The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on October 1, 1936 · Page 4
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 4

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 1, 1936
Page 4
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•ft, 1« I' 1 . • I. THE CAUFOUMAtf, W^W^' v "I '''*>' • \ •'-,' ,' ' ' t -' 1 -'. '• >*• ' f *V./•&*>•?' icM MMU Mountain View Personals MT. V113W. Oct. l.—Mrs, Carrie | Carlisle and Miss Frances Carlisle of La Orange, Ua., and Mrs. Hosslo Pawon* of Han Diego, C'allf,, are guest* of Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Huckeba and family. Mrs. Carlisle Is the sister ot Mr*. Huckeba. . Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Qrlbblo passed tho week end In Bunt a Ana, Mrs. Ida Wilson, who has been with them the post month, returned south. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Clendonon made a trip to Hod Bluff to attend the funeral of Mr. Clendonen's nls- t«r-ln-law, Mrs. Charley Clendonen. Mrs. O. P. Thornburg Is passing this week In Dakersfleld. She Is winy- Ing In tho homo of her daughter, Mr*. Alma Addlneton, while 1 Mrs. Addlngton Is visiting In Han Francisco. Mr*. Young Thornburg mado a trip to Los Angeles Saturday, Randolph Ruetor returned home with her. < Uruco Panton was in Tularo part of last week exhibiting his nheop In the fair there. Thoy arc being taken from there to tht» Fresno fnlr, John carter and Isaac Upton* are homo from a hunilnur trip In the northern pnrt at tho mate. Mr, Upton drought home one buok and Mr. Carter two. Tlayniond Oreon of Bak< orsflold, who was In the party, also bagerod one. Mrs. Charlotte Tomllnson and Frank Tomllnson of Whlttler w«r» guests from Friday until Monday of Mr, and Mrs. II. M. Tornllnoon and family. Mrs. Charlotte Tomllnson and Mrs. Tt. 11. Tomllnson called on Mrs. Phebfl WellH, Mm. .1. II. Munns and Grandma Orlhblo Hatitrday, Tho Hovflrend It. Underwood of Iowa has beon called aw pastor of Mt, View Church. Ho was In charge of the worship service Sunday morning. Tho Huverond and Mrs, Under- wcirvi and their two children wore guests ovnr tho wuck end of Mr. and Mrs. 13. O. Buerkle and fnmlly. Panama Ladies in Book Review Meet PANAMA, Oct. 1.—Tho Ladles' Aid met at the homo of Mrs. Arthur Hoffman. Tho Aid started work «n the book reviews of tho your. •the Aid also worked on a quilt. The next meeting will be held at the home of Mrs, A. M. Cobb October 8. Those present wore: Mesilnmes C. K. Bennltt, Frank DennlU, ». 11. Jordan, Mrnest Frank, Fnmk Vincent, John Van Horn, 15. M. Anho. Bert Green. C. B. Ulack, Arthur H«l- borl, Arthur Hoffman, \V. II. McKoo and 1C. Ebersolo, visitor. iWeed Patch Group to Meet Tomorrow WUJBD PATCH, Oct. 1.—Boomer night will be featured tomorrow evening at a meeting of tho Wood I'atch Orange, whore an attrartlvo program Of opeakcrH and iintartiilnnioni IIUH been arranged by A. 1C, I'etorson, lecturer. W. L. BradHhaw, Bakorsfluld attorney, A. T. Nelson, mastnr of tho Orange, and othorii will address the group. Tho Vlnuland Chorul Club, undor tho direction of Mrs. KUdu Lundc|tilHt, will prOHont Hovorul numbers. Thn nicolliiK will bn hnld at the Vlnuland School. There will 1»> CroHhmontH, Potorson annonm-ml. Bvoryono is weloomo find thoro will no no ohnrgo. Shafter Students Break All Records SHAPTKn, Oct. 1.-—IDnrollment In Shnftcr High boa now reached a now high with a roster of 224 students, showing a JO per cent Increase over Inst your. Thw curriculum of the school IHIII been Increaued to lake care of IncrniiKi'tl demands under tho direction of Principal IS. I', .fanes. Many different states aro represented by tho ftludenlB of tlu> local high school born nlsowhoro In tho rount.ry and In foreign lands. Hero aro tho different states and other lo- cnlltli'M reprnucnlod accordlnir lo ft report compiled by P. L. Arnold: Arl- sonu, Idaho, North Dakota, Arkan- Has, KansiiH, Minnesota, Indiana, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Moiv tana, Missouri, Michigan, Now Mex> Ico, Colorado, Claorgla and Oklnhoma —and Africa, Canada and Mexico. •»« » Fairfax Girls to Have Busy Season FAlrtFAX, Cot. I.--Activity for tho full nnd winter months worn'bo- gun tlllo wcnk by thfi Fairfax troop of Olrl Hi'outH following an pnltir- lulnmniit. held by I ho group. M|KH Itulli Mnlicr WIIH In charxo of I (irrangamenlfl nnd WIIH unststnii by Mrs. Louis Tolh. Shtiftcr Students Arc Urgdd lo Participate In School Activities Tin's Term (ftpeelal to Tim OatlJornUin) SHAFTRrt, Oct. 1.—In a recent rally at Bhaftor High, wtuUanU woro urged to lal<« active Interest In the Associated Students, official bod/ (if tho Institution. Tho rnoouna- wns presided over by Tommy Borrls, president of the Associated Students. Tho high Mchool orchestra undar the direction of K. L, Oates offered fl. musical selection. Mike Janv.en and Whlto prosontod a short skit, entitled, "Why You Buy an Associated Student Card." 1'. L. Arnold, student advisor, explained the method of handling sales and the Usuanco of cards. lie told of tho awarding of a cup lo the class Bulllnar the highest pcrcoiHfttfe of cards. The cup will bo placed In tho trophy cabinet with the nmne of the class and will bo a perpetual trophy. Tho seniors promptly challenged any cmwa to a sales contest and tho juniors took up tho gauntlet. B. P. Jnnos urged the students to purchase their cards, laying stress upon citizenship by participation in school activities. Donald Huydnru, roprosentlng the public speaking departmont, crave a short tftlk showing tho financial ad- of student body membership. DELANO DIOLANO, Oct. 1,—Mrs. Paul Fitzgerald of 1'lxloy wail a Tuesday morning buHlnotm visitor In town. Del L, Koohler motored to Bakers field on Tuesday morning to transact llUHlncKi. Jiimns Oullaghor of Alhambra and J. O'l'tourko ot Los Angolas wera Tuesday afternoon callers In town. They returned to Hakersfleld on j Tuesday night. Mrs. James Clark of Earllmart won a Tuesday morning shopper in town mid called on frlmicls. Raymond ItaniHoy cnont Tuesday at AlpuuKh and ISurllmart on business, Mr*. Clarence AVagn«r motored to Fx>« Angeles on Wednesday morning and spent the day tnoro on bumhGSM Frank TToopos In home from i business trip of nevornl days In San PrannlHRO. iVeu;8 From Mojave Homes MOJAVK. dot. 1.— Mr. and Mr*. 1.. 0. Bradford and daughter.Jftnetj 6* , Ky,. gpont several days of 1 jo, ,. hl« w«eK viiltln* »t th« home 1 of Mr. and Mrs, Percy Hamilton, W, W. Martin, Southern pacific agunl herd, spent the weak and in Han la MonlcA, Mm, la Roy l»rogo returned to homo In JCrenno on Saturday a month'* visit at the Mira r« home of her mother, MM, V. L, Hanes, located in free- mont Valley rt'oar Cantll. Mr. and Mr*, Fred Wllkeraon mo- toroil to Han Jjlmas on Saturday wher> they were the guest* of Mrs. Wllk*r*on r <» parents and «on/ Mr, and Urn. Wilson Smith and uoorgo Able, On Sunday they attended the County Fair at Pamona. Morris Krombock< former Southern I'oclflo telegraph Operator lift* boon tranMferred to BakerBfleld. ' Mrs, B. C*. Ferrell and Mr*. Carl Sola worn recant Los Angeles bu*i' ness visitors, Mr. and Mm. A. P. Corflll had as their gunsl for the past week, Mm. 11. II, Spauldlng of Needles. Mis* HuLh Klncald visited friends In Bakersf told on Saturday, Df, and Mm. Thornao J, Klridvl and son Tommy, visited at tho home of Mrs, Kinder* mother, Mm. A. H. Hamilton In Banta Barbara, over the week end. Mr, tirid Mm, Qoorge Slambropk have returned homo from Los Angeles after a short vacation spent with friends and relatives. Mm. Mao Berkley was a Saturday fiH .Angelea business visitor. Cy Townsend and Bert Fisher re- turnnd homo this week from Hattlo- snakn crook in Sequoia National forest after a two<wo«k»' unsuccessful deer hunt. The first fall meeting of tho Mo- Javo P. T. A. will bo held In tho auditorium of tho Mojav<> Grammar Bo.hool on Tuesday afternoon at 3:15. Mm. Chaunooy Davis, president, will preside. r»r. Phil J, Vogel spent the week And In Lou Angeles on business. On his return ho wan accompanied by his mother. Mrs. W. J. Vogel, who has beon visiting at tho homo of her daughter. Mlsn Esther Vogol, for tho PttHl WOOK. Mr. and Mrs. Evan Twomny and daughter Clara Marie spent Monday In Glendulp on business, Mrs. Charles Bplor of Fon Du Lac, Wisconsin spent several days of this week visiting at the homo of Dr. and Mr«. Harold Snook, Mm. Maudo Brltton of Bakersfleld was tho Saturday guoat of Mrs. ISrrima .Stafford. Mr. nnd Mrw. Ilium Vlssor returned to their homo hero on Tuesday after a weeks vacuton spent at H mi tu Monica. The MO.UIVO Brldgn Club will ro- sumo Its iwtm>H for the fall on Thursday evening. Thci meetlnpc will ho held at tho home of .Mr*. W. 0. Davis, • . Mf*« Mary JSa*terWoqd who undftf* want an appendectomy at the local hospital this waok W improved. ' ! rWldoht now be 'Bajcerftfleld Vpiltel ftt«nd« m Mojavo evir tho W«OK end, ' Frien^* in Mojavo have rdteiVtrl word . from, Mr. and Mr*. 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Konnddy «oent the week end in Bakorefltild vuritln* relatlvos. •- '^ • "'•'-'.'•'' Oeno Stafford of mr*tow wn» tho Saturday Kue*t at thfe homo of hi* aunt and undo, Mr, ana Mr*. A. A, $ C W. Norrlfl or Bakersfleld.. Southern Pacific freight Conductor, I* acting an tralnm&ntdr in MOJavo pondlnpr tho appointment of tho per- eon to fill tho position. ' Mr. and Mrs. Smyth entertained as their IIOUHO KUSBU over tho week end MrM. Smyth'H parent* and brother. Mr., and Mr*, Lowj* Phil- llns and Billy Kemn all ot LOB An- KOleB. Sunday dinner guenU at tho homo of Mr, and Mrs. Marvin Stovall were: Mr. and Mr*. I3uell Stovall and eon, Norman and daughter. Juanlta of Kosamond. Mr. and Mr*. J. Howard Stovall. Gerald Btewart and Howard and Fayo Jean Stovttll all of Mo.lave. CluirluB KlbbQO wo* a Los Angeled butincfiS visitor on .Friday. Mrs. S. V. Merta and daughter. Mary Ann and non. Franklin spent tno weak end In. Bakorstleld vuilt» ln« with relatives, Mr*. John Conn and family of LOB Angeles wore Saturday vltiltor* at tho homo of Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Helium. Mian Muurlno bins:, who Is attending the Bukersflokl Junior College *pont th6 week end in MoJaVo with her parent*, Mr. and Mr*. W. Ling. Hal Wilson, a former Mojavo res.!- dont who I* now employed by tho Doujrliw Aircraft Corporation in Los Arigelca spent tho pa*t week in Mojayo vlsItlnBr hi* 8l«ter and family, Mr. and Mrs. Jack Crosley. Mr». Marshal Wllhelm *pent several day* of thl* wuak in Vloalla visiting her sons William and Robert Chapman. Mrs. Ray J. McFarlano had as her Friday guest, her sister, Mrs. A. Pelnreon of San Pedro. Mr. and Mrs. Hnrvey Howland and son, Duane, spent tho week end In I,oo AnRolcH visiting at tho homo o[ Mrs. llowland's sister, Mrs. W. n. Huhjiffer. Tho rollowlng members of tho Mo- Javo Odd Follow lodge No. 347 at- tfmlcil the regular mcotltig of tho Inyo loclgo No. 301 hold In Indepen- detioo on Tuesday evening : William Wilson, O. It. Crane, Wiyiam Allen. Charles Mourn, W. W. Meadows and Herbert Mp.kcr. Ml-, and Mrs. doorgo B. Everett of Callonto woro tho Hunday guesm of Mr. .Iflverolt'* parents, Mr. and Mrs. a, W. Kverett. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Vogel enter- tdlned over tho week end their daughter, Miss ICntlicr Voarel Of Los Angeles. Miss Vogel Is a medical student at tho White Memorial Hospital. WA8CJI6, Oci,' l.—TW body oi Mrs, Everott .Jam:** William*, who wa« killed Monday in a train-oar Wreck at the Shell Oil cVbsftlng near Wasco, was'taken to Anaheim irri- mediately following tho Inquest which was. held Wednesday morn* ln# Services we>6 'hi'ld this morning- at the Illlgenfcld FUrtdral par' lord and burial was In thd Atiaholm cemetery. ' • • Mrs. WiUJamv homd boforo bor marriage about a year And a half ago to. Ev,orott..WlllttttB,, was in Anaheim, She was Mildred Slovens, daughter of Mr, and .Mr*. J, Stevens. Her husband is tho ion of Mrs, IS. A, IClaSBori of Wasco. < Mr. and Mr*, Klassen were In. tho north when tho accident happened and wero returning. homo from a state O ran go meeting in Sacra* manto, Through the effort* of State Orange Mastdr George Selhmeyor, they were located when passing through Modoato and notified of tha accident. . . Mr. KIa*son i* master of the Wasco Grange and Mrs. Klassen Is chairman, of thd Homo Economics clUb of the Wa*co Orange. Mr. and Mrs. Klossen and Mr, William* accompanied the body of Mrs. Williams to Anaheim. ,,.,:. ., ' f .JACKJKlbEtt, Oct. l^dMttt -lodper of Sultana and Mr*. Tibbitt* of Bakorsfleld w«£e guests Sunday of Mr. and,Mr*, John Cross. rtttf, R. IV. BUrsfe** entertained, at _ .Knoheon Th.ur*day in Jiottois ot be* toother, Mr*. J. C, Freyer 1 of BattU 3arbara. The guest*,included Mr*. i. L, Qlador, Mr*, E, L. Burgww and Mr*. J. L. Burgess. ^ Mrs, Ida Whl»tter, Mr. and Mr*. James Mathia and* family of Shatter. Mr. and Mr*. K. Richardson ahd children of Arvin were recent din? nor guests ot Mr*, R. N. Seogor and family, Mr. and Mrs, William Rueter aro home after a month's vacation. They visited relative* In Illinois and Ar<an*a«, and also visited their daughter In San Francisco. Mr. and Mr*. St., W, Surge** made I RIO BRAVO <t> ———;— — —HIO BRAVO, Oct. 1.—Mr, and Mrs. Merrill Townsend of Compton wore recent guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs. F. J, Schlerlmann. T. M. Martin and his mother, Mr* Winnie Martin, motored to Taft on Tuesday on business. ' Mrs. Roy Kio* returned to her homo In Long Beach after spending a week at tho homo of Air. and Mrs C. O. Protzmari and family. Mrs. F. J. Schlerlmann and Mrs E. B. Suydam attended a meeting of the Garden Club in BakersfleU Monday evening. Mrs. T. M. Martin motored to Fresno on Tuesday to attend a state hospitaltzation meeting. Tho regular meeting of the loca P. T. A. will bo held Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock at tho school house Mrs. Clyde Zachary, president, wll preside. After the business meet Ing, a reception for the new teach ors will be held. All parents are re- ouestcd to attend and ladle* .pleas bring cakes. , - • <-••. * trip 'to Santa e Mrs. J. 0, Freyor home, Mrs. £w been vl8iuni;,h«»v-.tho |! ' • , Maurice W'rleht .._ at the Tulare Sourity .. &A ,il WjM. —.._ ..... -..-,.,-™ at Freimo thui w«»k. , ' , 'V"\ . A Chrtstfan Endeavor eaceoutfy* commltUe meeting •WOK hold jUltt*. day evening, at th«r homo Of Mis* Gcnevieve Seeger. Those. prts^nt were Paul Hancock, _Hvelyn 'and Frehla Mao Brj'an, Eileen ^Jobfl, Majsle Klmbriel, Naomi Browfilng and Mr*. C. L. Jobe< j • , A group of 40 girl. Scouts and boy guest* enjoyed a welner bako on th» canal' Saturday evening. Mr*. Ruth Baker, who ha* beent cafltAln of girl* since their. orfrarifcaUphfj< presented with ft farewells gift.»*at Baker is moving to Santa. Sar^ar GLENNVILLE OLBNNVILLE, Oct. 1.—Woek nd gueat* of Mr. and Mrs. Lester Ihfiek* were: Walter and Chester jheek* And OrVllle Ilapp of Lindsay, J, W. Brown, Warden Fields and Bud Brown of Visalla. Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Snider and daughter, Marjprle, spent the week end at Fresno. ' R. n. Martin spent Tuesday mov» ing his cattlo from hi* lower range at Pino Mountain' to his home here. Mr. atld Mr*. W, R. Hatfleld and children. , Dick ahd Florence, of Bakorsfleld spent Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mr*. Jim Dunlap. Mr. and Mi's. Will Zoller and son, Alvln, spent the week end as the guest of their daughter and sister. Mr*. Alllo Moore of Delano. ' Tod Mosler ahd Jim Brown of Bakersfleld enjoyed tho week end hunting In this vicinity. Miss Gladys Zeller 1 returned to her homo hero Sunday after spending two weeks ad the guest of her sister, Mrs. Myrtle Tomp*on of Whlto River. Mr. and Mr*. Olenn Loe of Bakors- fleld spent tho week end as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Woods. Mr. and • Mrs, Jim Dunldp and daughter, Mrs. M. W, Hunt, wero Bakersfleld visitors on Tuesday. J. F. William and William Hlg- gms of Oranjte Station were vlsl< tors at Linns Valley Tuesday. Saturday visitors at the home of Mrs. Bettie Mooro were Mrs. Henry Moore and Mrs. Sam Crawford and daughter, Jo' Ann, of Wpody. Mr. and Mrs. Leo Paacoo and Mrs. Emma Carver were Bakersfleld visitors Monday. The friends of Mr. C. II. Likely will be glad to hear sho has returned to her home here, Improved In health. Mrs. Pearl Olds and daughter, Wanda, Mrs. Everett Williams and sons and Mrs. Jennie Scelvy visited in Bakersfleld Tuesday. Mrs. R. H. Martin was an over night guest of Mr. Lena Cantleberry Monday. . i—«!> TEHACHAPIil : „ ~, '. : , v.,",t,L TBHACHAPI, O6t> l.*«JM:r.' ahd Mra. Ernest- Farrls drove to Angeles Wednesday. F. P. Oakes of Lancaster was in town on business Tuesday. Mr*. R. Laporona ot Taft vlilted ,\ Mr. and Mra. Jose Sofa leaving for Los Angeles The member* of tho local post, American Legion aro treating '.the ' ladle* of the Auxiliary to a chicken • dinner Thursday, the ladles wdn the treat for having beaten tho men in a membership contest, \ • Mr. and Mrs, Owen McCarthy and children of Magunden, visited Mr. and Mrs. Murty McCarthy and family Sunday. Miss Leona Smith ha* installed a new permanent waving machine in » her beauty shop. •-, 1#J Mr. and Mrs. R, E, Howell and^ son and Miss Helen Farrl* drove to * Olendalo for the week end. ,• ^ Mr.- and Mrs. Ralph McColloch and their houso guests, Mrs/, Arthuri. Shadow and Mrs. L. L. Reams and daughter ot Tennessee, drove to Sequoia National Park Tuesday'for a short stay. • • Marvin Mason and Carl StoUber, who having been drilling water wells In the vicinity ot Los Angela* came up, Tuesday. Mr. Steuber has his homo here. t Fred Flckert and the Misses, Nell and Louise Flckert, visited In San Francisco last we«k ^nd. Henry Fickert of Los Angeles was a recent visitor at the Tlckort ran6H In Bear Valley. I,6i! lo Beautord and Lyslo Jacobs passed Sunday evening In Baker*- v field. * There was an error in. repotting the Barstow-Tehachapl football game of last Friday, the score was 6 to 0, Instead of 13 to 0 In favor of Bar.'stow. " ' " ' : ' ' • - 1<J • • » SHAFTER SHAFT1SR. Oct. 1.—H. Aktmono, •tudeht of ogronomy from the University ot Toklo, Was a visitor yesterday at the United States Expert- merltal Station horn, Ho Was especially Interested In the methods of growing cotton. The executive board of tho Associated Students In Shafter High plans to meot once a week during tho school year. This body Is one of tho most notU'o In tho local high school. Young Drtoplo of this coinmtlnlty ore planning a dance which will bo held Friday evening In tho Wednesday Afternoon Club hall. Tho leaders of tho RTOUP promlso good mu-. sla and a flno floor. .Refreshments will bo nerved, according to present ilium. \ rally will ho hold in Shatter High Frldav afternoon prior to the Irak to MoFarland where tho Shafter eleven will meet tho Cougars on their own field. School ylls, sontrs and talks by tho coach and tnombers ot the team will bo features of the affnlr. Tho extra-curricular committee of the high school met last nlgrht to plan a schedule of partlos, meetings and other social activities for the coming year. The events will be arranged lii calendar form, Thfe committee Is made up of J. H. Porterfield. E. P. Janes. W. B. Wh|t» and P. Jj, Arnold. W. B. White was the f«atur6d YES, WE CERTAINLY DO ENJOY OUR NEW RADIO ppeaker at tho last mooing of the *ter Ex<?h»n*« Club. HI* *i l ' - • was hi* trl Hhnfter Exnh»ng* Club was hi* trip through Europe tho punt iurnmer, Tho Shftftor «.!,»., ' f^l.iV IA r U*^n«lt*.a» AU'A vlco Club Is-baoorrilnir one tit rnont active group* tit Us kind It Bounty, {t )* reported. TIRES AS LOW AS ITc WIIKLV , tint FttttUMi, AMI NO OTHER RADIO HAS ALL THE FEATURES YOU FIND ON THE 1937 ZENITH! Johnson'* Flrattone Auto Suply and Sirvki Inc. Ohittir at Twinty.fourlh Strut Phoni 4010 .00 Reward ^^^An^K U POsmVIS Com Cure cttnuol ito. Abo i-etnovw M»rt» Wiq 'tt»W. - S&R. At Smyo-Mor* JJOmiJ i, Twentieth and Chester uvouuo. ZENITH 12-U-158 12 tubes. Tunes American and foreign stations, police, amateur, aviation, ships at sea, ultra short wave Auditorium 12-inch Electro- | Dynamic Speaker, Voice-Music- High Fidelity Control, Sensitivity Control, Lightning Station Finder, Target Tuning, Split-Second Re- locater, Overtone Amplifier, Acoustic Adapter, Individually illuminated wave hands. 43 inches high. 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