The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 21, 1944 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
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Saturday, October 21, 1944
Page 8
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FANS SEE RAIN; NO GAME After waiting hours in tl.e dark tho disappointed football fans fit Griffith Field last night finally lilt tho road toward homo when the field's light failed to BO on due to the unstable weather. About H p. m., an hour anil a half after the scheduled kick-off time. tho lights wont on and it looked as though the fans were going to see the rival squads from Kern County Union High School and Kast Bak- orslicld clash in spite of the weather. The Junior Blues and the Kast Bak- orsfield Daggers line up lor the opening kick-oil'.' Hut after the kick-oft' return and one play, exactly 4^' seconds of play, the lights went Off again, this time not to return. Due to tliis trick ol the weather, tho tilt between the. Kast. Bakers- fit-Id Blades and the. IJakorsfiold High School Blues will be played .Monday night, the preliminary game .starting a half hour earlier, at (> p. in. Krnest Dalbom announced today that the heavyweight squads will be warmed up and the game will get underway immediately following the lightweight contest. Tonight on dril'fith Field Jack Frost's White eleven will meet the AVildcals from Tall at ,S::!H p. m.. follouing tliu lightweight game between the Junior Whites, coached by Hay Scott, and the. Jtobcats from the lar West. Side. Science Award to Be Given Honor Student An honorary .science award medal will be presented lo tho 1!M."> graduate of Kast Bakeislield High School donioiisnatiiig the greatest ability in the- scientific subjects* this year, according to .Mrs. Janet Luck, science iiiHtrueti'i-. Winner of the medal may also receive a cash and loan .scholarship amounting to Jnunu at the L'niversiiy of Kocliester. Kngravcd on one side by the winner's name, school, and date, the medal portrays on the reverse .side a symbolic, figure of youth focusing 1'iiys of light on a laurel wreath. Sponsoring of the award i.s the Bausch and Komb Optical Company. Amateur Boxing MONDAY OCTOBER 23, 1944 at the New Stadium 2201V STREET T\\O BUKKS ruoM TIIK AIIKNA .MAIN i:VI.NT 1 our Kuumlh—14*4 I'olinils TOMMIE QARZELLI JOHN SONNEY KKMMVIMltr lour KiiumlH—170 I'oumln GEORGE DOZIER VCI>IIN TERRY ROBERTS Four Itmimls—I SB l'iiiinil« ALEX CARILLO VcrNiiN JOE OROSCO I'lvATlKI'J J'iVKNT 1 iinr IdiiiiiilN—l-l I'mimlx RAY HARNESS VrrsiiN PETIE COSTA lour Kminilx—150 roiinila Dave Blaloek vs. Warren Reeder l-'nnr Komidh—12H raiimln Florencio Arvisa vs. Joe Antwine III III Kllllllllh 117 1'OllllllN Estrada Gilbert vs. Baby Reyes loin Itimmls—131* rutinils Gabe Jiminei vs. Frank Soza New Prices: General Admission SI, Rinfside $1.50, Servicemen and Children 50c, Tax Included. Seats on cnlc nt Iliitrl 1)1 Tcjon mill II. U. U'extbar Cicur Ktaml, U8U linker Kur rcwrvulitmN, pliuno (>-(i(IHl. WANTED Two bedroom, unfurnished housr, Ijy rospon- sible ])f'nii!Uicnt j>arty who will take f^ood cure of property. Will take lease. JIuve been with reliable national eoneern for the past 15 years. See MR. CONNELLY New Manager From the East A & P STORE 1608 Eighteenth Street LET Tilings Worth While" Brighten Your Life KPMC at 3:30 P. M. LET IVER& FURNITURE COMPANY v Brighten Your Home Th* Hmui Uiulltr Strlr •tuJ Ucnuir In turnlturf SPORTS Majors Speculate on Landis Retirement <£tje UaUrrsfielb Californt/in Third Major League ! Hinted for P. C. Play ! u is AN(;i-;i.i-;s, rvt. 21. (jp>— x<> nno is willing to say imythiiiK for |Hi!i!ir;illon yet, but from behind U.« closed tloors of a Pacific Const I.o.-ignn MH'oliiiK yesterday came; more limn a hint that the cluli owners an- gftliiiK ready (o demand for | their loop recoRiiilion as a third major eiri'Uit. For years thei'e have been recurrent suggestions that Los Angeles, anil Han Franeiseo are uvcrrilio for major |CHJ,MH; bull. The league (ii- reetors unnj'fii-hilly the position that tabbing of the entire circuit, (or tho hlK-time would be tho best way to circumvent possible in- ' v.-iMon of these two populous centers by the National or American ' loops. If a major circuit acquired San Francisco anil Ivfis Angeles, the (.'O.MSL Lennue would be weakened t lo the point where it mlfiht. not be > able to survive as a filing concern, the owners feel. i I'.til creation of a, third major ' league, embracing the ei«ht coast | rliibs, would avert the threat anil ;it the same lime nive the loop Hie : recognition to which it feels it is enlitled. t.Mai-encc 1^ (Pants) Rowland, (..'oast .League president, is operating under a c«-ntract which has nine more years to run, and he never has made any secret of I he fact that lie doesn't propose to stand .still. The leae.ue this year outdrew any other minor circuit, and the club owners feel that there: will never lie a. better time to branch out into tho biK-timc. Tho club owners yesterday lurncd aside all qnpuliiin.s with "you'll have to talk to Rowland." Rowland wasn't talking, not at I lie moment, but the owners are K°lng to attend | the llul'falo, N V., meeting of the j National Association of llaseball i Clubs in a body, and those in a po- i.sit ion to know sopiething of the sit- j ! nation arc looking for developments, j Fritsches Announce Birth of Son, Albert | Lieutenant-Colonel and Mrs. Albeit 1 Charles Krilsche announce the birth I of u son, Albert Charles Frllscho, I .If.. Oclober 11'. fit flood Samaritan iloHpital, 1-os Angeles. The molher is the former Miss Uernieeo Hrandt, | and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. | Henry .1. Hrandt, well known resi- | dents of IJakersl'ield. The 1'nther is i stationed at San 1'edro. Jle is a son i of the late Mrs. Alice Frit.sche of I 1/os Angeles. Tho baby in the j I'.randt's first grandson. Saturday, October 21, 1944 WHITES TO MEET TAFT TONIGHT Tonight on (jriffilli Field the Bak- ei.Mield High School Whites will Duct their long standing rivals, the Wildcats from T.-ift, starling at S::in p. m. Jack Frost's nian-in-motiou Whites, who defeated the Blues in their first game of the season and then dropped their second tn the ICast I'.akersfield Blades, are expected to go npagainst a much improved eleven from Taft tonight. Coach Frost warned his boys yesterday that even though the Wildcats have got two loses chalk up against them they aro improving by the week and that they will be out for the Whiles' scalp.s. Ray Scott's Junior Whites, \vith two defeats hanging over their bead, will meet the Taft Bobcats who have equally ns many losses. Both squads have improved considerably since their first game and a thrilling contest is promised. The preliminary game starts at ti:HO. .Probable starting lineups: White* Positions Wildcats Ruby LKR Hayes Johns L.TR Fisher Hill LC.R Springer Anderson C Baker Torres or t'avillo R<1L Thomas Plater RTL Bush Rnmey RKL 51 Moil-land 12 Decker St. Johns LIIR Connors Chapin IMIL Barnes Rlalock I 1 ' Yancey r PROGRAMS ON THE AIR FOR WEEK END. Jr. Whites Positions liobeats Padilla Mall Kllery Sholton Paggi Sullivan Veich Ciottschalk .... Sarvcr Hume Cook ..LKR ..LTR ..Uill C ..RCL ..KTL ..RKL CJ. ..LHR ..Ill I L F Paige McCravey .... Vierra Miller .... .... Mulruy Upton ..... C.ibs.m , Lepper . Ctirran Kubanks College Grid Scores Hy AHSIII iiitfil I'n-ss, 1-; Muskingnm. 7. Temple, 7; Syracuse, 7 (tie). Huston College, -111; New York University, 1^. Michigan State, S; Maryland, U. Coorgia, 51!; Daniel Field, H. lirake, U; Gnstavus Adolphus. ". P.all State, 111; Franklin, li. Western Miehlgan, Ii7; 'U'ooster, 0. Purdue "B", P.I; Ohio State "B", 7. Montieollo Aggies, 21; Jackson (Miss.) Army Air, 7. Fort Pierce (Fla.) Naval Amphibious, US; Miami University, 0. Fort Benning Fourth Infantry, 31); Louisiana Teehnieal. n. COAL MINERS Urgently Needed for Important War Industry Men With Mining Experience Here Is Your Opportunity for a Job With a Future Geneva Coal Mine, Near Price, Utah Supplying Coal to Geneva Steel Co., Utah's .Mammoth Steel Industry H-fool Coal Vein No Gas—Ideal Working Condi lions Latesl Type Coal Mining Equipment Advance of Transportation From Point of Recruitment Board and Room for Single Men Four and Five-Room New Homes Available United Mine Workers Association Governs Hours and Wages ACT TODAY Keport to the United Stntes Employment Office of the \Vnr Manpower Commission Address 1300 Seventeenth Street, Bakersfield, Calif. Male Workers Must Have USES Referral Hy JACK Ct:i)DY !'ll l'll.-« Stuff OllTl'flillllillMlt NKW VOKK, Oct. i;i.—Tuo ((ties-i lions I'urni.shins fodder for base- \ ball's hot stovc-lcaRuers are: (1) If Commissioner Landi.s resigns be-! eanso of health, who will suceecd him'.'—and C.') will the major league i siinads go south iur sprins trainiiiK'.' !(<>i iuiKi' of tho sharply aligned and bitterly opposed factions in the majors, no one is in position now to know definitely who will succeed the , old "jcdge" it' ln> retires. .Not, oven l.imdis. Kurd Frick nor Will liar- ' riilKi- knows. The battle over his sucei'ssor would make the turbulence of 1 he last minor lenfuic mcutinf,' seem like a love lest. ArcordiriRly, \\e will refrain — at this time—from shoveling any additional conjeet tiro onto the pile already provided by various eontcinpo-! taries. Our hope is that Landis gets well enough lo guide his sport through Hie early, tempestuous .stages of the postwar era, a period thru will be studded with controversies over the rights of returning .service-players, and with conflict!) between the big-farm and anti-farm! I'aetions, etc. The old gaffer's knowl- . edge, discernment., honesty and cour- i age will be needed. However, about spring training,! we ran be more definite. We suggest that major league owners and oilier persons of influence in the sport begin campaigning immediately ] for a return to the southern condi-! tioning grounds. j JJespite tho successes of the three i wartime major league seasons, it's \ the consensus of fans, writers and 1 players that the game suffered a let- dim n in the early weeks of each sea- sou, as a direct result of northern The customers pay regu- ; for sub-par ball; and the ! play—by press and onducive to much service enthusiasm. For the first month of the season, at least, the fans aie treated to semi- • piacticc contests while the athletes i play themselves into shape. Jlnseball's (raining travel restrictions have been self-imposed by Landis. who went all-out to co-operate with the ODT by establishing the; Kastmaii-Landis line. This prevented i training south of the Potomac and i Ohio, a nwdest of the Mississippi, j Now that ODT regulations are some- ] what relaxed, we believe Landis would allow the major squads to train in the south if sufficient pressure were | brought to bear on him. That should be dune. I training, lar prices reports of early j radio—are not civilian SATURDAY ll:(W to 6::ill D. m. K Kit N— - K"M<m T'ops Symphony. K n--:S.u.ona I liii in Dance. Kl'.Mr— (. ii'Ciik-u Theater. (i::i(l to 7:00 11. in. K i:lt.\ — I'-rMilrnt Rnuxpvull. KTI —(.HI- Vim Top This? 1\ I'.MiJ—i 'li" Hno Theater. 7:11(1 (o 7:MO n. m. KKKN— CjL.v j-.oinbui ilo'a Musical S nlfv;r;i|.lis. KI-'I —I'.iiliHilivp Parly. KI'.Mi' — (.icat .M>iiiii-nl» in S|inrt«: 7:07, KiliK (Vili: Trjn. 7:1.'», Stall Kcnton. 7::i(( to HiOO p. m. Kl'.iiX—T!ic .Man Called X. KFI—Gi;,nrt Ok Opry. KP.MC—l'»d Ilyder. K:00 to 8::<0 p. in. K KKX --lOa i ly American Dunce Music. K KI—Truth or C'cinKi-niienfea. KP.Me.-— ljuwnheat Derliy. K:»<l to »:0(l n. m. K'KU:.'—I."]timl Stowe; 8:45. Ne\vu. KKI—liiiuv V n lice. KI'.MC -DownU-at Dcrhy. li:(i:i to tl::i() p. m. KKHN—Alerl Your Navy. KKI—S,k,|.py Hollywood Thenlcr. KI'.MC --.\r ws. !t:15, \Vuke t : p America. U:HO to 10:00 p. in. KKUN— The; horn Kolihlrra; 9:43. News. KI-'I- :-."('\VH 11:40. Thin Is .My Country. KI'.MC—Wake 1,'p America; 9:40, News. 10:00 tu IO::iO p. m. KKRN—I'.SO Show; 10:15. .MiiHic. KKI —10.10, The Vlnween Enemy. KI'MC--!>f an Hudson's urchestra; 10:15, Joe Reichman. 10::)0 t« 11:00 p. in. KIOItN—Harry Owens' Drcheatra. KKI—Nc'.Vrt 10:40, si. Kr.inci« Hotel Orc'liesti .1.: 10:00. Musical Interlude. KI'.MC— Result:'. Inc. 11:00 (o 11:30 p. m. KKFIX —TliiH MoviiiB World; 11:13, llenrv KillK and His Orchestra. KKI — Kooiljall KactH and I'-iimblcs. KI'.MC—;\«.-ws; 11:00, Silver Nocturne. I !:",(> to 12:00 Midniiclit KICUX—Tommy DorFey; 11:00. News. KI-'I—Tommy Dorsey; 11:05 Musical Inl.-i In.;.-. KI'.MC—Mlver Nocturne. SUNDAY <!:I5 (o 7:00 a. m. KKKX—Kf-lipitnis Transcript ions. 7:00 (o 7:30 n. m. KHUN—Calvary Baptist Church. KKI — National Radio Pulpit. KI'.MC—Kchoes tor Victory. 7:30 to 8:00 a. m. KHUN fiospel Trumpet. Hour. KKI—\Vnrds and Music; 7:05. News. KI'.MC—Kchoes for Victory. 8:00 to 8:30 u. m. KKUN—Chap.'l of tlm Air. KKI—The Kternnl Light. KI'.MC—Wesley Radio League. 8:30 to 0:00 n. in. KIOKN —nells nf Liberty. Kf''l—Snricssful ClardeniilK; 8:40, News I 'ei tod. KI'.MC—Voice of Prophecy. 0:00 to 0::>0 a. in. KKIIX —-( lini'-h liy the Side of the Road. KK!—L'nivcrwity ot Chicago Roundtable. 100 Tri-Y Girls Have Supper Meet More than inn girls representing, 10 Bakorst'ield Tri-Y (.'bibs gathered- for a supper meeting this week at the Presbyterian Church, Miss Mary , Jo Kelly, Koda. Tri-Y presiding. Highlight ol' the. meeting was the announcement for four new clubs, | tho Copa-Setie. sponsored by 51rs. ' Hester Renia: Flicka, sponsored by! .Miss Betty Coman; a new club for i colored girls sponsored by Miss Jean Little, and a yet unnamed club at Kast Bakersfield High School, sponsored by Miss Alice Kendall. j Other clubs represented were Delta, Kappa, Koda, Zeta, .Kpsilon- Bota and Theta Kappa. ! Program included piano solos by : June Doan, Kathleen Little and Mar- j cin McKee an acrobatic dance by Betty Springer and a reading by | Cioorgene Dimmer. Music during j dinner was provided by tho Five | Sharps, Carol Hoisington, Nancy; Rosonthal. Mareia. McKee, Elizabeth j Hoisington and Mrs. A.. 11. Hoising- ' ton. i Miss Kloiso Nelson, chairman of j tho Y. M. C. A. girls' work commit- i tee was in charge of dinner arrange- i incuts. Uclans Chances Good for Pre-Flight Win LOS ANGELES, Oct. 21. OP)—The. I". C. L/. A. Bruins, one of the out standing teams on the coast in every department but scoring, will try to make the record look better, and probably have a good chance, when they enter the Coliseum today for a gridiron tussle with St. Mary's Pre .Flight. The battling Bruins have out- passed, outrun, outdowned and out- kicked their opponents in four games this season but the sum total is only one win to their credit, and that against the. not-too-strong St. Alary'a College. Johnny Uoesch, the little firebrand who has hung up seven of the Bruins' 10 touchdowns, will be displaying his wares again, although Coach Babe llorrell may not put him in at tho start. The St. Mary's Airdevils -were defeated last Saturday by U. S. C., C to 0, but Julius Davis, the Pre- Flight's sophomore sensation, came near to toppling the Trojans. The Pro-Flights, who use the Georgia single-wing with an emphasis on trap-blocks and spinners, will depend on Davis to carry most of the offensive burden. Dr. Borgese Speaks at Rotary Meeting T>r. G. A. Borgesp, former professor in the universities of Milan and Home, and speaker at the Bakersfield Open Forum Thursday evening, appeared before the I'.aker.sfield llo- tary Club at the uronp's noon meet- iiiK Thursday at J Intel ]•;! Tejon and traced for his audience the rise of fascism in Italy. Second speaker was Major Kdwin .1. Mc.Mahon of the recently returned Krnir .Hundred Twenty-fifth Fighter Squadron at Kern County Airport, who repeated his plea, made earlier in tho week before other service clubs, for housing for his men and their families. A'lsltinpr Kotarlans were Harry Crow, Robert Stauffcr and A. B. Newhy. Golfers Play for Bonds at Stockdale Today and tomorrow Stockdale Club golfers will vie for war bond prizes in connection with the Sixth War Loan drive in a medal play tournament. Contest is divided into three flights, Id handicap and under, 11 to 1C, inclusive, and 17 and over. Dividend will he decided among the three low net scorers in each flight, full handicap adjustment being allowed. Sl'ITCASE STOLEN Theft of a suitcase and clothing worth $~-i from a parked automobile in tho 70(1 block of Gage street Koine time last night was reported lo police this morning. The victim is A. A. Fulcher of 12U8 Gage street. Police say the window of the car was broken. 1)IKS AT 1NYOKKKN Kdwin C. llawloy died late yesler- I day at Inyokern, apparently of j natural causes-, according- to a report received by the county coroners of! fiep. An iiutopsy has been ordered. The body is at Oonnell Funeral Homo In Mojnve. HORSE RACES BAKERSFIELD FAIRGROUNDS Sunday Afternoon TROTS PACES RUNS 625 Nineteenth Street Phone 4-4711 Full Card Fast Horses HERBERT ARSHALI 7:30 P. M. IT'S A BlUf NETWORK PROGRAM SORE GUMS? UM MOY Denial Plate Holding Powder. Creates toft, alkaline, suction cushion, holding plates 4 to 12 ROUTS KM1QW* CARMEN Rise Stevens Charles Kullman Virginia MacWatters Francesco Valentino Gaetano Merola Sunday 8:30 P.M. KFI- KM J KTMC—I'ilBi;m Hour. U:3I> lo 10:00 ». m. KKRN—IVTtnr Sweetland: 9:45, ''unrort MiniaUirea. K KI—Stradivari Orchestra. KI'MC—Lutheran 1'our. 10:00 to 10:80 a. m. KKRN—John B. Kennedy; 10:15, 'ieiirse Hicks Reporting. KFI—buynmtt's Views of the Xe\v«; 10:15, Newu Period. KI'.MC—News; 10:15, Romance of Highways. 10:80 (n 11:00 a. m. KERN—Sammy Kayo's Tannec Kerenude: 10:55. Your .Sunday Newa Kxlra With Leland Stowe. KKI—MuHlcal MilcBtones. KI'.MC—Hookey Hall. 11:00 to 11:30 n. m. KERX—Hollywood Sululus the WAC3. KFI—Those We Love. KI'.MC—Hand Concert. 11:30 to 12:00 Noon KKRN—Remember. KFI—Wt.itinghoi'se Program with John Cliarl'-e Thomas, KI'MC—Carroll (Jleiin; 11:45, Canary I'ct Shop. 12:09 to 11:1)0 p. m. KERN- Hull Mark's Charlotte Greenwood Show. KFI—W'jrld Parario. KI'MC—CriHpol Hour. 12:80 to 1:00 p. m, KERN—Miss Hattic. KFI—Thin Is (he Army Hour. KPMC—ilodio Bible Cl»«s. 1:00 to 1:30 p. m. KKRN—]~>,>rts for Dough. KFI—Thl.i Is the Army Hour. KPM**!—Your America. 1:30 to 3:00 p. m. KTCFIN—TJartH for Douuh. KKI—Pnipr de Lima; 1:45. Sam Baiter in "t'izi/r Up the News." KP.MO —Young People's Church of the Air. S:00 to 2:30 p. m. KKRN—Mary Small Show. KFI—Synvliony Orchestra. KPMC—pi-nwcostal Holiness Church. 2:30 to*3:00 p. m. KKRN—Hot Copy. KFF—Symphony Orchestra. KI'MC— Church of Christ. 3:00 to 3:30 p. in. KKRX—Kadio Hall of Fame. KKI—(.'atliolio Hour. Kl'Mt.—'«i'ick as a Flash. 8:30 to 4:00 p. m. KF.n.\ T --!(adio Hall of Fame. KFI—,\'?\vs? Period; 3:45, Reports From the B.ittlefront. KP.MC—I'plon Close; 3:45, Dick Brown. 4:00 to 4:30 p. in. KKR.\ T -—Yountf People's Hour. KFI—.1.11 K Ui-iiny. Kl'.MC—i';in Francisco Opera. 4:30 to 5:00 p. m. KKRN—7 Days in a World at War; •1:45. Music. KFI — -Kitrh HandwaKon. KI'MC—ban Francisco Gpora. 5:00 to 5:30 p. in. KURN—Musical Portraits: 5:15. JIusic. KFI — EciKar Dereen and Charlie -McOulh:.. KPMC—Sanshino Gospel. 5:30 to 6:00 p. m. KRRN—News: u:45. Drew Pearson. KFI— Ona -Man's Family. KPMC—King Cole Trio; 6:45, Gabriel Heatter. €:OU to 0:30 p. in. KKRN—.IdSLMIS Journal; 6:15. Hollywood Mystery Time. 1C !•'I—Manhattan Alcrry-Go-Rouml. KP.MC--s-mi!fs of Freedom; 6:15, Freidjm's Fighting Men. 6:»0 to 7:00 .p. m. KERX—Hollywood Mystery Time; 6:45, Jimmy Fiddler. KFI—American Album of Familiar MllHiC. KPMU —Odt-iu Foster: 6:45, Symphonic Swim?. 7:00 to 7:30 p. m. KKRN— L(f» of Riley. KFI — Hnur of Charm. KI'.MC—Gdspel Gleaners. 7:30 to 8:00 p. m, KKRN—Keep Up With the World. KFI—Jackie Gleason-Les Tremayne Show, KP.MC—Four Square Gospel. 8:00 to 8:30 p. m. KKRN—Orecnflold Chapel Service; 8:15. Dorothy Thompson. KFI—The Great Gildersleeve. KI'MC— -C»liCornia Melodies. 8:30 to 0:00 p. m. KKRN—(.'Uj-/, Kids. KKI— The Standard Hour. KPMC —T'liiight at Hoagy's. 0:00 to 0:30 p. m. KKRN—News; 9:45, Music for Sunday Kvenhm*. KFI—Tii» Standard Hour. KI J MC— News; Sl:15, Charioteers. 9:30 to 10:00 p. m. KERX—News; 9:45. Music for Sunday Kvcninff. KFI—-luck: Benny Rebroadcast. KPMC—Human Adventure. All Members of ORGANIZED LABOR Listen In || TONIGHT || I Station KERN I 6:30 P. M. President Roosevelt Talks From New York! ASSOCIATED FOOTBALL SPORTCAST Today—U. C. L. A. vs. St. Mary's Pre-Flight, 2:15 p. m., KPMC (1500 kc) aiid Mutual Network. Sunday—Fourth Air Force vs. El Tore Mnriues, 2:15 p. ui., KPMC (710 kc). Monday—U. S. C. vs. Washington, 8:15 p. in., KPMC. TIDE WATER ft SSOCIATED Sir OIL COMPANY -A- T U N t YOUR AMERICA Th» Union PachVs great radio ~-»how it now heard tack w«th en Mutual. 1 P. M. Sunday STATIONKPMC 10:00 to 10:30 p. m. KKRN—Victory Hour. KFI—The Reporter; 10:13. Chapel Quartet KPMC—Oirt Fashioned Revival. 10:30 to 11:00 p. m. KKRN—The Pacific Htory. KFI—Inside the Newa; 10:15. South American Serenade. KPMC—Old Fashioned Revival. 11:00 to 11:30 p. m. KKRN—Music; 11:15. Ted Wcems* Orchestra. KFI—KIcventh Hour News; 11:15, Pacific Story. KPMC—News; 11:05, Silver Nocturne. 11:30 to 12:00 Miilnlidtt KKRN—Uridge to Dreamland. KFI—Pa.'llic- Story; ll:4u. Music in the Nirht. 11:15, Musical Encores. KPMC- Sliver Nocturne. MONDAY 0:00 to fl:30 a. m. KKRN—Mirth and Madness; SMS. Pappy O'Daniel. Democrat for Dewcy. (1:30 til 7:00 n. m. KKRN—Music: 6:45. The Willard Messenger; C:50. Musical Reveille. KFI—Tom Owens: 8:45, News. KI'MC—Musical Clock; 6:56, On tho Farm. 7:00 (o 7:30 a. m. KKRN—News; 7:15, Martin AKronsky. KFI—Graeme Fletcher; 7:15. Fleetwood I.a wton. KPMC—News; 7:1.1. Melodies of Today. 7:30 to 8:00 n. m. KKRN—James Abbe Observes; 7:45, Music. KFI—Reveille Roundup; 7:45, Snm Hayes. KJ'.MC—Ton Tunes; 7:40, Wcills' News; 7:45. News. 8:00 to 8:30 a. in. KKRN—Flectwood Lawton; S:15. Victory Marches. KFI—Johnny Murray; 8:15, T. V. Blakiston. KP.MC—Shady Valley Folks. 8:30 to 0:00 a. in, KKRN—Breakfast Cluli. KFI — Albert's Homernakers Hour; S:45, David Harum. KI'MC—Happy Joe and Ralph; 8:17i, In Your Neighborhood; 8:53. Lani & Ginger. 0:00 to 0:30 a. m. KKRN—News of the World: 9:10. Local News; 0:15, The Woman's PMKP. KFI — News; 9:05. Edward JiirRenson; 0:15. Larry Smith.. KI'MC—Boake Carter: 9:15, Names and Places In the News. 0:30 to 10:00 u. in. KKRN—Breakfast at Sardi's. KFI—News: 9:40, G. I.s Abroad; 9:45, Ronny Mansfield. KI'.MC—Midland. U. S. A.; 9:45, Amazing Jennifer I.ogan. 10:00 to 10:30 a. m. KKRN—Tony Morse; 10:15, Jack Berch and His Boys. KFI—Voice of a Nation; 10.15, Peter rle Lima's Cloweups. KI'.MC"—News; 10:16. Terry's House Party. 10:30 to 11:00 a. m. KKRN—My True Story; 10:55, The Aunt Jemima Show. KFI—Aunt Mary: 10:45. Art BnkT. KPMC—Tips From Tibbetts; 10:45. American Woman's Jury. 11:00 to 11:30 a. in. KERN—Baukhage Talking; 11:15, Island Melodies. KKI—Guiding Liuht; 11:15. Today'! Children. KI'.MC—Odds an-J KndH from Newberry's; 11:15. Waltz Time. 11:30 to 13:00 Noon KKRN—Glimour Hour. • KFI—Women in White: lT:4ii. Hymns. KP.MC—Norman Clouticr; 11:45. Sammy Kaye, 12:00 to 12:30 p. m KKRN—Newn of the World: U':ll>. T.oca) News: li:15. Hollywood Star Time. KFI—Noon Farm Reporter: 12:15, Political Speech by Helen Hayen. KPMC--News; 1£:1D, Noon Time Nock Outs. 15:30 to 1:00 p. m. KKRN—Between the Lines; 12:45. Klernan's Corner. KFt—I'ppper Young's Family; 12:45, RiKht to Happiness. KP.MC—Country Commentator; 12:45, .Music. 1:00 to 1:30 p. m. KERN—Sum Hayes; 1:15. Boh Nichols. KFI—Backstage Wife; 1:15, Stella Dallas. • KI'MC—Walter Compton; 1:15, Open House. 1:30 to 2:00 p. m. KKRN—lime Views the News; 1:45. flml.V Twiss; 1:50. Ed JnrgrnHon. m KKI—Lorenzo Junes; 1:43, Young Wldder Brown. KPMC—Headlines to Harmony. * 2:00 to 2:30 p. m. KF.RX—When a Girl Marries; 2:15, Por'.U Faces Life. KKI—vviien a Girl Marries; 2:15, Portia Faces Life. KPMC—Handy Man; 2:16, Mutiny On the High Seas. 2:30 to 3:00 p. m. » KERN—What'n Doin' Ladies? KKI—Juat Plain Bill: 2:45, Front Page Fn rrc () . KI'MC—Payroll Guarantee; 2:45, Easy Ithitiitn. 3:00 tn 3:30 p. m. KKRN--Appo!ntment With Life. KFI—Rnad or Life; 3:15, Star Plavhmiso. KI'MC—Urll'fin Reporting; 3:15, Lost Empire. 3:39 to 4:00 p. m. KKHN— Music: 3:45. Blind Troubadour. KFI—Rrftmury; 3M5, Woman of A nifi i( a. K"MC—Musical Matinee; 8:45, Johnson Family 4:00 to 4:30 p. m. KKRN—N'IWS of tho World; 4:10. Local Xewe: 4:15, Report. From Pacific; •liJTi. (luimorous Yesterdays in Old California. KFI—DucJor Kate; 4.15, News of the World. KPMC—Fulton Lewis, Jr.; 4:15. Real Life Stolies. 4:30 t.) 5:00 p. m. KKRN'—Andy and Virginia-; 4:45, Hop llarr i^an. KFI — Art Raker's Notelmok. KP.MC;—World's Front Page: 4:45. Symphonic Swing. 5:00 to5:30 p. m. KKRN—Teiry and the Pirates; 5:15, Dicl; Tmcy. KKI—O. K. for Release; 6:15, News PerUid. KPMC—Chlr.k Carter; 5:15, Superman. 5:30 In (!:00 p, m. KEnx--.lack Armstrong; 6:45, Captain Midnight. KFI—Vii.te of Firestone; Guest, Richard ("rooks. KPMC—Adventures of Tom Mix; 6:45, XiKht News Wire. POUTIf .M. ADVKRTISF.MKVr I'OI.ITir.M, AnVKKTISKMKNT Does Communism Threaten Our Liberty? HEAR Rev. W. E. "Bill" Long Well Known Bakersfield Clergyman KERN ' Monday, October 23 9:30 P. M. I'OI.I I <CAI, AUVKRTIISEMENT l'gj.lTICAl._AI>y_EKTII^KMKNT TEXANS! Listen to Senator W. Lee O'Daniel (Pass the Biscuits, Pappy) and His Hillbilly Boys in a Program Sponsored by The Democrats for Dewey Every Morning Mondays Through Saturdays KERN-6:15-6:30 The Hall mark ( li;irlo!!< Radio Show SUNDAY 12 NO ° N P< W> T> Brought to you by J|*UMARK Greeting Cords 1

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