The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 1, 1936 · Page 6
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 6

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1936
Page 6
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FORTUNE OIL AGREEMENTS concerns EVII rapncfy iS«eW<Jf J^rB.s.;-M : ••>•-—-'••l^^;^v:^v..x' v thatthe 6 Biikei'sfleld "i -1 I- - 1 - f. -v . ' I t - •• _ * i - j .. fe • , ' •- •' ' i- 3-">* ' -;-p.-:- L aU' ^ ^^ B"'!r ' • i*i.-\ 'i •GRADE COUNT •m , -_ • • • . fell ""IWII. irii*» B* A. BosU Assnycr, Gives Up and Six Now Detained on Charges )>r?.»* bcatctl Tho Hat participa- SACRAMENTO. Or.-t. 1 arrofttccl Tor tion Iti a million Aollnr achemo waB itwroa^fHl to Hlx lotlriy with Iho nurrendcr of Men A. Howl, Nayatfn CHy nswuynr for whono m*- ro.H a. 'warrant WOH liwnir'd Monday. BoBt pcmtml $5000 jimporty bowl ami Joined hl« companions In temporary freedom ponding preliminary hearing later thin monlli. Koch wan aroused of violating tl>« gold /an t of in.l-l whtah prohibit! thn »alo of scold ore not IrgHluiHlrly minod* The lilffhgracllnic ring f»il»l- fifd affidavit* and dlnpOMod of utolmn gold, federal officials char-god, W, K. Moulton, North Hun Juan merchant who was numod a« he»iul of tho ring* may hft suhjoct, In a<U1UUw, to proftoctitlon for vlol/illnjr tlm In- conio tax Inw. uncord I UK to William >l alloy, deputy lnU-nm.1 rrverwo collector. Although rerordn o( tins HtulcH mint at Hun Krnnrlftco that Moull.mrH JDflft Income from tho H»IC of sold uluno wnn $200,000, iho nun-chant allegedly did not filo nn Ijioonm lax return. U. 8. 0. CKLUURATKH LOB AWQl&ljlSM, Cot. 1. (A. I'.H- Marking? Cfl years of nradrmia protfraBH, Founder'* Day programH at tho Univf-rwlty <tf 8mith«m ('all* fornla yoHtorday rucnlloil Urn dmllim- tlon of a now Mnthodlflt rducuUonn.l center iti a iwiniinry frmnu build- on Hrtplnni1.Msr ao, 1H80. Fred C, CaHsfln, J. Tt» t»« La Mont«» cxeoutorH of estate of William T* Kob* *Hs, docon-*ftd| Winifred J< Jloborts ftnd HyJvIn, M. L. ItobwCtH ftgroo that If oil l» dlw.'ov«rfld on noHhwoat qt of i\ort1j«ft«t quarter, aet-Uon 7, thny will Attend Icanfl to C, B. for additional 20 yearn. Oil Company to WaUlen Vr«d W, 1.Andfr!pii, and Ctfir<*nt*o Wobber—AflHiffttmBnt of Inin i«ase on undivided half in* u In riiwt half of BouihodMt of norlhwent quartor and of winithwfiftt quarter of nor for, /incflon 8(1, 20-27, V. A. NtKbtmrt el ux to H. IX !»ton—ANHiKmwnl of V& of i pw c**nt oil, i'U*., from PiiHl half of wnftt half of HoiiMioiiKl nunrter, Hoctlon 11'. 30-MO. Hamn to HMiiiuel I7r«m «l ux—Barno a« u« to §i of 1 P^r cotU. .Minion, Inroi'ijoratid, to ttaorgft H- Knur—HiiI»|f*aMti dated Juno 17. 1H30, 8 per cHit royalty, 20-day flrlllln*? clnuHc, portion «(totlon 20, 20-27. OfHirgu H. Carr ot ux to 1'iMil HOMO- AHftlKtnnfht of above, fi per <:ont IhiK royalty, y OH oornpnny and Standard OH Company fllu nolk;« an to Malt) of oil from north half of northeast quartm* of w»rt.him»t Mtmi-tnr, Kocllon 2, H-1M. Associated Finishes Williamson Pumper Another fine producer on tho AVMI* llamMoii I«»no north of Lost I HUH. unction 2, 20-20, httH boon corn d( JfiCO foot by AnHOoliilud Oil pany. Thin 1« No. -I which In pumping nt inn rato of 482 barrels daily of Ja.4 gravity crude oil and largo (immtttU'fl t>f Mimil. Next cotnpln- lloi) IH mrhmJiik'it to bo No. 12 A-JJ which thn crow hits spucldud on Iho Hoiilli lino of thu lotiMi), offsetting Toxrw Company. In ICroyonhiigf-n Hills oppOHlln Kottlurn/iM, AHHoclatrnl ha« H«'t onnlnif In I!H wildcat on imctlon flfi, 2*1-17. No Information IN glvan out on this projnri. rtnd no oil showlnkH liavo hr«i>n imnounwd. £)/*pih iH 2924 foot. Capacity of Reserve Discovery Well Stillln Doubt Result of Mechanical Delays (I**^**"«I»BPP»»****» Minfortunc* »e«m to flwurtn at ito- feorvo Oil A aan Company'H dl»cov- ory well oft*t of Orapovino, ucction a, 10-10. I^irnt a nwuh 111101?, then a liner parted, and «andlngr*up wan continually bothor»omo. Irately It wn H put on n. com pnuuior for an r'Htiniatrd i!0 harruln per hour, and now tho corjiprwwfer baa broken (1 o w n . Capacity of thlH dlwcovnry can only bo irut'Anr*(l until IL eontlniiouin run rim bo mudo, HH tho Well IIIIM tirno lo build up during Iho p»?riod» of idldne«*« Thirty foot of oil xoiw IH production from 4-M5 to 4475 fact.. Throo riilleH north, AwBOclalod Oil Company's coro hol« on auction 17. 11-10, haw boon mmpondod at 3100 ff'Ot. i stern Gulf Welts Ncaring Completion "Woll Drilling Company IH fin- up two moro Wontorn Uulf Oil Company In Frultvulo field .'Ji aro duo for complntlon In the fiitunt ».l tho wirno llino. No now JocatioriM havo luion ntuUcd out by tho company but they muy bo annoum-ad Itilrr. A, C. Went No. 1 on Hm-tlon il, 29-27, IHIM ««l 8 fj-8-lnoh wtHlnw at II8RO fool, nnd IH drilling llm oil xono at HSOfJ. Hod Hibbon No, o IH ntundlnflr cam on tod with 8%inch rimlnir «ot at 3310 and bottom already drlllod to 3460. By JOHN i . possibility of temblor produe* I tertnlnod/ th0 lion has always been* one to ex* I tontlon. the Imagination of Mountain VleW operators. Shell, Barnsdall Pun Afjiftricftft febntlflUfsd tho hold on down after finding both the first wbMh tthd'Union took turns exploring tho are productive ft ihort distance 'westi 4oop formations which are found In tawn at lhirl<^tlon. Casing \\*M .__,„__ the Moanttln Vlow distHct at att,ut gg SKWiff ^ ° f th ° n<SW Sot, MAflftV aCUvItioa 1mvo fllaokej\ed in t, . 0000 feet Shell received some en couragemetit. coring small amounts said to be Afur ttppearin* In the "doubtfullpensated by various projeotn — .. • - — ™ b^,..' j. j_ . » : _ M« k« The tet»0i*t deAlt with $6hdltf<?hs Jh th^ vkflt Nevi^ torH milk fthed/and I ihdlimtea that ijfifl in ftftW ittWtfuwied- natlbn-wide xntlk prodxicta «fc' Cd-6p^ratlV6 A ^1 M ^L A ^ ^^r v V ~ h * ' ^ ^ i^^v jii* ^ ^_ B__r A • L * L j ' -' '. -' • co» concerts Which haves headquarters membershUs of IBiOOO *i* . -- * ^p? ' p - » ^ ^v^r ^^« ^i^ ^ ^ ^ ^.^ ^ ^ ^^ v -^^ n*^ T • W * VriV ^" »»-»»— ^ vir ^- — — » M •-"• *^ ^ ^ ^ ^F— -^ ™-»» —»- ^^^ -vi *• i ^ ^- -m- - ^~f ^ f ^ r- ™ — ' ^^ ^"^ ^^»- T ^ — i—v -^ • i^ ^ of mind curbing high gravity bit but dolttmn" for severiil days, Urtibh Oil lated Bhell Oil Company's in tteW.*ork City. Jt is^s prepared Iri response to ^* ^^^ _ L L f ^" ^ r ' - I I finding nothing In the way of tnorclttl production. would appear that in tho Chamto nnd Santa Margaritu oil above failed to hold Conipiiny'B latest project In tho area | porlant discovery went of Old Rhter. In genfeml H j south of Mount Posb, Trilie No. B«l, tho fault that I has been brought in M o, <00*barrei . producer* Buc^ssfyl c6tnt)leUon of of Mohawk ; Oil: Cohipaiiy ftojrth ^ of thls well, coming despite Mh'ttat* of Added •• to this is the proHpectlvo : de-| whether ftiiy .concern Ji tending to- velopment around tho minor striKes I ward n^pnopoty, .cQmpatln* unfSirly* ArvJn and d ItederVo ll & further down, and tho Temblor crude j "wator trouble/' «tt£rt4$ tbo firovfcri | Company ooilt of produotlvo hroft deep Jptd unlon'a migrated away, , . r . . . .,..----• Undismayed by previous fallurf* f I mllo-wauaro le&ae, consisting of all of Mohawk Petroleum IB now reported | Action 28, proi>ar!iig to rt^open its Hood No. 3 to i ho Temblor formation. Tho deepening project will hold considerable Interest. Tho Temblor, found productive at shallower depths hi the. Kdtson field to the cast, un%lout. doubtedly once curried oil In the Mountain View area. There Is always tho chance that Mohawk may find a place ftlong tins fault whore Work Latirtclied Shell's dlscdvery has instigated construction of a tank, farhv ah of* t . fice building and pipe llnosi and also producing 1 three <ixpeftsivo Standard 611 pfthy dedp. tfestii arid one each is ''dominated only customer, congressional mandate to determine I pany, a Subsidiary ot -'-*-'-'-•••'- ' - - • " *.• r - i • - *. . " - ' . . i i ,4^ • *'t *, •* -. ' i , T • " '"«-•'.'-'/*•; ." • * 'V -"' A J-- *"- "," : *ii* v^ublished^statements by its ;ojfl cers; r4!atlhijr; tb pbiibsr the prices dairy farm-1 prepare'd fbi* them toy an Sheffield !P*arms Conipan; I I ^^ " ^ ^ rj |L L^ 1 / 'fc^*h J -L^ B M'"*'''^ - • -'-. < -- ••••'- -- --V^ *\ ^^ : ^s'^^A^"*v^ ,:• '- • ,-'^ - ' • • V'J.^-iV, .4? r r:^'/<:».?-„- " " T ' ••,. ' r / s i •' •''' ;. 1^ .' • '^ '• L ^^' .) -^"-'*. \ *-*.'-': ' --' ' "•- ''» .• • ' -:'.-• iyr. h 4- •••.-< :' ~T A L l.u •• . h era receive. >iThe New^ York ,m% shed cothpjrlseB, the;; state T bt - - I. • • ^, x.*- [(,, I'V The little Cluster of wells In section 10, 80-20, ndrth IS 0 » c "*rar trend of the Mountain I SunorJor Oil Company, Ohio Oil, As View field, Is continually spreading 1 sociated and th« Texas Company, Tho estimated $160,000 a mbrith fee* Ing spent by geophysical cre^vfl Jon A _ I ^ f J ' ll L . I '^ 1 ': ^' j --3 t. Barnsdall has pushed the known boundaries farther out by completion of its well on tho F. A. Niffhbert property for production ot 3CO barrels dolly, flowing. (United Pret* Ltated Wire) BAN PEDRO, Oct. 1.—Tho Pros! ' L 1 ' •. J ^ " »' fSpcotorto^c :*'^ .1 - /'r .., -r *. ' r - .» , - - TT i ^" '^^V- i- *flj^i" **:£*• ' ' l f •-->\X-* .:.' t - i - • - • - • '•; — i>n ;s \.-.-i. -I- L •i b j -In tho valloy floor, 10 ouWido dontCoblldffo, huge Bollar Line pits tho eluntvo diatoms didn't g«t away. Most of tho recent dovelopmantu on tho Went Bldo havo roHUltod from (llftoovory of oil production at dopthB hlihorto unoxpJornd. torTn,^ dSSTnHb fn WiUS I th ? 1 -'—' """- ^ «*^ Vista T^ko gas field, KCL B-l, in the southwest quarter of section 4, 82-10. If successful thin well will Ore., Oct* li . r , . south arid West entrances to which is turned over here inariy I senfcer vessel, today was steaming | J^ake Ktttibnal Park- will be In an Increase in t OW aras/Honolulu and the Orient of several hundrodl.^ d ,f ferenc ^ between the company and the crew were'settled in a « H '- J i • ,j- - > ||J tt open tbroughoui the winter, "accp^d« ing to'the trav61 department'of tki - I I -'-^ » Now it appears that tho "Williams | extend tho proven arda of tho Money paid for leases on tho yal* ley Hoor Is said to have paid mortgages and helped various businesses particularly tho automobile sales.' aro back of Taft, which has provided considerable newn during tho past few w»okH as "Hltlo Rl«nal llill," may dovnlop deeper forma* tloriH. Pan American .Petroleum Company Is said to havo cored a now deep Maud In Its Buona JFo No. 6fi t and although tho commercial possl* bllllles of the zone have yot to bo do- Lamella Trussless enter C) Ccnic Other Roof Like San Joaquin ^^^^^^^^^^^B ^^^^^H^^^^^V ^^Q^^^MMM -*•-*** r 1 ' ' V- V i. J- i- •-• i' I.- r t i .\ - • i- - 1-^t » h ^ i -.* *•.' -i 1 H i j .-, . - 1 ^ > H ' J. *.. - . • i-'V I - •U- \ AVENUE IA V1L1 10 snced nucl efficiency of mndurn l»nu\s ic lurucs uul n ic San Joa HOI \ Vullc construe tnis- icklomlH of roofinu nuiloriuls from the assoni)(M ion Ion oxpm workniou o 10 n onocr m oin clton o oh sane, wcl inulc uui iiown hilihlin oonlraclors, oomnloto( vast scu o latonal i ot onu, in n liUIo over Ihreu tla n nc wi uirocliun ami HIUMI.MH'V new to unkcrsttNr a rot \\TIMV-SIN 100 nor, /J to inulu 1 i Ilio otMiier ul ocI laid, HUiuiiMK ctiu t olisnocl b not is Iho now \ o ic iiuc ncc lloor in tho vnllc H 1 nion voun pa\ ooi is an aolnovoin mo nnc eon SCAR v v^mJi*^ SAAC Roo atei BARERSFIELD ROOFING Stre Pho Laying Finishing EWMAN ceo Street Pho t .' r- -.-4 * :• '. : -. j _ i E i field three-fourths of a mile to tho southeast. Operations at the Buana Vista L.ako field to dale havo boon of n nature calculated to determine ex- «» ' of tools is ago there were ve. potltive tent of thp productive area rather Mtf 1 !!* 1 * I" °Y« *«LHL.??«°:„ «?!* than to develop it extensively, Five scattered gas wells havo boon completed along a 2-mlIo lino, and all are shut in. if ia nian nf tr*..*, it is also at Kern *,^ *w* and the Shortly after midnight tho Matson freighter Golden West pulled out of for the antipodes after having be closed by the first heavy snows, The park area and lake ato beautiful under winter's dre'e& I>ast winter thousands of motorists dtdVe thro.uffh the park when It >vas ; blanketed with 18 to 26 feet of show. > i I . bean delayed while seamen awaited word from San Francisco on ICorn County Company is main portion of Premier field. Fruit- valo Is better off with numerous locations still undrllled. Smalt active, w stoned tho crew atrreed to areaa exist along the baker fault 1 ™" SI * nea tno o row. agreed to south oC Ht. Poso field, and at the and national park service canyons through the fcrtow. White tiations there. As soon as the truce-1 and Icy blue, these high walled,fcuta running mile 'on- mile J6ok ltke : garble inset with giant blue gems that -^ profiting tremendously by current south extension of Premier field. G. 0. P. Gives $200 ID i m ni\ VIHUL uiiKQ ueiu carry me i *»»« nvm. nan uuuu uu. juuviu-1 j A ' 1 Tfc ..-.-' ij tell-tale "KCI/ 1 stamp, as do those tain View field for some time, but fn Am KftflSPVPlt In tl»n «*1tt t^^i.^ ti M .««, M «n«%« m*.M ciA^_ I t-rtPAi-if nvtnmtlnna IM «li<* nrtftu ^IA**- 1 WVT A^A\J. A.WxrVfMV' f \/**/ developments. All the wells in tho iiena VJ«Ui Lake field carry the The "Heat" Turned Off "heat" has been off Moun- In tho still more important Ton Sec lion field near Old River. Report has recent extensions in Uie north cen tral part and prospective extension it that land company stock is rising in the southeast, have kept drilling .«* steadily, with nono offered for sale and $300 a share bid, alive at a reduced amount. Edfcon -Tho (United Presi Ltaaid Wire) SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 1. field is marking tlmo with most of j Republican national committee has - - . , tno bcflt Iand drilled up. In general contributed $200 to tho Democrats Texas Company has signalized its | the cream ha,s been removed frtfmlto help re-elect Roosevelt and Garner. It wasn't a direct contribution but tho effect was the same, entry into tho new shallow area I all the older /folds of the East north of Lost Hills by spudding in | and Ton Sedtioh field haa the spot light. Thota No. 1, Joining Associated In development of what looks to bo a prolific source of heavy crude. DESPONDENT, KILLS SELF It happened because Jean Oliver MacCttiiley, a member of tho advisory committee of the women's dl- Tho oil Industry Is slow to name *-O» ANQBLBS, Oct. 1. (A. B.)- vision of ^California Roosevelt- its ncw-born babes. For weeks now, Two young 'daughters found Gus- Garner campaign committee, entered wo have been writing about tho tovo Appeit, 49, salesman, dead In «• nation-wide contest, sponsored by "now area back of Taft," tho "now tho Wfl-nlled bathroom of their I Republicans, apparently expecting "" ' » ~" • ^* -^ W^*mf+r » W IT *• Jb »^» Vf «f«Bl^ ••*'•*•• _ , *•« ' ^ area north of Lost Hills 1 ' and tho home. A note addressed "now area south of Mount Pom>." Tho fact that nono of these pro- durtlvo districts in Hharply separated from largo oil fields probably acfotints for tho lack of official baptisms. Kor convenience, hbw- over, a few christenings aro nodes widow expressed' despondency. SIR GI5O. 1'AIRH WEDS LONDON, Oct. 1, (A. P.) answers to the question, "Why Am Voting for Tloosovelt?" Mrs. MacCauloy entered the con sparkle in the sunlight The season just closing • has set an all-time record, according :to David H. Canfield, pork Bupertnteii- dent. Nearly 176,000 perabns had visited the park before rrild September. The previous record %yas in 1981 when 170,284 persons wer6 recorded. : The travel department of the Oregon state highway comtnlsslon publishes a comprehensive booklet; on Crater lake and other scenic 6nd recreational attractions of Oregon which it sends without cost to those asking for it. Address is Salem, Oregon. THEIR WOULD SERIES OKLAHOMA CITY, Oct. 1. (A. P.) Daisy McQuilliams, who .runs one. of those concessions in which you tn" to win prizes by knocking ovor i mi- 4 J. M, V test and wrote a blanket endorse- tatlon milk bottlos with baseballs, mont of the President. In somo man- took ono look at two approaching Goorgo Paish, British economist, and ner, which she can't explain, she customers—and almost fainted.. The Mrs. Anita Carolyn House Rettig, was awarded third prize, ?200. two, DUzy Dean arid Pepper Martin, an American lecturer on dietetics, She promptly endorsed tho check of tho St. L.ouls Cardinals, Won prize finance committee. nary and tho first names that come whom he mot In.Chlcagro on a speak-1 in favor of to rtilnrt for those throe areas aro-| in * lourt ^ero married today, "WUHaniB,' 1 '*WJlUamson" and "Ba'Her-arover. 11 respectively. If anyone ha« a better idea on the subject, let him speak now or forever hold hlH peace. Freeman 11 Spudded at Round Mountain The ono drilling crew left at Round Mountain has spudded Shell Oil Company's Freeman No. H on section SO, 28-29. This ts a l>ld for the TQIbw sand which is productive only at thoHOUthjend of tho field, N»W BOARD CHAIRMAN LOS ANO13LES, Oct. 1. (A. P.)— Hogor Jossup of Glendalo assumed tho post of chairman of the county board of supervisors today, rcplac- Hnrbert C. Legg of Downey. Roosevelt-Garner | after prize as Daisy's headache grew, Then they handed them aU back, f atio n Avcnuo Plunge from Pause That Refresh TUB BOTTLING COMPANY BAKERSFIELD In th» ftan Offlo* And Shop ISIB M tlrot Non« 8upp|y Stora Tanks to Order Plthlno Toota Biltlng Jobbers of Acetyltno «nd Oxyaen Machine Work \ . Foratno. Foundry, Boiler Work* ri Minufaoiurirt if P«rtiWi ill Will HdiU aai Rttirlii ', • I l-f. ., —i. THE from any chocolota puad Ing mlo crea ore fashioned choco- REMBMBER late used this make rich and and chocolaty few add minutes Yptt until thick and Chocoai sale ocolate

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