The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 30, 1947
Page 7
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MONDAY, JUNE 30, I'M7 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PACE SI, 1 VBJI Eisenhower Plot Only A Nazi Hoax Elaborate Precautions Made During Battle To Protect The General NEW YORK. June 30. (UP)—Elaborate American precautions to SBVD. Gen. Dwli;Iil D. Eisenhower froj*,. iuumssinalion by SS Col. Otto Sk'ori'.cjNfetlurlng the Baltic of Hie Hulge WCTC taken needlessly as result ot a Gennau hoax, a documented battle account staled today. Robert E. Merrlam, Chief or the Ardennes Section of the Army Historical Division, said in his book "Dark December' 1 published today by Zitf-Dfivis that, the "plot" to kill Eisenhower In his supreme headquarters never was anything but German soldiers' gossip. The story, iiossibly encouraged bj £kor?.eny after he finally heart about it, darted like lightning through the jittery American troops during the Ardennes struggle. It. caused great but needless consternation unujng Allied uoiintcr-intel licence officers, Merriam said. "It WAS all a hoax, yet hundred and thousands of Allied soldier, were put on guard, road blocks were hastily manned throughou the entire Allied rear area, Eisea )KWcr was given a double, while he himsctt, virtually became a prl oner in his headquarters," the au thor wrote. Skorzciiy's Trip a Kunior "And all the time the blond glan whom rumor had as slealin through the allied lines on his way Wheat Thrown On Ground J. S. to Produce 70 Per Cent of Cotton Sent Jups First indications that the record-breaking wheat crop would soon up its source of tranr.portation could \K seen in repeated Inslai where the harvested golden KnUn was being ixiured on llic j-.'oum for want of storage sp-.vcc. Mr. II. T. Colcman, harvest hand fur p. R King. Floyckulti, Texas, groccryma n and wheat i:rnvvi'r, busily shovels wlieat on the driveway of fnc King residence in Floydada. Til.: imn'cs has now reached its high point in (lie mitral plains arras, and transportation is falling behind. Elevators are jammed and unless more boxc-'irs are made available more and more wheat will have to be dumped on the ground. (NEA Tclephoto.) Arkansas Foresters Wilt Receive Radio Station CAMDEN, AV>L.. .JuilC 30. (UP) - Cou&tL-ucllnu Is to iH'nm soon on « $M,UOO riHllii still ion for Hie new Arkansns forestry division hcirl- qiiiuters near here. WASHINGTON, June'JO. (UP) — | The nmioiincement wns made at committee of. col Ion .stale Sena- the conclusion of a (\vo-day meol- ors lias reached an aKiwinent with hn; of Ihe ilivlslon lnvc yestcn'ay. he War and Agriculture Depart- Other mutters conskuvi'il ilurliu nenls under which 70 per colt of .the nirctlni; were plurs fuv an e\- otton shipped lo Japan will be tended forestry prog rum ulum; ihr. >f U. S. orii;m, If American all-[lines of personnel, ra ,io, life con- horUles can sell Japanese cotton jlrtil and public relullons. exliles for dollars, | — '— The SonnUirs said In a si moment Louisiana Utility hat they had resolved a "contvo- ' " 'crsy" with the Army arising from i War Department denial of nny igrmnrul Hull 70 per cent of colon shipped to Japan .should be the product of U. 8. fields. They said that under the new ai!reemcnt U. S. cotton would be .shipped provided sufficient dollar revenue to pay lor It was obtained from sales of Jainmese textiles. £(Minlnrs announchiK the agreement were: James O. Kastlaiid. I)., Miss., liurnet H. Maybank, D.. S. C.. William p. Knowland. Ji.. Cal.. John SparkiiKin, n., Ala., and James P. Kern, R, Mo. Asks to Issue Stock UTTLE ROCIC, Avk., June Lumber f xecutire Dies ] I MKMI'Iiltt, Tcnn., Juno 30, (UP) --McJ-;.\cn UaiiKum, Oil, pvon\Uu i nV Memphis lumber company executive and KtH'lul leader, dliict' sucUten- ly Halmday. Ransom was a pioneer In the development of the hardwood floorinc Industry In the lioiilli and n vice president and member of the Hoard o[ l Hive-tors ot !'!• lj. lUucc Cu. cut")-- Tlio Arkansns Public fjer- vice Commission Is considering n:\ aiipllcallon iif Ihe Kouthern tl-i^ niiil'Klcelrlc Co. of Sln'eveparl, l,:i., to sell G5.50U .shares of common (.lock for $1,000.000, on the Job Licenses to Be Approved LITTLE ROCK. Ark.. June ilO. (UP)--Slate Revenue Commissioner Olho A. cook .says I hat nil except a few of the liquor license renewals applied for will be approved by July i. Those Unit will be turned down failed lc> include sufficient informiillon, he said. Accident at Hoi Springs Injures Ninc-Year-Old 0 „ _ „., ....j . HOT SPKTNCJS, Ark. r June '10. to Paris was canifort'nbly establish- (UP)-John W. Love, a^ed \\\\\\\ etl behind tlic German lines, ell- was released from a ixo&piUU lie re reeling the attack of his brigade on the town of Malmccly, in the heart o[«ic Bulge." SKorzcny has been indicted by an American Military Govcrnir.cnt co'.^ at Dachau for the massacre of American prisoners of war nt Malmcdy by tits "Okay Butch" brigade of Etigliali-spcstkiiif; German soldiers wearing American uniforms. Jfc will be tried July 25. Mcrriam's account of the surprise German attack through the Ardennes seeking to seize Antwerp and disrupt tlic allies hi the West is n condensation of the live-volume War Department- report/ he helped to compile. It is based on American and German army records, talks with American soldiers, personal participation and postwar inler- vie'.vs with German leaders. IJ. S. Intelligence ISIaincil He blamed American intelligence officers lor failure to realize that Hitler wa.s about to. make his last great attack, despite bits of evidence they received. The Americans were surprised, largely because 31 overconfulcnce, but they reacted magnificently once the surprise was over, Merriam wrote. i "History will prove that the tcim led by Eisenhower- put on one o/ thp greatest performances .of the entire warVntu it. faced the German art||Ck.' J Merr^pi ei'idurses Elsenhower's controversial dfch'ton to switch Gen. Courtney Hodges' American 1st Army from Ihe Army group led by Gen- Omar EiT.^ley to the Jst Army group under Gen. sir Bc-nard Montyo.iH-iy. He listed dct-il- cd tactical H-L^MIS for the move, i "L ng par. ,ia:-'; L BniQ.ev s communication H*!*:c:ilL"i'i. He also sought to crnsc tlic "Pat- Ion my In" that the late Gen. George C. Pntton won the Battle of the Bulge. He praised Patton's 3rd Army for its work, particularly in the relief of Bastognc. but said the greatest, burden in the Ardennes was borne by the less spectacular- Hodges. spita ifter suffering minor injuries ill an automobile-train collty.on. The car in which the child war, •iriing with his mother and a mar. stalled at a Rock Island crossing and was carried a quarter liiilc down the track. Mrs. J^ovc .me Charles RUFsclt, 30, of Shorewoo-.i Hills, jumped to safety. •Water dripping from a lancet in a stream the .six. 1 of a pin wastes approximately 150 gallons di'.ily. Reau Courier News Want Ads. |Cob Company! Courteous Service i What is the Correct price ( to pay for a New Automobile delivered in nBiytheville? A census report shews that clur- nt' 1945 tlicrc were l.^OO^iOO trucks n tlie nation's ,1,299,350 farm-;. You Wouldn't Stay in a Pig Pen Yet, sometimes we let the interiors of our cars get so filled up with dirt—and junk—that we have to apologize when we ask someone to ride with us. How About New Seat Covers? To enjoy your trip . . . drive a nice clean car. Let us clean the upholstery . . . put on new seat covers . . . new rubher floor mats . . . and vacuum the inside of your car—and give it a thorough houscclcnninft. 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