The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 12, 1938 · Page 1
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 1

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 12, 1938
Page 1
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THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. FEDERATION CLUBS TO BACK CAMPAIGN PERSONAL MENTION OUR DAILY PATTERN January 31 Set Aside for Statewide Cancer Control Fund Day Miss Grace Wilson returned last Mr. and Mrs. William Routzahn, of Oklahoma City, Otlo., are visit- Joseph C. Byron, South Prospect street. WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 12, 1938. Club News ing Marjorio C. Routzahn, East Washington street. Mrs. Byron C. Grimes, who has been ill with pneumonia, has been removed from the hospital to her home in Montelair, N. J., and continues to improve. Mrs. Grimes' was prior to her marriage, Miss Betsy Schaibley. Mrs. Charles' Schalbley, South Prospect street, is •with her daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Lanks, of Washington, Frances Lerch, C., and Mis, Reading, Pa., were.the week-end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Charles If. Byerly, Oak Hill avenue. Mrs. Norman B. Kur'zenknabe, West Washington street, has been visiting in Harrisburg, Pa. Mrs. James Causher, Jr., Washington avenue, is a patient at'the Washington County Hospital where she underwent a major operation. * Miss Dorothy McCoy, West Wash- legion street, Is spending a week in Harrisburg with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hoi- linger. Miss Agnes M. Hawken, of Fairfax County, Va., la visiting Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Hawken at Williamsport. DOES YOUR GOLD "LIE HEAVY" ON YOUR CHEST? If the discomforting "tight feeling" of a miserable chest cold is robbing you of needed rest, do this tonight Rub your chest with Pene- tro at bedtime. Fenetro helps to create a natural "warming" action that eases the tightness, brings comforting relief. Penetro is the only salve that has a base of old- fashioned mutton suet together wttb. 113% to 227% more medication than any other nationally sold cold salve. 35c jar contains twice 2Sc size. For children and adults, rub with stainless, snow-white Pen- etro. Be sure to demand Penetro. Mrs. Ernest Finniff, who has been 111 for the past week at her home on North Locust street, is slowly recovering. Miss Mildred Fessler and Miss Isabella Suter are spending 'two weeks with the latter's sister in Richmond, Va. The prevalence of cancer and the well-known depredations caused by the disease, are matters too well known to require amplification. Added the prohibitive cos of radium Involved in cancer cure small" wonder that the very name of cancer is terrifying. The Maryland Federation of Women's Clubs, in support of a campaign launched by the General Federation of Women's Clubs, has set aside January 31 as a state-wide Cancer Control Fund Day. All the clubs over the length and breadth of the' state will devote that day to luncheons or teas, at which sums will be raised for the Maryland fund. Some clubs will communal affairs. assemble In Larger clubs of Individual own homes. G. B. Alexander, superintendent of the Baltimore National Cemetery, who formerly resided in this city,. Is a patient at the Marine Hospital In Baltimore due to an ulcerated stomach condition. | N. E. Cor. Public Square} New Location WOMEN'S HATS L. & B. Hat Shop Natural Bridge SHOES $5.50 ARROW SHOES 25 W. Washington St. Earl Jackson, South Locust street*, who has been seriously ill at the Washington County Hospital, is much improved. E. H. McCall, Spruce street and Garlinger avenue, is a patient at Mont Alto . Veterans Hospital, Washington, D. C. See Hagerstowri't Largest Display of Good Furniture at Reasonable Prices MEYERS & BERKSON, Inc. 41-43 W. Franklin St. Damp Wash HAGERSTOWN LAUNDRY, Inc. Phone 2550 JANUARY Prices Greatly •" Reduced! Phone 1233 THE FUR SHOP 16 E. Washington St. BIRTHDAY BALL TO BEHELDJAN.29TH Plan for President's Party Here Have. Been Set in . Motion Hagerstown people will be among :he thousands in Maryland to dance on Saturday, January 29, when the President's birthday parties will be held in .practically every community of the state. The President's birthday Is January 30 .but since that date falls on Sunday the parties will be held the preceding night. All of the money derived from these dances will be used to fight infantile paralysis. Senator George L. Radcliffe, chairman of the parties in Maryland, stressed the point that the celebrations are in no matter political or partisan, but are purely a means of raising funds to combat the dread disease. Plans for (he local party will be charge of William Preston Lane, who will appoint operative committees. In former years, the receipts from the Presidential birthday balls have been divided on a 70 30 per cent basis, 30 per cent being allocated to the national fund for research and 70 per cent being turned over to children's hospitals and similar institutions in the communities in which the funds were raised. This year the proceeds from ail of the parties throughout the United States will will have a series hostesses in their Guests will include not only Federation members, but all socially- minded people who will wish to contribute their share. Mrs. Charles O. Applemmi, of College Park, state chairman of Public Health, Maryland Federation of Women's Clubs, Is directing the campaign. While tho majority of women throughout Maryland will be meeting on tho same day, at the same hour to offer their contributions for the purpose of alleviating the evil of cancer,'the Columbia Broadcasting Company, from its station at the University of Maryland, has granted the Maryland Federation, the period from 2:30 to 3 o'clock on January 31 for a program, to which all hostesses and guests will join in listening. The fund is to be applied to the purchase of radium for the clinic connected with the University of Maryland. STUDENTS JOIN "FRATS" Four local boys were anioug tho forty students to be tapped by fraternities at Western Maryland College. Bill Burroughs, Robert Hahn and Henry Triesler accepted bids to Alpha Gamma Tail. Arnold Fleagle became a pledge of Gamma Beta Chi. Fraternity initiations will begin in the near future. Burroughs Is one of the only two freshmen to make the varsity basketball team. Pie played in the Frostburg game and 'will pronablly see action In the Washington College game this Saturday. Bob Hahn plays for the junior varsity basketball team. Bright Crepe Dress Brightens Winter Wardrobe Wearable All Spring By ELLEN WORTH Soft gathered fulness 'neath the smart round yoko makes this aqua blue dress both unusual and youthful. . Note particularly the high neckline with miniature short collar of printed crepe.. .matches tho crushed girdle. The bracelet length sleeves are very popular... however, the model provides for shorter and wrist-length. Prine crepe is another delightful scheme with crisp white embroidered organdie collar. Style No. 3925 is designed for sizes 11, 33, 15, IS and 39 years. Size 15 requires 3 1-8 yards of 39- inch material with 1-2 half yard of 35-Inch contrasting. Price of PATTERN 16 cents (coll Is preferred). Wrap coin carefully. Pattern Mall .Address: N. y. Pat. tern Bureau The Morning Herald Suite 1110, 220 East 42nd Street' New York, N. I. COMEDY WILL BE STAGEDJONIGHT "Climbing Roses" to Be Presented at St. Paul's U. B. Church This evening, amid the environment ot winter, an expected capacity audience will witness for their approval a summer spectacle, "Climbing Hoses." Committees have centered their attention on the last-minute arrangements to make the first production of the new year of the Amateur Workshop, an enjoyable entertainment, long'to be remembered by Us audiences. The play is a three-act dramatic comedy written by Eugene G. Hafera nd its many enticing moments and unexpected deceptions prove It worthy of the merits many critics have given it. The cast have proven themselves well qualified for the respective characterizations and lend toward a more dramatic presentation. The director, Miss Anna Garlock, acting in a capable advisory capacity, has polished the critical points to provide a most humorous and enjoyable evening. The play will be presented this evening nt SI. Paul's United Brethren Sunday School and curtain time is 8 o'clock. By popular request, the play shall be reproduced next week in Quincy, Pennsylvania. SIMPLE HOME TESTS MAY BE USED TO IDENTIFY FABRICS New weaves and mixtures q; libers often complicate the problem of shopping for clothes. Many of the new fabrics baffle the shopper who wants to know what li- bers, and what proportion of each, they contain. According to Miss Helen Shelby, clothing specialist for the University of Maryland Extension Service, the best aid to identifying fabrics Is a label that gives clear and complete Information. Lacking labels, shoppers may use a few simple tests at home which Will help them to know what they are buying. t The burning test is one way of telling whether material is pure- dye silk, weighted silk, or synthetic like rayon. Fray both lengthwise and crosswise threads in a sample of the goods and apply a lighted match. Pure-dye silk burns with an odor of burning hair and forms tiny black balls. Silk heav- ily weighted with metal leaves a black, crisp skeleton of the weave rather than black balls. Synthetics appear to melt as they burn, give off a slight pungent odor, and leav a hard, glassy-looking ash. The lye test helps distinguish between animal and vegetable fibers and is useful in finding how much silk or wool out just a fabric contains. Boll the sample of the goods for ten minutes in a mixture of one pint of water and one tablespoonful of lye. After this boiling, all the silk or wool will have disappeared, leaving any cotton; linen or synthetic that the fabric may have contained. Miss Shelby warns that the user of lye should be extremely careful in handling the material as it will burn, the skin. To learn whether a synthetic is in acetate rayon . or contains any acetate, drop the sample into ace,one or fingernail polish remover, which will dissolve all acetate. Strt« Addr«K Cltj Stylo be turned over to the non-political non-partisan board of men, well known throughout the country, to form a fund to combat infantile paralysis wherever and whenever an epidemic breaks out, to maintain research activities in the disease, and to give funds to institutions where infantile paralysis is treated. This plan has been indorsed by leading physicians and doctors throughout the United States. MARRIAGE LICENSES Wilbur C, Feaster, 34, Hagerstown, Margaret N. Boerner, 28, Waynesboro. Howard T. Lockhart, 26, Front Royal, Va., Hcba B. Rose, 13, Hagerstown. Worth. G. Bean, 21, Ha/.ol M. Kline, 20, Hagerstown. V. Harold Williams, 25, Hagerstown, Alma L. Young, 20, Williamsport. Harvey B. Funk, 21, Maryland B. Eyler, 18, Cumberland. Rufus H. Campbell, 42, Newton Hamilton, Pa., Ruth L. Cutter, 20, Midlothian. Melvin L. McLain to Address Literary Luncheon James L. McLain, head of the choral music department at American University, will be the speaker on Friday, January 14, at the literary luncheon of the Women's Club. He will have "Romantic Opera as the title of his lecture which will be Illustrated with piano selections. Mr. McLain is a graduate of George "Washington University and Peabocly Conservatory oC Music. He studied in New York under Me- Call Lanham and while residing there was the organist at the Asbury Park Mothodlst church. He is a teacher of music in,this .city and organist at St. Paul's Methodist Black With Stripes church. Reservations for the luncheon Riley, 21, Harpers Ferry, W. Va., Zella S. Hart, 18, White Hall. HOBBY BECOMES BUSINESS Before the Russian revolution, Prince Matchabelli, member of the old nobility, created perfumes as a hobby, naming them for lovely ladies of the European courts who provided him with Inspiration. After the change In government, the prince came to Ameirica and was forced to earn his own living He, therefore, used bis knowledge of chemistry which he had formerly used as a hobby to make a living in tho new world. 25% Reduction WARD'S MASTER . Cast Iron Furnaces ( This Week Only ) Juit two alzeg left for this «als, 22" and 24"'. Come In «nd (jet our low prlcei before you buy. MONTGOMERY WARD BEDROOM LIGHTING Have your dressing tables adequately mirrored and well lighted. Don't put a dinky little mirror on a dressing table just because you have it or because it is "attractive." And don't use too small or too short lamps on the dressing table. Instead use a mirror o£ adequate size, and have the light preferably above the mirror and directed down on the user. If you are building a house try to persuade the architect to design the bedrooms so that the beds will not have to be placed where they face the glaring morning light. I say "try to persuade" advisedly, for I've known very few architects who consider this important detail —by being persuaded, cajoled or threatened. If your house is built and this difllcully presents itself, try to overcome it by using Vene- may bo made at the club or with members of the literary committee by Thursday evening, January 13. Tournament Opens. The bridge tournament which Morton Heckert, nationally famous bridge expert, will conduct at the club begins today at 2 o'clock and will continue for ten consecutive Wednesdays. Mr. Heckert will lecture briefly before each afternoon's play. tian blinds nature, or blinds of similar by opaque window shades. Or buy night eye-shades! —Helen TJfford view-Delineator. in Pictorial Re- K ITCH EN SHOWER Miss Olive M. Anderson, Waynesboro, whose marriage STYLE WHIMSIES The alliance o£ lightweight suede with wool, tweed and knitwear has been one of the highlights of the present season. Pockets and collar of a smart tan tweed suit are of harvest rust suede; jet black suede panels from top to bottom grace one of the smartest of black winter coats. Even for evening suede is in evidenc", a blue suede bolero topping a slim black dinner dress. USEFUL HINTS Chicken fat may be substituted for butter in cakes and cookies or for creaming or browning foods. Beef drippings may be used for seasoning sauces, meat or fowl stuffings, or in meat loaves. Mr. Bennett Heads Reformed Society Frank Bennett was re-elected president of the Zion Reformed Society held Monday evening at the parsonage. Other officers named-were: First vice-president, William B. Hicks; second vice-president,' Mrs. Lee Staley; secretary, Mrs. Anna Young and treasurer, Mrs. John Wagaman. . A musical program was rendered during Ihe evening by the following: Violin solo, Octavia Miller, accompanied by Audrey DeGrange; Mrs. Marlon Seal and Dorothy and Evelyn Heckman. MARRIAGE COLORS An old Lancashire rhyme concerning the color of the wedding gown runs as follows: Married in white, you have chosen all right. Married in gray, you will go far away. Married in black, you will wish yourself back. Married In red, you will wish yourself dead. Married in green, ashamed to be seen. Married in blue, he'Will always be true. Married in pearl, you will live in a whirl. Married in yellow, ashamed of your fellow. Married in brown, you will live out of town. Married in pink, your spirit will sink. Lancashire folklore objection to green is that It Is the fairies' color. The superstitious wenL so far as to banish green vegetables from the marriage feast. Evangelist Back From Shore Trip The Rev. S. H. Williamson, evan gelist In the Church of the Naza rene.anri resident of this city, wa called to conduct a special week end organization convention of his denomination in Salisbury, Md. over last Saturday and Sunday, am took with him on this occasion his wife and son. It was tho family's first visit to the Eastern Shore and although tho trip and visit were enjoyed their pleasure was creased upon their return to the more mountainous section of the State and to Hajerstown, (he ci(> of their choice. They returned home late Monday night and were greeted in their home last eveniu by Mr. and Mrs. James H. Wright and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kretzer and family. The Rev. Mr. Williamson will pend (he next several days with his family in their home on Salem avenue, when he will leave on Saturday for a united tabernacle meeting in Oakland, Md. Local Optometrist Chosen President Dr. RalpH A. Highbarger was re-elected president ot the Western Maryland Association of Optometrists at the annual dinner meeting held at the Patterson Hotel on Monday night. Other officers chosen were: vice-president, Dr. A.'c. Kliilner, of Cumberland; secretary, Dr. Ethyl B. Dantzic, Cumberland; treasurer, Dr. J. C. Mowen this city. Plans were discussed for the marking of "National Save Your Vision Week," from February 20 to 26. Scientific research has disclosed that, many automobile accidents are the direct result of faulty . vision arid a "drivers' clinic" has been proposed by the American Optometric Association. This service, If organized, : will be available to nil drivers in this vicinity. The next meeting of the Western Maryland association will be held in Cumberland on Monday, March 8. Suede for coats, suits, handbags, shoes, gloves, dress trimmings, has been developed in many charming new colors this year. Prom faraway Egypt comes a rust color termed Egyptian clay; interest in Civil War times called out Yankee blue and cavalry red; the great outdoors inspired such hues as liar- est rust, gooseberry green, wine- 'erry, gold nugget and. chestnut brown. Other favorite shades are nutmeg tan, black hawk, greyhound, buck and hockey green. BUTTER-NUT BREAD 8c or 2 for 15c At Your Grocers Hagerstown Bakery SEMI-ANNUAL OPPORTUNITY SHOE SALE $1.95 to $6.95 >'S Shoe Shop « IITO uin, n>». FIRST WOMAN ON JOB Mrs. Louise S. Steelman, o£ Montelair, N. J., is believed to he the flrst woman jury commissioner in the world. She will draw grand and petit jury panels. VICKS TRO-NOL few drops up Add sliced ripe olives to your French dressing for nsc with salad George W. Fisher, this city, will take place In the near future was given a kitchen shower on Monday evening by Miss Cleovesta Oyer at her home In Waynesboro. of crisp celery McTntosh apples. and red-cheeked Nutmeg seasons brown sugar sauce to perfection—try it on apple dumplings made, maybe, o£ Northern Spies. Shirley Ross Dinner dates demand a special type ot dress and hat. Shirley Ross, screen actress, wears a smart gown of black crepe with a bodice of roniiiu striped taffeta and a brief jacket of the crepe accented by two cut steel buttons. The hat Is a sophisticated combination of black velvet and scarlet suede with high crown and a single plume black ostrich. of ...when you can turn. the months of •waiting Into case and comfort. Avoid unnecessary pain and after regrets, by preparing your body nowlor that dear] Tiaby's coming. A mas- 1 sage medlum-and skin lubricant, called Mother's Friend, helps to, relieve and prevent:^.. ___________ _ skin tightness . . , abdominal tissue breaks -..dry skin. ..caked breasts... after delivery wrinkles. Mother'sFrlend refreshes and tones the skin, tissues and muscles. It makes them supple, pliant and elastic. It Is scientific In composition — composed or especial oils and highly beneficial In-. gredlenta— externally applied — pure and. safe. Quickly absorbed. Delightful to use. Highly praised by xisers, many doctors and nurses. Time-tested for over 60 years Millions of bottles sold. Try it tonight. Just ask any druggist for Mother's Friend. Mother's Friend — lessens the pain SPECTACULAR VALUE! 1938 Radio! All Newest Features YOU CAN SAVE time, money and trouble by buying 1 und selling 1 the Classified way. REMOVAL SALE Reductions 20% to 50% ON ENTIRE STOCK We tire moving our store to 25 South Potomac Street NEXT DOOR TO^MARYLAND THEATRE NEEDY'S JEWELRY STORE 89 W. WASHINGTON ST. (Hamilton W«tche« Excepteri) T EYESTRAIN (DOMES offlclonl, Xalnro has given MIS 110 warning of Im- pendhijr «ya trouble. So why not atop In tho Kay Jewelry Htorfl «nrt have DR. A. V. ADAMS, the registered optomc- Irlsl, Rlvn yon a thorough examination, to afto whether or ,not you nrn strnlnlnfr your eyes? He will prescribe Rlnsici only If you nonil Ihein, Kemnmber, yon don't nfiad cash, to buy your KlnnniM At Kay's — just a amiill down payment deliver*, and you bnv« a whole year In which to pay. W. WASHINGTON EVES EKnmmtD $5 Monthly | down payment .carrying charg* Reduced for This Salel Reg. Price $58.95 Sensationally reduced—It's America's biggest radio ' value! Every exciting new feature! Amazing Electric Touch Tuning — just press'a button — —there's your station! Movie Dlall High fidelity! Tuning Eye! Automatic volume control! 7 tubes! Only « fewl So hurry! Save dollars! • MONTGOMERY WARD W. WASHINGTON ST. PHONE S485

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