The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 1, 1936 · Page 7
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 7

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1936
Page 7
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4, Deleterious W Prat Oct. l,~nchennon ruh to eibtla comfal- ^not huft theiri ' pyeri milk and cherries could be eaten .Without fear of (marling up th<? diwstlye ijrotiesses» .asserted the Northwestern University medical school faculty member—with the stlpulitloh, however, that the diner partake in moderation. Doctor tiafborka lister belief In the harmfulness of such fooda when con* BUttiod together as among 1 the popular food fallacies exploded by science. ( • Fallacies, Alleges Homo other fallacies, he told a Joint jmeeU.ngr,of, two Cook county •federation's ot women's clubs, are: ; That joiilons will cure a cold. • Time celery Is a nerve tonic. That fish is a brain food, That milk 18 fattening. Thai oranges cause acid stomach. "The study of foods,"' he related, "has become increasingly important within recent years because civilization has developed an environment tbo complex either for man's brain or body. • Deterioration . "Regardless of the fact that Amor- lea has today a wider range of foods to choose from than any other nation on earth," ho said, "nutritional conditions and physical vigor of our nation have deteriorated—duo possibly to the fact that only about 10 per cent of our people eat good, well- selected foods In adequate amounts." — 4 , » State Makes War on Relief Crooks Prctt Looted SACR4MPNTO. Oct. I.—A state, wldo drive against unemployment relief roll chlselors resulted in thfe arrest of 11 persons on charges of taking relief allowances to which they wero not entitled, Controller Ray TJ. Rlley reported after checking the progress of a social audit. In the l<os Angeles district alone, two persons aro serving Jail sentences, two others have confessed and paid back tho relief advances, and three other cases are pending ris u result of a two-month investlga^ tldn, Rllcy said. "A good many persons have resigned from the relief rolls as a. result ot the arrests," Rlley reported. "We are getting the rolls down to those who arc actually in need of relief and entitled to It. "This office is receiving Bplendlc co-operation from the state relief administration and Us audit crows All information on irregularities is turned over to us for prosecution. The, administration of relief now is the best we've hd.d." With six o«Io«r'i ot the oonipany already tinder Indictment tor alleged contempt, Oi, Eugene tvey (left), Atlanta Agent for the Railway Audit and Inspection Com- Danv. refused,, on grounds that any answer might tend to Incrimi- nate him, 'to toll the Senate com* mlttco investigating- civil liberties violation8. whether ,or not ho had torn up fedofds under feubpftona. Senator Robert La FoUctte Is seen (right) .protesting vigorously against Ivey'a attitude. Political Science Expert Analyzes Trend in Europe (United Preis Leaied Wire) WOMAN KILLS BEVERLY HILLS, Oct. 1. (A..P.) Mra. Lea J. Thon-jppon, 45, died from , eating anf paste, police reported today, and left a note for her husband, B. J. Thompson, 60, retired Pittsburgh oil man. B ERTCKLB?Y, Oct. 1.—The otvU war in Spain will not precipitate a general European war, says Major General David trescott Barrows, pro- fCsaof of political science at the University of California and former president of that Institution. Doctor Barrows, an authority on European tendencies, discredits the idea that tho. Spanish struggle cannot be localized and must provoke a general European conflict. "This comes," ho says, "from an exaggerated and unwarranted view of that internationalism which teaches that a war anywhere IB everybody's war. , "Dread of a.Red Spain is behind tho "present rebellion but the group that la battling the government probably is not Fascist in the Italian or German sense. . Instead It is made up of many elements which have no common political philosophy, but are merely held together by the one common dr6ad of a Red Spain." Sharp Swing to Left Doctor BarrowR, emphasizes that this haa conic about because the government in Spain of today has passed from conservative hands to a group comprised of Socialists, Syn- dicalists and Communists. "Its tendency," he'says, "has been to swing more and moro toward an extreme revolutionary position, ovor since coming into power in 1931. "However, Ihe present struggle has a deep, historical background and Is not merely a rebellion by lr responsible factions. • It Is not a casual struggle between forces without principle or without BOUSO of their historical, position- but rather the present day pliaso of welfare be- overthrow of King Ferdinand VII clety ; that began at least with, tho overthrow of . King iTerdlnaiid VII and, tho Constitution of Cadiz In 1812." One Party Unchanged According to Doctor Barrows, the one permanent, unchanging clement in the last Century and a quarter of Spanish conflict is tho conservative party, embracing the'monarchy With its inherited preference for axito cratio power; tho nobility, owning moat of the land and long monopolizing the opportunities of life; and finally the Spanish church, reaction' ary, and long the basis of a com plote hold on the consciences and minds of an Illiterate and benighted people* Traffic Surveys Show Prosperity (Vntteit Pre»> Looted Wire) SACRAMENTO, Oct. 1. — Call fornla, as indicated by Its voluroo of highway traffic, ,has overcome tho effectH of tho recent depression. A report of the state division of highways said: "Traffic counts taken during 1985 and 1930 Indicate that the slacken Ing of traffic during tho depresslot years has been ftilty overcome. "Tho volume o£ traffic on the roads today Is practically the same an would have be6n the cose if tlio normal estimated increase of 6 per cent per year had continued from 1929 to date." •' »« » •MAJOR DISRAELI DEAD LONDON, Oct. 1. (A. K)—Majo Con Ing-shy Ralph Disraeli, 08 nephew and last male relative o England's famed prime minister died today. "touve tried the usual commercial kind Ndw try FRESH Mayonnais^ 'by JoHMJ. itt,CK,prti., Daud Maytnnaut, hf,, LoiAfi&fa Mayonotise, you'll agtce, sHouJd be/«f/5 when you bu7 it. Yet Mayonnaise makers h»te never believed this possible! This delicate perishable food Has always been n/tf likt cannnd goods, reaching you 1 to 3 months old. Ntt Made Mayonnaise comes to you by a wholly new plan. We make it freih daily-from the very finest, purest ingredients—and ru|h it in small quantities direct to stores. We date every jar, then quickly pick up any unsold jars and replace them with a fresh supply. Thus ivtry j»r of Jtfu Made reaches you fresh. 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