The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 11, 1938 · Page 9
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 9

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1938
Page 9
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JTUESDAY, JANUARY 11,1938. THE MORNING HERALD, HAGERSTOWN, MARYLAND. iifniiitttniitiiMiiiituiitwfiifH How About A Bit More Attention To Want Ads And Their Economies? fmi) Him n IH iiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiinniiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiniii) ti n iiiinn ni i mum m iiinma iiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiaii nnniiniiiiiiiiniii itn miitiiiiiiiiiniiu i rain inin iiiiiiimiiiniiiiin iiiiniiiiiiiraiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiii uiiiiiiiiiinn 1111:1111 Hiiniiiiiuinii limn mum: nun iiic;iiiiiliiiiiiniiiiiiiiniii;niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Automotive „. „ . „„. Redl Estate For Rent , i """"""" " mmm »""""""""'"< '»'" '"'" '"'"""" '»"' llini '" '| Classified Display Classified Display Classified_Display A^tomobllei For Sale 1 FOR SALE--1929 Pnnliac coupe Good rondlllon. Sju-i-Hlce. Phon _ 11.17. • 1533 WILLYS Sedan, perfect shape JI120. Wrlte._BpA_SL-Hg-ra 1 .4^- l Aii. Autos For Hire v 1" !TAXI—Gralium taxi 20c. Mlam Cab, comfortable year round. Jc«_anj BlBM.__Pa"l JL-jLsil Motorcycles and Bicycles II COMPLKTI3 lino ot blcyclo parts tires £ accessories; repairing. Tivlgg Cycle Co.^.43_ri._MulbeiTy_ Repairino -"• Service Station) CALL 722—SHAFEJVS G AR AG E for general auto repairing & '°w Ing. HO 1L. Franklin St. CAR WASHING 7tc—General re ' pail-Ins and tire service. Am brose's Garage, rear 33 N. Jonathan Business Service •_ Business Service Offered i BLABS—Sold, and replaced In auto mobiles. - mirrors, window glam Glass Shop. 11 N. Locust Ph. 2693 W 'SSSfr^b W»SK «"""«& Genera nlncKsmith, acetylene °4"dinB, frames, body, fenders _..,,_ "~..i,.o.L. ,,,Ki bumpers. Moto MILLER'S RADIO SERVICE All Mak-s Repaired. Open 8 A. tc 9 P. M. ' N. HulberqL--Efe-£4 Insurance and Surety Bonds it STATE AUTO. Compensation t PI 'iVsurance. J. B. Burgesser, Negley BldE. Phone 538. Repairing and Reflnishiny_2» ™T fiACK Reuphofsterint? & re- Employment ' = Help Wanted—Female 32 eiieral worlc In HOUSEKEEPER— voi Apply 55 Help Wanted—Male 3 * »TAN for Coffee route. Up' to $45 firVt week. Automobile given J, HoniiB. Write Albert Mills, 4406 Monmout.i, Olncilinatl.JJ. Situation! Wanted—Female 36 ».!th child "'"'""v^"! Q 1 Thompson College erradi box 9.1 o-o Hcralil-Mall. raate. Write vnilNY', woman, with child, wants 3 1° , ,ckeep",,K in motherless, home. "yrlte- Box 1IU, c/o VlerMjNMaiL Situations Wanted—Male 3' PERMANENT JOB ot any "ort. CliViMl and executive experience. Box 101. 1icral(l^lan. Financial Business Opportunity 3S 'TUTMI;'^ Vnr sale. Fresh meats nd 1N £oc-,rie° ^olmr eoofl bnsl- ess. Write Box 82. Herald-Mall. R'pfei/nS"? «'BO^ c.-o, Herald-Mad. MEAT & Grocery Store—Good local on Doine sood business. Will help flBan.ce. WHtnJjox 100. Mall. Money to Loan— Mortflaget 40 ilORTGAGES—On farms, 6c/ n , 10 to *15 yrs. Consult us. L. S. SpanBler. 2nd FI., 2nd National Bank Bids. MONE?' TO LOAN-On arood l.t vmNEY TO LOAN—On arood 1st *5?ortiaees. 6%. H. P. Hartman. 16 N. Jonathan St. iiONBT TO LOAN ON MORTGAOES *W MURRAY BAECHTEL ABency. SO<-E-6 Second Natl. Bank Bids. 110NE1 TO LOAN ON MOKTUAGBS N. B. ROWS. Z» N. Potomac_3t._ 13 Summit Ave. MONEY for First Mortgages. T Brewer. T. C. LIndsey. Instruction Musical, Dancing, Dramatics nANCING^l^SSES^Fo^be. Vash. 1657.7. V (b"alli I: o'o~m)"e"ve'r"y" Hon. •& Tluirs._ p. m. Strasser's, 54 W. Wa Instruction—Male 45-A IFLIABLE MEN to take up AIR 'conditioning: and electric refriBer- allon Prefer men now employed |,d mechanically inclined with fnir education ami -willing to rain spare time to become experts in in- Stallatlon and service work aa well as plannlns, estlmatlnE, etc._Wnte gtvinsr ape, •Utilities Innt. present sa occupation. Livestock Horses, Cattle, Other Stock 48 FOR'SATjK—Fresh cow 3rd calf. *r* TOn,.,ln»ri $. CfllinOn AYR'. "ftrace Rowland,, Poultry and Supplies 49 BROODBh House, 200 chick size. In- ciihator, 150 CBK now, 1 oil brooder. 1106 Poiii'.^Ave. CUSTOM" ImTchilllF clilciis, poultry supplies-. Lnrro foeiis. Martins Hatch c ry. Php n o_to87_F». CUSTOM" HATClTlNli — Mnraliall Hatcher. , Memorial Blvd., K. Phuiic se".! -ChleUs on siilo at Howard^s FojqjL.glg.rc fI l )P'. l .e- fe -fc l '-^^ = , Wanted—Livestock 60 POULTRY — All kinds and eggs •wanted. Zimmerman & Wlslmrrl, Cor. Church &. Jona.tlian.Pli. 2271. Merchandise Articles for Salo JxAlBY BOII.BUS— New 2 H. P. tubelcss boilers, inecthie stalo n- spectlon. Priced reasonable, lla- Kerstown IJniiii'mcnt Co. l j h. m>. ^LSvTClT'N". 17 Oromil Separator. %5- B al. Favorite churn. Will noil Jheap. Jacob H. nlnsor, Ph. 401 CM. JLBCTRIC MOTOB8—All types and •lues; alsi accessories & parts; re- palrlnB a specialty. Uagentown Baulpment Co.. Mil. Arc. Phone H6 EUJCTUIC MOTOliS & PARTS— Nfl^• anc naed motoro control de- Vices. We repair A rewind all slzc», anv°malcn.i.r tyon. (lltMRNWAI/1 1 —'- CO. Phone 397. I'ORNAOISS — Pipe. hose, bolllnff, Blll)ey>, plumhlng supplies, OF- IflCB FUBNITUKB HnROMtown ifcoulpment Co., IF»« '" Ken* 14*. Maryland Av«. PLEASE! When answering any of these ads, either by writing or in personal interview, kindly state that you saw the advertisement in the Herald-Mail. This will immediately identify you as a progressive quality reader, aid the advertiser, and insure you the very best service. Merchandise Articles tor Sale Uim./S BICYCLE—In flrst clas condition. Price J12.50. Phon 55W. • niSCONDITIOXEIJ USED PIPE All sizes, V'" to 12" We Cnt anil Thread to Kliotch SAVINGS UP TO 5<K/- & MORE Out of' town iiHiuirles given promn' attention. MD. PIPE & METALS CORP. 301 \v. Church St. Phono 10.13 WASHING machines repaired, parts & wringer rolls. Jones Appli. Serv- ico. 24 SummlJt_Ave.. Phoj^jjj 5« Feed and Fertilizer BALED . STJIAW and fciddor toi salt,. Apply 29" Wilson Blvd., AVeKt. -__^^ Coal and Wood 68-A COAL—George's Creek, 85% lump. SI.35 ton delivered daily, any amount. Phone 736. COAL — COKE — WOOD High Quality Plus Good Service LEISTER COAL CO. Phone 778. 69 VV. Lee St. "We Make It Hot For You" DISTRIBUTORS — O. P. Automatic Coal Burners. AYERS BROTHERS Rr. 39 W. Antletam St. "Original" Pa. Eee and Lump Coal All Sizes of Pocahontas, Run Mine Plu>ne900-!>01 ____ _ _ ____ GEOKGE'S Creek Coal— J1.GO truckload of six tons; single ton, J4.75 or 85 per cent lump at same price. Phone 1311J. Smith Coal Co. GEN. RED ASH LYKENS VALLEY Furnace, Heatrola Special J8.50 W. M. BBATTY. PHONE 1208J POCAHONTAS — Nut or «tov< Penn. lump. Lykens Valley, pel . nut or stove. Mine run & stoker coal. Call or se« PEOPLE'S COAL CO. Phone 20S6. 10 McComasSt WAKHEi; COAL GRANTSV1LLE COAL ;5f/- LUMP COAL TRY OUR SCREENINGS C1IAS. O. D13RR 24 HIGH ST. PjjjJNE SI Household Goods ULEARANCE SALE Of Jill Coal Ranges 1-leaters and Oil Circulating Heaters Convenient Terms SHOCKEY FURNITURE CO. 2S-30 Summit Ave. Plione 1270 GAS STOVK for sale. Direct action. Good condition. Reasonable. Apply 145 King street. GOOD gas range for sale cheap. Plume 07!-ll. NEW Livint- Uooin Suite ...,*...... New Studio Conches 15.00 •nraytli Stnrngf, Mill Musical Merchandise t! KINO Slide Trombone, only used 3 mouths, ./ill sell very reasonable. Apply 623 Ciullford^Ave^ Rooms and Board Wanted to Buy .MILK ROUTE — Wanted. Direct from farms to receiving plant. State where nnd quantity of mlllt liaul- iug. AVrite 1^0x194 c-o llerald-Majl. WANTED — Air" compressor •and hammer. Lowest cash price. Write Box 97, c/o_nnrnId-Man. Rooms With Board SUilMIT AVE.-2S5— Front hed room and board with use of phone. Phone 14S1-TJ Rooms Without Board 88 ALT, rooms running water, centrally located, reaconabli rates: 23 S. Pot n mac St. .MAULBOHQ_Ho_teL__^_ BIDLL Apartment. Potomac St -N.- 302—Desirable room suitable for 1 or 2 persons. Phone H37-1. BROAD WAY-29 — Well fun-islied bedroom next to bath: sentloman. Phone. 119J. BROADWAY—Large front bed room, newly furnished. Phone J'MniNISHED bedroom in private fanillv gnntleman preferred. Apply l'2 AVest Hide Ave NORTH T'.Nf front bedroinn Well Plume furnished 1J1711. I LARGE front furnished bed room, suitable for 1 or 2. Second floor. US S. Poto ' Rooms For Housekeeping «l CHESTNU'." nished rooms, private .bath, elec- trlc rctrlg. Aju^s_jiHly._^_weeJv; TWO ROOMS and private bath for lifrhlhonselcccpitiET. Apply HI Rron d w a y. __ Real Estate For Rent Apartments and Flats 74 APIS.—5(13-507 sTPotoijiac, 15 W. Ant., Hill Crest Road. J2 N. 1 oto- iPARTMENTS—Modern furnished and nnfurnished. Apply 1st d°°r 21C S. Prospect _ t£Kxn$~~£vR.~S~W—Ouc «r two lenette 3rd door. Reference .'AimiUOUND AVK.-37— Furnished - 3' room apartment; convenience. Apply SSS^row" Ave.__IMi. lO.i.J-iM. .'RAN-KLiN ST.-W7-D18 — « rooms mill bnlh, electric refrigeration; larirt! porch: hot waler all year; heat furnished. _ Adults. _ ____ rAW7l r ONnUA ; IX-S;ir— 3 rooms, bnlh; Furnished. 2nd floor. Phono HAMILTON ELVD.-915 — 1st Door. 6 room apartment No children. W. Frn.ik Wolfe. Phone 64_B- ujjijiun APARTMENTS—Very de- ilrnblo nve room apartment; poss. once. Cal; Mr. Harp. 23BIM. >, 2nd noor, 5 rooms S: bath, , , hardwood floors, Franklin -St. , 30 JO. OA K HILL ,<t i'OTOJiAT; AVU.—3 IOIIIH & balh. nil modern. Phone OAK HILL AVR-716—Now 6 room modern, automatic heat: Immediate - lancssion. Phona 85(14 or 2221M. POTOMAC ST.-S.-a47—Now, 4 room npartmont, Hardwood Hoora, all modern convs., 'poaB, at 'onco. Call 778 or 2677W. Leister Conl Co. 'OTOftlAC AYE.— 3 room apartment, private bath; rent r'eiiHon- nbln, Pows'iHNloii at oniiff. J'h. 123^fl-.I. " no children. 1st floor, ol", __ SPKCT' ST. - S. - 1 1 8— T» l~ n loo r, Htilt bnchelor oftlooft or oldorly lady; two pleasant roomi, hath, heat, garace. F«b f 1. Ph. 415W. Apartments and Flats PROSPECT ST.-S.-112 — 3 rooir apartment exclusive location. Al conveniences. Phone 19 or 1524. THK TERRAOfi-930—1 rooms and bath Adultf! Immediate posses slon. Phono 1059J^ WASHINGTON ST.-E.-22S—3 room apartment, unfurnished, Appl> 5 ROOM Apartment in the Mt Royal Apartmon 1 . 67,'! Oak Hill Ave. Phone 1021 or 2775W. 6 ROOM apartment, elevator service Farmers & Merchants Bank Bids', h. W Washington St. Phone 108 Farms and Lands for Rent 70 TENANT With stock, equipment; IK der, t«,,, ,,^,,< railroad, Big ig Dlst. See George G. Sn> 509 Jran,1 BldE Ph. 2303. 175 ACRES—Desirable farm. 1 mile No, Clearspring: on Mercrsbg. road Run. water and mod. conv. Mrs. C V. Strite. Phone 21 F2_llJc_ai'gp_rj_ilE. Houses for Rent AT CITY LIMITS—South End, rooms, hall, bath, steam heat, ga- rapre, garden. Phone 1P3SW. A MODERN HOME Should have an Automatic* Gax Water Heater Installed. Be sure before renting BRICK HOUSE—4 bedrooms, -bath, living room and lute lien. In the 400 block North End. Low rent. Apply Milton Kohler, 417- -North Potomac St BELLEV JE AVE.-14 —6 rooms, bath, furnace; reasonable rent. Jan. 1st. M. Berkson. 43 W. Franklin St. ELIZABETH ST.-3S—046 N. Locust, 324 E. Franklin, etc. 3 to 7 rooms, $1.50 per wk. up Apply 119 N. Potomac St. Phone 1201R. GUILFOUD AVE.-51S —.Modern. 6 room house. 52S Ouilford Ave., after C P. M. GOOD HOUSES—30'. Reynolds Ave., 210 Fairground, 50.1 S. Potomac, Western Pike. Broadfording Rd, GROH REALTY Co.. 1.1 Summit Ave JEFFERSON ST.-601 — 3 'room b it 1 1 ga 1 o \v. Apply same. " SALEM AVE^T-Ts— c" rocmi brick house, al conveniences, newly papered. garage. Apply 54(>. Poss. Feb. 1st. • SINGLE HOUSE North End for rent W. MURRAY BAECHTEL Agency. 304-5-6 Sec. NaL-Bk. Bldr. SPRIICK ST.-S3S—Six room bouse, conveniences, hirgft lot. Apply 22S Hager St. Phone R65-W. 10 ROOMS with bad], lavatory on 3rd floor, nardwood floors, garage. Apply 30 B. Franklin St. Real Estate For Sale Farms and Land For Sale CM I3W.SV1LLE — 14 acres, with dwelling and out bldgs., elect.; cheap for quick pale. Huyett's Cross Roads, 6 room dwelling, witti % acre of land, only ?2,100. John L. Strain Agency. Ph. 20S9J. SIXTY ACRE fruit and berry farm. Good buildings, never failin spring. House lias all city conveniences. Will help finance. Write Box 90, c/o lTera.hUMail. 7—10 .t 16 ,A. farms, in. excellent condition, with electricity. D. M. Ridenoitr, Snrithaburg. Aid. • 130 ACHES—Good limestone, 4 miles from tovn, excellent stock farm, $5 000. C. J'-i. Winger, l^C E. Baltimore St. Phone 28S3. 15 A. OP fruit hind; 1-2 set In apples, cherries, berries. grapes, pears; building 39 ft. long 20 ft. deep; good cistern; 1 !i mi. E. _Smjtli_sl)»i-g. John D_ Seifert^_ Houses For Sale GUJLI-'ORl^ AVE.—Double invest- menl. Brick duplex Ideal location and sumninding-s large lot, two cat garage 53500. Farm 42 acres 3 mi. out sacrifice. We have a nuinbei of desirable homei nnd apts. that can he bought with a down payment of 10(>;; and tiie balance payable monthly at 5% interest. N. B. Uowe, 26 N. Potomao_St. BA'lttiAfN Lot 107x135 feel good lo- c-alion North End $850. Double Krick Property 6 roomi; double garage good condition $5250.00. Small farm close town IV acres It room :,<>usc J1GOO.OO. US Acre farm fertile land K room house bank barn electricity $4500 W. MURRAY RAECHTEf, Agency Jims. 3J4-5-C Sec. Nat. Bit. Bhlg. FOR SAL 1 -;—Si.eclal price on good lot Bryan Place, $500. Small n mount down, balance by the mo. .Store roMii & small Apt., Washington St.. $1,400. Double brick and single house, will take a vacan' lot in trade. 6 room house, North End, hot water heat, hardwood floors, jri.750. Dandy triphi iu ulaled home, Fountain Ifead Heights all the latest modern improvpinonts including 1 oil burner. Let us show you these proper ties. Strole Realty Co., Ariiadc Bids. . FUNKSTOAVN—Main st. nice home, mod. large lot good bldgn., priced to sell. John K TayJur Agency, 309 Arcade Bldtf. Phono S38. "~" - ~' IO.MES, Lots Insurance for sale: also rents collected. 5c.i- loans. C. E. Fry. 1100 Hamilton Blvd. Phono 239 I -.1. oTFivBERnV AVK.—Modern fi room house, hath, furnace, oak floors, concrete c'.-iljir, garage etc\, $-1900. GROir REALTY CO. 13 Summit av. MODERN six room brick house, hardwood floors 2 car garage. Frederick Rd. Write Box 87, Mail NORTH END—7 rip. brick, insulated with rock wool, weathers tripped caulked, hardwood floors, hot water heat, with oil burner. Lot Gft.\'K*0. "An e.vcfipiioual bur. Call Thurman <:. Lindsay, Court Realty Co., 2M 2nd Nail, Bank Bldp. Ph mi e_2£»l ~~noOM~liome. South Knd, $1250. Ne\v modern house, l /2 A. lot, edge City, bargain: Brick apt. property (fi apts.», N End, $10,000. S. L. V. Young. 1.11. S. Locust. Auctions—Legals Legal Notices 91 ORDER NISI— McComas-ArmstroiiB:. Inc.. E. C. Hook. Corporation, versus The Blue .Mountain randy Co., a corporation. No. 13,005. L-i the Circuit Court for Washington County sitting as a Court ot Kquily. Ordered. By Ihe clerk ot the Clr- lilt Court, this 27th day of. De- ember, 1937, that the sales made nd reported hy. Jos. l-i. .Mlsh a lid K. Stuart [iusliong. Receivers, for he sale of the real estate In the iroceedlngs of this cause mention- id, bo ratified and coniirmed, nil- ess cause lo Ihe coulrary be shown o the Court on or before tho 19th lay of January next: Provided, a copy of this order be inserted in lome newspaper published In Waah- ngton County, at least once a week 'or three successfve. weeks before he said last mentioned day. The report states the amount of les to be $13,000.00. TRUE COPY—TEST: EDWARD OSWALD, Clerk. Classified Display ""pubiiTsife" STOCK SALE Will itell In front of Court House TIJKSDAY; JANUARY n, At n A. M. 0 HlmriiH Wa.slilnKtmi County, Inrkuley Urlflgn nloclc, 27 Vt nlmrcn SViiMihiKlfui C'nunty National HanU, Wlllliiinsnorl, Md. TKIIMS—Cash. ,T. C,. SNVnKIli. Allnl, CLASHIUKD AD8 out down »• D4n»» «nd build up IS THIS A SOUND ARGUMENT— OR JUST NOISY TALK? Well, if one of the men is maintaining that Want Ads pay, it is a sound argument, sure enough. And if the other man claims that Want Ads don't bring results, that is nothing but noisy talk. iiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiniiiiiniiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiniiiniiiiinciiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiuiiniiiiiiiiiiiniiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiimniiiiiniiiiiiu- Classified Display ~ Public Sile Bv virtue of a writ of fieri faci nuVd by Frederick 1'ertilr-- Works vs. Paul Stottlcmycr and .Susan Stotllcmyer, I have seized and taken In execution the following personal property, consisting ot horses, cows, hogs, farming Implements, halt Interest in '37 grown wheat crop, and 1 hereby givo notice that 1 will sell same Monday, ''will'sell at Public Sale for cash at 10 A Jl , in Keedysville District, icar Eakle's Mill. TERMS: Strictly cash. Constable. Snyder, Auct. OP VALUABLE REAL ESTATE IN PUNKSTOWN, MARYLAND The underslBned Executor ol Clara E. Coffhlftn, late of. Waall- inuton county, deceased, pursuant lo a power of sale contained In her last will and testament, which has been duly admitted to probate by the Orphans' Court of said coun- tv, will offer at public sale In front o'f the Court House In Haserstown, Maryland, on TUESDAY, JANUARY 11, 1938 between the hours of 1 and 3 o'clock P. M., all the following described valtiable real estate .situate Funkstown, Maryland, whereof id deceased died seized and possessed, to-wit: vinCET, NO. 1.—Consists of Lots - S? is*, on Uoplar Street and extends Northwardly with that unl- Kunkstown, said Lot No. 34 part of tho Innd which wua conveyed to Wllllum C. Ouffman by J. Chirciice ]*anc. Trustee, by tieed dated November 0, 1SSC anil re- cordea in 1-iber No. S!), follow u^.f etc , one of Hie land, records of WnshiuKton counly and «aid {-ol No -1C .'ind the strip of land between It and the AnLlotani Creek hnvinir been conveyed to the said William C. Coffman by Ellen -V. Kontli by deed dated Apnl 1, li>05 inrt recorded In Ltber No. 121, folio J7!) etc., aonthcr of said J.ind records. Said parcel of land IH improved hy a two and one-hair story brick dwelling containing- five rooms and halls, with cellar under the wholi house and electric lights the first floor. There is a cistern near the kitchen door. PARCEL NO. 2.—Consists of Lots Nos. 33 and 41 on the general Ian o£ said town and a strip of ,,ind between the northern boundary line of Lot No. 47 and the Antietam Creek, contained between the eastern and western boundary lines of said Lot No. 47, extended to aaid Antletam Creek, said Parcel No. 2 adjoins the aforesaid Parcel No. 1 lying" east thereof and lias a width o'f 82 H feet, more or less, and extends with that uniform width in a northwardly direction from Poplar Street to the Antietam Creek.^avlngand^e^cptlng^ther^ , part of ho land conveyed to *.iifl William C. Coftman by ]Tt N°o'45 and" the.Antietam Creek co°, talned between the eastern ami western boundary lines of said Lot No. 45 extended to said Antletam Vppk said lot of land fronts S2 'A feet more or less, on the aforesaid "feet la d out o,.. the plan of Punks- town anil extends northwardly w In that uniform width to the Antic- tain Creek am' Is bounded on the west by Antletam street and 01 the East by the aforesaid Lot Xo. 46, and Is part of the land which was conveyed to the said William C. Coftman by Ellen V. South by the aforesaid deed dated April 1, 1305 and recorded in J'lber No 121. folio 578. etc., one ot the aforesaid land records, said lot ot land having In said deed been erroneously designated as I.ot rso. - on Ihe plan of Kirnkstown. All ot the aforesaid parcels of real e.slalo were devised hy the said William C. Coffman unto the said Clnra K Coffinan by his last will and testament, duly recorded n I.tber No. IS, folio 237. one ot he record hooks in the ottlce of Ihe Register of Wills for Washington county and all ot the said lols are subject to the grround rents duo to the assigns of the proprietary of PARCELS NOS. 1 and 2 as above described, will bo offered In Parcels and as a whole and will bo sold to tlii advantage ot tho estate. TERMS OP SALE: One-half of lie purchase' money to bo paid in ash on the day of sale or the rall- Icatlon thereof by the Orphans >urt of Washington County ami he balance of the purchase money n one year from the day of .sale with Interest from the day ot sale, i bo secured by the notes of tho iirohnaar with approved security; r all oash at the option of the iirchascr. Posesslon will be glv«n upon compliance with tho terms of salo. JOHN D. HOLTjYDAY, Executor of Clara E. Coffman, deceased, t. W. I'llfcenbrod^^Anct. WHEN YOU THINK of a new lomo think ef I hi "Heal Bstatt" «da In th« ClaminediSectlon. Classified Display Public Sile OF . VAT.rABI.E RKAI. ESTATE ,\EAR WILSON'S WAKIM.N'GTOX COUNTS.'. ilAH.YUA.ND By virtue 01 ;•- power of sale contained in a certain mortgage dated March 26, l!)2fi, and duly recorded in Liber 171. folio 24. of Hie L:\nil Itecords of Washington County, default having occurred in the covenants contained in said mortgage, and the said mortgage having been duly assigned to ' the undersigned for the purpose OL foreclosure and collection, Ihe undersigned will offer at public sale liv front of the Court House in Jlagerstown, Washington County, Maryland, on TUKH- DAV. JANUMlV IS, l!l:lS, between the hours of 1 and 3 o'clock P. M., all those valuable lots or parcels of real estate together with tlje Improvements thereon, situate on the south side o[ tho State Road east of thj Conococheagiie Creek, near Wilsons, about 7 miles west of llagerstown, in AVashlngton County, Maryland, being tho same that was conveyed to Andrew N. Trumpower and wlf, bv George AV. Uowe and wife by deed dated May 23, 192:!, and recorded in Liber IGfi, folio 468, of tho Land Records of Washington County, reserving and excepting, however, from said conveyance, that lot or parcel of land conveyed by the said Andrew N Triimpower and wife, to John G Snyder by deed dated the 2nd day of .September 192. r T, and duly recorded in Liber 172, folio 432, of the Land Records of Washington County. This tract of land is composed of a lot fronting 10U Jcet on said State Highway and extending back therefrom 291 feet and also 1.7S acres immediately south thereof. Hinco tho rebuilding of the State Highway, these lots are ideally located. Tho Improvements on this property consist of a two and one-half story frame dwelling house with composition roof. Tl'JRMS OP SALE: One-third of the purchase price (o be paid on the day of sale or the ratification thereof hy the Court and tho balance in two eriual annual payments In 1 and 2 years respectively from the day of sale, deferred payments lo bo secu-ed to the satisfaction of tlie undersigned, or all cash at Ihe option of the purchaser. ELLKWORTll II. ROULETTE. Assignee for the purpose of foreclosure and collection. Joseph C. Snyder A net loneer. A SMALL AMOUNT of your time spent each day lJi looking over th« classified ads will save hours In shopping. Public Slle PU1LHC SALE ' Of livestock and equipment of Alice K. Utissfinl, Huyetts, Maryland •( miles West of Jlascrstown, JANUARY 21 103S, at 12:00 o'clock. 1 hay mare, HRO fi ypfirs, weighing approximately 1SOO Ibs., good leader. 1 hay maro, apro 12 years, weigh' itif? nnproximaiely 1DUO Ibs., good leader. 2 milch cows. FARMING MACHINERY 2 horse wagon and bed, wagon and ladders, Deeclne binder, 3 deer- inp mowers, horse rake, McCor- mick-DeeriiiK limo sower. Superior prain drill, Oliver corn plow, 1 bar- share plow, 't sprint,' tooth harrows shield shovel plow, double shove plow, single and dounlo trees, full line of harness. Some household furniture. And many other articles too numerous to mention. TERMS OF SALE: CASH. ALTCH5 K. RUSSAHD. ' (Mrs. Willlaii. Edwin Bussard) Aiiclioneo": Dallas TVard. —OF— VALUABLE BUSINESS PROPERTY ON PUBLIC SQUARE, HA- .. GERSTOWN. MD. By virtue ot a decree of the Circuit Court for Washington County, sitting in Equity, passed on Decem- her 1-lth. 1037, in the suit of Harry D. Bowman, et al. vs. Roger C. Hershey, *t al. same being No. 13.512 Equity, in said court, 1. tho undersigned Trustee, will offer at public sale in front of the Court House in Uagcrstown, Maryland, between nth^'iasT all l»Q right, title, interest, claim, demand and cslate or everv kind and character whatsoever of each and all of the parties to this cuuse in ami to all the real estate mentioned and described In the hill of complaint iilcd in this cause tho siime being' all of that real estate situate on the west side of the Publics .Square in lingers- town, Washington County. Maryland, adjoining on tho north the property formerly owned by J. C. Hoffman's heirs, and on tho south Ihe property owned by Dr. J3 A Warehfun, fronting on the said Public Square thirty-five (35) feet, moro or less, and running back, with a uniform width twenty- nine (23)' feet and nine (it) inches, more or less, together with all the buildings ami improvements thereon erected, and nil and every tho rights alleys, waters, water courses, ways, rights of way, privileges, easements and appurtenances thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaining, and being more fully described and referred to in tho deed from Mary Hoffman, eL al, to Charles E. Bowman dated March 3rd, I91fi, and Only recorded in Lihcr No. 15G, folio 232, one of the land records of Washington County. Maryland, and nlso deed from Hcltic M. Lane and Charles K. Lane, Jr., surviving: trustees under the will of Charles S. Lane, to Roger C. Hershcy dated March 31 si, 1037, nnd duly recorded in Liber No. 203. Folio 531, another of said land records of said Washington County, and also more fully mentioned and described in the bill ot complaint and variout: exhibits filed therewith in said, to all of which reference is hereby made. The improvements on this property consist of a large brick, three story building, all of which is now occupied by the Flcisher Company, Jnc. This is H substantial building •and a valuable business site. Rental possession upon compliance with the terms of sale. Former owners advise actual possession can be obtained upon thirty days notice as present tenant is monthly tenant. TKIU1H OF SALE:—One-half of the purchase money to be paid in hand on the day of sale or tho ratification thereof by the Court, and the residue in one year from tho day of salo, said residue to bear interest from day of salo nnd to be secured satisfactory to s;iid Trustee or said Court, or all cash at the op- lion of the purchaser or purchasers. .T. CLEVELAND GR1CE. Trusrco No. 13.512 Equity. JOB. Knydcr. Auct. yOU CAN SAVE time, money and Iroubln hy buying and selling tho Classified n-ay. Notices Notices Our Sharp Freezer room is ready to receive meat. AH completed; order your locker now. Call 4038 F 12 Middleburg Pike Public Sale Public Sale ALE Tho undersigned, Intending to discontinue farming, will make- sale >f personal property consisting of live stock, farm ng implement!, .nachlnery and tools, on tho E. J. Oswald Farm, a.; mile Southeast of Chewsvllle, Wash. Co., lid. . , Sale Starting at 10 A. M., TUESDAY, JANUARY 18TH, 1938 8—HEAD OF HORSES-8 Vcttl" "a^bay maro coming 7 years old, works any place hitched. Hill, black horse coming 7 years old, strap horse. Hex bay horse coming S years old, works any place hitched. Buck, black horse coming C years old, strap horse. Prince, black horse coming 9 years old. been worked in lead some. Maud, bay mare, 12 years. In foal, works any place hitched. Bird, black maro coming 17 years old, In foal, works any place ""Dollle, bay maro colt coining 2 years old. 18—HEAD OF CATTLE—18 lO^HBaTnr 1 milch cows'TwIth'cnlvcH by side; 1 fresh by day. of sale: 7 fflvlnp pood supply of in I Ik. 4 Heifers. 2 Bulls Ini'KG onoittfli for service. 1 Fat bull. S 7l_HEAD OF SHEEP—31 Consisting: of 30 owes and 1 bucjc. 50-HEAD OF HOGS-50 cradle, brllir scythe, breast chains, log chains, butt traces and spread- or«. wheelbarrow, sot blacksmith tools, hay fork, ropo and pnlloya, two horsepower .Kali-banks Morse gasoline onglne, McCormlck-DccrliiK cream separator, 3 Iron •kottlen and rliiKK, IIOK callows, * i" 1 " Irlpods, butcnor- Ini! table, 2 butchering planks, 2 moat hunches, Davis swing churn, Complete line of farm gears. Also nbollt 1200 or HOII bundles of fodder. TKIIMS OK SALU; Oash and no articles to bo moved until settled for. FRANK HAMBURG, Auctioneer, Wlgcnbrodt, Clarkn, Hnrtl* A HfirlU. Lunch ttftnd privilege rcnerVod, Financial FlnnnoUl liKPOHT OF CONDITION OK CITIZENS BANK OK KEEDYSVII.LE, OK KEiSDVSVILLK. IN THE STATE .OF MAKVLAND, AT THE CI..OSK OF BUSINESS ON DECEMBER 31, 1337. , . ASSETS C', ImlnuroH with other banks, and cash Items 'n procean 01 collection $ 17.602 04 "United StJitcB Government obligations, direct and fully gua run teed v 8,785 94- Other IjondH. notes, anrt debentures 153»9S4 50 Corporate stocks, t net tiding: None of Federal Reserve bank stock 2,622 fH) I.oaiiK and discounts 91,813 27 Banking house owned, $4,500.00. Furniture and fixtures, $.450.00 4,950 00 r real estate owned, including* None of farm land 1,300 Of) 74 10 281,183 73 70 50 pi.he. . Other assets Total Assets .* LIABILITIES AND CAPITAL Deposits of individuals, partnerships, and corporations: in) Demand deposits ,/,.,.,,... .,.;„',,„, ,, •(h) Time deposits evidenced by savings pass books la7,391 it (c) Other time deposits • • 13,063 §3 State, county, and municipal deposits ... ••••••. Certified anrt officers 1 checks, letters of credit 'and travelers checks sold for qash, and amounts due to Federal Reserve bank -;•. .Total "Deposits •* J315.787.71 Other liabilities •"•*.•* ' Total Liabilities Excluding Capital Account (except deferred obligations shown in Hem 34, which are .subordinated to claims of depositors and other . creditors) , , • • Capital account: ' • • . - • (a) Capital stock and capital notes and and debentures! '• • - -•• $35,000.00 (h) Surplus .' 10,600.00 (c) .Undivided profits ..'..". 24,841.13(d) Reserves '-. .• 4.737.7J : (c) Total capital account , 215,953 91 ,' 63,178 S4 Total Liabilities arid-Capital ........ ........ . ..... ..:./., .,. On Pec. 31, the required legal reserve, against , deposits -.of -thlg . bank was $15,262.05. Assets reported abqve wl)!'ch were eligible 'as Jega-l 1 reserve amounted to $22,688.88. , . • ,• ,-• - •>•;<• Deferred obligations not included among 1 above liabilities, which are. .subordinated to claims of depositors and creditors, ?114,750.85. (a) Undeclared dividends on preferred stock and unpaid interest on capital notes and debentures, accrued prior to end of last dividend or interest, period, None. * (b) f Thin bank'n capital is represented by None capital notes and deb en Lit res' sold to Reconstruction Finance Corporation and None sold In public; None shares of first preferred stock, par value None per shave, retirable at None per share; None shares of second preferred, stock, par None per share, retirable at None per share; and 2500 shares oT common stock, par 110.00 per share. " Pledged Assets— None. . I, Ueorgrt; W, Buxton, Cashier of the above-named bank, dn solemnly ear that the. above statement Is true, and that the SCHEDULES on back of this report fully and correctly represent .the -true state of .several matters herein contained and set forth, to the best of my owiedse a.ul beHcf. ^ ^ BUXTON . Correct — Attest . GRANT TVTAND, . . . H. PAUL BOVET, : LAWRENCE H. COLBERT,- ' • -' : pirfectors. • '- " Ktato of Maryland. Cnnnly of AVashington. Sworn to and .subscribed before me this 10th day of January. 1938. JANET E. BALTZLEY, Notary Public. • My Commission expire.-; May 1, 1939. REPORT OF CONDITION OF FARMERS & MERCHANTS BANK OK HAGERSTOWN, AID., OF HAGERSTOWN IN THE STATE OF MARYLAND AT. THK CLOSE OF BUSINESS ON DECEMBER 31, 1D37. ASSETS Cash, balnnci'S with other banks, and cash items In process oC collection' ; $ 180,431 01 United States Government obligations, direct and fully ' guaranteed ". , 333,767 95 Ktate, county, and municipal obligations 146,050 65 Oilier bonds, notes and debentures 50D.070 10 Coi-|i(jr;ile sticks* including none of Federal Reserve bank stock 27,832 50 Luan.s and discounts ' ' 382,659 .12 Overdrafts 17 OS i-tanlcint? .house owned $50,000 00. furniture and fixtures $12,510.SS .- , ; 62.510 S8 Other real estate owned, including 1 $4,000.00 of farm land.. 37,200 00 Other assets :. 262 04 Total Assets SI,679,SOI 53 LIABILITIES A^JD, CAPITAL Deposits of indivUliinlK. partnerships, and corporations: . (;O Demand deposits .' 57IU04 69 (b) Tiiiu! deposit:* evidenced by .savings pass hooks .-...*.- 7S'J,970 7'J, (,c) Other limo deposits 32,7^0 72 Flute, county and mttnicinal deposits i.... 105,573 2i> CorUli'.'ii tind olllctii.i' cheeks, letters of credit and travelers' chocks sold for canli, and amounts due to Federal Reserve bunk ;. 3,241 90 Tnuil Deposits f 1.507,640.39 Other liabllillCH J_J 2,177 50 Total Liabilities Exrliidinp- Capita] Account (,c!xe«p't deferred obligations shown fn item 34 which are gubord!-- • • - • nnted to claims nf depositors nnd other creditors) " , ?1,503,'S17 89 Cai'iuil JiL-count: (a) Capital stock and capital notes and de- hentnrpft .* ; $90,000,00- • (b) .Surplus 45,000.00 (c) Undivided profits 34,983.04 - : ' (o) Total capital account 163.9S3 64 Total Liabilities and Capital SI,6711,SOI S3 On l>cc. Ill, IH 3 7, the required legal reserve a gain tit deposits of tliij- htuik WHS 5117,8-14.4:1. Assets reported above which were eligible as lesal reservo ainhunted to J33S,!t22.!)3. Jji'ferr(;d uliligatinit.s not included among • above liabilities, which arc .subordinated lo claims of depositors and creditors, N'one (a) Undeclared dividends on preferred stock and unpaid Interest on capital notes and debentures, accrued prior to end of last dividend or interest period. None, (b) fThis hunk's capital is represented by no capital notes and debentures sold to Reconstruction Finance Corporation and None sold to public; None shares of first preferred stock, par value None per share re- tirable at Notis per share; None shares of second preferred stock, par Nona per share, retirable at None per share; and 9,000 shares of common stock, par $10.00 per share. MEMORANDA ' Pledged assets (except renl estate), rediscounts, and securities loaned: (a) U. S. Government obligations, direct and fully guaranteed, pledged to secure liabilities ....'.; 175.276 03 (b) Other assets (except real estate) pledged to secure liabilities (including- notes and bills rediscounted and securities sold under repurchase agreement) ... None (c) Other' liabilities secured by pledged assets Nona (d) Deposits preferred under provisions of law but not secured by pledge of assets None (e) Total ' 175,276 03 Seoureil and preferred liabilities; (n) PfipoMtf; &fcured by pledged assets pursuant to requirement o£ Jaw 161,936 68 (e) Total ; 161,936 6S I, Hubert J. Stotelmyer, Cashier of the above-named bank, do solemnly svear that the above statement is true, and that the SCHEDULES on the hack of this'report fully and correctly represent tha true stats of the several matters herein contained and sat forth, to the best of my knowledge and belief. HUBERT J. STOTELMYER. Correct—Attest: F. W MLSH. HARRY S. DITTO, OMER T. KAYLOR, Directors. State of .Maryland, County of Washington. City of Hagerstown. ' Sworn to and subscribed before me this Sth day of January, 1938. . O. JESSE STOTELMYER, Notary Public, My Commission expires May 1, 1939. Public Sale Public Sale Having decided to quit farming on the Robt. Bench -Farm, sUuated in road between Downsville and Sharpsburg pikes, I will sail afePublic Auction on FRIDAY, JANUARY 14,1938 ' AT 10:30 O'CLOCK . The following personal properly:, 6—HEAD OF HORSES—6 Ages ranging from i to 19 yenrt. fossible 3 in foal. 14—HEAD OF. CATTLE-^14 All T. B. tested. Conslatlnr ot: ' " ' ' ' 8 milch cows, 5 h«l(er», I fat bill! ' 14—HEAD OF HOGS-14 , Consisting: of: 13 good shoals, about 100 Ibs. «ach. 1 male ho«. • Full Line of Farm Machinery 1 John Deere blndir, cut 1 orop, > ft, «ut." ' , j i HABNES3 — HITCHING* — FOflKS .__,. j And innny other thtnirH too numerous to mention, » TEHMS OV SAI/Kl Cn»h, No goodi to b» removed u-itll flnttlf4 for. J. A. DAVIS. Anct. r

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