The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 1, 1936 · Page 13
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 13

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1936
Page 13
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I - T »/ > - • ' ' - ,— ' '• •» ' ' J I J 'I \ • !•- - - .-. --L • ,•* *- -f • I **< ' 1 - J L jfe£fV.>:.*; ^-*t -" •*" > rf. ' •-- -1H F^lr TL -H J * rr L - •. "^ ^l ' '1-iT"T" *' '•?*'• <* : ^- • -- ,. . r -,, -':''. -. , ' - '- • • , - • &ww "=*•*&>&*';.-•'•• -..vv-1 &m±m f rm i^ l - - ,- • ' T, * -/ .. • - -• , - . . v,^ .i ;- i*. ";'^ *t-. ; -j-x..-. *.; - :?> v, --i-j, - N ••" * :• - , v- - Y*I ,. ••*•• V : V" ! ' •*- j«5v; --^ : . ;/-^U.^,7 ^V.^-,/-:Oil^ ~?^ '" hT; ^'V* -; '^:,;£;U -, -. ;^, f-W; '^ ..; •' ;*• • ,. --* • - - . *'\y-', =*i ' • , v ' i; Ts'ii •••r^, s 4 i /v < j V- *i'-'•. ; ii^- '% $ ',''*-'' '"/"- ,i " VL '' - -- * • i' X -'--.' i *• o • t " - - j -"; '.'•'- "' J ' bi "> • •' '^ : J**? • ' •'<- ft ^*'i"!'"^-^ .y°V'' r< t^ii*^ 1 -* ^ *Vi" ! '* ''" - '^ •• c " -V*-\-[ '- : ''pX '.**'*\ r ,-f "V .. - h -, f •^*:*^5%SllCT r. ~^ . 1 '. v * I i.V «. I .'" I •i-> >• - f j -! " Kl^' _.nH > 7'. • J 1 — L '-* F J>I f J £.,- ". - c tj t ( -r> •> * i' ..*. -. * .•• ^ ' •, • - t ••*£ '- - - .,. , , -T'.iV* F ;<•• 'V i' - , =p •? ' ••-;/ /,- ,f -•;., * /'•> ; ' --\- :-; .- ../- 1V '• *- Jr S • ; -i ,1 r ; I. -> -• - ".' • • v^- Classified The Bftkemiel close promptly rninff - : -^ j • .v .••:••", .:,-,. — - .. •-: - j',;.. J i. ;; - ;- 'v * „ - .. ;;,v.' -^.,:t " i., ,..--•'•.". h . J , , «, * ^ " -:,"!-, -v >>.'/;'•-' >«;:•).;,':, •...• ^. , .-' • .- -> ' ._ L 'r ^ n •" tj _^ BK _l ft ? ^ L I ** -^~ ^ ^ * ' ^ ' ' -.,. --, -•< ;i '. ; • i *< ^ = -•'•; :K ,-*: "-,:• ' . *V-;- > t V '. f -'-. „'• I- * ft -• • il( ,- t '.i --,f.j •'- -. .- , .- ^i.",, 1 : ** *; , . ^-" ii f. :-.-:. .•*'-- =.' - .. . - .- , ^ - ^.'Jk-: ^ •• '•="., r - " *v i - -*:•' ^- •.--'•• 7 - BAKERSriELD, CAUFORXIA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 1936 *. 't ^ -i * j PAGES '£-- L • ' • vj --- *.'~ .- "l u -^ I - I ^ ^Vr- •'• > V. ' . -I ' LI. r F- -- • ,$ 1 "' ^ .', Uj.' *l'^. •^." I.- 1 - I 1 ecor r l L endance • . • J ~ --..--'.':- . T ' Owgirl Banquet Friday Rodeo Funmakers '-r -• •. — ARENA QUEEN SEEKING TITLE 1 • * v , . - / ' - ^Pr , , , .. . r , • T '.•'*'•.' ± •- ... • -' •t Man Paid 0ard Bill With Fictitious Check > -' • - ' - ' ' .-->jr i -- f -. , f DENIES GUILT ' Defendant Claims Check li" • '- ' Was Accepted by Him ; From Another Man jpONTKNTION that E. R. Jones > V paid hia board bill at a local coffee house with rubber checks IB being presented formally before a Jury today by Norman Main and pran Palmer, deputy district attor- neyB. Superior Judge R. B. Lambert Impaneled a jury which is now hearing the testimony. . .Attorney William Howell,. do- fending Jones, in a brief statement tp the Jury said he would attempt to' prove that the defendant had re- ccJved the checka tendered to the restaurant proprietor In payment Croni a real and not a fictitious man and had given the checka in good faith. •*., • • • • • • • • Gus Manltus Is the man defrauded by the spurious checks, according to the Information filed uguitiRt the defendant by the state. > • . . - •-• •* . - ' • . The jurors to decide whether or not the checka "bounced" are na follows: Ralph Foster, Mrs. Catherine Yocum, Cornelius C, Weiby. Mrs. Muriel Johnson,, ^Fearl M. Jordon, Minnie Crosson, Mrs. Arta May Dennenr Hrs. Jean"3if. I*atta, Ora IQ. Crawford, -Josh Clark, W. AV. Ramagc knd Mr?. Josle Blnhop. Charges for Milk and CreariijGo Up -C» , 4v^ *^> - v '. i ' , x .7 ( ' T *^#», **i^ ' **" ^^ ... ^ .' - , . . ;-_-._. . Bakersflold housewives yril\ pay 13 cents a. quart for milk :due to a raise In dairy ^product prices gen " _ ._ -,**^"'_ . '.»^..--- t-. ' • .• Almost 200 Reservation's on File; 14 Girls Will Title; Judges Chosen by Committee W**MHB**^BM***»*«-* almost 200 reservations al* ready made .for the annual cowgirl banquet at Hotel Kl Tejon tomorrow evening and 14 young horsewomen from throughout tho valley and southern California entered In tho "champion cowgirl" contest, all Indications today pointed toward an event surpassing In color and gayety all previous slml- j lar functions. Entrants In the cowgirl contest will appear at tb<* din- GRAHES New Mexico Will Press Prosecution of Pair Suspected in Kern *^^^*-"*^*™^ft*WM"^P* "1 7_ ROBBERY, KIDNAPING * Detailed Story of Bold Gallup Holdup Sent Local Sheriff ner in full w regalia, as will JL. Miss Vera Sharrah of Fresno, an outstanding rider and rodeo queen, who IB one of 14 San Joaquln valley and southern California girls competing for the title "Champion Cowgirl 1 ' of Bakersfield Frontier Days. The contestants will be honored at a big Cowgirl Banquet Friday evening'In Hotel El Tejon. _ t •__. _ _ JL Silver-Mounted G. P. Group Scheduled to Arrive Friday y earaples of saddle horse perfection, bedecked with artistic silver mountings, an old-time H stage coach> drawn by four horses, eral throufnout the state,, starting with Kern county pioneers as pan- tdday. Dairymen ;6tBakersfield and aengers and an old-time buggy, will faft have raised the^fcrlce of milk (be the contribution of General Petroleum Corporation to the great Frontier Days parade on Saturday. Such is the information received from W. B. (Red) Pyles, manager of General's transportation department. In charge of the caravan, duo to leave Los Angeles Friday. Mr, Pyles, whoso activities for General Petroleum wore formerly centered In Kern county and who Is well known here, is working hard, to assist In "making the Bakcrafleld celebration the outstanding success It is destined to be." Others of General Petroleum tak- because of an increaW in butterfat price of from 26 to 30 per cent over last year's cost. , Tlie butterfat has become Increasingly high because of the raise of hay and grain prices. .Fresno raised Its price in August and Los Angeles retailers havo been forced to increase their price quotation twice within the last 90 days. Pints .will now cost 8 cents and butternrillk' In quarts will soil for 10 cents. •.".-. - .. - f • V-. J All of these prices have increased afrom 1 to 2 cents and are set at a flat rate, with no reductions for cash or tokens. George Mahoncy. superintendent of the Kern River Boy Scout Reservation , reported an carthq uako shook the lodgoroom yesterday afternoon, and that Mrs. Mahoney telephoned from Greenhorn mountain that tho shock was f«?lt there. Bakersfield was shaken at 5:45 o'clock last Saturday night by a brief temblor. The Heverend \VIlllam 15. Patrick, president of the Bakersfleld Ministerial Union, will Bpeak at 3:45 p. m. most of the others present, and tho Spanish ballroom is being decorated to provide an appropriate Frontier Days setting. ' Deadline Near Entries In tho cowgirl contest today, with tho deadline on applications sot for noon tomorrow, woro Patsy Stlner, sponsored by Wadman's Men's 'Shop; Alta I*ongway, by J. ttruce Payne; Vera Sharrah, Fresno, by Dinuba Uodeo Association; Betsy Burlando, by Eagles Lodge; Nlta Williams, by Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce; Bern too Ely, by Harrison's Men's Shop; Allco nankin, by Qoode A Smith; Evelyn Robinson, by the community of Independence; Dorothy Nash, I^ucllla Walford, Myrne Hilicz, Evelyn Scoble, I^eotta Ford, Tehachapl and Betty Jean Martin, Hollywood. Three Kern county Superior Court judges will judge tho cowgirl contestants for personality and appearance, according to Calvin Conron, chairman of the banquet committee. Tho Judges aro Allen Campbell, pioneer Kern resident, Erwln Owen, partv a former Texas Hanger and still an county honorary member of tho Hangers, and Robert Lambert, who was once a KanBOfl cowboy. Winner of the cowgirl contest will be judged 25 per cent on personality nnd appearance and 75 per cent on hofcsmanshlp and equipment. th« latter phase of tho contest to bo conducted at the fair grounds. Vt The historic background of Bak- crsfleld's Frontier Days celebration will be iraccd by L. E. Chenoweth, city superintendent ot schools, appearing at the banquet as speaker of the evening. Arrangements for the evening's program are being completed under the direction of u committee headed by Mr. Conron and including A. O. Armbruster, Robert J. HodHon, Gus Vercammen, Fred CarlUde and •Frank Heller. Tickets for the banquet are stilt available at Padre and El Tojon liot'olH, at Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce and Frontier Days headquarters In room ^12 of Padre hotel. TRACING charges at Gallup, N. M.. of kidnaping, robbery with fire arms and car theft, Tom Anderson pog log bandit, nnd his assistant, G. W. Roberts, will not be returned to Horn county to face charges of highway robbery arising from thoir alleged participation in a holdup near Monolith on Tehnchapl road a month ago. At lonflt, they will not be released unless Now Mexico authorities fail to get a conviction in court ne.xt npring. and this, accord* ing to Sheriff D. W. Roberts of Me- Klnley county, New Mexico, appoarn unlikely. Capture Reported First detailed report of tho enp- lure of! the peg log bandit and hln pal In Now Mexico wan given In a letter received at offices of the city and county bureau Of Identification today. Sheriff Robert*, In hin letter to Kern authorities, said he. was convinced that tho two iirreHted nt Gallup were tho same who held up a of four motorists In Kern mistreating tho holdup victims and wrecking thrlr automobile after robbing them of $B. because, ho wrote, "It Hounds just llko them." Auto Stolen VALU LUNGS -{ ALMOST AGO r^ONSTKUCTION of moro houses in Bakersfiehl by December this year ^ than In an> f year sinco 1027 Is Indicated in the monthly retx ESS KELL and hlft ^Austin- type** mule. Kftll is famous throughout the west as one of the greatest rodeo clowns In the profession and his tiny mule, "Shatter/' who stands only 36 Inches high, Is equally renowned as one of the best-trained trick mules ever shown. Kell also has j another mule, one which grew a bit faster and larger than Shafter, and together they play some humorous oapers with their ever- loving master. All three will be featured at the Frontier Days rodeos Saturday and Sunday, In the Saturday morning Frontier parade and in the Saturday evening costume and Whlskerlno parade and show. i REFINERY BttSI NJURES WORKER Blnxc in Tojon Plant of Mountain View Area ELKS 10 SPONSOR OLD GLORY IEK pi—i Comnuinily Dinner Moot lo Be Helil October 12 \Vilh Groups Attending • In community ohsor- vanco of "Old CJlory \Vook," deslg- natotl by the Innt KoglHluiuro for tli« norond wooU In OotolHT carh your. will br undertaken by the Bakorfl- port Issued today by City Building Inspector Roy H. Hubbard. With Uiree months still to RO, there have boon 149 residence permits Issued this year with a total value of $663,390, bidding fair to exceed th« 1928 record of 162 new houHCB and already topping their $562,150 valuation. Although 108 houses wore built In 1P27. better construction Is In evidence now f Binco they were valued at only-o$646,451. compared with tho $663.390 value of 162 houses this year. Tho peak in nakersfleld home construction was reached In IflUti. when there were 314 now residences valued at $1,052,077. In 1920 there wens 187 hounds built nt a value of $ft32.n20. nnd In 1P30 there ! wore 126 nt a value of $501.477. New ttoronl Certain p rc( | O'Nenl Is Victim of Biff Having uh-endy exceeded 19HO. at ' Iiu ^ * >ltl1 IS ^ u * um O1 O1 K the current construction rate, I0:(t; will cattily fMin>nsA both 191*9 and 1 1928 In numborn of new house* at* { well n« in the already higher value, Mr. Huhbard'n report Indicate. The total valuo of nil building per- mltH to tho ont! of September la $1.360,660, moro than twice tho tnnrk | of $iW(U58 at the name date In 1935 i und ffrenter with threo months to RO i than last year's IH44.017 total for 1'J I months. Maintaining this year' monthly record. Sept em HRHln exceeded $100,000, the total being $107,81«, with dwellings n» ununl far in the lead In point of number and value. Permit B were. IMuod for IB Blnglo (IwelllngH comiiiK $60.120 and for two duplex houaes eostlnR $15.000. Other 1'rojcrtft Altomiionw aud udditlonw num- boring 32 contributed $1,370 to the month 1 *) record, atid there were '.M gnrnKes b\HH at a cost of $(1870. One store building ooMIng $8000 und mlsri'lUuneouN structuroH totuHui? 0-Xenl. Bakeraffold oil worker, wan burned In a RH soil no ex- ploHlon in tho Ki Tejon Refinery in Mountain X'low (if»ld this morning, while four ftro* were reported within city limits during the .i«t 24 hours. O'Xeal, ruahftd to pltnl for treatment, was not sertouHly burned, It was reported. The flro was extinguished whllo state forestry equipment was on the way to the refinery. Most serious of the flre« In Bp*k- ersflold was that In an apartment. huiiHo .-it 2321 Truxtun avenue thi» morning, the flatnen destroying the ronf und doing damage to iho inie- rlur of the building. Cause Analyzed The flro IH believed to hav« been rnusort by a gas stove, set too oloso tn New Mexico, he reported, the i flold UH1 K°- 1n bandits held up and robbed Bob Austin, 80. gagging him and leaving him bound hand and foot at a distance of 200 yards from tho road. They stole Austin's car, driving 1 It three miles down tho road and had tho key to tho automobile with them by when captured, according to Roberts. Tho sheriff said ho took two guns from the robber pair. Court will not bo held at Gallup until next spring, but Sheriff Roberta said he felt certain of obtaining a conviction nt that time, Check KlnRPTprints Tho accused men, Anderson and G. "W. Roberta, asserledly woro linked to th« Kern holdup by finger* print work of W. A. Hnaro, superintendent, and M|HH Alice, Manda- with Chai'taa K. ruler, from a letter received WnkeflHd. Jr.. < I.. A. Ijpwls, president of the fornla Klks Association, tho lodgo will endeavor to obtain co-operation of other organisations, to have tho flag flown over schools, public build- .1 r I " ' _ 'Farmers Urged to Attend Meet Here M. A. Lindsay, farm adviser, urged all farmers In the county to attend tho soil conservation meeting tonight at. 7:30. o'clock In Der partment No'. 3, of the Superior Court at tho courthouse. Tho purpose of the meeting la to mako recommendations with reference to tho 3037 soil conservation program of tho government. Every farmer in tho county, Interested In the government's program or in making suggestions for Its modification, is invited to participate in the meeting. • L Commerce Heads Convene Tuesday ing an active part In the assembling tomorrow afternoon over KTCKN ra- of this equentrian display, which will dlo station under the auspices of tho Edwin Goodwin of Bakersfield Taken I Auto Dealers to and homes, nnd to sponsor pa- trlotlc meetings during the week. Tho club has voted to arrange a community dinner Monday, October 12, to bo held nt G:flO o'clock In the IClks jinks room with representative** of all organizations Invited, HpenU- ers on patriotic topics will he obtained. In tho "Old (ilory" resolution passed by th« Legislature, the governor IH directed to call upon nil government officials nnd tho principals of all orhools to display tho flng of tho United States on nil ROV- vlilft, of tho city and county bureau , rnimont buildings during tho week of Identification. * | IUM , a | m n ar action by civic nnd pa i triotlc groups IH W. C. T. U. on tho propofled const! tutlonal umendemnt No. 9. To consider tax equalization prob- I ems. a region meeting of tho Farm Bureau Is being held at nanford today for District No. 3, Including this county, M, A. Lindsay, farm wH-iwor announced. Kern county Is represented at tho meeting. i- Directors and comniltteeman of tho Kern County Chamber of Commerce will hold their October meet- ng next Tuesday evening, October the Marlcopa Masonic temple, dinner served by the Marlcopa O. B. S. at 6 o'clock. Ing *S|, In - ^vllh nion metery Is a NON-PROFIT CORPO. RATION, which means that r- all income goes Into the • i Cemetery treasury* It la conducted for the ben* •fit of the public and not tor individual arofit* l l _ ^^^^ r ' make a strong 'bid for a much- coveted trophy, are K. A, Sperry, vlco-president and general manager of the company, -who has four of his own handsome horses entered for the parade, and J. P. (Jack) Samuelson, land controller in charge of tho thousands of nxsres held by Genoral Petroleum in Kern county. Farm Bureau Song Group_Will Meet Thts Farm Bureau Choral Society will meet this evening in the Junior College building and on every Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock, IT. W. Longfellow of the farm adviser's staff said today. Tho chorus- at this time needs more nmlo voices, Mr. Longfellow reported. Lester Martin Is the director and Janet Struthers, of Delano,'Is the accompanist. TWA Guts Charge on Journeys East A substantial reduction In the passenger fares on transcontinental flights was announced today by officials of tho Transcontinental-West-,. . ^ . ..., . , , . ern^Alr T'lne from cuts and possible leg fracture*. Example* of tho new reductions The trio were rushed to Kern Qjm- are in the Bakemfield-New York and «"* Hojplttl for treatment in tho Bakerafield-Chlcago rates. Persons S? 1 ? 01 ! ttmt »» laJ1C ^' * Nc ' thicr Mr ; may book posao^ from Bakersflcld M^bert nor Mr. Carter, drlveni of to New York now for $118.96, or i ho lwo autonu>blles, could account from Bakersfield to Chicago for »85. fop the accident, which occurred on Passengers board'. a United Air * ttn °P en stretch of nwhway. Their Lines transport plane here arid connect with a TWA ship at Burbank. Flying time to New York Is 16 hours and to Chicago H hours, according to Clyde Fullertani traveling^passenger agent, who was a local visitor. Edwin Goodwin, 44, of 2279 Park Way, WHS taken suddenly ill lato yesterday afternoon and died at a hospital within the hour. A resident of BakersfloUl almost 20 years, Mr. Goodwin formerly' wan manager of a sowing machine, agency here and more recently was associated with his brother-in-law, Herman Hpauldlng, in operation of Close for Parade 1 Q «<* n Mary Will Quit Buckingham to tho wall In an apartment oecu- rnmplotPd tho $107.Slt> for tho < pled by Mrs, Louie Scqiita. Occu- month. In Sopti>mher. l»3S. con- j pants of other apartments In the etrurtion WHH viiluod nt only $59,478. -, btilldinR wrro Mr. nnd Mrs. Mar* At the ourrent hlnh lovel of bulhl- ; tin Wilnon. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ed Whit- IHK activity, olty officials expect a . ton, MTH. Uo«o Michel and Mr. and year's total noarlng well beyond j Mrs. Charl»»s llarkln. Mra. Harkln, fl.600.00rt. j atv Invalid, was in the house when; ; the flro broke out and was removed i to Meroy Hospital for cai*e. She j was unharmed by the flames, I A mattress caught on fire In the Vernon hotel. 1312 Nineteenth ntroot, during the night, but tha. smnlderlnic flame wan extlnRulahed by HakPr«fleld fire department without lo**s. A cigarette is declared to havn boen reaponalble for the Incipient blnxe. riiv in a rubbish box spread to tho buck porch of tho home of Mrs. W. Uankln, 2503 Park Way, before being put out by tho city flro fight* ti»n» at M:Sp p. m, yesterday. The flunioM were noon by neighbors only five minute* after tho Uanklnn had left homo for tho evening. Report nf a flro in an apartment house at Seventeenth and B street a Tho electrical nnd plumbing Inspectors, C. H, Melkel and Lawrencr* M. Hendftch. were kept buny lnwt month ^alho, Inttuing olootrlcal per- niltn for $1fi,8fii and plumbing permit** for $18,057. New and Clearer X-Ray Tube Shown t President Roosevelt will speak over * service station at iho intersection tho Columbia network tonight from of Monterey nnd Baker streets. lie Forbes Field, Pittsburgh. Pa. The! wan a member of BakerBlteld ElliH address will bo released locally through KKRN at 6 o'clock. Malcolm Crawford of Buttonwlllow Is recovering from tho effect* of a fall from his bed which Monday night resulted In a broken shoulder, it was reported here today. Three Injured as Two Cars Collide Three jyrnons were injured in a head-on colllHion Involving two ail* to mob 110%, on Kdiaon highway, four miles .east of Bakerafleld, at 12:15 o'clock thlA afternoon. They are P. K, Hlebert, 62, of 1410 Palm Drive, who is suffering from a fractured ,r>*tt*A i*^.. r--.-^ ir^i no S e; B. 1,. Carter, 46, of tho D, W. HA ,/f^ *J"* a *™ o * *n *, McNcely ranch, route 2, box 217B, T 8 ^, » ^ lu «Ti* . who received leg and cheat injuries, J * Ripple. CH, Houthorn California Mrs. Tarter who is suffering PW>*cnw»intf agent for iho HUtndard ' Oil Company, who came hero on business yesterday, died suddenly today whon stricken with a heart attack. Surviving Mr. Goodwin are a widow, Mrs. Mario Goodwin; two sons, Kveretl, of iho Hawaiian Inlands, and ISddio. of Bakorsficld; a daughter, Mary, residing in the east, and two sisters, Klla and I-.ll- Han. Funeral services for Mr, Goodwin wlU IMS conducted at H option chapel Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock, under direction o'f the TClks i/odga, and Interment will be in Greenlawn Me- mortal Park. Standard Oil Man Claimed by Death ISlght motor car 'dealers, will close r doors Saturday, QcUfber 3, from JO a. m. to 12 noon I# order that their employes may view tho mammoth Krontlor Oays parade. The firms announcing this move are Tho Motor Centor, Hakernfleld Garage, lioono A Ntrlcklen, Hub- :fbard's Oarage, George Haberfolde, Thrasher Motors, Hrown Uoyd Motor Company and Meagher-Morrls Company. W, JO. MoJ n addin, president of tho Horn County Automobile Dealers Association, staled that the firms aro co-operating with the Krontler l'>aya Association In every way possible. They will be closed Hum)ay also, it announced. Afte automoblioH were demolished. 1 '.<• i -i ' ^ ,, * L - 40% of the vales of tola r \ Cemetery goe« into the Per* r ^ ' ' \ B l oeluol Care Fund to Injure Care Wft^^^^t^ r ' ei* Kernvilte '' • ' Resident Is Taken Pasadena Attorney Opens Local Office Attorney Harold I), l^drty, formerly of Pasadena, i« now osiub- llsh^d in Bak em field with offices at 106 ProfeBHlonat Unildlng and is «*nga»*«d In law practice n*ro. Attorney T^eddy Is particularly inter- in oil lands and loitslnir and a study of business hero for several months beforo determining to open an office Ivre. The attorney »aid ho was very favorably impronsod with the amount of business in Uakeraflold and tho county. /Vr«x Leaned Wire) UONDON. Oct, 1. — Today was moving day In tho royal family. 25 yfliini as mlHtrftss of Palace, which she on* torod first as the br|u> of tho Into Klnjr Oeorffo. Quoon Mary movod into h«r now homo, tho Mmallcr MnrlboroiiKh Mouse. Tho quonn mother, dronsod In black, loft Hucklimham Paliico with King; Kdward and tho princess royal to drive? to Marlbnrough HOUBO. Hor palo fnc« workod with emotion, but, with nor monarch non at nor side, sho nwnngrod a smile and a slight wavo of hor fflovod hand to a snmll group ffathorod on tho sidewalk as hor automobile turned down Iho drlvowny past saluting, blue- coated "bobblos" and scnrlct-juck- otod KontrU'pi pivMontiiig arms. Tho king, who roturnod only today from Balmoral OaMlo, Hcotland. remained with hl« mot hor for nome time lifter hor pomonal Btandard had 1x»c»n hoistmi to iho fia«BU*ff of M»rl- J>a#rrf OLRVBLANI), Oct. X.- A new X-ray mho which nuU«>« pictures of the bones nnd nrga-nit of the body BO clear that old X-ray pictured appear llko the blurred wnru of a novice, was Hhovvn today before tho American Roentgen Hay Sncl«*iy. Desoribod MH a "rotating anode'* i cnllod out the city equipment &t tube capable of using high'<*m*rRlcH, ! H:30 a. in. today. Urn d«v*.»lopment was balled by phy- ; slclans as ono of the outstanding j _ — contributions of tho pnwnt X-ray ! (VljlTP mooting. The tube was shown by | ATXC»l*V tho U*»noml Ktoctric X-Uay Corp. j oration of CMileaKo u« a refinement of a laboratory curlonlly first i mado In 1I»14. j riamos licked through cotton U. \V. KIlRH of tho corporation I stored in a bin at the Kosedalc gin said as an example of the posslblll- [ O f comp. \\>«t A I.owe yesterday lion of tho tube, much clnarer pic- j afternoon, causing damage to ttm turoM of the lungs are produced, ont {cotton of approximately J1000 ami abllriR nn earlier und more accuiut^ to tho bin of another $1000. Tho dtagnoalf) of tubpreviloHls, which often begin* near tin* outnido «ur- for Cotton Fire Btatn forestry arrvleo suppression crftw which fl,nsw«*r«*d tho call prefaces nnd dooH not rovonl it**?lf In | vented damn?* which would have tho early stages under ordinary ; doubled tho lo*m if th* fire had not X-ray technique*. > been quenched Gin attendants The new tulw? WHS made nosslbU; i mirmtsod that mi»tph«*« l^fl in tho load of cotton by pickers might have been Ignited by friction as cotton was dumped in the bin. The wtato forvMry service also by tho development of metali* cap- ni)lo of whlinlandlng high speeds on dry Services Are Held for L. Butterfield boroui^h Mouso—- the first such flag Three - i. WASCO, Oct. 1,—Flre of today desiroyed three r J. A. Dunn, one-time resident of the KemvWe district, died at his In Brentwood Height* yester- following an Ulneas of more than a yeur. He !• sui^'ived by a widow, Mrs. Rebecca Palmer Dunn, un-1 daughter of Robert Palmer, pioneer Kern resident, atid three daughters. State Director of Finance Predicts Balanced Budget V i . b r ' i •' ' " . '' PREDICTION that by the end of | branches, and nil.. th« major doport- J^ the next blennlum, in 1989, Call-lments. fornta state government will be "In the black" provided expenditures fo higher* waji m&de today by Arling Btockberjrer, state director of finance, ing before the Club at luncheon m An honored guest also, The ; reason Is that of the $430,* 000,000, more than half* $217,000,000,, of Is returned to the schools; $48,000,000 is budgeted for relief, a load that had borne by bond Usues before; $88.000^ 000 Is paid in licenses by contractors, ^ ^rr to fly there, Hlncu the doath of Queen AleXttndrn, Large Land Title Action Completed Providing Judge* Envln W. Owen ha« given Judgment qiiUHIng title to largo areas of land In tho ^Antelope vallvy dlHtrlct In favor of H. & J. Mabury Company, plaintiff, agaliiHt Wlllla;n O. Bryant. Property In* volvod IncIudc'B laud In suctions 11 and 16 of 26-27 and section 16 of 2018. according to tho complaint on file. Home of the land Involved tn the litigation was originally given by tho PHvato funeral servicoB for Butlerfleld. 71, 1318 I street, Kern plonoor who died at a local hospital woro conducted at Payne r ; ttnicuished a 30-ucre grass fire west ( of the Trout service Htatlon on th» ! \VooUy roud. i j Students Injured • as Car Overturns f > n _ fc __^ l ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^""^^F r & Bon chapel at U o'clock thin morn- ! \VARCO. Oct. I.—Five Wasco ing with the Reverend A. H. Donat ! iu ff h School students were hurt, officiating. Interment was In Union | lwo seriously, when their car struck cemetery. j a B0 ^ H | K »uia»'r and overt urnt-d when A nutlvo of j'laccr county. Mr.: lhe driver swerved to avoid anotht-r Butterflcld ram«* to Kern curly in \ rar> life und nmd» hla hutm» h«*re for 62 \ ^^e nwwi sorlously Injured ai*>* years. Hi* leaves u widow. Mra. May j Mj^rwl Hrown. who received a. Uuttrrf|,*kj; two sons. UM.* of Hak*?r». | hroken j aWf facla j huwatlons ana field and 11. ft. of \VinsIow. Ariz.; | olher | n j Ur t OH , tt nd Q. D, Strickland, five duuffhltirs. Mm. Styles Williams.! wno | 8 ^.ported to have received a Mrs. Madffo Ulalock, Mra, ifrthor i t . ru «hed chest. Both were taken to Klahr, Mm. Oeorgo HIM**- and MISM j Mercy || W p|tal In Bakernfleld. Verona liutterfl«W. ail of ilakern. ' JjU j Mwinl>lirn , drlv«r t>f the car. field; a brother, Hube; a »l»titr» Mm. j t% - ary Roberta and Vlrtp Kd B. AVIlUs; flvo Rinndchildron and { Deceived cuts and br«i»M» two great grandchildren. oldent. in the They were given first i und taken home. ^» w ^^ Identify Victim of , „ , „, j Fatal Illness Here Barbecue Planned for Scout Troop / ^^ 8. in to tho speaker, wwi j barbers and others to s«lf-»upi>vrUng J>4gf «onr« -H»V N. Hajrvey^ chaifr por goes to tbo sup- hospitals and prisons, with > on i ordji of the cose. houewi, belonging to cotton plckinff Funeral arrantfemonU are not y*t man of the *Ute prison^ board, was their tnmaten con«Utntly incre*t«ln«:; **'_i«l-.-.V*.i_-.'^ - • •• - - '- ;.:.'•-•-•:-:• J Aj*^i. *£**:* i; .t',:* 1 '••-;-- ' ' .- • •- 4^*1^ •^^'^^JL-^:,--.^^' t^-^^'L- >'. - - ' -- . I I.-j» X*. * «** ,-- j.j 1-" --*•'._ ^/..l.^ ,'. "i^.^^.-^Ti- HI". *:' '-i > ''*. -I* t. J*- >'-* fr,*' t.- u pants were not home of t)^ bla«e. departm«nt prevented is to adjotninir - ' r /", _ _^ SOFFRAGB th% prorram chairman mental oosU are Oct. AftOOO^MKCd. the WniyerfHV o< Oftji; ' ool- • , • ' l • 1 . •'-Jl , ~ H * -j-» • ' 4 '^ I ^ ~" ' ' v r \ -• f' * '!..-.. . l^^lTV ^m, l^'.MAMtiM^*#tM: l«*to|r "^ • *£• ^- "' : • jfs ' ^ — "'• '^ -•*•*-' -. '","-<'• '-;•-** ^- -, - . • - • - *--.vf,f**, -,t* *.- W fheft of ii? lady's purse containing lt«iftx^Ui^^|UO,.|n^ ,*. - '- By moans of fingerprint rocorda. j Identity of a man who died at a lo- * cal hospital >oyt<*rUay .afternoon after U-Ing taken violently 111 state free employment had been <N*tablltthed, a» dleton Qodwlii. of Chesttitut, La. An- thorltles have notifted his mother, pehna Godwin/of the Godwin'** fingerprint 4ojel^n|$«C *^«^t4JI^^^! l:-*.--- v \"-^.' w ^. --."\: „•' »?•':. . --.-, IV- 1 «'• ^ :••'' -S'l r' - L '-' .'-^ - - *• i •• .* - . •*•-*•• f • ~ *•*>-••-- f *^*-!~*?rf j z> -.^y-f"-- f ^ \<- , ..-.'. -,\- - ', . ~ .- "-'.•'- -.:-, ,*. . -» * H\'< *•„ > •'.',. '•-.V' ! -'•f^ff^^^^^^', '^41.- i"'T^ > v_ "_ • -... -•'"' -. ' > • te$ 0f;4Wil»^ - . ^'' .-^irl •,' — . i$&m titotyM ? Hwypxw - * ,r>*t;t , . -.* •» •-' '-;-.: - J !•?>, -t-: - current bletinium, n^M -• . ' '"/»->'-".* ^ViO-^,- ?c* m • •:• $*M •j'^'*« -f^. '».' "iH'? r#: * ;»' '<& ^- toA I on tile at Wawhinittpn^ of hU having: joioe in -. •- '-': * ', • v •Stt '-,^.\ »:->*;* ">* ^ I'V. m & tW-SJE 1 •i-. j Htm JtiK '.1 • --- e>: I- ..' ,^ ^^ •vr.*S .*.'..* '---,- "f ;-i-7.,'^- r . ,'- -•' : n i -. / .' -•*. •fl* r^--m -t *\w A benefit barbecue for Boy Scout troop No- 47. Bakersfte*d f » flr*t colored troop sponsored by the Joy* maker*' Club, will l« given by the troop committee from 10 a* m- to ll p. m. Saturday, at Mt. Zion Baptise Church, at California avenue and i* Ueti tenant Taylor, \vitt dinner, inaster, chicken featuring barbecued; . I - i .1, L H - •:-• I - . w. *• -* • '„ t. i,- -j. • •;, L. '^l ••^rj '-. *'£ •V --• . 1 ^ H ± f , . h *. ^^N ?-it^»Kffi l'; :v* ,\- ^' L ' -'l fl <• J • v ^•CV.Lj;. ^^ ^t 7 *; ^,' .»' •f- • tr » T- , • i. i -• , in • -' - L , . t - i i '„ j i. - - -v., V ~^^ I sa fcSM m Rraiffl: !'-»" il&fi ' .^ -- .*<&, •-?i-^ **i£%i -£<&• 'iH*j ^XS**'

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