The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 23, 1944 · Page 5
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 5

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, October 23, 1944
Page 5
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G. 0. P. Senator to Support F.D.R. After Policy Test n.v OWEN -MORGAN WASHINGTON', Oct. :J3. (UP.)— Senator Joseph H. Ball, (R.-Minn.), said today that on the basis of 1'rcsldent Roosevelt's stand on foreign policy "I shall vote for am] support Mr. Roosevelt" in the November 7 election. Ball, a strong advocate of close international co-operation to maintain peace, had posed three questions concerning that issue and said the answers to them would determine whether he would vote for Mr. Roosevelt or for Governor Thomas E. Dewey, the Republican presidential nominee. Met Issues "President Roosevelt In his Saturday night speech cupped this record {American leadership in the war) of action by meeting squarely and unequivocally the two vital nnd controversial issues on which the isolationist^ kept us out of the League of Na• tions and will fight our entry Into the united nations security organization," Ball said In a prepared statement. '•He Insisted that the United Nations organization be formed without delay, before hostilities cease, Bnd that It be granted power to use military force agninst future aggressors without requiring Individual approach of each member nation. "Governor Dewey • has opposed delay but has not met squarely the second vital issue. He has spoken for a strong international security organization, but in each speech has so worded his commitment that both Isolationists and internationalists could find comfort and support In what he said. A substantial party of his support is talking straight isolationist doctrine to the country." Listens to Speeches Ball was said to have reached his decision after listening to the for- NOW BREATHE FREER 12 drops in each nostril I abrink membranes, cold I stuffed nose opani. Cau- I tiontUatonlyasdirectcd. IPENETRO NOSE DROPS elgn policy speeches that the two candidates delivered last week— Dewey before the New York Herald Tribune forum on Wednesday and Mr. Roosevelt before the Foreign Policy Association In New York on Saturday night. It was emphasized that Ball will not In any sense renounce his party —he Is and will remain a Republican In principle and a foe of what he calls bureaucratic bungling on the home front by the Roosevelt administration. But to him, a strong, forward- looking foreign policy, calling for vigorous United States participation in a world peace organization, transcends domestic issues in this election. Ball, it was said, believes his party colleagues will understand his position and that some may join him. Based on Test Ball's decision was based on a test that he proposed for both candidates —a test dealing solely with the proposed world organization and consisting of these three questions: 1. Will you support the eniliest possible formation of a united nations security organization and United States entry therein before any final peace settlements in either Europe or Asia? 2. Will you oppose any reservations to United States entry which would weaken the power of the organization to act to maintain peace and stop aggression? 3. Should the vote of the United States delegate on the world council commit and agreed-upon quota of our military forces to stop aggression or should the delegate be compelled to get congressional approval in each instance? Both Dewey and Mr Roosevelt subsequently endorsed formation of the organization before hostilities end but the President went beyond Dewey's stand by urging that the American delegate be empowered to place American forces In the path of future aggressors without getting congressional stance. sanction In each In- —Cillforalan-NKA Trlrphono RIDING IN THE RAIN—Under leaden skies in a drizzling rain, President Roosevelt rod* in an open car through Times Square, Saturday, during 50-mile parade through New York City as he opened campaign for New York state's 47 electoral votes. The President is shown wearing his dripping campaign fedora and a blue military cape, an old-time heavy-weather friend. Fala, the White House dog, and an alert secret service man ride with him. E. K. Grant Named Justice in Shatter Now serving as justice of the peace in Shafler is E. K. Grant, long time resident of this area whose appointment was announced by the Board of Supervisors. . .. Mr. Grant WHS an employe of The of ^"Payers money, today de- Bricker Demands More Money Control CHEYENNE, Wyo., Oct. 23. <Ut>> Governor John AV. Bricker of Ohio, asserting that there was a vital need for greater control over the spending BnUerslield Californian for 8>2 years, and for the last years has been employed In the circulation department. PM... &VWUM&*- Why not break away at sundown for a few Pleasant Moment! ... teat yourself before a Perfectly Marvelous PM Highball, Old-Fashioned or Manhattan? PM, you know, is • whiskey of pre-war excellence .. . bland, rich, mellow—the Perfect Mixer. Puts a happy Punctuation Mark at the end of a trying day. snxi.o^.M.ou^.H yOV TOO CAM FIOHT BY OIVINO rr.ttnnst DUtlllcr. ProiUeU Corp., IX. Y. Blended Whisker. 86.8 Proof. 51% Slraiihl Whiikry, 49% Grain Neniral Spirit.. 1/irH'A.LAI>VBByj»E_MKNT . MR. ROBERT M. JEROME, Box 234, Fellows, California, says: "I have been an oil worker here in the fields for the past 27 years and am a member of several fraternal orders. I am going to vote for DEWEY-BRICKER HOUSER Because I think that they are the right men in the right place and at the right time. It's time for a change!" We agree with you, Mr. Jerome, it is time for a change both in the executive branch of our government, and also to replace Sheridan Downey, whose absentee record in the Senate has failed to give California representation that the people of this great state deserve. West Side Republican Club, 425'/z Center Street, Taft, Calif. Phone 53 mnnded extension and strengthening of the pro-audit functions of the general accounting office. Arriving from Laramie, where he made his first rear-platform talk in Wyoming, the G. O. P. vice-presidential nominee, in a speech prepared for delivery at the Union Pacific depot, said that this reform could not be attained by "an administration drunk with power." It could be done, he said, by Thomns E. Dewey as president and a Republican Congress. Tracing the legislative reforms in public financing, Bricker accused the New Deal of "constantly" trying to "rob Congress of its control* over government spending." He cited, as one example, the responsibility of the general accounting office to pro- audit expenditures "to make sure that money is spent as Congress intended." This power, he explained, extended to the administrative agencies. University Graduate Division Dean Dies BERKELEY, Oct. 23. (UP)—Pr. Charles Bernard Lipman, 61, Dean of the graduate division of the University of California since 1!)23 and professor of plant physiology, died yesterday from a heart attack after a 10-day illness. Lipman had been associated with the University for 36 years and was nationally known for his research work and writings on plants and soils. He is survived by his widow, Marion Evans Lipman, and a daughter, Georgia. MEETS TONIGHT The Kern County Veterans' Knv ployment Council will meet tonight at the United States Employment office. A report will be presented by Glen Johnson, on an eYnploymcnt survey taken through the country on public work employment. Gelling Up Nights MakesNanyFeelOld Do you suffer from Getting U» Nights. Backache, Nervousness, Leg Pains, Dizziness. Swollen Ankles, Rheumatic Fains. Bladder Weakness, Painful Passages, or feel old and run-down, due to non-organic and non-systemic Kidney and Bladder troubles? If eo. here Is good news: The very first does Of CyiUx (a physician's prescription) usually goes right to work helping the Kidneys Bush out excess acids and wastes which may have caused your trouble. So take Cyitix exactly as directed and watch for quick help and a rapid increase In pep, more youthful feeling and Joy of living. CyiUx must surprise and delight you and satisfy completely or you simply return the empty package and your money back Is guaranteed. Don't suffer another day without trying Cyttex—only lit. Tear this out: take to your druggist: be lurt to get genuine, guaranteed Cyitex. WANTED Two bedroom, unfurnished house, hy responsible permanent parly who will take good care of property. Will take lease. Have been with reliable national concern for the past 15 years. >•• MR. CONNELLY New Minifir From 1h« East A & P STORE 1608 Eighteenth Street COWS Hector's Fast Relief Don't suffer. Uie Dr. SchoU'a Zino-pada on your cams. They atop painful shew friction in-/ slantl|r; lift prcaaure, ! gently remove coma. I Coat but a trifle. Sdd| •vtrywher*. D-'Scholh Zmo dds Dr. S. C. Long Physician-Surgeon 1728 Truslun Avenue Phone 2-IK52 POW6r tO Act OUlCklV AskPCl *** * aher * (<eUl C*W«"<«« Monday, October 23, 1944 by F. D. R. for U. S. Delegates •WASHINGTON, Oct. M. (UP.)—The administration is studying a four- step program to carry out tlie Ideas on a world peace organization outlined by President Roosevelt Saturday night in his foreign policy address, it was learned today. Speaking before the Foreign Pol- Icy Association in New York, Mr. Roosevelt declared that the peace organization must be set up before hostilities cease and said the United States delegate must receive congressional authority "in advance" to commit United States forces to check aggression. Consider Program Administration officials were understood to be contemplating this four-point program: 7. Submission to the Senate of a treaty to make the United States a member of the new organization. This would require a two-thirds vote for ratification. 2. A separate agreement on the types and amounts of military forces to be held ready for use by the security council. This miiy be either in treaty form or ns a resolution requiring simple majorities in both houses. 3. Legislation to set up the office of the American delegate and to outline his duties and authorities. To prevent this from being stymied by the two-thirds Senate rule, the measure probably will he In form of domestic legislation requiring simple majorities. 4. Various appropriation bills providing funds for the office of the delegate and for the American quota forces. Power to Art Quickly Despite the almost certain prospect of opposition from many congressmen. Mr. Roosevelt KM id it was imperative that the council of the organization projected at Dumbarton Oaks have power to act quickly to keep the peace. "It is clear," he said, "that If the world organization is to have any reality at all, our representatives muf-t be endowed in advance by the people themselves, by constitutional means through their representatives in The Congress, with authority to act." I Mr. Tloosrvelt coupled his proposal j with a <ienounrement of the "invet- I era to Isolationists" whn, he said, would nssiimn leadership in Congress if the Republicans woo control of either or both bouses. He filed among them Senator Hiram Johnson, of California. Gerald I'. Nye, of North Dakota, and HcprcsentHtiv e« Joseph XV. Martin, Jr.. of Massachusetts and Hamilton Fish. Now York. He said that It was Inconceivable that those isolationists hart changed their minds about world affairs and said they were "not reliable custodians of the future of America." Doesn't Mention Dewey Following his campaign custom. the President did not refer to bl.-i opponent, Governor Thomas 10. Dewey. by name. But by Indirection he reviewed the Democratic charge that Dewey WHS misrepresenting mi- ministration utterance and statements in his attack on the Xew Deal. "I happen to believe," the President said, "that, even in a political campaign, we should all obey that ancient injunction: Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor." $88 *•,. «***?£#< When your stomach is queasy, uneasy and upset, be gentle with it. Take soothing PEPTO-BISMOL. It helps to calm and quiet stomach distress. Non-laxative. Non-alkaline. Pleasant to the taste. Next time your stomach is upset, take soothing PEPTO-BISMOL. A NORWICH PRODUCT mil Pop • Smith Bros. Cough Drop into your mouth, to quiet that cough duetoacold. War has reduced our output, but every Smith Brot. Cough Drop is soothing at ever. Still only 51. Black or Menthol. SMITH BROS. COUGH PROPS Have Vour Christmas Photographs Made Now I ACH In !•!• «f 4 «r M«r» Special Offer RICH BRONZE $195 PORTRAITS *•*•* if SIZE 6 x 8 INCHES * Proofs Shown No Appointment Necessary AUSTIN STUDIOS OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE 1521 Nineteenth Street Phone 3-0930 HAKERSFIELU DAILY HOURS: 9 A. M. to 8 P. M. Sundays: 1 P. M. to 6 P. M. P_QMTICA|t AQY KRTIHEMKNT TICAIj ADVKRTIKKMKNT "It took a World War to get jobs for the American -people. "Now, Washington is gelling all set for another depression. They intend to keep the young men in the Army. The New Deal ipokea. men are daily announcing thai reconversion will be difficult, if not impossible. They say thai relief rolls will be enormous. "The reason for this long continued failure is twofold. First, because there never was a worse job done of running our government. "When the W.P.B. fell apart, so did your chance under this administration for jobs after the war. "The other reason for this long continued failure is because this administration has so little faith in the United Slates. They believe that our task is not to produce more goods but to fight among ourselves over what we have. "I believe that we have not even begun to build our industrial plant. No living man has yet dreamed of the limit to which we can go if we have a government which believes in the American economic system and in the American people. "There can be—there must be—jobs and opportunity for all at a high level of wages Olid salaries." —THOMAS E. DCHF.Y AtirtH-PhttmielphiK, /><•„ Srplmhtr 7,1944. VOTE FOR DEWEY AND BRICKER ON NOV. 7

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