The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 1, 1936 · Page 23
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 23

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1936
Page 23
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iv^'i DADS FOR THE BAKERSPIKLD CALlPdRS'lAN, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, FINANCIAL LETTER NEW YORK CLOSE 1638 Ford cpe, 4000 ml, radio, $636 *1986 Chev. trunk sodftn $745 1936 Bulck sport roadster $165 1929 Chevrolet cabriolet $135 1032 Ford S coupe, ft, S. $336 1934 Ford sport coupe $486 TERMS AND TRADES' Open Evenings and Sunday •(TWENTY-FOURTH and CHESTER , Phone. 6828 79 PROTECTS YOU FROM INCREASED PRICES Business Cards Auburn cabriolet, custom job with overdrive and many extras, never .sold. Hupmobile 6 demonstrator trunk sedan with overdrive, new . oar, .guarantee. Better hurry. Discounts up to $260. . ;H. C. LANDSTROM 2210 Chester Ave. at 22nd 64 ATTENTION! Ve bought these Dressers, Beds, Springs and Mattresses low and will pass them on to you. Four pieces, only $23.76. 60 MAHOGANY METAL BEDS 60 MAHOGANY DRESSERS 60 COIL SPRINGS 60 MATTRESSES DRESSER, BED, COIL SPRING x AND MATTRESS XJSEItf'riftBS—30x8%, 81*4, 32*4, 38x4, 93x6, 4.50x21, 4.76x10, 6,50x17, 6.00x21, |1,BO,:and up. A. FMedman, 1810 felKhteenth street. Phone 6878. " 63 Chevrolet coaoh, runs 'good 3036 Ford roadster, wire wheels I.ato 1927 Stufle. light 6 sed,, down 1928 Auburn sedan, extra eood $ C. C. DOUO^ASS. 20TH AND U For SaJ>—Miscallanious Pennsylvania tires, new, $7.96 each. C. O. D. shipment on $2 deposit. Truck, Tractor: Parts Co., 3S18 South Flgueroa, Los Angeles. 7S »FOR SAIjB—Boys' all-wool dark blue sorgo suit, $2.75. Call at 805 Oak street. NEW pair of men's chaps for hard riding 1 , selling at half price. Phono G468-J or Inquire at £803 Seventeenth street. .- FOTl SALE—rHouse trailer, very good; ch«ap. Sei it at M and Thirteenth streets; ' 64 USED TIHE38—80X3V4. 81x4, 82x4, 88x4, < 33x6, 4.60x21, 4.75x1$, 6.60x17, 6.00x21, J1.60 and up. A. Friedman; 1810 tilghteenth street. Phone 0378. C8 ^CHOCKS for pickles and sauerkraut or home-brew wine; 8 to 20 gallons, only 10c per gallon. 132 East .Twenty-first street. 79 •FOR SAMJ—Good four-wheel trailer. M. >fartln, East Prundagfl Lane. 66 LIMITED number home-brew sots, 3 dozen bottles, 3 dozen caps, new capper, all for 39c. 132 East Twenty- .first stroat. 79 SEEDS AND SEEDS iMfRlfa, oats. Wheat and barley. Buj' before prices advance. Full lino of Sperry'H and Coulson's feeds. All kinds of poultry and dairy feeds at bedrock prices. Full line of Moline implements and tractors. So6 u» before you buy. BERCllTOLD'S ORAIN & ,IMPt.EMEr^T HOUSE. 330 East Nineteenth street. Phoim SOO. 79 '.TWO good used saddles for sale, $3C and 135. See Dlnkerson at Hlvcrvlow ^ Hatchery. Old Fresno Tllway. 63 VOR 3ALBJ—Pulverized dairy and sheep fertilizer, For lawn and garden. Delivered by load or sack. Call 2762 Jefferson. 63 PER 1000 FT. No. 4 common ROOFINCJ SPECIALS BO-lb. Slate roofing wltb fix.. Asbestos fibre coating, 6jtals. REDWOOD SIDING 1X4 to IxlO, S4S finish 1x4 Flooring 1X4 Chicken house flooring House paint, all colors, gal. 8-0x8-0 Sash. 1 light glazed Redwood posts, 3x4-6', each &H1NQLES, bundle J1.07 $2.50 © $20 J12 . $29 $19.00 $1.26 95o 18c 70c LESS 6% CASH DISCOUNT Twelve Million Foot Stock 101 BARGAINS 101 Los'Angeles tlOO East 38th St. • ADams 6171 • •-•.-:-•.. • . . 66 SIX-BALE COTTON TRAILE3R Dual tires, hydraulic brakes. New rubber; and only $485. BARNBTT TRACTOR CO,, 2i80 Chester Ave, 9-26-tf PIPE FOR SALE—Ollwell add water well casing line pipe. Irrigation pipe fence posts, etc. Western Oilfields Supply Co., 99 highway and Pierce Road. Sign of the big valve. No. 1 USED grain bags for mllo, 6 Via each In lots of 1000 or more. Alfalfa seed. Cano molasses In drums Prices rapidly advancing. Buy n(?w San Joaquln Grain Co., Fourteenth and D streets. Phono 886. 0-6-tf BEWINO machine bargains. Singer elootrlo Cortablo, $29.46. Minnesota electrlo portable, $17.46. Singer treadle, $12,96. Guaranteed rebullts Repairs. 1708 K. Phono 8330. 00 electric portable, $29.46 Tueadlo. $10. Whlta electrlo console like new, $49.60, Expert repalrli Parts. 1708 K street. Phono 6880. CLOTHING ECONOMY 1912 L STREET ARGAINS IN MEN'S SLIGHTLY USED CLOTHING, SUITS. SHOES, ETC. 64 FACTORY to you. ; Standard , com puling scale. Freezer canes. Store restaurant and beer fixtures. Com plcte, now and used- Valley Bton and Fixture Company, £019 Cheate avenue. 6< PMni it ONE LOT OP ClRCtlLATING GAS HBATHRS, JUST -LtKB NEW. BUY NOW AT GREAT SAVINGS, TWO-PIECE LIVING ROOM OVERSTUFFED SETS IN GOOD CONDITION THREE-PIECE VELOUR LIVING ROOM SETS ONE MONTEREY LIVING ROOM SET OUR USED FURNITURE DEPARTMENT IS JAMMED FULL OF EXCEPTIONAL BARGAINS AT THIS TIME. IT WILL PAY YOU TO COME AND LOOK AROUND. 2407 CHESTER AVENUE Phono 396, BakerBfleld, Calif. 79 SEE Before You Buy BECAUSE HAMM SELLS FOR LESS 1100 18tb, Corner 18th and N Phone 841 •; L AT THESE PRICES ON 111(311- GUADE USED FURNITURE: 3-pc. en. bedroom Bet, perfect $17.95 !)-pc, solid mahog. bedroom set, $18-76 6-pc. solid mahogany dining set $24.75 6-pc. walnut dining room set $19.76 2-pc. veloilr living room set $lj.76 2-pc. xioliali- living room sat $19.70 8-pc. Monterey dining sot, perfect condition, pOHt new $109.50 $54.60 5-pc. twin bedroom set, burled walnut, cost new $219.60 $49.60 8-pc. walnut dining room 6et, very large size, table has 4 leaves; cost new $269 $79.50 Several fine living room sets In perfect condition, cost up to W50, special at . . $39.60 POPEL FUnNITUnB BXCUANCJH! Ardlzzl-OlCese Bldg. C23 Sumllcr St Just weft of Baker. Phone 1341. ~" CITY furniture npeclals: Steel cots $2.25; pads, $2.60; 4-piece WalnU bedroom suite, $69, now $68.65. Another new one fo) 1 $40. 9x12 fel base linoleum rugs, $4.95; yarc goods 35c. 6" MUST sell tonight, furniture for 6- room house. Win sfclj together or by piece, leaving town. Priced cheap for quick sale. 226 Lincoln street. Olldale. UPHOLSTERED Buofold, with mat truss, makes full bed, priced low 1653 D street. THOR effictrlc mangle, electric watei heat or, Hot-Point electric range, al priced to sell quick. DAVIS FURNITURE BXCHANOB 2105 Chester avenue "" Radios, Musioal Instruments KURTZMAN upright piano for sale Simmons bed davenport, chair am ottoman. Call at 162d Twenty-firs street. Mrs. Roberts, PIANOS—Pianos—pianos—Iho larges selection of plaftoS In Kern county Used, rebuilt piano* at, low prices Guaranteed. New grand and uprlgh pianos, high-grado makes, prices low and rental t«rms. Valley Muslu Store, 1623 Nineteenth street. 66 PIANO, $16; also phonograph and rec ords. 3S2 Washington avenue, OH dale. Phone 8760-W. . ARVIZITS CONCRETE PIPE Anything 0»n«fit« Qatii ind V»lv»i Arytn, OnllUrnl* L. W, HUNT, GEOLOGIST Pitroltum and Mlnlni Eii|tAttr SIO Hlktrttllt Bl«|. >hM» 1711 *m Twtntuth f>h»h» ttM'W LAUNDRY SERVICE Uuni'ry Soviet llM*o»IUd—Th«t li Our SltMl Tin Olfhrlnt BinlMi tn< Ztrlt Od«rl«l Dry CUMIM OITI2INS UUNOBY tUINntH intf 0 Straitl r>h*nt 2tl rr«»* teaipi LOS ANQKLKS, Oct. 1.— •Apples.' I^oose Wauonvtlte Belle, lours, «.25 cwt.: Nawtons, *2.S6® .60; bftllolous, 18®8.251 smith Older, 12.8$; San Jose. Smith Gld«r $2; Wash- nston Jonathans loosn, »3.25®8.&0. ilRce pack la.EO Starklng and bed 3ellolou», »®5; standard Delicious, S4.60; Idaho Red Delicious, »<.60«T4.7&; Jonathans. J8,sBO8.BOi Romes. M»: J.25 Utah bushel basket Delicious, J 1.75, loose Jonathans 11.8603; Qrs- JOHN W, CULLITON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT NCOME TAX SERVICE. AUDITS, 8V6TEMI JOJ-J PrtfMilinal BHlldlni Phtn« 4»l PAYNE & SON FUN1RAL DIRECTORS NlniUintlH i«a K Str»»U I, 0. Piyni i, 'BrunTnyn* Fn< DOUQHTY-GALHOUN-O'MEARA Funifil DlrieUrt and AMbulince Strvlet 1100 Tfuxtun Annui, «t N Strut Hitnt Mr a Utfy AtUndlnl Hall Maohini and Tool Works Pfloii Ar* RliM-24.Hour Sirvlo* OENtRAL MACHINE REPAIR WELOINQ AND MANUFACTURING Twenty.lint and Union Avihm Typewriters—-Offlo* Suppllis WANTED—AVIll pay cash for cash registers and adding machines. Phone 4486. P. n. Lynch. 64 Poultry and Llvutook POU SALE—Fine Buff Orpington cockerels. $3.60. 401 pacific street. BBAVBH'S Uargflln Horse Market now open. Will B.rlve tonight, Ifi head galted Palominos; heavy and medium Morgan horses, matchod pair roan polo horses, all saddle horses, young; heavy work horses and mules, ponies, work mules, wagons and harness for rent for the parade. Have moved second-hand business south Montgomery Ward to horsn market west new river bridge, no Highway. Phono 19S4-W. Beaver's Bargain Market. D4 L A, PRODUCE MARKET on. JS.Z6-, Oak aien Delicious, M.BO: Hen Seedlings, $1.76«f>a; Rhode Island JregnlngB, $Sj Jonathans place pack, 3.SRO>S.60, loose small $2.60, medium 2.75«r» cwt. Beans: Loral Kentucky Wonders, 4®6-lb., fancy polo 6V4®Oe, fair 2<* <f'8e, brown seed 2 H fade, best 4c; San Diego county Kentucky Wonder fancy pole 5®6e; Planlo 6Hc; San Luis Oblspo fair busli, I!®!He; Uerros best, icj Llmivs local and San Diego county 2®8He, fancy 80, poor IClHO, Cabbage: Local cannonball best 659 76c crate, fair 40@60e, poorer JB<?S6c; red cabbage, Jl.BBtflifi'.oO crate. Cauliflower; , Local Snowball, best 4060e crate, fair 26tr>30c, Corn: Local Oregon Kvergroen 60© 860, fancy 7&8>80c Tug, No. 2s H6®30c, & 260. <lant: Local crates $1<8>1,10, lugs poorer 16e. U rapes; San Joaquln valley seedless 491% Ib., best 20; Muscats 2H8>8p, poorer 28T2V6C; Lady Fingers 80; rtl- r. —•*.. Re(J MBlft g R11 ju4«,ju,,, Lodl Tokays 2H®3e, ISsoohdtdo Muscats biers _ Malagas best 3c, local best SHU Lettuc 3c, local 8 He; ISscohd 2H®2\4c, fair 2o Ib, tuce: auadalupo an , upo and Santa Maria dry pack, 4 -dot. Jl. 8502. 00, poorer J1.6GB-1.76 cratd; 6-doc. $1.6591.78; Sa- Unas, 4-dos. best mostly $2.259&.83, fair $1.86«i£.00, poorer $l.2!>tt>1.60i San Luis Oblspo 4s, ordinary $1,75; Lom- poo 4s $2.26(^2.35, 6s, best $!.00@i2.26, poorer $1.60 crate. Onions! Local Spanish, 60-lb. sack!) 46@>60o; white Globes $1.0091.16: Idaho \vhlto Globes |l. 10®1. 16 per 60-lb. sk. Peas: Guadalupe pole 7H«J8c, fair 6<SOc, poorer 3H®4c; Plsmo-Oceano, fair 6©8Ho, best 7H©8c Ib., poorer 4fii6c; Arroyo Grando best 7o, poor to ordinary 8H<3>4c; Han Jose bush, poor Ib. J. A. HOQLE A COMPANY \ Mambtrs N«w York Stoek Bxeh*ng« This Droved to b6 N very flat day, both as to markets and as to news, Trua prices averaged slightly higher and volume barely topped a million share*, but anything actually new was difficult to find. The balance of the weak will likely find prices slightly lower unless something develops out of a clear sky. Markets teed on developments and If none are forthcoming, then the market drifts. Purchases are deemed the best procedure at tha present time. Many >lants and different types of Indus- rlos are working at full time. The urnlture business Is one the rate of vhlch Is almost unbelievable when one ooks back a couple of years. The name holds for the luxury lines nnd for building and heavy industrial linen. . The high rate of activity makes for ilgh freight car loadings and high sonsumpUon of power and coat. Most all oilier Industry Is likewise ste.pped up to where earnings are almost a certainty, especially when hlghof price levels for goods are li\ the offing, Very few days go by that prices In tome, lino or other are not raised. Today brought higher quotations In julp prices. I MR her creamery prices K or products arc taking place throughout tho country. The same holds for lakea products. Price dlffernntlftls, of course,-favor tho companies'manufac- turing those articles. Commodities wero somewhat erratic although quiet ns a whole. Liverpool Wheat prices wero surprisingly higher this morning and Chicago opened up. Figures from private estimators on norn wore released by some today. The figures made some difference In quotations, but not much, as the average was about In line with the last government estimates. Peaches: Yucalpa Krummels, be»t 3c, medium Salwayn, best small 2u; local c; San Joaqiiln valley Champions 3c, Ullyou lales 2H® 3c; Utah KlbertAs, bushel basket cold storage stock, 2-Inch $2.lOa-2.25; 2U- Inch $2.30ltr>2.40. Sweet potatoes: Local Porto Rlcans. lugs 76®86c, Jerseys 85®76o, Nancy Halls 06<J>76o; Korn coiinty Nanny Halls 65®76c; Jerseys 76®BOc, fair 60 : Merced county Jerseys 2<8'2%e * pounO S. F. LIVESTOCK DEL.IC10US fryers. Reds. Battery milk fed. "Their feet nevftr touch the ground." Tender, Juicy, Dressed, delivered. 121 McCord. Phone OSB7-J. 65 BABY and started ohlcks. havo few more hundred for sale thin tall, nlvorvlew Hatchery, Home of Better Baby Chicks, Old Fresno Hlway. 63 TKN head of saddle horses, weight from 700 to 1200. $26 up; some odd colors. Bakersfleld Corral, Brundaga Lane. 64 Dogs and 0|har Pets REOlSTBRKD Scotty pups, reasonable. Grovo Auto Court, Union avenue, Highway 99. south. Wanted to Buy-Miscellaneous USED clothing, shoes or furniture. Strictly confidential. Hend post card for appraiser. Box 217, Station A, , Bahersfle.ld. Cnllf. 79 WANTBD—Old burlap And rafts. Buy- Ing bottles and other Junk, Call 2170 for pick'tip wagon. 717 Sum- n»r street. 6-16-tf WANTFTD—Small hoist, ftnglno and dry washer. Will pay cash. a. H. Mormway, Florence hotel, Twenty- first and I. 63 WANT TO BUY—Electric light plant, not less than 800 watts. Jacob Ca- manltcli. Route 4. Box 272. 68 BEST prices paid for bottles, rags, Iron and other junk. Phone 4178 for pickup .wagon. Prompt service. <4BO Bast Nineteenth. 7-»-S6-tf FOREIGN EXCHANGE (United Prrit Leaict) Wire) NEW YORK, Oct. 1.— England, pound 4.63Vi, off ,01%. England, 60-day bill rate 4.»2'/4, off .01%. Canada, dollar 1.00. France, franc .0477, off .0018. Italy, lira .0778, off .0002, Belgium, bolga .1681, off .QOOQU- Clorlnany, mark ,4080, off*.0006, Switzerland, fr^no ,3308, up .0002. Holland, guilder .6425, off 70070. Hpaln, peseta unquoted- Sweden, krona .2643, off .0010. Norway, kronn .3)81, off .0007. Uenniark, krone .220<l, off ,0006. Japan, yen .2875, off -.0010. COTTON FUTURES rrt»» Vtrt) NMW YOHK. Oct l.—Karly moderate advances In cotton todnv In sympathy with Mcudinr i-flble* ' nnd I ADVANCE SELECTIVE, QUIET Chrysler, Mack Truck Among Better Performers on New York Exchange 1.ATK nt'U.KTIN XKW YORK, Ort. 1. (A.. IM— \Vnll . over lh« slorli mnrket today nnd pulled out a liniitlfnl of tasues nl modnralety higher prices, leaving lhi> rwt of the lint to shirt for Itself. Trans- nrtlona totaled about. 1,100.000 shares. "•" ••»!••» <? "iiti r»i v»itiiri i:« turn mill -,»..» fnvorHble reports from the textile and >' olm spot cotton markets wero followed by ' reactions under hedge soiling and realizing. rre»» LtattA Wtrfl NEW VOHK, Oct, 1.—Stocks ambled Into higher territory today but tho market was selective and deal- Ings quiet. Pleasing domestic economic news offset to some extent confusing European currency Juggling, but speculative nnd Investment forces wero none too certain of nearby equity trends. Intermittent profit- taking was n Warding Influence. Among the belter share performers worn Chrysler, Mnclc Truck, Hercules Motors, White Motors, Deere, International Harvester, International Paper and Power preferred. American and Foreign Power preferred. American Telephone, Western Union, Lorner Stores, Hchenley, Hiram Walker, Leo Hub- her. Standard Oil of New Jersey, Kcnnccott, Columbia Pictures, Hollander & Son, General Cable, Flint- koto, American Locomotive and Canada Dry. never* Copper common advanced on announcement of a plan for removing preferred dividend accumulations. Du Pont yielded morn than a S. Steel, Bethlehem, (UnUtd Pren Lratti Wife) NEW YORK, Oct. 1.— Railroads Atchtson ......................... "S'/li Baltimore & Ohio ................. 24 Chesapeake & Ohio..,.. .......... 67 Krle .............................. l« Oroat Northern pfd. .............. 39H Illinois Central ................... 26V* Missouri Pacific .................. 2»» New York Central ................ 44*i Northern Pacific ................. Zfl 1 ,i Pennsylvania .... ................. '""• Southern Pacific ................. 4.1 Union Pacific .................... 130 Industrials American Can .............. . ..... 12* American Tel. & Tel .............. 172 Burden's ......................... SHi Caterpillar Tractor .............. 81 *i Cities Service .................... 3H Columbia Oas .................... 19H Consolidated Uas ................ 42H orn Products ................... 69T» Curtlss-Wrlght 30'/i Jencral Kleclrlc .................. 45V* General Foods ................... 40H Gold Dust Cloodyear Tire A Rubber .nternatlonal Harvester international Tel. & Tel 13% Johns-Manvllle 11? Montgomery AVard 4M« North American 31 Pacific Ons Rlectrlc 36% ladlo Corporation 'OVl Safeway Stores 31 Sears-Roebuck ST IT, S. Rubber Montgomery Ward, Westlnghouse, National Distillers and Distillers .„„ .1,1. i , Corporation-Seagrams wora back speculative buying was re- ,,.„,., strlcted with traders apparently!""' ... ... „, awultlng tho Influence of dunrlng! Tn a restricted rnnge. were N. Y. weuihnr 011 tho movement of cotton. 1 Central, Pennsylvania, Houlhern Pa (Atioclateil Ffci» Lours Wire) SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. 1. Hogs—Receipts 300; two loads 1$0-200 pound Callfornla», $10.80, top; package 140-pound HveragCR, $10.66; twv. SflB-pound weights. $10.30; odd good sows up to $R.OO: latfl Wednesday about three losds local butchers mainly $10.26910.40. Cattle—neceipts 175: half-load desirable northern California 1036-pound grassy steer*. $7.00; ROOI! light fed steers quoted around $8.00^8.60; good cows quoted up to $5.60; bulk Tow- cutters, $3.60@4.00; fow heavy dairy COWM up to $4,78; bulls quoted uiomly $5.80 down: lato Wednesday, two loads 076-70&-pound feeder heifers, $5.76, lightly «0rtnd. Calves—necelpts 76. CJood-ehoIro vealers quoted around $B.OO(Tr0.60. Sheep—Receipt* 50. Good wool- skins quoted $8.00«JiS.2o, part-deck 110-pound short-woolod yeai'llngn, $6.40, Hleudy; good-choice owes quoted around $2.60^3.26. SAN FRANCISCO STOCKS f.4«»oc((>fri» Preti Seated Wire) SAN FRANCISCO. Oct. ].— High Lam Asso. Ins. Fund 6% 5»i Byron Jackson SOH 30>4 California Packing 3KV4 38(4 Crown Zel. com. vtc....... IHi 11*4 Crown 55el. B 106 108 Dl Giorgio Fruit pfd 69 59 Flremiiivs Fund Ins 904* 9t) Qeneral Point com 13 18 Golden state 9% Hi Halo Bros. Stores 28 22 U A. G. and 15. pfd 10fl»i 100>4 Magnavox 3% a«i| Magnln com 21 % sifji Marchant Calc. com. ... 28% 28'»i p. a. & is. e% ist« . ice' Ry. ISqult, 6% pfd 23 23 Shell union Oil com 23U 23% Southern Pacific 42U 43V, So. Pacific O. O, B 2H Z 1 ,!, tidewater Oil pffl I0a>{ 103»4 Transamerlca Corp ISW 18Vii Union Oil of Calif 2HJ 2Hi 12 I PIANOS for sale. Two good practice pianos. $46 nnd $60. Both standard makes, tuned and reconditioned. Terms $3 per month. Free delivery. Inquire at Qalbraith Van and Storage Company, 2712 Chester avomje. 63 Fruits and Vigetablit CANNING tomatoes, ripe or green, 60o per Jug. Closed Saturday for rodeo. Pelesfs Poultry Ranch, 6H miles south on Union avenue. LOS ANQELES LIVESTOCK LOS ANOKLBS, Oc.t l.-r-HOgs, 160; slow, steady; built, $10.76011,00; best held $11.26. Cattle, 860: holdovers, 498; quality, plain; steady; medium «tcor» $7,00; cows. $4.60$6.ftE: nutter grades, $2.76 ®4..U; bulls, $4.60$>6.36, Calves, SOO; holdovers, 233; nteady: good vcalcrs, $0.00; calVcs, $5.fiOQ)0,DO, Bheop, 800; steady; local fed shorn lambs, $8.60; good ewes, $3.60. FINANCIAL <$>- (.4floriated rre/it Lcatrtt Wire) WASHINGTON, Oct. 1.--Heavy Individual transactions In common slock of the Twentieth Century Fox Wllm and Armour and Com pony wore tho highlights of the uocurltlc* niul exchange commission'* fortnightly report of security Irunoa'MlonB and holdings, made public today. Ucports rernlvod by U between Hon- lernbcr 1 and 10 disclosed Oarryl F. Zanuoh, an officer of the film corporation, sold 20,000 shares »l* common, which reduced his holdings to 162,130 shares. The October 8 government crop mate Induced some caution, December sold off from I2.8a to 12.11 wltJi tho general market f, to ~ points not lower In. Into trading. Futures closed very Nteady 1 to 3 points higher. October, 12.24012.S7: December, 12.1K« 12.19; jHiiuary, 12.17; March, I2.13<jj,13.16; May. 12,13(812.14, July, 3 2.01 «f 12,03. Spot steady; middling, 12,64. GOVERNMENT BONDS (At*offntc<t Prttt I.rantit Vtre) NF,W YORK, Oct. l.— U. S. bonds cloned today: Trcaturlea 4 Us. 47-."S. SUw. 43-45, 10S.17. 4R, 44-64, 113. ,11. SJjH, 40-68, 112.11. 3H«. 48-4T. 10».«. 3Hs, 41-43 March, 109.1. 8i4s, 41. 308, SH«, 44-46, .10R.11. 3',(,s, 46-40, ]()7. rifle. Northern Pacific, and Atlantic Const Line. General Blectrlc. announcing a substantial Increase In third-quarter bookings, was little hotter than even. POULTRY, BUTTER, EGGS First National Stores ............. 47 Pox Film "A" , Union Carbide & Carbon 97H United Alrornft Warner Brothers Western Union .. Westlnghouse Klectrlc t40H 24\i ., 13>4 86 H Manufacturing Situation is ~% Reported Better; Exerts Influence on Issues (A*»Q«tate<t Prti» Seated Wire) SAN FUANCISCO. Oct. i.—Manufacturing stocks with an Improved outlook on account of the Improved machinist labor situation in Oakland perked up smartly on the stock exchange today. The Oliver Filter Issue* were higher, the A gaining 2% and the B rising %; Atlas Diesel rose 1 and Caterpillar was U point to a new- high at 81. Byron Jackson, another firm whose Oakland plant has suffered fro mthe strike, was off %. Workers were returning to jobs, pending negotiations for a new agreement, employers said. .,-..'.< The market averaged somewhat higher with brisk trading. Crown Zellcrbach common again • hit a new high at 11*4, up a point, but backed down >& from the top. emporium also recorded a 1936 peak at 24%, up ",4. Bank of California gained 1H. and Home Fire Insurance 1U- Transamerlca regained yesterday's loss of H> returning to 13V4- Dl Giorgio 6s settled 1 point lower. Woalworth 64 J. C. I>«Ttn«y ...................... »» Trnniamerlua Metals, , -. . 3s, 46-4!), 100,2. 3", 61-66. 104.30. 2Tis, r,5-flO, 102.H6. 2*iM, 45-47, 104.16. 2"S{«, 48-61, 102.2:,. 2»iK, t,1-f,4, 101.26. 2%s, 60-6D. 101. fl. Federtl Fsrni Mortgsg* 3s. 47, 104. G. 3h, 40. 103,21. 3V»s. U4, t04.SS. Horn* O 3s, A52, 103.14, 2*is, 49. 101.2(1. -"4", 42-44, 101.26. tokn TREASURY REPORT (.iuartatcd I'rem l.eatrit Wire) WAKHINOTON, Oct. l.—Thc position of tho treasury on Septcmher !0: VtRoqlptM, $11,1)08,876.06; expenditures, $11,646,469.80; halaiice. 12,180,^2,030.88; <*usionis r«CRlpl« fur the month, $34,439,080.02. Ud'pl|tlK for tha fiscal year (since July 1), $l,129,4ao,27!».5£; expondlluros. $1,(145,824,893.18, Including . $692,870.. 264.81 of emargcncy expenditures; cx- re»» of expenditures, t016,HA4,88S.64; gross dobl. |33,S2D,«p:,7?l.hti, a tln- cronso of $l,Hf»2,344.76 undor the pr«- vlous day; gold asNOts, S10.S3H,2<7.- 063. Ifi. BAR SILVER LOS ANQELES HAY (.4»toctntnl rrtiit Wire) I.OS ANOKM5S, Oct. l.~Huy for Los Angeles, per ton; Choice barley, $140-15. • ciiuiro oaiK, $ir,aie. Alfalfa delivered >lyn«n or Kl Monte: U. H, No. t rubblt. $1«O10.50; No. 2 luiify, $lli No. 2, $IS.50. tfnltftt /'rr/id Lenttil Wire) l.OS ANQKMiiH. Oct. 1.— Butter Rxtrss, 37Hc. I'rlmo flrsln, 34Vi<' st»hdnrdtt, 34c. l-'iidorstrndcg. 33'^r. Candied Eggi l.»rRiv--riMin i.x(r»n. 37c; llRhi dirty oxtms. lU'i'.iii', I'li-an NtHiiditnlK, i'.ic; llsht illrty dliindnrdn, 2Sr; ohpoks, 2»c. Medium- »'lri\n KXtriiM, 2Sr; light rtlrty f>x4rnH, 27\»i-; rli«an stundardR, t5r; llBlH dirty Htundnrdn, 24c; checks, 24c. Small— flcan extras, 20e; llRht dirty (IXtl-BN, 1"C. OSHO counts, 28o, Poultry Hi>ns, LeghoriiH, 2'j in 3'» ll>»,. I4c. liens, I.rglionis. ovci 3'/i itud up to 4 ll>«. I Do. Hens, LaithOfns, t;vor 4 lb»., 10c. Ilvns, colored, a 14 to 4 Ibs., SOo, Helm, colored, 4 Ilio. nnd up, I3o. Ilrollers, over 1 and up t«> iVk Ibs., 20'.'. llrollnrs, |i> and up to 2U Ibs., XOo. Kryers. l^Khorns, over 2U «"«! up to a Ibs., 16c. fryers, colored. 2V4 and up to 3H Ibs., 17r. American Smelting Annconda 38% lli-lhlehem Mteel 6SV, Intnrniitlnnnl Nickel 60H Kennecott Copper 48H Republic Steel 22<4 V. a. Steel 6»U Vanadium Steel 23% Tobacco *nd Sugar American .Sugar 55 American Tobacco "B" . ...100U Cuban American Hugur.....". OH Oront Western Sugar 85H K. J, Reynolds "I»" 58 H Dili Atlantic Refining 27 Consolidated 13V4 Mexican Seaboard 31U Phillips Petroleum 41H Shell Union SSH .Standard of .California 38% Standard of New Jersey.,., 61 Socony Vacuum 18H Texss Co(npni>y > It74» Tidewater Ais'n (new) ,,,. 18»t Motor* Auburn Motors 841i Chrysler .12H4 General Motors 46H Hudson ,,, 18*i Packard Motors 12H Htudebaker 14'U Tlmkcn Roller Hesrtng $4 Equipment* American Cur Foundry 40%i American 1x>comotlv<«' 34'i Baldwin Locomotive 8H General Tunk BSH Stownrt \Vurner ZO'i CHICAGO GRAIN (Asunrioted Pre»i Tinted Vfirt) CHICAGO. Oct. 1.—Grains closed: Wheat: Dec., $l.lSH«1.13Vi; May. .11H91.11H; July, 9SV{«9S^c. Corn: Dec., !>3H«"83Hc; May, 89HC 1 Uo; July, S6Hc. ^Oats: Dec.. 404tcH; May, 4ltfc; July 'Rye: Oeo., SOc: May. 7»!tc. Barley: Dec., 78c. 17 , colored, over 3U and up to 4 . soft bone, Uarred Hocks, over 4 Urn. and up. Iflc. HoasUTd, Hoft bone, other than Uarred Hocks, over 4 Ibs. snd up, 19c. .Stags, 12u. Old roosters. 9c. Duckling*, 4>4 Ibs. and up, He. Ducklings, under 4H lb»., I2c. Old ducks, lie. Uoesc, lOu. Young loin tiirlioyn, 13 llis. and up to IS Ibs., )So. Younit torn turlctys, over 18 lbs.,19c. Hen turkeys, 0 Ibs. and up, UOc. Old torn lurkeyH, 14o. Old hen turkeys, He. Hquiibn, under U Ibs. pnr Uotcn. I4o. Htiuabs, 11 Ibs. per dozen and up, 20c. Capons, under 7 Ibs., 24r. Caiions, 7 llm. and up, 38c HttbbltH. No. 1 while, 3V4 to 4 l ,i Ibs. each, 13c. UiilihilN, No. 1 inixod cnlon, SH fctld 4Vi Ibs. each. He. Knbblts, No. 1 old, Ce. LOS ANGELES STOCKS THE WEATHER Sun Joaquln, Sacramento and Santa Clara valleys: Pair tonight and Friday; little change In temperature; gentle variable winds. San Francisco bay region: Fair and mild tonight and Friday but fog night and early morning: northwest winds. Northern California: Fair tonight and Friday; fog on coast: little change In temperature: gentle northwest winds off coast. Sierra Nevada: Fair tonight and Frldny; little change In temperature; gnntle variable winds. Salinas valley: Fair tonight and Friday; morning fog in north portlun: no change in temperature; northwext winds. Southern California: Fair tonight and Friday but morning fog near coast; no change In temperature: gentlo northwest and west winds off coast. FUNERALS Prttt Leattt Wire) NEW YOHK, Oct. L—Bar silver steady and unchanged at 44%. IN APPRECIATION -We wish to thank our friend* for their kindness and for tho beautiful floral offAHngs during our recent bo-, i reavrment. (Klgned) I MHK, JOHN O. WATTEN- IIAHUKII, i Mil. ANIJ MRB. II. A. DOUB8 i AND FAMILY, i ' Mil. AND MHH. \4. U. TITLBY AND FAMILY. | MU81C--Kun#ral services for Mrs. Jennie Muse, «0. of 606 Inyo Biroct. were conducted at Csln A. M. K. Church st 2 o'clock this ufturnoon, with tho Itoverend Mr. llnndy of- flolatlng. Interment was In Union cemetery. J'ayne A Ron chapel wns In charge of arrungentonts. Union Cemetery FURNISHES MONUMENT* GRAVE MARKERS FLOWER CONTAINERS Prleu Uw In kiiptng with Iki tlmn Offloi it (Unitary. Ttliphaai 2217 BUCK ROGERS, TWBNTY-PIFTH CENTURY A. D. fAllocinttit Prt»» Leottt Wire) LOR ANQELBS, Oct. 1.— Stocks generally wero downward On the Ix>s AngeloN Htock lilxclmnge today. On a turnover of 7000 share*. 8 Isnunii wore up. 10 down and 8 unchanged, Lincoln Petroleum, a recent addition to Uie board, lost 3 cents to strike a new low of 47 cents. High Close Barker Brothers Ml 21 Darker Urothem pfd lot) 106 Claude Neon ISIoc. Prod... 10U I OH Consolidated-Oil 1SH 13M Kxeter Oil A 5B ,56 Cllobe Grain A Milling .. UV4 »H Holly Development SO .SO Klnnor Aircraft 44 .44 Lincoln Petroleum, new...GO .47 L. A. industrlos 4H 4H L. A. Inventmenl OH DVi Menasco Mfg 4U 4'.4 Pacific Finance ....I S««« 48% Pacific Indemnity 37 27 Itotuilillr- rotrolcum OH (U Hec. First Natl. Hank 611% 51*4 Kecurlty Co. Units 45 45 Signal Oil A Qas A 29J, Southern Calif. ICdlson... 31 Union Oil of Calif Unlvnmal Cons. Oil Kendo. UolU L, A. CASH ORAIN < A unbilled I'ram I.eatrd Wire) LOS ANCIISLISH, Oct. L—Current local grain quotations were reported by the Koderal-Btate Market News Kerv- i Ire as follows: (Prices quoted are | cwl., field run, In aarloads only): i Argentina corn, quick delivery, bulk, [ $2.00, ' California whent, sacked. No. 1 soft : or No. I hard white, |).6D?n.67H. ; California bnrley, nacked, 44 Ihs.. No. 2 bright western. $l,61Hff 1.65; No. 1, 4fi Ihs,, $l,«6«M.«fH. California mllo. sucked, No. 2 yellow. $1.05. Changing Conditions ) HANGING economic conditions neceuitite periodic analysis of inveit- menu. The personnel of our Investment and Statistical departments will be pleased to assist you without cost or obligation. J. A. HOGLE & CO. MIMHM. ronAT trocic txcm\at 140$ Seventeenth Phono 2140 OFFICES Btnil.r Hail loi AKtuitt SAM Dueo OcBIM f-JX Wilma De-energized By I'HIL NOWLAN and LIEUTENANT DICK CALKINS soTMATS nr/- THEV HAVE THEIR SNIP HIDDEN IN THAT MOUND/\ CAr^T CRASH THAT STFtoNSHOCD ALONE f-I'LL RADIO OUR SWIP/ THE HUGE BftUT£ ££ANeO IF -mevve HOOT SO AAUCM AS A HAIR OF BUCK'S HEAD I'LL i SELECTED SECURITIES INVESTORS, WHO CONFINE THEIR PURCHASES TO HIGH GRADE BONDS, WILL FIND OUR CURRENT OFFERINGS J PROVIDE A WIDE RANGE FROM WHICH TO MAKE A SELECTION. Ctmfhltl* i <}lmt*l«n4 Bitktt*i< fafiltUtt .4 v 'tbnusb Any Branch if B**k tfAmtritM in Gtliftni* .. BANKAMERICA COMPANY 030, S. Spring Slrcel Los Angeles San Francisco V'.'', ,; • , i.f ^,:,.r,, 4 .-.'.,,•'•' .-.?•''.- . ,,\.•-"'; :•'' i^^^B^fi^^^t^^&^fd^jigi^i^ Snir Pie^> S '*;

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