The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 1, 1936 · Page 17
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 17

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1936
Page 17
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5. t^'i i' . •• •j- f /•. 4*'~* ' '> -':'! i t-A Li*J^ -3AZ^ i- i !-• ..V,'' •» ,t>_ P . & frjsp**^, 1 "' *->jrto*w ^Htt&«ra '.* ^ >=,J F ^*. f'V' :,' ,^ I L L .> f i T-' 7 i - > 'V • 'i r •.. • •-i h •• * IF -, - /> •. . i^ 1 '&&tf. ffi " •- 1 ' 4-r-t ;,: j ^ * -i' >i f ;» Hfl'^'-.Vv .1 •i ^ C!f "*. ^ ^-'^ r i * tf -_• i ' ^ ,'17 .1 i ! ' 'it I *'• > ••• • .y-i V^ r '&> <• ,• •\- !,*> • ; I ' - r" If m r,» > .> -. f '-' ]•(. Ib I ' . .• J ,'• f t, F , •*-r^ . -,V.V" ;h-| ,v .li'-i",- ttV rf SwSKfl J '--•- f -' .1'j.Ti-*- r j -ttTtfM fi*" l •« .> *y^ J ^* •XtiVnz^ *^ •»\35 .*'. ".!-' .-1 i' 1 S. £ L 4 r *•' i" «n risva [• F'. mww '•J- M-j * ? hi' iJ- F ,._,' ^ ['•/<••*: Ofc* , S 1 ,* '* 4 * :*« T*. /4? *HV* 4 *V AV/r* ^' ' 1 -H.I >;M t'l >* [ * i -' b I -"^. -. t **»*>, ^M ,><- :-v jr j 1 '-i r ... ^,-v •i* '"* .IV -V 1 *•* 'i", ;. u '/' ->, T r \ r -i" 1. r Y*-' i >,.' • *i *^yfl i '^ V iW *-.'. •\^>.' iV^?**^]?^ 1 ^ - *; „• £\W'/'* £ - ^'*>J> "4 " ;. '- '-i .^..'^ ' , -i i y^ .-:-.-. '• :•'• WV] rf& :i. .. > . [•*. t* **% ff* £*ii' '.'- '.r *Wf**it^::-;w^ •+>3 '#28 yjj"- 1 *? .*, /*T^f*l --... "I !J -/ r •. i - i i • i i - '. . -1 •-, ., T--\ f • i i>' ^^i. ft."*T -"' if i 1 ^ .I'.'V ^ -ti> t - ^.i: -T ',** f .V^ SQjftfiWW -i'=.r**'.^A^,.' • «?4U 'tt'^i-v?'-- •i-"ir. -. j^ ..-.-- r^**i. /•>' ^••^.•v >•>if:* • i » » -r.r '• •" n .. ' • •- - **- 1 . 'v. ' *"""',-* :v£. 'SWi, -JVTV^'; F." ir-; *•:*«.. I* '>? *:v. ! ,"'? .11 i .i S r. K' ' - -'I .1, • •- * ' •r * *Y, * . \ lift .' ' - 7 ^l 4- ' ^ W5OT L ~f I Ib - -T I '.*»( . ' •JW, ;-SS. HW - »;'•.! A * :*n» -* ^ i. •> i -. -• >'•*. r 1 ?: 3t* raff fr-^ri nS'r h t-^ ** • - v/>/AsiM# J L M r ft-I ^l ' L i- H.I I — 1*1' .* P ' j ' ' i • <.-' J r^, L -^ -* : >.-;•• - -. < i V I ^ F k ^r . ,..' H,I '-. -' ft '..'r';^' 1 - ,w-t\ fi,t--(7 '. 11' I ^ -'' • ••* J ' '-. ^ t'. I ' I -* I _ J *J. • <- .. - , <-\ V '' l> ' ,' ' 1 -, .* J ' ftE i--',i. • - „*- ...-/ i.i GCfOBER I h i ^ I i >,*. i 5- M / «^^if -vs^ X; w- ^ ,*. ^ %*&A fc-M'fc K ft^'f V - -. r^ - i;*x j. i - Ji ' .1 '=: H^:V'';* -P.- .yV , ^.yy*i i^, *", '.-< ^\^ ;..':<;.; -71- ';vt^ ^^V^^Sj/.: JjlJi- ^^ ' 'r* l\ ' • T.' -•• ^;-'. -^ I ' t-> fi' ^f IT f ^ #.- •.• v.- L- . I . • 1- T f *! -» '',. tfli'-A :^i-vv ^.^H l^V "Ji ' *i'-i i v •,!••• -.-!.• L. •;;• r/A - .-v•-,-' i-'i -W ^^ ..v. -.', * , •-' ' '. .;:'•- :: ^^•/•A .-. ^ s j' I . 1 ^? ' -1 J T -'.V1 11' i'.il I --' '.' ' • ' -: - -I*' • P ;•-' •\ K*^^ -*-N :•.-'. «''••*' .^0-' ^ T ^ V J,.^ » .-:"*' ' •i^' 'l3f m SJf A---, K 'M-.-'-^'-t! 4 • L , >-• , r . i^ 1 '.- ?Vs l.'T;/. i n i,' ^ J i;. • ^ EC !?'•.-'. *4-'A ^ i , ** - *- "i.J -+•>,' f * \ *• rv '.'i '.1 ,? -M.,*^, \v ?.: ?•,' • - ^*.-> L - ', • • • ; *A>r '-•'fl, \:*>- r*' •T i 1L \*T\ \ m - -i ',. -.'j r 'F •r-- -i V * 1 ^ ^ T •i • )-\f 1-4 •iJ*. '!''"! r • L . ^1 -•• I" I r ' h J '^"'1' r i •ki'C* •V J !• F ' , -i f ,' -<n j\ l -> L . ' IJ "-^ ?i|I *: • ^ - t.t :.' - • r.i^'i- '•K' ,i- ••, - - ' Vl.* ff t". 1 -'^ !*- •ll'- •;'' >r •• -. ,< * -• ' *v J I . ' ' o ^ '- .• - >•• • -I- 'i 14# !t"l. -I " '' Jr •LJ ' ,13 , . It' -V, ».r ."" lx I 1 ' 'I / -;'i V I -... -•t . .-.-.x Lv I,'• '-' i," •-L '' ?-V M j ' • •r-t * ^ . '.i -' -. i i *r-'-^*-JfV'L'•!'-' V-'ii^ T .^^iA^-^S..-.^.^-.!,^ V J^-. i^*' . /.• i ' i ,1 1 ^ ^ 11 - tvS.- .. Sanfe Barbara ^ L \ Invade With .-I i -• Strong Team I'. V • ,-t r ' ( M T>AKKRSFIELD Jay so oe will Un- •gli ^Ith^tlio Qaucho Babes—the frosh of Santa Barbara Slate Col* lege—at, Griffith Field tomorrow night in its first appearance before the Ibcal grid fans. Without doubt, thiB-game will'be one of the toughest of the season as the pea green-. ei*8; friDm the coast have what Is conaiderod tholr best frosh team In lilatory' of the school. Tho coast club is coached by Bud Oummlngs but those on the inside say Spud Harder pulls a rein, too, in guiding the freshman eleven. "; The game will be started at 8 o'clock sharp. It will be the sec* ond of the season for the Renegades who played their first game in Long Beach with the Vikings. Like Warner System , The Sajnta Barbara freshmen*, like their older brethren on the varsity, use the Warner system. Harder, a former great Stanford football player, has found the system Invented by Pop to be the most natural for his teams. It IH reported from the coast the freshmen this year took to the double. ; and single wing back formations as a duck takes to water. •.'.., , Frost Changes This year, too, the Renegades have adopted some of the Warner method. Coach Jack Frost believes tho two years In which he handles men Js not long enough to give them the beat features of the Notre Dame system which ho formerly used. Therefore, he has switched his club to tho double and single wing back. There are times during practice sessions when tho big Maroon and White eleven rem inds observers of War- tier's Indians with their razzle-dazzle back of the line—using a doxiblo winff back for deception and a single wing for power. Drillers Work on Passing Attacks Bakersfield High's Blue and White varsity hat* gone through Its paces during tho post week but will not settle down to real work until next week before tho Compton , game. Coach D. W. Griffith has given his men a flock of new plays during tho past few days and has concentrated on the Driller passing attack. Tho . order of the day, aa Curing most of Griff's training programs, lias been scrimmage and lota otf it. Just now, the outstanding man in the Bakorafield High backflehl IH Ed Heffernan, flanked by Flo Riio, '.Kobesky and Jauseaud. These boys are the Four Horsemen of tho Bluo and White secondary. "Griff" found in tho recent Por- tervllie game lie has two lines which are about on a par. The temporary loss of O'Connor at center threatens his peace of mind but he hopes to have the Irish pivot back In play before the start of the tilt with Compton. Kienholz Perturbed Over His Gridders , TAFT, Oct. 1.—Perturbed over the fact that his running plays are not functioning as well *is they might, I-ies Ktenholz, Taft Junior College mentor, plans another stiff ecrlm- mage session tonight in preparation for tho Ventura Junior College Pirates, who feature the Reason's debut of the Cougars Friday evening at Martin Memorial Fte!d. B ILiU WHlTlNGf- v«teran of lo* ..-•'•'T - • •.. cal ball players, came in to tell me that Monte Pearson, pitcher of the Yankees* is not the only former Bakersfield boy now engaging In the wt>rld series in New York. Frank GaWeiv pictured at the head of this column, and now a i i f - . hurler for the Giants, pitched for Whiting here two or three years ago, BUI Bays. Frank's brother, Glen, also pitched here. Frank Gabler's father lives in BakersfJcld and Is employed by the Shell Oil Company, according to Whiting. It la probable that after tho series is completed Frank will visit his family here. Frank's father came to Bakersfield from Long Beach, commonly listed as the home of tho big hurler. The big pitcher is described as being one of tho most talkative men in tho majors. Cosh on Monto Lester Cash tells mo that M.onto Pearson> former Bakersfield boy now on tho pitching staff of the Yankees pitched for Oakland when that club had a ball team In operation hero, for a time at any rate, before the farm folded up. This was during tho spring of 1929 according to Cash. Walter Kamfnsld aays ho doesn't need The Callfornian's score board to visualize the series for him. as he knows both the Yankee and Giant fields like a book and can visualize every play just by listening to the radio. Buck Buchanan will have as his guests here this week end, Jim Jeffries, former heavyweight champion of the world, und Jack Kipper, chief of southern California boxing Inspectors. Buck bays ho will ask Jeff to load a cakewalk at his Union Avenue dance pavilion. Harvey L, Nixon. Just returned from a throe weeks' vacation in Oregon and Washington, where ho visited relatives, reports also that he was successful In shooting his limit of mountain deer. Knock Off Oakland Club Final Game League Title Wire) r\AKLAND, Calif., Oct.l.—A sea^ Boned, hardhitting team, with u steady corps of f lingers, held tho 1936 PacWic Coast League championship today. Which is to say that Portland's Beavers wrapped up the bunting last night by knocking off Oakland, 8-3, in the deciding game of tho Shaughnessy plan finals. Portland lost Avon tho championship in 1932, Portland left no doubt in the minds of fans aa to which was tho best team in the league. The Beavers finished on top In tho regulation race, polished off Seattle in th$ playoff semi-finals with lour straight Wins, then took four out of five from Oakland. Laat night's triumph was hardly In doubt from the first Inning, when the hard • hitting combination of Manager Bill Sweeney, Johnny Frederick, Mooao Clahaugh, Earl Brucker, ot al, drummed Ken Douglas off the hill in the first inning. Dud Lee's walk, four singles and an error gave the suds five runs and drove Douglas to the showers. Gets Needed Margin Tho margin wo* all that Bill Pose- del needed, tho righthander limiting the Oaks to three one-run outbursts. Tho Beavers rapped Jimmy Tobin, Douglas* successor, for a run in the third and two in the ninth to make the victory derisive. Tho Player Pnyoff Portland grabbed off S&500 of the J $10,000 playoff fund, which moans a ] "cut" of about $220 to each player. The Beavers won $2500 for finishing ' ahead at the end of th$ Hehedulo. and took 60 per cent of tho $5000 going to the playoff finalists. Oakland will divide $2000 among H« players, while Seattle and San Diego, the semi-final losers, split $2500. Lumbering Men-of Mat World Tangle (Continued From Paye Sixteen) i i Grid Lines SAVOLUI IS VICTOR SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 1. (A. P. Flooring his opponent twice in the sixth round, Lee Savoldi of St. Paul, Minn., scored a technical knockout victory here last night over Karl Walker, Los Angeles heavyweight. Walker went down for a nine count as the sixth opened and was flattened for a toll of six in another flurry. Referee Toby Irwin stopped tho bout. j MIDGKT AUTO RACES 'LOS, ANGELES, Oct. 1. (A, P. Bd'Httddad will ride tonight at Gil- mpro' speedway in tho fire-colored midget auto which .crashed with Roy Russing- a week ago. Virtually completely rebuilt, the machine will bo one of eight midgets groomed for tho 60-lap main event, tho first race of this distance at the track. CVnited Frcae Leased Wire) SANTA CLAKA. Calif. — Coach Buck Bhaw will use the sophomore backfiold of Perrln, Gunthor and Gilbert which scored against Stanford last Saturday when the Santa Clara Broncs meet the University of Port land here Sunday. MOUAGA, Calif.—Coach Slip Mad Igan today placed Jerry Conlee, u guard, at center to replace Wally G« rard, regular pivot man. who wan injured Sunday. Conloe probably will start against California Saturday. STANFORD UNIVJ5R8ITY.--6tan- ford's football squad entrained today | for Pullman, where It meets Wash wine to stand him off for he Is wuro a rugged customer.*' Tho promoter has limited this ole- mentul struggle to two hours aa he i wishes to save the mat supports for matches hrro next work. Guards Own Life Myron Cox, the desert lifeguard that spends most of his time guarding, his own llfo on the mat against attacks of such men as .lack Mo Arthur, will ddfend himself tonight against none other than McArthur in the 4-mInuto semi-wlndup of the card here. nO-Mlmito Opener Bill Grub, of Oomptoii. und Bobby Coleman, of Long Beach, are appearing In tho 30-minuto opener. For tlio benefit of strangers we mention that the opener • is scheduled for 8:30 o'clock this evening at the arena, Nineteenth and V streets. 4 UEV1VK BOAT RACK LOS ANG13LKS. Oct. I. (A. I\>— Tho Pacific motor boat trophy raco, historic speedboat event, will bo revived after a 20-year absence at Nowport-Balboa November 1. C. King Brugman, regional district manager of tho American Power Boat Association, said three- heats of IG-milo races over ft 1-mllc course would be staged during tho one afternoon program. Inboard displacement boats capable of over 50 milcH per hour will be eligible to compete. MONTANA TRAINS •VBNTUHA, Calif., Oct. 1. (A. P.) Montana University's touring foot ball team took charge of the local high school football field today, tuning up for Its engagement in Los Angeles Friday night with tho University of California at Los Angeles. The Grizzlies, after losing to! Washington State lost week, plan to! remain hero until Friday, practicing under the lights at night to accustom themselves for the Bruin encounter. LIONS AHE ttMUARRASSEO ANTIOCH. Oct. 1. (U. P.)—-The local branch of the Lions' In torn a* QUICKEST HERE'S CREDIT EASIESI BATTERIES CAR RADIOS Ington State College In a conference tional was obliged to refrain from game Sunday. Coach Tiny Thornhilll entering a float In the annual Lions' indicated before ho left that he will parade owing to their inability to use Glenn Hamilton in tho key back* field position against tho Cougars. EUGENE, Ore.—The University of Oregon grid squad was en route to Los Angeles today for its 'game Saturday with University of Southern California at tho Los Angeles Coliseum. 4 «^^^4M^^^W4W LOS ANGELES.—Anticipating a barrage - of passes tomorrow night when his U. C. L. A. Bruins meet Montana here. Coach Bill Spauldlng today was putting his team through i a final pass defense drill under the 1 aro lights in preparation for the game. Tho Bruins also have perfected an aerial attack. find a lion skin with which to mount tho cent ml figure. They refused the offer of several bear skins. MONTHS' MILEAGE EVE PASAPBNA, Oct. 1. (U. Motorcycle Officer Lee Forrester Is wondering whether U Is a habit or whether it Is his speedometer. Three j months ago, ho reported 1387 mttos; i two months ago his report was 1386 miles; lost month the speedometer again read 1386 miles. . . LOS ANGELES.-rOnly light drill and a chalk talk *rcr* scheduled by the Southern California Trojans today as their game with Oregon here Saturday drew closer, in the last heavy workout yeeterday, Angelo Pecciantt starred at cracking through the ineligible* who used Oregon for* matlons. PUBLIC LINKS PLAY LOS ANGELES, Oct. 1, (A. P. Qualifying- round honors in the southern California public links golf aa« Delation championship* were held-today by Don Erickson, former Lofl Angelee city champion. _ . E rick son »hot 145 over 36 holes HOME RADIOS *t I*^ewood Country Club. Bruce 1 - ^MoQormick, defending tiUiaV va* not equlrad to qualify, round tnatehea will be 11OMISS ROUT DUCKS i URIDLEY, Oct. 1. (U. Bombs, furnished by the federal game commission and projected! j from a gun similar to that used m ( i ! shooting fireworks, aro befngr u»<*d ? horft to frighten duckn and black birds from the rice fields. oil r i t It S i I \ i- r I o\\ n * I'sbci Si 01 * s L»1JU!I>*J Sunday at tfaft Potroro Counv Piles All Gone Without Salve* or Cutting Itching, bleeding, protruding piles go quickly, If you remove the cau*e, Bad blood circulation in the homor- rhoidal veins ca,u*e» piles by making the affected ports weak, flabby and Hfeleaa. Salves and cutting often fail because only an internal medicine can actually correct thene condition*, Dr. J, S. Leonhardt discovered a real internal Pile medicine. After a fine record of succ«*s with U in hit* own practice, he named it HJSM-HOID. Klmball if. Stone and all druggist* invite ev0ryPile a utter to try HEM- t • ' s! , »' .F * I' ' V i: r '.'. .' * i- .-- • • *. r -^ ^ ' L i F * li. "i v'-,' '•-•J-.Si ' •. «i \ . . .^ . - V.-* '- I'r-'ft 11 "''^ v ^,,0 - ''Li.Jr - ' H-V ' - rW' J <r - l| r J 7 .' - i-. ' : ,?f-'* ivjr-^. ->/-0* i h I-L .f i ' - *'f - -<&• n n • W - ' l *A T- c During tho past half century, the greatest style suc- s originated in Hie Designing Room n1 KuHhion This leadership so jealously maintained your purchase of Fashion Park ('Jollies H but the finest hand tailoring and choicest fabrics . . . together with a luxury that distinguishes this pro* Park mak duct from all ulhers Hie new fall arrivals arc sure one. H warrants not only style currccliics most inlert'sling and will command your wholehearted admiration. LOT MEN'S SHOP MAIN FLOOR . h H . " * 4 ;-• f.+ ^ '-• • - f -. •Mv : ;.v -' * • •-. • :. .f *>' i- J !• •*" -n — ^ -"T U '' - I '. V.'. • -'- -1:. " v 1 . i. - i -•-•+- r - iV., - . ,M;I•VL* ,/•/ *• **;•.•:&: • *' ^ • ^. •-

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