The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on January 11, 1938 · Page 8
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 8

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1938
Page 8
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THK MORNING HKRALD, ROGERS'!OWN, MARYLAND. MOW'S YOUR HEALTH MUM kx Dr. I.HKii ««ldilon F»r Ike *«» York He*ir , i »f Meilclne. Infants And Accidents Somehow you don't think of an • lcfcid«nt befalling an infant, and yet Statistician Louis I. Dublin «»y« more than 2,000 American Infants are killed annually In accidents. Hundreds of babies, tie urges, could be,saved every year to live out full and useful .lives If parents were »w»r« of the special fmznnla or early Infancy and learned to pro rent them. ' The principal Infant hazards aie smothering, foreign bodies, lodging mainly In the respiratory tract, burns and scalds, and falls. Almost two-fifths of.tlio fatal accidents among Infants lire charged to smothering, infants jnay bo smothered by bed clothes, by adults sleeping with them, or by having heir faces buried In soft pillowp. The ways to prevent these acci- ,ents are self evident. Infants nd hildren should sleep apart. Blan- ;ets and sheets should be fixed In pciidable devices. No head pillow or only a sinsll and relatively hare one, should be'used. Many mothers fear that their in flints may smother themsol.ves by turning their faces Into their pillows. With normal healthy youngsters, the risk la • comparatively small. But it Is greater when tho baby Is sick or feeble, and when he pillow billows around his face. About '9' per' cent of accidental leaths among'Infants Is charged 0 foreign 'bodies lodging principally in 'tile' air' passages. Ths 'brea'thlrig'in" 'of 'material brought ip from ' the' digestive tract ac- lace with safety plim or other de-; counts for'an'appreciable portion of MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN those "foreign body" accidents Training children to sleep on their sides would reduce this hazard to a large extent. Older Infants satisfy their curiosity, about tho world by placing alt objects they can manage Into their mouths. So buttons, pi:--, nuts, marbles, beads and al! similar small objects should be kept out of the bay's reach. The way to prevent scalds and turns Is by qpnstant vigilance. Falls represent a larger danger han most parents think. Young nfants can wiggle and move with j stonlshing speed and strength. It] s usually when they are "left fpr' TUESDAY, JANUARY 11,1938. a moment" that they manage 19 fall. Here again safety lies In tnk ing' no chances. Tho southern cross, one of tho most brilliant constellations, is vl* Ible only in tho southern honii- sphere. LIBERAL LOANS >ri Jewelry, jfulil. illinnoiidfl, ail. lermire, xliol iruns. Homing or Hl.Vtlllng else or TUTUe, Harry's Loan Office J.ICEXSKl) rAWMIIIOKKR 55 N. Jonathan St. HERALD-MAIL Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary INFORMATION All ads are restricted -to their proper classifications and to tht "•epiilar Herald-Mail stylo of type. Errors In advertisements ibould > e lr J 1 P 1or ;« t ' Immediately. Th« -lerald.Aial) will not be responsible rpr more than one Incorrect Inser- I tion. Advertising ordered for Irregula NORVELL-YOU'RE NOT-- ROBBIN6--MR.GRUNTZ'S SAFE-/ By LEE FALK and PHIL DAVIS NAW--JUST LOOKING FOR A PAIR OF SOCKS. -STAY WHERE YOU ARE/ tomonnour- JOIM THE PARTY TAILSPIN TOMMY A Miraculous Recovery! By GLENN CHAFIN and HAL FOREST I/CAPTAI M HORTOri . HE'S STILL IM THE SHIP! THE BLIND MAPI: TM AFRAID HE |S ... I'M SOlri©'TO MAKE SURE 1 MAY MEHD HELP! SHOT HIM; , DOCTOR CAPTAIN HORTOri I DICKIE DARE Trademprk Keclitratlon Anclled For U. a P«t«nt OOlctL Three Guesses! By COULTON WAUGH OF AU. THE PEOPLE- fOR US TO OR£G I.HATETbSAV IT BUT 1 \Mren VT AMV- f SAVJFULTOHANE Tt> SAV -TV4ATA90UT VOUROYJNCOUSiN BUT SCO REMEMBER HOVM n" \A/A=> -NHEW HE y/A<3 WTH US BEFORE! VJWO COUUD TORGET VT.THE WV HE eULUEO 05 AMD PICKED ON DCNt-iie! -f I ALMOST VJlSHVJE HADN'T FOOND MIM. BUT THERE! AMD SINCE HE'S OORKIUVT'SOOR. DUTY TO LOOK AFTER. HIM AS BEST Vte CAN. 7 JUST"Tf4E SA.ME OUT HE GOES A"5 SOOW AS HE'S \NELl_ EV1OOGH! DOM'T SHAKE VOUtt. Insertion (akcj the one tinit r»t« PHONE VOUK CLASSIFIED AUTO 104 - 105 - 101 Ho ».d» taken for I«B» than a oaib or thre» llnea. Count six av«rmr« woros 10 tht line. Th« «v«ra»« word contains six lei tern. Dally rates per lint (or consecutive Insertions: CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING UATKS ,. Cath KM* On« tlmo ...; 10 Three tlmea OJ Sl« times ' ... oi All Classified Advertising !• CASH IN-ADVANCE Ada ordered lot tliree 01 all tlmee and stopped before expiration will be charred for only the number of times the ad appears and adjustments made ai the rate earned. Special rates for yearly advert)!. Ing upon request. Careful attention elven to small orders. WHEN AND WHERE TO PLACE TOUR AD 'Jne ClabBllled Advertising De* partment Is situated at the Herald Mall. These ollices are open to recelv, advertisements from 8 A. M. to I P. M. dally. All ads received up un til II A. M. will appear In edition same day and i P. M. will appear In edition following day. The Ad-taker will pladly assist you If desired ao that the copy for your ad is prepared In such a manner as to bring the greatest results Announcements = —~— Pertontli MEN OLD AT OUT PEP— New oyster Invlgoratorn and other stlm- ''in»t*. One disc starts ne\v pep' Value 11.00. Spec-la! price S9c. (Jail _wrlte_ Rudy s_£exa»_Pharinacy. • NOTIOE—1 will not be resp'onslbio for any debt., made by anyone other tha;i ircsel'. -"none, (SlKuod) Leroy H. Bowman. SEWER CONNECTIONS wanted 1 am fully in.ulpr.ed to, make 'all kinds of sewer connections and concrete work John T. Hall, 657 Phono 383 w. Pennsylvania Ave. Automotive Automobiles --'or Sale CLASSIFIED INIIIOX The following advertisements ua- der the following classifications are arranged In ALPHABETICAL order for gulch references. ANNOUNCEMENTS I—Notices. 2—In Meniorlam. 3—Card of Thanks. 4—Flowers and Mourning Goods 5—Funeral Directors. t>—Monuments and Cemetery Lot* 7—Personals. 8—Bowling Alleys. 9—Societies and Lodges. 0—Lost. Strayed and Found. AUTOMOTIVE 1—Automobile? foi Sale. 2—Autos for Hire 2A—Delivery Service. 3—Battery and Ignition Service. 4—Body and Fender Work. Palnt- Ine Tops and Upholstery. • i—Motorcycles and Bicycles. 1C—Repairing and Service Stations l'—Tires. Parts. Accessories. 17 A—Wanted — Automotive. BUSINESS SERVICE 18—Business Service Offered. ISA—Beauty Parlors. I8B—Barber Sohps. ISC—Radio Repairing. 18D—Welding and Brazing. 19—BuiJdJrg and Contracting. 20—Cleaning. Dyeing. Renovating 21—Dressmaking and Millinery. 22—Heating. Plumbing. Roofing. 23—Insurance and Surety Bond. 24—Laundering. 25—Moving. Trucking. Storage. 26— Paintlns. Papering. Decorating 27—Printing. Engraving. Binding 28—Professional Service. 29-^Repafrlng and lleflnlshlng. 29A—Piano Tuning and Repairing. 29B—Shoe Repairing 29C—Harness and Leather (ioods. 30— Tailoring and Pressing. 31—Wanted^-Husiuess Service. EMPLOYMENT 32—Help Wanted—Female. 33—Help Wanted — Male. 11 FORD v-f 1332 Coach PO.NT1AC 11127 Coach. Good con- tlltloil. cheap to quick buyer Bender's Garage. 132 E Waslil'nglun HERE! VOU BE THE JUDGE! If you have thfc opportunity to buy a good used car—which Is priced right—carries a 31 DAY' GUARANTEE and a .1 DAY DRIVING TRIAi uld you BUV IT! IHIAL GET irfn^FLEIGH^"" 01 ' 11 "" 1 ^ •37 STUDKUAKER Se^lau" .^l^ •36 FORD Delx. Sedan n;-, 35 FORD, Delx. Sedan, radio . '. 130 ' 35 WILLYS Sedan 11 n 33 DODGE Coupe ' 100 32 CHEVROLET Viet. Sedan.' 75 31 NASH Sedan ' 5° 30 BUICK Viet. Seda co 31 STUDEBAKER Coupe .... 3" 32 ESSEX Coupe so 30 STUDEBAKER Sedan 4-, 30 STUDEBAKER Coach 4> 39 HUP.MOBIT E Sedan •>-, 30 OAKLAND Coupe ' or, 35 DODGE TRUCK \ 160 Liberal Trade--- — Terms FMfltOH .MOTOR CO. 0 Oak Hill Ave. Phone 2300 JANUARY REDUCTION SALE OF BETTER USED CARS PRICES REDUCED ON THIS LOT AS MUCH AS:, 33 1-3 PER CENT NOTE THE LOW DOWN PAYMENT WITH EASY TERMS ON BALANCE YOU MUST ACT QUICK—THESE WON'T STAY LONG DOWN '30 CHEVROLET Coupe $ 40 'L'!l BUICK 0 Coach' 40 '30 BUICK 6 Sedan 40 '31 CHRYSLER 6 Coupe 85 '211 CHEVROLET Sedan 35 '33 FORD Sport Coupe 1JO '30 GRAHAM 6 Sedan 75 '31 HUDSON b Sedan 50 '33 DODGE Ccupe no '33 TERRAPLANE Coupe 85 •29 WHIPPET G Coach 20 40 Others to Select From You Get A Better Ustd Car From A Biiick Dealer—So Visit THE USED CAR MARKET 224 Frederick St. Phone 2206 The Thumma Motor Co. Buick Dealer. ZOWIE, I DOftr A TAXI RIDE Hte DO WITH FINDIH' GET UP A NEW RIVER-DO YOU, coma o 'HE SOLUTION PROBLEM By PAUL ROBINSON KEEPA LOOKOUT-/ IFANVBODV COMES -WHISTLE ff I'LL CASH UP AND HELP pAr PACK." PAT/ GOME.' SHE'S NOT IN /OH BOY," WHArASTORN THI5 ELOPE- MENFVIILL MAKE." ASTHE BUTCHER -3A|D WHEN TUP/ LOCKED HIM IN THE ICE BOX- I'VE 6OT THAT COID PAT/ WHERE HER ROOM™"' I'VE LOOKED ih® father- ETTA and QIKX ,01th av/ator entur UK. estate •• secret iofind F>ATRK/A~ HIGH PRESSURE PETE fS/K By GEORGE SWAN HEftOQUARTER'J To. C.ET THE OoPe OK H16HT By LES FORGRAVE 34—Help— Mule and Female. 35 —Solicitors. CanvahKcry, Agents 36—Situation- Wanted —Female. 37—Situations Wanted —Male. FINANCIAL 33—Business Opportunities. 39—Investments. Stocks. Bonds. 40—Money to Loan. JlortBares. 41 —Wanted—To Buy. 41A—Wanted—To Borrow. INSTRUCTION 42—Correspondence Courses. 43—Local Instruction Classes. M —Musical. Dancing. Dramatics. 45—Private Instruction. 45 A—Instruction—Male. 46—Wanted — Inptruction. LIVESTOCK 47—Dogs, Cats. Other Pets. 4S—Horses, Cattle, Other Stock. 40—Poultry and Supplies. 50—Wanted —Livestock. MERCHANDISE 51—Articles for Sale. S1A—Barter and Exchange. S2—Boats and Accessories. 53—Building Materials. 54—Business and Office Equipment i>5—Farm and Dairy Products. 56—Feed and Fertilizer. 56A—Coal and Wood. 57—Good Things to Eat. 58—Homemade Things. 5!)—Household Goods. 60—Jewelry, Watches. Diamonds 61—Machinery and Tools. 62—Musical Merchandise. 62A—Radio Equipment. 63—Seeds. Plants. Flowers. 64—Specials in the Stores. 65—Wearing Apparel. 66—Wanted—To Buy ROOJIS AMI" BOARD 67—Rooms with Board. 63—Rooms without Board. 69—Rooms' for Housekeeping. 70—Vacation Places. 71—Where to Eat. 72—Where to Stop In Town. 73—Wanted—Rooms or Board. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT 74—Apartments and Flats. 75—Business Places for Rent. 76—Farms an'd Lands for Rent 77—Houses for Rent. 77A—Garages for Rent. 7S—Offices and Desk Room. 7!t—Shore and Mountain—For Rent 80—Suburban — For .'lent SI—Wanted— To Kent REAL ESTATE FOR SALE R—Brokers Real Estate. 'i —Business Property for Sale. 83—Farms and Lands for Sale. 84—Houses for Sale. 84A—Garages for Sale. —Lotfc t'or Sale. —Shore, Mountain, Lake for Sale. 87—Suburban—For Sale. SS—To Exchange—Real Estate. S9—Wanted—Real Estate. AUCTIONS—LEGAL !IO—Auction Sales. 91—Legal Notices. R. & G. CARS AT GREATLY KEDUCED PRICES 19S7 FORD Deij. Fordor Tour. Xew. 1937 FORD DeL. Fordor. New 1937 FORU Del.. Tudor, with heater ltl.17 FORD Tudor. 193(1 FORD Tudor Touring 1936 FOR!: Tudor. Radio & heater 1936 FORD Tudor 1936 FORD DeL. Cpe. Radio, heater 133,") FORD OeL. Tudor. Radio 193Ti FORD DeL. Tudor 1835 FORD Tudor. 193.1 FORD Ccupe. JS5? SR^ IAC Coupe- fail I o, heater 1934 FORD Tudor Deluxe. 1334 FORD Convertible Coupe 1334 FORD DeLuxe Coupe. ' 1932 FORD Coupe. 1330 FORD Model A Coupe 1937 FORl Pickup. 1936 FORD Piokup. 1932 FORD Mcdel B Pickup 6 FORDSON Tractors NEWMAN AUTO COMPANY Fhonn 74. Smilhsburg, Md. SAFETY TESTED USED CARS 1535 CHEVROLET Sedan ... 1375 1335 FORD Coach 3. -, 1S34 BUICK Cciupe .. 175 1934 DODGK Sedan ' ' 37'; 1934 CHEVROLET Sport Couue 34--; 1933 OLDSMOB1LE Sedan ...? 343 Open Evenings Until 1C O'clock J.S. SNOWBERGER * SONS 319 E. Washington St. Phone SOI Announcements Personals .T.L KINDS of back number magazines & books at 114 X. Jonathan St. BUST NOW FOR NJ3XT XMAS—50% discount on entire stock of fine steel engraved Greeting 1 Cart Betfy "Whin Shop, 3 E. Wash. Si DRIVING to Florida about Jaiinni 17th. Room for 2 passengers. Wri Box 9li c-o Herald-.Ma.ll. I WILL NOT Be responsible for aT debts contracted for by anvone b. myself. (SlBned) Harry F.'EIssne WHEN 1'OU open the Classifi. Section you open the door to ccoi omy. TO ilAJv ' ROOM FOR OUR NEW CARS WE ARE OFFERING THE FOLLOWING AT PRICES WE HOPE \VIi..L PROVE ATTRACTIVE 1937 TERRAFLANE Brougham RCA Radio, heater, automatic shift transmission with electric hand no-draft ventilation, banjo type steering wheel, 10: 11. p. A car with all the pep you want, plenty of power and speed. Looks and is like new. Come out and drive this exce-nional bargain and you will wan: to own it. 1937 TBRRAPLAXE Sedan DeLuxe Driven 2300 miles—new car title and guarantee, black with grey striping. 9(i smooth horsepower 117" whcelbase, seats and rides six in pnrfec' comfort. All weather verililfition, electric- hand, large luggage compartment, duo-nuto- matic hydraulic brakes and beautiful mohair upholstery. Save real money on this one 1935 CHEVROLET Coach Original black finish, mohair upholstery, no-draft ventilation ' twin air horns, heater, tires like new. A good sound car, economical, practical hnd good looking Formerly owned by a railroad of- -. 1934 CIIEVP.OLET Sedan Black with green striping, upholstery like new. tires very good Engine quiet. The original owner took mighty nice care of this one. 1930 CHEVROLET Sedan : Six cream wire wheels and six good tires. Upholstery in line condition, motor good. An economical little car and a bargain. We also have a number of other . small cars at reduced prices. HUDSON TERRAPLANE GARAGE SOa Peiinr.. Are. Phone 1855 VERT SPECIAL ' -'; n 1935 PLYMOUTH Coupe. 1935 CHRYYSLER Sedan 1934 OI.DSMOBILE Sedan. 1934 CHRYSLER Sedan. MARYLAND MOTOR CO., Inc. Distributors Chrysler-Plymouth 56-62 W. Franklin St. Phone 2500 DON'T FIGHT YOUR OLD CAR ALL WINTER Trade It In on a winterized, guaranteed OK Used Car at HOFFMAN CHEVROLET SALES and Save Money, Time and Trouble. 1937 CHEVROLET Sport Coupe, with radio au-J heater. 1937 CHEVROLET Alstr. DeL. Sedan, witli radio; black. 193G FORD Sport Coupe. Equipped with radio and heater. 1934 LA , SALLtt Sedan. Blue, Fleetwood body. In excellent condition throughout. .934 CADILLAC 7 .Past-. Sedan. Radio & heater exceptionally nice condition. .936 CHEVROLET Muster 6 Coach. RIack finish with red wire wheels, nno condition. 336 FOUL- Tudor Sedan. Trunk model ctiuipiicM with radio. 93a BUICK DeLuxf Sedan. .Equipped with radio and heater, flne condiifon thruout. 935 CHKVB St. Cuacli, Black. bus had excellent care. 93a FORD DeLuxe Tudor, with ra- dlo Has had excellent care. 937 CHEVROLET Tractor & 20 ft . Fruehauf Trailer, van type body, fully equipped. 937 . CHEVROLET Dump Truck, new Hen-men hydrnullo dump body, new rubber. 'OUD & CHEVROLET TRUCKS, *'• l h ton panels, l 1 ^ ton ataka and dump b idles Many Other Makes and Model! Priced Accordingly Terms to Suit Your Income U w. Washington St. Phone 411 Look Foi- the BIB: Noon sign "Bctwooi Ilie IJiillrondu"

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