The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 13, 1938 · Page 9
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 9

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1938
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 19S8. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. NINE*. iflilliiiiliiiiiiiiiiiniiiiliiiiiiiyiliiiwiiimiiiliiimiliiiiliiiiitiiitiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiw How About A Bit More Attention To Want Ads And Their Economies? JinnmiijiimojiraiiiiiHiiiuiiiiiiiiMiii™^ \t ...... Biiiiiiiiini!iiiiiiiiniiiniiiiiiiiiii«iiii» HERALD-MAIL INFOflMATlON All ads are restricted to their proper class! Heat ions and to the regular Herald-Mall style of type. Errors in advertisements should be repured Immediately. Tti« Herald-Mall will not be responsible for more Limn one incorrect Insertion. Advertising ordered for frreffular Insertion takes the one time rate. PHONE YOUK CLASSIFIED AD TO 104 - 105 - 106 No ads taken for less than a basin bE three lines. Count six average words to the line. The average word contains six letters. Dally rates per line for conaecu- CLASSl S Fi r ED n AbVEIlT13lNG KATES Cash Rate Ono time ____ i. -....- ..... - -JO Three times .... — ..- ......... 08 SIX times ................. •« .All Classified Advertising Is CASH -1N-AL) VANCE Ads ordered lor three or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged for only the number of times the ad appears and adjustments made at the rate earned. Special rates for yearly advertising upon request. Careful attention given to WHEN AND WHERE TO PLACE YOUR AD The Classified Advertising Department la situated at the Herald- itall. These offlcea are open to receive advertisements from 8 A. U. to 5 P M daily. All ads received up until 11 A. M. will appear In edition same day and 8 P. AL will appear in edition following day. The Ad-taker will gladly assist you if desired so that the copy for your ad Is prepared In such a manner as to hrtug tha greatest results. small CLASSIFIED INDEX The following advertisements un- Her the following classifications are arranged in ALPHABETICAL order for quick references, ANNOUNCEMENTS 1—Notices. 2—in Mem or lam. 3—Card of Thanks. 4—Flowers and Mournlnr Goods. 5—Funeral Directors. , i 6—Monuments and Cemetery LoU. 7—Personals. S—Bowling Alleys. ' 9—Societies and Lodges, an—LOSL Strayed and Found. AUTOMOTIVE 11—Automobiles for Sale. 12—Autos for Hire. 12 A— Delivery Service. 13—Battery and Ignition Servlc*. 14 Body and Fender Work, Paint Ing Tops and Upholstery. 15—Motorcycles and Bicyclen. 16—.Repairing and Service Station* 17—Tires, Parts, Accessorial. 17A—Wanted—Automotive. BUSINESS SERVICE IS—Business Service Offered. ISA—Beauty Parlors. 18B—Barber Sohps. ISC—Radio Repairing. 1SD— Welding and Brazing. 19—Bulldirg and Contracting-. 20—Cleaning, Dyeing:. Renovating. 21—Dressmaking and Millinery. 22—Heating, Plumbing. Rooflnr- 23—Insurance and Surety Bond. 24—Launderlnc. 25—Moving, Trucking, Storage. 26_painting;, Psiperlng, Decorat ng 27—Printing, TOiiBravinE. BIndlnr 28—Professional Service. 29—Repairing: and Reflnlshtne. 29A—Piano Tuning and Repairing:. 29JB—Shoe RepairiiiE. 29C—Harness and Leather doodH. 30—Tailoring- and Pressing. 31 Wanted—Business Service. EMPLOYMENT 32—Help Wanted—Female. 33—Help Wanted—Male. 34—Help—Male and Female. 35—Solicitors, Canvassers, Agents. 36—Situations Wanted—Female. 37—Situations Wanted—Male. FINANCIAL 2S—Business Opportunities. 39—Investments, Stocks, Bonds. 40—Money to Loan, Mortgages. 41—Wanted—To Buy. 41 A—Wanted—To Borrow. INSTRUCTION 42-—Correspondence Courses. 43—Local Instruction Classes, 4 t—Musical. Dancing, Dramatics. 45—private Instruction. 45 A—Instruction—Alale. 46—Wanted—Instruction. LIVESTOCK 47—Dogs, Cats, Other Pets. 4S—Horses. Cattle. Other Stock. 40—Poultry and Supplies. 50—Wanted—Livestock, MERCHANDISE 51—Articles for Sale. 51A—Barter and Exchange. 52—Boats and Accessories. 53—Building Materials. 54—Business and Office Equipment. 55—Farm and Dairy Products. 66—Feed and Fertilizer. 56A—Coal and Wood. 57—Good Things to Eat. BS—Homemade Things. 59—Household Goods. 60—Jewelry. Watches, Diamond*. 61—Machinery and Tools. 62—Musical Merchandise. 62A—Radio Equipment. 63—Seeds, Plants, Flowers. 64—Specials In the Stores. 65—Wearing Apparel. 66—Wanted—To Buy. ROOMS AND BOARD 67—Rooms with Board. 63—Rooms without Board. 6'.»—Rooms for Housekeeping. 70—Vacation Places. 71—Where to Eat. 72—Where to Stop In Town. 73—Wanted—Rooms or Board. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT 74—Apartments and Flats, 75—Business Places for Rent. 76—Farms and Lands for Rent. 77—Houses for Rent. 77A—Garages for Rent. 7S—Offices and Desk Room. 79—Shore and Mountain—For Rent SO—Suburban—For JlenL SI—Wanted—To Rent. Automotive Automobiles For Sale FOR SALE—1!'3C Plymouth Tudor Touring Sedan. Trunk, It ltd to, Hfilter, Seal Covers and L-xtras. Tbi« car is in perfect condition with low mil fit if e. Must bo sold settle un estate. A mill bargain. ask fo If Terms 11. i- Jla<l(t be arranged lMuH.-e.ssfH'y ; ____ iil "FOKD R-IUSM panel truck Al condition. Apply between C> and fi p. in. f,l!l lirown Ave. ID.'M CHIOVUOLKT AliiHler Cuneh 1st class . hiipe. Radio C-eorge St. l-'OK tiAL.H--192!> Pontiac eoune. (iood co iid it tun. Sue rl (Ice. I'ho 1157. JANUARY REDUCTION SALE OF BETTER USED CARS YOU MUST. ACT QUICK—THESE WON'T STAY LONG '30 CIIEV.ROUin Coupe .. '2!* BUICK (i Coach *;!0 BUICK ti .Sedan •31 Cl-IRVSLlSU (i Coupe .. •2!) CHEVROLET Sedan ... '33 FORD Sport Coupe '30 GRAHAM C -Sedan '31 HUDSON 6 Sedan '33 DODGE. Ccupe '33 TEUKAPL.ANE Coupe '29 WHIPPET 0 Coach 1° 111) 50 no Sfi 20 40 Others to Select From You Get A Better Used Car From A Bulck Dealer—so Visit TI-1E USED CAH MARKET 224 Frederick St. 1'hone 220C The Thumnm Mntor Co. Bulck Dealer. Announcements Personals ALIj KINDS o' buck number magazines & book? at 114 N. Jonatb- St. t>RTviNG to Florltla about January 17th. Room lor 2 pu.i.sonKer.s. WHIe Rox !K> c-o HpraUl-MMjl MEN~~OL5~~AT 40: CiTjT PEP—Now Ostrex Tonic Tablets contain raw oystor InvlKonuors anil other stimulants. One dose '.starts new pep. Vnlne ft.00. Special p.-ico Sic. Call, write Rudy's Roxall Pharmacy. SEWER UONNBCTIO^NS wanted, i am full, snipped to make nil kinds of Fewer connections and concrete work John T. Hull, 65V Pennsylvania Ave. Phone 383 \V. Lost, Strayed, Found 10 •WHITE roi. ' Phnnn 2:1 Hi. K POO— Howard. Automotive Automobiles For Sale 11 GTOT IT WHOM I'TjUIGH'S THAT CKKTIPIMD 1ISKO CAH PKICiOS AUK UKSIIT! 30-Day (iiiiu'anlec — :',-I)ay 'Trial !AI1 Curs ThoroiiKhly Recnndllloncd and WlnlerlKcd Dinvn Payment r37 .STIIDKIlAk'KI! Sedan ..... J2SO >Sfi FORD Dcl.\. Sedan ......... 1GB •Sft FORD D5lx. Sedan, radio ... 130 WILLYS Sedan ........... , 110 Coupo .......... i,..100 . ,.. IBS f!TW!VBOr,F.T Viol. Sedan.. 75 H11 NAS NASH Sodiin •30 1IIJIOK. Viet, Sedan •SI STUDHIIAKHH Colllio '32 KSRKX Colipn '30 S'nlDKII'VKKIl .Soclllll '3(J STUI1KIIAKKR Conch '!!> HIII.'MOHI' .K Hodiin •JO OAKLAND Coiino ......... 135 DODOF, TIIUCK ........... Llbnrnl Trnr.i* -^- Ti-ndcs PUSIOH MOTOR CO. , III On.k Hill Av«. Phon« 1800 JAN UAH IT CLEARANCE SALE l^TG DeSOTO Airllow Sedan $:i",0.00 1936 FORD Tudor 1175.00 133S CHF.V. Std. Sedan MO.OO 193T, I'LYlMOUTH R S Cp. .. 4Jf,.00 I'l3f. OLDS tliinch 4SS.OO 1-I3-.- FOItO Tudor 3Uf, 00 IIIIM FORD Coach 27.', 00 1S32 FORD (Joacll 17f. 00 11132 CIIE\". Coupe -i i'J'M CHRYSLER Sedan ... 1931 BUICK 4 Pass. Cp. ., J'Ktl NASH Sedan 11)30 MARQU10TTE Rdstr. YOl'R CHOICE AT ?7u.OO 1930 LaSAT,Ll-; Sedan 1930 AUBURN Sedan 1930 FORD Cmipo 1930 DeSOTO Sedan 192" CHEV. Coach 1929 OAKLAND Sedan 1931 FORD Roadster 1930 FORD Coach YOT5R CHOICE AT $50.00 192!" CHEV. Coach 19^9 FOKD Coach 1929 FORD CIHUJB 1929 CHEV. Sedan 192D GRAHAM Sedan p \S IS FOP. CASH , J20.0C 192S BUICK. Sedan 1930 WILLYS Sedan 1929 WILLYS Sedan 1927 -ItUPiMOBILK Sedan 1929 NASH Sedan 1923 CHEV. Coach These barffair.s will only last a few days so act fast. BU\ NOW ! Terms to Suit. FERENS MOTOR CO. 20 K. Locust St. Phone 907 TO -UA10. ROOM FOR OUR NEW CARS WE ARE OFFKRING TJ-I E FOLLOWING AT PRICES WE HOPK WILL PROVE ATTRACTIVE 1937 Super TERRAPLANK lirouB'ham RC-V Radio, liwiler, alitomaclc shift transmission \vith elcclru: liand, no-di-ut't ventilation, l>anjo type stCTTinK wheel. 10'- II. P. A car with all the pep you want, plenty of power and speed. Looks and is like new. Come out and drive e.xce bargain to own it. you 1937 TERRAPLANE Sedan DcLltxe Driven 2300 miles — new car title and Euaranlce. black with Brey striping i"> sinool-iv horsepower, 117" wheelbase, seats and rides six In perfect comfort. All weather ventilation, electric hand, larce lupr&age compartment, duo-automatic hydraulic brakes and beautiful mohair upholstery. Save tiful mohair uphols real money on this on 1935 CHEVROLET Coach Original black finish, mohair upholstery, no-draft. ventilation, twin air horns, beater, tires like new. A food .sound car, nuonpin- ical, practical and food looking. Formerly owned by a railroad official. 1934 CIJEVUOLET .Sedan Black with green .striping; upholstery like new, tires very g'nod. Ifin- fhfo quiet. The original owner took mighty nice care of this one. 1930 CHEVROLET Sedan Si): cream wire wheels and nix food tires. 1'pholslery in fine, condition, motor ffood. An rconomical little car and a bargain. We also have a number of other small cars at reduced prices. HI'PSOX TEnnAPLAXR nARAOR Automotive Automobiles For Sale VERY SPECIAL PRICED FUR QUICK. SALE 1030 CJIUYSU'IK Sedan llKUi PLYMOUTH Coupe. 11135 C11UYYSLUK Sedan. I ( i;M OLOSAIOIJILI'] Seitan. I'JIU CHHYSi.lvK Sedan. MAKYLANl* MOTOlt CO.. Inc. Distributors Chrysler-l-My mouth S6-li^ W. Franklin St. Phone ^0 llliUIIIIIIMIIIinillIINIIIIICJINH I'ACKATM) A Sufo Place to Buy Used Curs 1SI37 FACKAKU Tour. St'dau . .$S1,1 ll»3ti FOitD Sedan ."»•)." 1SSL (MIJIYSLKR S])t. Hilstr. . 2\t' t lUlili FRANKLl.V Sedan H." 11128 FRAXKLIX Sedan 1-!." COSTO.N AIOTOHS J[4 W. KninUHn Jii._ Phono G27> \i.~& G. I'.SICI) CARS AT CRl'JATfA' RKDUCKD PRICES 11)37 FORL' J)eL. J<'ordor. Radio & heater (Dem.) 1937 FOKU JJeU Fordor. (Dem.) 11)37 FOR I OcL. Tudor. Heater. ' (Low mileage.) 1113" FORI-- Tudor. 111KG FO1U> J)eL. Tudor. Trnk, hc't'r l!'3(j FORD Tudor. 193tJ FORD Del'-. Coupe. Radio & heater. 1!i,'i5 FORD DcL. Tudor. Radio. !!)3f. FOR!* UeL. Tudor, 1935 FORD Coupe, HUM FORD DeL. Tudor. 1?:«4 FORD DeL. Coupe. 11134 FORL Convertible Coupe. 11)32 FOHD Coupe. 1930 FOI1D Model A Coupe. 193G FOKD Pickup (very ffood.) HKtfi FOKD LV Dump Triu;k. lli.'il! FORD 131 Dump Truck. 1935 FORD' 157 Stakes Truck, FORDSOX Tractors. NKIWAlArs AUTO COMPANY Autos Fo.r Hire TAXL Horvant 17 yr.s., u.siny J Uli new car. No on« liuri. no one run down. Paul II. Johnson, Public Ins. Motorcycles and Bicycles 15 TlS line of bicycle parts, tires &. accessories; repairing:. '' ' Repairing J. Service Stationa 16 CALL for g 7U2—HJIAl'MSR'K GARAGE, enoral auto repairing 1 <£ towing. HO K>. Franklin St. CAR "WASH I NO TOc^OciTeral ~ pairing 1 and _brose's Garage retire service. Am- rear 33 X. Jonathan Business Service Business Service Offered 18 (JLAKH—Sold and replaced In automobiles, mirrors, window glass. Glass Shop. 11 N. Locust. Ph. 2693 W NOTICE — A. Gaylor has a complete repair shop for trucks and auto;i. General blacksmith. acetylene \vokiins 1 , frames, body. fenders, axles, spriiiRs and bumpers. Motor SI., . Washington Radio Repairing MJLLLEH'S PvADlO SERVICE All Mak-s Repaired. Open 8 A. M. tr. i) P. M. 4 N. Mulberry. Ph. 620M Insurance and Surety Bonds 23 STATE AUTO, Compensation & Fira fnsuratice. J. B. Burgesser. 17 N'eglev Bldg. Phone 533 Repairing and Refinishlng 29 F. J. OACK—Ruupbolslei-inK &. repairing furniture. iMattresses renovate [1, work ola.«s, reasonable prices. Pb aitOSJ. 31! Center St. Employment Help Wanted—Female CUCNTIIV t;\rl fo .Must have • general work in iH-ii unnecessary, good education. "Make borne. Write Box 91 c-o AlRll. WO-MKN—«ood oi)portunity. Give full particulars, rcfi'i'i-nct-. UK*.', pb'ne. (Direct_ sa-lea.)_J.{n.\_3_0T^jdail AN'^IJ^fsTrr^fur'T^ni'i-al uttiuc wurk. C:dl II to 1^ A. M.. 1 Lo 2 P. .\l. lliioin lit f._C rand Uldy. Help Wanted—Male i7T\7~en 33 AIAX—To drive srocery miuU. A!M> CHL nn-at ami clerk. Write J-iux ^JL ^' JI _^!i l il"l lu1 !VJ^N — WANTKD t<> MM,ply Kaw- leitih'K JI oust: hold , Products t." consumers. Sales way up thi.s year. \\'o train and help ymi. (.iood profits for hustlers. Xo r-x- perif-nce necessary. Plca«nnt, profitable, dignified worlc. Write m- day. RjiwleiRh's, D«pt. ^HJA-66- r».1, CliRStrr, Pa. IS THIS A SOUND ARGUMENT— OR JUST NOISY TALK? Well, if one of the men is maintaining that Want Ads pay, it is a sound argument, sure enough. And if the other man claims that Want Ads don't bring results, that is nothing but noisy,talk. . ly known company wants to hire .several men for work in this locality. Especially want men living nd in small r two .Deliver wns. Op- . livin order* t . far ening- for JJi JJufrerKt farmers, render Hervicri an oilier work. Farm experiem-h very desiral>lc. Car iii-i-essary. Pern iipnt work. Vmi only n.-ed t<> K' yoin- 11:1 m f and uddrc^.-;. i'»x. UO, _c/o_ lltrald-.Mail. WANTKD— iCxperienced and capnble farm fimiily with lielp on a well equipped farm: house with modern con ve nien "o.s J, A. Wilson, near Situations Wanted—Female 36 GIRL with child wants work in liume of 2 nr 3 .-ulnlls Write P. O. Rox 10,S, lllne RidKO Summit. Pa. YOUNG woman, with child, wants iionsokrcpliif; in molherlcss home. Write Box 10: c-n llerald-.Mail. Pennr.. Ave. Phone 1SSS SAFETY TESTED USED CAHS 1 n.r. CHKV IIOLKT Sedan $.17: HtaTi FOKLV Coach 341 .103-1 RUICK Coupo 375 l!)3i DO 1X1K Sedan 37:", 193-1 CHEVROLET Sport Coupe 34H 1933 OLDSMOBILK Sedan 3-li Open Evenings Until 10 O'clock .1. S. SNOWBERGER A SONS 219 E. Washington St. Phono 801 DON'T FIGHT YOUR OLD CAR ALL WINTER Trade it in on a winterized, Kuar- tnteed O1C Used Car i.t HOFP.MAN CHEVROLET SALES and Suva -Money, Time and Trouble. IS37 CHEVROLET Sport Cotllle, with radio and heater. 1937 CHEVROLET Jlstr. DeL. Sedan, wilh radio; black. 1S36 FORD Sport Coupe. Equipped with radio and healer. 1934 LA SAI.LP Sedan. Blue, Flcplwood body. In excellent condition throughout. 1934 CADILLAC 7 Pays. Sedan. Radio ,t healer exceptionally nice condition. 1936 CHEVROLET .Master 6 Coach. Black finish with rod wire wheels, fine condition. 1936 FORDj-Tiidor Sedan. Trunk mode) Umiilppeo with radio. 1935 BUICK DnLnxe Sedan. Equipped with radio and heater, lino condition thrnont. 555 CIIEVE SI. Coach. Black. has had excellent care. 93Ti li'ORIJ IXiLuxo Tudor, with radio Has bad excellent care. 937 CHEVROLET Tractor ,t 20 ft. Friipltauf Tratler. van typo body, fully equipped. 337 CHEVROLET Dump Truck, now HorculOH hydraulic dump body, new rubber. I'ORD A OHTSVHOLET TRUCKS, Vt ton panels, 1H ton s(ak« and dump bod!«x, Many Other Makes and Models Priced Accordingly Tcrlufl to Suit Your Income IOFFMAK r.'lll'JVIlOLUT SALES. Inc USP3D CAR LOT 315 W. Washington St. IMionn <58 Look Tor (ho Big Noon Slin • "Between the Railroad*" REFINED middle aged lady desires work as companion or housekeeper in small respectable family. References furnished. Box 263, Shep- berdstown. W. Ya. Financial Business Opportunity 38 GASOLINE service station In Ha- ererstown open for lease, doing 10,000 gals, per month average. About 5500 capital necessary to lake over stock, et;. A good opportunity for experienced man. Write Box 95 c-o Herald-.Mall. IF YOU uov operate a lunch \vatfmi on a paying location, havu a payable, wi} will make an alt I'ltcti ve I r:ul<:-in allowance mi a inoikTii e Hide nt (J - .\lalnmy Diner and will noiisider aljowam't; UN cash .It-posit. Wrilf! for del ails. JKRItV O'.MAIIOXV, IXC., KLI/AMKTII, X. .1. ARE YOU ON Ollit MA I LI NT! T.TST? MEAT & Grocery Store—Good location. DoinK food business. Will betp nuance. Write liox 100, Mail. ttKKT^ViiRANT for sale .selling beer. ilohiK KO >d. hiiKliiftx*. .Splendid lo- t'aiiim. Write Hex iu:i. H.-rald. Money to Loan—Mortgages 40 MONEY TO LOAN^bir~BOOd T«t mortgages. 6%. H. P. Hartman. la N. Jonathan SU MONEY TO LOAN'ON'TIOKTUAOBS W, MDHRAY BAECHTBL Agency, 301-5-6 Second Natl. Bank Bldr. MONEY TO LOAN ON MORTGAGES N. 13, ROWE, ,26 N. Potomac St. MONEY TO LOAN ON MORTCAOIOS QROI1 RRALTY CO. I3_summlt Avo. S% "nTON'lOV fo'r Klrsl MortsaKes" H. T. Urcwcr, T. C. Lindsay. 214-15 2nd Na 1. Hljn_lc ML'!.BjJM) J _2Jli I instruction Musical, Dancing, Drjm«tlc» <M DANOINd CI..ASSIOS—li'or beginners (ballroom) every Mori. & Tiinr«. 8 J^.-m-.v 11 "' »»•'. l 'l».-.!'.i. w .'.J,Yi> * L 1 •-! r '-~' 7 d •. Livestock Hor«c8, Cuttle, Other Stock 48 FOR BALK—Frc«h cow 3rd cn.l(. Graco Rowlnndi S, Cannon Ave. Livestock Poultry and Supplies W liltOOUKI! llomn. 200 cOlick size . Ill- vilb:U»r. ISC. CKK "«»'• 1 l "' IT""" 11 ''- 11UC i j o|ie Avo. CUSTUJlT hatchliiB cliii-lts, .t/"" lll '>" siiiinlloM. r.nrrii foods. alurtlii a llutclicry. IMiono 40S7KI3.^ CUSTOM" HATCH INI.! — .\mralnill Ilntclior., Ulvcl.. W. Phone 'ir,2J Chicks on salo at How- Wanted — Livestock 60 KJUl/rUY - All lciMlls_iUHl eBBb wanted. Klinnioi-iimn & Wlsliaiil, Cdr. Cliurcli S. Jonnthan. Pli._2J7_U Merchandise AM. OI,.-«W~T; sluuieil clBar 01 t'aiiclv KISB, 7 ft. long, * It. wide. W 11 soil! If fohl lit ,,Voo. Al.|.ly Miiuiaeer Hotel Ale?- DA1KV P-O1 LEltS— New 2 11. P. slieclion. Hrlceil rensonalile. Ila- Berstown Hiiuipinent Co. Ph. HI). KLECT1UC MOTOKS— All ty|)ca and sizes; alsi ao.ueHsorles ^ parts; re- palrlns a Bpoclalty UaBerstojYn ISqiilpmcnt Co.. Mil. Ave. L'hono HC KLECTKIC MOTORS & PARTS— Nev anc used motors control devices. We repair & rewind all sizes, any make or tyue. GIU'.fcN WALI ELECTrtlC CO. Phoni>_337. _ _ trie, \viUi" new J'Tit'idiiiro compressor j'.orroatlon Contor. J-1" fe- Oueen St., JlartinslinrB. W. V.i. FUllNAClSti — Pipe, hose, bcltliiB, pulleys, plnmblne supplies, Oi< - li'lCli FUUKITUUI5 llagcrstown lOqiiipment Co.. Maryland Ave. Phono HC. uTiuTS lilO'CLH— in lirst ulas.i oinnlitioii. Price J12.SO. Phone r.r.w. 1 10 FT. Ottonhelmer display case colls mill uomprcMsor. $100.00. .liiliii- slon '1(10 Mnlburrv Ave. I'll. lOl.b.I MKAT ili«ulay oases. Walk In boxes *mla fountain parts, new nr n.sutl rlii-iili. .lubn-slnn. DUO Miilbcrrj A\v. Phune HKiO-J. 'tor ' V>.HiblVt duui>. fji-Iffhiiil ui'Ii'e JjtMi. Suittibln fur RruL-t'i-y Kiort-. J^OO c:iMh. \Vrlle Ltox IU.K Ihii-uld. & wrliifrr rolls. Jnnta Appli. St-rv- jt iscoNTrr'n ON'I'J iT" USED" p i j' i ; ; Wo Tut and Thro ad to Hkolcb PAVINGS UP TO ft 00' & MORIO pronip' attention. MD. PIPF, &. METALS CORP. 30-1 "\V. Churcb St. Phone lO.lfl Coal and Wood 56-A COAT/— (Jeorfffi's Creek, S5f/ r lump. COAL — COKK — WOOD Hlg-h Quality Plus Good Service LKISTKR COAL CO. Phone 77S OH W. Lee St. "We Make It Hot For. You" DYsTniBUTOK.S — 6. P. Ant-omaUc AY13RS BROTHI3RS Rr. 3U W. Antiotam St. "Original" Pa. Egg and Lump Coal All Kl/.cs of Poeahonlns, Hun Wine . Phone 000-901 CJKN. liKD ASIJ LYKl'IN.S VALLRY W. M. J3EATTY. PI ION B 120S.I POCAHONTAS — Nut or stove. Pen n. lump. Lyhena Valley, pea. nut or stove. Mine run &. etolter coal. Call or FCR Phono 20SG. 10 McComaa St. WARM J'li: COAL . GP.ANTSVILLK COAL TRY' OUR HCRKKNTN'fiS C1IAS. O. DRRR 21 IIKIH ST. PMONP 51 Household Goods 59 Of' All Coal IlJiiiEca 1 leaters and Oil Circulating Heaters Convenient Terms KriOCKKY 1'MJP.NITUHIO CO. 2S-:!d Rummil AVH. Phone 1270 GOOD ff.irt rsuiffc for sale clu-iip. Now RlmMo Com-licM 'is.UO ^orsylli HtoriiK' 1 . Mill St. KiJC— Lfidy must, .ssic-ri litre hisuitlful American Orlcnlal rut:, iiim'rnxl- niiiioly fix 12. Kxcn lift nt. catKlttian, $3000 W.ilo liox lOt c-o Herald. KING Slide Trombone, only :isml 3 inonlhs, ./ill soil very rea.sonahlo. Apply (i^.'l fjiiilford, .Ave Radio Equipment 62-A IIBOCT'. $G-I.'50. WM1 sell cheap. 230 Kast Avc. tlon, priced reasonable: 216 N. , Wanted to Buy 66 (!OolT"«iMuind hand fitniliunt want- St. I'hono 112r.Il. MH7K~~KbUTi' "— " \Vanh:d. Direct from farms tr i-f-t-civiinr plnnt. Htalo wliern and nuaiility of mlHt lianl- WANTI-Tb — ~ A l'r~ ""comproHSor ""aiTd tminnior. oash price. Writo Ttnx i)7, c/o ITcrnltNMall. Rooms and Board Rooms Without Board 68 ALL rooms running \vnlor, contrnlly lomm-'at.* MArtLHOP»O Hotel'. A tJMALL AMOUNT 01 your time clABslflfid ado will uav» houm In Bhopplnf, Rooms and Board Rooms Without Board 68 BULL Apartment, Potomac: St.-N.- 30U — Desirable room suitable for 1 or 2 persons. Phono H37-J. B I to A L) WAV -2H -II~\v7i7~f^ r^TJK lied nodruom next to bath: s«iitlcmaii. b"Hb7Cu\V A Y"^La?g : « fVUnt bed room, nen-1 / furnlsliL-d. Phone 13H7-J. plv U' \Vtst .Shlu Ave •family; ge\\l Ionian profori'fid. Ap- .\1T. VJ'JUNON APT. — W. Anlfi.-lam Kt. Fnrnis-hed bed •room for 1 or 1!. Privati: hath, Applv -1th iloor, west. I LA KG 13 front furnished bed room. suitable for 1 or 2. Second floor. IHR K. Potomac. Rooms For Housekeeping 69 MliLBKHHV ST.-N.-U>— :) (unilHli- ed rooms, private 1 bath, yas and Real Estate For Rent Apartments and Flats 74 AHAKT.MK.NT— Newly papered and painted, -1 larye rooms, hardwood iluorw, janitiu- service all year around. $27.f>0. 1.2 \\\ Vrlin'klli. Ht. ," 'j'lionn ICC 7\PTS.~ .".0:i-r»l)7 H. Potomac, Ifi \V. An(. lliil f'.cs'.Ht Rund, 22 N. .Potomac. Public; Square. C-ltUTI UKALTY Co., IS Snminlt Avc APARTMENTS — Modern, furnished anil unfurnished. Apply 1st floor 21C S. Prospect CANNON AVK -H.-10 — One or two rooms and kitchenette 3rd floor, llelerencc rtqnlred. Adults. FAlKtmOCND ^AVB.-aT— Furnished c"j ll'KV (i l -\BLKS — FurniKlied apart- inc-nt :i r-Mnns and bath, nuwly decora tod Kiiniiy bed rooms. Potu- inacttOak IlKLAves. Apply Apt. 42 F~vTlTuiiOlJNlJ'^A.VK.-lH — ](=t door, I! room apartment; conveniences. Apply 533 J3row> Avo. Ph. 10. r >!t-Al. HA.M1LTON HLVU.-SH-! — 11 rooniH. bath, r-'urnlslieiL ind floor. Phone HA.MlL'PuN BlA'.U.-!i^O— 3rd rluur, session at unct;. i.'ali :iuS <.r il)!)i*H. tl A M II/rON B1^5T-ll 1 5 — 1 s t rioor. 6 room apartment. No children. W. Fra.ik Wolfe. Phone D4R. .MOLF.KIl APAKTM15NTS— Very desirable five room apartment; poss. ill, onre. Cnli Air. Uarp. 2H54M. OAK HILL AVE.-71B— New & room modern, .automatic heat; immediate possession. Phone 2564 or 2221M. nient, ]i balb: rent, reason able. PnsFPFslon at oni:e. Ph. 1239.1. POTOMAC ST.-S.-247 — New 4 room modern convs. at once. Call 77S or 2677W Leister Coal Co. PJIOSPJ3CT ST.-S.-112 — .'1 room cojiveiiipjice.-*. 1'hotie 1$ or 152*. T\VO "ROOM apurtnitinr with kiteh- (•]ii:tti-. Apply 115 Urnadwiiy. TH I 1 ! Tl':i;P.Aci';-!i:!() — ii rooms and ha tii. Ad n U.K 1 m mediate posses- .slun. Phone 105UJ. ', llt)O.\l Aiiartmenl In the Mt. Roynl Apartnierr. li7S Oak 11 111 Avo. Phone 1021 or ^77. r .\V. G 1IOO.M apartment, elevator service. Farmers & Merchants, Bank 13 Ids.. Farms and Lands for Rent 76 TKNANT with .stock, equipment; 110 jicrc fart; near railroad, Biff Spring .Seo Gcorpc (!. Sny- dfir. TiOfl Jrnn.l Hide Ph. 2303. 17.", ACKKS— Desirable farm. 1 mile Pvtin. water and mod. conv. Mrs. C. V. Kfrltc. Phone 21P2 Clcarsprlns. Houses for Rent 77 A MODMRN HOML-J Should have an Automatic (.Inn Water Heater installed. Re sure before renting. BRICK IIOUSK— 4 bedrooms; bath, living room and kitohen. In the •100 block North J-md. Low rent. Applv Milton JCohler, -117 North Potomac St., BHLLEVJfi AVE.-14— 6 rooms, bath, furnace; reasonable rent. Jan. 1st. M. Herkson. 4.1 W. Franklin St. wk. u]). ' Apply 111) -N'. Potomac St. I'lHIIlM U'iMK. C.VlTLKOPJJ ~AVR~rilS — Modern, ^ room r>2S < lull ford Ave., after C P. M. __ __ GOOD lIoUSI^S— 30 i. Reynolds Ave., 2 'to Fairground, S03 S. Potomac, Western Pikp Broad forrifnf? Rd. GROII REALTY Co.. 1 :t .Summit Ave J l':i''I'l-:USON . HT.-6C1 — :t room l)iiii(?iilf>v\* Apply «»nu». _ mudcni Apply G^U North -Mulberry -St. . sTNin-13~HbUSE~North"l3nd tor rent j VV. MURRAY BAECHTEL Agency, Rmj. 304-&'6 Sec. Nat. Ok. BlclR. W. CHURCH ST.-421 — 6 rooms & halh. Apply 20 North Avc. Phone 710.1. 10 KOOMH with batb, lavatory on 3rd Iloor. nardwood iloor.s, garago. Apply :t() M. l-'ranklln Si. Office and Deik Room 78 M'M-Mcio "fir do:'l: sp:u:o, window dl.splay. I'olephonc nnd clorlcal Wanted — To Rent S1 WANTMU to ron I, snuill farm on Mii-nll family. S. Wilbur \VoapMey!>nrn. Mil,, Hi. 1 VVANTI'IIl — H rooniH with bath, fur- nl.slifMi for light hoiif:okeo|ilnti. by middle JiRtMl roilplo. ' Cr.ntflll. Will bn hern i'or year nr morn. Rent must, ho rriiHonablR, Sec IX 1"), Htnrc. -in K. WiiNhlimlon SI. U.SIiJ A CLASSIFIED Ad—You Cftn phontl It and charr* It, 1 Real Estatej^orjale Farms and Land For Sale 83 Stonu Imi'.se aiul out bldfj's., mu- iiliiK water. Wllliamsjjort, M acres. ni -c blilK«-. SL'MIO duu-n. Hid. morlgUKc. Julni J-. S\v:iin. IMione :>U$IU_.__ _^_ _____ ^ . iTiTiTT GKAUK farms, priced ri^hl: ;r> A., IJ miles out, very prmlm:- ' ive tfuml f in jiruvfi in tuts, • HI A., 2 lion.scs, lunik barn, miming water. :iU A., ne-ir (Jreenciistlo, modern bldg.s., running' wilier. 120 A., ncu- bld^s., r ti 11 ii in K water. S M. city. $48oo. H. u v. 1'ouiiK. ni> . . S. Locust St. "* . (iood lMiflUliiK». spring. Hoti.sf! lia veniences. Will Write Kox flD. c/o __ iiii berry f:irm. Hover failing ail city con- help limince, Jlerald-iUail. 7—10 A 1G A. farms, in excellent condition, with electricity. D. M. lUdPiioiir, Smithsbiirg. _J^d. Houses For Sate 84 FOR QUICK SALK-MJeslmble residence, Potomac Avc. Oil burner. Want, offer. L. S. Spangler, 2ml Fi., and Null. Uldg. FUXKSTO\\'"N—Miiin st. nice home. mod. large lot good blil^s.. priced 10 sell. John J'l. Taylor Agency, 30'J Arciido JildK. I.Mione_S3S. iT6biy'doi7bTe~bri"cTc,~K. i j yt. at. Double, Halfway. SSf.OO. Double brh-lc. home, Pot. Ave..'?SUOO. ijood double, V:i. Ave. l<;\v price, nice building lots, Bryan Place. $r.UO. Sirole . A VK—Double iti vestment. Urick duplex ideal location of dtiMrublf: homes ;tnd apis, tliat can be bought with a down payment of lOOi, and the balancn payable in out lily at l>>'/ r interest. N. U. Howe, :>G X. Potomac St. IOM'KS, I.ot.s ranee fo-r sale; __ ]> ~Yoij~WANT"~Uj "biTy^uT^e estate -see C. K. Wlntffr, 1-C 35. HaUimore fit. iJllon(! _"^:l; ___ T,V)T f.OxlOS fronting un J-'unks- u, wn pike $900. Brk-k hiniso Xorlii Knd haril'A'ooi' floors iiiudt-rn con- vpiilfiH'OP. Ca-age. W .UUKItAY BAKC1I ri-:i, Agency Urns. ;ilM~.'-( ; Sf-c. N'at. Bk. Jjldg. \TomTiT\ ~TAS i Ib.\i K — 7 rooms, __ __ ___ room brick house. rs 2 car garaee. Writ 3 Hox 87, Mat! _ .MO UK UN six bard wood I'to Frederick Rd. XOIlTIt END — 7 nil. brick. Insulated with rock wpol. weather.s tripped. caulked, hardwood floors, hot . , water heat with oil bur Lot . An exceptional buy. Call • Lindsay, Court .Realty Bank Bldy. Wanted—Real Estate YVANTKD—lit acre farm, niodeni couven it-nut's. Suitable for chicken farm. Write Box 106, Herald. * Classified Display Notices LUMBER SALE 'The under.slyned >vill sell at Public -Sale on FRIDAY. JANUARY 14, at 1:00 o'clock, on the Byrd Farm, on the road from Chestnut Grove tu AH. P-riar. 2t>,«00 feet of lumber, consisting uC Zxl'n. SxC's, 2 inch planks and inch boards from S to 16 'feet long: 25 'wagon tongues, locust ]in.stK, -slab pile. TKKMS CASH. BOYD MICHAEL. ANNUAL MEETING OF Till': MEMI3KH3 OP T1I13 FIRST KI'MiElML SAVINU.S AMU LOAN ASSOCIATION UF IJAtiKKM- TU\VN. Nutiue i* lieruliy given that a mer-tliiK «f the intnilier« uf Liu; First Kederul tiavingr and Loan -\H.sociatluii will bit beld nt UK nce No. 114 "West . AS'a.shin Street. llagerKtou-n. MiirylaniJ, on WKONESUAY, JANITARY 10, 193R, nt 7:30 o'clock in the evening, for the election of the Board of ,tlif>r the submitted a I. the nice ti transact ion of any may properly be . . AVILL1AM JS. FOLTX, Public Sale Of livestock ami equipment of MiL-u K. Htisunrd. Jluyotis. -Maryland 4 miles \\' of IIager.sto\vn, JANl'AltV 21 J!»3S, ftt 1^:00 o'clock. 1 b:iv nuire. age 6 years, weigh- in" approximately 1SOU Ibs., good leader. 1 bay mare, age 12 years, weighing approximately IS 00 Ibs., good FARMING MACHINERY grain drill, Oliver corn plow, 1 bar- shiire plow, '£ .spring tooth harrows, .single sliovel plow, double shovel plow single and douole trees, fill! line of h&niesf?. Some household furniUire. And many other articles too numerous to mention. THUMB OF SALE: CASH. AL1CK K. BURSARD. (Mrs. Williai. Kdwin Bussard) AinMlonfte-: Pallas Wurd. OF PKUSOXM, The •irsih undersign J* oxocutor oC will sell -u-i ', . Jit public .sale one-haU mile oust of Cav.'t.»\vi], (Hi road leading to l-'ox- S ATI' It DAY. JAN1IAUV 2^, AT i2:liO O'CLt)(.MC Tli.s following described livestock, >fiiiil)inuiit and liousulioltl furniture: Omi, liny, corn and Joddor, .spray rig. ^-liorse wagon and lad- dcrw, .spring wagon, band oart, buggy, wind mill, sleigh, corn .shollcr, ow<;r, 4 climbing ladders, liim- ' jhain.i, tnu;o.s, pulley.-), «':ix cn- .... nn truck, H-bottom on-lninl nw, -I plows, drag luirruw, single double IriM-s, 2 briar hooks, :>• *;liovfil ctilllvator, and nets, (1 fork.s, cutting box, l! bar- .sbaro plow. biir.ibare plow, double corn plow, 2 bbls. vlimgar, f> barreln, 100 gal. spray tank, grain oradlo, 3 Iron kettles, corn Hhftllcr, corn grinder, poach crato atftrial, spinning reel, stepladder, ...-OKH cut saw, :* saws, grindstone, feed hook, half bushel and peck measures, 2 pairs primers, steelyards ciirpenlr.r loolx, broad axe, |>bl roppi-r kfttOf, '.', axes, 1 dig- ig Iron, f.ook «Lovo. Ii kitchen (kbit's, sink. :. camllo, ,«aii- hi flat- •in-kcrs. high chair, cupboard, dough li'liy, Hhne maker last and .stand, Hioim jars. kitchen chalrH, ox ions ton table, crocks, couch, rued • rocker mid chair, alandM, BritHHflla ,carpet, tiox ntove, antirpio; Ingrain carpet, 2 bedroom jfg wtove, wft«h bowl and pitchnr, nil lumps, spinning wheel and chair, nldo nuddlo, pU'.turo , small chest, pinto.", coffee |in!n n nd m I seel In n cons articles net inrnllonod. TERMS CASH. JOHN 1'. POUND, Executor, E. A. Spossnrrt A'D. O, round, Clerkn PLEASE! When answering any of these ads, either by writing or in personal interview, kindly state that you saw the advertisement in the Herald-Mail. This will immediately identify you as a progressive quality reader, aid the advertiser, and insure you the very best service. Classified Display Public Sile Uy virtue ef a writ of flerl facias. Issued by Frederick Fertilizer Works vs. Paul Stottlemyer and Susan SJoHU'myer, A have seized and taken In execution the following personal property, consisting of horses, cows hogs, farming Implements, lialf Interest in '37 prro\vn wheat crop, and I hereby give notice that 1 wiH sell same Monday, Will sell at Public Sale for cash' at 10 A. Al., In Keedysvllle District, near Kakl»'s Mill. TERMS: Strictly cash. V. P. COOK, Constable. Snyder, Auct. Financial Financial JtEPORT OF CONDITION* OF HAGBBSTOW.N {'^^ ^ARY^Tf) ° F llA ^^Si^^^ijj?$^ Skfe^i& F R ^ B »^ NDi - Casli, balances with other banks.'and'cash Items In process of • iMlluutinu ' ,,3'loS 06 I'.csoive with Federal Keatrve ijillik .n.iu- u» United Suu.--.-i uovcrnliieiil' obliifiilions. direct a]id fully gu iinteed Other bunds, nutes, and tiebeillures ;•,;•••' (Jorporiito stocks, ilicludluB »G70ll.OO of Federal Heser UiuikiiiK lionse owned, t"9,620.00. Furniture and fixtures. JS.SOl.JS Other assets .... Total Assets Deposits of indi\ . ut) IJeniaud <iep(,sits .... (b) Time deposits evident- HO Other time deposits ^...BfljiriKS AM) CAl'i'J'Al. duals, partnerships, and corporations: «.-|,6S7 51.354,837 30 S.700 00 429,040 56. 84,981 4S 37 50 1,993,455 d by saviutfs pass books ity, and ninnieipal dejMtsils £ other hauUs t'ei-lilied and ottiL-fi'-s' chfcL-ks. letters o£ credit and travelers' i-heck.s sold I'or eash, and aniountK due to Federal Reserve "'"o'tiii De'p'o's'its ".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Vl', 773.452'. 8 3 OtlH 1 314,!)17 27 320,653 00 63,062 O.V 54,856 559,556 61 10,407 50 'i'olal Lialiililies exeludingr i::ipi(al A<-<-tiunl (except deferred obligations .slio\vn in Kein .14 which are subordinated to claims of depositors and other creditors) 1,773,460 43 "(aVca'pita'l su'.cl; and capital notes and deben- ^ ^^ (e) iindivided p'r'u'lics" (a) Total capital ncconriL Total liabilities and Capital •-•• On Bee. 31 I!i:i7, the reciuired lesal reserve against bank was $1C9 441.M. Assets reported above which were e Ijt^tMTi-d^ob^is'i^Uons''!!!'! inclu'dcd anionj,' above liabilities, which are subordinated to claims'ot depositors and creditors. None. .... (a) Undeclared dividends on preferred stoclt and unpaid Iiitereit on ca|)iln! noles and debenlnres. accrued prior-lo end of last dividend or m- ,,'/ i j ,,is bank's'capital is represented by no capital notes and deben- • tnrcs sold to Hecoiistiiiclion 3''inance Corporation and none sold to pub- .• lie- no shares ot tirst preferred stock, par value none per share, retirabie ; •it niine per share- no shares of second preferred stock, par none per . share, rellralj'le at none per share; and 15,000 shares of common stock, : nar SIOOH per share. 1 MEMORANDA :.. Pledged assets (except real estate), rediscounts and securities (a') I 1 . P. noverninent obligations, direct and fully srnaran teed, pledged to secure liabilities (e) Total .Secured and preferred liabilities: (a) Deposits secured by pledged assets pursuant to requirement of law . (d) Deposits preferred 196,537 50 t. 196,537 SO', 125,539 _ inidpr' provisions of law but not secured by'pledge of assets _ ' 161.310 10-' I, .M. P.'llo'ller,".ir.',"pres'rdent"of"th'e"above-n a med bank, do sol^,: emnlv swear that the above statement is true, and that.the SCHED IJI.IOS on the hack ot this report fully and correctly represent the true,.. slate of (he several matters herein contained and set forth, to the best, ot my knowledge and belief. ^ p MOIjDER| Jr , p rea i den t. j Correct—Attest i .1 FOKNET YOUNG, K W. DITTO, .IB., I •WJI. P; LANE, JR., Directors. ; Siale nr ilarvlMiid, Collnly of Washington. i Sworn to- and subscribed before mo this 12th day of January, IDS!. ; , inn ..i rAUL L. CAKTEE, Notary Public. 'j ,\ty Comniission expires May 1, 1939. ' •» Public Sule Public Sale n.ivlnif dechlcd to quit farming on the Robt. Renc'.i Farm, situated .-: on road between Downsvllle and Sliarpsburs pikes, I ivill sell at Pllbllo: Auction on FRIDAY, JANUARY 14, 1938 AT 10:30 O'CLOCK elfollowins personal property: • 6— HEAD OF HORSES— 6 Ages ranging from 4 to 19 years. Possible 3 In foal. 14—HEAD OF CATTLE— 14 Consisting of: nilcli cow!, 5 helfors, 1 fat bull All T. B. tested. S 14—HEAD OF HOGS—14 Consisting of: 13 good shoals, about 100 Ibs. each. 1 male hog. Full Line of Farm Machinery 1 John Deere binder, cut 1 crop, S ft. cut. , ... HARNESS — HITCHINGS — FORKS • - - And many other things too numerous to mention. ... TERMS OF SALE: Cash. No goods to be removed until settled for. J.A.DAVIS. Auct, Kipenbrode. Bloom tind Cunningham, Clerks. A \LE I am discontinuing farming and will sell the following Personal property on the farm ot Mrs. Walter Snyder, at the north edge or Sbarpshiirg, 5ld., on the reading leading to Monctell, on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 3, 1938 Beginning at 10 A. il., the following valuable personal property: 5-HEAD OF HORSES-5 o'rks anywhere hitched; bay horse, ten years old, TVO 8—HEAD OF CATTLE—8 anywhere One llolsloln bull. Three cow. . . , Tlifso cnWB are well bred tiuernseys wllh a m .t are fresh, nalance « l « )! » 19 J"'. 11 y t ' ! ' ,. 1 ilk test of 5 aim j-.i, an ' 17-HEAD OF HOGS-17 Seventeen shoals that will weigh forty or fifty pounds each. Farming- Implements, Etc. harrow," Pancck hammer mill complete, with '° li'SO Chevrolet Truck in Good Condition HAHNIBSS—nr<iechhiK»i (rout »om», bridle*, plow h»r««M tn< haller». TEIIMS OF SAI.K CASH. No moods to h« icmovtd unlit Mtl|«* lot, MARIAN AUSHERMAN. , II. K. ChurchcV, AnoUnneor. Stoiiffftr anrt anydor,' Clerks. IUffe«hnicnt Bland r«»«rved.

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