The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 15, 1938 · Page 5
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 5

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 15, 1938
Page 5
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SATURDAY, JANUARY 15,1938. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. NINE How About A Bit More Attention To Want Ads And Their Economies? liHiiiiiuiiititj ...... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiii ....... nti ....... mini ...... iiiiiuiipiiiiiitiiiiii ...... iijiiiiiiiiiiiiti ........ nun ...... iiiimiiiiiiniiiiii ..... mm ....... nun ..... iiiuii ........ iiiinini ......... i ....... niiiiiiiniii ..... uni ......... niiinuiiiiici ....... iiiiiiinn ...... utiniiiiniiiiiJin ....... i ..... n ..... i ................ u ........ iiiiniiiiiiiniiiici ..... linn ..... niiniii .......... 11 ....... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiinii] ......... iiiniiiiiiiiiuiiiiiuiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiin ...... i ..... minim ..... i ....... ninni ...... iiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinmnHniiPimmfflnimtiK ~ HERALD-MAIL INFORMATION All ads are restricted to their proper classifications and to tn« regular Herald-Mall style of type. Errors In advertisements should be repor'ed immediately. 1 he Herald-Mall will not be responsible for more than one Incorrect Inser- Advertising ordered tor Irreyulal Insertion takes the one time rate. PHONE yOUH CLASSIFIED ADTO 10< - 105 - 106 No ada taken for less than a basis of three lines. Count six average •words to the line. The average •word contains six letters. Daily rates per line for consecu One time ...»..•.,., Three times «. «-. Six times -,-,-- , All Classified Advertising l» CASH-IN-ADVANCE Announcements .06 Personals ue en B ,-ave.l ^^, a ^': Betty Wlini Shoi^i KJV«ali.__bt_ i 'Winterized 30-DAY GUAUAfi STI1DEBAKKR Sedan ..? FORD DeL. Sedan . • FORD Fordor Sedan WILLYS Sedan 250.00 I IIS.00 K10.00 »r>.oo 100.00 6S.OO uri.oo DO.1)0 5o!oo •liioo 25.00 ToW "' hike Tlicsc All Safely Tested ifiss FORD Coach .. — ;,",;,;;'i;;l irll CHEVROLET Slit. -(,nupo **•• 1?13 o£bSJ10BlL,Ii! » .Sedan .- ij» 1°33 CHRISI-KB Convt. hedan ^.1.1 1S35 CHEVUOL.KT Si-i ••>"•••• ' !l9 And I;0ts Wore J.Ilto 111 em ™ • 3 n CHEVROLET Coupe ...... ? j» •23 EU1CK G Coach .......... J« • an ........... " •^10 EU1CK 6 Sedan •31 CHRYSLER 6 Coupe ..... •21 CHEVROLET Sedan ...... •~,\ FORD Sport Coupe ....... •30 GRAHAM 6 Sedan . ...... •31 HUDSON 6 Sedan ......... •S3 DODGE Coupe ............ •33 TERKAPLANE Coupe ... •°0 WHIPPET C Coach . . . ---40 Others to Select Frorn Ton Get A Better Used Car Frorn A Eulck Dealer — So Visit THE USED OAK MARKET 224 Frederick St. Phone 2206 The Thumma Motor Co. BnicK Dealer. PACKARD A Safe Place to Buy Used Cars 1117 PACKARD Tour. Sedan . .- DON'T FIGHT YOUR OLD CAR ALL WINTER and Save Tvnde II in on 11 winterized, guaranteed OK Used Car a I HOFFMAN CHEVROLET SALES Money, Time and Trouble. • Auto Cruiser House Trailer, •>i ft wilh car. fully equipped Including booster brakes, .it n. Imr- I'rlVhA SV'^LK Sedan, perfect, con- ditioV,, wllh radin & heater. 1S37 CHEVROLET Sport Coupe, -ivith radio airl heater. 1936 FORD Sport Coupe. Equipped with radio and heater. 1334 LA SALLF, Sedan. Blue, Fleetwood body. In excellent condition throughout. 1116 CHEVROLET Master 6 Coach. Black finish with red wire wheels, fine condition. 1336 FORD Tudor Sedan. Trunk model onv.ippeo with radio. 1935 RUICK DeLnxe Sedan. Equipped witli radio and heater, fine condition thruout. 1835 CI1KVE St. Coach. Black, has had excellent care. 1935 FORD DcLuxe Tudor, with radio Has had excellent caro. 1937 CHUVKOLET Tractor &: 20 ft. Fruehanf Trailer, van typo body, .fully equipped. 1937 CHEVROLET Dllllll new liercule- body, 'lew rubber. ) ,t CHEVROLET TRUCKS, Ion panels, I 1 /? ton stake and dump b idles. .Many Oilier Makes and,Models Priced Accordingly Terms tn Suit Your Income Truck, liydrnulic dump HOFFMAN ClirOVROLETKAI-ES, Inc USED CAR LOT 213 W. Washington St. Phono 458 Look For Iho Ills Neon Sign "Between tlie Railroads" HFRF, A HI! ONLY A F.KW OF OUR GOOD USED CARS. ALL READY FOR WLXTKR Blim.N'O 1985 FORO Coupe *2i5'8!l 11)33 OLDS Sport Coupe *.. 3C5.0II ! !>31 3TORD Vlclorla _. 145.00 930 RUICIC Sport Conpo . Ur,.00 SSI NASH Sedan -.. LIB.00 5,10 GRAHAM Hednn 125.00 1030 CIIKVROf.K'l 1 Sedan .. 1IB.OO 192!) FOI!,) lldKlr «">.00 1927 HIIICK Sudan 50.00 Get A tlooil Used Car From PONT1AL SALES ,<i 18 E. Franklin St. »» Phono 154(1 I v lug Thumma Motor Co. Automotive Automobiles For Sale 11 VEItY SPECIAL PR1CEU FOH QUICK SALE 1036 CHRVSl.Ult Sedan 1035 PLYMOUTH Coupe. 1935 CHH.Y.YSI.EH Sedan. 103( OLDii.MOHlLH Sedan. 1834 CHKY3UOI! Sedan. MAKYLANti MOTOR CO.. Inc. Distributors Chrysler-Ply mouth 5S-C2 W. Franltlln St. Plione 2500 It & f< USIOD CARS AT CIUOATI.Y HKDUCKU PRICES l'j;U KOHL" UeL. l^ordor. Iladio & healer (I!em.) 1037 li'ORD llel.. Fordor. (Dem.) 103" l-'ORl IJeL. Tudor. Heater. (Low mileage.) 1037 l''ORL Tudor. lilHIi FORD PeL. Tudor. Trnk, ho t r 1936 FORD Tudor. 1936 FORD Deb. Coupe. Radio & heaUr. 193S FORD fler.. Tudor. Radio. 193f> FOR. i DeL. Tudor. 1935 FORK Coupe. 1934 FORD DeL. Tudor. 1934 FORD DeL. Coupe. 1934 FOR, Convertible Coupe. 1932 FORT Co^pe. 1930 FORD Model A Coupe. 1936 FORD Pickup (very good,) 1936 FORD 16 Dump Trnok. 1936 FORD 131 Dump Truck. 1935 FORD 15 Stake Truck. FORDSON Tractors. NIOW.MAN AUTO COMPANY Plioue 74. BmlthalHil-B, lid. Autos For Hire 12 TAXI servant 17 yrs., nslns Hth new car. No one hurt, no one run down. Paul II._.hiliiiji_qii._Pii_lillii_ln_s. Motorcycles and Bicycles IB CO.UPLFTF. line of bicycle i)iirts, tires & accessories; repairing. _T_wl£K— Cjl ( ' 1 - f i_('0.._43 N. Mulberry. Repairing -L Service Stations 16 ~~O ivic:~— (.ieiHmil re- .storage. Ambrose's Clantee, liiiiii 1QJ W. Wash. HI. CALL 722-^SlfAFKli'S O A RAG 11, for g-eiioral iiulo repairinfi: & tow- rlus Business Service Business Service Offered 18 ULASB—Sold and replaced in automobiles, mirrors, window glass. Glass Shop. 11 N. Locust. Ph. 2693 W NOTICE—A. Oaylor lias a complete repair shop for (rucks and autos. Ceneral blacksinilh, acetylene welding, frames, borly. , fenders, axles, springs and bumpers. Motor repairing. ^OC-20S K. Washington St.. iliiseisowli. .Md. Radio Repairing 18-C MILLER'S RADIO SERVICE All Mak-s Repaired. Open 8 A. M. tf 9 P. M. 4 N. Mulberry. Ph. 636M Insurance and Surety Bonds 2S S'J'ATE AUTO, Compensation &. Fire Insurance. .1. "B. Burgesser. 17 NftKley Bide. p |j£ no 5W. Repairing and Reflnlshing 29 F~.i7~GACIv—Kirupliolsterinff 4 t re- liairlng furniture. Mattresses renovated work lirst. class, reasonable prices. Ph. 230H.1. .'Ill Center St. Employment Help Wanted—Female 32 WOMEN — Who today sew. Write me tr opporLiinily Lo earn extra money without rati- vassintf. llarford, Dept. 9933;!, Cln- Help Wanted—Male .\ PAY rig-ill landsoa establLslicil y business, lilxperieuoc ?60,0ll Ilt'SH KL.MAX — |.;\porionccd oil men's rlol.hiii^; for oul -of-lown work, lu-plyiiiff state atfi', expcri- etu-e. suliiry e-xpecleil iiod refer- eiu-i-s Acldress Kox 1 1 L', c/n ller- ____ FAR".\ I l-fl'e^J I ar r fiTl~ by montli. .Must 1)0 AVrile Jlox10S, o/, kno 'pref __ \VA~.NTI.JD by pjiny. Age 3j well . to (>0 . JOxperipuce not neces- Immediiuc slrndy imroiiK! fnr with oar. IVrite P. T. Weli. r ,62 St;uidnrd Ruildinpr, Clevc- Ollin. _ Rlun Light Brck's 'I'aver __ _ "ciuTurFcurs In rails. Apply d'rlvo re;ir Help— Male and Female EXTi E l~Tlb .N A I ; opportunity new line. Apply Heal Silk Ho with . osiery, 205 llcCrory llhlg., Monday, 9 to 12 a. m. _ Situations Wanted—Female 36 11KF1NED middle aged lady desires work as companion or housekeeper in small respectable family. References furnished. Bux 2G;i, Shop- lierdslowi,, W. Va. SETTLED Kir'. Adult family In Pox 110 c-o He uts ilsrht worli. near city. Write d-.Mnil. Financial Business Opportunity 38 UKKTAUUAN'T I'orsnie selling beer, rloiiig go-id business. Splendid lu- c.-itirm Write Hox 1(1;^, Horahl^ Money to Loan— Mortgages 40 TO LOArJ— On good fat Hartman. MONEY mortgages, 67». H. P. 15 N. Jonathan St. MONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGES W. MURRAY BAECHTEL Agency. SOt-E-6 Second Natl. Bank Bldg. MONEY TO LOAN ON MOUTUAliES N. B. ROWE. 26 N. Potomac SL MONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGES GROW REALTY CO. 13 Sujpjnlt Ajve. 5% MONEY for First ftlorlgages. H. T. Brewer, T. C. Lindsey. 214-15 and Nat. Bailk_JHji-£^ Ph.JHjU Instruction Musical, Dancing, Dramatics DANCING CLASSES—For beKinners (ballroom) every Moil. & Thurs S Poultry and Supplies 19 " "poultry Martin's CUSTOM halchlliK chicks, supplies. l.nrro feeds. Hatchery. Pboue 40S7KI3.. "" CUSTOM"" HAfcillNll - Mnrahall Hatcher , Memorial lilvd.. K. I. hone 062.1. Chicks on .inlo at Howard's Feed fi'ore l j noiio _SU6. __ Wanted— Livestock 60 POULTRY - All wanted. Zlinmo Cor. Church £_•!_< nils and eggs »n Si Wlsliard, .than. Ph. 2271. Merchandise Articles for Sale (1 DAIRY HOTl.EUa—New 2 11. P. tubcless hollers, mooting slate n- Hpocllon. Priced reasonable. Iln- gc£M^ow_u I'UiuIpment^Co^ PI^_H^: FjTECTTiTcMOTORS—Airiypes and pii.os; als * accessories A parts; ro- nalrlnR a specialty. HaBerstown Equipment Co.. Md. Aye. Phone 146 BLISCT1HC MOTORS & PARTS— Nor- ftnc 1 used motors oontrol devices. We repair & rewind all sizes, any mako or type. GREF.NWALT MLir.CTIUC_CO._ I'liono JHJ. FUR'NACEH — Pipe, hose, 'imitinir. puilovs, plninhlng supplied, OF- li'lCK FURNITURU llanerslown rttinlpmetil Co.. Maryland Avo. I'liono 146. _ FOR SALTS—MfliTd"l«plny enn", "ioo- Irlc, with new FrlFldalro compres- nor. Recreation Center, 130 S. Qusen St., Martlnsburn. ,W. ,\'n, Merchandise Articles for Sale 51 1 10 FT. Ottpriieim«r display CUSP, colls iiml <v>mi>ros»<»'. ? 100.00. John- Hlou, ''00 Mulberry Avo,_Ph._10C6.1. MM AT iUsi>)iiF«iiH<>s. Walk In boxea. Uoimn'o««ciH colls, carbomUorN. sodu fountain parts, new or used, i-H eaii Jiiln.HUii. DUO .Mulbnrry STUlHJTIUtAT, HTHKL . Snvliigrt n|) .to dU<& &. more. MIX i'll'J-: & .MKTAf-R COUl 1 . 304 \V. <-Ji.»_ l ' tl|l _ Ht '_ P !!"L 10 -. 10 iV sTll'IiilTsT;?" .\l.~"pleolri<: rof rlecrn- tor. Double doers. Urifrliml price S-HIO. Suitable for STorery store. $2.00 caHh. Writo Box 10.'), Herald. WASHING machines repaired, parts & wringer rolls. Jones Appll- Service, 24 Summit Ave, Phone 24. machine, nnitfi on loca- good paying. Write Box 111, Herald-.Mall. Coal and Wood 56-A COAL — COKE — WOOD High Quality Plus Good Service UillSTEU COAL CO. Phone 778. 69 W. Lea St. "We Make It Hoi For You" DISTRIBUTORS — o7~Pr~Autom a 11 c Coal Burners. AYKRS BROTHERS Rr. 33 W. Antletam St. "Original"'Pa. Egg and Lump Co:il All Sizes of Pocahontas, Run Mine Phone !),00-!101 __ GION. HljID~ASHT J YKE"NS~VAr J LEY Furnace, tleatrola Special JS.ftO W. M. BE ATT Y. PHONE 120SJ POCAHONTAS — Nut . or stove. Perm. lump. Lykens Valley, pea. nut or stove. Mine run & stoker coal. Call or se« PEOPLE'S COAL CO. Phone 2036 10_JUcCoinflg gV ^= Household Goods .. Of All Coiil Ran yes 1 Jeatei'K nnil Oil Circulating II enters ConvpniPiit Terms SHOCK hlY KL'RN ITU IM3 CO. 2S-;(0 Suiniiiit Av,.. Phono 1270 N~K\V Living Room Suite . . . ?:tS.6ft New Sttit'lo CutR-lins ......... If,. 00 ForsyUi KltiriitfR, Mill __S1. ___ ~RU(J~ l',;idy must s Amerlcnr, Oriental malfily !Lvl2 lOxu run, J llcni c KM ;--n Radio Equipment 62-A lY"l :~A used. u " raTl "l7~Sl itfli 1 1 y \\'ill m-ll chesip. tni, priced- rejusoiiahlf': UK! N. »' i n».". Apt. No.. «-. PI'-. 139.0.1. Wanted to Buy GOOU Kin-olid liniiil funiiUini want- i!il. M. LI- Bnrm-y, IS W.'I'Tiuiktiii J-il. JMioiLR IILT.K. l; ' KnTn^KoTfTi''~"--~ \T'nuu?nnyirni:i tVnm f urn IN tr rcctMvintv "hint. Hliite wliero unit qmnilil.v of milk Imnl- Inif. \Vrltn Mox JI4 c-o Hcrald-Ahill. Rooms and Board Rooms Without Board 68 all-ally _. __ S. I'o- MARLRORO Hold. ^ST.-l-;.-23i: — h'nrnished i-oiini for one or two. 1JIOLL Apart men t, PoLo _ __ , St.-N.- ;iOl!— Desirable room auilable for 1 or 2 persona. Phone 1 437-.1. __ ~ bedroom ne Phone 11!l.l. "I'.OXT ROOM—Close ill. Conveniences Phone :l?0lt. MT. V10R.NUN APT.— W. Alilielnin St. Furnished bed room for 1 or 2. I J i-ivMe U-.vUi. Amily 4lh tUKH'i wcjit. KOoTf—PrivaU family NorUi 'jOnil, -tiild'.,.!!; g;inig,-. On,: or two I LARGE front furnished bed room, suitable for 1 or 2. Second floor. 1 H(i S Potomac. ^ Rooms For Housekeeping 69 FiTAxT-fLfxfvr-K'fns'-^iY'nTMis'iTTVi rninii ,-ind kitchenette. No ciiii- ______ S'1V N."LW-1 furnish- nd 1 roonif, p r i vn t c ha I h. B;IH a n d ifprht. fs.vr. -_jr..»f>. ph, 32mi._ vTR7Tii\IA~AVlir-SnR—Two Yiirnleh- fd rooms (.or light hoi j;;ek poping. Private entrance. Apply pamt-. ^~A^HINCTf'f).V~A VK. - n j!)—K7i rn isli Rd rooms foi Hg'lH iinusrkcoping-. l.r>dpinK' liy^djiy nr wock. iTT'O'MT-'On'J^Alu.I-] funilshcil i-mmis, all cnnvcnieiu-r-s. Private bath; electric rt'fi'iKvTution. Adults only. J'honc 4S».\1. !li \. \V.\l.Xl'T S'f.— Furnished large. 1 medium; all conveniences. Real Estate For Rent Apartments and Flats 74 APAKT.MEXT— floor, llOfi Oak Hill Ave.. r, rooms nnd limb. Xicoilomns Xallnnal liank, Trustee of Kst.-ito of John II. Jones, dc- ATTK—^{i:j-r,07 S. J'otoniac, K- W. Ant.. Hill Crest Road. 22 N. Potomac. Public Square. JJUOII REALTY Co.. 13,Snlnmit Avo APAliT'lfKNT—Newly" papered and liaintcd, -1 iarce rooms, hardwood floors, janitor service all year around. S27.SO. . 1-IAOKKSTOWX FEALTY CO. 12 W. Franlilli. SI. • Phono 16li FA7IKI ROUND A VK.-37—Fnrnislicd apartments. Reference required. 6TfKY~OAl!Liss— Furnisliod iipart- niont. 3 r'Min-s and Imlli, newly decorated sunny bedroom. Polo- mac at Osilsjmil Ave._ApnIy A_pt._4_2 FATfiUROUN"i~AVE.-114 —1st floor, .1 room apartment; coiivenlences. Apply 53.'! Brow- 1 Ave. Ph. 105.1-M. MA.MILTON KLVU.-SIH — 3 room liatli. F 1926.M. irnished. 2nd floor. Plione HAMILTON Bi.VI).-92(l—3rd lloor, iXorlli. Refrigerator, garage; possession at once. Call SOS or 10S9U. HAMILTON ELVD.-S1S — 1st floor. ,6 room apartment. No children. W. Fra.ik Wolfe. Phone 6(R. __ SiOLLIOR Al'A I IT JI B N TS— Vc ry d e - slraltie five room ap:irl inent.; poss. ill. once. Cal- .\Jh-. Harp J12!i<»|._ OAK~T/ILTrAVk-71. r i — New fi room modern, automatic heal; Immediate posscssk>n^_ I'liono 2.1IH or 2221 M ; ' '" _ POTO\LMl AV ini-iil, in-ival ^ilble. Poiisofisioll at. once. I'll. J2??;'; P(J r l'byrAc"ST."-S.-2.r7— New 4 room apsirtincnt, bardwood floors, all modern con vs. poss. at once. Call 778 or 3677W Leister Coal _Co. _ pjlos'pioc'r snvs.^Ti'2 — "a room apartment exclusive location. All convenience:!. Phono 19 or Ifi2<. TWO KOO.M :ip:irlniciH enelle. Apply ll'i Kroadw^iy. 'l T iTri~T7jRitAl"I''-93d—I! rooniH and bnlli. Adultr Immedlnto possession. Phono IOMU. 6 ROOM, apartment, elevator service. l-'anncrs & Merchants Rank Rldg. 57 \V. WnahlnKtoji St._PJion^_101_ 5~nOOM Apartment In tlio ML Royal Apartmon'. 673 Oalc Hill Avr\__PJiono_1021 or 277n\y. Farms an'd Lands for Rent 76 TiflNANT wTlTr.siV.oli, ei|illpinrnl; 110 acrti farn near railroad, Rig Spring Dlsl. See fleorgo 0. Hny- dor, IiOfl iniml ^_[dg PI'- _2^jl-, i"7]~ACRES—lieHlrablo farm, i mill No. Clcarsprlng on MorcrnliR. ronil. Hun. water nnd mod, conv. Mm. C. jr. gtrlt*. Phono H1F1 CUaraprlnK. IS THIS A SOUND ARGUMENT— OE JUST NOISY TALK? Well, if one of the men is maintaining that Want Ads pay, it is a sound argument, sure enough. And if the other man claims that Want Ads don't bring results, that is noth- ing but noisy talk. Real Estate For Rent Houses for Rent \Vate Ca stalled. ne_Kiir«_ before BRICK HOUSE—4 bedroom living room am! UHchen. 400 block Nortl\ I'hid. Low •\pply -Milum Kohler, 417 '""" , Heater.In- tatTf, In the )lonm<;_KL_ _ , |.'.\II-ll'I,AV~ ilil.— 6 Jh-s K.ilKiir .Mllli-r. IMke, ]c'uuU:,lowil_i:r - room liousc. ShariisbnrB ;,2S ciiiiifoi-ii, _-i£tcT_c__p._M_. •OOL> lioTrsiOS—30' Heynolds Ave.. J 'MO Fairground, 50:1 S Poloinac. Western i'iite, liroiullordiiig I'd. HLVU.-S2!i—Modern C • hot water beat: im- sesaiDii; Biirage. Apply i. Hlvcl^ ^in'i house. Apply 620 room hoiih mediate pi S27 llamil AVE.-3S—: mil" - er.stou-n, on Hl[Un iiiise. si'Vi'.i ronin ur heat, L.|f.:trii:it iu-iBO, well nnil i' . W. .MUaiiAV llAlOCIITlOi, ABPni'.v. Km*. :il)4-r>-0 Ki'l:._Nlll. I"'"- li l"J^;._ XVlNTiTFTsT .-SI— ^ rnolil house. All (•i,nveiileii(.-cs. Apuly 1034 Jlaniil- _ __. _______ _ uHTcTl ST.-42I— C rooms .t Apply -*• -N'ortli Ave. Plione \v. c balb. 710.1. llT KOO.MS wltli bath, lavu ;lnl lloor, iiiinlwood lloors, ^pnlyJIO _K. J'Vanlillii__Kt._ Wanted—To Rent P.N1SHKU 1IO.M E or Apartment— Xorlli I'^nd preferred essential. N'tMMi :t rooms or (1!) I wo bed and maid's room. rL'fi-ig'(;ralor. Can liivisl In- rcasoiullil... I'll 1772.1 ,.r wrllii 11. Klrblni i'r, -N'. J Rec^l^Estate ^FoLSaje Farms and Land For Sale to stonn laii'l, riinui iricily ;' able. II . W. Franklin M ilia B! 2-1-1 A. limc- i'ig water, elcc- I^-lcc frasoll- Rnalty C"., 12 Phone ififi. _ " hard FA'RM—ir, A., near tow St. Phone I^J;-_ .. TTitTiTo RADT:~ farins, priced right; 3:, A.,'» mile., out. very IV'odnr.- tivc good improvements. K, 1 A., •> bmiKes bank barn, ruiinliig water :lll A., noil- (irecncastlc. modern bldgs., running- water. I!'l A. new bldgs., running water, Clly J4SOO. K. L. V. loun S. i,ocust_St. SMALL FARM — Fruit &• plenty wa- ler, ample out bldgs., near school, ji^vJyjiaii'ejilUJ.'rnis. 22;.«_el_loviie av 7 —HI & 16" A. farms. In excellent condition, wit'i elcc-.ricily. liidenour, ,SmitJisJ)iirg _.^_d II. 1:16 D. M. Houses For Sale _.. Jvingall' all s(i,:tio •F-IHAP—Uoublo. ?1H'< Washington Ave. .i Ave (iooil buys 1" .lohn L. Swain. _20SM. •T)"lt «Tl7c.ic"sALE—liesirahlo resi- dnm-o. I'olonilii! Ave. Oil burnnr. ,fter L S. Spangler, 2nd 1 Nail. Rauk'Hldg. ruwTTdoubie brh-k.' sV'Pot. St. Double, Halfway. ?3r>00. Double brick, N'nrth Ave pi iced to sell. 9 room bom " Pol. Ave.. ?SOOO. Good double Va. Ave. low price, n Ice hml. - ing lots. Bryan Place. SjOO. Miole Really c'o Airad^J.ilds.^ _ _ iTlIll FOUI AVE. —Uonble invesl- nient Hrlck duplex- ideal location and slirroun-lliiBs Inrge lot, two cur garage S3500. Farm -12 acres 3 mi. out .sacrifice. We have a number of desirable liomci and apts. that can be bought with a down payment ot 10% and Iho balance payable monthly at 5% Interest. N. B. Rowe, 2G ;;. Potomac St. nX\rfi7i'bx r BLVix—curiis iniiit c room modern home Immediate posj session. " " " Tliurmat Co., 214 24S1. . . -.:. Llndsey. Court P.caHy 2nd -Nil. fnk. llldg. Ph. for HOMES, Lots insurance also rents collected. s"' f E. Fry. 1100 Hamilton Blvd. Phone rF~TIl ERE Is anything you waul, in Real Eslale. Loans or Insurance we have It. John E. Taylor Agency, 309 A-i-ndnJIIdS. Plione S3S. fF YOU WANT to liny or sell real eslato sec C. 10. Wing«;r. 12C> E. MODERN CIA'S "H'O.NIE—7 brick. Hamilton Blvd. Kotiludel, Fiink.stowii. Md. NTiUV 6 room"liouHO, all modern conveniences. Hardwood floors, Clly water & light: !i A. ground, outside corporation. For quick s-ile $280000. Hiigerstown Realty Co., 12 W. Franklin Si. Plioue IfMl, VTll(Ti"STA A/ViO.—.Modern 6 room bath, fnrniuv!, S.'IMIO. Terms. (!l!OIt REALTY Co., l!l Summit Ave S RdoTfTrTek house Virginia Ave. c;ili bo IIM:,| a! rcslilenco or Invesl- menl nroiMM-ty coment basement JfliiOO. HAROAINS Farm City (:niinly-& Conunorcliil Projinrtlos. W. MURRAY IlAEOHTlCr, Agency, Wanted—Real Estate WANT TO HIIV Farm nf lown for cash. tnwn proporly. Wrlln Rox ion, 8« wllblti 10 nr trade oil i/o Herald-Mull. WANTED—13 acre farm, niwlern ronvnnloncos. Hullnbln for chick. JUi_fliJJl'._^rMo r J)px._L06 H!LUL. THB SffiKMINOH ImpOillbU ll often RcooiTipllshod by Clnaslfled AdH, Auctions—Lego Is Legal Notices 91 NOTICE TO CREDITORS— Kslalo ot Walter K. Pnltison, Dei-eased. Xolice is hercb-, yiven. Tliat the subscriber iias obtained from 111,; Orphans' Court of Washington County, Letters of Administration on tiie personal estate ot Walter J-:. PaUisou. late of said county, deceased. All pin-sons having claims against said (leccaseil art; liLM-cliy warnea to .-xiiiliit Hie slime., with Hie votu-lH'rs tlicn'of. legally au- Ilientii-aleil. to tlm subscribe da of August y ollierwisc, liy hn\-, from all bcnclil ot All persons indebted requested to make an immediate payn Civen under day ot .lanii;,ry, A. U I93S. ESTHKR S. SOUTH, Adnunislratrix. UHUEK NISI — la tin: matter of the cslale of Clara 10. Coffiniui. l)e<!eased. . In I lie urpiiaiiH 1 Court ot \Vash- inglon l.'ouniy. Ordered, liv tins Orphans' C'oilrl of Wasliiiigl'oil Ci.unly. lliis Hth day of January, l'.n.s, tliat tbc salt: of real estate iiuu^e by John D. llollyday, Execulo • of Clara E. l.'tiffinan, det-casL-il, ami Ibis day re- porled to ttilt iNiurl, bo ralitled and (•onllrliHHl, unless calls,; lo tilt; contrary be shown to the Court, on or before the f,lb day of February next: Provided a copy of this order bo Inserted in some newspaper published In Washington County, at ouci 1 , a week for three stici-esslve weeks before the said last incut louod day. The report stale.', the amount of sales lo lie 52,ll7ri.UO. ALVEY II. HOFl.'MAX, LI.OYU K. ]IUI''|.'.MAX', ICEI.LEU J. .HEAitll, .ludgos of Ilic Orphans' Court. T'RUIO I.'UPY—TEST: HARRY NEWCOMER. OIIDER In the "mailer of the estate oi Lucy II. Howard, Deceased. Jn the Orphans' Court of Washington County. Onk-n-d, liy the Orphans' Court of Washington County, lliis 1411: day of January, l!i;j.S, liiat the sail of n:al eslate mad by Lucy A Howard, Aitmlnislratrix d. b. n. c. I. liou-artl, d and this dny re|i be ratilied anil ,rtcd to this Court, itlrmed, unles to the contrary be shown to 'ourt, OK or before the 511 if Fobruary next: Provided ,1 of this order bo inserted h newspaper published It lugtnii County, at least once n .}\ for three successive weeks p. Hie said Inst mentioned da. •rporl stales tlie amount of be ?fi OOn 00 ALVEY n. JIOF F.MAN'. LI.OVIl Is. HOFFMAN, KKLLER J. BF.ARD. Judges of tlio Orplians' C'ourt. TRI'E COPV—TEST: HARRY NEWCOMER. Ilegislpr of Wills. ORDER NISI— Jli Ibe mailer ol the. eslato Charles W. Schildl. Drccnscd In the Orplians' Court of Wash- "or?l"ri>il > . l "!ly 1 Hie Orphans' Court of Washington County, this !4tli d-ty of January 193S, that the salf of real estate matin by Walter c, Schiirtl, h.xecutor of Charles W. Scliilill, deceased, and llils day reported lo this Court, he ratified -lad confirmed, unless cause to the contrary lie shown to the Court, on or before the 7th day of February next: Pr ivlded a copy of tills order bo inserted in some paper- published in Wn,ihinB("ii County, at least once a wcok . three successive weeks before the said last, mentioned da... Tlie report states the amount of v-iles to bo J-l^.'i.OO. ALVEY (i. HOFFMAN. LLOYD K. HOFFMAN, KELLER .T. REARP. Judges of UK, Orphans' Courl. TRUE COPY—TEST: • HARRY NEWCOMER Hrtristor if willf. oiini'iit Nisr— Mnvltn V. .M Tin.sleUcr, A^sipuce, wii.sliinKton Cnunlv BnMdlnpr •"I,n;in AK^ocl-ilion, Inc., MortKapc vnrsiiK Charles M. Jlobb, bertha I 1 . HMiL, .MorlpTiiffors. Jn " th'ft ^Jirctilt Court for Wa.sli- Inetnn County siUhiK as a Court Ortioreti,' By tlio Clerfc of the. Circuit Conrl. this 30th day of December 10H7 that tho sales ninflo ant] i-pp'orletl by Martin V. M, ttostcl- ter .MnrlKa^eo. for the sale of Inn rfl.'il CHtal 11 IP tho iirocemliiiKN of tlii.s catiKR mention oil. he ratified and con firm fid, unless cause, to the contrary bo Klmwn to the Court on or before the 2 Hh day of January ojiy of this or- sonif! ncwKpaiJcr , next: Prove . der be Inserted In published in Washington Counly, eek foi three suc- fore, the snid last I, leiisi. nn cflK.sivfl weclts 1) inont ioned da>. The roport .stales tho amount « sales tn t>e ?2,?r.d,0ft. 'I'RUK COI'V-^TK-ST: KDWAHIt OSWALD, Clerk. HERALD - MAIL classified ad- lakers are busy pnople. but they are novnr too bu&y to take time enouffh to r-.olp you prepare an effectively worded ad If you phonA 104 or call at ths offlc*. Classified Display Public Sale OF PERSONAL PROPERTY Tho undersigned lOxeclltor of Jlara 10. Coffman, deceased, will sell at public sale at iler lilte resl- lence on Poplar Street In Funkstown, .Maryland, on .SATURDAY, JANUARY 15 193S, tho .sale lo legln at 12:3C o'clock P. M., tho following described household furniture ami personal property, towit: 1 II. C. .\ Jladln. table model, 1 drop leaf, C-leg table. 1 drop leaf. 4-leg table, 4 beds, bod springs, 2 wardrobes, lot chairs, lot dishes, lo'oking uUMisils, carpets, rugs. 1 ihot gun, and many other articles .00 numerous to mention. TERMS: Cash. No goods to ho removed until settled for. JOHN D. HOLLYDAY, Executor. W. loigenbrode Anel. ILHC OF Tho underslgnert execulor of S.irali !R, Pouii' 1 , deceased, will sell public sain one-half milo onst of ...votown, on rond leading' l f| i'ox- vlllc, on SATURDAY. JANUARY" 22, AT 12:30 O'CLOCK The. foliowhitr described live-stock, efjuipmenL and liuusoliold furniture; One, hay, corn and fodder, pray rigr,, ^ horse ivaRou and ladders, spring "xvaffoiii hand cart, hugr- :y, wind mill, wleitvh, corn sliellei', iniwer, 4 ulimbinK- lnddern, In nine r, chains, traces, pulleys, eas en- S'ine on truck, 3-bottom orchard 1>! o u', 1 p 1 o ws, d ra K h a r r o w, 'K 1 n gj e nnd diiuble trfteti, U briar hooks, '5- Kliovel cultivator, harness and nets, (i forlis, eu I tins I) ox, 2-horse bar- share plow, I -horse bar.sliare plow, double v.on; plow, 2 bbls. vin^sar, Ti barrels, IOC tfiil. spray lank, (Train cradle, 8 iron ketlle.s, noi-n s IIP! lor, ciirn grinder, peacli rrute material, HP inn ing reel, H(e|il;iilder, nt saw. :! .^awy, yrindslone, feeil hook, hair bitslicl nnd pock measures, 2 puir.s primers, st eel- yards, carpenter tool. 1 !, hroail axe, '/• l>hl. conper keltic, •• axes, 1 (![(?- KinK iron. i:ook .stove, a kitchen tables, .sink. L candle molil.s, HIUI- ndei- bniK.s Kettle, flat- I'kor.s high chair, cupboard, iloiig'htrny. ^hoeiiinker Ktil ^iu ids, UniNKclM i<iuo; Ingrain Ullclicn eh air, wl, ja r.i. (al)le. •lier and :arpr:(, bo.v \vnt~h lio oil lamps, spinning- wheel ia ! r, side saddle. picture small dies 1. plates, coffee ;1 mi.scellaneuu.s articles not mentioned. CASH. JOHN P. POUND, ]>:.\-ecntar. i,lii-ode, Anel. t.ard X.-. D. O. JNuind, Clerks ,-fSI L in 1 E OK HUXdALOW. S4;t VI Rfl INI A AVKNHK IN irAC-KRKTOWN, -MAitVLANlJ Tiio iiiHler.siened by virtue; of power of sale c'jntuiiKJd in a mortgage recorded In Liber.1ST, folio SO, de- lault Imvliifr heen made in the payment of the moi-U'iitfo tiebt and other covenants contained in said mortgiiBO, will ol'l'ei- for .sale in front of (he Court Jioiiso In lou-n, .Maryland. mi TUESDAY, KKUKUAltV 1, - I'J^X, Ijetwecn the hours oC 1;00 and :f:UU o'clock p. in. all that lot ot land together with Improvetnent.s thereon situate the Northwest inUrsectlon of Virginia aveniK! and Union Street, the «nld lol buiiiK known as Lot No. 7 on a plat, tit lots called. "Howare! Park" recorded in Plat Record 1 folio 124, and i.' tho name lot of land which WIIM cnnveyiM. tn Clarence D Berber and wife by deed dated Maj 17, i!i^:i anil recorded in Liber IGy, This lot of land Is Improved by •i bungalow ortitiiinfng- .six rooms, biilh. all modern convenit-ijce.s, '- oindinf? a. hot water li»aliiib*' «>*** the furnace if tlii.s systein will have lo lie replaced Tim interior ol holt. lillon and the iMifi little than IL is -splendidly lo- ery line home. Two is hi sph-ndtd tin; proporlv n coat of paint. cated and is a car prarage. . Possession on day of sale, subject to ratification. TKI1MS OF SAL1-5: One-third cnKli on the, day of sale or ratificaUrm (hereof by Iho Ourt the residue !n our. and twn years from day of sale, Ihe defr-rrerl payments to bo sails- fanlnrily pRcured and to hear lntp,r- epl frmii Hie day of SR!I?; or nil casl at tho option of the purclm.ser. ViowAnn r. HARTMAN AFFipn^R 01 ^ .\Tnrtfrafjee [•'rrd ^r. While Ancllniippr. ' & COIICTl- ilAUVljAXD J^y virtue M :•. ]JO\vur of .snlc laiiicil in a r.i-rUiiii inortBaBo dated .WrHi =0, I".",, anil duly rccm-dcd In J,il,cr 171. foi In 2-1. of Hi" L "," d Itci'ordH of Washington Comity, default, liavinff occurred In the cove- '1 tho Siiid mortRaRO havinK hecr duly :is«iKnod to the iinclorslBncc: for Iho. |)iir|)nse o, fiirculosurc am rollcntlon, Ilic iiiHlersiKiiiMl will oC- frr nt imhlic sale i" f™"t of the Court House In I [itpo.r.stou'M, Wfish- Inston I'ounty ^larvhiinl. on TU1 DAY, JANUArtV IS. 1IJ3S. }><*"' the luMivs ot 1 nnil S n'clorlt ]'. M., all thoao valnahlr I"l5 or Parcels r,f ronl rst.'ilu topetlier with tiie improvements thereon, situate on the south sido of the Stnln Road cast of tho Conocochcapjuc (.reelt. near Wilsons, about. 7 miles west of Hacprstown, In WashlllRtnn County, Muryland. hnliiK (he snmo that was eonveycil to Andrew N. '1 rum- power and wit hy Georpe \V. Howe and wife by rleeil dated May 23. 1S23, and recorded in I.ibcr IBu. folio -169, of the Land Hceords of WoshhiRton County, reserving and excepting, however, from sail] conveyance, that lot or parcel of land conveyed hy tho said Andrew N. Trunipower ami wife to John O Snyder hy deed dated the 2nd day of September 11)2:1. »ml duly recorded In l.lber 172. folio -132, of the Land Uncord* of WashlllRton Connly. This tract of land Is composed of i. lot fronting 100 feet on said .State Highway and extend- IIIR hack therefroni 2»1 feet and also 1.7S acres imnicdialely south thereof. Since tlio rebllildiliR of Ibe Slale HlRhway. these lots are Ideally located. 'IMio Improvements on this properly consist of a two and one-half slory frame dwellini house will- composition roof. TKKMH Ol-' SALK: One-lhli'd of Ihe price to he paid the day of sale or the rnlllli'nll thereof hy the roilrt nnd Ibe balance In Iwo equal annual payment; In 1 and '.'. years respectively from (he day of sale, deferred payments to be seeu-ell (o tlie satisfaction of the linderslRiied. or all cash at the option of the purchaser. ELLSWORTH 11. ROUM'ITTR, Aflslffnee for tho purpose of foreclosure and collection. Joseph C. Snydor. Auctioneer. PLEASE! When answering any of these ads, either by writing or in personal interview, kindly state that you saw the advertisement in the Herald-Mail. Phis will immediately identify you as a progressive quality reader, aid the advertiser, and insure you the very best service. O.N'E OF THE BIQGEST public services in Hagerstown Is per- ormcd by the Herald-Mall Classified Section, n satlslles everybody's Public Sale Classified Display Public Sile PUBLIC SALE Of livestock and equipment of Alice K. Biiasard, Huyetta, Maryland. 4 miles West of Hag-erstown, JANUARY 21 1938, at 12:00 o'clock. 1 bay mare, acre 6 years, weighing approximately 1300 Ibu., good leader. 1 bay mare, age 12 years, weiRh- ln*T approximately 1500 Iba., good leader. 2 milch cows. FARMING MACHINERY 2 horse wagon and bed, wagon and ladders, Deering binder, 2 deer- ing mowers, horse rake, McCor- mick-Deerinir lime sower. Superior grain drill, Oliver corn plow, 1 bar- share plow, 2 spring tooth harrow*, single shovel plow, double shovel, plow, single and dnuDle trees, full line of harness. Some household furniture. And many other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS OF SALE: CASH. ALICE K. BUSSARD. (Mrs. Willlar. Edwin Bussard) Auctioneer; Dallas Ward. Public Sale stock bulls. THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 1938 Starting at 12:30 O'clock The following: . „„— ,-. 9—HEAD OF HORSES-9 2 Colts, comins 3 years eld. Have neen wu^u. 2 Colts, coming 2 years old. 1 Colt, 1 year old. 2^-HEAD OF CATTLE-25 VI, 'tMe^ aS',?'- M — * hS " erS ^ 2 35-HEAD OF SHOATS-35 AYeighing- from <0 to 75 Ibs. - ( TBRMSCX8H. WALTER C . BOWERS, 'C. A. F.OX. Ward, Hlgenhrode and Knadler, Aucts. Long and Cunningham, Clerks. BLK The undersisned, having »old^ my farm, will nmke sale of personal propcrlv consislins of livestock, farming machinery and tools on the Downsvllle Pike near Center Hill, 5 miles soulh of Hagqrstown. Sale Starting at 10:30A.M. MONDAY, JANUARY 24, 1938 ' 7-HEAD OF HORSES AND COLTS-7 ' As follows: , • l_Gray mare, comlngr « yra., work anywhere, in foal. 2_Bay mare, 4 yrs. old, works anywhere, in foal. 3 Biiy horse, coming 4 yrs. old, leader. 4—Bay mure, 10 yrs. old, offside worker. S Roan colt, coining" 2 yrs. old. - - ' tf~-Biiy colt, comlngr 2 yra. old. 7_-]1 of ui colt, coming 1 yr. old. 12—HEAD OF CATTLE—12 Consisting of 0 milch cows. 3 heifers, 1 bull. All T. B. tested. 19—HEAD OF SHOATS—19 Ranging from 30 to SO Ibs. • ' Farm machinery: 2 hornJ Swal;' wagon ^f et ^^\f t t e ^f. nl^e'^pr'eade?" McC-De'Stng mower, P?nn 8 yly£.ia Wll,_ hay Redder, Complete lino oE harness for six horses. 1500 bundles of fodder. HOUSEHOLD GOODS \ chairs', 'a'nrt^ma'ny*'other a'r'ticleV'too numerous to mention. . TEUMS OF SAL15 CASH. No ^oods to be removed until settled' for.: C. E. BOWERS. Aurts, Kliroiihrmle nnd Ward. - : Clerks, 1-otiK and CuiniiufThaTO. • . Lunch stand prfvllepp. reserved. . . . .- 1BLK Notices Notices M Tf^ A" tn"pl (^ Ihpl.r^NxTfTi ;(\ /f^ Tr^ EAT STO1RAO1S Our Sharp Freezer room is ready to receive meat. All completed; order your locker now. Call 4038 F 12 Til Middleburg Pike The undersigned Intending to discontinue farming, will make sale of nersoi al propert • consisting of live stock, farming Implements, machine"" and tools; on , the E. J. Oswald Farm, »i mile Southeast of Chewsvilfe. Wash. Co., Mrt. Sale Starting at 10 A. M., TUESDAY, JANUARY 18TH, 1938 8— HEAD OF HORSES— 8 Bolt/r 'a^biiy 7imre coming 7 years old, works any place hitched. Bill, lilp-ck horse coming 7 years old, strap horse. Hex bay horse coming: J» years old, works any place hitched. Uncle, black horse com hie 6 years old, strap horse. Prince Mack horse coming fl years old, been worked in lead some. A! awl 'bay marc, 12 years, in foal, works any place hitched. Bird, 'black maro comhiE 17 years old, !n foal, works any place DolHc, bay mare colt coming 2 years old. 18— HEAD OF CATTLE— 18 Accredited herd consisting ol: . . , __i.. 10 Uenil of milch cows, 2 with calves by side; 1 fresh by, day ot sale. 7 ffivlnp fforxfl supply oC milk. •1 Uelfcra. 2 Bulls larse enough for service. : Fat hull. "si— HEAD OF SHEEP— 31 Consisting of 30 ewes and 1 buck. 50— HEAD OF HOGS— 50 surlnff waKon, DocrlnK hinder, .7 ll. cut, good as now; s. whoolharrow, sot blhokmnlth tools, hay fork, rop« rsopowor FalrhnnkH Mor»n KAMoItne flnnlne, McCormI paralor.'S Iron, kottlns and ling;, hog Mllow., » «B(J m mi.: oi >,<i >>( Hvn,o, Aluo about ,1JOO or HOO U.— - -- - I1MS OF SAM!: Cash «nd no articles .to b< Bjoveii until Mltll Cl ""{ 1 ,f- l -°- Jl"aj?«. '.".™ e- c »v«. FRANK HAMBURG. Auctioneer, KlienbroJs. C!«rk»i >J!aMl« * JItrllt. Lunch stand rrlrllnte rnerv»d.

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