcal Grecian t,ady Circe has too | Charles Lbvcrkamp and his son. Almany hogs on hlfl farm. Roth told Sheriff Tom Pask that, tho hogs— 31 of 'em—had simply "taken up" at his place and wouldn't leave, and ruling to A..13> Stockburger^stat^ rector of finance, held• "today".* that legislators are riot entitled to finaiv allowances for lodgings, and own home towns bcrt, participated in -fox hound hiint races here but not acoardlng to tho rules. When tho hounds of' tljo Southern Illinois Fox Hunters 1 As- that ho was getting pretty tired of I soclatlon crossed their farm thoy feeding them while vainly hunting) shot them. It cost them $32,40 each their owner. In court ho f flJiorffifrif /'rr»n l.rnnrd Wirr) WAHMINCrrON. Oct. 'J. - dentil hi-i'o .VcHlrntfty of MTH. M'ini Iillnn. H,'t, wldnw of TJIH|(PI- n. nilwi, in-tny rhli>f of H|«ff during lint World wiu*. \vris ( f u Iti y . Mrs. \\-I\H allrllaitf to shook. r<v from a hip frauturu MUffi-rod Hi) a w*»oU ago. I II Ids WHS a, native of /Vr.M tinned T.OH ANdKLKF*. Oct. 2.— I.OH An- U'H pdHlnl rcr-nlntn tnnk a Jump In Snp1<»mbpr nf tlilH yoar ttfl i:om- purod lu fSoplomhor. 10115. Official* wild receipts of $SI>7,- JtVJu.L 1 :! luHt month i-nproMontod an IS JKT n>nt lri<»rei<AO over tho IDII5 flffuro. A total of $S. 028.053 WHH oolloclod for tho first nliif 1 montliH of thin yoar aw nirnlnst $7,207,«7H fen- tho period tiiHt y^or. AWFUL STOMACH BLOAT AND GAS AS LADY TAKES VAN-TAGE "I Suffered FromSlug&ish Kidney Pains and Heartburn for4 Years," TcstidcH Well-known California Lady. . . . Thanks to Van-Tagc!" TpHttmnnlulH from nil over thU fo ovory ilny of w»U »<Idronsc<t to ; hr>iuU|um l»?r« al ull drug MuUfM'HflrM, Thin now ol' Nature's UurhH »'»tl Si'lrntlflo Mcdii*unientH" IIOH ii"d u vorMnblo nonnntlnn lirro tho quiou n'llof It has given local n>ri»rM from ulugtflHh Sloiuurh, VIM'. K|ihn>yn unU Howrln. You prohubly know notne of Iho who havo gratefully given their toMthnoiilnta. Th« ..nod <xtp|pft of thPHO lottorN nf imtKtrHPiMPiit are on file at tlio ctffiron iind may he soon hy t uny thnc. AVhitl you iidk Ihnn thlA i ttlvon lo men nnil women ' \\v\\\\ ovovy won\ of ihlu 'ft i 9*. THESE TY ER ES \P\U3N \ \ \ \VUH up utv Uouii all I UKOI] VAN-TAUlfi," wrltu« MTN. Kinma Suylor, proml uent Krcnno Yours of Afrony \Vilh Kidneys and Stomach HtriH't. l'*ri'Kin>. IH vory widely Unuwn ri in i hut rnininunlly, nu»l her Blftlo- luoni about VuivTugM HhoitUt vinoo muny nufforovh who huvo ihlnUInK "Vui^TaRi* 1« JiiNt niiothor imd'iit itioitlnliio." Uoud thin ivinurU- «tuiuiiK*iU I'ruin Alrn. Huylar: or ovrr 4 year* I have Muttered y with InucUvo kUUidyn, I tmvl up 0 or 7 tluum every nljfht. nt»ii i no nhout Van-Taico nnd what won- ilerful rpfliiltti Hho had gotten from taking It. flo 1 Hiartod, and 1 am glml I did! Now T can vleep nil night uiul foci «t* g-otHl nnd full of pop during Iho day. My food ttiHtos unod now, nnrt thai n\vful »ournnw« 1 nin ulaO to cndornn \'an U> done wonilrrM for mo. Try bottles or 3 cans of Brown Derby.. • . f - ' • * f '.-.-, . r talnly 21 Mtitural Herbs i New Low Price My food oii, und or i to Hour oh my Ntorn conttnu&U I wu0 t*o bloated and full that ut tlmen i thought T burnt. Kuts and Sleeps Normall Tlmo In Years I \*\\ up at Vhln awful bruko linn my dny l WIIM all \voro out ft.iiU A frk'iul of rolutt. Mrs. Hhrlv'ci VAN-TAUU3 oonuilnn ao MmllcuiurntH — InohultiiK tho UHKAT NATUUAb UKUHH! IU» Ui-eat liiK^HUontH, Homu of tho llorbs Hwoyp right through tho how away the doouyiHl that jn>Uoi)N you; eo»u» I'ltmh ; uiul you don agree ' - orted Pilsner! f -. •f ' • j ' ' While it'a true that beer experts here teristics... the delicate Pilsner flavor *,, and abroad have judged. Brown Derby one of the world's finest beers..,, what the creamy rich foam... t^e lasting lively bead t ..the full hop aroma. We say you'll counts with you is how well YO1J ///re agree Brown Derby matches imported ori the Miluoyft— gently, BtUl others KtUuuUUe the vital tiona tit the Mtomuoh ana loW polling tho painful gun and biota, 20 MILLION HO'iTLKs of this for- mulft have V>wn soUl! Duo tu euor- moi|« «ulo«, the price iH nvirpriwingiy low, l*N>r only u few ct>ni« a clny you can ITH your supply of YUM-' from tho KII»UM*U Drug store. Owl, Hlul ull lit her loHtlinir In tluki>r«fioUI, I'uft ntul ^ ™ ^f ^^f r m ^B ^~ Bturl out luUuy on ihin N>sv lo it. And so we say: TRY BROWN DERBY.,, AT OUR EXPENSE IF YOU ARE NOT SATISFIED IT EQUALS IMPORTED PILSNER. This guarantee covers all th«fi0charac* years to come* every single point —or your money back. B * 4- ' n Try this American beer sensation fo- -* f i r . We believe you'll make a discovery that will mean greater beer drinking en* joym«nt — at real money savings OUAKANTfll << BOTTLES 3 CAWS) FKSfi/fyo Dmrby •QUA/C Mail hot Urn cap* or fmo- or/ronf ofc«ct with Mi* r your opinion to Brown Box rftfO. O*ft/«nrf. CtUf, for 4 Jj*o*. or 2 bottt»9 or J e«n», p/ua yoiir po*l ae «*n* /o you. • ^^ _ the AT YOUR NBIOHiORHQPP OROCIIlY v. v SA •^;- '•*. -'••• -i •. ••

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