The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 21, 1944 · Page 2
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 2

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 21, 1944
Page 2
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2 Sofurdoy, October 21, 1944 Sakergfldb Californt'an EASTERN FLEET BLASTSJfOBAR THREE-DAY SHELLING HITS HARBOR, BUILDINGS WITH THE EASTERN ri.EET, Oct. 19. (UP'— The eastern floot. including battleships nml aim-aft carriers, today completed a threr-\vn\ air and navnl lioml>nr(iinent nf the Japanese-held Car Nn-ol>ar and Ca- mota islands. The attack began tliroi- days ntrn with earrier-liasnl planes: urafiiiK and liombiiiR Car Nirobar, the nio«t northern island of the trnup. A Hrting luree follmvuil up this attack, dropping nioro than I!' 1 " Inns nf liiwli oxplnsiM's nil Hie Tx^-niilf island in '1 ' •• hnurs. Smoke quickly rose ever Use tw<> airfields on \\v islaiuis. the nmst advanced Japanese airliates in the Jn- tlian oeean. Small harlmr installations nnd li.'irpcs were attacked by destrm cr shell lire \vhile the bill llrshipp smashed administration buildings about 2 miles inland. Other eari'ler niirnift :MlaeKrd Xaneowry harlior on (.'anini la island. about 100 miles to the southeast. A medium-sized cargo ship was sunk. small ships damaged and fires started among harbor installations. A smaller force returned to Car Xicobar yesterday nnd sent another round of shells into the island. A third attack \vas made this morning. simultaneous with a second bombaid- ment of Camorta. The lack of Japanese opposjii.iii convinced the i;,sl< fon-e I hat Sumatra. the Andaniaiis and the Nicn- briis can be had for tin- (,il:in^. WANTED Two bedroom, unfurnished house, by responsible permanent parly who will lake good rare of properly. \Vill take lease. Have been with reliable national concern for the past 15 years. See MR. CONNELLY New Manager From the East A & P STORE 1608 Eighteenth Street Dewey Hits F. R.'s Policy on Labor CoiHiniic.] From P.ige One Cation director (Fred M. Vmson) completely destroyed dip effectiveness of the raihvay labor art by setting aside the recommendation of the mediation hoard for an increase ot" ^ cents an hour. ' 1 )e\\ oy said. "Kor six months last year, while uncerta j n t y anil tension increased. Air. Roosevelt did nothing hut wage a war of nei ves against the railway • workers, l-'inally he decided tlie \ stage was set for making political capital, lie called the union leaders to the White House. They met there I four times 1 . .Mr. Hoosi-veli demanded i that he. instead ot the legally estah- I lished mediation boaiil. be selected as t he final arhil rator." ; •'l-'inally .Mr. lloosovelt s-ei/.-d the lailroads to forestall a national dis- ast'-: 1 which he himself had prepared. After thai lie uraciously gave I he V'-rv \\a.c;e increase to which the railway workers have been entitled lor over a year." Then Dewev swung Into the port that Klynn. f!ron\- county Democratic chairman, played in the pro- j roodings. j "Political power wasn't the only t profit in this ease." he charged. i "There \vas political cash too—lor one ( ,| (I,,. Xcw heal city bosses." lie said that because the proceedings wore "obviously of n very special sort," lh" railroad brotherhoods "were Cure-oil to hire some one who knew his way around the U'hilo I louse.'' DOWOV said Klynn iocoj\-.-il a f.-e of S:::i,ri(iri |,,r his services to ra ill oad woi ke] s. "t 'oiled i ve bargaining N only of the oa sua It IPS of the iit;h! workers under the .\.-\\ h Dewey continued. "I.ook al has happened to the white u 01 kcr." "The \ew heal is a biinkriipt organization." Dewey said, "living only to extend its powers over the dailv lives of our people." lie : charged (hat il had no postwar program except: "Back to normalcy . with ten million unemployed." i ilranling thai labor did receive economic and social gains in the ! early days of the lloosevelt adtninis- I tration, Dewey charged that "it j treats the social gains of the 1f>,'!o.s as its private property." Dowey argued (hat social gains fire "the property of the people of the Vniled .States" nnd that they need "vigorous protection and promotion all the lime." To that end, he reiterated his pledge, if elected, to appoint a sec- j relary of labor I'rom tho ranks of ! labor; abolish "wasteful, quarrol- | some and competing agencies which | are strangling collective bargaining": establish a permanent fail- employment practices committee; put all I functions of tin 1 labor department j into that department and do away with special privilege for one group of American workers over another group." TIIF SALVATION ARMY Twrntieth and K St reels f'aplaai John Ritchie, 1'aMnr Company meeting. f):4."i a. m.. Sam 'Inn- th'-i. leader. Holiness service, 11 o'clock. I.i.M.tena nl -Colnne! .lames C FVII, terri- lnn::l eva -i^diHt. will nring the HolmeMS nu'n.saee ' ilivittir Coil Our Best." Out- pcj^-t Sinutfi-. school. :.' ::o p. m. Young People's Lf-^-.uti. *> p. in. sticct pervite, 7 p. in . at Nineteen! Il and L streets. Evangelist!* service. 7:::<i p. m. Message l.ieutena nt-Ci.lonol .lames C'. Bell. "God's Kingdom " Tuesilay. 7:30 p. m., tea.-hern' training MaHs: S p m.. e\-ange- llsttic si-rvicf. \V.-ilnrHil:iy, 10 a. m.. Ladies' Hume League: 7::,0 p m., open-air; 8 p. in i.- service: message. "Personjil Chi 1st innity." Thursday, 7:30 p. m.. str-et service: 3 p. m.. evangelist ic service, message. ".Manifest ing the Lord." Friday. 7.: ( l) p. in , Corps Cadets: 8 p. m., evangelist! • serviic: message, "Overcoming l-'aitb.' by Lietiiepaut-Colonel James !c. Bell. Saturday 7:::ii p. m , street sorv- j ive: S p. in.. >-v;-nuHislic service: message. "O\-i'rcou]inv l-'ea r." Spe.-i:il evangelistic ''•nrn'.alKn started October ill will end Oo th — ('.-tlilniniali-NKA Ti'lephono NA/I I'KISONKKS IN AACIIKX— .Marching through blaxing streets of liomli-blasied Aachen, these Xaxi prisoners head for prisoner of war camp under watchful eyes of their American captors. I'lloto by Hcrl lirandt. NKA-Acme phritographer for war picture pool, transmitted via signal corps railio-telephoto. 'Remember Bataan" Spurs Yanks in Leifte Drive EVANGELISTS DONNELL and HOLLER STARTING SUNDAY for Three Weeks a I Calvary Full Gospel Church in Green (ichl Music - Singing - Preaching You Will Loiiij Rt'ii EACH EVENING EXCEPT MONDAY Plan to Attend This Week Rev. G. C. .Inns, Pastor Ci,ij] JUKI! FT a cniiimiiniiiue said. Slimo fil'e damaged smile landing craft, however.] and one vessel in the (Hen.ship in-: vasion armada was damaged by an; aerial lorpedo. .Main Fight al Tnclolian .Mai-Arthur appeared to be throw- j ing his main strength against Taclo-! ban. a oily of ^u.d'io pc'rsons, and its nearby airfield Official reports said j IJeiiifnnnt-fic-neral Walter Krueger's ; Sixth Army forces penetrated to within a half-mile of the airfield in 1 a 12011-yard advance against moderate | resistance in the first eight hours, yesterday. Another force wa? meeting "stubborn resistance" in the form of mor- tar-maohincgun and small arms fire near Palo. 6 miles south of Taclonan. 1 Jentenant-Oenera! <!eorge C. Kin- \ nov's Soul Invest I'acific Air Knives sent figblr-rs and bombers ranging over I he airdromes of nearby Cebu island Thursday, strafing and sel- tiriK fire an undetermined number of grounded planes, a supplementary comini]ni(|ne announced today. Three planes were clou lied by enemy antiaircraft fire. A Japanese freighter and several luggers were set afire off Mactan island and an enemy float piano was destroyed off Saruar island, west of Leyte, Thursday, a spokesman said, Transport Damaged I'-fiSs swept the Xamhoanga area in the Suln islands, destroying or damaging a fiOtl-ton freighter transport, three 1000-ton freighter.", three IKAN KKJKCTS Oil, PLANS TEIIHAX, Oct. 19. (Delayed.) (JP) Iran has rejected American British nnd Soviet propositions for oil concessions and has postponed further discussions until after the war, it was disclosed today. FIRST COXf.UKC.ATIONAL CIIfHCII Srvi'iHPciilli niul (J Strei'ts 11 A. ,M.. Jloniinp Wiirship l>i\ I.und Spculis on : "WHKRK DOKS THE SKY BEGIN?" S I'. iM., The Kvcniiij; I'unini ( SpciiUci 1 : Dr. Truman Douglass of Xow York Sl'IUKCT: "DKMOCHACY , ABHORS A VACL't .M" II' yiin w;inl lo do some Ueon IliinUiiis; Sundn.v pvcniiiR, do not. miss Jtoctor Donglnss. ro;i«l;il vcssols and sovrral small i-ral'l in .lulu liailmi. \\'alcrl'ront In- s.lallal ions worn alsn atlarked. Carrior planes from the Third and Seventh fleets were revealed to have sunk -ii ships and small craft, probably snl< -1 others, dama.yed ii!i vessels, destrrij ed 145 pUini'S nnd damaged L'ti in a series of raids \\'ednesday, Tlmrsday and Friday on enemy air bases and shipping at l.ux.on. Negros. Pa nay, Cebu and I.eyte. Nine American aircraft were lost. "Numerous fuel nnd ammunition dumps \VPI-I> sel afire nnd airdrome installations were heavily damaged," .MacArthur reported in a communi- que on operations of Vice-Admiral Thomas c. Ivincaid's Seventh fleet. "A I least 1 L' coastal gun positions was destroyed on Leytp island." MacArthnr's communique reported that serving with Krueger in the Sixth Army were ihe. Tenth Corps under .Ala.jor-Oeneral Franklin T. Seliitx: the Twenty-fourth Corps under Major-Genernl John II. I lodge. Ihe Third Amphibious Kngineer Brigade under Brigadier-General William Seavy, and supporting supply and other troops. The two corps include the First Cavalry Division under Major-Oen- eral Yernde D. Mudge, the Seventh Infantry Division under -Major-General Archibald V. Arnold, the Twenty-fourth Infantry Division under .Major-Genernl Frederick A. Irving and the Ninety-sixth Infantry Division under .Major-General James L. Bradley. Santa Ana Base to Be Distribution Station President Makes Tour of New York Continur-'l From F'age One (on probably the niirht of November 4. Cbicnso mid Cleveland nre other lil\el\' ;ippeiirnnee spots. f'l'esidf'iitiiil Sferetiiry Stephen Kiirly said -Mr. Roosevelt had no intention of ronrealin.c himself today behind voluntary censorship. His appearunee at Kbbets Field will mark the first time of the campaign that the. President has turned up at a political rally. altho'iRh he will repeat next Friday at. Philarlel- phia's Shibe Park. Ills opening rampaisn sp'M^cb in Washington last month was at a dinner meetine of tile A. F. L. Teamsters 1'nion. where admission was by ticket only. What other talks he has made have been delivered hy radio from the White House. Japs Ready to Get Prisoners' Supplies A\*A SIIINUTOX. Oct. L' I. (UP) — i Xo;i rly t hrco >'oars oi." cl'fnrL to ^t't i food, medicine and clothins: to Alliod I soldiers and civilians held by the Japanese finally showed promise today of yielding' definite results. Ironically, the official word that Japan was ready to co-operate in moving the relief supplies came on the very day that American, forces began the liberation of the Philippine islands where most of the American prisoners are held. The state department said that the Japanese had notified this country, through Swiss officials, that they were prepared to send a ship in the immediate future to the Siberian port of Mnkhodka to pick up 1500 tons of supplies that have been in a warehouse in Vladivostok for nearly n year. FIRST BAPTIST Truxinn Avenu Between L anfl M Streets The fleverend Dr. Burton C. liarrett. Paator The Ilevcr?nd Sam Kleinsaaser. Assistant Sunday j-chooi. 9:"0 n, m F. Pat ISd- mondson, funeral nuperlntendent. Morn- intf scrvko. 11 o'ctoc'c. Doctor Barrett pi P' i rmon subject "The f.iubt of Prm'pr!" .Nursery <-ari> ts prnvlrlnd for rhildroii i ndrr »J years of nee durintj the morning 1 worship Kveninif service. 7:30 o'clock. th« Revprencl Mr, Klelnsapsesr prpiichtnc. Sermon subject. "The rhris- t in n Pitii-on." Hsiptis' Youth Fellowship, fi :^.l p. m. Sunday e von ing RinstlniP. 7:IiO p. m. B. V. K. HiiiRspirat ion. 8:4R p. m. A\>dneHd:t>. 7 ::i't p. m.. midweek coiiBrepjitional nssenibP' and special business meuting. THIMTY MKTHOU1ST Xiies and Kin.; Streets Dillon \Veslpy Th rot it morion, M in inter Sunday schnnl. 9;4S a. in.. H M. Datu-h, B*'ner;» 1 P 'uerinlendrnt. Mornins nor vice, 11 o't-lo' k. boKinnincr the ("riiHade for * 'hris:. cainpa inn. Sermon subject. "Time for a <*i 'made." Youth Fellowphlp hour, fi :!0 p, m. Kvcniritf service, 7:3D o'rior-k. MCSS.'IKO In NC-KI-II spirituals by members nf Mini or i-'ield'o Twenty-third Sqnndron. "\\ p inK« of Alolody Omral lCnpeml)le" of 1 J> voices. Mondny nipht. thi 1 (Trnsadc fltnn*-r. Tuesday through Thursday, the f'ni.Mjnln campaign, with l j\-p minis tern ot' the ' 'alifornia (.'onference asslstinff local teams. f.\rV.HlY IIAPTIST Nilcs Strr-et at Kern 1 ten t y ,1. Pa s tor C;tlvni-y bioad.asi nvcr KIOKN. 7 lo 7 oO a. m ; theme. "Hut Where A r* the Nnu 1 ?" Sii'idny s. lnii-1 !i :-f.". ;t . m.. Kveroll Hrad- t'nrd. ,i^.«i.^ia nt .sopcrint'-nitftit In charpc. .\ f fir Hint; servi- o. 11 '»'i-|ocU, "A Cliuri h \\'il)i u .Messayi'.'' tformon Subject, ' 'The Dei i y of ("hrint. " Junior II mh, Senior H Y. 1-'. Searchers and adult |{jb|e chum. fi: ''M p. jii. Kvor IIIR sci'\' ice, 7 .HO o'clock. Sermon wuhjci t "Two Sons of Adam " Junior Hi:,Mi Kuodia riuh, S:;iO p, m. Mond;iy at the church. Wedneml:\y. 7:. n .O p. m.. liibtf* ptndy and prayer service: 8:^0 p. m., choir rnheat sal. < in iu n or .IKS is riiKisr OF I.ATTKK-DAY SAINTS Kasl llalifTsi'i.dd Biain h Mnntrrcy and iv.HK Si i-fois K \\"a> no Taylor, Bran"li Pi psidmt Sunday s- hmd. 10 10 11 ::'.•) a. m., Kldnn Yniiim, suin'i'Mitt-ndftit. lOven i up service, T :n 11'clock. J'rti Pt bund meet in K MondaN . " •'• (! p. n, Holier Society Tuendio. - p. in. M I A. Tuesday. 7 ,l!0 p. m. Primary, Th in xda \. 1 n ni. Uakrrs field Hist ri<'t ! 'unl'i-retH P. ()> 'ohcr 20. liepinnuis at !• :ilO n in. \\ M '• niic-mntr exer* uses for all officers and tea i her s in ch;i jx-1. ST. JOSKPirs ( ATIIOLIT l-'a \ her Tlioma y J, Ka i le>'. Pa si or l-'ailinr Ignaiius I.onKliran, Assistant S vi n day masses. 7, S. It, ] 0 :'IU a. in. and 1 - nonn sptcia 1 ret real mass at S ii 1 . lock. < )f fieiai op.-nuii,' nf mission at \'2 noon ma ss M issio i wor vices, beg i n- nin^' Octobnr 1:2 through to Ociohcr "fl: Ha ily masses, fi, 7, and S:30 a. in. : eve- nine services, 7:45 p. m. ST TAIL'S (Episcopal) Seventeenth and I Street^ The Uevt-rend Ralph H. Tox. Rp<-(n r I loly r nmmun ion. 8 a. m f'hiklren's sPCvict» a nil c hurch school. 0 A ~< a. m Morninu sci vice and sermon by the Reverend <';iii(,n lOdward Morpan • musii by St. Paul's choristers. Youth program, 7 ;:jO i». ni.. in the pa rit-h house. Till': CHl'Rf'H Or CHRIST t>:iO C,i lifornia Avenue Curt is \\'. Posey, Minister Kunday .school. 10 a. m. M or nine serv- irc. 11 o'pluck. Kvenmer Kervic.e. 8 o'clock, ova nyel isl.: Wednesdriy serv ices, ii p. m. I,ad;»-s' Viihle f lasses, Thursday. Ynung folks' classes. Ti.ursday. S p. m. Sunday. l_::;o and 1-iO p. in., radio programs over KPMC. FIRST CHRISTIAN Sixteenth and I Streets HoliiNtpr B. .Miller. Minister Bible Bcho'd. 9:45 a m.. .latnea Carter, supei intf-ndpni. Morning worship. 10:45 a. m. Thome. "Why I Preach for Chris- linn Churches.'' Nurner • i<s provided dur- tnp Ilitflo sell no i and mornlnp worship hours. Sovt-n (Christian Kndoavor HOCieties meet at ti ''H P. m. J-Jvpnin^ service. 7 :-1ft p. m. Subject. "The Ohriat for Today." Instnlln lion of officers of tlie seven C. E. ooc.ietiea will take place at the even 1 OR service, «ftfondny, 7:3't p. m. youth recre- «tion in Bclhnny hall, Wednesday. 7 to 9 P. m.. "Meditation and Melody Night" for nil younff prnjulo in .Hi n tor ehnprl. Prayer mrctlPT for adults In the wr men's parlor Wednesday. 7 :!t() p. m. Thursday. Women's Counsel. Mrs. A. V. Whitfleld. chairman, meets for luncheon at 12::iO in Bethany Kill. Choir rehcanwl, Thursday at 7:^0 p. m. FIRST IMTY TKMPLK li;:i Soutliein Hotel Delia Shulls, Minister \\>e Wlsnnni (boir practice, f) :,TO n. m. Sunday Hcheol. ic-ift a. in.. Unity subject, "I low to (la in ronsciouMR'fl.H of the i .Mir iff i, " Morn i UK service. 11 o'clock ; sermon sub ect. "ff nsitmmattnn In the Last Analysis." Unity Temple open from 9 n. i.i. to f. p. m. Daily "Silence." 12:15 Jo 12:4a (six days). Weilnesday nturiy class. '_' n m. : subject. "Th** Church of Christ." Victory Prayer Corps 7:30 p. m., (prayer for the nrmpd forces'*. Study class, S p. m..: subject. "Prosperity 1 (the nffer- inp poos to the ITnity huilrline fund). I'nity PitHinesH Club meets at Hotel El Tejon on Thursday 12 noon. FIRST MKTIIODIST ST. JOHN'S LtTIIKRAN (The Church uf I tic l.tiUit'i'tin Hour) Twentieth and (." Streets ! t. J. J a K e 1 H , Pa s t o r Sunday school. 9:45 n. m.. Fred Srhrl- blc. .suiKM-mtendciil. Two morning services, s -15 r nd 11 o'clock. Sermon subject, "Man's Response to the Gospel Invitation." Sunday, I' :30 n. m.. The Lutheran Hour, over KPMC. Monday. 8 p. m.. t he- Men's Clnb. Wednesday, 7:^0 p. in., Wal- tbf-r I,paKiie. Thursday. 7 ..'{0 p. m.. Adult nirnibersbip class. Thursday 8 p. m.. • •hmr practice l-'riday. 8 p. m.. nil 11<1 in? < oinini t tee Sat unlay. 0:Su a. m., chil- dn-n'H conf if mat ion class. FIKST I'RKSnYTKKIAN dun >f Seventeenth nnd H St reels The Kevffend John Murtlodi Pastor Sunday school. !».!:'. n. m.. l.eland t'.oldp- woi i h\. general superinlt-ndcnt. Morn ins service, 1 1 o'cloi I{. Theme: "Day by I.*ay '' Nursery for nmaII children tinder G during Sunilaj F' hool and morn ins worship. AVf-Htmir.siei' Senior Youth Fellowship. 7 p. m , a i t he home of the Heveiend ,in«l Mi P. Murdoch. IMS4 C'-dar st rcer. Topic ' "Phe Book of All Aees." Leader. Ann To lie. Thursday, 7 ;)!0 p. m.. i tioir i eht'H rs;tl. Friday. 7 p, JD , Boy S L O U I S. CIIIIUII 01* TIIK tMYKRSAL UllOTIIKIUKJOIt i;.;Vi F Street The) ma P. EC hols. Director Sunday s'-hool, 10 a. m.. Morning service, 11 o'clock. Sermon subject, "Are You Ready lor the Kingdom of God," Evening service, 7:3fl o c lock. Sermon subject. ' 'The Resurrection of Jesus." Light, on the Path of Prayer croup daily at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. ST. .MARK'S METHODIST Bui id i up Site: Hurrle Avenue. Between Norris Road and Second Street The Revv- c »d Williard .1. Rand. Jr., Pastor Sunday school, ^ A', a. in. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Kveninp service. 7:30 o'< lock Service^ held at the First Aleth- odu't Church. LLTIIKKAN CIH RCII OF TIIK MESSIAH (American fait hern :i Cont'rrriu'r) Womn n's Club. ISightoenlh and D St rep.ts Sunday school. Ji ;4T) a. m . Mrs. Albert Wultmaun, superintendent. Morning serv ice. 11 o'clock, SAXTA AXA. Oct. Cl. (JT)—Tload- | (niarln-s of the Wry tern Flying ; Tmininff Comniaiul i-oportt-d yesterday that the Santa. Ana Army Air : Base, one of three p re-flight train! inR- centf-rs of the army air forces, I on No vein her 1 will ho made a I major station of the newly created | A. A. F. Personnel Distribution Command. ! The new command will handle all ] imassimied A. A. K. personnel, in- j eluding redistribution of returned , personnel, doiiuMjilixation and care of i convalescent patients. Santa Ana j will continue as headquarters of the i Western Flyinp: Training: Command. 151G CONVOY LANDS 1.SUOAIL.EV, England, Oct, ^1. (^P) Tho largest ocean convoy in history— HiV ships carrying more than 1,000.000 tons of food and war equip- nieiu and covering an area of nearly L'ti square miles—recently arrived from North America without loss, A. V. Alexander, first lord of the admiralty, -said today. SOTTIIC.ATK SOI TIIKKN BAPTIST l':MO South K. Street Tlir Reverc-nrl J. Bruce Benson, Pastor 45 a. m., Karl Adkison, .Morn ins so r vice, 11 Bub.iei t, ' 'The Chal- IriiKf. 1 or AIiHfiicniE " Training I'liion, 7 P. m. . Ku 1 1 llf?ad. director. Kvcnins serv- i< p, S o'clock. Sermon suhji»rt, "In thu i "pprr Room." TPH fliers' meeting: and Pia>cr st'rvif.f \\'ndnt'fda>', 7:.'H) p. in. Missionary Sori.'ty '1'hursda.v. 7:L'0 p. m,. Mrs. (I. K. Henri ''iokson pros idem. Choi r pnic- tice. KrHl.iv. 7 p. ni. Sunday Hdiool stnd>' four.-,e. October L!3 Sunday school, 9 suponnU'iulent. o'clock. Si -i mon "White. Pastor Morning fierv- iubject. "The thr- hook "A School. " I'sing its Sunday WHERE JESUS IS REAL Morning Worship, 11 A. M. REV. EDNA GOODWIN, SPEAKER Evangelistic Service, 7:-15 P. M. CHRIST or CHAOS PASTOR W. K. J.OXG "Tito Church by the Side of the Rorid," 0 A. M. Tho Victory Hour, 10 1'. M. L. L. DA VIES, ASSOCIATE Full Gospel Tabernacle Sinenli-enth and (1 Street (III IU II OF CHRIST 5 10 Norris Uoad W. H. \Vheai land. Minister Sunday school, !> 'A'> n. m. , C. L. Borry, su pci in tendon t. Morning service. 1 0 :4f> a . m Sermon subject, "The Plunibline. " KVPD ins rtcrvici?. 7:30 p. m, A dra rna entitled "Two M-iMers" \vill ho presented hy thp Vouiiff I Void r. clir?c.ted by Mrs. \Vheailanc1. Christ ian Endeavor. 6 t.'iO p. in. \VtHlnondii -• 7.;:'i p. in.. Hil)lc study. Radio pi OK ram at '2 :CIO Sunday afternoon over K I'Mt'. MUST SOfTIIEUN BAPTIST I; iver Hiiiili-vard and Wai or Street The He ve i end G. K. Loving, Pastor Sunday school. 9 :•!."> a. m. Morninff sorvi'-p. 11 o'rlock. Sermon subject. "Are All Road i the Same'"' Training Tnion, fi . :50 p. .t . .Mrs. Minnie Collins, director, K wiling: service, 7 :'!*' o'clock Motion picture. "Kin.ii of Kings. " will l)e shown. Tuesday. 7 ::10 p. in. . singing school, Tony Brown, teacher. Wednesday. 7 i.TO p. m., Hi bio studv arid prayer service. Thursday, 7;."0 p. m. choir rehearsal and singing. FIRST C'HUU'II OF C'HKIST, SCIENTIST Kleveni h and Ken P ing ton. Delano A branch of The -Mother Church, The I-Mrsl Church of Christ. Scientist, in Boston. Mass. Sunday school. 9:45 a. in. Tor pupils up tc -i* years of age. Morning' nervier. 11 o'clock. Lesson-Sermon subject. "Probation After Hoath.'' Wednesday moetinu; at 8 p. m. The reading rnom is open on Monday. Wednesday and Friday ft 0111 ;t to 5:30 p in. CHURCH OF JKSI'S CHRIST OF LATTF.K-DAY SAINTS KiKhleenth and R Streets William Davis. Branch President Sunday school. 10:li5 a. m., William E. Crat't, superintendent. Evening service. 7;30 o'clock. Priesthood meeting, 7:30 p. in. Monday. Reliel" Society. 2:30 p. m., Tuesilay. I'rimary. - P- m. Saturday. M. I. A.. 7.3* p. in. Tuesday. Sunday, October 1*9, district Youth conference. PASTOR PAUL F. COOK An Invitation to Hear EVANGELIST CECIL GRICE FINAL WEEK OF CAMPAIGN "A message for you from :i man who is vitally interested in your spiritual welfare." Each Evening a I 7:45 Except Monday KVA.MiKI.18T CECIL ORICE SOUTHSIDE ASSEMBLY OF GOD —> 930 "L" Slreel Paul F. Cook, Pastor COMMtMTY BAPTIST 200 First Street 1-Yed A. Landera, Pastor SumUiy s« li"ol, 1*1 a. m. Morning service, 1 \ n' clock. Sermon subject. "The ['onto jM.'iker." Evening service. 7;"0p.m.; Voutli I'Vlk.wHhip. Midweek prayer serv- k'C Thuraduv, 7; 30 p. in. CIIIKtll OF CIIIU-ST Lamoiu JUIIICK P. Galbruith, Pastor Suiuluy echool, It* a. 1.1. Morning pcrv- h c. 1 I o'clock. Sermon subject, "The New Birth." Evening service, 7:30 o'clock. Sermon subject, "The Christian Warfare." Tune in Sundays The Old Fashioned Revival Hour KPMC 10-11 P. M. International Gospel Brnadcuat Charles K. Fuller Director COMMtMTY MKTIIODIST Delano The Reverend Ronald H. Sunday si tiool, D A't a. in, h »>. 11 o'clock. Sermon Iricsca pa bio CTirtfl.'' KveninB service. 7:4ii o'clock. Her mon subject, "The Light Within." Youth Fellowship at 7 p. m. each Sunday. Week-day religious educa- t ion from 3 to 4 p. ni. ea-'h Wednesday, tit tlit- chui ch. There will be a no-hosf-as church rlinr.ei for members families and friomls "f th' church ai 7 p. m. Mondfly nipht in l he church socia I ha 11. to open t he i hurcli cam pa is n in the ' 'Crusade for Christ." CI11KC1I OF TIIK BRKTHRliN aO.i Second Sti eet Jo!m T. Coffniun, Pasto Sunday sctionl. 0:45 a. m.. 1C r nest R. Simll. a u per in ten dent. Morn ins service. 11 u'dnck. K veiling service. 7 o'clock. Fru-ndbhip Club, second and fourth Thursday*. TAFT LUTIIEKAN (iirl S( outs Hall on Calvin Street U. J. JuKeln. Pastor ]'"\ euiiiK service S o\ lock, with Sunday prliool session at 7:15 u, m. Sermon »ub- .inst. ".Man : Response In thci Gospel Invitation." Sutidn> H. It;.'{(( a. m., "The Lutheran Hour," nvt'r KPMC. PRIMITIVE BAPTIST McKarland Elder George E. d riff in, Pastor Morning 'jervice. 11 o'clocK. Communion service, - p. m. Meetings eacl- second anri fourth Sunday. Fourth Sunday, regular coriferenen meet Inc. Lunch served in the church und service in al'tcrnoon, ciiritrii OF • CHRIST 6ti7 Santa Fe Highway. Shafter }-4. M. Rordcn. M^inister Bible classes, 10 a. m. Prpnchine, 11 a, m. Subject. "Seeking the Lord." ('reaching, t :4u p. m. Subject. "Sin nnd HemiSoion of Siiif." FIKST IMTY i!.V North Street. Tail (Woman's Improvement Club Building) Delia Shut t a, Minister Sunday school. It :4o a. m.. Lewis A. Thi (top. super i ni enrlent. Evening service S o'clock, "Conhiummation. in the Lael Analysis. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETY Kernville A branch of Tho Mother Church, The Firfct i^luirch of Christ. Kcient ist, in Boa- ton, Mas.;. Sunday school. 11 a. m. for pupils up to the, ape of -0 >cars. Mnrn- inw norvi •>. 11 o'cluck. LoHSon-Sermon bubjcct. "Probation Aftc. Death." PANAMA CONCJKEGATIONAl John S. BUSH, Pastor Sunday school, 10 a. m. Mornine serv- i<c. 11 o'clock. Sermon Hiib.ject. "Christ a Cm 11 pa; M in Faith.'' Evening servii-e. S o'clock. S-Minoii subject, "The Upholding Word." CIIIKCII OF CIIKIST Knightn ol" Pythias Hall, Kern and Laku Streets W. C. Harrison, Minister Sunday School, 10 a. in. Morning snrv- ice. 10:50 o'clock. (i:4ij o'clock, Bible classes. ____^_ THE C'lllltCH OF CIIKIST 1'juy Scout tiuilding, Buttonwillow \'\ M. Taylor. Minister Ri.iulay Kchno'. 1ft a. m. Morning serv- i«-p, 11 o'clock. Senrtun subject, "The Sin of Neglect." Uadio prosrams. 111:30 and p. m. KPM. 1 . IJTIIIJiAN St'NDAY SCHOOL ^Bertha F. Elliott Hall. Oildale R. J. Jagels. Pastor Sunday school, 9:3(1 a. m. Now in Progress REVIVAL MEETINGS COLONEL JAMES C. BELL Territorial Evangelist at Salvation Army Hall Nightly at 8 o'Clock Twentieth and K Street Inspiring Messages EVERYBODY WELCOME CAPTAIN JOHN 7 RITCHIE, Corps Officer FIKST CONOKKCiATIONAL CHL'KCH .Seventeenth and G Streets Thumin .FenwicK Lund. Th.D., P.D.. Pastor 9:15 a. m., Church school 11 a. m. morning worship Tho nastor, Doctor Lund, will speak on the theme of life, "Where Does the Sky Begin?" A nursery is kept - r or small children. The church has a complete audition system to aid tho hard o( hearing. 6 p. m.. high school choir reheaisal. fi:30 o'clock. Church of Youth, with Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Vlsel in charge. S p. m.. second Bakersfield Sunday evenins forum. Uuest speaker, Or. Truman Douglass ot New York, who will discuss the subject: "Democracy Al hors a" Monday, Kern County Association of Congregational Churches it Wasco. Thursday. Ladies Aid in church parlor. FIRST SOL'TIIKRN BAPTIST Lassen Drive at Taft Street. Olldale The Reverend A. T. Estes. Pastor Sunday school, 9:45, a. m.. Floyd Goree. superintendent. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Seimon subject, "God's Healing for the World's Hurt." Evening service. 7:30 o'clock Sermon subject "The Wedding Garment." Trainius Union. 6:30 p. m.. PhilliH Walls in charge. Teachers' meuling Wednesday. 6:3J p. m., followed by prayer and Bible study at 7:30. Women's Missionary Society meets every Thursday. (Ill Rril OF GOD Oildale Drive and HI Tejon Avenue, Oildale The Reverend U. R. Green. Pastor Sunday school 9:45 a. m. Morning service. 10:45 o'clock. Evangelist Mamie Bisconer speaking. Evening service. 7:45 o'cloc!;. Evangelist Mamie Blsconcr speak- inc. Youns people's service, 7 p. m. Evangelistic services through Sunday, nightly at 7:4j except Saturday, with Evangelist Mamie Bisconer speaking. FIRST CIIVRCII OF CHRIST, SCIEXTISE A branch of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ. Scientist, in Boston. Mass. Sunday school, 9:30 a. m. Morning service, 11 o'clock; sermon subject, "Probation After Death." Wednesday evening meeting, 8 o'clock. The reading room in front of the church is open 1^ noon to 5 p. in. daily except Sundays and holiday?. CIH RCH OF CHRIST Fourth and Harlow, McFarland E. M. Bord.?n, Jr.. and E. M. Borden, Sr.. .Ministers Bible classes. 10 a. m. Preaching, 11 a. in. Subject, "The Lord Commands and Wo Obey." Preaching. 7:30 p. m. Subject. "The Lord Jnvites Us to Come." f!ihle drill Thursday, 8 p. m. B. M. Borden, Jr., will preach at both services. CHI RCII OF OCR SAVIOR-LUTHERAN Delano Tho Reverend Alvin C. Streufert, Pastor Sunday school. 9:50 a. m. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Sermon subject, "The Christian and His Money." The junior confirmation class meets at 9:15 a. m. Saturday rt the church. The Junior Octette meets at 10.30 a. m. Saturday at the churc.h. CHRISTIAN SCIENCE SOCIETV Sixth nnd E Streets, Wasco A. branch of The Mother Church, The First Church of Christ. Scientist. In Bos- lou, .Mass. Sunday school. 10 a. m. for pupils up to ;o years of age. Morning service. 11 o'clock. Lesson-Sermon subject. "Probation After Death." Business and Professional GUIDE Phont 1-7631 for Monthly Rites ACCOUNTANTS JOHN W. CULLITON PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT Income Tax ttrntrt. Audit* System 205-Z06 ri-ofeMlnnal Uulldinc Phone 9-0501 CHINESE HERBS T. LIM HEKlt 8PKCIAUST STOMACH TROUBLE SPICIALISTS N8' former Herb Instructo Canton Collece. Oantoa Twentjr>f*urtb mat K Street! Phrat S-MBI LAUNDRIES 1AUHDRY SERVICE Itundr/ SerrlM t Micelle*— Tttmt If Ow Uotte—Ten Ulftenat Bcnlew «o4 Z«rle Dry Clrinlnv emZINS LAUNDRY MittMth «od 0 •treefa MMM MWI Tr'ixiun Avenue and *l Strret i Tlie RcvrMcnrt r>r. N. A. Chrislenscn, Pastor This Heverend \Vllli»rd J. Rand. Jr.. Assru-inle Stindny st-honl, 3:43 a. m.. Mrs. T. R. ToUon, Koncr; 1 ! suprrintpmlent. Morning service. 11 .relink Surmon suh.ici-t, "Lfv- itik- Uilii Ynui.srlf." IJiii-lor Christpnucn prciii InnE. KveiiiriK service. T.IIO o'clock. ScniK.n nubjcct. ' Hoa.l Sign Pedenuian I'rciHsiilB.' Ihe Reverend Mr. Rand prcaeh- iiiB. Inslal'ation of the Youns People's cabinet. N'urrory for small children and ImlileR durln« tho miirnlnfr 'vorshlp service, llish Srh >nl Fellewnnhlp. 6:30 p m. VounB People's meeting. 6:30 i>. ni. "School of Christ Ian Living." 7:30 n. m Monday In the cducntioral hlillcling. Warmer (Jans party. Tuesday. 7:30 p. m. at the home r.l Mrs. Gerlrtldi Lang. 1108 Chester ave- nu«. Youth chol** rehearsal. 7:30 p. m. \Vndnewlny. Circled of the Women's So- ciel-- iil - Chrlstlnti Service will meet Thursday. Cmup Fin. Girls. 4 o. in. Thursday. Choir 7:30 p. in. Thursday. IliKh School Fellowship Halloween party Saturday. 7 30 p m.. at the home oC ilr. and Mrs. T. H. Totton. FIRST CIII'Kril OF t'HRIST. SCIENTIST Eighteenth and C Streets A hranch of The Mother Church, The First riuirr.ii of Chrisi, .Scientist, in Boston. Muss. Sunday school, 9:30 and Jl a. m. for pupils up to 20 years of apre. MornltiB service, 11 o'clock. The Les.son- Serinon subject. "Probntuiu After Death." Kvenins sei-vlce. 8 o'clock. Wednesday meotinff al S p. m. Includes testimonies of Christian Science healinfr. The free pub- lie rejirllns room maintained by the chunri in No. ."i Arcade. Haherfelde huildlnB. Sevcnteeiu'i and Chester. i» open daily cNceiittiiK Suuilay and holidays, from 10 to f>. evru n«s 7 to 9, closing Wednesday at 5 p. m. FIRST CHI K(ll OF THE NA/ARENE Chesto.- A\'enue a' Kourth Street The Heveronri !•'. Arthur Anderson, Pastor Sunday school. 9:4S u. m.. Wlllard Iloua/d. superintendent. Morning service. 11 o 1 . luck. Sermon subject, "The Llftlnu' Power of the C.OHpei." .lunior church. 11 n. m. You;i[. People's service. G-tO p. m., under the ilirertioii of Milton Durby. lOve- nin^ serx'i.'f. 7:30 o'clock. Sermon subject. "A Deadly Peril ' The young people of this chui-•!! present the radio program. "Tlie Xazaiene Young People's Hour." each Sund.iv at 4 p. m. ov?r KKRN. Midweek priM'er meftitiff AVednesday, 7;30 P. m . followed b> choir practice. FI I.I. C.OSI'KI. T .Seventeenth and (> Streets \\'. E. Lons, Pastor L. [.. Da vies. Associate Sunday m'hool. 9:45 a. m., Mrs. Hazel A lexa iidei. superint eiitlelit. Morning serv- i. e. 1 o'clock, the Reverend Kdna Goo.l- win. kueyt speaker. revelling service. 7:4r> o'.lork. iSermun subjecl. "Christ or Chaos." by W. 1C. LOUB. Christ's Arnhaw- Slid'irs. C:") p. m.. Mm. Glace Shaffer. MrcHuleul. Rndio programs, "The Chui.h hy the Sid' of the Uoad." 9 a. m.: The Vietoiy Hour. 10 p. m. over Station KKIt.V. FAITH TABERNACLE Height and Nelson jdrn. K. B. Smith, J astor Sunday school, 9:4o a. m. Mornmar service. 11 o'clock. Kvening service, 8 o'clock. • Have Your Eyes Examined Open a Charge Account GLASSES • That are right for your eyes and your job. CONSULT DR. R. F. ABRAMS OPTOMETRIST 1507 Nineteenth Street Phone 2-7335 Get Your P.D.Q.* Certificate •Preference Delivery Quota Come into our store sign up immediately for • your P.D.Q. Certificate and be as* sured of earliest possible delivery , of your future Emerson Radio. You place yourself under no obligation to buy. Rftrth's Radio and Applianct Co. Fox Theatre Building 2015 H S»r«et, Dial 4-4055 RECORDS Sec HARRY CITRON .nt- BROCKS BipeH (huraafe*! Witch

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