The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 1, 1936 · Page 10
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 10

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1936
Page 10
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\ ./', ' __ -. ; V V-' -,'\,»\ * •'«"'' t ->* ; >',)Y•'f ; "'^ i"'.'-''' 1 * ''''"'•"' ""'' ' : ' '• "'. *' '^"'''v','" V^; 'i'""' 1 •''"; '•'•?x < v-'- ) .' ","'"',•'' v ",'" "''Vi '"' ';. V u '"H^ "'.I'' ' i -',','•"<•<;. ' , ,„• - - ~ '.',*,- - $ ' '' -• , , ", J V 1 ~> ! ' 10 THE BAKKRSP1BLD CAUPOltNU^, THUBSbAt,, OCTOBER 1,1046 NATIONAL MARKET Phone 4812 Nineteenth and Baker FREE DELIVERY v SPECIALS—FRIDAY TO MONDAY can. 2 3 Del Monte Sliced Pineapple..No. 2'/ 2 can Del Monte Fruit . Salad No. 2!/ 2t V:an Del Monte Sugar Peas, No. 2 tall.. Wellman's Sauerkraut, No. 2>/3 can El Camlno Tomatoes, No. 2J/;. can. Silver Thistle Asparagus square can Phillip's Pork and Beans No. 2\' 2 can Wellman's Peanut Butter 2-lb. Jsr Armour's Corned Beef can Mission Tuna Fontana's Mushroom Gravy Pink Salmon, No. 2 tnll can I8c 2 3 cans cans 28c 25c 25c 25c I Oc 35c I5c 23c 25c lOc Zee Toilet Tissue Blue Label Karo Syrup, 5-1 b. can 3fio; tO-lb. can Powdered or *} Brown Sugar *• pkgs, White Eagle Soap Chips 6-lb. box Purex, half-gallon King City Pink In Beans »W Fontana's Egg Noodles,... Mb, pkg. Blsqulck, pkfl Ibs. I6c 29c !6c 45c I7c 28c FREE Relish Dlih or Sandwich Tray. Ask About It. We Insist—and You Have Often Read Golden Crust and Butternut —Is the Best of Bread FLOUR Drifted Snow La' Esplga 10 Ibs 46c 241/2 Ib* 89c Ibs 98c 40 lb« .$1.36 First Quality Eastern Sugar-Cured Of* A Ham, whole Ib. (CUB Baby Leg of Lamb Ib. I7c Picnic Shoulder Cut Pork Roast Ib. Lean Pork OK A Steak Ib. fcllto Fresh Pig R r Head Ib. WW Eastern Dry Salt OO*» Pork Ib. fcfcU Our Sugar-Cured Bacon Squares Ib. Young BEEF ROAST Chuck II). 12'/,o Cro»» nib Ib. I flu flump or Prime Rib Ib. 1flc STEAK SIRLOIN Ib. 22o CHUCK Ib. IBo MOUND OR BWI86 Ib. 2Bt Fancy YOUNG MUTTON Leg IU. 1Bc Chop* Ib. 15o Slew Ib. 6c FRESH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES Hubbard's Squash Ib. Be Rhubarb 3 Iba, 10c Utah Celery Ige. italk 60 Sweet Corn 4 enra 10c Kentucky Wonder String Beano 2 Iba. 15c Tomatoes, Fancy 3 Iba. 10o Coast Lettuce, Ige. head, 2-16c Bell Peppers Ib. 5o Lima Beana 0 Ibs. 2Bc Stockton Potatoes 2B-lb. bag 60o Bellefletir Apples, Large Size, 10 Ibs. lOo box 69o Bananas A Ibs. I9o ICE COLD BEER True O 9Q A Case QQ^ Blue W cnnsfcJIw of 2'1 . . . U«U Regal O OR« Case Ol QQ Amber. . Vbota. *«*B of 21 V » •«»*» PLUS DEPOSIT WINES Muecatel or Port Gal. $1.05 'i gnl. 69c SCHULER'S PALMS DRIVE-IN MARKET Chester at California SPKCIALS FOIl THURSDAY, FRIDAY. SATURDAY Free Delivery. Telephone 11171 Order Early and Receive Your Deliveries Before the Parade Saturday Morning' THANK YOU. UUTTKR, JTTEK. A Q ^ fir8lKrudc...]b.fiOC ISCJGS—-Medium; Cusu I/oiua; SUGAR— Pure Cane; cloth' bag ...... OOC CRACK 1JUS... Libby's PINEAIM'MC— Sliced; 9 OQ 21/fS.... Lt for Oil C PEACH US— Sunblesl; halves O 2 \/ t cans O for COFFEE— rtrr s & w ..... ib. L ( C 2-lb. can Mr SCOT O 90 TISSUE O for Zip C PEARS— \\i\v\- letta ..... 1 Ibs. APPLES. 9 Ibs. EGG- r PLANT ..... each OC Burbunk Potatoes. .0 Ibs. CUCUMBERS .3 for 5c Large {* LETTUCE... each DC Tomato I'urco; 1 A^» I'ark; 2'/i LUC Thompson's MALTED 'MILK; l-lb. can Pon, Pencil Set Free TOMATO SAUCK SunbloHt 6 f ,,,23c UBIJY'S TOMATO 4r,,,29c WHITK KINfi: package. . WOODIHJUY'S SOAP 3 for 25C Sliced HAl'ON Ib. Shoulder VKAI, 1 Q _ KOAST Ib. IOC (i round HAMUUHGKU 2H..29C UREAST OF -| O ~ VEA1 Ib. IOC HOUND STEAK Ib. Advertisers In This Paper Promote Their Products Sincerely and Truthfully. Follow Them and Learn How to Pick "Plums." DRUNK ALIENS DENIED PAPER /United Prat Leoied Wire) T-TAJITFORD, Conn., Oct. \ f — XJ> Hereafter citizenship papers cannol bo obtained here for allcnw who have been convicted of driving while Intoxicated, Judge Edwin S. Thomdn hatt re- ftiBcd several applicants, stating that flro years must clnpsc between the end of the Hcntencc in such a cane and tho consideration of a petition for citizenship. KISH ON FRIDAY LIKBLY KAN FRANCISCO, Oct. I, (U. P.) Dnngor ot a fluhless Friday In San Fruw.'luco appeared remote today as Milton Maxwell, secretary of tho butchers union, announced striking flnli butchers and teamsters Would not appear lo Interfere With shipment" of flub from Seattle, Monterey unfl Hanta Cruz. TWO SEAMI5N DROWNED HISATTM-;, Oct. 1. U, P.>--Wllh two members of her crew drowned In Alaska's treacherous Bering Koa, I ho U. H. K. Surveyor of tho Coast Ocodotln Hurvoy raced a Hficl trip home today. Lieutenant M. II. Hccso, 32, Florida, and Quurtermas- tor Max Mi'LnpH, 32, Edmonds, Wnsh,, \vi>rc the men lost. Schilling lialkingf Powder for Jiner baking JAPANESE ARREST Vaugh/i Mef sling Freed Soon; Held iii Connection With Taking Photographs (United 1'reni Letitid Wire) SHANGHAI, Oct. 3.—Vaughn Melflllng, former Ix» Angeles newspaper man and now a reporter for thb North China Dally Newn, Was arrested by Japanese military officers near tho Uongkew police station of tho International settlement today. Ho was taken Into custody while accompanying a photographer who apparently was taking pictures of Japanese jjluejackots erecting bjrbod wire entanglements near tho settlement. ' • Released Iwo hours later, Mels- ling ut first refused to surrender tho films. M.nlsllng, a naturalized'American, Is the son of a prominent Copon- hngi'r doctor, Augn Metaling. Metaling reported his detention to tho U. H. consulate-general. When ho finally turned tho films over to Japanese officials they promised to return any of them which wore not "objectionable." Tho'Japnncsc, Afolsllng snld, manhandled tho photographer but treated him respectfully. Tho American newspaper man Is a graduate of Harvard and worked In tho United t<lale» on the New Orleans Tlmos-Plcayuno, tho Richmond NewH-Lcader, tho Los Angeles Examiner, the Han Francisco Chronicle and tho Philadelphia Bulletin. HOY KU1CR, 15, (MOUNDKD LONDON. Out., Oct. 1. (U. P.V~ Frank Vinos, 15, tho youngest filer In Ontario, has been grounded because of his age. The youth tins 80 hours of solo flying, but must wait until ho Is 17 before he can obtain a pilot's )lcon«o. Meanwhile, ho has boon forbidden to make further Holo flights. SHOTTING fltA^SA^LANTIC PLANfe ON ftS "\Vbon the Aeolus and Zephlr, Oerman planes that successfully flow the Atlantic by way of the Azores, tako off on a flight, the start looks like this scene,.pictured at City' Island, New York, during practice launchlngs. Tho .Zephlr has Just been catapulted from tho deck' of the 8. 8, Schwabenland. ' -^t*- - v . T. ,g5su<.<!<., Wants Big 1 SAN F&ANCISCd, Oot ii Norman Thomtui, Socialist candidate tor President,, indicates he doe* Jtot < ' expect to be elected in NovomberrhS „ says he believed the size . of , the, . Socialist vote may determine tho extent to which tho victorious party will Rwlng toward the left in tho next four years. "Tho Digger tho Socialist vote in. 1880," he predicted in a c&inpaign ' address here, "tho farther to the left' will the victor-Mslther Republican or Democrat — move in the next four years." — ..... .*»« . DIRECTOR Off ATHLETICS DIBS CHAMPAIGN, 111., Oct,l..(A. P.)—' George Huff, 64, director of athletl- lea at the University of Illinois for tho past 35 years, died today, following an Illness of five days. NONOGKiNAttlAN GLOOMY LO8 ANGELES, Oct. I. (A. P.)— From tho perspective of 05 years, Dr. Joseph P. Wldney, nonagenarian former president of the'-University of Southern California, views the world a« a "graveyard of broken- down civilizations." . ««» •EDUCATION \VKKK NOV. 1) WASHINGTON, Oct. 1. (A. P.)— Hailing the Improvement In American education In recent years, President. Hoo'sevelt today 'proclaimed tho Week, beginning November 0, as American Education Week. '4 • > • • WOMAN TO SI8EK NEW TRIAL SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 1. (U. P.) Miss Nola McMInn, through her at' tprncys, announced today she will seek a new trial "within throe or four days," followfng a Jury's 8-3 vote yesterday that Tom Kyne, betting commissioner, is riot tho father of her 7-months-old son. BIG SARDINE YEAR PLANNED PITTSBURG, Oct. 1. (U; P.)— Pacific coast sardines are facing tho hardest year of their lives. >Ono single packing concern has announced Its Intention of making a record-breaking pack for 1036 of $2,400,000 worth of sardines and byproducts. GREEN ALWAYS A LEAP AHEAD III ARKET PLENTY PARKING Corner California and Chester Avenue PLENTY PARKING Specials for Friday and Saturday, October 2 and 3 TURNIPS, Young, Tender .... RHUBARB, Fancy Cherry .... RADISHES, Firm, Crisp . . . MUSTARD GREENS BELL PEPPERS for Stuff ing . . . EGGPLANT, Fancy Local .... CUCUMBERS, Fancy Long Green . SHORT RIBS Ideal to bake, boll or stew. Something you will enjoy. Ib. 15 SPARE RIBS A real treat with aweet potatoes. Ib. 23 POT ROAST Center shoulder cuts, from choice selected- steers. Ib. 17 SIRLOIN STEAKS From Choice Selected Steer Beef Cut to Order if Desired Ib. 29 KELLOOQ'S CORNFLAKES, pkg. 7c DEL MONTE CATSUP . Ig. bottle lie MILL8DALE No, Z'.V CAN PINEAPPLE . . . . 15c RUN BLEST No. t CAN FRUIT COCKTAIL . 12 ic DHL MONTE No. 1 CAN TOMATO JUICE 3 for 20c 8-lb. Pail 85 TABLK UURBN No. ? CAN Grapefruit Juice EXPORT No. I CAN Pink Salmon . . PALACIS Corn ....... OUR CHOICE No. 8!', CAN TOMATOES . . CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP canGic VAL VITA HOT SAUCE . 4 for 15c Sic Snow Flake Sodas or Grahams 2 Ib. 27 c Morton's Plain or Iodized SALT BISQUICK. . 28c Spkgs, , , ,14c I Chocolate Pudding . . Ic Total ISc HILL8 RED 2ii, s .55c,jb. 28c COFFEE MILK LIOHTHOUSE CLEANER .. 4 cans ISc ROSB GARDEN MARSHMALLOWS Mb, pkg. 25c PRIM or ZEE Tissue , , 3 for I4c FLOUR Golden sute 24i/2-lb. Sack ALTA VISTA MARKET Phone ,5800 Union Avenue and Kentucky Street LINCOLN MARKET Phone 3053 FREE DELIVERY < Twentieth and L We Open From 7;30 a. m. to 9 p. m. Daily and Sunday GROCERY SPECIALS EFFECTIVE ALL WEEK PINK BEANS a; 10 lbs.43c MILK ARMOUR'S Large Cans 6 for 39c 25-LB. SACK Golden State Flour. . 69c MORTON SALT.. 2 for 15c BLACK PEPPER . . . 4-oz. can 9c LARGE SIZE QUICK QUAKER ATS . . . . boxi9c DEVILED MEAT. 6 cans 19c 3 Packages Jcllo (Assorted), and Chocolate Pudding Deal 2-lb. Jar JAM . .each 25c U. S. NO. 1 EGGS (medium). doz.29c K. C. LARGE: BAKING POWDER. can 17c 2-lb. COCOA . . can 14k 1-LB. PACKAGE FRESH MARSHMALLOWS . MEDIUM PORK and BEANS.3for 19c PUREE TOMATO . . 4 for 25c DEL MONTE PUMPKIN No. Size Scans 28c New Size—New Pack—20-oz. tall CAMPBELL'S TOMATO JUICE Can IOC FRESH GROUND Special Blend . . Ib, Blue Bag Ib, 22c COFFEE 15c CHOCOLATI MALTID MILK FREE! Rot* Crystal RELISH DISH or SANDWICH TRAY FOR 24 LARGE or 48 SMALL SEGO MILK coupons 6 (.r 42 c TWO POUNDS Crackers... 23c TWO-POUND JAR : Peanut Butter 27c Tomato Sauce 6 for . . 19c FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY MEAT VALUES RIND OFF REXBACON4-lb.pkg.17c BEEF ROAST Chuck , Ib, He Cross Rib Ib, I5o STEAKS T'Boni (Ttndtr) , , Ib, 23o Shouldir . i . . • Ib, I Be Ground Round ... Ib. I8o Wieners, Ib..... 1 CM I Bulk Bauer- IOC kraut 2 Ibs. LEAN SALT PORK . . . lb.19c 8-LB. PAIL SHORTENING .. each 83c FRESH VEGETABLES SOLID COAST LETTUCE .... each 5c BURBANK CHOICE POTATOES . 25-lb. sk. 49c COAST TOMATOES .. 4lbs.10c EXTRA FANCY PACK LEMONS . . . 2doz.19c NANCY HALL YAMS, SWEET POTATOES . . 5lbs.15c SWEET, REP ONIONS 6lbs.10c LIQUORS, BEER AND WINES WINE GIN . . pint Me * JSffii" 1 ™ « MncWn WHISKY (lint BOc B«K . . . J Cans Ac Paul Jones AZTEC . Pint , , , , $1,39 PABST . 4 bottes 25c 2 cans 25c Sherry,. Muscatel, Angal* loa, Tokay, Port, and Sauterne, „ Barton " "? ' < i * ''.'*. ;• f, ' • ,»•' ^

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