The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 1, 1936 · Page 11
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 11

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1936
Page 11
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'M, 7y-' f f\ : - ! '. ' . ' , r fttE ftAKS!kkitD.^LtPobJlA^, ! tfttJttSDAV, OCTOBER 1,1648 V ! K _ vtew, 1 ' Oct. i.—A ft? friends' ten joyeti* 6. party |V-JMd$'Vo,nifi* at the Home of Mr. v.ta&JdE*, W.H*ok, ' r ? S| TOr,&alfiertttar Virus in the form ot ;., n'ftraftell for,'M>. and Mre. Heck, \Vhb tore loftvtjig soort tot Te*wr, tfhe' tivenlhjr Svoa 'spent l>l&ylnsr Vvhlfch refreshments oct. i.— Plan! tor wider international expansion And a program of social reform* are an- lounced by the "International Itinerant Migratory , guestswereMr.and Mrs. U. BV Ponton, Mr. and Mrs. Emll Rich, nud, Mr. and Mrs. Artie Armstrong:, •/ Messrs. Jxmls Blanch!, William Mall, J. E. 'Ponton, 'CWt Pu.tttrlffht ahd Mm, Charley smith. . GROCERS FEATURING I UNUSUAL PRODUCT le Creek, \tfhole ;>K18at,shi'ed- ded, and fla« fcVo'rod, in packages with a window front so that the customer can see what she is buying, is attracting nation-wide ^attention.. This nutritious ready-to-eat cereal, delicious with milk or cream, is Kellogg's Whole .Wheat Ktumbles. There is nothing in its field like it. By the Kellogg process, whole kernels of wheat are shredded and , them flavored with an appetizing blend of malt, sugar and salt. Finally, it is toasted crisp and crunchy to a rich, golden brown. Grocers everywhere sell Kel- logg's'Whole, Wheat Krtimbles. •Wo'suggott you il«o try'Kellogo's Shredded Whole WhMt Bluult with the niturfel whMt flavor. tlrften, loboa of the World," ot Wtitoh Jeff Davis is "king," ; "' At an Internationa) odnftrenee to bo held "sometime next year" In England, King Jeff hopes British bos will join his American member* hip of 814,000 and his newly added Canadian contingent of 60,000. Davis, who' as a king speaks the best king's fingltsh and dresses in he manner of a prince, said his organization during the coming .year Would devote Increasing attention to: Attempts 'to keep boys under 21 off the highways. Efforts to lower rail-mileage fares n other countries, With special rates to recognized hobos. The! Hobo*- of the World for years JMJroSTCC? MtfPatland Couple (Uu WMW' Home From Trip ;o Compromise Made Over Devaluation (Ateociatcd Pfeit Lcatti Wirt) PARIS, .Oct. 1,—A compromise devaluation measure, ' apparently solving a dangerous political prob lem, was approved- today by the French Senate, and by the finance committee of the Chamber of Dep. titles. With the momentous legislation lacking only the final approval of the Chamber, Premier Leon Blum announced ho would leave Paris 'to< night' on a delayed journey to Geneva. Thus he indicated his confidence that the government's devaluation difficulties were ended. The Chamber finance committee accepted the compromise definitely after the Senate had patjsed the substitute measure without a recort vote. It provides for realignment of the currency, but provide^ check on government decree pow ers to control price Increases. The substitute was brought for ward by Camlllo Chautemps, minis ter of state, In an agreement which held to actual devaluation but ellml nated a government demand to be allowed to prevent price rises. had advocated the.S-cent a mile rate established',recently In the United States, ' Oets Canadian Bloc , \ At the Canadian session, In .Wel- .land", ont., Stephen 'H«lf» "chief dispatcher -lor* Canada," • turned i,over to Davis his btoc df'mertbers and pledged oo-operatlon in a,move fur> them to Internationalize the " 'bb." Through InternatlohW 'expansion, Davis hopes to atthict greater re- ipect fof travelers AVHO HHo to work is they go. 'Our Canadian-American alliance should mean that our 'bos will be recognised In Canada just as theirs are here, now," Davis said. "We're going to have new membership cards now, with thumb- irlnts. too. That %Vay, we'll be sure :hero aro no 'bums' or 'tramps' In our organization." Confounding the word "bum" with liobo Is a grave mistake with a 'bo. Tt causes Davis to make all sorts of faces. He will tell you in 75 Websterlan words why a hobo Is not a bum or a tramp and why even a ."Vagabond deserves no ranks Even Jim Tu'Hy couldn't get In our organization. He'd been a bum," the "king" shrugged, "We are a fraternal organization of those who aro or who have been hobos." Awards Made for Roads in Many Other Cquhties of California (i; nit t<t JVeM Ltatei SACRAMENTO, OoL l.—Improvement of 10 miles of the Pachecd route in Merced county at <v " LEARNING ACQUIRED OMAHA. Oct. 1. (A. P.H-Thlngs happen fast In the city, L« Roy Allen, 16-year-old Klba, Neb., farm boy. learned. Pulling the leyer of a fire alarm box which ho thought would'sum- mon a taxlcab, T.,e Roy was greeted by: Three fire department pumpers, an aerial truck, a service truck, the fire chief In a red car, the assistant fire chief In another red car, two police squads, and two police motorcycles. ''. A patrol wagon also showed up, a bit later. of $822,867 was authorized In the largest of six contracts awafded by Earl Lee Kelly, state director of public works, today. • The f'acheco Pass project Went to LoxMs Blasottl & Son ana Claude C. Wood, Stockton, Other awards: Los Angeles county—A concrete bridge across San Gabriel river thrfco miles north of Santa Fo Springs. John Strona, Pomona, $108,880. Orange county—Concrete bridge across Santa Ana .river at Ocean avenue. J. 1". Knapp, Oakland, $66,675. tnyo county—On Slate Rolite S3, south of Flan Springs, 2.3 miles to be graded and surfaced. Baslch Brothers, Tbrrance, $43,565. Ventura county—On State Route 79, at Teugue-McKcvett crossing eas^ of Santa Paula, .3 mile to be graded and surfaced. Dlmmitt A Taylor, Los Angeles, $11,447. Santa Barbara county—Removal of trees from 1.4, mite of State Route 2. L. A. Brlsco, Arroyo Grande, $41)40. In addition, bids wire opened on a project calling for tho grading and paving of 2.5 miles of the main Sari- ramento-Qaklahd highway through Vacavllle, Fre'drlckson and W pat- brook, Lower Lake, submitted tho lowest bid, $j 14,341. Oct. L—Mr. and Mrs. H. V, Toovey havfe returned from k vacation of more than a week. They visited as guests in the home of their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Percy Branson, at Kern River Park upbn their return from the southern part of the state. "\Vhll6 in the south they visited relatives In Long Beach and attended the Los Angeles county fair at Po- monaj They report tho fair to be the best of many years. Many of the things which* were on display at Sacramento have been brought south and are now on display In the southern city. Murders occur in the Untied States on an average of one every 90 minutes. Ladies' Aid Will Review New Book AVA8CO, Qct< 1.—"Congo Crosses" by Julia Kellvsberger is the book which has been chosen by Mrs. C. A. Bewick for review before the Ladies' Aid Society of the Methodist Episcopal' Churah. The first chapter will be reviewed and discussed at the next meeting which will be held at Mrs. Bewick's homo. Final plans will be made at this meeting for the reciprocity luncheon which the society will serve on October 15 for the Woman's Progres slve Club. Mrs. Edwin Booth wilt report on the rummage sale held last Saturday and announce the date for the next sale. Mrs, A. B, Beckes, presldent. will conduct the Panama Girl Scout J Troop Makes Plans PANAMA, Oct. 1.—The tlrst Panama Oirl Scout, Troop 3, met Tuesday on the lawn of Mrs. Arthur Selbert. The purpose of the meeting was to get acquainted and plan things for the coming year. The next meeting was planned as an outdoor nature meeting at Yvonne Loustalot's home, tt is to be concluded by a wiener roast. The new captain for the Olrl Scouts is Miss Eleanor Rees, thfe Panama school teacher. Cookies and punch were served to Betty London, Yvonne Loustalot, Christine Tobler, Lois Boyei', Dorothy Mae Van Horn. t>orcas Van llorn and Mrs. Irma Boyer. '4 « • . Natural gas first was uned as an lllumlnant at Fredonla, N. Y., In 1824. .... . TBHACHAfls Oct. Baumgiu-t, >rW», had , , , , • store here for the past eleven years-, ... has gold the business ta Vaughn .- > Squires of Delano. Mr. and Mr*, ; Squires will take possession on Oc* tober 1. He has been- connected with th* Delano Drug Company for some time and IK a graduate pharmacist. Mr. Baumgart, who I* associated ' with Low Kausteln In the B«e*Kay Theater, lately opened here, Will continue to run hi* radio shop and deal In electrical equipment. "«'«"«• ..... ' ........ SOFTBALL NOT SOFT OBEttLIN, Kan., Oct. 1. {U, P.) , The nnino-Boftball 10 a fraud and deception, William Kessler, a car mechanic here, decided. He suffered a broken leg playing the same. •»« » LUCK BANCROFT, Kansas, Oct. 1. (A. P.)—Charles .McMahoft borrowed a horse to \t'0rk with three f his own. The four were together When lightning Htruck. Farmer Me- Mahon's horses were killed. The borrowed one was unharmed. Mosquitoes No need now to bo chdwed to bits by those blood-thirsty posts! Just burn n little BUIIACH on your porch —or wherever you want to spend tho night In comfort—you won't be bothered again. Mosquitoes HATE the plonflant odor of burning BUIIACH and won't come anywhere near It. It's «uro death to thorn It they do! So protect yourself from these posts;in this cheap, easy way. In Handy Sifter Cans 25c np at all I)rug, Grocery, Seed Stores and 1'ct Shops.—Adv. SEGO MILK <^ SPECIAL PREMIUM OFFER Sav* th* ceuponi fr«m all Stf* Milk tabilt—lh*y or* valuable! R«rf**m th*m (or gift* (hown In th* FREE IllwUraUri Prtmlwm Catol«|l O*t your copy Udayl T VI G ET either or both of these beautiful mew Rose ware pieces today. Simply snip 24 labels from your large cans of Irradiated Sego Milk (or 48 from the small size). 'Change them at this store! Get your free copy of die Sego Premium tiatalbg. It illustrates hundreds of valuable premiums you have to choose from all the rest of the year for Sego labels. • • „ • Double-rich Sego Milk is the safes! form of milk you can buy! It is irradiated — enriched with an extra quantity of priceless sunshine vitamin D for J-our protection, at no added cost! Irradiated Sego Milk costs less generally than ordinary milk ... the seal of acceptance of the American Medical Association, committee on foods, appears on every canofS*goMHk! Use Irradiated Sego Milk for better food at lower cost with gre'ater convenience! Redeem your Sego Milk coupons here and get your Free Sego Milk Premium Catalog KIDD BROS. RADIO SHOP 429 North Street, Taft, California K|DD BROS. RADIO SHOP 1617 Nineteenth Street, Bakersfleld, California Get this ROSE CRYSTAL RELISH DISH — the Hostess' Little Helper or Matching ROSE CRYSTAL SANDWICH TRAY, first aid to gracious entertaining. FOR 24 LARGE OR 48SMJULL SEGO MILK Labels! PRICES IN EPPECT FRIDAY, SATURDAY AND MONDAY FRUITS & VEGETABLES FANCY JONATHAN Apples 5^25' LAMBLEGS BRANDED ORAINJ" BEEF SHOULDERS, Ib. I5c Choice cuts, I SOLID HEAD COAST Lettuce Ib. 25c 15c Ib. 17c head SOLID RIPE COAST PORK ROAST Kjft Shank End, Ib, .eachlSc IbS. JUICY Oranges 3 by the Piece' DEL MONTG N. 2 <i i\l PINEAPPLE JUJCE • 10' 6 DEL MONTE TOMATO JUICE N«. 1 can DEL MONTE PEACHES SLICED OR HALVES No. 2 10 CALIFORNIA TOMATOES «. 2', can 8 TINDIR +* N . Of?< SWEET PEAS 3 - 25' 35 KAPFEE HA9 OR SANK A COFFEE Mb. CO" GLOBE "A-r _ «E| mm PANCAKE FLOUR ::; 17' 10 PRIDE OP ILLINOIS CORN COUNTRY GENTLEMAN NP. J can DOLE'S . u. j *• <"^ J PINEAPPLE JUICE "12 CHURCH'S PURE GRAPE JUICE pl.t 15 • « M IRICK OVEN BAKED BEANS 21-ot, can 17 "SWISS POOD DRINK" OVALTINE SI.00 ilia can 57 GOLD MEDAL BISQUICK "ALL READY FOR BISCUITS" large "THI SKIN YOU LOVE TO TOUCH" O /> A B WOODBURY'S SOAP PACIAL 3 20 GRANULATED SOAP WHITE KING larg* 29 SEQUOIA MEDIUM RIPE OLIVES l-oi. can 13 •AKINO POWDER CALUMET Mb. can 20 POST TOASTIES OR CORN FLAKES regular pkq. 7 NUTLET "WHOLESOME" MARGARINE Ib. 12 VITAPINE—SLICED PINEAPPLE No, 1' i can 10 LILY Of THE VALLEY ^ APPLESAUCE 3 MASTERPIECE RED BEANS IRER RADIIT IV GLASSES RED OR GREEN LAIEL No, can 15 CRYSTAL VINEGAR CIDER quart battl* 10 C * H BROWN SUGAR Lib. 7 KING KELLY- PURE ORANGE MARMALADE Mb. iar 15 SULTANA P-NUT BUTTER 2-lb. 25 CRUSHED SWEET CORN 9 No. 2 tlC cos NATIONAL HSCyit COMPANY'S SHRED. WHEAT 11 YekttM Cluk—Llmf Rl*kty< SparfclUa Wottr «i 4% GINGER ALE 2 TOILET SOAP LUX SOAP 3 19 CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP CHIPS S-tb. 32 RAKER'S COCONUT 4.0*. 8 RAJAH SALAD DRESSING quart |ar 29 FRENCH'S CREAM SALAD MUSTARD *••!. 8 SEGO MILK 3 large cans FREE FUllih Pith or Sandwich Tray— A»k About It EIGHT O'CLOCK *»* •** >*•»•*• S«ll«r." JL bog: A af C 3-LB. BAG . . 4»o CILLSBURY'S BEST FLOUR 10-LB. BAQ 48C 24* & 99c tN EFFIBT fMIDAY, SATUIOAYAKD MONDAY, OOTIIER 2, I, AND S-STOKS OPEN TILL I f. M, SATURDAY . „ '''.'* > >•'•> ' '" " 1 «•' "/ V "'" '' '' ' H ' "•'' "< s ',„/•-.

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