The St. Joseph Herald from St. Joseph, Missouri on October 10, 1890 · 4
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The St. Joseph Herald from St. Joseph, Missouri · 4

St. Joseph, Missouri
Issue Date:
Friday, October 10, 1890
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ffHB BBBALD PUBLI8H1WQ OOMPAWT Offloe Cornet BOmoad and Blxth BtweU. being v toed' fr ,ltbdrawnf tret oongrees felted to meet . bU eon spent the firs seventeen years of hie 1 1 Ufa ahar h orajInKtAll ia tha DM OI IU Brcoton, VaMSm on the putform Genera e re withdrawn. The Attend to this matter. next session should smUrtd at tM toUfflct at BU Joseph Class Matter. HATB4 Or 8UB80B1FI1OW. IN THJt CITY. ID Datlt Hibald. published every jmthe fMT. wUl be delivered to any part of tr- jd anu a week, or 86 cents per month ( Qf advanoe, tor a.CQ. Single coptc t , BTMAII Tn Di.iiT Huld to any postoffloe in the Cntted States or Canada, pr prw, to dmti per month, or Seven iy Mart per year. Tn Wiiu-T EiaxLi) rgt and best taznU paper published m ttreat west, and eeeond to no. weekly tn ' jj, united States, Is sent by all, postage Cftld. one dollar a year, In ad- It la a happy thought la President Harri son's mind when he expresses. In foroible terms, the fact that other countries some times give their devotions to men but in this repnblie we give onr devotion to the supremacy of the law, the constitution and the flag. Thz rsilroad interests are still palling for a deep water harbc rat Bablne Pass. That is their eoheme for defeating the Galveston deep harbor. All east and west roads are opposed to a deep hatbr on the Gulf cf Mxloo. Ii is their interests that make them so. Galveston first, then Bablne. All remittances thouia be made payable to BXBiU PUBLISHING COMPANY, 'ralepbone ?io. 6B. 8t. Josxpk, Mo, H. C. Bp onson. special traveling agent for Thb rald, aulborized to collect and receipt on bsofltdons. REPUBLIC AN8TATE TICKET. War Justice ot the Supreme Oourt ALEXANDER V. MOLL1N3 of linn County. War Superintendent of Public Schools FRANKLIN P. SEVER of Newton County. Tor Railroad Commissioner JAMES K. MERHIFIELD of PetUa Ooonty. For Cong wis. NICHOLAS FORD. For State Senator. GEORGE R. MANN. i Representatives. First District-iOUS G. ADAMS. Second District-HkMUEL H. KELLET. Third District aawaaMaHS County Officers. Circuit Judge-UEHRY M. RAMEY. Probate JudaeiOUX M. STEWART. Prosecutina 4om-HOWARD PASCHAL SaeHr -EUGENE BPRATT. Circuit Clerk- WILLI AM BOHAEFER. County Clerk-30nH H. GALLUP. Coroner-GEORGE W. FAIRGRIEVE. Recorder of Deeds HARRY KEENE. County Collector-lklAEd HULL. County rrutrer-JOBEPH ANDRIANO. sseaaor-WILLlAM COY. County JadgM. At Large DANIEL RANSOM. First District-iOUS B. BRETZ. Second District RICHARD HORIQAN. Washington Township. Justicts of the Peace Harrison b. branch, edwin m. riddle, william fitton. Constable HENRY D. YOUNG. Hub Most Is in fsvor of a three story bell Osmmanism, a their m and anareby. A obiat state ehouid be represented by strong men in ooagreas. Nicholas Dora oomoletelv fills the bill. With him In oan- grets St. Joseph will have an able and ltfla entlal representative, and one that will re main In Washington daring the entire session at eongrtes and attend to oar bust cees- Etui sobool hoase should have a perma nent flag staff and on all speoial ooeaslooa the flag of onr oountry should be unfarled, for it ia the emblem, enlightening the world. with whloh every Amerioin pupil should be eome familiar and whose lips should be trained to readily rehearse the object of its mission. If either is to survive let it be the kidnap ping of the African Into slavery rather than the proourlng of ignorant Earopean girls for Mormon polygamy. Of the three great evils, lnolodlng the forcefol disfranchising of the negroes in the Bsnth let this Mormon importation of young women be the first to receive attention from this government. Taw, National weather bureau will be trans ferred next spring from the army to the agricultural department, a very proper change. May we not hope that men will be seleoted whose education and oooupation fit them for the duties to bs performed, and that no more misfits be made, cuoh as detail ing army officers to make weather forecasts The Demoorats are trying to mike bs lieve that Powell Clayton's friends in Arkan saa tried to assassinate Breckinridge while he was speaking. That is a well planned plot but it wont go down. If the truth ever comes to light it will be found that it was Democrat who snapped that empty gun in the darkness tor ais 9 a sensation favorable to Breokin ridge's eleotion. Gbotcb, the stuffed prophet, la not coming west. He la too fat to walk and too heavy to cany. Stocks are tumbling In New York City. Let them tumble till the water la knocked oat of them. Tax Wall atreel croakers are trying- to get another money panic Their taotlos are very moon like that of the Chiosgo grain gamblers. Is there no way to get rid of that incubus? No giant on earth is closing a greater amount of misery than are these Wall street money gamblers, and the ooun try should give rpeotat attention to finding means to banish the ourse from this land. a great cow in BUf- New "It paia .fiehraa? la tfira earrenov caused by tbe 111 a.COC.OCO of national bank notes hereto- plow and reaper. Conse quently be la not or. j At Kirby ojnitr, is i.- .inn tHitoKrini." ani waa nr. - "um oBCoer. sea n hirn -tth a silvar sooen in his mou.h. i yjIJ "m undergoing l ament. After attending the common school 'where ' , - . ? , "e I A VWata l m tttu t A mt Ytsm naa t& a than lha an he excelied in all its branches, Mr 'WAol of the roily of Boaton. spent four years ia ote of the best -and most 1 Daniel Seales, the colored mill onaire cf widely kuown colleges of the West and the, ! San Franolroo, is a man of fine appearatios, after a orouih study of aw with an ex- j who dresses in toe height of style. Ha is United Ci.ates senator, wa admitted to the , BOV 70 years old, bat as lively as a cricket. bar by a very thorough Examination before! Voltaire once said tho English are never the state supreme oouvt, rank'g among the ' Jf "Ies" ""f kL1,1e,m6V1,D4?-highest of the class. He is r. thorough busi- fSSi nes men, reliable iu every respect, and will j "Oarmea Si 1 s." th 0en of RoumanU. be a valuable aid the new county oourt in ; ia delighied ir?Uid. Hha will tske placiog our oiw,y i flairs in that oondition ; heme a porsfolio of skeioies of tiorare'qas wbioh lbs peorle demand. ! Sooieh, Irish and lb esa ery. j It was twenty years sj this winter tat WELROKS TO THE PRESIDES T. I Adelina Pattl caplnred St. Peterpborg rnd for the entire fifty pounds of twine? What Is true of twine Is equally true of of hundreds of other artiolo, and yet there are taoee wno are bo baand up in free trade that th?y would rather see tbe whole national fabric perith thc to se it emvive and flourish on the proWo ivs ptnoiple. iJ errlve in SN Joseph this ..-,t.,..0.' . . . . wwwauawu ui auo vurt vi.T74 a L.v;a: The president morning. All our people unite in bidding twelve eppera&oett this winter is St Ferr. bim cardial wtloome to Miesoori. He baa given the oountry a wise, oonBervativs hon est administration and is entitled to the re- rpeot and gratlod of bis countrymen. Tbe president's stay among us will be bat a i boar. This la greatly to be regretted. Oar people would like, if be oould have tarried longer and aooepted our hospitality wbioh would have been generously tendered bim and his party. We could have shown him the most substantial oity of its population In tbe nation, located in the most fruitful valley of the earth. Aa his time of outing ia limited and he mast speed on to his destination, we oan only in the name of 55.0C0 people, bid him welcome, thrioe welcome to Missouri. LABOR AND CAPITAL. There must be a go-between for the settlement of disputes between oorporatlon capital and organized labor, and some of oar ablest statesmen are giving this eabjeot thoir most careful thoughts. Rules made by either capital or labor alone and without conference with the other, when these rulea are to touch the rights of the other, cannot and ought not to be binding, and the making of suoh rales for each purpose ia tbe soutoe of the whole troublesome controversy. Mr. Abram 8. Hewitt's address, circulated in pamphlet form In tbe meeting of the iron and steel men, gave a forcible presentation of his CDnolueions concerning the mutual relations and rights of oapltal and labor. "His ODnoIuslons, stated in seven propositions, are singularly like those of Mr. George Howell, M. P., the well known English writer on the conflicts between tLose foroes." Both of them favor the voluntary submission of die pates to a oommlttee o imposed of an equal number of members from eaoh of the two olasses. It is stated that this method had been abundantly sucoessfal in Eagland. Between 18C9 and 1886 the North of Eoglaod Bardof Arbli ration adjusted 800 of these controversies, and in the Northumberland Thb Republican state central oommlttee ! dtolrlo 39 aJsturbanoee were settled by Oattlb thlevea are raiding the Cherokee trip. There ia likely to be some lynohlng done in that country ere long. ia compelled to rely upon contributions from members of the party in the state for funds to pay the expenses of the oampalgn. The Damooratie state central oimmittee la liber ally supplied with CobJen Olub funds and does Lot ask for contributions in the state. This plaoes the committees before the people of the state in their txaot conditions. Aocobdinq to the new Mormon "revela tion." polygamy Is now equally under the ban of heavenly and United Statea law. than Thxbb are nearly 700 silk f abrio establish- . rmenta in operation In the United States, with an annual production of more $60,000,000. Gbeat Casab will wonders never eeau? The Mormons renounelng polygamy and ahree hundred young women oonverte on the way from Europe to the saints' rest. Tata just reforms asked for by the Farmers' Allianoe can never be obtained through a new party nor by the Dsmoeratlo party. The strongest element of progressive reform la found in the Republican party, and the surest way for the farmers to come into control in legislative bodiee is to add their forces to the reform foroes within the Re publican party, and thereby oontrol its nom lnationa. Thb Democrats in tbla oounty are by no neans a happy family. Several of their candidates have a fine prospeot of being left out In te cold on the 4 h of November. ' With such conduct as the landlords in Ireland are gulliy of, they oould not live a week in this country. No people on earth bat the Irish would endare such outrages. Bpxakeb Rbbd oorreotly says: "There never met in the House of Representatives a minority ao determined to thwart the will of the people aa that led by Mr. Mills of Texas." Thb Republican oounty tloket, like tbe Republican party In general, stands npon Its own marits. It does not need to resort to detraction of its opponents In order to win votes. Aa representatives of tbe grand old party of the anion, aa worthy and Intelligent eitlzsne, as men competent to fill the post-lions for whloh they are named, and not be-eauee other men are deficient in any of these qualities, they soliolt the votes of an intelligent and pairioila people. Upon these grounds alone they deserve and expect suo-oess. jiat committees. It is just possible the employing olass in the Unite 1 States would be slow to oonoede the point yielded by some of their brethren on the other side of the Atlantic, wbioh prao-tloally amounts to this that the man who obtains work on a job acquires thereby a proprietary right entitling him to say what other elass of men shall be employed. burs .nd Moscow she will be deosraied with ; a f G3,r00 oh'ox. The paster of a Denver ohnroh effers a trip to Europe for 25 oents a obatoe. How his people would f mile if be should happen to preaoh a eermoa against the Louisiana lottery. Captain James Bend, who saved tbe lives of 298 persona wreoked eff Long Beach on tbe ship State of Georgia In December, 1852, still lives at the age of 90, near Beaoh Haven, N. J. There are more women lawyers in Chiosgo than any other city in the world. The first to obtain a license to praotioe was Mrs. Bradwell, and sine) ber time the list of fair praetioners in the oity has been constantly increasing. Miss Jane Graydon, professor of Greek in Hastings oollege, Hastings, Neb., is only 24 years of age, and is, perhaps, the youngest professor in the oountry. Bhe is a native of Indianapolis. A New Yorker offers drowning as a eolation of the oapital punishment question. He says it is certain death and humane be-oaase the writhinga of the victim are not seen. Certain Chicago gentlemen of a nervous, sanguine temperament have incorporated a company with $2,000,000 oapltal to build air ships, and promise that the first ship shsll sail in Chiosgo in tixty days. It will prob ably sail in on a fiat csr; Dr. John C. Barry of Bath, Me., who is in Asia, recently mailed a letter and a postal card on tbe same day to a citizen of Bath, sending one westward, via St. Petersburg, and the other eastward, via San Francisco. They reaohed their destination in tbe same mail. If a man gets a eeven-year sentence for robbing another of $1.13, two years for steal ing $100,000, and gets eff free for embez zling $l,C0O,0O0, then ex Presdent Oelman. who robbed the Argentine Repablio cf $42,-000,000, should be given a bonus. Yet they have arrested him. The don't understand equity down there. South Dakota ia going into irrigation from the under flaw in earnest. The Sioux Falls Press says that at least 50,000 aores of land In Beadle oounty alone will be irrigated the coming season. Brown oounty will soon vote on a proposition to put down 200 wells, and there Is eviry prospeot of a eueozssful issue. Other counties are doing likewis. Next summer will see nearly 1.C00 iqaare miles of laLd under bountiful crops, tbe result of irrigation. Our noted divines are unoosventional in the matter of dress, and most of them wonl 1 fail to fevorably impress a man ignorant cf their identity by their looks. Professor Bwicg never wears other than a slouch ha, Dr. Lorimer rarely exchanges one for a silk, Niggardly Minded Partisan Prejudice. Kansas City Globe. It is a Door and meager minted gratitude that will beita:e over the figures and calculate when it ocmes to estimating the services of the union soldier during the war of the rebellion. I is a nlsgarcly-minded or a partisan-prejudiced man who would seek to withhold from bica what be eek. ao maob, as what th tp.vemnaeut should be-ttow uoa tbe frntvivrof the rebellion or oocfer upon tio.'sj ho hva been rendered dependeat btasae boc, father or brother died tn the dtfeuee of bia oountry, or rather to maintain l a lu(griiy and unity, to per-poate it a "me ai d divisible." 1 1 1 poor po'toy and a mean spirit that tries "to ftiU't" op te services of men who bftve exposeo themselves to peril In the armies and wars of onr ooau'rr, and however Bisril'oa at enormous tha mere figures may be wbioU prtiteod to rrpresent a money pay-mnt forth;) services thev havs rendered. the sum ii far a' or o what they have earned. ine aervioefi of the men ho hava f onoht to defend atd eav tri country cannot be leokoued In dollars and oents. Brighter Prospect. St. Louis 8tar-Sajlnga. Missouri has reduosd its bonded indebted ness $200,000,000 since 1880. During the next ten years it will be emancipated from Bourbon thraldcm and wili bound forward Shu more rapidly in tbe direction of pros perity. Vest's Grip. St. Louis Star-Sajlngs. Vest seems 0 have lout his o-rln aa a nonn lar orator. Kansas City Globe. And what is much more to the col at. be has aluo lost Lis grl? on the United States senatcrsbip. Tbe next Mlsnoorl legislature 1)1 have at least a working Republican ma jority. AMUSEMENTS. Eden xdsee: You oan always go to the Musee of an eveniig and find a large at tendanee, but that of thii week has been phenomenally to. The programme was ohangtd scmwbat yeetsrday, presenting sevsral new feature?, th prinoipal of wbiah is the ooco.udir g number of the musio&l team, in which Mr. Seymour plays upon two cornets, tbe lead upon one and the alto on the other, and Mr. Ooe aooompanles uprn a large alto born and tie, thus they represent a full band, a most d.ffijalt performance, and only executed by them. The Ma-retta Brothers alo da an exoellent horizontal bar aol, and Z z"i is as clever as ever. To-dy eoi lady visitor reoiives a beautiful emboEBed art study as a souvenir, a gem of ohromo lithograph. To-morrow the little fo ks reotivs free seats in tbe theatorium, see the little midget and hear a bran new Poach end July. m Dry Goods Co. mm - m -:- TO-DAY -:- SALE! HOSIERY Onr Immense New Stock at Special Prices To-flay end To-morrow. Those wh heiitate io lay in their Fall and Winter Hosiery during th s sa'e will be losers, as piicts east are already great lv an vanted. Our buyer writes us i hat Hosiery feels the efftct of the revistd tariff more keentv than any other line of goods. We offer complete lines of Silk, I isle, Cotton and Woo en Hcs'ety for ladies, children men and b"ys. SEE OUR BARGAIN $5.00 JACKET FOURTH AND FELIX ST. IF YOU ARE 1 G 1 ANN ODNCEMENT. We are authorized tc announce Mr. John a. Bretz as ar Independent Democratic candidate for Judge of tbe First Judicial district of Buchanan at tbe November elfctlon'ISJO. l . . t flAJ f I Thk oity of Atobison shows a decrease of population of 8C3 in the past ten years, or 80 per cent. The inoreaae in Leavenworth daring tbe same period la 6.C67. Bad for Atchison. Epukbb Bud's gavel pounded to splln- ters the speaker's deak, and visitors are car rying away the pleoee. Minority rule ia even in a worse condition, for Bead sat down on it ao bard that it was smothered. Thx county oourt moat not be made a Wood? on Institution. The entire manage ment of the asylum is in their bands now, ad that's enough. Vote for Ransom, B: 6 tz and Horlgan, and the Interests of the people will be carefully guarded. The Interior department baa deotded galnst permitting the Indiana traveling with wild weet shows. This step la token for the good of the Indian morals. Whew! If aat ai idea! Indian morale? Where do tbey secrete their nortl? In twelve mourns Wnitelaw Reid, as min later to France, has done more in the Inter at of the western farmer by pressing the French government to rescind tbe prohib ltory ediot against pork than the whole Cleveland edmtoiaraM-io 1d in four lean, EFFECT OF THE TARIFF. The New York Tribune reporta a promi nent manufaeturer of that oity aa saying: "The old tariff was large enough and I think fiat tbe increased duties will have a disas trous effect upon our branch of business. A prohibitory tariff, while it may prevent foreign manufaoturera from shipping to thia oountry, will not prevent their establishing faotoriea on thia aide of tbe water and there by ereating a competition that oannot help being harmful to our native indue' ry. What American manufaoturera require is protection of a moderate and not prohibitory sort. If American manufacturers are to make money.raw material must bs admitted free. That is exaotly where the West and the ist differ in Interest. We want more man ufactor'ea in thia oountry and we do not care where they oome from, and if a prohibitory tariff would transplant the English manufac tories to the Missouri and Mississippi valleys that would be to our Interest and what that prominent manufacturer oomplalned of ia just what we want and don't want. Bend us tbe manufactories but exense ne from permitting ail raw materials to be placed on the free list. If tbe manufacturer la proteoted so must our raw material products be pro teoted. A GBEAT DISCOVERY. Borne years ago when it was told that a method of extracting aluminum from clsy at a oost of a few oents per pound had been discovered, it was predioted by those who knew what aluminum is, that the great problem of aerial navigation was praotioally aolved. For aluminum Is so very light, eo strong, and baa so many other qualities as a metal, and la ao very abundant, that If it can be bad oheap It muet take the place of most other metals. When Mr. Webster of Birmingham, England, found he could produoe It In a week by oalolning pitch and alum, , getting 90 per cent in the metal, the great discovery was made. Thia metal, aluminum, is found ha clay, granite, shales, eto. In faot, tbe alumina lathe most abundant of all the earths. This metal will soon be used for bolldlng bouses, weather boards shingles, for all furniture, etc It oannot rust; It looks like silver, gold or zlno just aa yon please to have it. Its properties fix colore in cloths and lend tone to all the colors called lakes. It Is Argus and Briareus in one and marches with Iris decking its brows. It ia at leaat four tlmea lighter than silver and can be made still lighter. Why does a balloon asosnd? Bimply beoauae the air ia driven cut by the gas whloh takea Its place, and is lighter. Sup pose tbe air Is expelled, and nothing is put in its plaoe? Then the balloon would more rapidly asoend; but the pressure of the outer air crushes it together. If now we have metal out of wblob we can make a capable of resisting tbla external preaure, 1 1 eii i jr e if gdgFine "men ioiks" are Dr. MoPherson wears a rusty derby, and Dr. not expected to read this ad it s for the ladies only. As tlvs is for "the adorn ment" mostly ( that is suppos ing the case) the gentlemen don t need any. PSUGMA. This takes the place of vasa line and Espey's cream. This Colonel o. e. Boudinot, who died at Fort (new and pleasant preparation Bltb. Ark., recently, was the son of a full-1 , , i . i . . , -i blooded Cherokee who bad been adopted by wariauLcu lu icavc uu uiiy a Philadelphia patriot. The colonel's moth-1 or Sticky substance On the erwaa a uonneonoui gin, suss ninoao i i r r. . t. the wishes of her family. Both father and I dries immediately on aDDl viner. Try it. NEW PERFUMES lhese oaors are new and the quality exceedingly line Shandon Bells, Sweet Clover Meadow Blossom, Italian Vio Heather Thomas appears to have negleoted to get his dloar ironed since bis ordination to the ministry. Mra. Hitty Green, whose apparel ia more like that of a superintendent of a charitable lnstitn ion than a woman a quarter of whose sixty millions is in Chicago dirt, weara an outfit whioh ia gorgeous beside that of Dr. Fannie Diokinson and Dr. OJelia Bunn. They have been to busy earvlng a niohe in the temple of f amr, too diligent to aoaulre oelebrity in finance, theology and eoienoe. to even think more about adorn ment than the demands of comfort Impose. son were men of distinction In Indian Territory, the former having been a ohief of the Cberokeea when that nation was removed from Qeorgia. The son was a lawyer by profession. Oviog to bia advanced and pro gressive position he became rather obn x toua to many of his tribe, and had not lived in tbe nation for nearly twenty years. He waa of a literary turn of mind, was well read and a good conversationalist. He waa espe daily well versed in Indian tffairs. During J let, Francis Bennett, freemeni uieveianas aaminisirauon uji. tji "Vio- Vlo. Boudinot was pressed by bia frienda to apply i!OOm, X Jang 1 lang for tbe ptaee of commissioner of Indian affairs. He did so, but waa disappointed in not getting the ofBoe, and it is said he never visited Washington again (Sherman on Trusts. St. Louis Globe-Democrat. Senator Sherman deolaree that the great obitaole whioh stands In the way of the too- SPANISH COURT CREAM And its companion, Spanish Coast Face Powder. These toilet preparations are endorsed by the leading physicians, and who pronounce Why not come to the store where you can get them? We have a fine line of Men's, Women's, Misses' and Children's Bots, Shoes and Slippers on hrnd wirch we are actually slaughtering. PEOPLE .A.3KI' U How an We Do It?" Because we have $13,000 worth of stock remaining which we bought of the late White Bros, for 65c on the dollar. We guarantee to save you from 25 to 50 per cent on all goods purchased. Ca'l and be convinced. Jacob Schloss & Son 503 Felix St., f lite Bro's Oil Stand. Mail Orders Promptly Filled. Painters' - S-uo-plv -: Store, A Ian?! and oomlete itock ot painters' supplies, painters' and paper hangers' tool, plain ano ornamental glass, eta AH. ktnf of house L'nUrg,Sberwln1 WUllamt A Co.'t Mir n J rt.,t, best In tbe market. Frloee the lowest. GEO. W. POOLER, - - - - 618 Felix Street. REPORT OF THE OF CONDITION TAXES. TAXES. THE STATE NATIONAL BANK AT ST. JOSEPH, IK THB STATE Of HISSOTJbl, At tbe Close of Business, October 21, 1890. RESOURCES. Loans and dli counts $1,634,117 63 Of erdrafts, secured and unsecured .. . 16.68J 19 U. 8. Bonds to secure circulation 50,000 0U Ktocke, securities, bonds, etc 70,691 60 u. a. Donas on nana i aw uu Due from approved reserve agents. .. 189.393 13 Due from otber national banks 42,b48 43 Due from state banks and bankers. .. U3,lvi 73 Banking bouse, furniture and fixtures. 61,350 00 Current expenses and taxes paid il,7J3 67 Premiums on U. b. bonds 12,049 00 Checks and other cash Items 4 448 61 Exchanges for clearing-house 31.441 05 Bills of otber banks. 2,694 00 Fractional paper currency, nickels and cents 20e 28 Specie. 96,99 00 Legal tender notes 89,683 00 Redemption fund with D. S. treasurer (S per cent, of circulation) 2,250 03 Total ta.260,640 21 LI ABILITIES. Capital stock paid In $1,000,000 00 Surplus fund 8,000 00 Undivided profits 33,497 01 National bank notes outstanding.... 45,000 00 Dividend unpaid MOO Individual deposits subject to check.. 658,403 86 Time certificates of deposit 83,9l 42 we oan exhaust ine air, and if It In light enough it will forthwith aoerd. ij this metal. Vessels of certain shape have been made out of it, tbe air exhausted, atd they have been let go and are now floating In space. A great company has been formed and the business of ballooning promisee to be a success. If ships oan be made to iaat In th'a noeau of a)r why shell it not 13U.648 86 ! aMB of the new tarff law is theinnaenos reD resented by the trusts. If tbe benenolarles them abSOJUtelV DUre. 1 fiese ; Cashier 's checks outstanding 4 4i !cf the measure shall maintain free and fair J , j iKSSKfrMJ??! U i nrtmriAtliion in their various crodnaiions. no Aluminum ) ths he peope msy have the advantsge of b?vas fenrl ! i- j v f a 3ija BHa I TwlHHTIBlOAH DrlOHV. BfieU All as rMDlH Will Dfl HI. . w pronounced Buooe.B; but if. on the other their suggestion Vfe have put preparations are beine used by our best ptople, and at Due to State banks and bankers Total.... I have received the tax books and I am prepared to collect the STATE AND COUNTY TAXES FOB THB YEAR 1890. Merchants' and Manufdcinrbrs' Taies ARE DUE OCTOBER 1st, And al merchants' and manufacturers' licenses expire on that date. JAMES HULL, Collector. .$2,261,640 21 and prevent the reduotlon of prloee, then tbe resnli wiil be a miserable failure. It all depends, sir. Bberman contends, opsn the action of tbe manufacturers. Tney have bsen given all the pro teoMon that tney need, witn tbe under A OBiiT ado ws made over ibe hurry to bring certain rhip load) of goadi before the new tariff law weat luto fff.'ol. Bat there we a muoh larger amount of goods whloh htveben ptaoftd on thi lis! )hat was in no hurry to eo re In and which are now landing In Urge qisnfltles. Thr Nati'ioal Demoera'ia commtttee has pild K grr Q Hi!li $200 for eaoh and every apeeohfcehaa delivered darlrg the present campaign. It in tbe dearest literature ever bought. Mills abandoned hia seat in congress to make the speeehes for which he was paid ao big a rrio-. Thb issuance of toe new treasury note will FOB FKOSKCUTIVG ATTORNEY. Howard Paschal, Republican nominee for proscoatlog attorney la perhaps not ao well known to the voters of this oounty as are most of Ihosi with whom be ia making the esnvaai for eleotion, but be la one of those young men whose sterling qualities and natural ability will mke frienda wherever known. A louog man who will eome up to aueoesa through the temptations that beset oily life must posceta good tualltiea far beyond the average, and he whose natural abilities oarries him up from the farm to honorable positions in the city where competition la aharp among tbe many bright in-telleo'e that gather there, provt a himself to posssaa more tntn medium acquired and natural endowments. Mr. Paschal is of the of the latter class. Hi father is a hardworking. wei -l3-do firmer, who is an aero be navigated as well aa tbe ooean of water? . standing that competition ia to prevail, and The larger the vessel the more extra weight ' that the people are to share in tha profits of oinitoarry. A vessel welshina ten thousand tariff legislation. This theory of the right . ..i .. . . of the people to all that oan be stioedi pouuaseonHunssar wiimn na wans ioy , through the prooesa of competition must be nousana pounaa or common air at tbe sur- reeoanlzjd and enforced, be says, if the new face of ooean. Exhaust this air and load It "a9 to give satisfaction. Tbe demand of tne time ooeaper proaootion, lower priose; and a larin taw wmon does not nve tnat ef fect will be oondemned and repudiated. A 2aJanoe the national bank ourreney no w t est advooate of the Farmer a' Allianoe, and with twenty thousand pounds freight and you have ten thousand pounds to lift, vessel and all, to where tbe gravi y Is equalized and there the whole floats like a vessel in the waters. For we may regard the air merely aa a thin kind of water. The air la man's ele ment, and the propoaition to fly through navigate it la not ao strange to us at first cs was the proposal to navigate the oesan. It Is not nearly ao dangerous, aeoideata in it are not ao dreadful, and rescue may ba easily made. NOTES AND PERSONALS. Barnaod'a salary for editing Punch la $300 a week. That is tbe funny part ot It. Archbishop Keorick of St. Louis, who is expeotedto reoelve a cardinal's bat next year, Is in hie 85 .h year, and is tbe oldest of living Am arisen arohbiahop. Mr. W. L. Daujla-s, the justly celebrated $3 shoe man, whose pioture yon may hava aeen In the newspapers, was eleoted mayor of hand, toeie benefloiarles shall combine and j in a line of these SUperb goods, oor federate in order to et;fl competition 1 . xry a jr. SATURDAY NOVELTIES. 'New Veilings ju-.t in Beauty Spot, Crescent Spot, Black Spot, Plain Fascinatii n, Big Spot and Straw Spot. These are the latest in Veiling. NEW NECKWEAR. Henry II. Rufflings, Elizabeth Ruching, Feather Collarettes '1 hese are just the latest. "Also among the novel is the Embroidered Crepe da Chiene Si'.k Mulls for rec-wcar in all the rcw tints. Our residenr- New York buyer senc's vs every v eek the new goods as they come cut. You will xlways find newest with and the latest at point ha been reaohed io our effiirs where the popular judgment will no longer indorse tbe imposition of dui'es tbat serve to in crease prioea a d to enrioti the few at the rnn nf ihn mnriv. Thl nnft nrnUn. or sion, but oppression, and the oountry will not stacd it. Binding Twine. Peoria (I1L) Journal. The "additional tax" tbat tbe eversg farmer will have to pay In tbe way of tariff on the twine with wbioh he will use to bar- vest hia grain, oan be very easily amvd at, Say that the average farmer purchases flf cv pounds of twine per year to harvest hie grain, he will pay less than 50 oents to the "robber tariff" lew than the price of two buthtlsof corn, and where ia the farmer that would not give two bushels of eorn annually to keep a twine or any otber similar industry In tbe United State?, rather than bave to aend hia money out of the oountry Statb or Missouri r, County of Bucbanan S I, K.Dfst Lindsay, cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly swear tbat the above statement is true to tbe best of my knowledge and belief. RSNMT LI v DdAY, Caxbter. Subscribed and sworn to before me, this 8th day of October, 1890. WM. L. BUB HLK. Notary Publla. Cokrxct: Attest. w. a p. Mcdonald, i BOT. WiNiN(i, V Directors Dr. J. J. Newell, DENTIST. k tL If I f P i Booms UU, 81 and as, second floor, Cobb-merdal Block, tut) aid umt sts., - epixsut anr ST. JOSEPH, MO. Elevator entrance next to Ban.:oD:cd mond atrant Sweating"-:- Feet J Dr. Kritian's EfBieJj , -IS a- TOWflSEND, WYaTT &EMERY DBY QOOL.S CO. .aiacea rcr Fetli Pe sptratloa of ill! reel, itjs Ei tlrely Ha-m'ess aii aitrlal fill Stow Itsierit Alnm and mirar of ied are frequently usedjfor thl direan . nutthT arevey Injurious, and.&re utver i rencribed by.the medical fraternity. Ayonr Drnggist for Dr. Krigliaai's Bernei?. mM & fiHEHLUAl BEO?,. Krocers ivhnlBSulh WIRES AND L1QU0E8. .0BtB Seaood atreaa. ST, 06X910 s- Cor. 6th & Idmond. St Josrpb, - BflMoarl, This well-know 1 1nstitution gives the most thorough and practical instructions In all business branches and short hand. Rull particulars and' specimens of penmansbip sent to any address. Ttioa. J". Bryant Pres't' WASHBURN oi buiiars,Manaoiinsftiiner in volnmn and Quality of ton M the Ii. si in world. WwrantM to wnar in any climate. Sold by all lee A. inv dcnJrrj. Beautiiuuy illuatrated. da. pcriptive catalogue with portrait e( WX artists IAII.KO 1TKKE IX UH cL HEALT. CHICAGO SHULTZ & H0SEA. 1 SHELF DIM Cul.err, Tlomre, Tin Plate, Tinners' Bnpp'toa fence wire, Btainpad Ware ana trtaniu laoo Ware. Sio sis and si Bonih ramrtfeCM

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