The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 12, 1938 · Page 3
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 3

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 12, 1938
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1938. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. HEARD AGAIN WILL HEAD FIRST HOSE Nominations of Officers Held on Monday Evening Members o£ the First Hose Fire Company on Monday nominated the following officers to be elected next Monday night: President. C. Edward Heard; vice- president (vote for 2) Chas. L. Mobley and John H. Burger; secretary, Ross F Kountz; treasurer, W. Edward Helmet; standing committee, (vote for 5), W. Edward Heimel, Charles L Mobley, Harry B. Fiery, H. H. Schindel, Fred C. Keedy and Edward Oswald, Sr.; foreman, A. K. McGraw; assistant foremen (vote for 2), Joseph , K. Tosten, Donald Maisack, Max Smith; chief pipeman, (vote for MEN LOVE GIRLS WITH PEP If you are peppy and full of fun, men will Invite you to daDces and parties. BUT, if you •re cross, lifeless and tired, men won't be Interested. Men don't like "quiet" girls. For three generations one woman nas told another how to go "smiling through" with Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. It helps Nature tone up the system, thus lossrn- Ing the discomforts from the functional disorders which women must endure. Make a note NOW to get a bottle of world- famous Pinkham's Compound today WITHOUT FAIL from your druggist—more than » million women have written in letters reporting benefit. Why not try LYDIA E. PINKHAM'S VEGETABLE COMPOUND? ABLO WATERPROOFING Ends Dump IVnlls BETTER HOMES, Inc. 14 S. Potomac St. IMione 3*6 with jamoia and EXCLUSIVE BSVERTIBLE DUO-DISC AGITATOR Only the AUTOMATIC Washer offers this extremely useful feature— the Two Best Washing: Principles combined in one washer. Washes a Few Pieces or Tubful in Either Washing Position Small Down Payment Balance as Low as 15c a Day Modern Appliances, lnc ' 40 S. Potomac St. Phone 2565 for Demonstration 1), James Bowman am\ H. lj. Fein or; assistant plpemer. (voto'for 4) Adrian Buckingham. Jack Zolleri Clarence Gossard, Karl Fciser am Ulaggett Spk'.miui. The- election nex'. Monday wil follow the regula meeting sched uled for 7:30 o'cloct. The company on Monday ac knowledged with grateful thanks receipt of a check for $25 from Thomas W. Pangborn. CHARLTON LETTER Charlton, Jan. 10. Mr. and Mrs. Korl Miles mov ed from Clearsprlng to the Frank Misli farm at Ashton. Miss Sadie McKee visted he sister, Mrs. Howard Sannders, AVil lir.msport. Mrs. Howard Ankeney visited he. brother, .Frank Davis and family Two Locks. Mrs. Samuel Boyd and son, Mer ritt, who have been ill, are il proved. George Grove has an infectt foot as a result of being kicked by a horse. Harry Shank, who had been ser ionsly ill. is about to be out. Mrs. Adam Palmer, who ha been visiting Mrs. Albert Palmei has returned to her home in Mid dletown, 0. Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Myers visitei her sister, Mrs. Earl Miles, Ash' ton. William Hawbaker was injurec when kicked by a horse. He wai taken to the hospital. Miss Elaine Small has returnee home after visiting her aunt, Mrs Victor Clark. Miss Ann- Tederick, who hai been a patient at the Washington County Hospital returned horn much improved, grippe. Clayton Shupp visited Mr. am Mrs. Harry Small, Two Locks. DENIES CHARGES. Buffalo, N. Y., Jan. 11, (IP).— The Ford Motor Company, befof. the National Labor Relations Boar here today, denied charges that it had acted to discourage union activity in its Buffalo semhly plant. A complaint, issued by the NLR! December 31, contained charges that the company had let 16 em- ployes go for union acticity. Don't Neglect Your Child's Cold Don't let chest colds or croupy coughs go untreated. Rub Children's Musterole on child's throat and chest at once. This milder form of regular Musterole penetrates, warms, and stimulates local circulation. Floods the bronchial tubes with its soothing", relie^^ng vapors. Musterole brings relief naturally because it's a "counterirritant"— NOT just asalve. Recommended by many doctors and nurses. Three strengths: Regular, Children's (mild), and Extra Strong. 20% Off Suits & Overcoats JOHN D. MYERS FOR THAT COLD Rudy's Laxative Cold Capsules . . Rudy's RexaU Pharmacy Hotel Hnmtltnn Corner BENTZ and DUNN Slenderized Arch Preserver FOOTWEAR • WARNER BROS. THEATRES • MARYLAND TOMORROW IMAGINE THIS COMBINATION ...going to town In the world'* dizzittt dtnclng't th» last word Inlatt laugh* *nd iavlth entertainment ACADEMY Starts TODAY Whatever th«y lay goes. one ear and out the other! Get let to laugh... thoie merrymaker! art here again SCOH'S SCRAP BOOK By R.J. SCOTT "TWO BROOMS to 3WE A. JAPANESE<0$A A.IR.INC4 - OME-'fo ROOSTER. AHP oHt-to -ffiE.-fA.IL.- MK $PAm r flEW STAMPS -TO-APPEAL - m A YEAR. 'filJERE MAm BEE-M'KEAR-iy SO NEW 5-TAMP5 COU-1E- WE.R.E. BX.ACK.- -<HE HAME C6LUE CoAl.y OR. Bl.AC.lC oft. 'COPYRIGHT^ 193B.JUNS.FEATURES SYNDICATE. Inc. GRAB BAG. One-Minute Test. 1. What is the official name o! the World Court? 2. At what Fahrenheit temperature does water normally freeze? 3. In ley?" what state is "Death Val WASHINGTON DAYBOOK By PRESTON GROVER WASHINGTON, Jan. 11.—Notes on statesmanship. Under-new-management " ° te '• Those slinging minority opinions lhat used to be written by liberal justices Brandeis, Stone and Cardozo now may be written by conservative Justices McReynolds and Butler. Not-yet-but-soon note: Semi-ofli- cial sources which forecast, the retirement of Justices Van Devailter and Sutherland are forecasting another retirement "within a. year,' although declining to be quoted by name. * * * Plebiscite On Canines Oratorical note: Those who like their senators quiet should move to South Dakota, where they can be represented by Senator Billow. Tradition has it that only once has he been provoked to a speech, and that was when he arose during the World Court debate early in 11)35 and be said he must vote as his jonscloneo directed him—which was against adherence to the World Court. Rarely is he moved even to ask a question on the floor. Dog note: Our pet. community of Greenbelt, founded by Rex Tugwell on the outskirts of Washington, has deferred until spring its plebiscite on whether to have clogs or remain dogless. The 200 families now settled there decided the iOO families yet to come in should [lave a voice. Utopia note: "I have never vexed the ears of the Senate respecting budget balancing,' because all of is are sent hero to get. all we can ind thus unbalance the budget. • Words of Wisdom. Nothing is more deceitful than statements that what we need in politics is the business man.—William Howard Tart. Today's Horoscope. Many persons whose birthday occurs today have great physical endurance. They excel in outdoor sports. At Job Probe Isador Luhln, commissioner of labor statistics for the Department of Labor, is shown as he testified in Washington before a special Senate committee, studying the unemployment situation. Hints on Etiquette. It Is very discourteous to refuse an invitation without adequate excuse. offering an One-Minute Test Answers. 1. The Permanent Court of lernational Justice. 2. Thirty-one to 32 degrees. 3. California. In- former treasury secretary, said this: "When I was a cabinet officer I felt, of course, that the Senate was a distinctly inferior body, and I could not understand why Mr. Glass wanted to leave a position of such distinction to become a member of this 'inferior organization, f wish to say now that I am a member of the Senate, that my views have entirely changed, and that my present conviction is that no cabinet officer should ever be considered superior to any Individual senator, much less the superior of the Senate itself." (Supplemental note: Senators get $10,000 a year. Cabinet officers get $12,000 and outrank senators diplomatically and In the line of Presidential succession.) Experiments in extracting oil from coal are being carried on in laboratories of the U. S. Bureau of Mines, IMPROVEMENT SEEN BY BANK CHAIRMAN Jos. H. Perkins Discusses Causes of the Present Recession New York, Jan. 11 (/P)— Complete recovery from tile present depression depends on solution of a number of problems, but already improvement is in sight, James 11. Perkins, chairman of the National City Hank of New York, and City Bank Farmers Trust Co., asserted in his report to stockholders today. He listed as causes of the slump stoeking-np of inventories last spring, increased cost of production through taxation and added wage burdens, the endiii' of inflationary support previously given by the government's deficit, financing and "the effect of existing uncertainties in retarding the flow of savings into new industries and private enterprise." Taking the situation as a whole, Perkins said, the essential need is for "the cooperative efforts of capital and labor." "Acting together," he asserted, "they can do much to restore order in the economic organization, reestablish the confidence of the investor, and forestall the demand for legislative actions which are frequently harmful to their effects." NO LUNCHEON DATES Pittsburgh, Jan. 11, W). — Schenley high school students voted 1,419 to 807 against combining the boys and girls lunchrooms. The girls' votes did it; they -were two to one against the idea. The explanation came from one shy co-ed: "There ought to be one time in the day when the girls can be alone." FOUNTAIN STRAIN Des Moines, la., Jan. H (/P) —Corn even grows in drinking fountains out in Iowa, the tall corn state. Workmen tearing down a theater fountain discovered five 10-inch stalks of field corn growing in the Pipe. DANGEROUS It Is dangerous to sell a SUBSTITUTE for 666 just to make three op four cents more. Customers are your best assets; lose them and you lose your business. 666 is worth three or four times as much as a SUBSTITUTE. SECOND NATIONAL It's Old Enough To Speak For Itself FIVE ASTAIRE FLANKED BY ' BURNS AND ALLEN IN "DAMSEL IN DISTRESS" Love, lyrics and laughter are combined In Fred ABtalre's new-starring film with George Burns and Grade Allen, "A Drmsel In Distress," which opens tomorrow at the Maryland Theatre, featuring Gershwin Hongs, spectacular dance routines and a P. G. Wodehouse story. A complicated romance between a highly-publicized American dancer and a titled English girl trying to avoid a loveless marriage comprises the theme of the story. The complications enter when not only the friends and relatives of the pair take opposing sides in the matter but the servants at the girl's castle also try to influence the pair. I,ynne Overman and Muriel Hutchison, two of the "Partners in Crime" in tlic comedy so titled, showing today and tomorrow at the Academy Theatre, appear above. It's a yarn of political tomfoolery, featuring Overman, Roscoe Kama, Miss Hutchison and Inez Courtney. OFFERINGS AT THEATRES 'ALL AMERICAN SWEETHEART" SHOWING TODAY AT HENRY'S THEATRE College youth has its fling in Columbia Pictures' sparkling new picture-with-music, "All American Sweetheart," showing today only at Henry's Theatre. A music-aniHhrill-ailed story of college "fe, "All American Sweetheart" capitalizes oji the red- blooded sport of crew racing and •eveals all the .secrets, of training, etc. Then, too, there are songs and college romances, bright comedy and college dances. And thrown in for an added measure of thrills is a gripping counter-plot of vicious mobsters who try to muscle-In on college athletics and 'make it a gamble, but who are' defeated by the bold daring and keen minds of college youth RELIEVE DISCOMFORT OF COLDS-demand st.Josepti GENUINE PURE ASPIRIN Get dependable relief with Sfc Joseph genuine pure Aspirin—as pure as money can buy. Demand St. Joseph—world's largest seller at lOc. Sold by dealers everywhere. Estate HEATROLAS Phone 2041 CARVER'S 32-34 N. Potomac St. WINDOW SHADES WALL PAPER R. M. HAYS & BROS. 28-30 W. Washington St. rrr=r=r=r= Aladdin Lamps $4.95 up HARRYS-MYERS RIMLESS GLASSES - COMPLETE - ONLY Credit if nountIM, only J"""^.^itVlc. _. , j yon can a If ord to nay- Desired AII »oia by Oculists' Hcriptions p r e „„.., nlleii. Broken lenses and frnn CONTINUOUS 11 A.M. to 11 P.M. THEATRE TODAY ONLY RHYTHM ROCKING ROWING ROMANCE! Plui • Leon Enrol Comedy • Newt M«t. 10c • 20c — Nile 16c • 26o Our constituents demand that we 'unbalance' the budget by securing appropriations. Only if and when Senator A or Senator X rises and says, 'Mr. President, as to that particular appropriation for my state, I am opposed thereto,' will we balance the budget. If only, and when, the senators from the state affected rise and object to appropriations for their state shall we have a balanced budget."—Senator Ashnrst of Arizona. McAdoo Changes His Mind , Fame note: When a letter came to Washington addressed to "Hell- Raising Senator, United States Senate, Washington, D. C.," it was delivered to Senator Rush D. Holt of West Virginia. It was from West Alexander, Pa. We don't know what it said. Backpat note: Senator McAdoo of California, wartime secretary of the treasury, paying tribute to Senator Glass of Virginia, also a 20% Off All Clothing MUSEY & EVANS 59 West Washinaton Street BUY YOUR COAL —FROM- CUSHWAS' Phone 2200 and get THE BEST am an advertising man For over thirty years I have been writing advertisements for national advertisers — shoes, soap, cereals, automobiles, radios, tobacco, blankets, tooth-powder. To me it is the most fascinating work in the world — learning about the merits of merchandise and then telling people about them — bringing greater comfort, and enjoyment,' into people's lives — introducing people to new pleasures, helping them to get the most for their money. Besides being fascinating, it is satisfying. My intimate experience with advertisers has shown me that, except for rare exceptions, the manufacturers and merchants of this nation lean over backwards to be sincere and honest. The law of advertising is simple once one understands its working — the more people know about the merit of a product, the more people buy it. The greater the volume of sales, the less the cost to manufacture. Savings in making mean either lower prices to the consumer or greater value put back into the merchandise. As an advertising man I can sincerely affirm that it pays to read the advertisements in the newspapers— for news of new things, for news of bargains and savings. There are thousands of other men — and women — devoting their lives to advertising writing, who will tell you the same thing. They know!

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