The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 13, 1938 · Page 3
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 3

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 13, 1938
Page 3
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THURSDAY, JANUARY 13,1938. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. THRU COLD WAVE MARKS 50TH ANNIVERSARY Middlewest Is Gripped by Snow and Freezing Weather Chicago, Jan. 12 (IP) — Cold weather and snow overspread portions of the middlewest today, the BOth anniversary of the west's "great blizzard" of 1888. A strong northwest wind whip- pud dust-laden snow across the Nebraska and Iowa prairies. More than four inches of snow fell in northern Minnesota. Snow was general in the Dakotas and Wisconsin. Ice jams stalled three fishing tugs at the Sheboygan, Wis., harbor. The snowstorm was a weak imitation, however, of the 'SS midwest blizzard which took the lives of more than 100 persons and caused extensive property damage. Known as the "children storm" because it trapped so many youngsters after they had left rural schools, the blizzard struck without warning and was marked by a 56-mile gale and a temperature of minus 34 degrees. Former students at the Combs school assembled at Geneva, Neb., today to recall incidents of the eventful day of a half century ago. One of them County Judge Henry Vauck, said the 55 students spent several hours of this cold night studying in "Chinese fashion," each reading at the top of his voice to prevent panic. ORDINANCE RESURRECTED Captain of Police Carl H. McCleary resurrected the city's snow clearing ordinance yesterday and ordered city p.Uiolmen to enforce the ordinance which provides for the cleaning of sidewalks tin/ mediately after the snow ceases to fall. A survey yesterday showed that a number of home occupants coni' pletely ignored the inch fall, permitting the snow to melt. The ordinance provides for the imposing of fines. More natives of Czechoslovakia reside in Chicago than in any other American city. GOITRE NOT A DISEASE Milwaukee, Wls.-It has been brought to light by scientific research that goitre is not a disease and is not to be treated as such. Dr. A. A. Rock a prominent goitre specialist for over JO years perfected a different method of treatment which has proven highly successful. He opposed needless operations. Dr, A. A. Rock Products have published & copyrighted book at their own expense which tells about goitre and this treatment and will send this book free to anyone interested. Write today to Dr. A. A. Rock Products, Dept. 906 Box 737, Milwaukee, Wis. For Our : JANUARY Festival of Values In keeping with our policy of giving the greatest values for the least cost, we have reduced our regular low prices on PRINTS - BLANKETS MUSLINS - BEDSPREADS in order to give you Greater Savings. Here are a few examples: Genuine 80-Square PRINTS Yard Wide 14C Yd Other Qualities lOc to 17c yd. Big Thirsty BATH TOWELS Solid Colors 20 x 40 25c Bleached and Unbleached MUSLIN Yard Wide 7c«. 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THE ENGINE WOULD BURY THE REST, OF THE TRAIN IN SNOW EVERY TIJ/iE . ITS POP-VALVE LET OFF- STEAM I WELL,CAPr~THAT STOPS fAE l-~ IT'S YOUR, DICE l- HAIL..UNCLE. BERT I SALUTE YOU WITH PROFOUND ADMIRATION FOR UPHOLDING THE PUFFLE' TRADITION .' HOW'S YOUR HEALTH BdlfctJ b.v ]>r. MIJJO GiiMftlon For the -\e«- York Aemlc of Medicine. Learning 1 To Eat A chick will begin to scratch gravel soon after it is hatched. Most other animals have little difficulty in learning to eat. Some nurse for a. while, are weaned and promptly learn to eat • staples of (heir diet. The only feeding problem among animals is getting sufficient. But with the human animal it's much more complicated. In learning to eat, the child usually passes through a number of stages and acquires one behavior pattern after another. The human diet contains many different items of vary- For Raw Throat Do This- Don't waste precious time on ineffective remedies. 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TELEPHONE 2000—2001 WINDOW SHADES WALL PAPER R. M. HAYS & BROS. 28-30 W. Weshln&ton St. ing tastes and textures, each calling for special handling. Unlike the lower animals, man does not eat solely to live. For man, eating is a ceremonious as well as vital, practice. Mail}' emotions become connected with foods and eating. No wonder many a youngster has a hard time learning to eat, with a task like this ahead of him. His difficulties are gi-eater when his parents become too exacting or impatient. The child is first breast fed or bottle fed. If breast fed. he receives much pleasurable attention. Then comes a lime when he is weaned. Now he is bottle fed. The food is still warm and liquid, but ing associations of position, warmth of embrace and the benevolent nearness of his mother's face. Many youngsters resent being weaned. Knowing this, podiatrists insist on having every broast fed child served from a bottle at one or more he has been deprived of those pleas- feeding periods to accustom him to the bottle. The same condilSoiling plan is advisable for each new Hem and practice in teaching the child to eat. For liquids must yield some time to semi-solid and solid foods. The nipple and boUle are to be discarded for cups, spoons, saucers and forks. Sucking, an instinctive motor pattern, is supplemented with the to-be-learned act" of drinking, chewing and swallowing. Then the child must learn to feed himself, and with skill and Learning to eat is a lifetime job, but the first essentials are the hardest to acquire. So adults who feed youngsters should be patient with their charges. OFFICIAL VISIT TO LOCAL COUNCIL .1. Edward Collins o£ Baltimore, Most Illustrious Grand Master of Royal and Select Masters of the Grand Council of Maryland will pay an official visit to Palestine Council No. 16. R. & S. M. at Masonic Temple. Hagei l stown, this evening at 7:80 o'clock. Grand Master Collins will install the officers of Palestine Council. Companions from Enoch Council No. 10 of Frederick and Carroll Council NO. 7 of Westminster will also be present. Dr. A. C. Maisch will be Installed Thrice Illustrious Master. After the meeting lunch will be served. - BREAK PICKET LINE New Haven, Mich., Jan. 12 (fP)-— Fifty Macomb sheriff's deputies broke a United Automobile Workers picket line with tear gas and night sticks at the New Haven Foundry today but the management, yielding to a request, of Sheriff Robert C. Havel, did not reopen the plant. One hundred and twenty-five men who had reported for work retired to a hotel which adjoins the company _ offices. ORDERS INDICATE BUSINESS UPTREND Mounting Pile of New Year Orders Pleases Business Men New York, Jan. 12 (P) — Business managers looked over a mounting pile of New Year orders for raw materials and goods today on the chaVe they may necessitate a step-up in mill and mine opera- lion and the recHll of mail)- workers laid off In the final months of 1987. Suppressed for months while Inventories were being reduced, the urge to buy again lias been felt the last few days in copper, lead, coarse cotton cloths, hides, rubber and other basic markets sensitive to changes In underlying business conditions and sentiment. Buying orders in some lines since the turn o£ the year have been the heaviest in months and have been timely aids to producers who saw reserve orders depleted in the virtual cessation of forward buying in the last six months of 1937. Further broadening of the revival in raw materials, business observers said, probably would signal expansion in production since factories and mines were forced 10 curtail sharply for lack of new orders after inventory accumulaUon ceased last spring and summer. Most observers were cautious in accepting the New Year stirrings as the start of a lasting resumption of demand and the precursor of a general advance in mill activity and payro.lls. It was pointed out, however, that these in the past usually have been the first to feel a change in the economic currents. Sense Business Trends .Attracting particular attention has been a burst of cotton cloth trading in VVorUi street, the textile selling center, traditionally as keen as Wall Street in sensing a shift in .business trends. Among the first to seek a storm cellar last year when speculative buying for inventories slopped and commodity prices hit the skids, the "gray goods" market was estimated to have sold about 30,000,000 yards of cloth the past two days. Rulers of Egypt before 1914 wer ( known as khedives. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- Without Calomel-Anil You'll Jump Out of Bed in the Morning Rarln' to Go liquid bile into your bowels daily.lf this bfle isnotflowinKfrecly.yourfooddoesn'tdigest. It jitat decays in tlie bowels. Gas bloats up ynur utomnch. Yon Rot constipated. Your whole fiyatem ia poisoned nnd you feel eotir, sunk nnrf the world looks punk. A mere bowel movement doesn't get at the cniise. It takes those good, old Carter's Little Liver Pilln to get these two pounds of bile (lowing freely nnd make you feel "up nnd Tip." Harmless, gentle, yet amazing in making bile flow freely. Ask for Carter's .Little Liver Pills by name. 25c. J Stubbornly refuse anything else. Thought "ANE" Was Like All Other Medicines Big Surprise Wa» In Store For Local Lady, However, When She Started On New Herbal Compound "ANE." "I was more or less discouraged with all medicine when a friend first told me about "ANE" for I had tried so many of them without getting the results that I desired ml I really didn't believe that anything would help me like "ANK" has done," exclaimed Mrs. Ullic Morris, a highly respected lady who resides at 4«1 W. Franklin street, in Hagerstown. In a recent conversation with the "ANE" man who Is meeting local people daily at Canffman's Cut Rate Store, 30 E. Washington street in Hagerstown, she says. '•'For the past several years I have been a constant sufferer from constipation which was so bad it continually forced me to take sonit strong laxative or other. Nervousness, too, troubled me to a great xtent. 1 didn't know what to do. Sometimes it was almost Impossible for me to do my work properly on account, of this nervous con dltion resulting from constipation, "I was also a constant sufferer 'rom indigestion. I couldn't eat lOme of my favorite foods, for if. I did, I would be sure to suffer terrible pains and have gas on my stomach afterwards. 1'errible headaches also came upon me occasionally, and all 1 could do was to take some strong powder for this condition and then go to bed, even that relief was only temporary. "1 have been taking "ANE" for a month, and in that short time it has brought me complete reliet from constipation. During the past week, I have eaten almost anything 1 wanted, and I did not havo indigestion nor any after-results. Nervousness no longer troubles me, in fact, I am much better in every respect, and I give all the credit to this new "ANE." Is it any wonder that 1 am glad to endorse it so MRS. LILLIE MORRIS someone else may be helped -a» 1 was!" Come on, you skeptical people. "ANE" is different. Let us prove it to you. .The next time you are sick or ailing, feel tired and rundown, and all fagged out. Don't hesitate or procrastinate. See the "ANE" man immediately. He Is at Cauffman's Cut Rate Store, 30 E. Washington street, in Hageru- town. See him today. Yon are not obligated to buy a thing unless you are convinced that "ANE" may also help you. HEALTH BOOKLETS FREE. Blair's Drug Store, Waynesboro. Penna. Williamson's Drug 1 Store, Frederick, ltd. Smithsburg Cut Rate Store, Smithsburg, Md. • • Craft's Cut Rate Store, Greencastle, Penna. Cauffman's Cut Rate Store, Brunswick, Md. Cau'ffman's Cut Rate Store, Chambersburg, Penna. Lambert's Pharmacy, Berkeley Springs, W. Va. .1. A. Heller, Hancock, Md.. Zimmerman's Cut Rate Store, Boonsboro, Md. People's Pharmacy, Williamsport, Md. 25% Reduction on all Power Grip Tires (THIS WEEK ONLY) Drive in and let us put a set of these first quality Super-Traction Tires on your car. MONTGOMERY WARD after 31 Years As a Tobacco Auctioneer LUCKY Veteran Jim Edwards tells why tobacco experts prefer Luckies 2 tol... "I recently sold 489,000 pounds of tobacco in one 6'/2 hour day," says Mr. J. N. Edwards of Farmville, North Carolina. "There was a buyer, naturally, for every one of those 489,000 pounds. ..But there was as much difference between the bestgrades and the inferior, as between a pretty girl and a homely one. "At auction after auction, I've seen Lucky Strike go after the prettiest lots of tobacco. It's no wonder Luckies taste so good. I've smoked them since 1917. "And another thing . .. even after yelling out tobacco bids all during a seven hour day, Luckies are still just as easy a ever on my throat." Only Lucky Strike offers you the finest tobacco plus the throat- protection of the exclusive process "It's Toasted". This process takes out certain irritants found in all tobacco—even the finest. Men who know tobacco from A to Z—experts like Mr. Edwards —are surely good judges of cigarettes ... Sworn records show that, among independent tobacco experts, Luckies have twice as auny exclusive smokers as have all th« other cigarettes combined. MEN WHO KNOW TOBACCO BEST-IT'S LUCKIES 2 T01

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