The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 1, 1936 · Page 21
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 21

Bakersfield, California
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Thursday, October 1, 1936
Page 21
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te£ ttv 'M' L-f- 1 — 1-TKW t T * f &)§&»• •f.f. m ir-f » J >" VL *^ ' ^ wfef b " n I f ^1 ri_* i|«_jT f** j L i r feft: ;;V^^-v-"V^l- •^^^ij3J.,-J, f n ,,.• * wux i 5PV- I ^it". iV V at: ft&£ ft' t' -n • l —• tf^ >.'. "-i ** * . , '"I"-j , * *f» |- —\.~s M-'-'jr • , J n 1 I 1" jl, - r *'• * •• •. I - .1 . , . .- L •—•••* . . .If . -.- HI . . , I. r . , ' ! •. I » I r » 1, -. , • J ',-•'-' I . --. '- '»• »•!• ' - ' I- « '• •* - < b I L • * '!"*'•''>* 'T^'"» •* h L ^ ' —• » * *l ' •' • ' - E • " J ." ' ' • f. . , L - r r - . , L, L • •A&$^Mj$&8to^^ ^g^^ •* * f ^,- , . , . ^vv^'^.^w^'tii^ : '-- ;-';—• % -:.<, ' : ,/ . ^ i.^V.>rVti -; "^. f TTTT^T^^ ^^V^-^'tU- V-,; J:. V (J^ ^ ^ ^- - ;ii4 ' ." - .-. -. ' * • _-l Madrid, their , i ' h .*r "/•'.." I L . •- i J -" ' ' ,' . , ^ I 6ep All * ; : JL - - ' - I .. .'i .' \ ••-, s '*'l" .' 1 lyysg^" speatrhead wlttVtf^iit^ on the niain highw'il^iwM Toledo, lines and pr^lamwlSthiBiback of this capital*« resiatftiHce Is broken/' ™ . j - . '-•< • . / A * ' E • ,: * , . . i't - -- ' ' ' " ' L - coiutnna frbm the mountain: report .rribrth of in "prevtttig a i<»ckout by employ. »•-*" •>-*+''<• - -•• i ,• - •' • tli Crowbar y..'. \ 1C >/* I v ANGELESi Oct. 1.—Charging assault, Carl Kay,/'.Hollywood archl- tcct, was the complaining witness Dangerous t$ the trutA, the had announced that beginning today thoy would hire only under their bwn teipms and atvdbclW instead oH through jointly ;operated hiring halls.'' .'. - ". . V. • -"''" •;-.• : ' - .' ' -' Union chiefs, including Harry fc district president of the In -i ^* ' L . • 235 Delay Liner and Three Other Ctaft Are Affected S ';:- ^iH-fTI "• ; - •: :'.||N^' v^ ft ;• . ,**•-•• -_^\ : -."•--• ' -^^> ; ^/^«- - •- ' . Flag Being Orgatme TVfiW YOHK. Oct. 1.— -The longest alMour ; ever at- YORK Oct strike by tempted across territory under the American flag waa bfeing organized here today, It ia an air Odyssey which will begin Sunday and go half-way around the world — commercial aviation *s drid, Jolnwi iln^^ 6f,.the state Income I which, \voa fcrofee*^^ pSI** 0 * said any such action would limlnary hearing today. They said they had not spoken to each other except by telephone for c jr Beamcn that caused delay In the lo UlG Philippine inlands, York by Goverhor 1 west; ftouth-and northeast. ^SMerrlani today when he I tteporis5Connlc^ that,all,revenue meas-. sailing of the United a "lockout 1 * which would bring union 1 States liner President Roosevelt spread 'today to three other ships, threatening their departures for The tour is not an attempt to break records—its mission is to re* port the progress of American avia- the 10,700-mUe journey will of California IB In how, 1 ' he said, "and if revenue >'- theaflures remain 6 there will be hb necessity for additional taxes during the next fcierihlum: the southwest, had The Fclsts nUd it had repulsed the main advance. Madrid coiTimonced counterattacks building In Hoi; <r Income tax is repealed, (on eVer, the'legislature will httve severance, tobacco,, cos- • - *^ I _ I " J f- If ,-T- other form nf otncr form of Or ^iBUbiititute. 1 7 R , ,i;«poun»g y a warning* leaving revenue measures . r " * i r "• " - ° - - • c' • - '' Are."-.----..v-.y--,".^'?•••;:•' '•-..•>••-•;-..v ... ,,,,,,. d to^repeal tax appear as Proposi* tion N6. 2-^-the firfit on the list—on th>: lyovember 8 ballot..- •Vi -'..'..•. ' . " w • * Jfc- l T ^ _ _ L --i^ L *H ' h ' > \; Merriam said he believed •' the 1937-39 budget could be held within the present budget limitation of $431,000,000 for all functions of the state government, ; V •. ' '- • "if it were not for unemployment-relief , H he said, "our budget •would be balanced ndw. Tho most pessimistic estimates of tho deficit at the end of the biennium place the shortage at $50,000,000, and we will have spent $48,000,000 for relief."'" Merriam pointed out that of the fascist Toledo butposts at and Bargas. insurgent .lines forming the : -rough outlines of a great hand in ciutchinff fasHion dcross tho ; govornihent military commandisrs said ; their immediate T*m in l problem, was to: keep the attackers X..JH- m i f^jjn c u iting the vital food and com- muhlcatioils line to th6 southeast. a house Arthur owns, "He .muttered 'I'm fotng to get even with you/ and then came at me with a crowbar/' the architect testified. "I went to see him about his now house and he cnmo out and hit me/' suld Doctor Kay, etgn t^^terfi, newly created United States | "sit down 11 strikes wore in prog- on tho J. L*. laickenbach, tor of tho Xiiickenbach Lines, due to sail today; on the American sent IT*clt*lllniC VtVIillfcJIDOIVilJ vanced thrtfe suggesUons ing a showdown* Owners* Statement "The shipowners arc wining to j t,i no , due to sail tomorrow, and tho agree to an extension of present con- ptmnBylvanla of tho Panama Pacific tracts and awards for a peHod of 60 Lj n0( scheduled to leave Saturday. days, as you request," tho message A. L/McCarthy, vice-president and said, "upon condition that each of | general manamjr of the United Tho of the tour will take flight of Pan-American Airways' th'o Pacific ocoan, a of conditions which will bo cxpori trader of the American Merchant encc a by ordinary travelers when tho for first regular B v: The first "part of the -Journey- 2500 ml lee from Xew York lo Sah Franclsco-rwill be covered , in IS hours over the United Air Llne». The second part—8210 miles from Alnm6da, Calif. ( to Manila—wilt start.October 7 and occupy 5 days, tt will bo flown In one of the 28* ton "Clipper Ship*" with which Pan- American is about to begin the operation of passenger service from continental United States to the far east. Three of the 3200-horsepower flying boats are available for the flight. The flight, to to accomplished entirely by commercial transport planes flying on regular routes, opens an ora In which American salesmen can reach thoir far enMern markets In tho time it formerly took them to crons the continent. It helps knit Asia and America Into a definite air trade onllty. V . I M Frbrn Siriclair - XBW YORK, Oct; i tolo, 33, of Yonkers, employed ' acrobat* • faced today before United States • ' •' . sloner Garrett %V. Cotter on ch • * of attempting to extort $64,000 Harry Sinclair, wealthy oilman, \ six other prominent men and women. tho unions on or before October There wer«. no witnesses to tho I agree with your commission And t. gtatos :« r - r • i "WOBKBBS TIBPUBMO" . i (Copyrighted, 1080, by Associated Preu) MADRID, Oct. I.—Tho Spanish ParHainent; meeting for the first time since shortly before the Civil War, today, approved an autonomous statute for the Basque regions of northern Spain and heard Premier Frajncisco Xargo Caballero announce his detormlnatlon to forge a "worki ers republic." . s . , Tho autonomous statute will give of Alava, a regime of Catalonia, within tho "It is distressing to see brother arrayed against brother In thin nmrin&r/* , said Municipal Judge William McKay, "There is no clmnCe of conviction In Superior Court. Besides; the court is no place to settle family difficulties. Your parents are alive and you hftYe thV£e brothers in the city, I would ndvitm you to shake hands before leaving this courtroom. Case .dismissed/ 1 ','.-,•" Doctor Kay turned and strode out his brother. Carl a few moments rein his .hands. Then he, tod, walked out. manager of Lino, expressed hopo tho . .. , jt Hoosovelt would bo able to i«th us that any and all disputes put to Bett before night, that shall not, be settled by negotla- iji on m |nutes bcforo the liner was lion within the 60-day period . . . to have sailed for Europe yesterday, shall be submitted to arbitration bo- U 8 5 ^ on o f t ho crew marched down foro your commission, and upon the tne . muiirptank* The walkout camo understanding that youi* cpmtnisslon oven wh n e tno warning "All ashoro will lend ita efforts and influence to lhat . a gQ\ n ^ o«hore M was being seo that awards and existing con* fi oundod, tracts are lived up to during the) Tno strike is the outgrowth of two groups of officials of , Firemen, Oilers and AVa- pf our willingness to grant a 15*day | t6r Tenders Unldn to gain recognition as responsible loaders, seamen said, % . Standard, of counsel for Claims $1000 Paid to Fix Nontaxed Liquor Charge Federal agentn nelxed Vitolo f ^ Lr terday at his home In Tonkers, L L Charges Defined * •%-_ J. Edgar Hoover, director of the Federal Bureau of investigation, siMd Vitolo would be charged with /writing threatening letters to Sinclair at hisi 1 Great Neck, N. Y., home; to Colonel .C . i. ^ ' • ' * ii .L « •' ''** -\ J •-. I * * \ extension." Agreements Involved The working agreements involved are those which followed the bitter | tno un j Ott( 1034 coftjstwide strike, In which a S AN JO8B, Oct. 1.—T. E. Craig, Investigator for tho Donlhuo liquor Investigating committee, today told the committee a San Jose gro- corymon admitted to him ho had paid $1000 to "fix" a nontaxod liquor possession charge* Press Leased Wire) cnuRo the place where tho money Is goln gwon't glvo mo a receipt/' Craig quoted bacerda as snylng. William Padst, branch manager going won't glvo ma a receipt/' Bank, was questioned regardlrtg withdrawals niade by Lad^rda. Craig tcatlfiod he went to tho homo of Frank Lac«rrta ( the gro HRid^ thu a walkout^ WTW | cory% m R e pt om ber and that Uicerdn being arnftated in February Spanish republic. . " , $431,000,000 budgeted for the pres-1 , oc ™ ey ' wftl recel V° Home rule ,for ;ent two-year period, $217,000,000"was 1 1Wtti "•Y tttI nr tyh H° "» tlie ^ drid / ov ; -Burned to the couUs and ^[^^^^^^^^^ The Basques long httve demanded » - • > ' Pres. Roosevelt an autonomous statute, and the 000,000 000,000 voted ;by the . *IT tatortstbo'id'a *7 onn rtnn for schools and other" purposes; $88,000,000 was collected In special poKin^XrnmeiK^ I government felt the measure would porting B o%ernmentai agencies, ?43,-1 lncrease thelr aU egIancQ to Madrid. of tho three main cities r region, the government controls only Bilbao. San Sebastian and A* «»« i VUoria are in the hands of the in- cji H V' U* I • A * porting the state government and Its' sur 8 enls ' institutions. *" "And they say this is an expert- ysive, state'government/' he snorted. ft - ___ ^_ i JUDGE TAKES OATH -/"LOS ANGELES, Oct. 1. (A. P.)— t^eslio E.- Still of Long Beach, re; cently appointed as a Superior Court l*/itri I aill From Page One) the dedication ho will New York to attend a world aeries game. . M ^ %l . ., ,- ,. ¥ „„ States Lino's doten men lost their lives and which unwillingness "to recognise delegates | for |, av i n g untaxed liquor In his pos finally led to a mass walkdut of All appointed by the new officials of tho a 0 «ton unions in tho San Francisco bay | U n| 0 n/' «w»um. area, virtually paralyzing activity in this city. Under those agreements, the marine unions received generally higher wages and better working conditions. The agreements were renewed a year ago by mutual consent, but this year {Associated Press Leased Wire) PLACEUVILLE, Oct. 1. — Threo men—two of them alleged fcx-con- Flee Placerville Fogs Aid Fighters in Berdoo Blaze ^^w^a^^fe^^MW^ T^ ^ (Associated Press Leased Wire) SAN BBRNAHDTNO, Oct. 1. ROOSEVELT STRESSiKS CONSERVATION * ELKINS, W. Vo., Oct. 1. (A. Stressing conservation of natural resources in his first West Virginia Bpoech, President Roosevelt declared hero today there was a growing consciousness "that man's errors in tho past must bo corrected by man in the future." & Standing in a cold drizzle in a both sldos announced dissatisfaction return toi ana a Desire to modify them. Shippers charged the union with violations of the pacts which brought | V icts, and tho third charged with numerous disputes and tio-upa. stealing dynamite—remained at large Uniona In turn accused the employ-1 today following their escape from ers of precipitating tho disputes. "^ j Wm. Fuller, Paint Magnate, Is Dead the county Jail here same time Tues day night. While the hunt continued for tho trio, Sheriff George M. Smith also Instituted a aoarch for a "fairly (United 7*r«»a Z/<to«ed Wire) FRANCISCO, Oct. 1. ' ' f •Prl tractive" Blonde and two young men. said to have arrived hero two dayn boforo the J&ilbreak from tho Salinas area. Sheriff Smith said he believed Robert Fay, the suapectod dynamite •v i ^» **• .------ i ~- — — • — — -^— ~ - ~- -7™ *"— - — - ^- r ^ — -* , — - i -*- -•*—-. — _*. a -,, ,. ^^-,»-. .«.. . ^.^* u ..*.vi - , • fc^m'ul**^* i*^«* v * ** J t 1*1 *w w «-*u f-^\' Vfl *-^-v» **»f »»•»•••.»»*.* :judge by Governor Frank Merriam, Heavy fog-bankfi, rolling in from the natural amphitheater of Davis- vato funeral services were to bo held lh|of ong i ne ored the eBcapo, and had took the oath of office today. Judge ocean, retarded the progress of the Elklns College, tho President told a today for WJUtam Palmer Fuller, bpen ln conlnct w jth t ] 10 outnldo trio. Still replaces Judge Lefeter Roth, disastrous forest flro in the San Her- mountain state festival crowd that S^., 76, famed paint manufacturer, Fay an( j a companion said they woro who resigned, t . I nardino mountains today, rangers re-1 "in the worthwhile effort" of con-1 who . aied hero ywerday of pneu- j lakmg - lho explosives to Salinas to ported. They gave 1200 fire fighters an un Leal Notices ORIGINAL SUMMONS No. 29708 brought In the Superior tho County of Kern, and Complaint filed in the office of tha Clerk of the Superior Court of said "In the worthwhile effort" of conservation the federal and state governments are "working hand In expected advantage. The fog did not | hand." Ho cited many activities of tho the Superior Court of the State ilifornla, in and for the County of Kern;..-.-..- . •' x,v ':" - ,'•;• <;'-•••• said. BUt tho increased moisture In new * deal to connervo wild life and low-lying : timborlands was causing other resources because he declared the fires to burn more slowly. "critics of the administration have /Nevertheless, the ,flames drove a lately been engaged In, expressing of men from tho crest of I dissatisfaction with the" pfogresii of the . „ A .aid the lettuce strikers l He was a native of Sacramento. Ills father founded the W. P. Fuller & Company. At 26 ho was president | HTwo BGrkelfcV of the , which expanded through "Lacerda said he saw William Koloy (prominent San Josw attorney) who said he could fl tho caso for $1,600. Later, Laccrda said, tho amount WRB dropped to 11,000. La* cerda said ho withdrew tho money from the bank and gavo It to Folfcy. When ho aakod Koley for a receipt, the attorney replied: "I can't give you a rocotpt be- Padat Raid deposited $9,000 In 1027; withdrew $2,000 in October, 1B32; and $1.000 on March 3, 1036, a few days after his arrest. Theso wore tho only withdrawals, Pttdst tostifiod. InvQStlarator Cmig testified further that Lncerda lold him Foley had demanded $250 nfl attorney fees after he paid a $50 fine in San Francisco federal court, and naked for additional fo«s for "fixing* 1 tho UOH- charge for $1,000. Foloy told ho did not receive any of the $1,000 "fixer/* Craig said tho grocer told him. 1 Douglas I. McKay, president of New York Title Insurance Company; Mrs. Alexander Hamilton Rice of Newport, H, I,, x^ife of the explorer and philanthropist, and to Mrs* Ber^ '•'&-&• nard E. Smith of Bedford Villfifei N. T. t wife of a wealthy New York stock broker. ; Hoover quoted Vitolo as telling him tho "wild scheme had been con* cocted from Information obtained from a detective magazine/' He said tho tm«pect never appeared td obtain the sums of money demanded. ^ r Anonymous Letters Tho federal official said Sinclair received two anonymoua threatening 'x; ^ •iii -; All-Negro Jury Is Wantedby Judge Fret* Lentcd Ark.. Oct. out .the western status. At the ago of 45 he retired and turned the business over to his son, Palmw Fuller, Jr., which Have Disappeared also John ; B, Hudson, as J^B. HudPOhirAn ETTA V J.V IiyX>.SON.V, a - nsup ; blaze from crossing into i y ea rs ;; JQreelc t source of the water for Fontana and Rialto dis- creeping down the government during the post threo n slates. Fuller was married twice. His first , Qct. 1,—Authorities California, 'Oregon, Washington and Nevada wcro naked today to join in a widespread search for two Berkeley boys who dlnap- Circuit Judge A. P, Steol ordeixnl at- tornoys to select an all-Negro Jury today to try a murder caao in which Negroes are principals. Circuit Clerk M. C. Barton *ald no Jury In IMke county ever included even one Negro, The Jury will try Charles Gentry on a flm degree murder charge. Gentry is accused of stabbing to death another Negro, named Kvans. two months ago. Murder 1« a capital crime in Nominee Browder h Freed From Jail communloattons postmarked August 10 and August 12. The last communication asked $10,000, which Sinclair's chauffeur was to have delivered August 16. but the writer of the note did not show up. Hoover said Vitolo. had made a full confession. HAWAII HAS TWO ANTHEMS HONOLULU. OCU 1. <U. P.! Hawaii Is tho only portion of the United States that enjoys two national anthema, The Star Spangled i3ann«r ifl played at every concert along with Hawaii Ponoi, former anthem of, the Hawaiian monarchy, which was composed by King Kala- kftitru -,- --f- . -•-/I - l\- ' L ' •I r i j One of Last Navy ; PE3RCY,J>\ HUDSON, also known as P; F* Hudson, and LOURBNA M. HUDSON, alsb known as Lorona Hudson, his wife; SUSAN A. HUDSON, also known ae Sliele Hudson; ROBERT L.-HUDSON; C. DOUGLAS SMITH; THEODORE Z. McMURRAY, also known as T, .55. McMurray, and C. W. McMURRAY, I?lain,Uffs, vs. 53. A. FLETCHER-and ROE FLETCHER, his wife? A. PARKFORD. also .known as A. Parkford. and RQBERT Trustee In Bankruptcy In the Matter of Edwin A. Parkford, Bankrupt* Case Np. 27258 in the United States District Court, Southern-District of California, and MARY JANE PARKFORD, his wife; W. J. BARNHART and Elsie D. Barnhart, ^_ " — it F Germany Willing to Devaluate Mark, if (Associated Press Leased Wire) BERLIN, Oct.- 1.—Germany Is , willing to devaluate tho mark as an acres have been denuded of trees ald to Het uing tho troubled world since the blow* started, Tuesday. I economic Situation, an authoritative source said today, if other powers are willing to pay the high compensating price Which the reich asks. still four miles from the nearest Inhabited districts. Forest Supervisor AYilllam V. Jones, estimated more than 3000 Legal Notices W ,ta ,a now tho wife of Ooorgo Barr| KV^, ^TSitSJPtTO homes September 32 on a hunting trip. The boys are Stanley Kills, 14, son of Harold Ellis of the University of California news bureau and d<*orgo McKie. 16. «on of William McKle, Berkeley bitslncsn man. OLD PITCHERS COLLECTED HTO, Wl».. Oct. 1. (U. F.}—Wh«n Martha Bundby of Hlo was a senior t st, Olftf Coiloge in Korthfleld. Baker, New York. His second wife died In 1823. He has two sons, W. P. Fuller, Jr., and Robert Hargls Pul* lor/ San Francisco. 30,000 Tons Chili Destroyed by Fire CORRECTION OF DEUNQUENT LIST PUBLICATION, OF COUNTY TAXES FOR THE YEARS 1933 AND 1934 AS PROVIDED BY SECTIONS 3882 AND 3883 OF THE POLITICAL CODE. ; \ Whereas, heretofore, In tho'piibllca- l (United Press Leased Wire) HUNTINOTON BEACH, Oct. 1*— __ One of tho "hottest" fires on record That*'in" tarlefi'a competent official 1 took place hero today when SO.OOO Commodores Dies commented, was the correct, authoritative Interpretation of Dr. HJalmar Schacht's statement ycaterday to the directorate of tho Reichsbank on the French monetary crisis. tons of chili went up in smoke as tho y. C. Chatrnan chill popper dehydrating plant wits dwfcaged. Loss was estimated at several thousand dollars, U HARDISON^ and tlon of th it of neiinquentcunty ZETTA N, HARDISON, his wife; H. A. BARDEEN and EDNA R, BARDEEN, his wife, and BARDEEN PETROLEUM COMPANY, Ltd.* a corporation; WILLARD MALLORY and MARY JANE MALLORY, his wife; LAKE VIEW OIL LEASE COMPANY; WILLIAM , T. i BELL and BESSIE BBLL, his wife; B. V, REDMAN and MARY JANE REDMAN, his wife: F. J. HUGHES and MARY ',JANE HUGHES,.his wife; WILLIAM A. THOMPSON, Jr., and MARY ; JANE THOMPSON, his wife; RALPH D. .DOUGLAS and MARY JANE D.OUOLAS, his wife; JOHN DOE and JANJ9 DOE, his Wlfet RICHARD ROE and MARY JANE ROE, his wife; JOHN DOB COMPANY, a corpora- tjon; arid RICHARD ROB COMPANY, , a ,corporation, Defendants. THE PEOPLE OP THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA SEND GREETINGS TO: S. A. ; FLETCHER AND MARY ROE FLETCHER, his wife; * E, A. PARKFORD, also known as Edwin A. Parkford, and ROBERT BiROMBERO,. Trustee in Bankruptcy In the Matter of Edwin A^ Parkford, Bankrupt! Cace No. 27258 In the UnlUd States District Court, Southern District, of California., and MARY JANE, PABKFORiJ, his wlfeV W, J, BA71NHART and BLQIE D. fiA.|tN- HART, hls-wlfw GUY L. HARDISON and ZETTA N, HARDIBON. ftls wife; H.V-A; .BARDEEN arid EDNA., R,^ BARDMBN, hl« wife, and BARDEEN PETROLEUM COMPANY; Ltd.. a taxes for the year 1933 and 1984. those certain parcels of l*nd u assessed as follows: Year 1933 assessed lo David Flndlay, Lost Hills School District, Receipt No, 9586, w 4 chs of SH of N»A of SHIP SKY 8E'4 of NEU, section 10, Twp. 26 R. 21. should read E 4 chs of of NH of SE% of NEH, Section 10, Twp. 26, R, 31 ....$0.94 Year 1934 assessed to John .T. Kova- csvlch. Arvln School District. Receipt No. 630. Town of Arvin, Lot 6, Block 1 $16.21 ; J/ots, 7-St Block 1 $8.17 Lot lli, Block 3 *.* ,....$4.S3 Should read Town of-Arvln, Stockton Addition. 1934 assessed to Matilda ChrlBtlansan, Muroc School Dlstrlot, Receipt No, 1 13110, S 178 ft of N 1760 ft. of W 60 ft. of E 3650 ft, Section 21, Twp. ', XOf Rt 4.0 *.*.*.<«**t***»f##****Ili39 i Should be 8 176 ft of N. 1760 ft of ; W 60 ft of B 3630 ft of Section 21, Twp. 10, R. 10. C. E. DAY, Tax Collector, K*rn County Oct. 1 to 7, Inc. n " HORIZONTAL 1 Heavter-than- air plane. aitisincreai- I ingly popular aa Answer to Previous FJIS1IIHH :1 4WI»3 SIGfilD UNSET NOTICE OF STOCK ASSESSMENT WM«W^M»*^HH^V»; n ' • \ \ F Name of corporation: Union Avenue Telephone Qo. Locution of principal pUce of buainemi: Bakerefleld, Call fern la. Notice Is her»by given that at a meeting of t}ie Directors held August 12, 3030, an tt*B«BKm*nt of five his F '- corporation i fuid MAHt wife; J.AKE VIEW OIL COMPANY; WILLIAM T. Bftt and BB88XE.BBtiU-hl«.wlf0; I E..-vr.mD* MAN and MARY JANE RBPMAN. his wife; F.J. HUGHES and MARY JANB HUGHES, his wife; WILLIAM A; THOMPSON, Jr.. ftnd MARY •^AJWJS THOMPSON" his wife* RALPH D. DOUGLAS arid MARY JANE DOUGLAS, his wlf«; JOHN DOB and SlALtSnY -W'°0) dollars per ahare ttas Uviod r.nov ui. .upon, tho shares of t.ha corDoratlon v, * th« Secretary, Carrie A. -B, Bakers Any shares of stock upon which this _asaeBsment remains unpaid on Jt* *• * ^- -^ ^ f* -^ A*hH._KV * ^ Inquent and made In the mei r t ISAUto. 13 Sacred, interdiction. 15 Gibbon. 18 Danger, 18 Seed bag. 19 Feathe*. 21 To eject. 22 Tp wander, 23 Upon, * 25 Half an em, 26 Southeast. 27 Musical note. 28 Kettle. 30 Inlet; 31 Genus of evergreen .shrub*. 32 Pencil tip. 33 Part of mouth. 62 Act* 34 By. 54 Before; 35 Musical note. 55 Apprehends, flurt* 16 Makes longer. 56 dome plane* *1 Southeast, have water 42 Crescent* * car ' VERTICAL • l 4 43 Boundary, 2 Frozen water, 45 To respond to '3 Uncommon. *tiipuju| t 4 Chief, 47 To perlih, 0 FrepoiWon, 40 Ovulw, 6 To dote, T Black* 8 Toward' 9 Oppoalte - of dead. 10 Weathercock, H Sea eagle. 14 Alleged force, 16 Part of the plane. 17 Outline. Id Defer i, 20 Female flyer. 24 Water whetL 27 Coal pltl, 20 Point 30 To tear atltchet, 94 Alche«. 37 Northeatt 36 Air night 39 Type standard 40 Mare. 42 Den. 44 Pertaining t* air. T * 46 Organ of gound. 47 Dower property, 46 Snaky fl«h. SO Lair. 62 Mountain. 61 South Amertea collecting pitchers* Today she has more than 250 pltchoru ranginR: from one of tho ourlloat WtBOonnln*mado ppttnry pitchem to doltcato glaww placet). DINOSAUR BONES FOUND FORT PKCK, Mont., Oct. 1. (U. P.>—A well preserved skeleton of a threc-homod dinosaur has been discovered horo and is being gradually oxcavated. It appears to havo been 9 feet high and 36 feet long. Experts OBtlmate it lived about 50,000,000 years before tho present complexities of modern life, ALAMKDA, Oct. h—Commodore Robert men Lopox, 77, U. 8. N.. nv tlrod, is dead. Ono of fhe laat naval officers to hold the rank of commo* doro, Ix>pr>z dind In a Hunltarhim he?rc last night after a year's Illness. Commodore Lopex fought with Admiral Dewoy In the battle of Manila flay, and retired In 1011, but was nv call**tl to service during the World war. At one time ho was commandant of Mare Inland, DRY UAIDKR8 H COM 1C KKMM15RKR. Wyo., Oct. 1. (U. P.)—Officers here wcro reminded of the old days recently when two spectacular raids netted 1500 gallons of mash and a cofnplote IDO'gallon «tlll, Tho authorities found HOO gallons of old-fashioned "moonshine" ICHH than two blocks from Urn business din* trlct. ^^ CHAMPION MOTHER NAMED BUDAPEST, Oct. 1. (U, P.>— Hungary's champion mother Is Mine. Anna Tiholy, a 51-yoar-old peasant woman of tho Bekcs district, 8bo has glvon birth to 27 children, of whom 18 are living, it was revealed at a meeting ho re of tho committee for th« protection of mothers. Press Leased TKRK13 HAUTK, tint., Oct. 1-Chief of Police James C. Yales today releasod from Jnll Earl Brovrrtor, Communist candidate for Prt>sldont, and four a««oolflt*>» who wore arrested yostoi*day morning when they camo horo to hold a campaign meeting. Ytites said ho exacted Urowder and tho others to leave tho city soon. "If they aro caught in Ui«* city j again, they will be taken buck to j Jail," tin? pollen chief declared. j lirowder was arroHtwl with WnUlo i Frank, novelist, and Heymour \VaW- j j man, Communist campaign commit-' teo man, both of Now York, upon arrival in tblrt city yesterday froin Chicago. Later, Charlos Studtfeldt, state chairman, and Andrew Hems,, a party worker* both of Indianapolis. woro arrested. Browdor was scheduled to deliver a campaign speech at a CommuuUtt party rally last night in tho Indiana State Teachers College auditorium. Instead, he spent tho night in Jail and th<j collego -auditorium was xteod * r | «< ft by tho atudonts for a football mooting. RADIOS FOR HCUOOUS SHANGHAI, Oct. 1. <U. P.H- Radio wotw for tho promotion of mass education must bo Installed In ull Chlneso middle schools before December flO, 1836, the ministry of (^duration 1m* ordered. 1'rograinn specially planned for atudcnu will bo broadcast regularly over govern" radio - Htatlon*. i * ORIGIN OF FAMILIAR SAYINGS Every day wo tine score* of thiute ort*p and colorful expres- «ion» which give peculiar vigor to tho American language* Where and how did they come Into use? The term Jati Band, for example, springe from Rail's band, a rwmarkabU four-piece combination consist* Inn of a baritone horn, trom- ttoiift, cornet, and an instrument made out of a Chlna-b«rry tree, 'Phis bund began In tho small cafes of New Orleunn tome fifteen y«*ra ago, moved to the Kew York Winter Garden, and *'V«ntually gave the English languago a new word, for a new rhythm. The Bnkftr&fi*ld CoJifornlan nervice booklet, "Familiar Saj*- InKM," carries 48 pftK»* of such w«Jl known expre««lotvB. each with a complete story of It* orlpin. Invalumble to students of literature, Kncloa* tea cents to cover cost, post Are. and handling. U»e TUU Coupon I I I I I I I « t t • >m , mf Th« BakcrHfl«Jd California^* Information Bureau, Frederic J. Hiuskln, Director, WBshlngton, D. C. I <»npl<j»* herewith 10 cents In coin iqarefully wrapped) for a copy of the booklet, Familiar Sayings." • i t t OLD CHA5ITAGNK SOUGHT HAI/T I.AKB CITY, Oct. I. ft:, P.)—Workmen searched frultlfwaly for 12 bottl»s of champagne nup- posedty burrlcd years ago in the, basement of the historic Bait Lake Brewing Company when thoy ransd tho building to make way for a new highway. Tbo champagne would bo ; approximately 65 yw*r« old. Street City. State .• • •»• V* -••• **• ' W.I (Mail to Waahtngton, D. C) f 1 >- . . .1, ,. ,- *- 1 . -I Swofford. ber, 1836, at 8 pay the delinquent assessment with trmw rvnn n/viro&v-nr n ***-«*.«, i & " v * PSf cent (5%) penalty, JUHiS juow COMPANY, a corpora- CARfttlC A swrnrn-nnn tlon/ a«d RICHAnn HOB COJfPANY, VAKKI1S A. .8WOFF'OM>, or corporation, Defendants. m 3 Boic s 5 ^ crfttary , Tow ; we Erected to appear In an BakwMSid rftnf«mu action; brought against you by the g^t 10 17 ?4-TS?t7t •Ti^a * above named plaintiffs in the Super- beplt zu v 17 ' J * 4 * ; u °rl£lJlJJ^. iraSr^^^^^^ ,tO;-answer the cornplaint therein " .within ten ,days aft*r, the service on Notice is hereby given that an in* y_«i of this Summons, If served within stiUlment of taterest pn Xssiwment County of Kern, or within thirty No. l of the Buena VUta Water 8tor* ^^U^ •JfWhtre. and you ars aee District in the amomif of notified thav unless you appear and 26.04£Q5l% of the balance of ths IttUri M!Ww «* above required, the plain- est accrued thereon and un tlfftv win ^taks Judjrnient for any July i. IMf, to 8*pt*mber or damages.<Temandflfd in the payable ti.. •. .*'_._ __•'•-_.•-_. '"' '••'.*. I ^ — ~ b ._ . _ land the County «. t , ^^L^WorhU, to the Treasurer of said County, r All or sny wt pi said" Jn«ta41m»nt of, interest which r«mains uoj>»jd on • loth 4ay >r O6t*te^|«^«Eg)>M toffothtr .vith accrued fnw as arising tii>on contract, to the Court (or any (owners of in tha Com- of H«rn. -- *• • • • - -m~ fc^» * * • • H _\ r L - K L i * * •. ;.*- ,AJ ' ' "^ " seal of of payauis ^wjuun,thirty (10) di the date h«rtof t>y all •• L ' s _b ^ .•. T ^ ^ _• L f if cither platnt Oiven ;tin«tr my -: .hatMf ', .'."? •*i^* v V'^^'" r ^ - i * '-. TV • i •• - - ^ , * fil-^ fw -' • * ,f f '. I .'r -,-••'', '^^-- I^-J ••' • Ub_b I. ' -1'^ :>rt*S-TjTtai ,, ^^*^I^F ••;?IH^ ..< -.:' --•> B7 ^J|fc-;'|ttOU«i ^^Pttri 3&WW* •/ •>.: .. -^ ^ :T 1 -. p, Kunf fn*r, •ipwfaft^fHd »»*«fej «v lv-f Urest th ten per ad '•-' from * - rn ,.-••• i '• -i rial Old movi nee too utt

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