The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 13, 1938 · Page 8
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 8

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1938
Page 8
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BIGHT THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. THURSDAY, JANUARY 13, 1938. PROFIT TAKING MARKS TRADING LEADERS RETREAT ON STOCK MARKET Only Utilities Stay on Plus Side Throughout the Session New York,'Jan. IS (/P)—Stock market leaders bucked profit cash Ing today and retreated a little In the process. Only (he utilities, as a group, stayed on the plus, side throughout the session, although a few rails and gold mines heK at the finish gains earned in an earlier rally. Both advances and losses were mostly measured in fractions. Volume dwindled after an active opening in which large blocks wor traded. First-hour upturns wen eiased as the session wore on. Reports from the Administratioi favored co-operation with the utili ties on a program calling for noil duplication ot pri-ate facilitie and provided the focus of reals tanee for power company shares In addition, brokers said, many traders switched from the so-calle( armament issues into both rails and utilities. Transactions fell', under yester day's figure, totalling 1,209,800 shares against 1,506.260. There were 334 advances, 339 declines and 191 issues unchanged. The As spciated Press average of (50 stocks dropped .2 of a point at 47.7. The utilities in the compilation addei .6 of a point at 34.9. Closing Prices Stock Market BALTIMORE HAY Baltimore, Jan. 12 (ff>) — Hay: Good timothy, clover and 'mixed, nominally $12.00-15.00 ton. Straw: No. 1 wheat, $9.00 ton; oat,' $9.00 ton. Vio Ray Cloth O.McKEE Amn Can .. 82 Amn Tel and Tel 149 AmnVTob M 71V Amn Water Wks 13 Anaconda 35V B and 0 • 10>/ Beth Steel 68 C and 0 37'/ Chrysler 59'/ Douglas Aircraft 43 1 / Gen Klcc 44 >/ Gen Foods .' 32 7 / Gen Motors 3f>.y Goodrich IS 1 / Goodyear . 21» Int Harvester 68% Int Tel and Tel 7 Ligg and Myers B 101 li Mont Ward 35'Y Nat Dairy 15V Nat Dis't 28% N Y Central 19Vi Packard 5'/ Penn R R 2.1V4 Radio 7 Rep Steel 19% Sears Roebuck G3 1 / Soc Vac IG',4 Std Brands. ; 9 ! / s Std Oil N.J. 50% Studchaker. •..' fi% U S Rubber 28% U S Steel 6D94 Warner Pict 7Vi West Union ' 26% Wsg Blec 105 Woolworth 40% BALTIMORE LIVESTOCK Baltimore, Jan 12 (yp)-(USDA.) Cattle: Medium to good. 1070-1250 Ibs., $7.40-8.35; few 1000 Ibs., $7.25; good beet cows, scarce, $6.00; plain and mediuir fleshy cows, $5.25-75; low cutter?, and cutters, $4.00-5.00; bulls nominal. Hogs: Good and choice, 120-240 Ibs., $9.15-40; practical top, $9.40. Good packing SOWE $fi.75-7.35. What The Market Did Wed, Tues, Advances . .. Declines . Unchanged . . Total Issues 334 • 339' 191 SC4 457 212 190 859 BALTIMORE GRAIN Baltimore, Jan. IS (/f>) — Wheat: No. 2, red winter, garlicky, spot, domestic, $1.00; .January, $1.00. HAGERSTOWN LIVESTOCK Cattle; Receipts heavy.'Medium to good steers averaging from 975 to 1050 Ihs., sold from (fj.95 to ?7.65. Lighter steers of medium quality averaging from S10 to 880 Ibs., sold from JC.30 10 JC.85. Good butchering heifers sold from $5.60 to $6.25. Good butchering cows sold from $4.45 to $5.40 with medium butchering cowi selling from $19.00 to $23.60 I of fair lo good quality selling from $4.10 (o $4.40. Canners and cut-1 $10.15. Single and heavy calves tors sold from $3.20 to $3.90. Good sold up to $13.10. butchering .bulls sold from $6,40 to Sheep and Lambs: Receipts $7.05 with medium butchering bulls I light. Good lambs of nice quality selling from $6.00 to $8,35. Stock I sold from $8.30 to $9.40 with lambs hulls Hold from nor head. Dairy cows with and i $7.15 to $8.30. Good butchering without calves at Inch 1 sides sold I Iwosk sold from $7.10 to $5.00. from $48.00 to $94.00. ' j Mulchorlng. cwos sold from $1/10 Cillvcs: Receipts moderately to $11.30 per 100 Ihs., depending heavy. The top graded calves averaging 181 lb«., sold for $13.40 wllh graded calves of lighter weights averaging 14G Ibs., selling for $12.75. Graded calves averag- ng from 115 to 124, sold from $10.75 to $12.10. Thin graded calves averaging 102 Ihs., sold for JG.10 to $7:30. Pigs sold from | held Friday night: James M. $2.90 to $3.70 per head. Stock j Sword,. Jr., noble grand; George boars sold from $6.90 to $7.10 ] R. M|i| s . vice grand; William S. per 100 Izs., with heavy slags sell-1 steffey, recording sectary; M. JI. ing from $5.51 to Jli.CO per 100. OFFICERS INSTALLED. upon quality. Hogs: Receipts Ir.-avy. The topi graded pon of boss averaging 19S! Thu following ofllcars of Aaron Ihs., sold for $8.75 with heavy grad- i '' 01 'B° ot Odd fellows, of William; ed hogs averaging 225 Ibs., selling I' )01 ' for $8.50, Heavy hogs averaging 2G4 IbK., sold for $8.50. Graded hogs averaging 140 to 143 Ibs., sold from $8.50 to $8.55. Feeding shoals sold from $7.05 to $8.65 per 100 Ibs. Good butchering sows sold from $7.55 to $8.35 with medium butchering sov/s selling from were installed at a meeting \ Wissiuger, financial secretary; A. G.'Hoffman, treasurer; C. K. .Mills, warden; J. If. Taylor, outside guard; H, L. Ausliunmin, inside guard; I. N. Grove, chaplain. r 1 (Hilly 25c Tli« Klni'M Coirci- on Snlr Tuilaf I CHEER CUP COFFEE .... Ib. 1)1,ill,li- Vlinr :' niilrr It yon Triangle Food Stores py nilc-k Gunr- n't think LIBERAL LOANS MI Jeudr,-. Kniil, diamond!, ill- I'erivnn?, *lm( trims. clothing or lil.vlllhiK ,'lsc or vnTitc. Harry's LORD Office MCK.vsnu r.u\Minoi;i:it 55 N. Jonathan St. MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN Back Seat Driver By LEE FALK and PHIL DAVIS IHAOOA CRACK THE SAFE--TO GET DOUGH--'CAUSE MANDRAKE'S AFTER ME/ SO YOU TWO ARE COMING ALONG--OR ELSE--/ NOW GET INI HERE WHILE I CHANGE MY CLOTHES/ THAT'S WHAT THEY ALL SAV --BUTALLTHAT GETS RED IS THEIR NOSES-HAW HAW HAW. WELL- NEVAIRE ARGUE WIZA MAN WE A GUN-- NO SHOW TONIGHT-JIMMY. WE'RE GOING TO PAINT THE TOWN YEAH? AFTER MAKING GOO-GOO EYES AT MANDRAKE FOR MONTHS ZEE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE I AM KIDNAPPED-AND IT HAS TO BE WIZ YOU/ NORVELL THOUGHT LOVED TAILSPIN TOMMY Tommy Has An Eye for Business! By GLENN CHAFIN and HAL FOREST !, TOMMY AW SKEETS RECOVERED FROM THE EFFECTS OF THE IK2UGGED. COFFEE -AMD FLEW THEIR . BIG TRAh SPORT BACK TO THREE- POINT. HEFfE WE FIND THEM A SMALL WORK SHOP IM THE ADMIMISTRATIOn euiLDme. THEY ARE BUSILY EN6A6EI?' IN "^CONSTRUCTING TOMMY'S MYSTEEY RACING PLANE \AJHICH SLIM CRACKED UP SOME TIME A&O SURE! WELL GIVE IT TO THE GOVERriMEHT. THEN MAYBE THREE-POINTS BID ON BUILDIN6 A HUNDRED MORE- LIKE IT WILL BE AC- CEPTEP YES. THIS BAEff WILL BE ABLE TO FLY CIRCLES AROUND THE FASTEST SHIP In THE AIR TODAY, AMD GO1J-1G TO GIVE IT T THE WAR WITH THIS CHANGE IN DIHEDRAL. AMD PROP PITCH WE'LL HAVE SOME - THIM6 r-HEVv' AM AIRPLANE. PAL 1 YOU ME Ah WELL HAVE A SHIP WITH A HIGHER CEILI.M' AM' GREATER CRUjSin RADIU THAh AMY- THin 1 WITH LOCAL QUOTATIONS r urnished by Kline Bros., Benevola Local Prices Paid Producers Wheat Jorn, per bbl ................. 90c Shoulder .......... . ....... Ib. 20c ^otatoes ................. bu. 60c lountry Ham ............. Ib 25c !ggs ................... doz. 24c Spring Chickens ... !b. 16c to 18c Old Chickens ...... Ib. 16c to 18c Sutler .................... Ib. 30c Onloni .............. ..... bu. 76c ,ard< ..................... Ib. lOc Apples ............... bu. 60 to 76 Country Bacon ............ Ig. l!o Thermometers, Dampers, Brooder Pipe and Roof Saddles for your brooder stoves By COULTON WAUGH Just What The Doctor Ordered Trademark KerlBtrAtlon • Arnlled For U. B Pate.t OMct. DICKIE DARE HOWARD'S 5W£LLl WE CAN PUT IN A MOTOR I &STCHA ! DM AN' DOC DV MAURIER AN' WA6i AN' I Wtt 4AIL OFF TO HEW 6UIHEA TO FIND TH' RADIUM.' &OfH, WAG5, THIS .TOO GOOD TO SB TRUE .•5AY3 IT'f AN AWFVL . PLACE ---BUT GEE WHIZ, POOCH, THAT? RI&HT -SMACK UP . OUR ALLEY HERE'* MY PLAN, FRIEND*! I'M GETTING TOO OLD FOR ADVENTURE,30 I'LL STAY HERE AND RUN LABORATORY ACT At MY EXACTLY ••-IF YOU CRUIZE CASUALLY IN, NO ONE WILL YOUR REAL MOTIVES ONCE UP TUB RIYE.K YOU CAN 6ET GOING EARNEST- • 7 E. Baltimore St. FOR TH' WORK-•• HEY, DOC Of MAURI ER, KIN 1 READ THAT LETTER FROM YOUR FRIEND ? CUSHWAS' Phone 2200 and get THE BEST We have Drought the joy in •living to thousands who were in pain from rupture. We you here. No guesswork by By PAUL ROBINSON H. R. RUDY, Fitter TRW TO FIND HEE IN THIS Mzanu)hilo, things are. c^ doun bif tb BOSS,' ARENT" YOU (50IN6TOBUI2NI4IS'PLANE|!;|i|| WE'LL CATCH SO HE CAW FLY OFF WITH rSitl 'EM REDHANDCD ,„ ,. ., _ AT MY HOUSE PAUSHFFE RUDY'S REXALL PHARMACY Hotel Hamilton Corner ETTA CHICK find the. dv/ator search the. PLACE IS LIKE LOOKIN FOR THE ADVENTURES OF PATSY Trademark Applied Far 0. a. Talent Office house, for PAT only echo&s ALL. I KNOW ABOUT HER BUT WHAT DO YOU KNOW OF THIS -THIS "HOMEY" . J IS WHAT I'sH KBADMe IN GOSSIP COLUMfJS - SHE is p/esr "THAT MAY" ABOUT THIS. GUV, AND THEM A THISVJAY" ABOUT THAT ONE? By GEORGE SWAN HIGH PRESSURE PETE UHO U6V\Te» OoN'T froo\ •5HOIO OP weL.LTp.Ke SHE- IS TE/tiPee<HENTHOL -A HIGH STEPPES - WANTS EVEEY A4AN SHOULD FALL IN LOVE WITH HSK - WHY, SHE MIGHT MAKE AMYBE EVlM A1E FALL FOg H£Z, AND 1 GOT NO TIMB FOR SUCH THINGS.' By LES FORGRAVE see! HE'S JOST OSlMG IT AS AN E.VCOSE'. WE'LL STAY THERE ,T QEUEVE SPECK *5 PUTTING MOVM i \F I THOUGHT YES . HVS LEG « AS BAD AS HE LETS OM. LOOK HOVO HE ACTS VOUEM \A/E \WAMT TO CALL A, DOCTOR. YOO Kl-iOW SOO BUT WHAT I DON'T LIHE THE \f YOU FOZG6T TO /HOST ABOUT HEI? CHAeACTEP I MENTION THAT WITH- I GOT TO PAY HEE ^j[ OUT HEP. "LITTLe AS V<E WAO TD STAV \M BEO. $3OOO lA WEEK SALABY! /MELODY" WOULD BS A FLOP, J. P.!

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